Brad Bell reveals The Bold and the Beautiful's main goal in 34th anniversary chat

Posted Thursday, March 25, 2021 2:21:42 PM
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In celebration of The Bold and the Beautiful's 34th birthday, executive producer and head writer Brad Bell opens up about the success of the CBS soap and why he strives to "spark debates" about family life.

The Bold and the Beautiful marked a major milestone this week when it turned 34 years old. As Soap Central shared on social media, the CBS soap opera celebrated the special occasion with a pop-up drive-through fan experience. But the fun hasn't stopped there! The show's executive producer and head writer, Brad Bell, opened up about the soap's success in a new 34th anniversary interview.

The first topic he tackles in the TV Insider chat is how incredible it was that B&B managed to survive the recent pandemic-forced shutdown. And not just survive, but thrive -- which is a huge feat, considering the last extended break (the O.J. Simpson trial) changed the face of daytime as we know it.

"In the world of daytime TV, the O.J. trial really rocked us. We were off the air for so many months," Bell recalls. "Every show upon returning had lost a good chunk of their respective audience. Yes, we rebuilt -- but never to quite where we were prior to the trial. Whenever we're not airing regularly, it's a time of great anxiety. It was a similar situation during the pandemic. It's why I was so determined to be the very first or one of the first dramatic shows back in production. There was a bit of a dip, but we're also building back. We have momentum now."

Bell dishes a little on upcoming story -- including a tease about having something special in store for sisters Zoe (Kiara Barnes) and Paris (Diamond White) -- but his main focus in the interview is expressing his gratitude to B&B's cast and crew, as well as to the fans who have been so loyal these past 34 years.

"We have an incredible commitment from our fans, who tune in daily for a taste of drama, humor, and family. The fans are our extended family as we are theirs," he shares. "We appreciate all the years they've put into B&B. They're loyal and they've passed down the tradition of watching the show to other family members."

He continues, "Our goal is to provide entertainment but also tell thought-provoking stories that can spark debates on how families relate and how they should relate, how they argue, which is natural. They can find common ground. Our constant message is that love and family can prevail through just about anything in the world."

For Bell's full TV Insider interview, click here.

Would you like to wish B&B's cast and crew a happy 34th anniversary? Have the storylines on B&B ever sparked a debate in YOUR family? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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