The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of January 5, 1998 on B&B

Taylor went into labor on the way to stop Brooke's wedding, and Thorne wound up delivering her baby boy. Brooke whisked Ridge to Milan for the honeymoon. A drunken Dr. Guthrie got too 'chatty' with James about Sheila, but Maggie and Mike rushed the doctor off just before he could confess about Sheila.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of January 5, 1998 on B&B
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Monday, January 5, 1998

As Brooke readies for her wedding, she looks at the time. It's 12:45 and the guests should be arriving soon. All except Thorne and Taylor who think the wedding is at 2:00. By the time Taylor gets to the wedding, Brooke thinks she and Ridge will be on the plane to Milan and Taylor wouldn't say a word about her pregnancy than because she would look like a fool. Beth checks up on her daughter but doesn't understand why Brooke is in such a rush to get out of town. Brooke explains she and Ridge have waited their whole lives for this moment and just want to spend time alone together. Beth notes Brooke looks worried for some reason even though it is her wedding day.

Stephanie wonders what Brooke is up to. She knows Brooke does not want Taylor anywhere near the wedding. Stephanie calls Taylor and leaves a message that the wedding has been moved up one hour.

Taylor and Thorne are at the Cafe' Ruse waiting for Brooke. Taylor warns Thorne that Brooke must show up with proof she is pregnant, otherwise Taylor plans on telling Ridge everything.

Amber lets herself in at Brooke's house and meets Beth. She is here for the babysitting position. The beauty of the house blows Amber away. Beth fills her in on her daughter's wedding and introduces her to Rick and Bridget. Amber is surprised. She thought the children she is going to babysit would be younger.

At one o'clock, Taylor is getting impatient. The longer she waits for Brooke the more she is getting suspicious Brooke has stood them up.

Brooke thanks her family for being with her on this special day. Meanwhile, Stephanie still thinks it is odd that Brooke moved the wedding up one hour. Stephanie wonders where Thorne and Taylor are and doesn't buy Eric's excuse they are stuck in traffic. The minister is ready to begin the ceremony.

Stephanie confronts Brooke and asks her where Thorne and Taylor are. Brooke says Taylor is going to show since it is probably too painful to watch Ridge marry her. Stephanie tells her archenemy she knows she is up to something and when she finds out what it is, she is going straight to Ridge. The Queen tells Brooke to enjoy her marriage to her son because it won't last long.

After 1:00, Taylor knows she has been stood up. She calls home to check her messages. Taylor is enraged when she hears Stephanie's message that Brooke has moved the wedding up one hour. Taylor grabs Thorne and says they can still make it to the ceremony if they hurry.

The wedding begins with Stephanie entertaining thoughts on stopping the wedding herself! Brooke marches down the isle.

Taylor and Thorne are speeding toward Brooke's house. Taylor promises Ridge will know he is the father of her child once she gets there. Everyone will know. Taylor says they can still make it if they hurry!

Tuesday, January 6, 1998

The wedding continues with Brooke marching down the isle and Stephanie hoping Taylor arrives.

Taylor and Thorne are speeding toward the house hoping to make it on time to stop the wedding. Taylor can not wait to get there to tell Ridge he is the father of the child she is carrying. Taylor is furious for the stunt Brooke pulled in keeping her from the wedding. This is proof that Brooke is not pregnant. Thorne suggests that maybe Brooke doesn't want to have to prove she is pregnant. It will be up to Ridge if he still wants to marry Brooke, after Taylor has told him the truth.

Sally and Lauren are at the beauty shop with Sally reading an article in the newspaper about the Forrester wedding. Sally would love to know the inside dish and exactly what secret the Forresters are hiding. Lauren thinks she knows how to find out the latest dirt. She asks Stephanie's hairstylist, Dean, for the lowdown on the Forrester wedding but it's a no go. Dean never talks about his clients.

As the minister reads from the Bible, Taylor hopes she doesn't regret telling Ridge the truth. He needs to know, Taylor reasons. As Thorne and Taylor are only a few blocks from Ridge and Brooke's house, Taylor suddenly has a sharp pain in her stomach! Her water just broke! Thorne immediately wants to take Taylor to the hospital but Taylor still wants to go to the wedding.

As the ceremony proceeds, the minister gets to the part about anyone objecting. Brooke glances at Stephanie who looks at the door. No Taylor. Ridge and Brooke exchange vows and the minister pronounces them husband and wife.

Taylor didn't make it to the hospital. Thorne had to deliver the baby in the car!

Wednesday, January 7, 1998

Ridge and Brooke are taking pictures right after the wedding. Eric notes how happy and full of joy Brooke seems. Stephanie wonders what happened to Thorne and Taylor and is certain Brooke had a hand in keeping them from coming to the wedding.

Brooke gets everyone's attention and announces the reason she moved the wedding up one hour is so she and Ridge could catch the flight to go on their honeymoon. The plane leaves in one hour. Stephanie thinks Brooke is so smooth in whisking Ridge out of the country before Taylor gets there.

Taylor has her baby in the backseat of Thorne's car. Taylor's ok but doesn't hear the baby crying. Is the baby breathing?

Brooke wants pictures of she and Ridge with the Forrester's, to Stephanie's chagrin. Brooke thanks "mama" Forrester after the picture is taken. Ridge tells Eric he hopes Thorne and Taylor are alright and asks Eric to look after them while he is away. Ridge and Brooke leave but before they do, Brooke throws her bouquet and it lands in Amber's hands.

Rick greets Amber who is still blown away she just watched a Forrester wedding. Amber samples the food and orders the waiter around. Amber says she is going to love staying there while Brooke is on her honeymoon.

Taylor is relieved when the baby starts crying. It's a boy! Taylor gave birth to Ridge's baby boy. Thorne gets mother and child to the hospital.

In the limo to the airport, Brooke says to herself the wedding went perfect, thanks to Taylor not showing up. Brooke thinks Taylor would be a fool to claim her baby is Ridge's child now that she and Ridge are married.

At the hospital, the baby is taken to the nursery. Taylor says it is amazing how Thorne is always there for her when she needs him. Taylor mentions Ridge and Brooke's wedding but Thorne advises not to think about that now. Just concentrate on the baby.

On the airplane, Ridge notes how long he and Brooke have waited for this time of happiness. Ridge gets a weird feeling that something happened at home. Brooke tells him to let it go. They are on their honeymoon. Ridge thinks of Taylor and wonders why she didn't make it to the wedding. He tells himself he needs to forget about it and go on.

Taylor calls Ridge at the house but Amber picks up. Amber informs Taylor that Ridge will not be available for a while since he just left on his honeymoon and no one knows where to. Taylor would give anything for Ridge to share this moment with her, and promises her baby that he will know his father.

Thursday, January 8, 1998

James sits quietly at a table thinking about Sheila. He uses his cell phone to call Molly and ask about the baby. He promises to be home soon. The waiter arrives but James only orders a drink.

Mike and Maggie watch as Dr. Martin works with Sheila on her rehabilitation. She tells him that she could do it better if he would only untie her, but he refuses. Looking on, Maggie hopes that Dr. Martin knows what he is doing. Mike tells her that his brother is extremely capable; he is a genius and could have been one of the greats. If only . . .

If only what? Maggie wants to know. Mike will only say that his brother has a "little problem." Martin joins them. He warns them that they can't keep Sheila tied up for much longer; soon her muscles will begin to atrophy. He thinks it would be a good idea to talk to James. Maybe he can hurry the process along. Mike thinks this is a good idea and Maggie reluctantly goes along with it and tells him how he can find James.

Sheila wonders what they are planning. When she finds out that they are going to see James, she screams that they are going to lie to him. Mike approaches the bed and tells her to take it easy. He tells her to forget about James. Does she want something for sleep? Sheila tells him no.

Bridget wonders what the new babysitter is like. Rick describes her as "being from Jupiter." Amber wanders into the room eating some of the wedding cake. She asks if they have homework to do. When they start upstairs to do it, she tells them she was only asking----that is what a babysitter is supposed to do. What she really wants them to do is give her a grand tour of the palace.

The waiter brings James his scotch. Martin speaks to James and introduces himself as Dr. Martin (something Italian) who studied in Rome. He is Sheila's attending physician and he has some info about Sheila. James invites him to sit down. Martin says that Sheila has instructed them not to tell where she is, but she is doing very well in her therapy. She is a fighter and they are expecting a full recovery. James tells him that this is the best news he could have received. James wonders if she could have had regression. The doctor admits that she has regressed. But not to worry, they have the very best staff of psychiatrists at his institute.

Mike assures Maggie that things are coming along fine. He tells her that Sheila kissed him the other day and wanted more. Maggie is outraged. You have been making out with Sheila? While she is tied up? Mike is insulted. He is no pervert. Anyway, Sheila didn't want to be tied up when they made love. Maggie warns him that Sheila is only manipulating him. You know what she is capable of. Undo the straps and she will slit your throat! Mike tells Maggie that Sheila is not a maniac.

By the time the tour is over, Amber has something else to eat in her hands. When Bridget pouts that things are so boring, Amber is appalled. How could anyone living in such a house be bored. She could live her forever and never be bored. Bridget suggests the sauna challenge. Amber wonders what that is, but when she learns it is to stay in the sauna as long as possible then jump into the ice cold swimming pool for a rush, she says it doesn't interest her. Rick tells Bridget that Amber is from Furnace Creek so she wouldn't be interested in the heat.

Bridget thinks it is so cool that she is from Furnace Creek. Have you seen any UFOs? Amber admits that she has seen two of them. "The second time, they kidnapped my sister," she tells the kids.

"Where did they take her? Pluto?" Rick laughs.

Amber looks at him with a shocked look. "She is gone, Rick," she tells him with a tear in her voice. "It isn't funny. We have been searching for her for years. You don't know what it is like." She gets up and walks a little way off. With her back to the kids, she smiles.

"I just want my husband back," Maggie sighs to Mike. "The whole idea behind this was to get James back. But James has to want to come back to me. But it just isn't happening."

"Don't give up yet," Mike tells her. "Things are coming along."

"I am not giving up," Maggie assures him. "It means too much to me. I love James so much. He would be miserable with Sheila. He cannot see that now because of his guilt and remorse. I made a huge mistake. I encouraged a good man to do something bad and he did it. It was for a good reason, but James is not the kind of man to turn his back on his morals and principles. Now I am paying the price. We had it all. We had a perfect life. I have to get James back and get him to believe in that dream again.

Martin gives James the bad news about Sheila's mental health and James takes the blame for that. Martin tells him not to be too hard on himself; his mistake can be undone. We will all just sit back and let this thing take it's course. Nothing to be concerned about, he assures.

The waiter has taken the liberty of bring James a second drink. Since Martin says that he is off duty, James invites him to drink with him. He pushes the scotch to Martin and tells the waiter to bring another. Martin refuses the drink, so James asks if he would prefer something different. Martin looks longingly at the drink and tells him that scotch will be fine.

"Did your sister really get taken up in a space ship?" Rick asks, subdued.

"Yes, and that is why we call her" Amber turns with her face mischievously lit up. "SPACE CADET!"

Rick calls her weird and she wonders if she is weird for telling the story or if he is weird for believing it. Rick picks up a pillow and throws it at her. She tells him that NOBODY hits her with a pillow. She grabs one and throws it at him. Before long, all three are in the middle of a pillow fight.

Suddenly, they hear the sound of a car door slamming outside. Mrs. Logan is home and the kids are still up. She begs them to help her straighten the room or go to bed---something----but they just look at her and smile.

Amber goes outside and tries to stall Beth from coming into the house. When Beth walks in, Bridget is laying on the couch, sleeping. She didn't want to go to bed, Amber explains. Rick comes into the room asking for help with his geometry problem. Beth is impressed! She can't even get him to study.

Mike assures Maggie that his brother will do a good job on James. Maggie reminds him that James is sharp. He can see right through most things. Marty won't spill the beans, Mike says. Where did Marty go to meet James, Mike asks. Maggie tells him that he probably went to the office. If he wasn't there, he usually stops by Madigan's to unwind.

"You mean, he stops by for a drink?" questions Mike. He turns away in fear. "He better not. He better not touch that stuff."

"What are you talking about?" Maggie asks.

"My brother is an alcoholic," admits Mike. "If he falls off the wagon, this could get ugly----real ugly."

"We have great hope for Sheila," Martin is telling James as he looks at the drink. "She is a remarkable woman."

James raises his drink. "Here is to you and your success with Sheila. And my deepest thanks."

Slowly, Martin raises the drink to his lips. He takes a sip. Then he raises the drink one more time and downs it all.

Friday, January 9, 1998

Taylor sits cuddling her baby. "You are such a miracle," she tells it. "You are so amazing. I just wish your daddy could see you." Thorne enters with so many gifts that he had to get the nurse to help him.


In Italy, Brooke awakens to find Ridge's side of the bed empty. As she is calling out his name and looking about the room, Ridge comes in with brochures. He tells her that he is planning a wonderful day for them.

Brooke has other ideas about the day. She is suffering from jet lag and the only cure is to stay in bed all day. As her loving and dutiful husband, Ridge is expected to join her.

After a little smooching, Ridge wonders why Thorne and Taylor weren't at the wedding. You did call them didn't you? He wonders. Brooke mumbles something about not being home, so Ridge assumes they didn't get the message. He wants to call them now. He is worried about Taylor. She has had a difficult pregnancy. As he reaches for the phone, Brooke stops him. If she is having problems, Thorne can handle them. Besides, she is eight months so the baby can live on the outside.


"Your brother is an alcoholic?" Maggie exclaims.

"A recovering alcoholic," Mike corrects her.

Maggie wants to know what happens when he drinks. Mike tells her that . . . well, he gets chatty.

Maggie is horrified.


James and Marty are drinking scotch. James wants Marty to tell him everything. Marty assures him that James is fine. She just needs a little more time. James says that it is ironic that Mary is the reason for all of this. Each of her mothers wanted the best for her, yet now she is suffering for lack of a mother. And both mothers are deprived of her.

"It is a cruel world," agrees Marty as he downs his scotch. He orders another drink.

James wonders if Sheila has told the doctor about his past. When Marty says no, James goes on to give him his history. He tells him about his own mother dying when he was born. He had a lonely childhood and even blamed himself into adulthood for his mother's death.

Marty is upset by this sad news and tries to tell James that it wasn't his fault. James agrees that he wasn't responsible for his mother's death even though he thought that for a long time. But this is his fault, he says. He only wanted to protect Mary. But how did he do it? By taking away her mother----twice.

This is so sad to Marty who needs another drink.


Mike is on the phone with James' answering service. He needs to speak with Dr. Warrick! No, he doesn't want to leave a message; he wants to speak personally with the doctor----NOW. Why? The doctor gives him pills. Without the pills he is paranoid. He begins to act suspicious of the operator. No, he won't give her his number. Then she would know where he was, wouldn't she? Maybe she is tracing this call now. What does she have against him. The operator transfers the call.

"Madigans Bar and Grill," the bartender says, answering the phone. Mike hangs up and tells Maggie where James and Marty are at the moment. They rush out, leaving Maggie screaming at them not to leave her here alone.


Thorne puts the sleeping baby into its bassinet. Taylor says she wasn't sure how he would react to the baby once the baby was actually there and he saw it for the first time. After all, it is Ridge's baby.

Thorne tells her that his was the first face the child saw; his were the first hands that touched him. If she decides to stay with him, he will never think of the child as anything but his. Of course, it is her decision.

This reminds him that the hospital wants her to fill out something. He brings her the form for the birth certificate. You need to put the father's name down, he tells her.


Both James and Marty are well in their chips, Marty more so than James. He says that Mary misses her mommy. Marty says Sheila is doing her best. James shows Marty pictures of his Mary. He doesn't blame Sheila; he blames himself. Marty tells him not to blame himself; it isn't his fault. None of it is his fault.

Mike and Maggie enter the café and hide behind the plants and an umbrella.

"I had hoped she would come home with me and let me work with her. It is selfish of me, I guess." James bemoans.

"No, James," Marty tells him. He is almost in tears as he hands the picture of Mary back. "It isn't about what you did. You didn't do anything. The truth is . . .

Marty looks over James' shoulder and sees Mike waving at him.

"The truth is what?" James asks.

Almost blubbering, Marty tells him that he needs to go. He gets up and goes over to Mike. He tells him that James' story is so sad. Mike tries to stop him, but Marty wants to tell him what James had to say. He tries to tell him that they have it all wrong about Sheila and James, but Mike rushes him out of the bar. Maggie hangs around and watches James as he sits alone with his drink.


"Eight months?" Ridge questions, confused. Brooke quickly kisses him. He hopes that her pregnancy will be easier than Taylor's. She assures him that it will be easier because he is going to indulge her every whim.


"You have a big decision to make," Thorne tells Taylor. "How can you name Ridge when he is married now. Even though you think the marriage is based on a lie, he will probably choose her anyway. Even if she isn't married now, she will be by the time they come home from the honeymoon. This decision isn't about Ridge. It is about you and your son and what is best for the two of you. You are obsessed with thinking of Ridge. Why do you allow him to have so much power over you and your life? Aren't you tired of being a victim? Look at Brooke's children. Do you want your son to go through the kind of hell they have gone through? What makes you think you or your son can count on Ridge anymore than they could?

"This is important, Taylor. You have to choose the right one. Will it be Ridge . . . or me?

Taylor holds the paper in her hands with indecision written all over her face.

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