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January 4 to 8, 2021
Carter had mixed feelings about Paris' decision not to take the job, and he asked her to think about it. Zende figured out that Paris wouldn't accept the job offer because of Zoe. Refusing to let Paris miss out on the opportunity, he tracked her down and convinced her to stay in town and accept the job. Liam convinced Steffy that they had to tell Hope and Finn about their night together, even before they'd gotten a paternity test. As Liam told Hope about the events that had unfolded the night he'd seen Thomas kiss the mannequin, Hope cried, asking where Liam had slept that night.
January 11 to 15, 2021
Zende tracked Paris down and persuaded her to take the job at the foundation. He received a kiss in return. Zoe objected to Paris defying Zoe's wishes, but Paris refused to leave her dream job or her dream man. Carter asked Zoe to set a wedding date, and in response, Zoe asked Zende if he thought they could have something. Zende wasn't the type of guy to hurt his friend and turned Zoe down. Hope and Finn decided to try to maintain their relationships despite the infidelity of their partners. Hope suspected Steffy wanted the baby to be Liam's, and Finn warned Liam that if Finn was the father, things would change around there.
January 18 to 22, 2021
Finn stood in doubt of Steffy's feelings for him and Liam. Steffy assured Finn that she wanted a future with him regardless of who'd fathered her baby. Thomas overheard Liam pleading for Hope's forgiveness. To Hope's surprise, Thomas urged her to forgive her husband. Steffy confirmed her pregnancy test with her doctor and requested one more test. Summer Newman, in town for a Spencer meeting, sought information about Sally, and Flo hinted that she knew plenty. Zoe was confused when she received a delayed text message from Zende.
January 25 to 29, 2021
Paris confronted her sister about Zende, but when Zoe plowed forward anyway, Paris figured she had to save Zoe from herself. Zoe was adamant that she and Zende spend the night together, so that she could know if she was meant to be with him or Carter. Ridge overheard it and blasted the pair for disrespecting Carter. Zoe rushed to set a wedding date with Carter, and Zende told Paris that he wanted her. Bill reached his limit of life without Katie and implored her to return to him. Dr. Campbell told Steffy that she couldn't test for the baby's paternity until the ninth week of pregnancy.
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February 1 to 5, 2021
Carter announced that he and Zoe had set a wedding date, but Ridge advised Carter to have a conversation with his fiancée about her feelings for Zende. Carter confronted Zoe about his belief that she was only with him because he was the closest thing she'd gotten to marrying a Forrester. Zoe blamed her problems with Carter on Paris and attempted to force Paris to resign from Forrester. Steffy and Finn took a paternity test. Brooke had words with Steffy about her drunken night with Liam. Ridge, upon learning about Steffy's pregnancy, hoped the family could find a way to unify; however, Hope was unsure that she could put the betrayal behind her. Vinny was surprised to hear about Steffy's paternity dilemma from Thomas.
February 8 to 12, 2021
Separately, couples Ridge and Brooke, Liam and Hope, and Finn and Steffy sorted through the ramifications that the paternity test could have on their families and relationships.
February 15 to 19, 2021
Bill convinced Donna and Brooke that he was sincere about Katie, and the sisters spoke to Katie on his behalf, urging her to let him back into her life. While confronting Zende and Zoe about their entanglement, Carter looked to Paris for honest answers about Zoe. Zoe implored Ridge to help her convince Carter to give her another chance. The paternity test results revealed that Liam was the father of Steffy's baby. Devastated, Hope and Finn didn't know how to move forward in their relationships in light of the fact that Steffy and Liam would have yet another child together.
February 22 to 26, 2021
Flo felt disconnected from her Logan family, and Wyatt urged Katie to intercede on Flo's behalf with the Logans to get them to accept Flo into the family. As Hope, Liam, Finn, and Steffy grappled with the reality of the paternity test results, Thomas began to suspect that Vinny had had a hand in the answer the test had given. Thomas tracked Vinny down and demanded to know if he'd altered the test results. Finn confronted Liam about the way he'd treated Hope and Steffy over the years. Liam showed up and offered to take Steffy to her routine doctor's appointment, but Steffy advised him to focus on his wife instead.
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MARCH 2021
March 1 to 5, 2021
Katie, Donna, and Brooke heard Flo out and decided to try to forgive her and integrate her into the family. The Logan sisters convinced Ridge to hire Flo to work in the PR department at Forrester. Bill capitalized on the Logan forgiveness in the air and got Katie to agree to let him spend time with her and Will. Zoe went to Carter's loft in a sexy dress to try to persuade him to take her back. Zende whisked Paris away from work to have a romantic evening alone with him at the Forrester mansion.
March 8 to 12, 2021
Carter broke things off with Zoe, and Zoe lashed out at Paris, accusing Paris of ruining Zoe's life. Zoe ordered Paris to leave town, but Paris instructed Zoe to search a mirror to find the root of her troubles. A fistfight in the hospital lab culminated in Vinny confessing to tampering with the paternity test and making Liam the father instead of Finn. Thomas rushed to the cabin to give Hope the news. Finn learned that Steffy was secretly leaving for Paris to spare him the burden of watching her and Liam raise another baby. Finn headed off Steffy's plan and offered a plan of his own when he proposed to Steffy on bended knee.
March 15 to 19, 2021
Thomas told Hope that Vinny had altered the paternity tests. Hope gave Liam the news but asked Liam if he'd told Steffy that he loved her when they'd slept together. When Ridge heard what Vinny had done, he called Lt. Baker, who took Vinny into custody. Ridge was miffed when Brooke questioned Thomas about his feelings for Hope. Finn informed Steffy that he was her baby's father, and Steffy accepted his marriage proposal. Steffy didn't feel it would be complete until she did one last thing -- remove Liam's portrait from her wall.
March 22 to 26, 2021
Hope decided that she needed a formal separation from Liam. Wyatt felt bad that his life was taking a turn for the good while Liam's might be taking one for the bad, but the brothers affirmed that they'd support each other no matter what. Katie, Donna, and Brooke presented Flo with papers to officially change her name to Logan. When Flo announced to Wyatt that she'd legally become a Logan, he asked if she'd consider changing her name again -- to Mrs. Wyatt Spencer.
March 29 to April 2, 2021
Quinn and Shauna reaffirmed their devotion to their friendship and were overjoyed when Wyatt and Flo announced their engagement. Hope gave Flo a cool reception at work and raised her brows when Flo asked if Hope would accept Flo like Hope had accepted Thomas and Zoe. Brooke remained at odds with Ridge and Thomas over her distrust of Thomas. Worried that Thomas would take advantage of Liam and Hope's separation, Brooke urged Liam to put a stop to Thomas. Liam romanced Hope with sweet deliveries, but when his visit with Beth reminded Hope of what a wonderful father he was, she softened and let him kiss her. With Quinn's help, Zoe put herbs for Eric's stomach issues into Paris' drink.
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APRIL 2021
April 5 to 9, 2021
Liam and Hope shared a kiss and made lunch plans for the following day. On a dark road, Bill put Liam into Bill's car and sped away after Liam hit Vinny with Bill's car. Hope became worried when Liam canceled their date at the last minute. Finn saw a familiar face at the morgue and asked Thomas to meet there to make an identification. Quinn helped Zoe play a prank on Paris with the hopes of ruining Paris' date with Zende, but Zoe frowned when Zende seemed undeterred by the "ghastly" noises Paris had made earlier that evening.
April 12 to 16, 2021
Zoe decided to accept responsibility for her own mistakes and make amends with Paris. Paris readily accepted her sister's apology. Quinn went to Carter's place to advocate for his relationship with Zoe, but Quinn wound up expounding upon her own relationship problems with Eric in the bedroom. Thomas positively identified Vinny in the morgue and became determined to make the killer pay for what he'd done. Chief Baker questioned Thomas and learned about Vinny's drug-dealing. Liam avoided an encounter with Baker, but Thomas told Liam that Baker would probably question Liam about the paternity test results switch.
April 19 to 23, 2021
Detective Sanchez and Chief Baker deliberated about whether Vinny's death had been drug-trade related or whether one of his victims from the paternity test fraud had taken revenge upon him. Quinn had a frank discussion with Carter about her nonexistent sex life with Eric, and Carter urged her to open up the communication with her husband. Quinn attempted to have a romantic evening with Eric, but he preferred to get some sleep. Hope became worried that Liam was distancing himself from their family. At the same time, Bill urged Liam to return to his normal routine. Hope told Liam that she was ready to work on forgiveness, and she invited him to return back home.
April 26 to 30, 2021
Bill tried to deter Chief Baker from questioning Liam by proffering other possible suspects in Vinny's death, but Baker seemed determined to follow through with his hunch about the paternity test motive. When Liam arrived with good news about Hope wanting him to move home, Baker interrogated Liam about his disdain for Vinny Walker. Liam kept his cool and denied wanting to hurt Vinny. Paris warned Zoe not to trust Quinn, but Zoe insisted upon sending Quinn to talk to Carter again. Freshly wounded from Eric's rejection the other night, Quinn fell prey to her attraction to Carter, and the two made out on the floor of his loft.
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MAY 2021
May 3 to 7, 2021
Carter and Quinn woke up in each other's arms but swore it would never happen again. Zoe continued to believe in Quinn's ability to persuade Carter, even after Quinn admitted she'd handled things wrong with him. Eric overheard Quinn and Shauna talking about a night that could ruin the Forrester marriage, but Shauna lied that they'd been talking about the Vegas wedding night. As Eric confided in Shauna his belief that Quinn would betray him again, Quinn was back in Carter's arms. A memorial tribute video for Vinny sent Liam reeling. Chief Baker questioned Thomas again about the paternity test fallout, and Thomas urged Baker to find the real killer.
May 10 to 14, 2021
Brooke and Ridge helped Eric sort out his feelings for Quinn, and Eric decided to reconcile with his wife. Zoe slipped into Carter's loft to surprise him but was devastated to find him in bed -- with someone's clothing on the floor. Brooke, Ridge, Eric, and Paris were shocked to learn from Zoe that Carter had another woman. When Zoe spotted the red jacket she'd seen on Carter's bedroom floor, Shauna took ownership of the jacket and the affair with Carter. Realizing that he'd gone too far and that he was better when he was with Zoe, Carter reinstated his engagement to Zoe. Eric apologized to Quinn and expressed his desire to work on their marriage.
May 17 to 21, 2021
Wyatt continued to question Bill about what could be antagonizing him, and Wyatt was deeply affected by Bill's devotion to his sons. Thomas visited Bill at Spencer and was shaken by Bill's lack of empathy and humility for Vinny. Liam planned a romantic evening for Hope, and the couple consummated their reunion. After a visit from Thomas, Liam confessed to Hope the truth about what had happened to Vinny Walker.
May 24 to 28, 2021
Zoe questioned whether Shauna could let Carter go so easily, but Shauna was certain that it was over. Zoe insisted that Shauna, or any other woman, would never touch Carter again. Carter, Quinn, and Shauna swore to each other to keep their secret. Bill walked in on Hope and Liam as they were about to go to the police. Bill urged them to take one night to think it over. The couple spent the night cherishing their love, and the next day, Hope wondered if it was really wise for them to risk it all by going to the police.
May 31 to June 4, 2021
Finn and Steffy returned from their camping trip, and during a doctor's visit, learned that they were having a baby boy. Bill arrived at the police station in time to try to talk Liam out of confessing. Liam pretended that he'd leave and meet Bill at the office, but once Bill had gone, Liam confessed to killing Vinny. When Bill learned about the confession, he confessed his role in the cover-up, and Baker decided to arrest him, too. Thinking it would free Liam, Hope informed Baker that Bill had done the cover-up, but Baker informed her that Liam's silence had made him complicit in it.
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JUNE 2021
June 7 to 11, 2021
News quickly spread of Bill and Liam's arrest. Justin took on Liam and Bill's defense cases but wished his clients hadn't spoken so freely to the police. Quinn and Eric consummated their new commitment to each other, as did Zoe and Carter after Zoe accepted her ring back from him. Paris overheard Shauna and Quinn talking about how it had been Quinn, not Shauna, in Carter's bed. Shauna urged Paris not to hurt her sister by revealing the truth. Quinn basked in the joy of her night with Eric, but Shauna warned that it might all come crashing down on Quinn.
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JULY 2021






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