All My Children alum Alicia Minshew shooting new indie film

Posted Wednesday, August 16, 2023 4:43:04 PM
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Alicia Minshew working on Love in Storytown, a new indie film with an all-female production team.

Alicia Minshew knows a thing or two about being in a love story, having played Kendall Hart for more than a dozen years on All My Children.

Now, the beloved former soap star is shooting the independent film Love in Storytown from Gemelli Films, working among an all-female production team including director Candice Cain and producer/screenwriter Betty Sullivan.

"I am grateful for truly independent productions like Love in Storytown during this strike," Minshew said. "I have recently started producing and writing myself and really appreciate all of the support I have gotten from other females in this industry. I think Candice and Betty will be a dream team."

She noted that shooting an indie film is much different than working in the world of soaps.

"One of the ways is the amount of time we have to shoot each scene," she said. "On a soap, you get only one take to do the scene and then we are moving on! Soaps move so quickly. We have an insane amount of material to shoot in one day-sometimes 100 pages, so it can be a grind."

Since AMC's end, Minshew has stayed busy doing films, television movies, and TV guest spots, and she appreciates having ample time for rehearsal and different takes of scenes.

"I found the process really fun and creative, not as intense," Minshew said. ""I have enjoyed sinking my teeth into a new character with each job. I went from playing a soap diva for ten years to playing a southern belle, a mobster's wife, and a doctor, to name a few. That creatively has been really fun for me."

It's not that she didn't love her former job and the decade-plus she spent playing Kendall.

"I do, however, give props to the entire cast and crew of a soap," Minshew said. "You learn how to work very quickly and efficiently because you don't have a choice. Some of the best of the best are from daytime. It is a whirlwind, but so damn fun, too. The show becomes your second family because you are together all day, every day. The cast and crew of AMC are still my family to this day, and I love them all. On the flip side, I really enjoy popping onto a film set and working with new people and making new friends. I just love it all."

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