B&B's November Sweeps ratings up

Posted Sunday, December 08, 2013 2:39:23 PM
B&B's November Sweeps ratings up

The Bold and the Beautiful had a beautiful November Sweeps period. The CBS soap gained more than 500,000 viewers compared to 2012.

More than half a million more viewers watched The Bold and the Beautiful in November 2013 compared to November 2012. In the final ratings report for November Sweeps, the period that determines how much advertisers are charged to run commercials during episodes of a show, B&B's ratings shot up 16% from the previous year. An average of 3.71 million viewers watched the Forresters, Logans, and Spencers in November, up from 3.20 in 2012.

In the key demographics areas, B&B's Women 18 to 34 jumped 20%, and Women 25 to 54 was up 7%. Women 18 to 49 remained unchanged.

It wasn't just B&B that saw a ratings bump last month. The entire CBS Daytime lineup saw double-digit increases. The Talk led the pack with a 20% increase, Let's Make A Deal trended upward with an 18% increase, and The Price Is Right was up 12%. For details on The Young and the Restless's ratings, click here.

It should be noted that the 2012 November Sweeps period was impacted by Hurricane Sandy.

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