Small Wonder actor lands B&B role

Posted Thursday, October 10, 2013 7:16:35 PM
Small Wonder actor lands B&B role

The Bold and the Beautiful has cast the role of a security guard whose knowledge of diamonds makes him a real gem.

It would take a small wonder to keep the second Hope Diamond safe -- and luckily for The Bold and the Beautiful, they've found the right man for the job.

Dick Christie, best known for his role as inventor Ted Lawson in the 1980s sitcom Small Wonder, has been cast as Charlie Webber, a security guard entrusted with protecting the gem when it goes on display.

In an interview with Soaps In Depth, Christie described his B&B alter ego as somewhat quirky.

"He's a blowhard who considers himself to be very cool," Christie explained. "He has instant recall of any diamond heist in the last hundred years and will detail it, chapter and verse, whether you want to hear about it or not."

This will not be Christie's first daytime role. He appeared in 1990 as Stanley Krakowski on Days of our Lives. His stint on The Bold and the Beautiful begins October 16.

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