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Nicole forced Julius to admit to Vivienne that Sasha was his daughter. Bill was shocked that Liam had let Quinn go, but Quinn thought the choice spoke volumes. Katie manipulated the baby secret out of Caroline, and Ridge revealed to Thomas that Thomas had fathered Douglas.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of May 2, 2016 on B&B
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Nicole confronts Julius about Sasha Nicole confronts Julius about Sasha
Monday, May 2, 2016

In the CEO's office, Zende relayed that Sasha hadn't mentioned leaving and asked if it was for modeling. Rick asked for discretion because Sasha didn't know about it yet.

Zende was there for a meeting with Rick about a future photo shoot. Julius replied that Zende needed to be making things right with Nicole instead of running behind Sasha. Vivienne and Maya admonished Julius, and he asked if he couldn't speak the truth. Maya decided to take her parents to the Sky Lounge for lunch, and Rick said to put it on the company tab.

Once alone with Zende, Rick stated that Julius wasn't the most eloquent man, but he'd zeroed in on Zende's problem. Rick said Zende was stuck between two incredible women who were "all about" him. Rick had been in the same type of situation before. He hadn't handled it well, but he was very happy with Maya. Zende agreed, adding that Nicole was having Rick's child.

Rick was sorry that was the reason Zende couldn't be with Nicole. Zende said not to be; Nicole had wanted to do it. Zende just hadn't known how it would be, and then Sasha had happened along. Rick assumed Zende had feelings for Sasha. Zende replied that Sasha was fun to be around, but if Nicole had declined the surrogacy, she'd be the only woman in his life.

Rick asked if Zende saw a future with Sasha. "I see now. You know, and now -- now is pretty good," Zende relayed. Zende had wanted Nicole to be his wife and have his children. Rick stated that stranger things had happened than the couple finding their way back to each other. Zende didn't know, and though he hated hurting Nicole, he had to be true to his feelings. "I just can't," Zende said.

Rick thought that knowing one's limits could spare one pain, but he advised Zende not to be rigid because, what had been impossible a year earlier might be a better fit that day. Zende thanked his uncle for the advice and for being solid despite his own feelings. Zende hadn't felt any anger from Rick.

Rick said family trumped everything. He didn't want his nephew to lose sight of the wondrous gift Nicole was giving. Zende hadn't, but he couldn't get swept up in the emotions like everyone else.

Over lunch at the Sky Lounge, Maya and Vivienne just wanted to enjoy their lunch, but Julius still couldn't get over Nicole carrying a baby for Maya. He said that, within the first two months of pregnancy, Nicole had been as sick as a dog, and then she'd lost Zende to her best friend. Julius was trying, but he just didn't like the baby agreement. "Clearly," Maya responded.

What Julius did like was his fruity drink. Maya said it was called "California Dreaming." He said it was what they were doing, thanks to Maya, and the sound of ice clinking meant it was time for another drink. Maya offered to fetch it, and after she'd gone, he chuckled that he really liked California.

Julius remarked upon how beautiful Forrester's logo was. It had changed his daughters' lives, and he was thinking of having it tattooed on his chest. "You are not doing that," Vivienne said, and he chuckled richly. He added that he'd developed an appreciation for the fashion business, and he hadn't given up on making Eric his golfing buddy.

Maya returned, asserting that Eric wouldn't go golfing. Julius quipped that she could ask her mother about his powers of persuasion. "Ugh! Enough!" Maya exclaimed, cringing. For Julius, things were great in Los Angeles, except for one thing. Maya supposed he meant her selfish desire for a child.

"Now that you mention it," Julius agreed. However, it hadn't been what he'd meant. He'd been referring to Sasha mistreating Nicole by moving in on Zende. He said it wasn't right, and Sasha needed to return to Illinois immediately. Maya replied that it was one thing she and Julius could agree on.

Vivienne wasn't so sure and empathized with Sasha. Julius told his wife to get on board, because it was the best thing for Nicole. Vivienne relayed that she'd tried to reason with Sasha about Zende, but Sasha wasn't having it. Julius thought they should wear Sasha down, but Vivienne revealed that it was hard to be tough on Sasha. Maya didn't know why and said "that girl" was capable of holding her own.

Vivienne believed it was just a front and that Sasha was vulnerable because she hadn't had a strong male influence in her life. "I mean, the way you are with Nicole," Vivienne told Julius.

Later, Maya and Vivienne returned to the CEO's office and found Rick behind the desk. Julius had gone back to the motel. Maya remarked that she and Julius were in agreement about Sasha, and he wanted Vivienne to use her influence to reason with Sasha to leave town.

Rick asked how Vivienne felt about it. Vivienne didn't like it. She had a soft spot for "that girl," who'd grown up without a father, on the outside, looking in at the Avant family. Vivienne believed it could damage some girls not to have a male role model. Vivenne didn't want to reject Sasha and have it on her conscience after the past Sasha had experienced.

In the photo studio, Nicole asked Sasha to repeat what she'd said about being her sister. Sasha tried to play it off as "sister" being a figure of speech, but to Nicole, it had sounded as if Sasha had meant real sister. Nicole asked why Sasha would say such a thing if Sasha wasn't.

Sasha asked why Nicole was tripping and remarked that they'd always said they were like sisters. Nicole persisted in discovering why Sasha had said they "are" sisters and asked if she was saying that her mother and Nicole's father had been together. Sasha vehemently denied it, and Nicole replied that the parent involved couldn't be Vivienne. Sasha tried to leave, but Nicole wouldn't let her go.

Sobbing, Sasha admitted that she'd always wanted to tell Nicole. Sasha mentioned times that Nicole had invited Sasha to the house but had needed to un-invite her because it had been "family only." Sasha had wanted to put "sister" on birthday cards to Nicole. Crying, too, Nicole assumed it was her father. Sasha replied that "Mr. Avant -- Dad --" couldn't know that Nicole knew.

Sasha feared that Julius would cut her off as if she didn't exist. Sasha believed the women could keep it between them and claimed to have only told Nicole because she was the only person who mattered. Sasha had wanted to tell it so that she and Nicole could be close again.

Nicole was astounded that Sasha had never said anything until then. Sasha blamed it on Julius, who'd told her that it would ruin his life, his wife would leave him, and it would also destroy her relationship with Nicole. Sasha said she'd been his dirty little secret, and it had to stay that way. She begged Nicole not to reveal that she knew. Nicole hugged Sasha.

Nicole couldn't believe it or how her father had treated Sasha. Sasha said it was because Julius had chosen the family he'd wanted. Sasha had been his mistake. Nicole was sad that Sasha had been pretending to be some girl from the neighborhood when her father had lived just a few houses away.

Sasha revealed that Julius wanted her to leave town. She didn't have very much of a relationship with him, but she wanted to keep what little she had. She feared that Julius would take it away if he knew that Nicole knew and asked Nicole to keep the dirty little secret.

Nicole replied that Sasha wasn't dirty, and it was no longer a secret. Sasha begged Nicole to promise to remain quiet. Nicole promised to look out for Sasha and honor their sisterhood from that point on; however, she couldn't let the secret stand another day. Nicole wouldn't let Julius disrespect the family a day longer, and after all her mother had put up with, her mother deserved the truth.

Nicole left, and Sasha cried. Zende arrived and noted that she was upset. She said he didn't know how mad "he" would be. Zende asked who she meant. She said it was Mr. Avant. Zende asked if she was afraid of Nicole's father.

In his motel room, Julius practiced his golf swing and was aggravated to hear a knock at the door. He smiled when he saw that it was Nicole. She wanted to talk. He agreed but wanted her to wait until he'd made his putt. Nicole blocked the ball after he'd made his shot, and he asked what was wrong.

Nicole asked if Julius couldn't guess. Julius assumed it was about the surrogacy and said that, even though his kids were sisters, it was asking too much. Nicole replied that sisters protected each other and were proud of each other. He didn't know what she was talking about. "How could you?" she asked. Julius asked, "How could I what?"

Nicole said she'd looked up to Julius her entire life. Even though he hadn't been an easy man, he'd been a man of honor and integrity. She said he'd been a man they could trust and believe in, and a man who deserved her mother's trust. "I -- don't -- know --- what you're talking about!" he exclaimed.

Nicole professed to know Julius' dirty little secret. It had stayed at their house, had eaten at their table, and been her best friend. "You don't have two daughters. You have three. Sasha is my sister," Nicole told Julius.

Family ties unravel Family ties unravel
Tuesday, May 3, 2016
by Pam

At Vivienne and Julius' hotel room, Julius and Nicole argued. Julius told Nicole that she was convinced she knew something, but he called it foolishness. He couldn't believe she would accuse him of something. He maintained that Sasha was a liar. "Sasha is my sister -- your daughter," Nicole shouted. She added that Julius had robbed Sasha of a father and Nicole of a sister. Julius angrily said Sasha had robbed Nicole of a life with Zende.

Nicole couldn't believe that Julius had let his family live a fantasy with Nicole being a little princess while Sasha "got the crumbs you gave her." Julius maintained that Lucy, Sasha's mother, was crazy. "Nothing ever worked out for her in life," he said.

Nicole maintained that Julius should have been more compassionate. "She was my sister! You didn't tell me. I could have loved her. I could have told her my secret feelings," Nicole cried. She added that he had stabbed Vivienne in the heart.

"Stop. Stop," Julius screamed. "I tried to be strong," he said with tears streaming down his cheeks. He maintained that she was too young to understand. He explained that Vivienne had turned away from him when he hadn't known what to do about Myron. He said his father had said he'd been too easy on Myron, "and your mother said I was too hard on him," he explained.

Julius said Lucy was the only one who had understood how he'd felt, and he had been weak. "Where did I come from?" Nicole asked. Julius said there was not one day that he hadn't loved his wife. "You will not breathe one word of this to my wife," Julius advised. "You don't get to forbid me to do anything anymore," Nicole answered. Julius said he had someone he had to see.

At Forrester, Sasha and Zende discussed that Nicole knew something about Mr. Avant. Zende asked what had happened. Sasha finally explained that she had told Nicole that she and Nicole were sisters. "I told her that her father is my father too," Sasha said. Zende wondered if she had just found out. Sasha explained that she had always known, but she never told anyone, as Julius had ordered. "Nicole is my sister, only she never knew it until today," Sasha said.

In another office at Forrester, Sasha poured her heart out to Zende. She shared that her mother had had some problems when she was growing up, and "Aunt Viv" had been wonderful to her. She and Nicole were basically the same age, and Sasha had spent a lot of time at their house. She had heard Julius ask Vivienne why Sasha was always there, and Vivienne had taken him aside and talked to him. After that, things had changed, and Sasha had been treated more like a member of the family. But Vivienne had gotten a job as the county clerk, and Julius had been the parent at home after school. She had felt unwelcome again.

Sasha confessed that she had quit going to school because she had overheard people say unkind things about her mother. Then she had overheard Julius yelling at her mother to buy Sasha some decent clothes and enroll her at the same school as Nicole. "He would do the bare basics to be a father as long as no one knew. And no one ever did until today," Sasha said. Sasha admitted she had told Nicole.

Sasha said that Julius always kept her at a distance, and he was going to hate her. She frantically searched for her purse because she had her contracts in there, and she was going to need them because Rick and Maya were going to want to get rid of her as soon as they found out.

Zende reminded her that her bag was back at the Forrester residence. He tried to calm her down, and he said that he was sure Julius loved her and had his reasons for keeping her secret. She left to get her purse, and Zende looked worried.

At the hotel room, Nicole dried her tears, and her mother entered and said it was a nice surprise to see her. Vivienne added that Maya had said everything had gone well at the doctor's office. Nicole said it had, but Vivienne noted that Nicole looked upset. "What happened? Come on, you can tell me," she said.

In Rick's office, Rick, Maya, and Vivienne discussed Sasha. Vivienne maintained that Sasha had never stood a chance in life. Maya argued that Sasha had attended the same parochial school Nicole had, but Vivienne said Sasha's mother had not made good decisions, and she'd never had a father in her life. "Her life was one long accident," she said.

Rick said that his father hadn't been in his life, but it had made him more determined to be loved by the people who didn't know him. Vivienne said she was leaving, and she said the little hotel room they had rented had become home. Rick wondered if Julius had found a place to buy or rent, but she said he had not found anything. Rick offered to connect them with some investors, but Vivienne noted that Julius had no tolerance for risk.

At the Forrester mansion, Sasha found her bag and pulled out her contracts. Julius entered. "I don't think Eric is here," she said. Julius chastised Sasha for hurting Nicole and stealing her first true love. He accused Sasha of lying to Nicole.

"You were precious to me. I gave you my precious little girl to be by your side and my wife to look over you ... all I asked in return was one little thing -- one little thing -- for you to keep you mouth quiet," he said. Julius accused her of being too selfish. "Sasha, you may be my daughter, but you will never be my family," he said. Sasha tearfully glared at him.

The Avants face off The Avants face off
Wednesday, May 4, 2016
by Pam

At the Forrester mansion, Sasha and Julius had an uncomfortable discussion. Julius wondered if Sasha intended to turn his family against him. Sasha reminded him that she had been lying for him for her entire life. Julius countered that he had saved her. "You saved me?" she asked. Julius said that at least she had known the man who had fathered her.

Sasha said she would have owned her own life if she had never known him. Instead, she had lived a lie. Julius reminded her that she would never have followed him to Los Angeles or met Zende -- or had a nice car or a place to live.

Julius stated that Sasha wanted to tell the truth, but not all the truth, to Nicole. He knew that Nicole was nothing like Sasha. "She would understand that her mother needed protecting. I know this is all very exciting for you, Sasha -- you're center stage," he said. He commanded her to pack her bags and return to Illinois immediately. Sasha agreed. Julius was surprised, but he didn't trust her. He demanded her car keys and said he would help her pack and drive her to the airport.

Sasha begged Julius to tell her just once that he was proud of her and all she had accomplished. Julius once again told her she should be grateful. Sasha challenged that he kept telling her she should be grateful. Sasha was angry. "If you're such a fine, upstanding man, then why did you depend on a little girl lying for you?" she asked. She accused him of not having much character.

At Vivienne and Julius' hotel room, Vivienne wondered if Nicole was emotional because of her pregnancy. Nicole said it was not hormones. Vivienne guessed that Sasha and Zende were making her unhappy.

Vivienne shared a story about an argument she'd had with Julius and said that she knew they belonged together. Vivienne said she'd known Julius was going to be a handful, "but he'll tell me anything." Nicole looked surprised. Nicole asked if they'd argued frequently. Vivienne said they had, "but not around you."

Vivienne explained that all married couples had disagreements. Vivienne asked if Nicole had had an argument with her father. Nicole said she had. She said she thought her father had been looking for Vivienne, but he'd clearly gone looking for someone else.

Nicole checked an app on her phone to find Sasha. Vivienne wondered why Nicole was looking for Sasha. Vivienne looked at Nicole's phone and noticed that Sasha was at the Forrester mansion. "We gotta go," Nicole told her mother.

In Ridge's office at Forrester, Caroline finished feeding Douglas, and Ridge said he liked watching her feed him. She teased that he could always get up with her at three in the morning. "It wouldn't be the same," Ridge said with a smile.

Someone knocked on the door. It was Thomas. Caroline unlocked the door, and Thomas asked what they were doing in there. Caroline said it was none of his business. Thomas said it was time for her to help him with designs. She closed the door but later opened it, and Thomas helped her carry Douglas to his office.

In Thomas' office, he admired Douglas and covered him with a blanket. He said he knew Douglas would one day be an artist like his dad. Thomas said it would be a long time before Douglas' tiny little hands could hold a pencil, but he definitely had an artist's hands. Thomas said he wanted what Caroline and his dad had.

At Katie's house, she read news stories about Ridge's doctor. The headlines and stories discussed that he had been a "troubled doctor" and had suffered from substance abuse and gambling problems. A photo in the news report had Ridge in the background.

Katie visited Ridge at Forrester. She asked what he knew about the doctor. Ridge said he didn't want to talk about it. Katie said the doctor had made headlines for his gambling and other issues -- and they knew he had also been guilty of blackmail. Ridge was uninterested.

Katie was undeterred. She announced that the police had not charged the driver who had hit and killed the doctor with any type of crime. Ridge said he wasn't surprised. Katie started to quiz Ridge about how the doctor had planned to blackmail Ridge. He answered that the doctor had wanted $100,000 within 24 hours. She promised to help him, but she said he had to be honest with her.

Ridge wondered what Katie wanted. He said his private stuff had nothing to do with her and it was not her business. "That time is over," he said. Katie agreed. "I loved you once, and that feeling doesn't go away," Katie answered. "Did you kill him?" Katie asked.

Katie showed Ridge the picture she had seen in the news, and he was visible in it. "I heard the commotion, and I just kept walking," Ridge said. He explained that the doctor had asked to meet him there and had made accusations and threats. Katie wondered if someone had pushed the doctor in front of a vehicle. Ridge denied that he'd had anything to do with it. Katie worried that the police might suspect foul play.

Katie also worried that the police would find the doctor's records and notes and connect him to Ridge. They would question why the doctor would blackmail Ridge and if Ridge had had a reason to push the doctor into traffic. "I didn't kill anybody," Ridge said. Katie quizzed him about what had happened with the vasectomy reversal, and she figured out he hadn't had one and that Douglas was not his child. She asked who the father was. Ridge didn't answer.

At the Forrester mansion, Sasha noted that Julius had walled himself off from everyone. Julius hurried Sasha to get ready to leave. He grabbed her arm and said they were leaving for the airport.

Vivienne and Nicole entered. Julius told them they were just in time to say goodbye because Sasha was returning to Illinois. Nicole was surprised because she knew how much Sasha loved living there. Sasha said it had all worn off.

Vivienne said Sasha was probably homesick and should return home. Nicole disagreed. Julius told Nicole not to disagree with her mother. He ordered Nicole to say goodbye. Nicole hugged Sasha and whispered that Sasha had to trust her.

"Nobody is going anywhere," Nicole announced. Vivienne told Nicole it was for the best, but Nicole said that her father had something to say. "Tell her," Nicole ordered Julius. Julius looked at Sasha and Nicole, and he looked away.

Caroline tells Katie about Thomas and Douglas Caroline tells Katie about Thomas and Douglas
Thursday, May 5, 2016

At the mansion, Julius didn't like Nicole's tone or attitude, and he ordered her to respect him as her father. She quipped that he'd taken the fatherhood role "so seriously" over the years. She demanded that he tell Vivienne, or Nicole would.

Julius asked to be with his wife alone, but the sisters insisted upon being there for support. Vivienne said someone needed to tell her what was going on. Julius took her hand and led her into the living room to sit down. Julius reminded her of the time she'd bought the wrong sized refrigerator, which had remained in the dining room a long time. She chuckled, and he asked if he'd complained.

Vivienne said it had been daily, but Julius quibbled that it hadn't been that much. He told a similar story about her getting him bowling shoes instead of golfing shoes. He stated that they could look back on past mistakes and laugh at the dumb things they'd done. She agreed but asked why they were discussing it. "Because of her," he replied. "Sasha is my mistake."

At first, Vivienne didn't get how Sasha was Julius' mistake. "Her mother was," Julius added. It dawned on Vivienne, who said, "You and Lucy? Sasha's yours?" Vivienne gasped in realization of all the years that he had cheated on her with Lucy behind her back.

Julius said it hadn't been that way. It had been over before it had even started, and he'd ended it the moment he'd known it had been a mistake. However, Lucy had become pregnant, and he hadn't known what to do. He hadn't wanted to lose his wife, and he'd offered to financially support Lucy if she'd move away. Lucy had refused to move or do the right thing. "If she'd just done the right thing!" he said.

Vivienne said it was Julius who'd cheated on her. Julius said he'd prayed every day for forgiveness. She replied that he'd just wanted to protect himself. He included her and his family in the protection and asked her to say they could get through it.

Vivienne asked if Julius wanted her to say they could get beyond a secret he'd kept for most of their marriage. He claimed that he'd done it for the marriage. He'd been thinking of their children. He said they'd had children, and Vivienne would have surely left him. He hadn't wanted to be a part-time father, especially when they'd already had a son who'd been challenged. Julius had wanted to be there for Myron. Vivienne asked if Julius and Lucy had laughed behind her back.

Vivienne recalled all the holiday parties and play dates. She asked how many times he'd taken that woman into her house and hadn't said anything. Vivienne realized that none of them had and asked if Sasha had known. Sasha shamefully admitted it. Vivienne was upset that Sasha had played with Vivienne's daughter, and Vivienne had treated Sasha as her own.

Sasha said she was sorry. The sobbing Julius tried to touch his wife. "No!" Vivienne raged, snatching herself away. She asked who he was and if he heard himself talking. After thirty-five years of marriage, she didn't know what was real. She yelled that he'd refused to acknowledge Maya's suffering.

Pointing at Sasha, Vivienne couldn't believe she'd allowed Julius to throw her child away while he'd had "this secret right here" in front of her eyes for years. Julius screamed back that Vivienne hadn't known the pressure he'd been under to keep the family together and to keep a good name in the community and the church. "What about my name? What about me, Julius?" Vivienne asked.

Julius' irritated treatment of Sasha started to make sense to Vivienne. It had been because he'd been a coward, afraid of his own daughter. Julius said he'd been afraid of losing Vivienne. She believed it was his reputation he'd feared losing. It was more important than the truth or her. She figured he hadn't known what to tell people if she'd left; however, he knew fewer people in Los Angles, so there were less people for him to be embarrassed around.

Julius said they'd been together too many years to let it go, and they needed each other. Vivienne replied that she only needed him to leave. "Go!" she bellowed. He stated that the tension, secret, and lies had been harder to deal with than any of them would know, but he'd done it for Vivienne. Vivienne frowned at his audacity and watched him walk out.

"You could have told me," Vivienne told Sasha. Vivienne said that, instead, Sasha had been like her father, lying to Vivienne's face. Nicole claimed that Sasha had been afraid because of Julius. Sasha sobbed that she was sorry. Vivienne slumped into a chair and sobbed. The sisters gathered around her and held her hands as she cried. Vivienne hugged both of them.

At Forrester, Katie wanted to know who Douglas' father was. Ridge said Katie couldn't tell anyone, including her "idiot husband." Katie persisted to believe Ridge had pushed the doctor, no matter how many times he told her that he hadn't. She said they had a great legal team, but Ridge yelled once more that he hadn't pushed the man.

Katie assumed Wolin had known who the real father was. Ridge replied that Wolin hadn't known, and he and Caroline didn't know, either, because they'd gotten an anonymous donor. Katie didn't understand why Ridge hadn't said so from the beginning. He replied that it was because he didn't like all the questions, "like right now."

Katie apologized if she had overreacted and claimed to just be worried about Ridge. Ridge stated that it was "sweet" of her to think he'd pushed a man into traffic. In a skeptical tone, she stated that it had just been an accident. Ridge agreed. She appreciated him telling her, but she didn't see why it should be a secret. She said he shouldn't be embarrassed.

Ridge said he wasn't embarrassed. He was protecting Douglas and wanted the boy to feel that he was completely Ridge's. Ridge said there was no reason to ever talk about it again.

In the design office, Thomas wondered what Douglas dreamed about. Assuming it had to be about his parents and the people who kept him safe, Thomas hoped the dreams would always be sweet. Thomas laughed at how sleeping babies, not models, distracted him from work. The baby had taught him to be a role model, and he couldn't imagine how he'd be with his own kids.

Thomas showed Caroline a design, and she said Ridge would approve it. Thomas wanted Ridge to be proud, but as painful as they might be, Thomas also looked forward to critiques from Ridge, who was the best as a designer, as a man, and as a dad. He appreciated the ways that Ridge had stepped up over the years with him and Douglas, and he hoped to be the kind of father Ridge was.

Thomas took his design to Ridge in the other office and noticed that Ridge was distracted. Thomas didn't blame Ridge -- after all, Ridge had a new baby, who he probably wished he was holding at that moment. Thomas added that if he were in Ridge's shoes, he'd be just as distracted.

Thomas wanted Ridge to know that Thomas would help out in any way Ridge needed. Ridge said that he and Caroline really appreciated how much Thomas cared about their son.

In the corridor, Katie looked around and entered the design office to ask Caroline for a "baby fix." As Katie cooed over the sleeping boy, Caroline warned that he'd make Katie want another one. Katie did already, but with her heart, Bill wouldn't even let her talk about it.

Caroline said it would probably be just one for her. Katie didn't blame Caroline because of all she'd gone through to get Douglas. "Excuse me?" Caroline replied. Katie decided that she probably shouldn't have said anything. She closed the door and revealed that Ridge had told her. Caroline asked what he'd told, and Katie replied that he'd told her about the paternity.

"Explain, please," Caroline said. Katie reviewed how she'd seen the argument with Ridge and Wolin, and while she'd talked to Wolin, he'd let it spill out that Ridge wasn't Douglas' father. Katie went on, explaining Ridge's weird responses to her questions and that she'd thought Ridge had been involved in Wolin's death.

Caroline became visibly upset. Katie said not to worry because Ridge hadn't been involved in the death, and he'd explained the paternity. Caroline couldn't believe he'd told Katie. Katie claimed it was no big deal. "Thomas is that father, and it's no big deal?" Caroline said.

Katie looked shocked and asked if Thomas was the donor. Caroline got confused at the word "donor," and Katie exclaimed that Thomas was Douglas' father.

Ridge tells Thomas Ridge tells Thomas
Friday, May 6, 2016

At Spencer, Bill asked if Liam remembered where the commissary was. He was happy to have Liam in the building and wanted Liam to return to work. Liam said Bill had Wyatt. Bill wanted both of his sons there and believed the work would take Liam's mind off all that had happened with Quinn.

Bill talked about his search for Quinn. He was determined to find her and assured Liam that he'd never have to see her again -- except while testifying in court. Liam looked reluctant, and Bill asked what was wrong. He urged Liam to open up, and Liam said he didn't know what he thought about Quinn.

Bill asked if she'd hurt or abused Liam. Liam replied that she'd told him that they'd been married, and he'd believed it. With difficulty, Bill asked if she'd abused Liam in the bedroom. Liam replied that she hadn't; she'd treated him like a husband. He'd felt safe around her, and he'd loved her like a wife. Liam said she'd loved him, and he thought she still might.

Bill let Liam know that the hunt for Quinn was still on, and she'd pay for what she'd done. Bill would make it happen and was sure it was what Liam wanted. Liam hesitated, and Bill asked what his son wasn't telling him. Liam revealed that Quinn had paid him a visit.

Bill assumed Quinn was in custody and asked why Liam hadn't said anything yet. Liam replied that it was because she wasn't. Bill asked where she was and if Liam had let her go. Liam replied, "It was either that or..." Bill demanded to know the "or what," and Liam yelled that he could have killed her.

Bill asked what had happened. It was a blur to Liam, but Quinn had shown up at the door. Bill asked what she'd wanted. "Me," Liam replied. Liam relayed that she still had feelings for him.

Bill couldn't believe what he was hearing. He said they'd go to the police and report it. Bill asked if Liam thought she'd be back. Liam doubted it, and he, frankly, didn't care. Liam's focus was on Steffy and getting his life back.

At the hotel hideout, Deacon was worried about Quinn, who was bored and twisting her hair. He wanted to know what had happened when she'd gone to see Liam and wondered if she'd pushed Liam off a cliff. She explained that Liam had set up candles and Champagne, and Deacon quipped that it obviously hadn't been for her. She stated that Liam had hoped to reunite with Steffy.

Deacon replied that Quinn had wanted a reunion, too -- but with Adam. Quinn stated that it hadn't worked out for her or Liam, and Steffy had gotten a wedding band tattoo. Deacon figured that it was good for Wyatt, which was what Quinn wanted. Quinn responded that poor Liam had been crushed. Deacon asked her not to say that she was feeling sorry for Liam.

Deacon was amazed Liam hadn't turned Quinn in. Quinn said she'd given Liam the chance and had even suggested he call the police. Deacon figured Liam had been too disconcerted by his visit with Steffy. Quinn replied that it could be more than that. Deacon reminded her that it wasn't Adam -- it was Liam, who probably didn't even want to touch her. Deacon, on the other hand, could touch her all night long. Quinn flinched under his touch and told him to stop.

Deacon told Quinn to get real about her son's half-brother. Quinn stated that they were not related genetically, and Deacon called Liam a wuss. She said Deacon could learn a thing or two from the wuss. Deacon told her that Adam was a fantasy she'd concocted, and her fantasy would land her in prison. Quinn stated that Liam hadn't called the police, and to her, it spoke volumes.

Later, Quinn was alone, and she stared hopefully at a cell phone photo of Liam. At Liam's house, Liam stared thoughtfully at a cell phone picture of Steffy.

In the design office, Caroline tried to tell Katie to forget what she'd heard, but Katie persisted in stating that Thomas was Douglas' father. Caroline asserted that it wasn't up for discussion between them or with anyone else. Katie deduced that Thomas didn't know and insisted that he be told.

In the CEO's office, Thomas tried to convince Ridge to take paternity leave while Thomas handled things at the office. Rick arrived for a meeting and seconded Thomas' suggestion about the leave. Rick said he'd be CEO, and Thomas would run design. "When do we start?" Rick asked.

Sorry to disappoint Rick, Ridge stated that he wasn't taking a leave. Thomas said Ridge knew his limits, and Ridge could run the company, design, and be a good father to Douglas.

Later, Rick and Ridge were alone, and Rick warned Ridge that everything would eventually tumble down and catch up with Ridge. Ridge thanked Rick and said he'd keep his guard up. "What goes around comes around," Rick replied in reference to how Ridge had treated Taylor and Brooke. Rick was sad for what poor Caroline would have go through.

As Rick left, Katie arrived. Rick quipped that Ridge was all hers but then realized "that was a long time ago. Another one of your victims." Rick made a slicing motion across his neck and left.

Katie slammed the door, and Ridge asked what he could do for her. She said he could start with an apology for lying because she knew the truth about Thomas and Douglas. Katie described the conversation she'd just had with Caroline, who'd thought Ridge had told Katie about everything and had accidently revealed the truth. Katie asked how Ridge could keep it from Thomas.

Ridge got upset, but then he calmly explained that when he and Caroline had broken up for one night, Thomas had taken advantage of Caroline while she'd been drinking and taking anxiety pills. Ridge asked if Katie was happy to know the whole truth. He said to keep it to herself because it was no one's business. Katie reasoned that it was Thomas' business if Thomas was the father.

Ridge told Katie to leave it alone, and Douglas was Ridge's son. Katie called Douglas Ridge's grandson. Ridge asked her to think of the repercussions for the little boy. Katie claimed to be concerned about secrets destroying Ridge, which she knew about from experience. She could see it happening already and didn't want it for Ridge. She urged him to tell Thomas the truth.

Katie went to the door. Before she left, Ridge stated that he'd do it.

Back in the design office, Thomas saw that Caroline was upset. He said she'd been burdened that way for weeks, but she could tell him what was wrong. Caroline wouldn't speak. He asked if it was a problem in her marriage and assured her that Ridge loved her. Thomas didn't know how Ridge couldn't because she'd given Ridge a child.

Ridge interrupted when he entered and said he needed to speak to Thomas - alone -- in Ridge's office. Thomas walked out of the office. Ridge looked at Caroline and closed the door.

Caroline broke down in sobs. Katie entered, and Caroline guessed that Katie had talked to Ridge. Katie indicated that she had. Caroline figured that Ridge was telling Thomas. Katie said Ridge had told her about that night and asked if Thomas had taken advantage of Caroline. Shaking her head, Caroline indicated it hadn't been that way. Katie replied that she hadn't thought Thomas had.

Katie claimed to get it, saying alcohol had been involved, and Caroline had been in a bad place. Katie stated that it was no excuse to not tell Thomas, and he had to know he had a son.

Back in the CEO's office, Thomas asked what Ridge wanted to clear up. Ridge said he had plans for Thomas, who'd one day run the whole company. Ridge wanted to mentor him. Thomas was surprised to hear it due to the rift between them. Ridge said he'd forgiven Thomas. Thomas said he'd done a lot of unforgivable things. Ridge replied that family forgave.

Thomas relayed that all he'd wanted was Ridge's love and support. Ridge replied that Thomas had it, and he assumed he had Thomas'. Thomas said he'd do anything for Ridge. Ridge stated that there was one thing Thomas had done that Ridge found reprehensible. Ridge said he knew about the night in the hotel room.

A resigned panic washed over Thomas. He said it had been the biggest mistake of his life, and he'd apologized to Caroline over and over. Ridge said that apologies were good. Ridge quoted Caroline's wedding vows in which she'd said that everything she had was Ridge's. Ridge asked if Thomas agreed with the statement. Thomas readily and absolutely did agree.

Thomas remarked that the couple had a son. Protectively, Ridge agreed that Douglas was his, and nothing would change it. Thomas asked what Ridge was saying and repeated that the night had been a terrible mistake. "Mistakes have consequences," Ridge replied.

Puzzled, Thomas asked what kind. Ridge clicked his head to the side. Thomas responded by saying that Ridge couldn't be saying whatever Thomas was thinking. Ridge's jaw stiffened. Thomas asked if Ridge was saying that Douglas was Thomas' son.

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