The Bold and the Beautiful hires Erica Pelosini Leeman as new executive fashion consultant

Posted Thursday, December 03, 2020 3:46:52 PM
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Stylist Erica Pelosini Leeman, who recently appeared in Netflix's Emily in Paris, has signed on as an executive fashion consultant at The Bold and the Beautiful. The Italian fashion influencer has been charged with dressing the CBS soap opera's glamorous cast.

Fashion-forward soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful is taking its world-renowned sense of style up a level. The CBS soap opera has hired über popular stylist and fashion influencer Erica Pelosini Leeman as an executive fashion consultant.

Leeman, who is originally from Italy and has been splitting her time between Paris and Los Angeles, tells WWD that since she's moved to L.A., everybody has been telling her "you should do something related to Hollywood."

She dipped her toe into the world when her friend, Darren Star -- creator of Beverly Hills, 90210 and Sex and the City -- cast her in a cameo role as a VIP fashion influencer in his recent Netflix series, Emily in Paris. He asked her to dress herself for the part, as he wanted her to bring her own fashion sense to the role.

Leeman shares that it was a similar story at B&B, with executive producer and head writer, Brad Bell, asking her to dress his entire cast. She's now working with award-winning costume designer Glenda Maddox and has been overseeing wardrobe and styling in her new role.

"It's very exciting because it's a challenge, and I have to think out of the box," the stylist says, adding that she's mixing couture from the likes of Chanel and suits from Canali with fast-fashion brands like Topshop -- which she likens to her own style, which is a blend of L.A. casual and Italian glamour.

"It's been so fun," she enthuses of dressing actors and representing their characters -- which is a change from her past fashion styling work. "This is something I always love, to tell a story."

When it comes to what inspires her styling, editing, and creative directing work, it seems Leeman is a perfect fit for B&B, because she says it's traveling!

"Every time I travel to a place, I find something I want to add to my collection," she tells The Strategy, adding that she's also hugely inspired by where she's lived. "In Italy, it's very loud ­- very Versace and Cavalli. So when I lived in Italy, I was the full on Dolce & Gabbana, more Italian style. Moving to Paris made me more 'je ne sais quoi', a little less perfect and less loud; more black and mono-colour. Moving to L.A. made me more laidback and into streetwear. I carry influences from all of these places that I lived."

The Italian version of Vanity Fair recently published a photo gallery of some of Leeman's fashion stylings for B&B. The article is written in Italian, but the photos speak to everyone of all languages -- and they are screaming gorgeous! To check them out, click here, or you can catch a glimpse of a few of the stylish shots in Leeman's Instagram post below.

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