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Eric directed Quinn to let Katie lend a hand in the jewelry department. Bill vowed to find out what Ridge had done to Brooke. The Forresters went after Spectra through Coco, causing Sally to confess to grand larceny and industrial espionage.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of April 24, 2017 on B&B
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Quinn vows to take care of Katie Quinn vows to take care of Katie
Monday, April 24, 2017

In Bill's bedroom, Brooke and Bill awakened and realized that the previous night hadn't been a dream. Bill really had his sword necklace back, and Brooke really had her sword ring on again. Bill didn't know what could be more right than spending the night on a bed of cash with Brooke. Brooke gasped. Grabbing the money beneath her, she said they had to save for the wedding.

Bill was sure he could afford the wedding. He suggested that he and Brooke get married in Italy on his yacht. Brooke thought it was a great idea and said they had "so much" to plan. Bill replied that they had something else to take care of first, and he kissed her.

At Spencer later, the whistling Bill strode into his office, and Liam and Wyatt let him know that their meeting -- which he'd missed -- had ended an hour prior. Liam noted that Bill had his necklace back. Bill said that Brooke had her ring back, too, and they were getting married.

Liam and Wyatt were surprised and happy to hear about it. Wyatt guessed that persistence did pay off. Bill bragged that Brooke had asked him to marry her. His sons asked when the wedding would be. Bill wanted it to be soon and for both of his sons to be there. Wyatt joked that they would take a half day off work for it and reminded Bill that they had a skyscraper to build.

"I don't give a damn about that skyscraper," Bill replied. His sons were shocked to hear it. Stammering, Bill said he did care. Looking at his model, he said, "Don't worry, beautiful. Someday, you will get built." Wyatt asked Liam if Bill knew the model couldn't hear. Bill insisted that if one said something loudly and with conviction often enough, it would happen.

Liam and Wyatt were curious to know why Ridge and Brooke hadn't gotten married. Bill revealed that he was, too. Bill was interested to know what Ridge had done to screw up that time and why Ridge had given up. Liam asked if Ridge had really given up. Bill decided that it didn't matter because Brooke had given up on Ridge. Bill said that Ridge screwed up every relationship, even if it was "destiny."

At Forrester, the employees were busy at work. Pam's phone rang off the hook as Quinn checked messages at Pam's desk. Katie waltzed up, excited to learn what her new job would be. Watching Pam work the phone, Quinn said a job had just occurred to her.

Quinn hinted that Pam had been at her best when she'd shared her desk. Katie took Quinn aside to ask if Quinn really thought Katie, who'd been the CEO once, would return as a secretary. Quinn replied that it had been good enough for Katie's sister, and Quinn reminded Katie that Quinn was trying to work Katie in.

Deciding to see if Eric had any better ideas, Katie pranced into the CEO's office, where Ridge and Eric were designing. Quinn entered behind Katie and said they needed to discuss it later. Eric asked what the women were discussing. Katie explained that she understood that they were in crisis mode, but she'd wanted to let Eric know that she was willing and able to help out in any way.

Brooke entered and hid her left hand behind her purse. She asked Katie what she was doing there and was surprised to hear that Katie would be working there. Katie said it had been Quinn's idea. Brooke thought it was a great idea. There was an awkward moment of silence, and Brooke decided she'd get to work. Brooke left, and Ridge followed her out of the room.

Pam popped in to let Eric know there was a call on line two. After Eric took the call, he informed Quinn that Spectra had also pirated from the jewelry line, so they'd need all new pieces. Quinn panicked because Ivy was taking time off in Australia. Quinn said she'd need help because there was no way she and Ivy could make a new collection so quickly, even if Ivy was in town. Eric looked at Katie and said he'd figured out where she'd fit in.

Katie readily said she didn't know much about jewelry, but she did have pretty good style. Quinn objected and said it took more than style to design jewelry. Katie was sure it did but claimed to be a really quick study. Eric replied that it was up to Quinn, but Katie was there and could help. Katie told Quinn that it sounded as if working together was in Quinn's best interest.

Eric said that Katie could process designs, keep an eye on the budget, or oversee production. Katie couldn't wait to work side by side with Quinn. Eric expressed excitement about what they would create. He exited, and Quinn said Katie could do anything she wanted to do at the company -- except work with Quinn on the jewelry line.

Katie wanted Quinn to be open-minded about it, but Quinn didn't want to work with Katie breathing down her neck and blackmailing her. Katie insisted that she wasn't blackmailing Quinn, and the job was good for them both. Katie envisioned that Quinn would design, Katie would handle marketing, and together, they'd celebrate the sanctity of Quinn's marriage.

Katie figured that Quinn didn't like not being in control and preferred it if people were intimidated by Quinn. Katie claimed that times had changed. Katie declared that she was in control and instructed Quinn to be true to Eric and not to hurt him. Quinn believed that Katie would be the one to hurt Eric by telling him what she knew.

Katie indicated that she didn't take pleasure in telling Eric. Katie added that Quinn had said there was nothing to tell, so Quinn should keep it that way. Quinn guessed that Katie wouldn't tell Eric if Quinn proved her loyalty. Katie quibbled that she was hoping Quinn would be a decent coworker and mentor, too. "I mean, if I feel that it's an unhealthy work environment, then I'm gonna have to tell Eric," Katie stated.

Quinn shook her head in reluctance but welcomed Katie to the jewelry line. Ready to get to it, Katie said she was good at what she did. She began chattering about how to go about the job of pairing the designs with the jewelry and dealing with Thomas, Ridge, and Eric's varying styles.

Katie went on and on and played with the jewelry nearby. Glaring at Katie's back, Quinn picked up a letter opener with her left hand. She transferred it to her right hand and wielded it with a murderous, overhand grip. She said she couldn't wait to teach Katie.

"Yeah?" Katie said, looking over her shoulder. As Quinn agreed, Katie didn't notice that Quinn had hidden her right hand behind her back. Katie turned back around, and Quinn said she'd take really good care of Katie. Quinn placed the letter opener back on the desk.

In the design office, Brooke was working when Ridge entered and asked her to hear him out. Slamming closed her laptop, Brooke said to stop. Ridge eyed the ring on her hand. He said he knew that she was hurt, "but what are you doing?"

Brooke replied that she should have done it a while back. Ridge asked if she'd thought of R.J. and their family. She said she wanted R.J. to see that she could be loved. Ridge insisted that he loved her, and he could do "this." She stated that he couldn't and had never been able to.

Ridge said he didn't have feelings for Quinn, and Brooke knew it. Ridge asked Brooke not to marry Bill just because Ridge had made a mistake. Ridge asked her to remove the ring and give him another chance. Brooke didn't know how to do that after seeing Ridge kiss his father's wife. She asked if he knew how hurtful it had been.

Ridge tried to explain, but Brooke said he couldn't explain his need to conquer women, no matter the consequences. She claimed that they hadn't had boundaries when they'd been young, but she'd matured. She didn't want a life full of heartbreak and betrayal.

Brooke predicted that Ridge would wind up taking Quinn from Eric. Ridge said it wouldn't happen. She asserted that it didn't matter to her if it did or didn't because she'd be Mrs. Bill Spencer. Brooke declared that Ridge had hurt her for the very last time. Though there would always be a place for Ridge in her heart, she couldn't let him access it anymore.

Brooke stated that she and Ridge had had a good run. They'd had dreams, and they'd believed they'd make a family and be happy for the rest of their lives. She uttered that it just wasn't possible. She turned to leave, but Ridge said, "Logan..."

Shaking her head, Brooke replied, "No," and she walked out.

Ridge and Steffy decide to exact revenge on Spectra Fashions Ridge and Steffy decide to exact revenge on Spectra Fashions
Tuesday, April 25, 2017

At Il Giardino, Coco was grateful that Nicole had met her there. Nicole asked what kind of friend she'd be to abandon Coco when things had gotten tough. Coco stated that she kept hoping it had been a bad dream. It hurt Coco deeply that her sister had used her to rip off Forrester.

Nicole stepped away from the table, and as she returned, the manager was telling Coco to just leave her information with him on the way out. He left, and Nicole asked what the talk had been about. Coco conveyed that she was looking for a job. Nicole was surprised that Coco was giving up on fashion and asked where things stood with R.J.

Coco had decided to take a break from fashion because she wasn't welcome at Forrester, and she couldn't face her family. Nicole assumed that Coco had heard from R.J. Coco had, but she hadn't responded because she didn't want to complicate things with his parents. Nicole said that Coco was innocent, and R.J. and Nicole knew it. Coco wished she could do something to make it right and prove that she hadn't been disloyal.

The topic turned to Coco's disappointment in Sally for not respecting that Coco didn't want to spy. Coco said Sally had disrespected Coco's feelings and their bond as sisters. It was a bond that might be broken forever.

Nicole said she understood and didn't know what she'd do without Maya. Coco replied that she'd looked up to Sally, but she wondered if she'd known Sally at all. Nicole advised Coco to remember that even the people they loved made mistakes at times. Coco replied that it had been more than a mistake. Nicole knew it and sensed that Sally did, too. Nicole said that what mattered were the steps Coco would take moving forward.

At Spectra, Shirley couldn't read Darlita's handwriting on an order, and Darlita couldn't, either. Saul said to go easy on Darlita because the orders were pouring in. Shirley exclaimed to Sally that being a hit should put a smile on Sally's face. They were almost out of debt, and in Shirley's view, Sally should feel like a million bucks about it.

Sally agreed that she should, and she said she would if she hadn't had to use her little sister to steal the designs from Forrester. Sally stared at their blank expressions and said they didn't get it. Saul claimed the contrary. He understood that she'd had a dream and a shot with Thomas Forrester, but she no longer had either. "Well, that makes me feel better," Sally quipped.

Shirley stated that Sally had wanted them to be a real fashion house, but they were a knockoff shop again. It wasn't the end of the world, and they were moving product like hotcakes. "We did it, and there's nothing to worry about," Shirley insisted.

Sally vowed to never poach gowns again, especially from Forrester. In Saul's view, that bridge was burned, anyway, and there was no way they'd get close to the Forrester building again, let alone near a Forrester. Shirley told Saul to remember the words "where there's a will, there's a way." Sally told Shirley that the will was no longer there.

Sally vowed that the next designs on their runway would be hers, and they'd either fly or tank. She refused to have another moment where she basked in applause while seeing the hurt look of a person who'd trusted her and had believed in her. She believed it was too late to salvage things with Thomas; however, she hoped there was a chance for her to make it up to Coco and for Coco to reconcile with R.J. Sally said there was no reason for Coco to lose a job and a guy she cared for over Sally's screw-ups.

Shirley reasoned that Coco was young, and R.J. wouldn't be the last guy to break her heart. Sally corrected that R.J. hadn't done it; Sally had. Shirley asked Sally to consider the people she hadn't let down and said Sally had pulled through for them and the workers.

Saul added that Sally Senior had wanted the business to rise from the ashes. They'd made it happen, and in his opinion, they should be proud to be no longer the wrecking ball.

Sally said that she'd heard them out. She agreed to ride the collection until they were back in the black, but after that, they'd rise or fall on their own. Sally said that one day, they might win back the trust and respect of Coco and the Forresters -- if Sally lived that long.

Shirley gave Sally a newsflash that walking on water wouldn't make her good enough for the Forresters. The statement didn't matter to Sally, who said pilfering didn't work for her as it had for her namesake. Shirley accused Sally of turning her back on and judging her great-aunt.

Saul disagreed that Sally was doing it. He said that Shirley's sister hadn't been a designer, but Shirley's granddaughter was. Sally said Saul was right. Sally planned to work her blankety-blank off and hoped that, one day, they could compete with the Forresters honestly.

In the Forrester CEO's office, Steffy asked her father if he wouldn't give up on Brooke, who was engaged to Bill. Ridge replied that Bill and Brooke had been engaged before but had never married. At the moment, though, Ridge needed to concentrate on the mess with the Spectras. Steffy stated that Sally needed to be locked up. Ridge said Sally had stolen their whole collection, and there was nothing they could do about it.

"Maybe not," Carter said as he arrived with Lieutenant Baker. The men had good news about Forrester's case against Spectra Fashions. Steffy told the men that she'd thought they didn't have one. "Well, now it's possible that you do," Baker revealed.

Steffy had thought Carter had believed pursuing a case would be pointless. Carter indicated that he'd felt the need to dig into it further and had sought out advice from Baker. Baker said that Forrester could have Spectra prosecuted for grand larceny and corporate espionage, especially the ringleader, Sally Spectra. A criminal case could result in up to fifteen years in prison, and Forrester could also sue for up to ten million dollars.

Ridge was eager to prosecute and ordered Carter to file the papers. Steffy wanted Sally to pay dearly. "Everyone involved, including Coco," Steffy said. Baker asked who that was, and as Carter began to elaborate that Coco was Sally's sister, who'd worn spy cameras, Ridge impatiently cut in to ask what the men needed from Forrester to get it started.

As Baker expressed that he'd picked up on Ridge's eagerness, Carter interrupted and said that, to succeed, they needed the right testimony from someone at Spectra. Carter decided to let the Forresters think it over, and he and Baker left for Carter's office. Steffy wondered about how to get a confession, and Ridge stated that there was one person who claimed to be a victim in it all. "Coco," Steffy gleaned.

In the design office, Zende said that R.J. should admit that Zende had been right. R.J. contended that his cousin had been right about the Spectras, not Coco, who hadn't willingly gone along with Spectra's plan. R.J. hadn't given up on Coco, but she wasn't responding to his calls or messages. It sounded like guilt to Zende.

R.J. replied that it might be the case, but Coco had nothing to feel guilty about. Zende knew that it was difficult for R.J. to hear, but Zende believed that it was best that R.J. had nothing to do with the Spectras. Zende asserted that R.J. had to know that the Forresters couldn't let the Spectras get away with ripping off their family.

R.J. received a message from his father. Zende asked what it was about. R.J. didn't know but figured it could only be about one thing. "Coco and the Spectras," Zende said. R.J. repeated Zende and said he'd see Zende later. In the corridor, R.J. flashed back on meeting Coco, spending time with her, and kissing her.

When R.J. entered the CEO's office, Ridge said he and Steffy wanted to talk to him. R.J. immediately launched into a defense of Coco, who hadn't been in on Sally's design theft. Steffy said she and Ridge wanted to believe R.J. Ridge and Steffy explained that Coco's family had hurt their reputation, stolen from them, and cost them a ton of money in starting over.

R.J. hated what the Spectras had done but insisted that Coco hadn't been a party to it. Steffy thought he was just saying so because he had a crush on Coco. R.J. said he was defending a decent person, and Coco had been horrified by what had happened. Steffy hoped it was true, because they might have a case against Coco.

R.J. replied that Carter had talked to Eric. Steffy started to explain Carter's new findings, but Ridge interrupted, saying that if Coco was who R.J. believed her to be, she'd do the right thing. R.J. asked what Ridge wanted. Ridge wanted Coco to tell the truth in a signed confession that stated she knew what the Spectras had done and how.

R.J. grew silent. Steffy said he believed that Coco knew right from wrong. He agreed that Coco did know. Ridge stated that if she did, she should step up and do the right thing. R.J. contended that it had escalated to lawyers and signed confessions. Ridge knew that it sounded scary, but he said that they had to do it if they intended to hold Spectra's feet to the fire.

R.J. asked what would happen. Steffy assumed a judge or jury would decide damages. R.J. asked if she meant monetary compensation. Ridge said it could be millions. R.J. stated that it would bankrupt the Spectras, who didn't have millions of dollars. He concluded that they probably deserved it.

Steffy and Ridge additionally explained that there could be up to fifteen years of jail time. R.J. repeated the length of the prison term, and Steffy replied that industrial espionage and grand larceny were serious crimes. R.J. concluded that they wanted him to talk to Coco, but the problem was it was about sending her sister to prison. Ridge said they didn't know for how long, but there could be prison time.

Steffy told the wary R.J. that if they didn't do it, Sally could do it to them again or to another fashion house. R.J. asked about Thomas, who had a thing for Sally. Steffy said it was over. Ridge asserted that they were done, too, with all of them. R.J. worried again about Coco putting away her sister. Ridge asserted that Coco's sister had done it to herself. "It has to be done," Ridge decided.

RJ is put on the spot when his family recruits him for a task RJ is put on the spot when his family recruits him for a task> RJ is put on the spot when his family recruits him for a task RJ is put on the spot when his family recruits him for a task
Wednesday, April 26, 2017
by Pam

At Forrester, Steffy, Ridge, and R.J. discussed that justice had to be served. They had to go after Spectra, and they needed Coco's help. R.J. was upset they wanted Coco to rat out her sister. Steffy and Ridge explained that if Coco was innocent, she would be able to tell them what she had told him about being used by her sister.

Steffy and Ridge explained to R.J. that they needed Coco to sign an affidavit. They later explained that it was possible Sally could go to jail for up to 15 years, but that was up to a judge. R.J. balked that they would ruin Coco's sister.

Steffy complained that Spectra had cost the company millions, and all Coco had to do was tell the truth. Ridge agreed. "Isn't that what you want, son?" Ridge asked. R.J. said that if Coco helped them, he wanted them to rehire her. Steffy and Ridge were noncommittal, and they suggested Coco return to Forrester to tell them her story. "There has to be another way," R.J. said. Ridge disagreed. Ridge told R.J. to call Coco and get her to return to Forrester to meet with them. "Give her a call, R.J.," Ridge said.

At Spectra, Coco entered Sally's office, and Sally was happy to see her. Coco wondered if Sally had been preparing another knockoff design. Sally said she was done with that, and her own new designs were a part of the next collection. "A real collection," Sally said.

Coco angrily told her sister that she had been applying for jobs. Sally had hoped Coco would stay in fashion. Coco mocked her sister and reminded her that Forrester had gotten rid of her for stealing, so she wouldn't be able to show her face in fashion circles. She had applied for jobs waiting, bussing tables, and dishwashing.

Sally told Coco that Spectra needed her, and their stealing days were over. "We need you here," Sally said. Sally promised to make everything up to Coco.

Coco's phone rang, and she said it was R.J. Sally noted that R.J. cared about her. Coco reminded Sally that his parents hated her. Sally advised her to answer it. Coco took R.J.'s call, and he thanked her for answering because she had ignored so many of his texts and calls. R.J. reminded her that the theft of designs hadn't been her fault.

R.J. said his family wanted Coco to return to Forrester to meet. Coco was in disbelief. She said she was ashamed, but R.J. said they had a way for her to make up for everything. She promised to meet him at Forrester. After she'd hung up, she told Sally she was headed to Forrester, but she knew that his family would never accept her.

Coco said it had been stupid to think it ever could have worked out with R.J. because they were Spectras -- pariahs who stole and cheated. Sally admitted that she was not proud of what she'd done. She was sorry that she had betrayed her sister.

Sally defended her decision to protect the original Sally Spectra's vision and the jobs of all the employees. She added that Shirley had gotten into her head. She realized it was no justification for deceiving her sister, but she would never do it again, and she had learned her lesson. Coco shook her head, but Sally promised to make it up to her. Coco left.

Later, Shirley joined Sally and said that all the deception had been worth it. They would be in the black soon. Shirley warned that they had to seize the opportunity they had been given with the Forrester designs. Sally lamented what they had done to Coco. Shirley maintained that Coco was young and would get over it. Sally sighed and agreed nothing could break a family bond. Sally said she was glad Coco had been asked to meet with R.J. Shirley said the Forresters could afford to lose some money.

At Forrester, R.J. told his father that Coco was on her way. R.J. objected that Sally had used Coco, and Forrester was going to use her to get back at her sister. Ridge defended their intentions as honorable. He and Steffy reminded R.J. that Sally and Spectra had broken the law. Ridge advised R.J. that Lieutenant Baker had said they might have a case if they could convince Coco to turn on her sister.

Later, Coco entered Forrester and flashed back to her first meeting with R.J. She smiled and sadly looked away until Pam entered and said that R.J. was waiting for her in the design office. Coco greeted R.J., and they discussed that she had not communicated with him since she'd left Forester because she was embarrassed. He maintained that she had been innocent. They agreed they had missed one another.

Coco explained that she'd been convinced his family wanted nothing to do with her because her family had hurt his family. She apologized, and R.J. said he had a way that she could make it all up to his family. He wanted her to tell the truth and tell it to a judge. Coco looked away.

Coco asked specifically what R.J. wanted. He said they needed someone to confess, and it would help them to sue for damages.

Coco agreed, but R.J. added that they also would press charges against Sally, and she could go to prison. Coco was shocked, and R.J. explained that it could be for up to 15 years. Coco was amazed that R.J. wanted her to put her sister behind bars. "Is that what you want? To put my own sister in prison?" Coco asked. R.J. looked nervous.

Coco is torn between her family and her first love Coco is torn between her family and her first love
Thursday, April 27, 2017

In the design office, Coco faced the dilemma of possibly sending her sister to prison if she told the truth about the Spectra design theft. R.J. said Sally might not get convicted. His words didn't soothe Coco, who didn't know if she could help put her sister in prison.

R.J. knew he was putting Coco in a difficult position, but he said Sally had also put Coco in the position by committing the crime. Coco asked what he'd do in her shoes. R.J. said that, as tough as it would be, he'd tell the truth and sign the statement. Coco became visibly upset. He told her that he had to look out for her future -- for their future. He completely trusted her, but he said that his family also had to trust that she was loyal.

R.J. was sorry. He could see that it was tearing Coco up. Coco replied that he was just doing what his family had asked. He believed that it was the right call and best thing for her. She said it wasn't for her sister, and she'd be signing her sister's future away and destroying Spectra.

R.J. stated that Sally might just have to pay a fine and owe damages. Coco asked what money Sally would use for it. Coco added that it could also be much worse than monetary damages. He assured Coco that he'd support her no matter what. R.J. didn't want to pressure her, but he said that if she decided to do it, he'd make sure she could return to Forrester.

R.J. wanted nothing more than to be with Coco. Coco said that working there had been the best experience of her life. Meeting R.J. had made it even better. R.J. said there was no reason she shouldn't be there, and she shouldn't have to pay for her family's crimes. Coco agreed that Sally and Grams had been wrong, but Coco didn't know if she could do what the Forresters wanted.

Coco didn't believe that Sally, who'd looked out for Coco, was a terrible person. Coco said her sister had made just one terrible mistake. R.J. replied that her sister loved her but had betrayed her. Coco didn't think she could forgive Sally for it, but the thought of Sally in jail was a lot.

Coco began sobbing and said it was too much pressure. She became hysterical because she wanted the job and R.J., but she couldn't stand the thought of testifying against Sally.

R.J. hugged Coco and comforted her. Once she'd calmed down, she said it felt good to be in his arms and to know he didn't hate her. He said he never could.

Coco felt like an enemy at Forrester. She said the people were nice, but they eyed her as if wondering what she was doing. R.J. replied that they didn't know her like he did. Coco stated that she couldn't change who she was, and being a Spectra would always be a part of her. R.J. stated that he didn't want her to change. He liked her as she was.

Coco figured R.J. would be the only person she'd have after "this." R.J. advised her not to do anything she wasn't comfortable with, but whatever happened, they'd go through it together. He said it was the right thing to do, and he knew she knew it.

At Spencer, Wyatt joked that Bill's "girlfriend" was being neglected. Bill stroked his model skyscraper and vowed that, someday, "she" would be his. Talk turned to the real woman in Bill's life, and Bill remarked that he still wanted to know what Ridge had done. Bill figured it had to be bad to make Brooke call off the wedding, and Bill was determined to find out what it had been.

Bill thought he should change his nickname to "the Great Spencerini" because he'd predicted that the bonehead would screw up with Brooke. Wyatt stated that Brooke probably hadn't told Bill what had happened for a good reason. Bill thought it was because Brooke didn't want him to knock Ridge out. Wyatt reasoned that it might be to protect R.J.

Bill said it wasn't as if he'd plaster it all over his magazines and Internet sites. He claimed he knew how to be discreet. Wyatt scoffed and asked, "Since when?" Bill replied that it would be since right then. He said he wouldn't run with it -- for the moment. "There he is," Wyatt replied. Bill said he'd be crazy not to use something like that, and whatever Ridge had done could be pretty useful.

Wyatt wondered if the breakup had had anything to do with Caroline. Bill said he'd already called her, and she hadn't talked to Ridge in months. Wyatt asked Bill to say he hadn't hired a private investigator. "Not yet," Bill replied. Wyatt warned Bill not to go to a dark place. Bill stated that it was about Ridge's dark, cheating track record.

Wyatt guessed Ridge had flirted with a model. Bill believed it was deeper than that because it had hurt Brooke to her core. Wyatt asked what other women worked at Forrester. Wyatt named Maya but said she was married. Wyatt said it being Ivy would be weird, and Nicole was newly married. Wyatt named his mother. Bill contemplated it but concluded that Ridge and Quinn hated each other.

Bill believed the incident had happened in Australia. Wyatt guessed the other woman had to be Katie. Bill balked at the idea, but Wyatt said Ridge and Katie had been involved before. Bill stated that the two had read poetry in the park, and Ridge had put a red string on Katie's finger. Bill didn't call something like that "involved," and he said Katie and Ridge were in a good place.

Wyatt thought it could be a fan. "What fans? The guy makes dresses!" Bill exclaimed. Wyatt figured it could be a waitress or hotel guest, but Bill might never know and should let it go. Bill stated that it could have been someone at the hotel. Wyatt sighed and said the point was that Bill had Brooke back and had a chance to get the life Bill wanted.

Bill said he got it, but he had to have an ace in the hole. Bill wanted leverage and said Ridge had something he didn't want anyone to know. Wyatt replied that Bill needed to drop it because it could only ruin things with Brooke.

In Brooke's kitchen, Ridge filled Brooke in on the developments about the design theft. Brooke approved of filing a civil suit, but she thought fifteen years of jail time for Sally was extreme. Ridge said it was the worst-case scenario, and they needed a sworn statement from an insider. She gleaned it was why Ridge was having R.J. speak with Coco.

Tapping the ring on her finger, Ridge noted that Brooke was still wearing that thing. He asked if R.J. had seen it yet. Brooke said R.J. hadn't, but he had his own life and would understand. "Spencer? Really?" Ridge asked. Brooke said it was about love and respect, and she felt she deserved to be treated better and to be honored.

Ridge agreed and added that he'd messed up. Brooke asserted that she was through playing games, but Ridge wasn't. Brooke said she needed a man who'd be loyal to her. Ridge asked if that man was Bill Spencer. Brooke affirmed it.

Not wanting to talk about Bill with Ridge, Brooke switched the topic to Katie working at Forrester. Brooke asked if Eric didn't think anything of Quinn wanting to work with Katie on Quinn's beloved jewelry line. Ridge reasoned that with Ivy out of town, it made sense. Brooke was happy for her sister but didn't know how she felt about everything else.

Ridge appreciated Brooke not saying anything to Eric. Brooke hoped it was the right decision. Ridge replied that it was, and there was no reason to hurt Eric. She hoped Quinn and Ridge had meant it when they'd said nothing further would happen. Ridge asserted that they did. Brooke added that it was the only reason she wasn't saying anything.

Brooke knew it sounded crazy, but she really believed Quinn loved Eric and was good for him. Ridge stated that he'd been reckless and foolish, but it was over. Brooke believed that Ridge had learned his lesson and wouldn't go after his father's wife. Ridge said he wouldn't, but he wanted to know something. "If you believe me, why can't you forgive me?" he asked.

Ridge told Brooke to forget about Bill and give Ridge another chance. He asked her to think of all the years they'd spent together and things they'd gone through before Bill had even been around. Brooke grinned.

A song with the lyrics "our love is a journey" played over a montage of Brooke and Ridge since his return from Paris. Ridge said he was guilty of having an ego and flirting with disaster. He asserted that he wasn't guilty of loving Quinn, because he didn't. He said he loved only Brooke.

A tear streamed down Brooke's face. Ridge asked Brooke not to marry Spencer and to give Ridge one more chance. "Just one more," he uttered.

Bill entered and asked what was going on there. Bill said that Fido could beg all he wanted, but Bill's ring was on Brooke's finger. Ridge said it was the ugliest ring he'd ever seen. Bill wasn't offended, stating that he'd seen Ridge's designs.

Bill asked what Ridge had done to make Brooke go from wanting to marry him to dumping him. Ridge said it wasn't Bill's concern. Bill stated that he'd warned Brooke, and Bill intended to find out exactly what Ridge had done. Brooke asked Bill to stop. Bill said Ridge had hurt her, and Bill planned to expose Ridge for it. Bill suggested that Ridge just say what he'd done.

Ridge refused to tell Bill anything. Bill derided Ridge for being on the verge of "destiny," only to be reduced to begging on his knees. Bill concluded that Brooke had been horrified by whatever it had been. Brooke said that it was enough. She had a call to make and asked if she could leave the men alone. She decided Ridge should leave, but Bill said they'd be fine.

Brooke gave Bill a mindful look and exited. Ridge said that Bill had some nerve, and whatever had happened between Ridge and Brooke wasn't Bill's business. Bill replied that Brooke was his fiancée. Ridge predicted that Bill wouldn't marry her. Bill vowed to dig and dig until he got to the bottom of what Ridge had done, and he'd then expose Ridge's dirty little secret.

Sally takes responsibility for her actions Sally takes responsibility for her actions
Friday, April 28, 2017

In the photo studio, Rick held Lizzy as he and Nicole watched Zende finish up some "overview" shots of Maya in a gown. Rick explained that the shots were to help Steffy keep track of what the designers had pushed out thus far.

Maya wanted to hold Lizzy, but Rick said there could be no spit-up on the prototypes. Maya said that Lizzy wanted her, but Zende believed Lizzy wanted him. Nicole took the baby, saying that Lizzy was an Avant and Forrester, so Lizzy wanted golf clubs and a personal stylist.

Maya determined that the baby needed a nap and was surprised when Zende offered to put Lizzy down for it. When he took her, he asked if he was holding her right. Rick joked that Zende might need a little more practice. Zende believed that practice would happen soon enough. Zende hadn't thought of himself as a father, but he said the next baby in the family would be his and Nicole's.

Later, Maya had changed into a robe, and everyone whispered because Lizzy was asleep in a carriage. Maya said the interns kept volunteering to watch the baby, but Maya didn't want to miss a thing. Zende wondered which interns and said he'd hate for Lizzy to have her debut be courtesy of Spectra spy cameras.

Nicole said that Coco wouldn't hurt Lizzy. Rick replied that they hadn't known that Coco would hurt Forrester. Nicole defended Coco, who hadn't known she'd been wearing cameras. The talk turned to the Forresters' actions against Spectra, and Maya was surprised to hear that Coco might testify against her own sister. Nicole said she didn't know how anyone could do that.

Zende and Nicole filled Rick and Maya in on the developments with the case and the need for a statement from Coco. Nicole thought it was a tough spot for Coco to be in, but Rick asked about the spot Forrester was in due to all the wasted time and work.

Nicole liked Coco and believed that Coco's grandmother had been behind it. Nicole asked if they wanted to send the grandmother to jail. Zende noted that it was Sally's company. Nicole replied that she knew there was no way she could say incriminating things about Maya, regardless of the law or what was right.

In the CEO's office, Thomas tried to work, but he couldn't stop thinking of his time with Sally. His phone rang and flashed Sally's picture on its screen. Thomas was compelled to answer, and Sally was surprised that he'd done it. He said he'd answered to tell her to stop calling. Sally promised to find a way to make things right.

Thomas replied that Sally was making a killing by passing his work, his father's work, and his grandfather's work off as her own. Sally said she was wrong and had lost faith in herself. He asked what she'd do about it. Sally sighed. "That's what I thought," Thomas said. She promised to make it up to him. He said there was nothing she could do, and he clicked off the line.

Steffy entered and noticed that Thomas seemed upset. He relayed that Sally had called him. Steffy assumed Sally had called to beg them not to go through with pressing charges. He stated that Carter didn't believe they could prove anything. Steffy replied that, with Coco's testimony, they could.

Steffy explained to Thomas that they'd go for a conviction under the Industrial Espionage Act, and a civil suit would be a slam dunk. Thomas realized that Sally could go to prison. Steffy said she thought it was what Thomas wanted.

R.J. entered and announced that Coco had agreed to testify against Sally. Thomas wondered if they really wanted to send Sally and her grandmother to prison. He said the two weren't exactly criminal masterminds. Steffy stated that they were profiting by stealing from Forrester. R.J. asked what the Forresters would get out of it all. "Satisfaction," Steffy replied. R.J. concluded that it sounded like something one would get out of a duel.

Thomas asked what they'd do with a judgment in their favor. Steffy said it would pave the way for the civil suit. Thomas didn't see the point of it and asked if she knew that Spectra was selling the gowns for peanuts. Steffy quipped that if one wanted to get rid of the roaches, then one needed to get rid of the peanuts. Thomas told her that the Spectras were people, not insects.

Steffy guessed that Thomas thought she was heartless, but Sally was harmless. He replied that Steffy didn't want him to care about Sally. He didn't want it, either, but he couldn't help it.

Pam entered and announced that Lieutenant Baker was there. Baker entered, wondering what kind of mustard Pam had put on "this." Pam said it was homemade, and he told her that it was superb. Carter had arrived with Baker and asked R.J. for an update about his talk with Coco. R.J. said Coco hadn't denied wearing a camera but hadn't known it had been planted on her. Carter asked if Coco would swear to it, and R.J affirmed it.

Baker was ready to speak to Coco, but Thomas wanted to talk about it more. Steffy indicated that she, Ridge, and Eric had decided. Thomas said it should be a family decision, but Steffy contended that Thomas not agreeing didn't mean it wasn't. Thomas called upon R.J., but R.J. said he couldn't defend what Sally had done to Coco.

R.J. explained to Carter and Baker that Coco had gone to talk to Sally but would be back. Carter and Baker became concerned that Coco would change her mind, but R.J. trusted that Coco would return because she'd said she would.

At Spectra, Coco arrived in Sally's office. Sally asked how things had gone and if the Forresters had believed Coco's story. Coco said it hadn't been a story. Sally asked if they'd believed Coco hadn't been involved in the theft. Coco replied that the Forresters were getting it. Sally asked if Coco's job had been a topic of conversation. Coco said it had, and Sally wondered when Coco would go back to work.

In Coco's silence, Sally asked why Coco couldn't talk to her. Coco didn't appreciate that everyone at Spectra had watched her on video and had her scam for them without her knowledge. She loved Sally but didn't want to be like Sally. Coco didn't think she was better than her sister and admitted to also being selfish.

Sally didn't think it was selfish to want the internship back or to pursue something with R.J. Sally stated that Coco had said the Forresters didn't blame her, so Sally wondered why they wouldn't want Coco back. Coco replied that they would once she did what they wanted. Sally reasoned that doing what they wanted was the definition of a job and asked why Coco wouldn't agree to what they wanted. Coco said she had, but turning against her sister wasn't as easy for Coco as it had been for Sally.

Realizing that talking wasn't doing any good, Coco decided that she was leaving. Sally stopped her sister and asked when she'd turned against Coco. Coco said that she'd declined the spying job. Sally admitted that she didn't always take a refusal for an answer, but she'd never turn against Coco. Sally stated that she'd been more of a parent to Coco than their actual parents.

Coco told Sally that Sally could go to jail. Coco said she could have had a future at Forrester. Sally wanted it for Coco. "So I say you put cameras on me?" Coco asked. Sally told her sister to say it and added that the Forresters already knew. Coco clarified that she'd have to say it to the police and in a court of law. "But we doctored the designs. There's no way they can prove..." Sally said and looked knowingly at Coco.

Coco explained that the Forresters wanted Coco to tell the truth, something Coco had been trying to do her entire life. Coco said it had been what Sally had taught her. Sally wondered if they knew any lawyers but concluded that they only knew each other. Coco relayed the charges to Sally and what the sentence might be, plus damages. Sally concluded that all of "this" would be gone, and so would she.

Later, Sally was sad as she tried to imagine what Coco would be like in fifteen years. Coco said it shouldn't have been that way, and they were supposed to be the Spectras who didn't leech off people or con people. Coco asserted that Spectra was supposed to be a design house, but instead, it was a crime scene.

Coco claimed that she would have done anything for Sally; however, Sally disagreed, citing that Coco had declined the spy job. Coco asked if Sally knew how hard it had been to do so. Coco said she'd thought that they'd been on the same side, but if they couldn't be, Coco just had to love herself a little more. She didn't want the life that their elders had had. She didn't want to be ashamed of how she earned a living or move from place to place to avoid capture.

Sally asked if Coco remembered when a bird had flown into their grandmother's window, and Coco had made Sally assist in the burial. Coco didn't. Sally said, "This feels like that." Coco replied that telling the truth was never wrong. Sally replied that she wouldn't say that it never was. Coco believed that the Forresters had every right to ask, so Coco was going to do it. "No, honey. I'll take care of it," Sally decided.

Back at Forrester, Baker decided that he needed to return to the precinct. Just then, Pam entered, saying she didn't know how "these two" had gotten past security. She let Coco in. Sally strode in behind Coco. Looking at Carter and Baker, she assumed that one of them was a policeman. Baker introduced himself and said he wanted to speak to Sally's sister.

Sally said it wasn't necessary, and she was admitting to everything. Thomas said her name, and Baker asked if she understood the seriousness of it. Sally indicated that she was aware that the crimes were grand larceny and industrial espionage, and she had done them. Steffy said not to let Sally make a confession that could be thrown out in court.

Sally offered to let Baker Mirandize her, and Baker promptly did so. Sally and Thomas stared at each other as Baker asked if Sally understood her rights as he'd explained them to her.

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