Dr. Ben Rayburn
Actor History
Sean Carrigan
June 28, 2013 to November 2013, recurring; November 2013 to Present, contract
Other Names
Stitch (nickname)
Resident doctor at Genoa City Memorial Hospital
Former medic in Army special ops in Afghanistan (2011)
Resides At
Lives with Dylan McAvoy in a warehouse being converted to an apartment
Marital Status
Past Marriages
Jenna Rayburn [Married: 2006; Divorced Mar 28, 2014]
Max Rayburn (son born Nov 2011, with Jenna)
Flings & Affairs
Victoria Newman Abbott (lovers)
Brief Character History

In 2011, Ben Rayburn had been a medic in the Army special ops corps in Afghanistan. Ben met Lieutenant Dylan McAvoy after he busted his chin open falling off a camel. He stitched Dylan up, and left no scar, so had been called "Stitch" ever since. Stitch, Dylan and another soldier named Sully became best friends, sharing memories of the women they loved back home in the States. Dylan's girlfriend was Avery Clark, a woman with whom he had had an affair, and she had miscarried the child.

Stitch had been home on leave following the birth of his son, Max, when his platoon had been massacred, and felt guilty that he should have been there. Dylan and Sully ended up wounded face down in the sand, Sully died and Dylan felt responsible. Dylan was originally declared dead as well, but had been hidden out by an Afghan family while he recovered from his wounds.

By 2013, Dylan made it back to the States, and found Avery engaged to Nick Newman in Genoa City, Wisconsin. After a tearful reunion, Dylan stepped aside so that Avery and Nick could be together, but drowned his sorrow with a one night stand with Chelsea Lawson. Chelsea later claimed to be pregnant by Dylan, they fell in love, and were married. But when Chelsea's baby, Conner, turned out to have been fathered by Adam Newman, Dylan was brokenhearted. Dylan took Conner and ended up barricaded in a warehouse having flashbacks to the war. Avery had to talk him down, and she missed her own wedding to Nick because of Dylan's trauma, ultimately losing Nick.

Ben (Stitch) arrived in town about this time, and helped Dylan with his post-traumatic stress syndrome. Ben secured a residency at Genoa City Memorial, and moved in with Dylan, he said until Jenna and their son could sell their house and join him.

Ben became one of the doctors of Nikki Newman, who suffered from M.S. Nikki held a Veteran's Day fundraiser at The Underground Bar to honor the vets. Dylan and Ben were invited, but Dylan, still unable to see himself as a hero, was reluctant to attend. Avery was able to convince him to show up as they reconnected after remembering how much she loved him while he was in the service, and they kissed. Everyone was rather mystified by Nikki's overly friendly gesture of hugging Dylan for having the courage to attend.

Ashley Abbott returned to Genoa City for Thanksgiving. While there, she sprained her ankle and met Dr. Ben Rayburn. Her daughter, Abby, pushed for a romance, but Ashley reminded her that Ben was married and had a young son.

Running into each other at Crimson Lights, it quickly became evident that Ben and Kelly Andrews (Billy's grief partner) knew each other from the past. Kelly commented, "She was going to find out anyway, it just came up, and wasn't intentional. I take it you and your wife are over?" Ben told her, "We are not going to talk about my wife. In fact, we are not going to talk at all." Later Victoria invited Kelly to dinner, then Ben when he dropped off her lost cell phone. The get-together became very uncomfortable for everyone but Victoria. Left alone, Ben warned Kelly not to get involved with Billy. When Victoria brought down Johnny, Kelly got emotional and left, and Ben left soon afterward, leaving Victoria and Billy to have dinner alone.

Ben caught Kelly coming out of Billy's hospital room after Billy was involved in a car accident, and he accused Kelly of sleeping with Billy. Kelly admitted it was just once, a mutual sharing of their losses. Ben warned her not to let it happen again. Kelly lashed out at Ben, calling him Benji, saying that she is not the reason his wife wanted nothing to do with him, that their relationship was finished before it started. Then referring to Adam Newman's apparent hit and run of Billy's daughter Delia, said, "Who could do something like that, then just go on with his life?" That comment seemed to have hit a nerve with Ben. Ben later confided in Dylan that his wife had filed for divorce and custody of their son. Dylan urged Ben to fight for custody.

After Billy and Kelly's one night stand was exposed, Ben was concerned about Victoria, and while consoling her they ended up kissing. Victoria told Billy, and Billy warned Ben to stay away from his wife. Since Billy had made it clear that he wanted his marriage, Kelly told Stitch how sad and lonely she was. Stitch told Kelly that she could have him now that he was going to be free. Kelly said that there would be no forgiveness for what he did. Kelly claimed that she could not get over Billy, but she was leaving her job to avoid him. Finding out that Ben had kissed Victoria, Kelly commented that Victoria would not want to be involved with a murderer. She later reminded Ben that he had killed a man, and he once told Billy Abbott that he had once done something unforgivable in his past.

Ben got a chance to spar with Victor Newman, and Victor found him to be a worthy partner. Ben was upset to receive a call from Jenna letting him know that their divorce was final, and that she was leaving for Australia with their son. Afterward Ben and Victoria ran into each other at The Underground, and they got drunk as she told him that Billy had signed separation papers. The two were seen leaving together to take a cab home. But while waiting, they ended up making love in her car. Victoria said she was not sorry it happened, and Ben admitted he had been wondering what it would be like ever since their first kiss.

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