Shock? Maybe not. Did The Bold and the Beautiful fans ever really believe that Sheila Carter was dead?

Posted Tuesday, April 30, 2024 4:29:18 PM
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Sheila Carter is back among the living on The Bold and the Beautiful, but was her resurrection really as shocking as the show had hoped? Fans share their reactions.

When The Bold and the Beautiful's Finn and Deacon found Sheila Carter alive (and not-so-well) on April 29, it was supposed to be the shocker of all shockers. Even actress Kimberlin Brown has said that she truly believed that Sheila was dead.

But what did the fans think?

From the moment Sheila was declared dead, it seems that many B&B fans knew -- or at least assumed -- that Sheila would be back at some point down the road. Whether fans predicted that it would be just two months later remains to be seen.

But that's when Finn and Deacon finally located an unconscious Sheila in an abandoned warehouse. In an article from Deadline published just after Monday's big reveal. Kimberlin Brown wondered if Executive Producer and Head Writer Brad Bell might have had a change of heart about offing Sheila and decided to reverse course -- or if Steffy killing Sheila's doppelgńnger Sugar was Bell's plan all along.

The second scenario looks to be what fans believe is true. They voiced their frustrations on X (formerly known as Twitter) with the biggest non-surprise surprise that soap fans have seen in quite a while.

X user @_chickymonkey wanted to see how many other fellow fans felt the same way -- completely unsurprised that Sheila was still alive.

"Retweet this tweet if you were NOT shocked at all from the moment she 'died' that Sheila was alive the whole time," they wrote.

@TMZDeeDee was nonplussed that B&B thought it could trick fans so easily.

"Us to the #BoldandBeautiful writers who honestly thought they put one over on us with this Sheila mess we predicted WAY before 10 toes got burnt up," she wrote, accompanied by a gif saying "Ya gotta be quicker than that."

@iheartjaxtara thought the way in which Sheila died was suspect from the beginning.

"Who exactly are these fans that didn't know Sheila wasn't dead?" they said. "A notorious serial killer villain don't die without saying a single word or fighting back, 'Sheila' practically stabbed herself with that knife."

Other fans were easily able to tell that Sheila wasn't dead thanks to Brown's Instagram photos indicating she was at the B&B studio, as Soap Central wrote about soon after Steffy allegedly killed her.

"Do you know what makes the whole Sheila's alive reveal even more anticlimactic?" @DESMYFRUITSNACKS tweeted. "My girl KB was posting photos of her scripts a few weeks ago. So, did anyone really think she was dead?"

One fan thinks she found a solution to this unsurprising Sheila resurrection problem. Add in a real twist.

"I want Sugar to still be alive and she has had surgery to look like herself (Robin Mattson) again and the dead 'Sheila' was someone else," X user @marybrownatl1 suggested.

Were you onto this "secret" all along? Did you ever really think Sheila was dead? We want to hear from you -- so drop your comments in the Comments section below, tweet about it on Twitter, share it on Facebook, or chat about it on our Message Boards.

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