Taylor relives the night she shot Bill

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for Tuesday, January 31, 2023
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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

At the cliff house, Taylor told Katie that Bill was exchanging Taylor's freedom for Sheila's because Taylor had shot Bill years back. Steffy tried to stop Taylor from talking about it. Taylor told Katie that Taylor didn't know how she'd lost control that night. The reference Taylor had for that kind of behavior was Sheila, who disregarded human life when threatened.

Taylor stated there was a darkness inside of all of them. Katie doubted it, but Taylor said it was just the human condition. Taylor believed she'd allowed her anger and rage to take over and block logical thought or light. Taylor claimed she couldn't understand what had happened.

Katie yelled that Bill was her son's father, and Will could have lost his father. Katie asked what could possibly have possessed Taylor to pick up a gun and shoot Bill. Taylor stated that she'd thought Bill had done something unforgivable, and she'd been consumed with rage. She said she'd gone there to confront him, not kill him.

The music from the night of the shooting played along with a flashback of the night. Taylor spoke over it, saying it had been the night of the Santa Ana winds, and Bill's door had been unlocked as he'd played classical music and drunk with his back to her, looking out the terrace. She claimed she'd been confused. She'd looked around and seen the gun.

Taylor stated that she'd picked it up and started walking toward Bill. All she'd been able to think of had been what he'd done and how she wouldn't let him get away with it. She said she'd suddenly pulled the trigger. Taylor sobbed that she'd done it, and Steffy hugged her.

Katie asserted that Taylor had shot Bill and left him without giving another thought. Taylor replied that she had, and she was horrified at what she'd done. Taylor cried that she thought about Will and couldn't live with herself if she'd taken Will's father. Taylor claimed she didn't know who she'd been that night, and it hadn't been her.

Steffy stated that Taylor had snapped, and though Steffy wasn't condoning it, they'd moved on. She added that Bill had forgiven Taylor and promised not to say anything. Katie couldn't wrap her head around it. She exclaimed that Bill was her son's father; she'd loved him a long time, and Taylor could have killed him. Katie guessed she knew the whole story, but it didn't answer the question of how Sheila had turned Bill against everyone that he loved. Steffy said they had to figure out how to stop Sheila once and for all.

At Bill's house, Sheila said she loved being in Bill's arms. She was humbled and grateful and said he'd taught her a new way to live. As she lay on his shoulder, she flashed back to the conversation he'd just had with Katie. Sheila told him that he seemed distracted. He claimed that he was right there, but she stated that his mind was miles away. She urged him to put Katie's thoughts out of his mind.

Bill admitted that Katie's visit had gotten him thinking about the past. Sheila replied that the Forresters and Logans hadn't accepted Bill, and Brooke and Katie had given him conditional love. Sheila added that he'd twisted himself in knots to get their acceptance. In return, he'd only gotten disappointment and abandonment, and Taylor had shot him in cold blood.

Bill grew silent, and Sheila apologized for bringing up the shooting. Bill replied that he'd never forget it. Sheila figured Taylor wouldn't, either, and would have to live with it for the rest of her life. Sheila assumed it had been a horrible night for Bill, who'd been ambushed and shot in the back in his own living room. She said he could have died, and she could have lost him before they'd had a chance to find each other.

Bill replied that it hadn't happened. Sheila said it was because they'd been meant to be. She recalled learning that he'd been shot. She hadn't known him well then, but it had stunned her that he'd been taken down by a coward. "And then to find out that it was Taylor," Sheila added.

Sheila was thrilled that Taylor had fallen victim to the dark side because it showed that Sheila wasn't a monster. She said she'd simply made mistakes like everyone else. Sheila loved how Bill understood that about her. She and Bill kissed. She leaned on his shoulder, gazed at the sword charm, and touched it.

At Il Giardino, Brooke and Hope arrived. Brooke eagerly congratulated Deacon and said she was proud of him. Hope stated that they both were. Deacon shared that he'd been working around the clock to make the place as authentic as he could with locally sourced ingredients and the finest olive oil. He even wanted a rooftop garden to grow fresh herbs.

Deacon invited Hope and Brooke over to the bar to sample his newest pizzas. After having tastes, they complimented the pizzas. He urged them to give feedback and became dismayed when, with every bite, it seemed Hope and Brooke suggested more and more recipe changes. When they decided they needed more slices to know for sure, he realized they were joking around with him about all the suggestions. Everyone laughed, and he served up more slices.

Talk turned to Sheila, and Brooke was infuriated that the woman was out on the streets. Deacon gazed off, and Hope asked if he was okay. He claimed to be preoccupied with the business. Sure that was it, Brooke asked why he'd even think about Sheila.

As the conversation continued, Deacon mentioned that he needed a planner because he was thinking of doing a relaunch. He doubted any of Bill's publications would give him a good review. Hope and Brooke expressed their disappointment in Bill for taking up with Sheila and blackmailing Finn and Steffy to keep Sheila out of prison. Hope thought a man would have to be crazy to develop feelings for Sheila Carter. Deacon looked away.

Deacon worked behind the bar, listening to Hope and Brooke talk about Sheila and wonder how any man would be with a woman like Sheila. Hope figured Bill was in a self-destructive mode, but Brooke pondered whether he'd really lost his mind. Brooke wondered if Sheila was using Bill or if Bill was using Sheila. Hope wondered what for. Brooke didn't know and said she was just trying to make sense of it. "How could any man be in love with her?" Brooke questioned.

Deacon zoned out, recalling the night he'd danced with Sheila at Il Giardino. Brooke insisted there had to be a reason and asked what was going on. Deacon shook himself out of his musing.

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