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The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for Friday, April 19, 2024
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The Bold and the Beautiful Daily Recaps (Friday, April 19, 2024)
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Thursday, April 18, 2024

At Wendy and Tripp's apartment, Tripp found Ava packing her belongings before she moved in with Harris. Wendy stood in the hallway outside, and she overheard Tripp ask what trouble Ava was in. When Wendy entered, Tripp said that he wanted to make sure Ava was moving out for the right reasons. Ava tried to assure Tripp that she wasn't in any trouble, and she left.

Afterwards, Tripp asked Wendy about her first day back to work at the Salem PD. Wendy shared that she had experienced heart palpitations and shortness of breath when she'd passed by Goldman's former desk. Tripp said that perhaps Wendy had returned to work too soon.

Tripp added that Wendy's anxiety after their time in captivity was understandable, and he delicately suggested that she speak to a professional. When Wendy grew quiet, Tripp asked what was on her mind. Wendy recalled Tripp saying that Ava always found trouble. "And Tripp, if she finds it again, I don't think I can deal with it. With getting caught in the crossfire," Wendy said.

Wendy noted that Tripp would always want to protect Ava, if Ava found herself in trouble again. Tripp asked what Wendy was trying to say. Wendy said that she had spoken to Wei Shin earlier that day and that Wei had sounded more like himself for the first time in months after Li's death. Wendy added that her parents were still fragile, and she said that she'd heard the panic in their voices when they'd learned of Wendy and Tripp's kidnapping.

Wendy said that she was tired of always worrying and waiting for bad things to happen. Tripp said that Wendy was one of the strongest people he knew, and he swore that he would always be there for her. Wendy broke down in tears when Tripp wrapped his arms around her.

At the DiMera mansion, Stefan was in a jubilant mood when he told E.J. that he'd just returned from visiting Gabi at Statesville. "Ah, how romantic. Two criminal lovers. One incarcerated, the other having evaded justice," E.J. sarcastically quipped. Kristen entered, and she was surprised to learn that Stefan had gained his freedom. Kristen was annoyed that she was the last in the family to learn that Stefan was out of jail.

Kristen soon surmised that Stefan had bribed or blackmailed E.J. to secure Stefan's freedom. E.J. taunted that the public relations department at DiMera Enterprises would be issuing a statement noting that Stefan was stepping down as CEO due to "personal failings." E.J. sarcastically wished Stefan and Kristen good luck, and he grinned widely as he left.

Afterwards, Kristen asked if Stefan intended to allow E.J. to push Stefan out at DiMera Enterprises. Stefan said that he didn't have a choice. Stefan paused, and he seemed struck by an idea. Stefan noted that Kristen had been granted a full pardon after her release from Statesville in 2023. "Right, so?" a confused Kristen asked. "So... while I can't be CEO, no reason you can't," Stefan replied.

Kristen admitted that she was intrigued. Stefan and Kristen soon agreed to form an alliance to help Kristen become CEO of DiMera Enterprises. Stefan and Kristen toasted to their alliance. Kristen asked what Stefan would want in return for installing her as CEO. "You help me get Gabi out of prison," Stefan said. "You want me to help you get Gabi out of prison? I mean, why don't we just get a pair of shovels and go find Jimmy Hoffa? This is insane, Stefan," Kristen said.

Eventually, Kristen agreed to think about Stefan's offer. Stefan said that he had never been more certain of Gabi's innocence as it pertained to Li's death. "Well, if she didn't kill Li Shin, the simplest legal way to get her out of prison would be to find out who did," Kristen said. Stefan said the police had exhausted every lead and that his private investigator had found nothing to exonerate Gabi. Kristen vowed that she would find a way to prove Gabi's innocence.

At the Brady Pub, Ava met Harris for a drink after they had put Ava's things in Harris' room. Harris looked into Ava's eyes, and he said warmly that they fit together perfectly. Harris proposed that he and Ava toast to a fresh start. Ava was hesitant, and she shared that she didn't feel she could have a fresh start until she completed the task Clyde had asked her to perform.

Harris said that he planned to arrest Clyde once Ava handed Clyde the black book that contained contact information for Clyde's drug suppliers. A short while later, Ava and Harris were interrupted when E.J. stopped by. E.J. boasted that Stefan had been ousted from DiMera Enterprises. E.J. asked Ava for her keys to the Bistro to pass along to Stefan, whom E.J. noted would be managing the Bistro full time. Ava and Harris exchanged a glance at one another after hearing E.J.'s request.

Ava made up an excuse to avoid handing the keys to E.J., who said that Harris had committed an "egregious dereliction of duty" for choosing not to press charges against Stefan for shooting Harris. Harris slowly stood up to confront E.J. "Says the man who made the deal to set (Stefan) free. How did he get you to do it? What's Stefan holding over your head?" Harris asked as he and E.J. stood face to face.

Harris added that he knew Stefan was holding something over E.J., and he vowed to find out what it was. E.J. said that he knew why Harris had chosen not to press charges against Stefan. "And I suggest that you and he, with all of your skeletons in your respective closets stay on my good. Or your rather irregular activities will see the light. And at the very least, you will be an officer of the law no more," E.J. said assuredly before leaving. Harris grimaced after E.J. left the pub.

At the Titan office, Alex told Theresa that an important advertising partner had pulled out of Bella at the last moment. Alex said that the magazine was failing and that he believed Titan would have to shut down Bella by the end of the day. Theresa begged Alex to change his mind. Alex said there was nothing more he could do. Theresa was sad, but she said she understood.

Alex vowed to find Theresa another job. To his surprise, Theresa told Alex not to bother. "I quit," she said tersely. Theresa said that she had only been a "charity hire." Alex said that it wasn't true, but Theresa said that it was best for everyone if she found a fresh start somewhere else. Theresa left.

In Konstantin's room at the Kiriakis mansion, Konstantin surprised Maggie when he said he couldn't accept her marriage proposal because it would put her in an uncomfortable position with her family and friends. Maggie said that she felt the need to make amends to Konstantin on behalf of everything he had suffered because of Victor. "And if anyone disagrees, to hell with them," Maggie said.

Konstantin agreed to marry Maggie, and he said that words couldn't express how happy he was. Maggie asked that Konstantin keep the marriage proposal between, and she left the room. "All the pieces are falling right into place for me to get exactly what I deserve. Now, if I could only find that damn card," Konstantin said to himself when he was alone.

Downstairs, in the living quarters of the mansion, Maggie stared at a wedding photograph of her and Victor. "Oh, Victor. I hope I'm doing the right thing," Maggie said to the photograph. Just then, Theresa entered. Theresa told Maggie about Bella being shut down. Theresa added that she felt like a failure.

Maggie sought to reassure Theresa that she'd done good work for the magazine. Theresa noted that she had never been qualified for a job at Titan, and she admitted that the only reason she'd landed the job was because she had pushed herself on Alex. Maggie said that Theresa couldn't make someone fall in love with her. "Alex did that all on his own," Maggie said.

Theresa continued to blame herself for Bella's failures. Maggie placed her arms around Theresa, and she held her in a warm embrace. Maggie said that she would talk to Alex about Bella, and she agreed to meet Theresa at an A.A. meeting later that day. Maggie left after hugging Theresa.

Afterwards, Konstantin approached Theresa to share that Maggie had proposed to him. Konstantin said that the news of his engagement had to remain a secret. Theresa expressed disbelief that Maggie would fall for Konstantin.When Theresa protested that she wanted no part of Konstantin's schemes, Konstantin threatened to tell Maggie that Theresa was responsible for Victoria's kidnapping months earlier.

Konstantin said that he had important business to finish before he could leave Salem. "An opportunity to avenge a great loss, but there is something I must find to make that happen. And I will not be leaving Salem until I do," Konstantin told a worried Theresa.

Back at the Titan office, Maggie visited Alex to ask about Bella. Alex believed that Maggie had stopped by to gloat about the magazine's failure. Maggie surprised Alex when she said that she had gone to congratulate him for making the right business decision. Maggie said that she had another proposal for Alex.

"You and I have not always seen eye to eye, but we are the stewards of Victor's legacy. I want you to bring me back on at Titan. Now, Alex, I know the company has been struggling since Victor's death, but I want to make it as successful as it once was. You and I, together, I believe we can right this ship," Maggie said with sincerity. When Maggie finished, Alex seemed to mull over her proposal.

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Ashleigh Brewer Returns to The Bold and the Beautiful as Ivy


Ashleigh Brewer Returns to The Bold and the Beautiful as Ivy
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