A Thope comeback? The Bold and the Beautiful's Matthew Atkinson returns

Posted Monday, May 20, 2024 4:15:08 PM
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Matthew Atkinson and Thomas have been absent from The Bold and the Beautiful since March.

It's been nearly two months since The Bold and the Beautiful's Thomas Forrester took off to Paris with his son, Douglas, in tow. Feeling dejected and rejected when Hope told him she loved him for the first time right before turning down his marriage proposal, Thomas needed some space, and Steffy convinced her brother to leave town. Now, it looks like Matthew Atkinson's -- and Thomas' -- break is about to come to an end.

Last week, Atkinson posted a photo of himself in his Instagram stories that appeared to be taken at the B&B studios. In the snap, Atkinson is pointing to a TV monitor with the words "@lsaintvic stealing scenes" typed above it. The image on the monitor appears to be Lawrence Saint-Victor's Carter in Eric Forrester's office.

The photo seems to indicate that Atkinson is back at work after a months-long break. With Thomas gone for so long, some fans had even been wondering if the actor had left the soap with little fanfare.

According to Soap Hub, Atkinson is indeed bringing Thomas back to the L.A. fashion scene and will finally be seen on-screen again by the middle of June.

While Thomas has been gone, Hope has been trying to move on with her life but can't get her son and his father off her mind. She still blames Steffy for Thomas leaving, but her friendship with Steffy's husband, Finn, is stronger than ever. As for Finn, he still thinks former bad boy Thomas is incapable of change, despite believing his multi-murdering mother, Sheila Carter, is.

Finn wants Hope to find someone else, but with Thomas back on the scene, that might be easier said than done. Thomas and Hope, a.k.a. "Thope" took the soap world by storm last summer when Hope finally gave in to her feelings for Thomas after he seemed like forbidden fruit for years. Is there another Summer of Thope on the way?

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