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Ridge made his fantasy a reality by sending Brooke back to the runway in her undies. Is she too old for Brooke's Bedroom or just now hitting her "Jackie M" stride? Hope is off the rails in Fantasy Land again. Can Brooke shake some sense into her about Finn before Steffy does? Plus, Katie better learn to knock because it's Poppy's home now! Let's scoop!

This past week on The Bold and the Beautiful had one common theme in the unfolding stories. That theme was other characters attempting to put the Logans in their place. The Soap gods know that it needs to happen whenever the Logans get over the top, but at this point, I question where the places for each Logan should be these days and who has a right to put them in those places.

Take Katie, for instance. She wouldn't get a knock-knock joke even if Bill told it. Katie never knocks, nor does she get the hint that she should. She doesn't get the clue that it's time to leave, either, and that's why she took exception to Poppy cuing her exit.

Poppy came off as dismissive, but why was Katie, who'd arrived unannounced, loitering when Bill wasn't home? Katie isn't Poppy's friend, and it isn't Poppy's job to entertain Katie until she decides to leave on her own -- which might have been never, since Katie found her way back into the house without knocking the next very day.

Brooke gave up on Bill, but just because she called him "your Bill" in reference to Katie doesn't make it true. He's Poppy's Bill now. It's Poppy's home now, not Katie's, which means Katie knocks and leaves at the appointed time, just like Liam did.

Poppy dreams of what might have been if she'd been with Bill all along. What might not have been is Batie and Will, which has to irk Katie as she watches Poppy rekindle love with her old flame Bill. Is Poppy right to assert her position and put Katie in her place?

Next, there's Brooke, who surprisingly has figured out where her place is, and it's not going head-to-head with another Stephanie Forrester. Ridge, however, is ready to design full-time and requires his most inspiring muse front-and-center in her nightie. Either that, or Ridge decided to lure Brooke back to the company with the one thing she can never resist -- Brooke's Bedroom. He probably thinks that once she's hooked there, he can start heaping co-CEO duties on her without Steffy noticing.

Steffy, however, notices everything, hence the "What are you doing here, Brooke?" And also the "What's going on in here, Hope?" It's also why Steffy warned Brooke that they shouldn't wait until Sheila strikes to take action. Steffy's perception skills are at a ten when it comes to Hope and Sheila, as they should be, but is Steffy overreacting by wanting to keep "Dollar Brooke" at bay in the company?

Steffy had no qualms about putting Hope in her place last week. Unfortunately for Steffy, Hope won't stay there. The new Emotional Goldilocks of L.A., Hope, has decided that Liam is too untrue, Thomas is too bad at times, but Finn is juuuuuust right! Brooke tried to literally shake the "hoe" out of Hope, but who can put Hope in her place now that she's gotten it in her head from somewhere that Finn is unhappy with Steffy?

There is one Logan who is exactly in her rightful place, and that's Donna Forrester, the matriarch of the family. Maybe it's time for Donna to put away the honey, channel her inner Beth Logan, consult Stephanie's portrait, and straighten out all of them -- Katie, Brooke, Hope, Steffy, Sheila, and even Poppy and Li, because meddling where she doesn't belong is exactly what Stephanie would do.

Breaking up is hard to do -- on-screen

If I'm handing out awards for the biggest loser couple ever in daytime, the award goes to Katie and Carter. We've seen some bad breakups before, but Katie and Carter's breakup was even worse than Deacon and Quinn's out-of-the-blue divorce or Taylor and Ridge's broken engagement after the CPS call reveal. It was on par with Paris and Zende's fade-away relationship, but even that wasn't as bad, because if you got up to get a bottled water, you might have missed them even saying they were back together in the first place.

Katie never manages to have a successful relationship with any man who isn't Bill Spencer Jr. She had a special relationship with Wyatt, but she left him supposedly because of Will. She had a nice marriage with Thorne, but he left her because of Bill. When Katie kissed Bill after he "saved" the family from Sheila, I figured Carter and Katie were doomed. I just thought it would be after a triangle storyline involving her, Carter, and Bill. No such story. Carter and Katie fizzled, and all we got from it was one line from Katie: "You were my last relationship."

Wow, really? Last we saw of them, weren't they getting busy over Chinese food in the office? I guess we can file this mysterious breakup next to the puzzlement over why Quinn left Carter. What is wrong with Carter? Is he a sexy closet Norman Bates?

Brooke is bringing sexy back, but should she be at her age?

When Ridge said he was eager to get back to designing, I didn't imagine he was hot to design couture panties and negligees. And when the writers remembered Brooke's accomplishments the other week, I had assumed they were leading her somewhere new -- like maybe becoming a designer for HFTF -- not stripping her back down to her lingerie. When Steffy asked Brooke if she had somewhere to be, I was hoping Steffy would quip, "Like in front of a sewing machine, making your wedding dress?" That could have been the start of Brooke designing for real.

Brooke said the quiet part out loud when she told Ridge she was too old for the Bedroom line. It was a legitimate statement until I remembered a certain bubbly bathtub filled with a sexy, mature woman who still had a lot to offer sensual culture. Jackie Marone. I'm not saying Brooke should trade her bed in for a tub, but she shouldn't hide her sexiness under the sheets, either.

Women have been redefining sexuality and sensuality for decades now, and who other than Brooke Logan should be at the forefront of that movement? At first, I thought Brooke should take a demure role and let the younger models have it. Then I remembered Jackie with her "stone" male models, Owen and Rick. I remembered her with her panther, and I changed my mind. Put Brooke right out there, leading the younger models. Lord knows our gorgeous and extraordinary Katherine Kelly Lang is up for it!

Still, as I mentioned before, I sense that Ridge has ulterior motives and is using this as a ploy to lure Brooke back onto the business side of things. Do you think Brooke's place is in Brooke's Bedroom or the boardroom?

Return to Fantasy Island

Hope is back to fantasizing about the wrong man. This time, it's Dr. Healing Hands Finnegan. Hope is enamored with Finn because Liam couldn't be true, Thomas wasn't always good, but Finn is the perfect man. I'd say he is. He's involved with Steffy. He's Hope's stepbrother. He's a Rescue Ranger. Check, check, and checkmate.

Steffy thinks Hope needs to stay away from Steffy's impressionable husband because Hope is putting ideas in his head. Finn has been more loyal to Hope than my Siberian Husky is to me. Can Hope be the first person to lure Finn astray with her treats? She's off to a good start by drawing him in with a sick daughter, and with the way she wrapped the feverish Beth up in that blanket, I almost thought Hope was worsening the child's symptoms on purpose. Almost.

Brooke gaped incredulously at her daughter when Hope revealed that she had feelings for Finn. Brooke probably couldn't believe that Hope already wanted another man after Hope had harangued Brooke with tears to accept Thomas and Hope's relationship. At least Finn isn't a bad boy, right? That means Hope is cured of at least one ailment.

Hope has lost all credibility with this fantasy. She blamed her feelings for Thomas on Liam, Steffy, and Brooke. Hope claimed she'd been finding herself and having an epiphany that she deserved better than Liam's divided heart. So how can she explain falling for Steffy's husband, a man whose heart might never be separated from Steffy?

It's no wonder Brooke wants to strangle Hope. Here Brooke is, reunited with Ridge, and Hope is once again instigating issues that could pull Bridge apart. Ridge keeps giving Hope the benefit of the doubt, but instead of working on her own line, which is crashing because of her libido, she fantasizes about raiding Steffy's marriage bed. Not to mention the acrimony it causes at work.

The biggest irony of it is that Steffy has the gall to tell Finn to stay away from Hope and her influence, but Steffy doesn't stay away from Liam. Steffy has the nerve to demand to know what is going on in the office with Hope and Finn but has yet to tell Finn what was going on with Steffy and Liam last year.

Some viewers think Hope's headaches are the catalyst for her fantasies, but the last time I checked, headaches were a turn-off to sex, not a turn-on. Plus, I didn't see her rubbing her head in pain after she dreamed of ripping Finn's clothes off.

In a look ahead: Hope has a crush

Coming up, Hope admits her crush to Brooke but claims she can control it. Yeah, like Hope controlled her crush on Thomas? Good luck with that. I predict a mighty bad migraine for Hope once a livid Steffy finds out and attempts to claw Hope down like Steffy did Quinn in Monte Carlo. I wonder if bad Thomas will emerge once news of Hope's "crush" reaches him.

Also ahead, Sheila fumes about Steffy's influence over Finn and learns a shocking secret. I hope Sheila discovers that Hope wants Finn, and Sheila sets out to make it happen. Sheila can't behave all the time! The tension between Poppy and Katie mounts as Poppy hopes that she and her sister can make amends. Ridge blindsides Steffy with an executive decision involving Brooke.

Also, I saw a picture of Ted King, allegedly back in the studio. In case you forgot, he plays Jack Finnegan, a.k.a. the guy I suspect is really Luna's father. Until we know differently, though, it's happy Father's Day to Bill Spencer!

That's it. I'm all scooped out! I appreciate you taking the time to get two scoops deep with me. Please leave your reactions to the week in the comments section below, and until we scoop again, stay bold and beautiful, baby!

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