B&B is still looking for a new Karen Spencer

Posted Monday, December 02, 2013 2:17:11 AM
B&B is still looking for a new Karen Spencer

The Bold and the Beautiful's search for an actress to assume the role of Karen Spencer continues. The role has been played by Joanna Johnson off and on since 1991.

The Bold and the Beautiful has re-issued a casting call for the role of Karen Spencer, a part originated by Joanna Johnson. B&B first announced that it was seeking to recast the role back in September.

In the breakdown, Karen is described as "Female. Caucasian. Mid to late 40s. Sharp businesswoman, bi-sexual, intelligent, clever, beautiful."

"Joanna is doing so well writing and producing The Fosters that's it's been difficult to work around her schedule. I wanted her to be there for Rick and Caroline's wedding. It was supposed to be a much bigger event but without the bride's mother it would have been very strange, so we did more of a quickie impromptu marriage," B&B's head writer and executive producer Brad Bell told TVGuide. "I hope to have Joanna back but, if she continues to be unavailable, I will have to hire someone else."

Johnson originated the role of Karen in 1991, when she appeared as the long-lost twin sister of Caroline -- another role she'd originated and played from 1987 through 1990. Johnson's most recent B&B appearance was in July.

The role of Karen Spencer is listed as a recurring role with the possibility of becoming a contract role.

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