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Brooke was disappointed to learn of Amber's pregnancy. Rick confronted Amber about her feelings for Deacon and admitted to regretting the marriage and the pregnancy. Tony hesitated to accept Kristen's proposal.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of October 22, 2001 on B&B
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Monday, October 22, 2001

Eric talks to Sally about keeping Tony and Kristen apart. Sally tells him that they are deeply in love. He tells her that they are just diluting themselves if they think that a relationship like theirs can survive. She tells him that they are both consenting adults. Eric tells her that he truly sympathizes with Tony situation, but there is too much at risk if they are to pursue their relationship. He asks her to notify him if she sees them together at Spectra. She tells him that she will do no such thing. "Where were you when my daughter needed protecting?" she asks. He tells her this is not about Macy. "Of course it isn't", she snaps. She tells him that his family didn't lift a finger when Macy was in the same situation with Thorne and now look where she's at. Eric begs her to let him know any time that she spots them together, but she kicks him out of her office. Meanwhile Kristen asks Tony to marry her. She tells him that she wanted to marry him the very first night they met. "That was before you knew I was HIV positive", he says. He tells her this is not something to take lightly; this is a life-long commitment. She says that she already knows that and she asks him again. "Of course I do", he says. Kristen tells him that they can run off to Las Vegas and tie the knot. He tells her that if they are going to do it, he wants to do it right. He wants her to have a real wedding. She says that none of that matters, all she wants is to be with him. He asks her how many dreams is she going to give up just to marry him. They will never make love, have children, and cause friction with her family. She says none of that matters, because all her dreams came true when she met him. She asks him what is stopping him. He says that he's not sure, but her family will be very upset when they find out. She tells him that it doesn't matter; she doesn't need their permission. He tells her that he needs some time; he wants to plan this. They start to kiss, but she tells him to stop, he must wait until he's her husband.

Bridget asks Amber if she knows why Deacon has been so distant lately. Amber tells her, maybe it's just a phase. She asks Amber to tell her if she knows anything. Bridget asks if Deacon mentions her. Amber replies yes. Amber tells her that there was an initial attraction, but that is over, she is very happy with Rick. She tells her that she is committed to Rick, the way Deacon is committed to her. Bridget thanks Amber for her honesty. Over at her office, Brooke demands that Deacon ask Bridget for a divorce. She tells him that Bridget deserves someone much better. She tells him to end it now or she will take matters in to her own hands. She asks why he is carrying this on. He tells her that he is committed to her. She tells him that he is destroying any future that she may have with someone else if he prolongs the marriage. She screams for him to stop the madness and she collapses in his arms. He gets her a drink and he tells her that she must take it easy. They are sitting there talking when Bridget arrives and asks Brooke if she was harassing Deacon. He tells her that she wasn't. Bridget goes to talk to Eric and Brooke once again begs Deacon to break it off.

Tuesday, October 23, 2001

After their walk on the beach, Bridget suspected that Deacon had something heavy on his mind. She asked him if it was Amber that was troubling him. Deacon assured her it was not Amber, but she's who he's concerned about. Deacon tried to convince Bridget that she's be better off without him. Bridget didn't agree and revealed she's still happy with her choice to marry him. Deacon lit a cigarette. Because he had given up smoking, Bridget was worried that he was so upset about something that it drove him to smoke.

Stephanie assumed that the note and flowers she received at the Café Rouse were from Eric. When Massimo appeared at her table, she told him to leave because she was expecting Eric who had sent her flowers. Massimo revealed that he had sent the note and flowers. Massimo convinced Stephanie to share one dance with him before she left. Unbeknownst to them, as they danced, Sally looked on. She was planning to approach Massimo as soon as she saw Stephanie leave. While dancing, Massimo tried to convince Stephanie that if they had been together as a couple, he never would have treated her badly as Eric did.

At Forrester Creations, Brooke told Amber she is not happy that Amber is pregnant. They argued over Brooke's misconception that Amber is in love with Deacon. Amber berated Brooke for losing her marriage because of admitting her feelings for Ridge. Amber revealed that she is attracted to Deacon, however, he's not what she wants. Amber wants and loves Rick.

At home, Rick thought about the last time he asked Amber if she preferred to be with Deacon rather than him. Amber had denied feelings for Deacon at that time. Rick told Thorne that he had decided to tell Amber that he saw her kissing Deacon at the Lair. Thorne warned him that Amber is carrying his child. Rick questioned paternity and wondered if Deacon is the father instead of him. When Amber arrived, Rick was preparing to tell her that he had seen her kissing Deacon. Amber became alarmed when Rick was suddenly moody and seemed to be angry about something.

Wednesday, October 24, 2001

Deacon tells Bridget that he can't feel good about their marriage because he doesn't think it's what's best for her. Bridget senses that her mother has something to do with what he is saying. When Bridget worries that she just doesn't know how to make him happy, Deacon insists that there's nothing wrong with her. Stephanie interrupts Rick and Amber and is thrilled to hear that Amber is pregnant. Realizing he's not going to get the truth from Amber, Rick heads out. Amber tells Stephanie that this child's life is going to be perfect. She also mentions Brooke's harsh words, but knows that nothing can hurt her as long as she and Rick believe in each other. Stephanie promises that things will be easier for Amber now. Rick asks Ginger what's going on between Deacon and Amber. Ginger assures Rick that Amber ended it with Deacon and that the baby is definitely Rick's because Amber and Deacon never slept together. When Ginger realizes that Rick saw Deacon and Amber together at the Lair, she insists that Amber wants Rick - not Deacon. Rick doesn't believe he has a marriage, just a pack of lies. Brooke tells Eric that if Deacon ends his marriage to Bridget she is sure that Amber will follow suit. She hopes that Deacon is ending the marriage as they speak. When Brooke calls Deacon, he informs her that he's not divorcing Bridget. He can't break her heart. Meanwhile, Rick bursts in and tells Amber that he's sorry he married her and sorry that she's carrying his child.

Thursday, October 25, 2001

At home, Rick confronted Amber about her involvement with Deacon. Rick admitted he had spoken with Ginger who informed him of Amber's fantasies of Deacon. Rick accused Amber of sleeping with Deacon. He also questioned if the child Amber is carrying is his.

Tony told Sally that he's engaged to Kristen. He wondered however, if it would really be fair to Kristen if she married him? Sofia's uncle jazz musician Arturo Sandoval paid Tony, Sofia and Sally a visit at Spectra Fashions. Tony told them that Kristen had proposed marriage but he hadn't given her an answer yet. Arturo acknowledged that Tony has HIV and told him he admires his positive attitude.

Clarke was surprised when Kristen informed him she had proposed marriage to Tony. Clarke advised her it would be a mistake to marry Tony. He predicted she would be left with no children and without a partner if Tony contracted AIDS. Clarke told her she's clinging to disease, despair and death by being with Tony. Kristen disagreed with Clarke. She wanted to make the most out of the time that she and Tony had left together.

Stephanie and Eric discussed Amber's pregnancy. Eric voiced his concerns that Amber is still in love with Deacon, but denying it and that Rick is still in school. They also discussed the risk that Kristen is subjecting herself to by continuing to be with Tony. They couldn't bear the thought of their daughter dying from AIDS.

Rick told Amber that he saw her end her relationship with Deacon at the Lair. He saw her crying and kissing Deacon and telling him that she loves him. He saw how devastated she was to end her relationship with Deacon. Rick doesn't know if he can believe or trust Amber any longer. Amber defended the fact that she did the right thing and didn't sleep with Deacon. She explained that years ago, the old Amber would have done so. Rick didn't care to hear any explanations that Amber had. He wouldn't believe that Amber loves him. Rick was verbally abusive to Amber. He called her a tramp then told her he has finally realized after all these years that she is not worthy of his love.

Friday, October 26, 2001

Tony and Kristen arrange to meet at Las Olas for dinner. Kristen gently reminds him that she is awaiting his answer to her proposal of marriage. Clarke inquires into Tony's reply to Kristen. She informs her ex-hubby that Tony did not give her an answer yet. When Clarke indicates that's a 'good sign' Kristen questions his comments. Clarke happily replies, he won't marry her!

Rick barges in on Deacon at the beach house asking why Bridget is not home. When informed she is in class, Rick states he will wait for her. As tensions mount, Rick glares at Deacon and tells him he had better leave his own home while Rick is in the house. A conflict ensures between the two men regarding Rick's oversight of Amber and Deacon's farewell kiss.

Kristen counters Clarke's viewpoint by indicating Tony's noncommittal status at this point is no indication that he is refusing to marry her. As the discussion continues Clarke informs her that he will not allow her to marry Tony, to which an incredulous Kristen asserts her commitment to Tony. Clarke enumerates the many late stages of HIV side-effects that Tony will experience prior to his developing AIDS and the limitations this will place on Kristen's future life. Once Kristen realizes she cannot change Clarke's opinion of her love for Tony, she leaves for Las Olas.

Sally is elated to learn of Tony's plans for the night with Kristen. Darla, Sofia and Sally continue to encourage Tony to accept Kristen's marriage proposal. Tony, however, tells his friends that he has not made up his mind at this point: this is the most crucial decision he will make in his lifetime.

Arturo Sandoval, Kristen's favorite musician, will be performing tonight at Las Olas. Tony introduces him to his Spectra friends and coworkers.

Massimo enter the restaurant and is enthusiastically greeted by Sally. When informed by him that he is there to meet with Stephanie, a dauntless Sally tells him he has a better offer awaiting him when he is ready. Massimo muses aloud why his two favorite women have chosen not to get along. When he asks Sally if they are really that different, a confident Ms. Spectra informs him absolutely!

Deacon is trying to persuade Rick to accept the fact that he and Amber have ended their was based only on attraction, he tells Rick. When Deacon comments about Amber carrying Rick's unborn child, Rick questions the paternity. Deacon is adamant that he and Amber never slept together so Rick must be the father!

Eric Forrester comes down the stairs in his home to find Clarke Garrison waiting for him. Clarke informs Eric that Kristen has gone off to meet Tony for dinner, and that she has proposed marriage to him. Eric is angered and frustrated. Clarke proposes a plan of action.

Amber interrupts the quarreling between Rick and Deacon. When she asks Rick what has happened to him, he replies 'betrayal'! A stunned Amber defends herself and Deacon to her husband. Deacon backs up her story. Amber pleads with Rick to forgiver her and accept her declaration of devotion to him and their unborn child. When Rick accuses her of declaring her love twice before, Amber tells him this time it is different: this time he and their child are her life. Rick says it is like déjà vu and walks out the door leaving Amber in tears.

Kristen is deeply touched by Tony's securing Mr. Sandoval's appearance on her behalf. Tony insists that his friend is performing for her because he is a romantic also; but Kristen is certain Tony is the romantic mastermind behind this surprising development. Tony tells Kristen that he is determined to do the right thing for Kristen when he makes his decision about their future. He feels certain he can see the pathway his life will follow in the future, and as much as he would like Kristen to be a part of his life, she must be his first priority.

Kristen tells Tony she knows he is what is right for her today and in the future. She tells him there is nothing the two of them cannot conquer together. And then she asks Tony, "will you marry me?"

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