The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of November 12, 2001 on B&B

Stephanie realized that Massimo, not Eric, was Ridge's father. Deacon asked Bridget for a divorce and admitted that he'd been unfaithful to her. Rick and Amber were surprised by Brooke and Deacon's mutual respect for each other.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of November 12, 2001 on B&B
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Monday, November 12, 2001

Sally realized that Tony was thinking about getting married in New York because if Kristen had a lot of friends around her, she wouldn't miss her family so much. Sally assured Tony that she would be there to liven up the party. Tony asked if she'd take Massimo with her. Sally wondered if Massimo was a lost cause, since he was still after Stephanie. Tony found it ironic that Sally was actually rooting for Eric and Stephanie's marriage to survive, but Sally thought it would just put things in her favor for once.

Eric and Thorne stayed with Ridge while Taylor checked on the kids. Eric gave Ridge a hopeful speech, telling him that he couldn't lose his best friend. Eric was overcome with relief when Ridge woke up. Stephanie was insulted when the doctor surmised that there was someone else who could be Ridge's father. The doctor only knew that, given the information in front of him, Eric could not be Ridge's father.

The doctor attempted to help Stephanie calm down, telling her that she needed to concentrate on Ridge. Stephanie tried to absorb the realization that Ridge might be Massimo's son. Stephanie went berserk when Massimo appeared and asked what she was discussing with the doctor. She threw Massimo out of the room, leaving him even more confused.

Tuesday, November 13, 2001

In Ridge's hospital room, Stephanie was deep in thought about the news that Eric couldn't possibly be Ridge's father.

Sally went to Massimo's office when she heard that Ridge was in the hospital. She told Massimo that she assumed he'd attacked Ridge. Massimo informed her that he hadn't touched Ridge. Massimo was upset that Stephanie had thrown him out of the hospital. Massimo suspected there was more to it than Stephanie had told him. He told Sally that Stephanie was so upset about something that her skin tone had turned very pale. He suspected it had something to do with what the doctor had told Stephanie. He told Sally that he'd overheard Stephanie tell the doctor that "no one can ever find out."

Over at Brooke's house, Bridget informed her that Ridge had been hospitalized due to an accident. When Brooke declined to go to the hospital, Bridget was confused. Brooke explained that she finally understood that Ridge was committed to Taylor. Brooke elaborated that she finally realized that some relationships were not meant to be.

Brooke reflected on a happier time when she and Ridge had been married. She pointed out that even though they had been happily married, their marriage hadn't lasted. Bridget revealed she didn't want that to happen to her and Deacon. Bridget told her mother she'd decided to change her school major from medicine to something easier, so she could focus more on her marriage to Deacon.

Over at Amber's, Deacon informed Amber that he was divorcing Bridget. He told her that it was in Bridget's best interest and something he should have done a while before. Amber assumed that Brooke had offered to pay him off or had otherwise put him up to the agreement to divorce Bridget. Deacon informed Amber that she was wrong. Deacon agreed with Brooke that his divorcing Bridget was best for her.

Deacon told Amber that Brooke wasn't a monster. As a matter of fact, he and Brooke had much in common. Amber was surprised that Deacon was befriending Brooke. Deacon explained that he, like Amber, was moving on with his life. Deacon admitted that he thought Brooke was an incredible woman.

Back at the hospital, Stephanie worried that Eric would find out he was not Ridge's father. Eric had no clue what Stephanie was thinking about. He tried to show his support of her. He told her not to blame herself for the accident because he'd known Ridge had been determined to confront Massimo. Stephanie assured Eric that she loved him and that he and their children were a top priority to her.

At Brooke's house, Deacon promised Stephanie he would tell Bridget he planned to divorce her. He also promised Brooke that once he was divorced from Bridget, the Forrester family would never have to see him again. Brooke couldn't resist sharing another kiss with Deacon.

Wednesday, November 14, 2001

Kristen was at Spectra, telling everyone how excited she was to be meeting Tony's parents. Clarke interrupted to ask Tony if his parents knew that he was HIV positive. Tony told Clarke that it was none of his concern. Sally intervened and told Clarke to lighten up and take the rest of the day off.

Deacon called Brooke, and she immediately asked if he had talked to Bridget yet. Deacon admitted that he hadn't but planned to take her to Big Bear that day and ask her for a divorce. He wanted to talk to Brooke about the previous night, but she told him that their main concern had to be Bridget. They discussed what they would do once Bridget was told.

Deacon said that he would never bother Brooke's family again. Brooke asked him what he would do about his son. Deacon said that he would work something out with Amber. Brooke sadly said that she guessed "this is goodbye." She thanked Deacon for doing that for her daughter, and he told her he wasn't doing it for Bridget; he was doing it for Brooke.

Back at Spectra, Tony's parents arrived. Tony proudly introduced his mother and father, Liliana and Eduardo. They asked where his fiancée was and learned that they would meet her later at dinner. Eduardo told Sally how grateful he and his wife were for all that she had done for their son. Sally explained that Tony had, in return, helped to put Spectra back on the map and that they were all family.

Tony's parents learned that Tony was going to design Kristen's wedding gown, and they were curious, wondering why Kristen's father, the great Forrester designer, wasn't designing the gown. They said how anxious they were to meet Kristen's parents. Sally briefly explained about the Forresters' concerns and being at the hospital night and day with Ridge. Clarke, who had been lurking in the shadows, stepped forward to introduce himself. The Spectra gang was very anxious, wondering what, if anything, Clarke would do or say.

Tony and his parents departed to get settled while Sally, Darla, and Sophia discussed Clarke's negativity. Clarke gave his opinion that once Tony's parents found out that Tony was HIV positive, Tony and Kristen's marriage wouldn't be a celebration -- in fact, it wouldn't happen at all.

Back at Brooke's, Rick stopped by looking for Bridget. Brooke told him that Bridget and Deacon were at Big Bear and that Deacon was going to ask Bridget for a divorce. Rick told his mother that he didn't trust Deacon and further stated that all Deacon cared about was himself. Brooke defended Deacon and told Rick that "this time" he was wrong. Deacon was going to do the right thing, and he would not be causing their family any more problems. In fact, they might never see him again.

Up at Big Bear, while Bridget fiddled with the fire in the fireplace, Deacon reflected on their life together and remembered the good moments. He wondered how he was going to break her heart. Bridget walked over to Deacon and asked him what he was thinking about.

Thursday, November 15, 2001

At Rick and Amber's house, Rick told Thorne that he was upset because Brooke had suddenly decided that she thought Deacon wasn't a bad person. Rick commented that Brooke was starting to talk about Deacon in the same manner that Amber had in the past.

Bridget called Rick from Big Bear while he was outside. Bridget spoke to Amber instead and told her that she thought Deacon was planning to ask her to have a baby with him. Bridget was impressed that Deacon had taken her all the way to Big Bear just to talk to her about something. When she hung up the telephone, Amber advised Rick to call Bridget at Big Bear and warn her that Deacon was planning to ask her for a divorce. Thorne also urged him to do so when he remembered how badly Bridget reacted to bad news. Rick refused to call Bridget. He was relieved that Deacon was finally divorcing Bridget.

Kristen and Tony told his parents that the Forresters had forbidden them to get married. When Tony's parents became angry, Tony told them he was the reason the Forresters had forbidden Kristen to marry him.

At the cabin in Big Bear, Deacon told Bridget he didn't want to mess up her life. Bridget assumed that Deacon wanted her to get pregnant and start a family with him. Deacon explained to Bridget that she'd misunderstood him. He didn't want to have a baby. To Bridget's horror, Deacon told her that he wanted a divorce.

Friday, November 16, 2001

Bridget asked Deacon again, "What is wrong?" He finally told her that he wanted a divorce. Bridget didn't believe him, stating, "This is a joke." Deacon wanted Bridget to understand that he wasn't joking and that the marriage was over. Bridget finally realized that Deacon was serious and wanted to know why. Deacon tried to convince her that he was not good for her. She needed to be with guys her own age and hang with her friends in the sorority. They had given it a shot, but it was over. He assured Bridget that it was not her fault.

At Spectra, Clarke, Sofia, Darla, and Sally tried to stay busy getting their fashions ready for a deadline, but they could not keep their minds off what was happening at Tony's with his parents and Kristen. They were all wondering how Tony's parents would handle the news that Tony was HIV positive. Clarke remained strong in his belief that the marriage wouldn't happen and that Tony's parents would put an end to it. He asked Sally what she would do if she were in their position. She couldn't say that she would be supportive.

Clarke took Sally's silence as an agreement with his feelings that any parent would not want their child involved in a hopeless relationship. The risks were too great. Eduardo and Liliana would take Tony to the hospital, not to the church. Sally, Darla, and Sofia insisted that Tony and Kristen would get married and have Tony's parents' blessings too.

Eduardo and Liliana insisted on knowing what Kristen's parents had against Tony. Tony told them that he was HIV positive. They were shocked and said there had to be some mistake. They asked how it could have happened. Tony told them that he had gotten it from Ellen and that Ellen had died from AIDS.

Eduardo asked Tony if he and Ellen had used protection, and Tony had to admit that they had not. Eduardo told Kristen that he appreciated her being such a good friend to Tony but that she needed to leave. Tony objected, saying that his fiancée belonged with him. Eduardo stated that he would not allow his son to get married out of pity. He finally understood why the Forresters were against the wedding.

Liliana agreed with her husband and urged Kristen to leave. Kristen refused to go and wanted Mr. and Mrs. Dominguez to understand that she and Tony deeply loved each other and that no one could tear them apart. She told them that her parents refused to accept Tony's and her decision, but they would -- they would have to choice, and neither did Tony's parents. Eduardo told Kristen that she was an incredible person then overwhelmed Kristen by hugging her and welcoming her to the Dominguez family.

Amber, Rick, and Thorne had a heated discussion regarding Bridget and Deacon. Amber told them that Deacon was going to ask Bridget for a divorce. The men were both surprised to hear that Deacon had gone to talk to Amber and had let her know his intentions even before he'd told Bridget. Rick's anger was obvious, and he continued to repeat that Deacon was no good. Amber felt that Rick needed to consider Bridget's feelings and believed that Deacon and Bridget were good together, that Bridget had gotten under Deacon's skin, and that he did love her.

Amber told Rick and Thorne that Deacon and Bridget should stay married. Rick wanted to know why Amber felt that way. He speculated that it was because that way Deacon wouldn't be after her. Amber insisted that Deacon was not a factor in their marriage. She truly believed that Bridget and Deacon could work things out and be happy. Thorne and Rick stuck to their guns; they wanted Deacon out of Bridget's life for good.

Back at Big Bear, Bridget was still trying to make Deacon see that he did love her. He finally told her that he cared about her, but he was not in love with her. He told her that all of the time he was with her, he was thinking about Amber. It had always been about Amber. He told her that she deserved someone who would cherish her -- and he was not that guy. Deacon admitted that he should have divorced her a long time before.

Bridget wanted to know if Deacon had slept with Amber while he had been married to Bridget. Deacon told her that he hadn't. That only made Bridget believe that because Deacon hadn't been unfaithful to her, he had to still love her. Deacon then announced that he didn't love her and admitted that while he hadn't slept with Amber, he had slept with someone else. Bridget was shocked and demanded to know the name of the other person.

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