The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of April 27, 2015 on B&B
harlie solved the mystery of Maya's secret, but Pam refused to accept his theory or share it with the Spencers. Rick purchased an engagement ring and invited Maya on a trip. The fed-up Ridge quit his job, but to stop Ridge from leaving Forrester, Carter revealed Maya's secret to Ridge.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of April 27, 2015 on B&B
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From spilled purses tumble big secrets From spilled purses tumble big secrets
Monday, April 27, 2015

In the CEO's office, Rick entered and announced that Maya was busted. He'd learned that the steam room had been reserved for the whole afternoon, and he'd deduced that she'd done it. She wished she had done it. Wrapping his arms around Maya, he said that the steam room would be off-limits from then on except for him and his lady with the sexist body he'd ever seen.

Maya sat in Rick's lap as the couple discussed that their relationship was an exception. Rick had thought he'd had it with Amber and then Caroline, but each relationship had gone to hell due to dishonesty. He said Maya was unlike anyone he'd ever met, and she never held anything back.

In Rick's old office, Wyatt reported to Liam and Ivy that Nicole had clammed up the previous night after revealing that the secret was Maya's, not Rick's. The trio heard rustling from behind a dressing screen. Pam emerged with a dress in hand. She'd been straightening up after the models and said they were lucky it had been just her in the room when they'd barreled in and started talking.

"So, spill! What is the story with Rick and Maya?" Pam asked. Ivy revealed that Liam and Wyatt had overheard Maya and Nicole discussing a secret. "So did I!" Pam exclaimed. Pam had mentioned what she'd overheard to Carter, who'd dismissed it as two sisters fighting. Liam asked if Nicole could be leading Wyatt on about the secret being Maya's and not Rick's.

Wyatt claimed he'd know if he was being played. Pam wasn't surprised to hear that Maya had a secret. To Pam, there was just something about Maya. Pam asked them to keep her posted and took off. Ivy and Liam ribbed Wyatt about liking Nicole, and Wyatt decided to do a little more digging.

Wyatt left, and Liam guessed that Nicole and Wyatt were the new hottest couple in the city. Ivy said it was fine if Wyatt was happy. Liam stated that Ivy made Liam happy, and she said she felt as if she was dating Superman and Romeo at once. He assured her that Rick's days were numbered.

Later, Pam went across the hall, where Rick was "joking" with Charlie about being derelict in his duties. Maya slipped out of the room, and Pam asked what was up with Maya, who'd seemed awfully secretive. Rick asked if Pam had to know everything that happened around there. Rick took a call and left. Pam told Charlie there was a big secret to uncover about Maya.

At the sky lounge, Carter caught Nicole gawking at him while he worked out. She played it off but said Maya had to really love Rick to let go of Carter's abs. Carter teased that Wyatt wouldn't appreciate his girlfriend ogling another man's abs. Nicole guessed Carter had been talking to Maya.

Carter remarked that the relationship had seemed to happen fast. She replied that when it was right, it was right, but he jokingly asked if she knew it was right after two dates. Nicole described Wyatt as funny and hot, and Carter added that Wyatt's last name was a bonus, too.

Nicole gushed about her jet ride to San Francisco that had never landed as she and Wyatt had partied in the sky with Champagne. Carter gave Nicole a look, and she guessed that Maya had said a lot about Nicole and Wyatt. Carter replied that Maya had a right to worry about her sister.

Nicole saw nothing to worry about. Carter asked what the pair had in common. Nicole admitted that she wasn't rich, but she figured that Wyatt had to be into her to tell her his family secret. Carter asked what the secret was. Nicole began referring to Wyatt finding out that he was a Spencer, but Carter cut her off to ask if she'd said anything about Maya's secret.

Nicole claimed she hadn't said anything, and Maya arrived in time to suspect that Nicole had been tempted. Nicole gushed about her second date with Wyatt on a jet and wondered if he'd take her to Bali for the third date. "If there is a third," Maya cautiously replied. Nicole was sure there would be. She blabbed that Wyatt had shared his paternity secret, which was nothing compared to Maya's secret.

"Not that I would tell him," Nicole said, adding that she was sure Wyatt would be cool about it if he knew. Maya didn't care how cool Wyatt was. She didn't want anyone else knowing her secret, especially not before she had a chance to tell Rick herself.

Later, Maya took Nicole to the studio to discuss Nicole and Wyatt in private. Nicole said she was in the mile-high club, but after enjoying Maya's appalled expression, Nicole relayed that she was joking. Nicole explained that she and Wyatt were having harmless fun. Nicole said she wouldn't tell anyone about Maya's secret, and she was beginning to think Maya shouldn't tell Rick.

In the corridor between the offices, Rick stopped Wyatt to ask why he hadn't been able to reach Wyatt the previous night. Wyatt said he'd been out of town. Rick replied that it had better have been Forrester business. Wyatt decided it had been, and Rick would be the first to know if it panned out.

Back in the CEO's office, Pam conveyed that she'd overheard Ivy, Liam, and Wyatt talking about a secret of Rick's that had turned out to be Maya's secret instead. Charlie asked if Pam had overheard on purpose, and she threatened to take away his lemon bar supply. Charlie was surprised to hear that Liam and Wyatt wanted to take down Rick and wondered what Maya's secret could be.

Pam was still miffed that Maya had replaced Stephanie's portrait with her own and wanted Maya to get taken down a peg. Charlie thought Rick had hung the picture, but Pam shrugged off the petty details. Charlie asked how they'd find out the secret, and Pam noticed a purse on the desk.

Pam figured that if one wanted to know about a woman, one should check her purse. Charlie felt bad about going through the purse, but Pam said he did it at the security gate all the time. He corrected that he'd never searched the purse belonging to the CEO's main squeeze.

Pam tried to convince Charlie that he didn't know whose purse it was, so he had a duty to check it for bombs. Charlie wondered if the purse had accidentally fallen and spilled out onto the floor. "Like this?" Pam asked, knocking the purse off the table. The purse's contents tumbled onto the floor.

Pam picked a pill bottle up off the floor, read it, and asked why Maya would take estrogen. Charlie asserted that there was only one reason. "Maya is...transgender," he announced, and Pam gasped.

You can tell me anything You can tell me anything
Tuesday, April 28, 2015
by Pam

In Rick's office at Forrester, Charlie whispered to Pam that Maya had to be transgender because of the estrogen they had discovered in her purse. Charlie insisted there could be no other reason for her to take estrogen.

Pam argued that Charlie was wrong. She insisted that Maya could have taken estrogen for any number of reasons, but Charlie refused to believe it. Pam added that Charlie had seen something on TV and formed and opinion that was "dangerous and ridiculous."

Rick interrupted and overheard the end of the conversation. "What's dangerous? What are you two up to?" Rick asked. Charlie tried to cover. He told Rick that Pam had been worried about him because security work was dangerous, and it was ridiculous that it was always dangerous.

Rick told Pam and Charlie that he "wasn't buying it." Rick asked why Pam and Charlie were in his office. Pam claimed she'd heard a noise and asked Charlie to investigate. Rick didn't believe them. Charlie laughed and changed his story. "We're busted," Charlie said. He concocted a story that he and Pam had been looking for a little privacy, and danger was part of it. "What is the fun if you can't get caught?" Charlie asked.

Pam agreed. She laughed and claimed they were adrenaline junkies. "Too much information," Rick said. Charlie and Pam left the office.

Outside at Pam's desk, Charlie reiterated that he was convinced that Maya was transgender. Pam argued that he was wrong and had to stop talking about it. "We could lose our jobs," Pam said. She advised Charlie that he would never work in security again if he started that rumor.

Charlie argued that he could send an anonymous message to Wyatt, but Pam refused to allow it. She admitted that Rick had made a lot of mistakes and treated everyone badly, but Rick cared about Maya. She refused to allow Charlie to hurt Rick and Maya.

Later at Forrester, Rick met with Wyatt regarding the new jewelry line. Wyatt said it would focus on Maya and her grace and femininity, but that meant they had to use smaller, more delicate stones that were high in quality.

Rick didn't like the stones. Wyatt defended them as the highest quality, but Rick replied that if a person couldn't see them, they weren't worth it. "Start over. It's not Maya," Rick said. Rick explained that Maya was a powerful woman, unafraid to put herself out there. "It's like you don't know her at all," Rick said. Wyatt looked confused.

In another office, Maya and Nicole chatted about Nicole's date with Wyatt. Nicole suggested that she'd changed her mind about Maya telling Rick the truth about her transgender surgery. Maya was surprised that Nicole had changed her mind. Maya insisted she would tell Rick if and when he proposed. "I'm just not sure that's such a good idea," Nicole said.

Wyatt entered. He thanked Nicole for the time they'd spent together on his dad's jet. Maya noted that Wyatt had taken Nicole to San Francisco to dinner. Nicole chimed in that it had been the plan, but she'd been having too much fun up in the sky. Maya disapproved.

Maya told Nicole that she was being a big sister to Nicole with her disapproval. Maya wondered if it was just a fling for Wyatt. Wyatt maintained that he liked Nicole and enjoyed spending time with her. He needed her positive energy in his life.

Maya advised Nicole not to get physical with Wyatt. Maya wanted to know where the relationship was headed, and Wyatt said he didn't know, but he wanted to find out. Nicole and Wyatt smiled at each other.

Wyatt said that he and Nicole had agreed to honesty in their relationship and "keeping it real." "It is awesome," Nicole said. Wyatt suggested that secrets always caused problems in his experience. "Wouldn't you agree?" Wyatt asked Maya. Maya looked nervous.

At Spencer, Liam explained to Katie and Bill that Wyatt had discovered that Rick had no secret. It was Maya who had the secret, according to Nicole.

Liam doubted they would find anything helpful in Maya's secret, but Bill disagreed. Bill said that Maya had obviously been hiding something that was dangerous to the company as indicated by the argument Wyatt had overheard between Nicole and Maya.

Bill maintained that he'd always thought Maya was a gold-digger. Katie suggested the secret had nothing to do with Forrester and was personal.

Liam agreed that Wyatt thought it could have been an argument between sisters. Wyatt showed up and said he was convinced the secret Maya had was something big because he'd mentioned secrecy to Maya, and she and Nicole had looked panicked.

At Forrester, Maya entered Rick's office and told him that Pam and Charlie had given her a weird look when she'd entered his office. "What's gotten into everyone?" Maya asked.

Rick proudly showed Maya the latest sales reports, and Maya gushed that they were better than predicted. She added that his performance could mean that Eric would make him the permanent CEO.

Rick told Maya he'd meant what he'd said about her to his parents the pervious day. He attributed his success to Maya. He shared that until she had entered in his life, he had suffered a lot of deception and scandal because of his mother, Amber, and Caroline. He'd been humiliated in the past.

Maya and Rick hugged. He appreciated Maya's honesty and promised a future with her. He wanted to marry her and have lots of kids. "You'd be a wonderful mother," Rick said.

Maya turned away in tears. Rick worried about her. Maya said she was overwhelmed with happy emotions. "I am happier than I ever imagined I could be," she said.

Maya added that before anything happened, she had to tell him something. She felt very loved, and she had faith in their relationship and what they meant to each other. She didn't want it to change. Rick promised it wouldn't. "Maya, whatever it is, you can always tell me anything," Rick said.

A sparkling day at Forrester A sparkling day at Forrester
Wednesday, April 29, 2015
by Pam

In Rick's office at Forrester, Rick and Maya discussed their relationship. Maya said she had something to tell him, and Rick told Maya that everyone had failed relationships in their past, but Maya admitted it had nothing to do with that.

Rick said no matter what she had to say, it would not affect how he felt. He predicted that in a year, they would have a baby or have one on the way. He didn't want anything to interfere with their relationship.

Nicole stood in the doorway and overheard Maya and Rick's conversation. Nicole barged in and interrupted. "Maya, I've been looking for you," Nicole said. Maya told her it would have to wait, but Nicole said it was important, and she needed her big sister. Rick encouraged Maya to meet with Nicole. Rick said they would pick up their conversation later. Maya left with Nicole.

At Spencer, Liam, Wyatt, Bill, and Katie discussed the situation at Forrester. Wyatt reiterated that Maya had a secret, and it had to be potent enough that Nicole and Maya felt it would create serious problems for Forrester. Bill and Liam agreed they had to find out what it was so they could oust Rick from his CEO chair.

Liam noted that Rick treated everyone at Forrester so badly that they all wanted to leave. Wyatt explained that Rick had taken credit for all the company's recent success. He added that he knew Katie was conflicted because Rick was her nephew, but Rick had to be stopped.

Wyatt explained that it had gotten so bad that Rick had told Ridge how to design and had told Wyatt how to choose jewelry. Rick had ordered him to buy a variety of gems for Maya. Wyatt Said Rick had priced the couture line extremely high because he'd thought it would fail, but it had succeeded. "He got lucky enough to feed his Napoleonic ego," Bill noted. Wyatt maintained that would not happen with jewelry. Rick was going to have to price the gems so high that only royalty could afford them.

Bill presented Wyatt with a new sword necklace, and Wyatt worried that his mom would be unhappy. Bill said the new sword was a symbol of Spencer unification, and they all had to wear them. Wyatt put on the new sword necklace, and Liam, Wyatt, and Bill discussed their next move.

Katie assumed the Spencer men would be talking about Nicole. Katie wondered if Wyatt was using Nicole, and Wyatt said he wanted to continue a relationship with her, but he planned to get information from her.

At Forrester, Charlie was on the roof, trying to lift weights, and Pam stopped him. Pam worried that he had made some poor decisions. She worried that Charlie had made some wrong assumptions about Maya and had decided to try to lift some extremely heavy weights.

Charlie maintained that he was right about Maya, but Pam disagreed. She had researched the reasons that Maya could have needed to take estrogen. Pam explained that Maya could have had low levels of estrogen, early menopause, or osteoporosis. Charlie disagreed. Pam warned that they would get fired if Charlie shared his theory with anyone.

"Maya is Queen Bee around here," Pam added. Ridge overheard the end of the conversation. "What's all this about getting fired?" he asked. Pam answered that it was the number one concern of nearly everyone at Forrester. Everyone lived in fear of Rick and Maya. Charlie wondered if Maya was really the woman Rick thought she was.

Later, in Rick's office, Rick and Ridge reviewed one of Ridge's designs on Heidi, the model. Rick insisted the gown had to be shorter, but Ridge said it was not a cocktail dress. It was elegant. Rick recommended that the gown should have a different waist or neckline. Ridge was angry. Ridge told the model to leave, but Rick insisted he would tell her when she was done. Rick paused and told her she was excused.

Ridge warned Rick to never publicly criticize him again. "Do not belittle me in front of a model or anyone else," Ridge ordered. Rick mockingly said he was sorry if he had bruised Ridge's fragile ego. Rick explained that he had to keep an eye on the bottom line at Forrester. Ridge countered that his designs went from sketchpad to trending.

Rick scoffed and said that no one had seen numbers like his sales reports in a long time. Ridge reminded Rick that the success was because of Ridge's design talent. Rick agreed that Ridge was a valued part of the team.

Ridge said Rick was letting his ego get in the way. Rick advised Ridge that their dad had put Rick in charge, and Ridge would deliver the changes that Rick had ordered on the designs. "One year, Ricky. The clock is ticking," Ridge replied.

Rick laughed. He felt it would be impossible for anyone to take his place as CEO because he planned to post four of the most successful quarters Forrester had seen in a long time. Rick planned to be running the company for many years with Maya by his side. Rick ordered Ridge to think of how his designs would look on Maya "when you are doodling on your board."

In another office, Nicole and Maya argued that Nicole should not have interrupted Maya's conversation with Rick. Nicole advised that Maya should not tell Rick her transgender secret. Maya countered that Nicole had been adamant that Maya tell Rick. Maya surmised that Nicole had changed her mind because of her new relationship with Wyatt.

Nicole admitted that Wyatt was cute, and Maya added that Wyatt was also rich. Nicole wondered why Maya was pretending she hadn't liked Rick and his money. Maya admitted that she loved everything about Rick, but her relationship was much deeper than money. "Stop your judging," Nicole said. She reminded Maya that they had found two great guys, and no one could have ever imagined that Maya and Nicole would be in such a situation.

Maya said that Nicole wanted her to forget about honesty in order to protect Nicole's fling with Wyatt. Maya said Rick had said beautiful things to her and discussed that he wanted children. She had to tell him she was transgender.

Nicole warned Maya that she had no way of knowing how Rick would react. "What if he freaks out?" Nicole asked. Nicole maintained that it was too risky when Maya was so close to having it all. "Unless you're ready to lose it all. Don't be foolish. He'll never have to know. Don't tell him," Nicole advised.

On the Forrester rooftop, Rick met with a jeweler and examined engagement rings for Maya. He selected a ring with a lot of sparkle "just like her eyes and her smile," Rick said.

At Pam's desk at Forrester, Ridge stopped and told Pam that he couldn't reason with Rick. Ridge worried that Rick and Maya would be in power for a very long time. Pam disagreed and pointed out that Rick had less than a year left as CEO, but Ridge said that Rick had Eric's support. "He's got my dad in his back pocket. Rick and Maya could be running Forrester for the rest of their lives or until it goes under," he said.

Ridge calls it quits Ridge calls it quits
Thursday, April 30, 2015

At the sky lounge, Rick bought an engagement ring that he felt sparkled like Maya. Rick had an extensive flashback over his relationship with Maya. Brooke arrived as Rick had requested and wondered what he had to tell her. Rick said he had good news that would change his life.

Rick showed Brooke the ring. Its beauty floored her, but she was concerned about her son hopping from one marriage to another without being single and having time for himself. Rick felt he wasn't good at being single and didn't need time. She asked if he was sure Maya was the one. He confidently affirmed it and said he knew everything he needed to know about Maya.

Brooke wasn't so sure about Maya and questioned whether Rick really saw who Maya was. He claimed that Maya was the stability he'd craved his whole life. It had been hard for Rick to pick up the pieces after his mother's stints with Ridge and the gossip and headlines that had ensued.

Rick said Maya wasn't like Caroline or Amber, who'd let him down and betrayed him. He believed that Maya was authentic with no surprises or secrets. Maya had all the qualities he needed. He loved Maya and hoped that Brooke could be happy and supportive of him. Hugging Rick, Brooke said she wanted to support him and see him happy. Rick said that Maya wouldn't let him down.

In Rick's old office, Nicole urged Maya not to reveal being transgender to Rick. Maya asked if Nicole was thinking that for Maya or for Nicole. "You -- mostly you," Nicole responded. Nicole felt the Avant sisters were rocking it. There was no reason to mess with it or do anything to ruin it.

Maya took exception to Nicole gaining a change of opinion since Nicole had a Spencer on speed dial, and Maya's relationship was more than limos and jet rides. Nicole asked why they couldn't enjoy the ride for as long as possible. Maya asserted that it wasn't a ride; it was her life.

Maya declared that she was becoming proud of who she was. She was proud she'd stopped living someone else's life to become the person she'd been meant to be -- a woman who loved Rick and the woman that Rick loved. Maya felt compelled to tell Rick why she couldn't carry children, but she was worried that she'd waited too long to tell him.

Nicole pondered how Rick would take the news and conveyed that there was a good chance he'd wig out. Maya said she had to trust Rick and his faith in her. Nicole wondered about Maya's confident, but not so confident, stance on Rick and asked if he'd think it was manipulative of Maya to wait for the ring before revealing her secret.

Rick arrived and asked if the sisters had settled things. Nicole said she'd gotten Maya to see her view. Glad, Rick asked for alone time with Maya. Nicole left, and Maya asked why he was so happy. Rick said that though they always talked about being open and honest, it was sometimes good to have a secret.

In the CEO's office, Ridge entered, and Eric claimed he'd been meaning to call. Eric had returned because he'd needed a break from his brother. Ridge conveyed that he was at the end of his rope with Rick. Eric was disappointed to hear that things hadn't gotten better.

Ridge complained about low morale and said Rick didn't act the same around Eric. Ridge said that Rick gave Eric one view, but anyone at Forrester -- besides Maya -- would tell a different story. Ridge was upset that Rick had rehired Quinn, and Eric said he'd been surprised by it. Eric explained Rick's reasons for it, but Ridge insisted that Rick had gone after his cousin Ivy for no reason.

Ridge insisted that too much power was in the wrong hands. Eric said Rick would be in control for the rest of the year, but Ridge pressed Eric to look into terminating the contract. Eric stated that they'd been over that, but Ridge implored Eric to open his eyes and put a stop to Rick.

Eric quipped that it was an adjustment for Ridge to have to answer to his younger brother. Ridge wasn't concerned about Rick's age. Ridge was concerned about whether Rick ran the company professionally without undermining Ridge. Eric said that whether Ridge would believe it or whether Rick would admit it, Rick valued Ridge's input and respected Ridge.

Ridge raged that Rick didn't know what respect meant; Rick got kicks off messing with people's heads. Ridge believed that Rick and Maya would ruin the business. Eric claimed that Maya had been good for Rick, and Ridge suspected that Rick could do no wrong in Eric's eyes. Eric said Rick had to learn a lot about handling employees. Outraged, Ridge asked if he was just an employee.

Ridge asked if Eric agreed that Ridge was a good designer. Eric believed that Ridge was almost the best there was. Ridge relayed that Rick challenged Ridge about every thread, even though Rick didn't know the first thing about design. Eric contended that Rick was a terrific businessman. Ridge asked if Forrester's numbers were solely Rick's and had nothing to do with anyone else.

Brooke arrived in the middle of the argument. She'd heard her son's name and was prepared to defend Rick in his stead. "Fine. Whatever," Ridge dismissed. Ridge tried to convey that Forrester was a success not because of number crunchers but because "we" designed and created things.

Ridge stated that Forrester had begun on a sketchpad, and everything still emanated from that place. Eric believed the designs were wonderful; however, they needed strong management, and with Maya by Rick's side, things were as they should be. "Maya, Maya. Maya's a model! And she's part of the problem," Ridge stated. Ridge refused to listen to Rick ad Maya forever.

Brooke stated that Rick had proven himself time and time again. Ridge asked how the absentee Brooke knew it. Brooke insisted that the mark of success was earnings, and Ridge replied that arguing with her was ridiculous. Eric announced that he was considering granting Rick's requests for an extension on the contract. "Are you kidding me right now? Ridge asked.

Ridge knew that Eric had been away, chasing monkey, but said that being back gave Eric the chance to see that Rick degraded people. Ridge recalled that Rick had replaced Stephanie's portrait with Maya's and asked if that was the future of Forrester. Ridge asked if he had to listen to Rick for the rest of his days. Eric told Ridge that he had to accept the reality of what was going on.

Ridge decided that if Eric thought Forrester's success was solely Rick's, then Eric could get anyone to design for Forrester. "I quit," Ridge declared.

Carter slips a secret into Ridge's arsenal Carter slips a secret into Ridge's arsenal
Friday, May 1, 2015

In the CEO's office, Eric ordered Ridge to dial it down. Ridge declared that life was too short, and he was out. Ridge had tried to stick it out for a year, but upon learning that Eric wanted to extend the contract beyond a year, Ridge decided that he couldn't make it.

Brooke believed Ridge was angry with Eric for his choices and angry with Rick because Rick wasn't treating Ridge with the respect he was accustomed to. She said Ridge couldn't make life-altering decisions based upon emotions. Ridge yelled that Eric and Brooke hadn't been around to see Rick treat everyone but Maya like second-class citizens.

Ridge said he wasn't emotional. He was apathetic and had decided that he didn't want to spend his years there under those ridiculous circumstances. Eric asserted that he supported Rick but certainly didn't want to lose Ridge, who was the best in the business. Eric said it was a family business, and he didn't want his son to walk out.

Ridge didn't want to leave his birthright -- at least what had been his birthright until Eric had given it to "Ricky." Ridge stated that it was Eric's prerogative to stubbornly stand by, but it was Ridge's prerogative to refuse to put up with it.

Later, Brooke and Eric entered the studio. They couldn't believe what had just happened. Eric hadn't realized that Ridge had been so close to breaking, and Eric wished he'd done more to appease Ridge. Eric felt that losing Ridge and the designs would be a big blow to the company. "To you," Brooke added. Eric said that he and Ridge got angry but always solved it without bailing on each other.

Brooke claimed that Ridge always held his breath when he was upset, and then he'd break his toys if no one noticed. She was confident that Ridge and Rick had had a meeting in which "Rick had treated him with disrespect as usual," but Ridge would get over it after he cooled down.

Eric wasn't so sure. Eric understood Ridge's view and said designs didn't fall out of the air. It took time and trial and error to create a successful collection. Eric believed Ridge was upset that his work wasn't properly appreciated, and Eric didn't think Ridge was wrong about it. Brooke became worried that Eric was removing his support for Rick.

Eric wasn't, but he had to figure out a way to set some parameters that should have been there at the beginning. He said the problem was that Rick didn't have to listen to Eric. Brooke asserted that Rick would listen, and Rick lived to please Eric. She suggested that he go through the influential Maya. Eric said he wouldn't be too proud to do so if it got down to it.

Brooke said Maya was a presence they'd have to live with because Rick had bought Maya a ring. Brooke wished Rick would wait, but it was time that Rick became fulfilled in life. Eric believed that Maya had proven herself, even though the couple's reunion had been questionable. Brooke and Eric agreed that Rick was committed, and Brooke said the proposal could happen any day.

In Rick's old office, Maya was surprised that Rick condoned secrets. Rick said that surprises were good, but earth-shattering secrets weren't. He was sure he didn't have to worry about it with her. Maya felt lucky to have their life and never wanted it to end. He asked why she'd think it would.

Rick liked good secrets, not the bad ones that fell from the sky and decimated lives. He needed the stability Maya provided -- right down to his position at Forrester. Maya said she couldn't take credit for it, but Rick insisted that she could. In his view, her support had given him the confidence to success. "No matter how much it bugs Ridge that I'm winning, he can't do anything to stop me," Rick added.

Maya wondered why people couldn't remain in the present. She'd been struggling to stay present after Nicole had blown open the door to the past. She wanted to shut her brain off because there was nothing more than spending the moment with him. She loved sharing her life with him and couldn't wait to share more.

"There's more?" Rick asked, chuckling. Maya promised that he'd know everything about her one day. She just hoped he wouldn't be disappointed. Rick said it would never happen. He decided that life couldn't be just about hard work, and they should take a time-out to celebrate away from the office.

Rick proposed that the pair go to Big Bear, and Maya asked where to sign up for that. Rick pointed to his lips. They kissed, and Rick said they'd have a private celebration. Maya asked what they were celebrating, and he stated that she'd find out.

At the sky lounge, Nicole thought of Wyatt. Carter arrived to collect his bag, and she teased him about his big muscles. He teased her about Wyatt, and she changed the subject to Maya wanting to tell Rick. Carter thought it was good because Rick had a right to know that Maya was transgender. Nicole revealed that she'd changed her mind about Maya revealing herself to Rick.

Carter readily guessed that it was because Nicole felt she had something to lose with Wyatt. Nicole refused to apologize for finding a hot, rich guy. Carter warned that her guy could be rebounding, but Nicole, who knew her value, wasn't worried about another woman's ghost.

Nicole asked what good it was for Rick to know. "It's not like, at the stroke of midnight, she's gonna change back or something. They are happy together!" Nicole contended. Carter guessed Maya wouldn't tell Rick that she had been born physically male. Nicole asserted that she wouldn't let Maya do it.

Later, Carter entered the CEO's office to asked Ridge if he and Caroline could do an international tour. Ridge said Carter could ask Caroline, but "as of ten minutes ago, I quit." Carter was outraged to hear it and hoped Ridge was joking because the company needed Ridge more than ever. Ridge felt the company would do just fine, but he wouldn't hang around during Eric's extension of Rick's contract.

Carter uttered that it was a disaster. Ridge said the good news was that the numbers were up. Ridge stated that it had never been that way in the past, and Forrester had been about family, working together, and creating things together. Ridge said he should be running the company. He'd worked his whole life for it, but it was no longer an option. Carter didn't think it had to be that way.

Ridge refused to take orders from someone who didn't know the difference between a bow and a boa. Carter asked about Caroline. Ridge said she'd do what she had to do, but it wouldn't affect him. "This is bad," Carter stated. Shrugging, Ridge relayed that he couldn't bow to King Rick and Queen Maya. Ridge walked to the door, but Carter grimaced and said Ridge needed to know something. "Something that might stop you from walking out that door," Carter hinted.

Ridge appreciated Carter trying to reason with him as a friend. Ridge said he'd be okay, he'd find another job, and Forrester would be fine. Carter insisted that Forrester needed to return to what it had once been. Ridge said to take it up with Eric, but Carter insisted that Ridge hear him out. Frustrated, Ridge predicted that Carter would ask that Ridge just hang in there for Rick's next mistake.

Carter replied that it wasn't what he had to say. Carter said it wasn't about Rick; it was about Maya. Ridge rasped that Rick and Maya would get married, and Ridge didn't intend to bow to her, too. Carter hinted that the marriage wouldn't happen. Ridge asked what Carter had to say about Maya.

Carter stated that he'd thought he'd known everything about his former fiancée, but he'd been wrong. Carter rambled about Maya being on edge for the last month, and he'd thought it had been because Nicole had arrived. Ridge asked what the point was. "This is hard," Carter said, sighing. He revealed that he'd promised not to tell, but he needed to keep Ridge from leaving.

Carter mumbled that he still couldn't believe it. He said Forrester had invested a lot in Maya, the face of their lines. Rick had structured an entire brand around her and poised her as the future matriarch. "If anyone knew -- " Carter began to say. Ridge said Carter was killing him and to spit it out.

Carter said he'd heard Maya and Nicole discussing a secret. "Maya is a chosen name..." Carter hinted. Chuckling, Ridge said that people in that city changed their names all the time. Ridge didn't understand the "secret." Carter added that Maya's birth name was Myron. Ridge became confused. "Maya Avant is transgender," Carter told Ridge.

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