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Love a storyline? Want to throw the remote at the screen during others? Our Two Scoops columnists feel the same way. Each week, they provided their own commentary on the action in the Two Scoops column.

Every week, our Two Scoops columnists share their thoughts and opinions in the Two Scoops commentary columns. Those columns are archived to allow fans a chance to make sure that they've read every opinion for every week. This archive features columns written about As The World Turns in the 2008 calendar year.

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Austin Peck
January 7, 2008
Part two of a two-part look back at the events of the past year in Oakdale. This week, our columnist Jennifer discusses the best and the worst that As the World Turns had to offer in 2007.
Martha Byrne
January 14, 2008
In the last two years, we have had drug stories with Jennifer, Alison, and Lily. Can't the writers find something else for Lily to do this time?
Mick Hazen
January 21, 2008
Apparently, Parker inherited his mother's scheming genes. Setting up Sam to look like he stole the money from Metro was brilliant. Of course, it wasn't a good idea for Parker to stash the cash in his backpack, but he's still an amateur.
Grayson McCouch
January 28, 2008
Why couldn't Dusty have just left town instead of another needless murder mystery? There used to be a time when there was a major buildup to a murder, and we couldn't wait to find out who did it.
Maura West
February 4, 2008
When a man shows up in town carrying a wooden dummy that he talks to on a regular basis, chances are that he's a little crazy. It's now obvious that Sam is a creep, and that he's after Carly.
Van Hansis
February 11, 2008
Luke and Noah seem to be the only folks in Oakdale who have a decent story, and it's moving along at a sensible pace. They are exploring the ups and downs of young love, in addition to being involved in other things in Oakdale.
Mick Hazen
February 18, 2008
It looks like Parker is the latest child in Oakdale to commit a felony...or is he? First of all, he used a shotgun, which probably would have left a nasty looking corpse, and second, there were two bullets in poor Sam, but Parker only fired one shot.
Michael Park
February 25, 2008
How long before Jack and Carly are back together again? It was good to see Jack being kinder to Carly, and they are good together, so let's hope that they continue this positive relationship after Parker is cleared.
Trent Dawson
March 3, 2008
Last week, it was sex, lies, and wiretaps for Henry, and plenty of sex and lies for Vienna, Brad, and Katie, too. It seemed that everyone was telling a fib to someone...when they weren't busy getting busy, that is.
Maura West
March 10, 2008
How dumb was Carly last week? Going to a deserted building without her cell phone, when she knew that she was being lured there by a possible murderer, was crazy. Carly has always been smarter than that.
Trent Dawson
March 17, 2008
Bravo to the writing staff for using history last week, when Katie realized that Henry's note was bogus because she knew that he wouldn't have gone to visit his family, and Brad noticed a misspelled word in the note.
Colleen Zenk
March 24, 2008
Barbara has been suffering in silence for weeks as she goes for treatments for her oral cancer. Finally, she sat down at the Lakeview lounge last week and told her Aunt Kim what she has been going through.
Michael Park
March 31, 2008
Last week, Jack's infection made him think that water was beer, and that Katie was his wife. The water/beer mix-up sort of explains the crazy health care practices at the hospital.
Jesse Soffer
April 7, 2008
It is hard to believe that Will and Gwen have left Oakdale. As they took pictures of their last moments in Oakdale, it was nostalgic to remember how far they have come as a couple in three years.
Michael Park
April 14, 2008
Jack and Carly reunited for some steamy mattress thrashing last week, but it was short lived, as Jack quickly called it a mistake and blamed it on the booze. That was low, even for Jack.
Terri Colombino
April 21, 2008
The wedding had Brad and Katie written all over it, and it was great to see the writers make fun of Oakdale and soap operas in general. Who has three ex-husbands as part of their wedding party?
Austin Peck
April 28, 2008
Just days after telling Katie that he didn't want to be a father quite yet, Brad's alleged teenage daughter strolled into town. Kudos to the writers for amping up the Brad/Katie storyline by about one thousand watts.
Maura West
May 5, 2008
Holden has always based his opinions of Carly on the things that Jack had told him, and Carly has always seen Holden as a holier-than-thou man that her best friend loved. Now, they are starting to get to know each other as real people.
Austin Peck
May 12, 2008
Last week, the impossible happened; Brad started to become responsible. He was actually worried about the housing market. What's next, Brad on a mission trip to Darfur?
Colleen Zenk
May 19, 2008
Sofie had better be careful that she does not cross Barbara by getting more involved with Paul. She has not seen trouble until she has locked horns with Barbara Ryan.
Michael Park
May 26, 2008
Lily and Carly certainly aren't in the running for Mother of the Year awards, but Jack and Holden have certainly made their share of mistakes, too. Apparently, they never learned that people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.
Maura West
June 2, 2008
If anything happens between Holden and Carly, the ripple effect in the Snyder family will be huge. Carly is Lily's best friend, and Holden is Jack's best friend and cousin; it won't be pretty, but it will be excellent drama.
Terri Colombino
June 9, 2008
Katie had better think back to the days when she used every dirty trick in the book to snag Simon, if she wants to hang on to Brad. It's clear that Janet wants Brad, and that she'll do anything to get him.
Jake Silbermann
June 16, 2008
Let's hope that the time away from each other will make Noah realize what he has in his relationship with Luke. Let's also hope that Luke does not find someone else before that happens.
Van Hansis
June 23, 2008
Can someone please explain why Luke is putting up with Noah? He's been so rude and cold toward his supposed boyfriend that Luke should have kicked him to the curb weeks ago.
Maura West
June 30, 2008
Why would Holden sleep with Carly? Carly does have a destructive streak that brings trouble right to her doorway. This time, she seems to realize that she has made a major mistake.
Paul Leyden
July 7, 2008
There was not a new column this week, so instead, please enjoy a look back at what was happening in Oakdale during the week of July 5, 2004.
Ellen Dolan
July 14, 2008
We knew that it would not be long before Margo found out about Emily and Casey's sexual escapades. Last week, Margo found Emily in her house, half-naked, so she decided to treat her like an intruder by pulling a gun on her.
Mick Hazen
July 21, 2008
The thing that really stands out about the Liberty/Parker teen sex storyline is that it seems so real. It's not preachy, which is so often the case with plots like this, which usually come off more as corny after-school specials.
Michael Park
July 28, 2008
The truth is out, and everyone is taking the news pretty much as expected. Jack's angry at Carly for her further misdeeds, Emma and Lucinda are being the mothers that they've always been, and Parker's being the bratty kid that he has always been.
Anthony Herrera
August 4, 2008
It seems that someone is out to get revenge on a number of Oakdale folks. Psychopath Rick Decker is a likely suspect, considering the list of victims, but one can never truly rule out James Stenbeck in a situation like this.
Mick Hazen
August 11, 2008
Where is Carly during all of these conversations about her son and his sex life? Is she off doing other things? When Jack, Brad, Katie, and Janet are having parental discussions, Carly should be right there as well.
Ellen Dolan
August 18, 2008
Chris is bringing sexy back. He was smoking hot as the show's action hero last week. Sure, it was a bit cheesy when the whole police force had their guns aimed at Rick, and Chris took him down with a right hook, but he looked good doing it!
Van Hansis
August 25, 2008
Lily is pursuing Mike in her attempt to let Holden go, but we all know that it will be short-lived. Meanwhile, their children continue to have their own issues, as Luke fights to be accepted.
Austin Peck
September 1, 2008
Brad needs some Valium. He's abusive toward Parker, and he owes the kid an apology. The next time that he puts his hands on Parker, Jack should put the smackdown on him...or Carly. She packs a mean punch.
Anthony Herrera
September 8, 2008
Whenever James Stenbeck visits, it always adds an exciting element to the show. His presence has made Paul interesting again; Meg was starting to think that Paul was perfect, but how could he be? He's the son of Barbara and James.
Trent Dawson
September 15, 2008
Finally, Henry has a storyline that doesn't involve serving martinis. Interesting, though, that he can't seem to get away from the booze, no matter where he goes. At least James gave him a corkscrew when he locked him in the wine cellar.
Michael Park
September 22, 2008
Jack has always been a man who has higher standards than everyone around him, so it was surprising that he decided to help Brad, Katie, and Janet hide evidence. Everyone knows that he won't be able to handle the situation very well.
Grayson McCouch
September 29, 2008
If you tuned in last week and thought you saw Grizzly Adams or Robinson Crusoe on the beach, don't worry; it was just Dusty Donovan, after months of captivity in a cage, where he hadn't seen the light of day, let alone a razor or haircut.
Maura West
October 6, 2008
What is going on with Carly? She is not a woman who is content with being alone, but she is pushing Jack into the arms of Janet, even after he has said that he wants to be with Carly again. This is what she has been waiting for, right?
Anthony Herrera
October 13, 2008
Stenbeck is one of the best villains that the show has ever produced. During the will reading, it was as if he was in the room, despite being on video, when he told Paul to settle down and told Dustin to get the smirk off of his face. Ah, James, you will be missed.
Michael Park
October 20, 2008
Jack and Janet have a connection, though it is not as strong as the one between Jack and Carly. Janet is good for Jack, and she may be one of the few women who can possibly make him forget about Carly.
Van Hansis
October 27, 2008
Luke is running for student government against his former crush, Kevin. This should be interesting, if only for the fact that we might get to see Luke and Noah more. How dirty could the campaign get? Luke hasn't done anything except admit that he's gay.
Jake Silbermann
November 3, 2008
Finally, Luke and Noah are front and center in a storyline that is both complex and entertaining, which will test them as a couple. Noah is not pleased with Luke's new political aspirations, since Luke's old crush, Kevin, is involved.
Austin Peck
November 10, 2008
There seems to be no body, and the evidence has mysteriously disappeared. These things all bode well for poor Brad, who was on his way to a permanent orange jumpsuit in lockup, due to a nice frame job and his own idiotic moves.
Van Hansis
November 17, 2008
Luke is having major problems with Noah; did he expect Noah to lie for him? He has been disgraced by being expelled from school, and he has started drinking again to drown his sorrows.
Ellen Dolan
November 24, 2008
Let's take a minute to count our blessings, like the fact that Casey isn't our son. From prison to a gambling addiction to sleeping with his dad's former lover, this kid is all kinds of trouble. It's great drama, but you have to feel sorry for Margo and Tom.
Terri Colombino
December 1, 2008
Haven't Brad and Katie learned by now that it's best to let the police handle the investigations? Of course, we are talking about the Oakdale many crimes have they solved recently?
Van Hansis
December 8, 2008
Luke is having a tough time. Having your new grandfather hit on you, getting suspended from school for election tampering, and constantly fighting with your boyfriend is no picnic.
Maura West
December 15, 2008
Carly was breaking down more and more last week, as it became clear that Jack and Janet's wedding was going to happen. She was truly going to have to give up Jack to another woman.
Anthony Herrera
December 22, 2008
Part one of a two-part look back at the events of the past year in Oakdale. This week, our columnist Jennifer discusses the best and the worst that As the World Turns had to offer in 2008.
Jon Hensley
December 29, 2008
Part two of a two-part look back at the events of the past year in Oakdale. This week, our columnist Reggie discusses the best and the worst that As the World Turns had to offer in 2008.

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