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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of April 28, 2003 on B&B
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Monday, April 28, 2003

by CBS

Ridge warns Bridget that there won't be a wedding if Massimo gets his way. Bridget points out that Ridge gave Massimo the ammunition he needs to stop the wedding by telling him about the kiss. Clarke takes Darla to her appointment at the clinic, where she meets with a counselor before the procedure. Darla explains her situation and concludes that she has to go through with the abortion. Dr. Sanders gives Macy the release form authorizing her to perform a hysterectomy if the cancer isn't contained. Assuring herself it won't be necessary and they'll be able to have the family they always wanted, Macy signs the papers. Massimo tells Stephanie that he'd rather risk Ridge's rejection than see him marry Brooke. Massimo points out that Stephanie is hiding the biggest secret of all from Eric and insists that she's every bit as despicable as Brooke. Stephanie counters that Massimo is the one promoting a relationship between brother and sister. Massimo reminds her that Ridge and Bridget didn't grow up together and they've only become close since Taylor died. Stephanie warns him not to do anything, but Massimo assures himself that he'll do whatever he pleases. He plans a party for Brooke and Ridge. Dr. Sanders breaks it to Thorne that the tumor was cancerous and that Macy had to have a hysterectomy. Thorne wonders how he'll break it to Macy. Brooke asks Bridget how long she's known about Ridge's paternity. Brooke assures Bridget that she'll still be a big part of Ridge's life after Brooke and Ridge are married.

Tuesday, April 29, 2003


Massimo hosted a party to celebrate Ridge and Brooke's engagement. Sally told Massimo that she was skeptical of his motives for throwing a party since he doesn't want Ridge to marry Brooke. Massimo all but admitted to Sally that his motive for the party is to put a stop to Ridge and Brooke's wedding.

At the hospital, Thorne shocked Macy with the news that the doctor had performed a hysterectomy on her while trying to remove the cancer from her. Macy was happy that the doctor was able to remove all of the cancer during surgery. Macy, however, was heartbroken that she would never be able to give birth to the child that she and Thorne were planning to have.

Clarke accompanied Darla to the abortion clinic. He provided Darla with much needed emotional support. The doctor prepared Darla for the abortion. Darla, although unhappy about it, was going through with this medical procedure.

After Macy was sedated by the doctor, Thorne left her hospital room. Thorne decided to himself that since Macy cannot give him a child, that he must not allow Darla to abort his child. Thorne raced to the abortion clinic to stop Darla from aborting his child. Darla was shocked when Thorne showed up during her procedure and asked her not to have it.

Eric, Stephanie and Bridget all attended Massimo's party. Stephanie warned Massimo that he should not pull any stunts that would result in Eric finding out that he is not Ridge's father. Ridge thanked Bridget for attending the party. Bridget told Ridge that she assumed because Ridge was allowing the party to happen that he was committed to the idea of marrying Brooke. Ridge confirmed that he is committed to marrying Brooke but that he had not sanctioned the party. Bridget grew skeptical about Massimo's motive for having this party. Brooke tried to make nice with Massimo. Massimo misled Brooke about his motive for hosting this party for her and Ridge. Massimo advised Brooke that at the party she would learn something so shocking about Ridge that it would impale the knowledge that she has that Ridge is not Eric's son!

Wednesday, April 30, 2003

by Anna

Thorne bursts into the room where Darla is beginning the abortion. "I can't let you terminate this pregnancy." Everyone clears the room while he and Darla talk. He tells her that what they did was a mistake, but that he doesn't want to get rid of this child. Darla asks him if he wants to be part of the child's life and he tells her about how Macy had a hysterectomy and can't have any children. Thorne explains to Darla that Macy is devastated and he suggests that Darla have the baby and give it to Thorne and Macy to raise. Darla is angered and asks him to leave the room.

At Massimo's apartment, Bridget and Ridge watch Massimo and Brooke talking. Bridget thinks it's strange, but Ridge hopes it is Massimo's way of making peace. When Bridget mingles with the party guests, Brooke finds Ridge and tells him that Massimo is excited about the party. As Brooke and Ridge kiss, Bridget looks on.

Sally sits at Macy's bedside. She is surprised to hear that Macy had undergone the hysterectomy. Macy asks where Thorne has gone, but Sally is sure he just stepped out to get a bite to eat. Macy knows that Thorne is sad, because he wanted a child. Sally reminds her that there are other ways to have a family.

Brooke's brother and sister arrive at the party, and as Brooke greets them, Massimo pulls Ridge and Bridget out onto the balcony. He apologizes for trying to push the two of them together. He assures them that he will let whatever happens in the future take it's course. When Massimo goes back inside, Ridge and Bridget talk about their feelings for one another. Bridget admits to Ridge that she will always care for him and that her mother is very lucky.

Inside, Massimo pulls Brooke away from the crowd to talk to her, positioning her near the balcony doors. He insists she stand right there for a moment. He leaves and Brooke hears Ridge and Bridget outside talking about their love for one another.

Thursday, May 1, 2003

At the party, Brooke was horrified as she observed Bridget and Ridge, on the balcony, kissing and embracing one another. Even more shocking to Brooke was what she heard Bridget and Ridge talk about while they embraced! Ridge told Bridget that their kiss had been much more than just a kiss!

At Brooke, Amber and Rick's house, April was thrilled when Deacon informed her that he was able to obtain a record deal for her. April informed Deacon that no one else was at home because they were all at Brooke and Ridge's engagement party. While Deacon and April were still there, Brooke's wedding dress arrived.

In a state of shock, Brooke quietly went into one of Massimo's other rooms by herself. Massimo discovered Brooke there and pretended that he didn't know that Brooke had just observed Ridge and Bridget together. Bridget told Massimo that she was very confused by what she had just witnessed-Bridget and Ridge embracing and kissing. Massimo reminded her that they are not siblings. Brooke told Massimo that Ridge had been touching Bridget in an appalling manner and that they were committing incest. Brooke insisted that it was incestuous because Bridget grew up loving Ridge as her brother. Massimo arranged for Brooke to tell everyone that she is leaving the party early because she is sick. When Brooke started to leave, she was appalled at the sight of Ridge and Bridget. She harshly told Ridge not to touch her. Ridge was suspicious of what was going on with Brooke. After Brooke left, Massimo made sure that no one went to check on Brooke. Massimo then toasted Ridge and the woman that can make him happy.

When Brooke arrived home, she was upset to see that her wedding dress had arrived. April offered to help Brooke try on her wedding dress. Brooke snapped at April and demanded that she leave immediately. Brooke cried hysterically over what she witnessed between Ridge and Bridget.

Friday, May 2, 2003

Brooke lies in bed in tears, trying to understand what she overheard Ridge and Bridget talking about at her engagement party. Massimo rings her to make sure his plan to stop the wedding between Brooke and Ridge is still on target. Brooke is not fooled by his "concern" and hangs up on him. The next phone call comes from Ridge. Brooke lets the answering machine take the call. She is even more puzzled listening to her fiancÚ telling her how much he loves her and is looking forward to their big day. The morning gets even busier when Stephanie knocks at her door. At first, Stephanie seems to really care about and understand how Brooke feels. As the conversation goes on, Stephanie tells Brooke she will help her by making the phone calls to the florist, the caterer, etc. Brooke shocks her by telling Stephanie she isn't going to cancel the wedding. Stephanie tells her she is in denial and one of the reasons that Ridge could see himself with Bridget is that Bridget has the same qualities that Taylor and Caroline had; honesty and integrity and self-sacrifice... none of which Brooke has. She reminds Brooke that Ridge is very confused. First he lost his wife, then his father, and his whole identity. She wants Brooke to realize that Ridge is not ready for marriage. In the middle of their conversation, Bridget calls to tell her mother she has changed her mind and she will be her maid of honor if Brooke still wants her to be. This gives Brooke what she needs to believe that whatever happened between her daughter and Ridge was a mistake and is over. She escorts Stephanie to the door and tells her nothing will stop her wedding to Ridge - not Massimo, not Bridget and not her. She slams the door in Stephanie's face.

Meanwhile, Massimo maintains his efforts to steer Brooke away from Ridge. He takes a meeting with Dominick and offers him a dream job. Massimo wants to keep Nick around so that he can play matchmaker between Nick and Brooke. He tells himself Brooke should be happy, just not with his son. Nick balks at the thought of having to answer to Ridge, who he calls a "dressmaker who only knows what he knows about ships and shipping from watching Gilligan's Island." Massimo tells him to think it over before saying no. He also hints that he doesn't expect the wedding to take place between Ridge and Brooke.

Ridge asks Thomas to be his best man. While he's with his father, Thomas seems thrilled at the request. When Ridge leaves, Thomas seems to be not as pleased as he wants his father to think he is.

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