Mike Kasnoff returning to Oakdale, 2002

Posted Sunday, February 24, 2008 8:35:06 PM
Updated Monday, February 25, 2008 10:09:50 PM
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Mike Kasnoff returning to Oakdale

For several months, As the World Turns has wanted to bring Mike Kasnoff back to Oakdale. The writers' strike complicated those plans somewhat, but the show pressed on. When offered a chance to return, a former Mike opted to pass. The CBS soap then turned to a new face for the role.

As the World Turns has plans to bring Mike Kasnoff back to Oakdale, Soap Central has learned. If the CBS soap wanted those plans to remain a secret, the proverbial cat has unwittingly been let out of the bag.

What are your thoughts on ATWT's plans to bring back Mike Kasnoff?
 I want to see Mark Collier return to reprise the role of Mike.   69% 
 I like Mike and I don't care who plays him when he returns.   14% 
 I don't think there is a need for Mike in Oakdale at this time.   11% 
 I'm very interested in seeing a new actor tackle the part of Mike.   4% 
 I have no opinion about the possible return of Mike at this time.   1% 
 Other   1% 
 I don't believe that the show will bring Mike back to Oakdale.   0% 

While some recent casting calls hinted that As the World Turns had designs on writing Mike back into the show, a recent interview by Shawn Christian (ex-Mike Kasnoff), who appeared as Mike Kasnoff from 1994 to 1997, confirmed the news.

According to Christian, As the World Turns executives contacted him recently to see if he might be interested in returning to the show. Though the actor was intrigued by the offer, Christian had other commitments that made the logistics of returning nearly impossible.

 Jon Prescott
With Christian unavailable, show execs opted to place a new face in the role -- and it's possible that the decision will upset some fans. After the rounds of auditions were complete, CBS announced on their web site that Jon Prescott had landed the role of Mike Kasnoff. Though a newcomer to daytime television, the 26-year-old Prescott has guest-starred on primetime series such as Las Vegas and CSI: NY.

In a strange twist, Prescott's name was removed from the CBS web site a few days after the announcement was made.

In real-life, Prescott is about ten years younger than the previous actor to hold down the role of Mike. After nearly five years with the show, Mark C. Collier exited his role as Mike in January 2007. It is unclear if Prescott's addition to the cast will be a case of a younger actor playing an order role or if the show has decided to "fudge" Mike's age and make the character younger than he was during his last appearance in Oakdale.

It is unknown if ATWT also made an overture to Collier about returning to the show. It is, however, rumored that Sean Kanan (ex-Deacon Sharpe, The Bold and the Beautiful; ex-A.J. Quartermaine, General Hospital) was also up for the role.

Prescott is scheduled to make his As the World Turns debut on April 2nd.

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