The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of February 21, 2000 on B&B

Eric and Ridge accused Brooke of hiring Ridge's ex-girlfriend for revenge. Brooke admitted to wanting Ridge and Eric to feel the helplessness they'd inflicted upon her, and she promoted Morgan to head designer. Rick refused to let Becky take Little Eric with her to Paris.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of February 21, 2000 on B&B
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Monday, February 21, 2000

Macy & Thorne.
Macy and Thorne hug. Macy tells him that the most exciting thing happened to her. Macy goes to put her purse away. Thorne says to himself that he is so very sorry, but that Macy has to know what happened in Venice. He says that He and Brooke were tricked and that the marriage never should have taken place. He says that he has to tell her now. Thorne tells her that he knows that she has something to tell him, but that first , but she stops him. She tells him that her news was so exciting and so unexpected. She tells him that she is ready to make her contribution to the world and that it was all thanks to him, and especially what happened in Amsterdam. He tells her that he must first tell her what happened in Venice. She tells him that she would love to talk about Venice, but she needed to talk first. She said that she was a different woman than the one who got on that plane to Europe. She tells him that she went to an AA meeting and met this woman named Roberta. She said that she understood everything that the woman was going through, because she was there at one time herself. She said that for the first time she spoke at a meeting. She said that she was asked to be Roberta's sponsor, and to help her through those first difficult days of sobriety. She said that she knew that she could do it, and that she would be good at it. Macy believes that there is a reason that she can do this now. She says that she is more confident and self-assured than she has been in years. She tells him that them being together has changed her. Thorne tells her again that they need to talk. He says that everything happened so fast. She tells him that they should sit down and talk about it. Macy tells him that he can be completely honest with her. Thorne said that he would be. Macy tells him that she is so much stronger. She tells him that she wants to help people. She said that he may find her being a sponsor intrusive because she might get calls in the middle of the night to help someone. She told him that the promises that they made in Venice made her strong, because she had never felt so secure in her life. They flash back to their time in Amsterdam. Thorne had promised Macy that he loved her, and that he would never do anything to hurt her again. Macy had a lot of negative doubts about them getting married, but Thorne promised that he would always be true to her. In the present, Macy tells Thorne that when he said those words to her, she knew that he meant them, or she would never have married him. She said that she would thank God for him and his honesty everyday. She tells him that him that he is a wonderful man. He tells her that he is as weak and vulnerable as the next guy, maybe more so. She tells him that he has a lot of integrity. He tells her that he is nothing special. She tells him that he gives her the strength to fight her demons. She then says that she has been going on and on when he had something to tell her. She decides to let him talk. Thorne looks perplexed.

Brooke & Taylor

Brooke hears a knock at her office door, and asks Megan to come in, but it's Taylor. Brooke says that she was on her way out. She tells Taylor that she is going to see Thorne. Taylor said that she shouldn't do that. Brooke said that she didn't care what Taylor thought. Taylor said that she deserved Brooke's hostility, but Brooke tells her that she deserves a lot more than that. Brooke said that if Taylor really wanted to help someone , then she should get her couch ready for Macy because she would need it when Thorne left her. Taylor doesn't think that Thorne can do it. Brooke said that he was getting ready to tell Macy when she got off the phone. Taylor tells Brooke that she is still vulnerable to Ridge, and Thorne did not want to live with that for the rest of his life. Brooke said that Thorne was manipulated. Taylor said that Macy and Thorne had a history. She said that Macy didn't force Thorne to marry her, it was the other way around. She said that Macy has always been there for Thorne and that Thorne married her for some very important reasons. Taylor told Brooke that Thorne and Macy had been through a lot together, and they would get through this. Brooke tells her that if she wants to believe that Thorne and Macy would stay together then that was her prerogative.She told Taylor that if she had any sense of right and wrong , then she would know that their marriage was in trouble. Taylor told Brooke not to lecture her on right and wrong. Brooke tells her that what they did to her and Thorne was wrong. Brooke tells her that wrong doesn't win. She asked Taylor how many times has she said this to her. She tells Taylor to eat her words, because the moral victory was hers. She said that Thorne and Macy were finished, she then leaves Taylor standing in the office.

Stephanie & Sally

Stephanie is at the office, when Sally joins her. Sally is glad to see Stephanie back in action. Stephanie tells her that she is partially responsible for her recovery. They start talking about how happy they are that Macy and Thorne are together. Stephanie said that at least there was something to be happy about, unlike the situation with Rick and Amber. Sally talked about all the obstacles that Macy had faced and gotten through. Sally said that there may be a baby soon. This makes Stephanie think about Amber. She said that she couldn't really understand how Amber did what she did. Sally asks about Rick, and Stephanie said that he was spending time alone and trying to get through it. Sally said that she knew of someone who would be more than glad to help, kimberly. Stephanie said that she felt sure that Thorne and Macy could overcome any obstacle. Sally asked, "Even Brooke?" Stephanie asks Sally if she is worried about Brooke? Sally said that she was trouble, but that she wasn't really worried about her. Stephanie said that Brooke was out of their lives, and she would have to find someone else to romance, but it wouldn't be Thorne.

Tuesday, February 22, 2000

Sally is incredulous when Clarke suggests that Brooke could still cause problems for Macy and Thorne. Taylor tells Ridge that if Thorne changes his mind about marrying Macy, they may have made the whole situation worse for Stephanie. Ridge acknowledges that Brooke has shut him out personally and professionally, and mentions that he ran into Morgan DeWitt at the office. Meanwhile, Eric is surprised when he finds Morgan moving into her new office at Forrester. He is stunned to learn that Brooke has hired her as a go-between. Eric calls Ridge in and tells him that they have a problem. Morgan thinks that she and Brooke will work well together, and reminds Ridge that the two of them have worked well together in the past. Morgan refuses Eric's suggestion that she go back to her hotel. Sally and Clarke are concerned when Macy comes in - disheveled and upset. She explains that she was just in a car accident. She is all right, but shaken up. Thorne tells Brooke that he can't break Macy's heart again, now or ever. Brooke begs Thorne not to give up on their love. Brooke kisses Thorne and implores him to end his marriage to Macy today!

Wednesday, February 23, 2000

When Giovanni tells Clarke that Brooke hired Morgan, Clarke takes it as a sign of some kind of in-house meltdown at Forrester. It's clear that Morgan intrigues both these men.

Brooke wants Thorne to tell her that they can still be together. Ridge advises Morgan not to get too comfortable in her new office. He suggests to Morgan that Brooke is using her. Ridge asks if Morgan told Brooke about their past, but Morgan insists that it's ancient history.

Macy assures Kimberly that nothing will come between Thorne and her again. Thorne admits that he feels trapped. No matter what he does, he'll wind up hurting Macy or Brooke. Brooke points out that Thorne fell into a trap, but he doesn't have to stay there. She's sure that if Thorne looks into his heart, he'll know what he has to do. Thorne tells Brooke that he's made vows, and for better or worse, he can't break them now. In tears, Brooke tells Thorne that they are soulmates, and she won't let him give up on them. Eric tells Ridge emphatically that contract or no contract, Morgan is not staying at Forrester. Clarke stops by to see Morgan, and she is charmed by his show of support.

Thursday, February 24, 2000

Becky tells Amber that she and the baby have to go back to Paris soon. Rick admits to Eric that he can't stand having the baby gone. Eric calls Becky and tells her that Rick wants to see the baby. Becky, knowing Amber misses Rick, tells Eric that Amber will be gone all afternoon and suggests that Rick come by. Amber panics when she realizes what Becky has done and is certain that Rick will think that she tricked him into seeing her.

Amber hides in the other room when Rick comes in. She overhears Becky trying to tell Rick that Amber loved him and Rick's response to that is Amber only loves Amber.

Brooke tells Thorne that he has to choose the life he wants and he must choose her. Thorne insists that he loves Macy and his days with Brooke were perfect and he doesn't regret them, but it can't go any further. The battles over and they've lost. Brooke tries to kiss him, but he forces her away before he can give into the passion. Brooke goes out on the deck and sobs. After talking to Macy, Taylor realizes that Thorne didn't end the marriage, and Brooke is in for the shock of her life.

Friday, February 25, 2000

Eric is sure Brooke hired Morgan in revenge, and he is not about to let Morgan's trendy designs destroy the classic, elegant Forrester image he's worked so hard to build. They confront Brooke, who tells them that she wants them to feel furious and helpless and cheated, because that's what they did to her.

Ridge wants Brooke to keep the issues of Thorne and Morgan separate. When Eric says that Brooke should be thanking them for saving her from making the biggest mistake of her life, Brooke goes after him. Morgan walks in on the confrontation, and Brooke promotes her to head designer. When Ridge tries to reason with her, she tells him to say it through Morgan. After they leave, Brooke is in tears.

Becky doesn't want to hear Rick's negative words about Amber and suggests that he come back some other time. Rick insists that he just needs to be with Little Eric. Rick is alarmed that Becky plans to return to Paris within days. He insists that the child is a part of his family and he won't let Becky take him. When Rick is gone, Amber cries in Becky's arms, knowing how badly she's hurt Rick.

Thorne kisses Macy passionately, obviously thinking of someone else as she responds. After they make love, Macy wants to know what kind of fantasy he was having.

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