The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of January 11, 2021 on Y&R
Lily learned Billy had slept with Summer. Summer met with Wyatt Spencer and was convinced Sally had secrets to hide. Phyllis taunted Victoria about the embezzlement at Newman. Amanda was devastated by Naya's lack of regret over giving up her twins. Imani filed a restraining order against Amanda.
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Lily learned Billy had slept with Summer and Amanda's meeting with her birth mother didn't go as Amanda had hoped
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Nikki is concerned about the rift between Nick and Victoria Nikki is concerned about the rift between Nick and Victoria
Monday, January 11, 2021

Aboard the Jabot corporate jet, Kyle seemed concerned about Summer as she glanced nervously out a cabin window. A fierce blizzard had forced an emergency landing. Billy asked Lily if she was okay. Lily, clutching tightly to her seat's armrests, cried that she was happy to be on the ground. Billy asked Kyle where the pilot had landed the jet. Kyle replied, "Colorado." The passengers were apprehensive about how long it would take to wait out the storm.

Billy blamed Kyle for having insisted that the pilot travel first to Los Angeles instead of flying into Seattle. Kyle reminded Billy that he no longer worked for Jabot, so the company jet's priority was business flights. Summer and Lily both helped calm the situation, telling their significant others to relax and wait out their delay as pleasantly as possible. The pilot announced that the plane would be grounded for hours, or possibly overnight. Billy and Kyle argued about what to do before bundling up and deplaning to search for a motel.

Lily seemed disappointed when Summer acknowledged that Billy and Kyle often butted heads, held grudges, and generally got under each other's skin. Summer told Lily that Lily had been a good influence on Billy. Lily said Billy made her happy, though she'd never thought they'd become involved again. Lily was a bit taken aback when Summer said she was glad to know that Lily was falling in love after having endured a couple of years of difficulties. Lily acknowledged that she and Billy were experiencing a different version of an old relationship, having known each other a long time.

Summer told Lily she'd known Kyle almost all her life and that both had invested a lot to finally make their relationship work. Lily noted that Billy could be very charming. Summer agreed, adding that she'd witnessed Billy's appeal in the past. Summer quickly followed up her statement by explaining that Billy had once dated her mother. Summer apologized for having brought it up. Lily said that they all had pasts, but all that mattered was the present, which seemed to work well. Billy and Kyle returned, each complaining about the other having given inaccurate directions. Billy told Lily and Summer that the nearest hotel was 30 miles away. Billy added, "Settle in. It's going to be a long night."

Amanda stood on Naya's porch and told her birth mother she was glad to have a face-to-face encounter. Naya wasn't welcoming and insisted that Imani was her only daughter. Amanda said she and Naya both knew the truth, though Imani had believed her mother's lie. Amanda said she understood Naya's shock at having her past show up at her doorstep, and she pleaded with her estranged mother to provide answers. Naya claimed she didn't have the answers Amanda was looking for. Amanda, sounding desperate, replied, "Yes, you do, and I deserve them."

Amanda asked Naya why she hadn't kept her daughters and why she'd separated her twins, having allowed Rose to raise Hilary in Evanston, while Amanda had ended up in foster care in Madison. Amanda promised Naya she didn't want Naya's money and had no intentions of tarnishing Naya's name or getting between Naya and Imani. Amanda said Naya owed it to her to at least help fill in the blanks of her life. Naya relented, though she refused to talk at her house because she feared her husband and daughter might discover Amanda. Naya said she'd cover her bases with her family and then drive to Genoa City to meet up with Amanda.

At Society, Nikki told Victoria that she and Victor were concerned about Chelsea. Nikki said Victor had hired a specialist to work with Chelsea at home. Victoria wasn't thrilled to hear that Victor was involved. Nikki acknowledged that her daughter was concerned about her father once again being pulled into Adam's orbit. Victoria cried, "Pulled back? He's been running back. He's been waiting for this opportunity to reconnect with him."

Victoria recalled Adam's vow to distance himself from all things Newman. Victoria told her mom that Adam was using the situation to wrap Victor around his finger again. Nikki explained that Victor believed Chelsea's crisis might have been a wake-up call for Adam. Victoria insisted that Adam would turn on Victor and the family after he got what he wanted, warning that history would once again repeat itself.

At Adam and Chelsea's penthouse, Adam acknowledged to Chelsea, immobilized in her wheelchair and unable to speak, that he was aware her physical therapy had been draining. Adam praised the skills of the doctor Victor had provided. Chelsea blinked once, indicating that she was comfortable with Dr. Cavett after Adam asked Chelsea to express her impression of the specialist. Adam told Chelsea she could recover if she clung to her belief that it would happen.

Chloe stopped by to cheer up Chelsea. Chloe attempted to conceal her shock when she first saw Chelsea. Adam told Chelsea that though he and Chloe had issues, they both loved her, so he hoped the visit would lift Chelsea's spirits. Before Adam left to run errands, he told Chloe that Chelsea blinked once to indicate "yes" and twice to indicate "no." Adam instructed Chloe to phone him if Chelsea needed anything.

Chelsea acknowledged to Chloe that Adam was taking good care of her. Chloe held up her phone a few feet from Chelsea and bragged that her baby never took a bad photo. Chloe cooed about Miles smiling whenever he looked at Bella. As Chloe continued to scroll through photos and narrate her happy life with her children, she noticed Chelsea looking depressed. Chloe paused and apologized. Chloe said she knew in her heart that Chelsea would get her life back, and she encouraged her dear friend to focus on getting better.

Tears welled in Chelsea's eyes. Chloe partially blamed herself for having piled additional stress on Chelsea by insisting they revive their company partnership. Chloe also noted that she'd had no right to dictate how Chelsea should live her life. Chloe promised she'd never interfere again. Chloe invited Chelsea to join her in locking away the past and starting anew. Chelsea blinked once to indicate that she agreed with Chloe.

In Phyllis' suite at the Grand Phoenix, Phyllis read a text message from Kevin asking to meet. When Nick stepped out of the bathroom, Phyllis quickly set down her phone. After Nick stepped away to finish dressing, Phyllis picked up her phone and replied, "This better be about what I think it is." Phyllis rode down to the lobby with Nick and wished him a good evening.

Just after Nick headed toward the exit, Kevin called out to Phyllis, which startled her. Phyllis shushed Kevin and cried that she hadn't noticed him in the lounge area. Kevin said he'd kept his distance because he didn't want Nick to know about their get-together. Phyllis asked Kevin if he had the flash drive she could use to get leverage over Victoria. Kevin clarified that Phyllis meant blackmail.

Upstairs in Phyllis' suite, Phyllis was overly eager use the information Kevin had to confront Victoria about an embezzlement from Newman Enterprises that had taken place on her watch. Phyllis, giddy, told Kevin that they'd both be rolling in Victoria's money. Kevin explained that Phyllis' dream wouldn't happen because he wasn't interested in blackmailing Victoria. Phyllis promised to keep quiet about Kevin's involvement, but he noted that she had a bad track record where trust was concerned. Phyllis admitted she sought revenge and that Victoria deserved whatever was dished out. Kevin declined to participate and entreated Phyllis to recall how many times fighting dirty had come back to hurt her.

Kevin told Phyllis that he'd gotten rid of the flash drive in order to protect her. Kevin reminded Phyllis that they'd both changed for the better and had much to be grateful for, so neither should risk their jobs or their relationships to act foolishly and stupidly. Kevin suggested that Phyllis rise above her anger like a phoenix. Phyllis admitted she struggled to follow directives from the angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other. Kevin expressed surprise that Phyllis even had an angel. Phyllis admitted she might listen to the devil and find a different way to get at Victoria through another source. Kevin, frustrated, reminded Phyllis that she'd already won and should contemplate acknowledging that she had.

When Nick joined Nikki at Society, Victoria abruptly left. Nikki asked Nick what was going on between him and his sister. Nick explained that after Victoria had bought out Phyllis' debt, she'd attempted to snatch the hotel out from under Phyllis. Nick added that he'd helped Phyllis with a loan, so she wouldn't lose the hotel. Nikki sighed in frustration when Nick said he wouldn't let Victoria's actions slide.

Nikki told Nick she didn't condone what Victoria had done and had advised her not to pursue the hotel deal. Nick explained that Victoria had set out to hurt the woman he loved and continued to taunt Phyllis every chance she got. Nick pointed out that Nikki both condemned Victoria and made excuses for her the same way she did for Victor. Nick added that Nikki's behavior toward both made sense because Victoria had increasingly begun to behave just like Victor. Nick put his foot down and warned that he wouldn't put up with it.

At Crimson Lights, Mariah told Faith that Sharon and Rey were having a blast in Miami. Faith joked that their mother would return tanned while they would appear like human snow. Mariah asked Faith what she wanted to do before being dropped off at Nick's. Faith received a text message from someone who referred to Faith as a loser and asked if she hadn't shown up at a party because she hadn't been invited. After Faith tucked her phone in her pocket, she told Mariah that a friend was hosting a party, but she wasn't in the mood to attend.

Mariah noticed Adam enter and asked him what he was doing there. Adam said he'd stopped by to grab coffee. Faith jumped up out of her chair and cried, "No. What are you still you doing here in Genoa City? My mom told me you were leaving town. Why aren't you gone?" Adam explained that there had been a change of plans.

Faith told Adam he didn't deserve to live in the same town with all the people he'd hurt. Adam insisted he hadn't stayed in town out of spite. Adam explained that he and Chelsea had experienced a setback he didn't want to discuss, though he assured her he'd leave as soon as he could, so everyone could get on with their lives. Faith replied, "Mom already has. She's on her honeymoon with Rey." Faith told Adam she hoped Sharon would never have to see him again.

After Faith walked away, Mariah told Adam to leave. After Adam left, Mariah checked on Faith. Faith said she hated that Adam continued to show up at the coffeehouse after all the gross stuff he'd done. Mariah agreed and said Adam didn't deserve one ounce of Faith's energy. Mariah added that Adam was worth less than the dirt under Faith's shoes. Faith said she appreciated Mariah allowing her to vent and suggested that a brownie might help her feel better. After Mariah went to get a brownie, Faith sent a text message to Jordan. Faith told Jordan she could sneak away from Mariah because she needed a friend.

Amanda paced the lobby floors at the Grand Phoenix as she waited for Naya's arrival. When Naya walked in the door, Amanda thanked her for coming. Naya accepted Amanda's invitation to join her in her suite, so they could talk privately. Naya said she was in a hurry to get the visit over with. Naya set down her travel bag in Amanda's suite. Amanda requested that Naya start at the beginning because Amanda wanted to know everything.

Nick returned unexpectedly to the Grand Phoenix and found Kevin and Phyllis chatting in the lobby. Nick reminded Phyllis that she'd said she didn't have plans for the evening. Kevin claimed that he'd just stopped by and had run into Phyllis, and they'd started talking. Phyllis rambled on about talking about their families and exchanging friendly advice. Kevin said Chloe was probably wondering where he was, so he left to return home.

Phyllis said she thought Nick had a busy schedule planned for his evening. Nick explained that his dinner with Nikki had ended sooner than expected. He added that Christian was staying the night with a friend. Nick acknowledged that he and Nikki weren't seeing eye to eye about the way Victoria was treating Phyllis. Nick vowed to stay by Phyllis' side. Phyllis cried, "I'm so lucky to have you. Sometimes I forget how good we have it." Nick said he'd always remind Phyllis how good they had it. Phyllis became emotional and said Nick didn't need to remind her anymore.

After Adam returned home, a nurse told him that Chloe had left a while before. Adam also learned that Chelsea had gone to sleep. Adam thanked the nurse, and she went to another room. Adam received a text message from Victor. It read, "Thinking of you and Chelsea. Hope things went well with Dr. Cavett. Please don't hesitate to reach out." Adam sighed impatiently.

Amanda is devastated by Naya's lack of regret Amanda is devastated by Naya's lack of regret
Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Abby descended the stairs of the Chancellor mansion and plopped down on the couch. Chance presented her with ginger ale and crackers to settle her stomach, but she didn't think she could keep anything down. He hated that she wasn't able to sleep, and he commented that it was better to get sick in the morning. She perked up and wondered if there was more to it than just nausea.

Chance realized that Abby thought she had morning sickness, but he considered it more likely that something she'd had for dinner had upset her stomach. Abby insisted that it was the way she'd felt the last time she'd been pregnant, and it wasn't her only symptom. He didn't think there was enough evidence to jump to any conclusions. She mentioned that she had one pregnancy test left from the prior month, and she wanted to take it.

Abby tried to get up but got woozy and fell back on the couch. Chance told her to rest and take the test the next day, since she'd told him that pregnancy tests were more accurate if taken in the morning. She clucked that she wasn't a patient person, and all she cared about was counting the blue lines on a white plastic stick because those lines could change their lives. Chance admitted that he was also dying to know, and he encouraged her to go count them.

Chance paced as a downtrodden Abby returned to the room. She resolved not to let one negative pregnancy test get her down, and he brightly stated that they could have more fun trying for that second blue line. Abby preferred to take a second test, and she begged him to go to an all-night drugstore to buy another one, since she had a feeling. He offered to also get her something for her stomach while he was there, and he headed out.

Later, Chance returned, chattering about the interesting clientele at the drugstore at night. He found Abby asleep on the couch. He set the pregnancy test on the coffee table, sank into a chair, and snoozed. When he woke up, Abby was sitting sullenly on the couch. He asked how she was feeling, and she informed him that she'd had another dream about babies in bassinets, except they hadn't been crying that time.

Chance insisted that it had only been a dream, but Abby worried that her subconscious was telling her something was wrong. She wondered why it was taking that long to get pregnant, but he mentioned that his research had indicated that taking up to a year was normal. He added that the first test might have been wrong, and she might already be pregnant. Abby grabbed the new test and stepped out to try again.

A forlorn Abby returned to the room, and Chance assured her that it would happen soon enough. She reminded him that she was very impatient, and she wanted to be proactive by making an appointment with her doctor. Chance thought she was stressing herself out unnecessarily and that it was too soon to worry. Abby didn't want to wait, and she insisted that they both get checked out to see if there was anything they could do to speed up the process.

On the Jabot jet, Billy snarked that the snack selection had been better when he'd been in charge at the company. Kyle shot back that they should be glad Billy hadn't lost the jet along with the yacht when he'd been CEO. Lily suggested that they keep things civil because they'd be there for a while. Kyle proposed that they get some sleep, and Billy retorted that at least they wouldn't have to listen to Kyle pontificate. Kyle turned to Summer and remarked that at least he was with her. Lily and Billy tried to make themselves comfortable enough to sleep in their seats.

After Kyle and Lily fell asleep, Billy crossed over to Summer, who'd stayed up to work on a deal for JCV. Billy enthused about Summer running the division, and he envisioned her doing good things. She waited for the punchline, but he assured her that he could sometimes surprise someone with a sincere compliment when it was warranted. Summer said she'd been impressed with what he was doing with Chancellor Communications and how he'd pulled his life together.

Summer hoped that Billy had left his worst instincts behind him for good, and he glanced over at Lily and mused that he'd had some help. Summer teased that she didn't know what someone cool and smart like Lily saw in him. Summer warned him not to hurt Lily, and Billy replied that he had no intention of doing so because he realized how good he had it. Summer thought the old Billy would have had no business even contemplating being with Lily, but she thought that he'd changed and even grown, so perhaps he was worthy then.

Later, Summer asked if Billy was sleeping with his eyes open. He contemplated doing something that could be potentially uncomfortable and maybe a little painful, but he felt he had to do it because it was the right thing and long overdue -- and it was about her. He apologized from the bottom of his heart for what he'd done to her. Summer recognized that she hadn't been completely blameless, but he accepted fault for taking advantage of her feelings.

Billy didn't know how Summer could stand to talk to him, and he thought it proved what an incredible person she was. She considered herself to be a far stretch from incredible, but she liked to think she'd changed and grown, too. Summer contended that what mattered was who they'd become and not who they'd been back then, and he appreciated her outlook after how horrible he'd been to her. He thanked her for talking about it, and she returned to her seat. Lily closed her eyes as Billy returned to his.

The group learned they were ready for takeoff. Summer stepped away to freshen up, and Kyle went to consult with the pilot. Billy noted that he and Lily were finally alone, and he jokingly asked if she wanted to make out. She coolly declined, and he asked if everything was all right. She worried that the delay would affect their meeting, but he assured her that he'd been in contact with the CEO, and everything was good to go. She halfheartedly replied that they'd see.

The plane landed in L.A., and Kyle rejoiced that they'd made it. He wished Billy and Lily luck, and Billy replied that he'd wish Kyle luck, too, but he hadn't been listening and didn't know why Kyle and Summer were even there. Kyle instructed Billy to take a commercial flight back, but Billy claimed that he'd arranged with the captain to take him and Lily back to Genoa City first and then return for Kyle and Summer.

After Kyle and Summer deboarded, Lily wondered why Billy had given Kyle such a hard time. Billy figured that someone had to, since Kyle was young and good-looking and had money and Summer. Lily questioned whether something had happened with Billy and Summer, since Lily had woken up and heard him apologizing. Billy confessed that he'd slept with Summer after he'd found out Phyllis had cheated on him with Nick.

Billy explained that what had happened had been at a low point for him, and Lily realized what Summer had meant when she'd said there had been a time when she'd seen Billy's appeal. Billy had no idea how Summer could stand being in the same space as him, but he believed she'd forgiven him after their talk that night. He doubted that Phyllis or Kyle felt the same way, and he revealed that it was why there had been tension between him and Kyle on the flight. Billy was sorry that Lily had been the only one who hadn't been aware of Billy and Summer's history, and Lily grumbled that he'd still hitched a ride, knowing how awkward it would be.

Billy reasoned that he'd wanted to make sure they were in time for their meeting. Lily was sure he'd gotten everything he'd wanted, but she argued that it had been a huge shock for her. Billy swore that he hadn't wanted to hide anything from her, even though he could have lied and kept the secret. He insisted that he cared about her, and he didn't want to be a person who hurt or betrayed others anymore. Lily understood that he wasn't a saint, but she thought what he'd done to Summer sounded horrible.

Lily proposed that she and Billy focus on business that day and set their personal stuff aside until after they finalized the deal. He wondered if he should have made up a bogus excuse about why he'd apologized to Summer, but he stressed that he hadn't wanted to disrespect Lily by lying to her. He was scared that everything they had might go away, and Lily admitted that she didn't know what to say about him sleeping with Phyllis' daughter while he and Phyllis had been together. Billy asked if it had changed the way Lily saw him. She requested time to process it.

Kyle and Summer entered their hotel room, and she lamented that it was too early to call anyone. He suggested that they get room service for breakfast, but she preferred to acclimate to the time zone. He noted that she'd seemed to be on better terms with Billy, and she reported that they'd talked when they had both been unable to sleep. Summer recounted that Billy had been brutally honest and pretty hard on himself and that he'd apologized for what had happened. She doubted she would forget it, but she thought he'd seemed remorseful. She said she'd forgiven him.

Kyle commended Summer for having a big heart, but he vowed that it would be a "cold day in hell" before he forgave Billy for what Billy had done to her. Kyle wondered what they should do to kill time until dawn, and she began to disrobe and claimed that the shower water was very different in L.A. than it was back home. Kyle unbuttoned his shirt and balked at taking a shower together because it might get crowded, but he pointed out that there was a big bed in the room. She raced him to it.

After showering, Summer cooed that she'd told Kyle that there was enough room for both of them. He was very happy she'd proven him wrong, and she chirped that it was a decent hour to make calls. She pledged to focus on the trip and finding out what had happened with Sally. She phoned Wyatt Spencer, who congratulated her on her new job and hoped she'd seen the Eye on Fashion article about it. Summer informed Wyatt that she was in town with Kyle, and they wanted to stop by to discuss JCV and Spencer Publications -- and a few other things.

In Amanda's hotel suite, Naya apologized and struggled for words, since she'd never thought she'd be having that conversation. Amanda prompted her to start with why she was sorry. "You were, quite unfortunately, a mistake," Naya admitted. Amanda sarcastically stated that she was glad Naya had taken time to find the right language, since Amanda would hate to hear the harsh version. Naya explained that she'd lived with her version of the story for decades, and she'd never thought about it from another person's point of view.

Naya figured that sometimes the truth was harsh, and telling her parents about her pregnancy had been the scariest thing she'd ever had to do. Naya revealed that her family had been very religious, with prayers before every meal and daily Bible readings. She continued that her father had been a rising star as a state politician, and there had been no discussion or debate when she'd told her folks she was with child. She recalled being told to take a leave of absence from school to carry the twins to term and let them be adopted. She'd never held her children because they'd been taken from her right after birth.

Naya shared that Rose had agreed to take the babies in but had realistically only been able to care for one. Amanda inquired whether Naya's family had sent money to support Rose. Naya disclosed that Rose had received a large sum of money when she'd taken Hilary, with the understanding that there would be no further contact because the secret could never be exposed, and monthly payments could have been traced. Naya believed that it had been easier to cut ties and close the door on Rose and the twins to ensure there had been no scandal. "Easier," Amanda repeated in disbelief. Naya acknowledged that it sounded cold. She admitted she'd been relieved when the decisions had been made for her, and she hadn't argued.

Amanda asked who had made the decision to separate Naya's twins, and Naya assumed that her parents had made the call. Naya recounted that she'd only known that she'd been nowhere near ready to raise children, so she'd gone along with their plan and returned to college soon after. Naya continued that her family had never spoken of it again, and she'd gone on to graduate, work for her father, meet and marry her husband, and have a baby the proper way. Naya remarked that life had gone on, and Amanda incredulously asked if Naya had never considered looking for her and Hilary. Naya replied that it had been too risky, and she had moved on.

Naya asserted that her family had been happy and doing well, and Hilary and Amanda would have been a threat to all of that. Naya swore that she was a good mother to Imani, and she thought that was in part because of a need to make up for what she'd done with Hilary and Amanda. Amanda questioned how Naya could say she was sorry but have no regrets. Naya argued that she was capable of contradictory thoughts, and although she'd felt remorse, she hadn't had many options, so there had been no point to dwelling on what had happened.

Amanda wondered if her father had known what had happened to his children, and Naya divulged that he'd never known she'd been pregnant with them. Amanda demanded to know where her father was, and Naya reported that he'd died in a car accident about a year after the twins had been born. "So, they're both gone," Amanda numbly stated. "Both?" Naya asked. Amanda spat that Hilary was dead.

Amanda shared that Hilary had also died in a car accident like their father, and Amanda hadn't met either of them. Naya voiced surprise that Rose hadn't reached out to tell them, and Amanda informed her that Rose had died several years earlier. Amanda barked that Naya had shut the door so tight on Rose that no one had been able to get through to tell Naya that Rose had passed away. Amanda forced Naya to look at her, since her eyes and face had been Hilary's, too. Amanda ranted that she shared a lot with her sister, but in life, they'd shared nothing.

Amanda raged that Hilary hadn't been there when Amanda had felt unloved growing up, and Amanda hadn't been there to comfort her sister when the only mother Hilary had known had died. Amanda accused Naya of robbing her and Hilary of their family history and one another, since Naya hadn't given it a second thought when her babies had been taken away. Amanda growled that Naya had missed out because Hilary had been a star, yet neither one of them had had the good fortune of knowing her. Amanda declared that she herself was also an amazing person, and she deserved to be loved and known. Amanda bellowed that Naya could take her relief and scandal-free life.

Naya started to say that she wished something, but someone pounded on the door. Amanda whipped open the door and found Imani, who reiterated her threat that there would be trouble if Amanda didn't stay away from Naya. Naya protested that Imani shouldn't be there, and Imani demanded to know how Amanda had forced Naya to go there. Naya urged Imani to go home so they could talk in private, but Imani ordered Amanda to give it up because no one believed her lies. Imani threatened to call the police, but Naya blurted out that it wasn't a lie, since Amanda was her daughter.

Imani refused to believe it, but Amanda insisted that they were sisters. Amanda revealed that she'd also had a twin, and she implored Imani to imagine two of her. Amanda reiterated that all she'd wanted was the truth, and she'd gotten it, so she wanted nothing else. Amanda blasted Imani for still trying to protect a lie, and Naya defended that it had been best to keep Imani in the dark all those years. Amanda lectured that Naya was human and made mistakes like anyone else, but Imani ordered her not to talk about Naya like Amanda knew her.

Imani proclaimed that she'd had enough, and Naya suggested that they talk it out at home. Imani stormed out, and Naya faced Amanda. Naya recognized that the words "I'm sorry" were laughably inadequate, but they were all she had to offer. Amanda pointed out that Naya had been about to say she wished for something before Imani had interrupted, and she pressed to know what it had been. Imani called to her mom to go, and Naya silently walked past Amanda, who slammed the door behind her.

Devon found a distraught Amanda at his door. She whimpered that she hadn't known where to go, and he asked what had happened. She threw herself into his arms and sobbed, and he consoled her.

Amanda is served with court documents Amanda is served with court documents
Wednesday, January 13, 2021
by Nel

Sharon and Rey returned home from their honeymoon to an empty house. Rey asked Sharon if he should have carried her across the threshold, but Sharon reminded him he'd already done that on their wedding day. Sharon said she wanted to enjoy the silence after being with Rey's boisterous and exuberant family. She told Rey she'd enjoyed his family a lot, but she wasn't used to that much noise. Rey suggested they continue their honeymoon, but before they could do that, Mariah arrived with an armful of balloons and a banner. She was shocked to see Rey and Sharon there and asked if their flight had been early, because she'd wanted to surprise them.

Mariah asked Sharon and Rey if they could leave for a few minutes, but they refused. Nick and Faith arrived, and they were happy to see Sharon and Rey. Concerned, Sharon asked Nick why Faith wasn't in school. Nick said Faith wanted to be there for their welcome home brunch. He didn't believe it would be a problem.

When asked about their honeymoon, Sharon and Rey described the Rosales family and all the events they had participated in. Faith asked if they'd had time to shop. Nick teased that it was Faith's way of asking what they had brought for her. Sharon and Rey asked what everyone had done while they'd been away. Mariah told them things at Jabot were wonderful, and she was excited to go to work every day. Nick said he'd started a new New Hope project. At that moment, Rey received a text message from Paul asking him to head to the station. Rey left. Mariah said she had to get to work, and she left. Before Faith went upstairs to do her homework, she told Sharon how much she'd missed Sharon, then Faith left.

Alone, Nick noted that Sharon appeared to be displeased because he'd allowed Faith to skip school. Sharon said that given the recent circumstances, Faith needed structure. Nick promised that in the future, he would talk to Sharon first concerning Faith. Sharon noticed that Faith had been overcompensating; she was too animated, and she acted too interested. Sharon had the sense that something had happened while she'd been away. She questioned Nick about it. He said that Faith hadn't broken any rules.

Sharon asked Nick why Faith was acting suspicious. He said Faith was a teenager, and teenagers kept secrets. Sharon asked about Faith's drinking. He said he'd kept close to her while Sharon had been away, and Faith hadn't stepped out of line; however, he'd learned something new about Jordan. He said that both times that Faith had been drinking, Jordan had been with Faith. Phyllis had seen them together both times. Nick said Jordan was older than Faith, and perhaps Faith was a victim of peer pressure.

Faith stood on the stairs and eavesdropped.

Sharon told Nick that Faith was holding back. She said they couldn't assume that Faith's drinking had been experimental. Sharon reminded Nick that Faith had had a great many upheavals in her life recently, both good and bad. Sharon was concerned about bullying in school. Nick said he'd kept a close eye on her, and she'd been video chatting and getting her homework done. Sharon said that Faith had had an encounter with Adam at the coffeehouse and had become very upset. She felt they needed to consider getting Faith a therapist.

Sharon told Nick that Faith might appreciate having someone to talk to who would be objective. Nick pointed out that it could have the opposite effect and drive Faith away. He suggested that perhaps Faith could talk with Nikki. Nikki could explain to Faith all the risks of drinking. Sharon wondered why, if Faith wouldn't open up to them, she would open up to Nikki. Sharon said it was their job to make Faith see it was the best thing for her. It would help her get a better handle on her life. Sharon was certain there was something going on, and they needed to find out what it was. Sharon told Nick she couldn't lose another child. In the end, Sharon and Nick agreed they wanted Faith to get all the help she needed.

After their discussion about Faith was over, Nick told Sharon she looked great. She had that honeymoon afterglow going on. He said that he and Phyllis were getting better on a daily basis. Sharon said that Nick and Phyllis made a great couple. Nick claimed he was surprised that they'd had such a long conversation and that Sharon hadn't mentioned Adam or Chelsea. Sharon wondered how Chelsea was doing. Nick said he'd been out of the loop, but he hoped Chelsea had been receiving the treatments she required. He hoped that Sharon hadn't thought about contacting Adam. Nick said he was concerned about Chelsea and Connor, but Adam had always taken care of himself.

After Nick left, Sharon called to Faith, and they left together for Crimson Lights.

On the Jabot jet, Billy told Lily he wanted to celebrate because they were the proud owners of "Ask MD Now." Billy wanted to talk about them because Lily hadn't looked at him since he'd told her about Summer. Lily accused Billy of using Summer. Billy said he'd regretted it. He said that Summer had moved past it, and he wondered if Lily had, as well. She said she'd known about his past. She recalled all the conversations about how he'd changed and grown, and he wasn't that guy any more. Lily admitted that she'd made extinction-level mistakes herself and couldn't sit in judgment.

Billy explained to Lily that on the day Sharon and Nick had been about to get married, he'd proposed to Phyllis. At the church, Sharon had announced that Nick had slept with Phyllis. Billy admitted that when he'd heard that, he had wanted to hurt everyone around him. Phyllis had cheated on him, and he'd blamed himself for trusting her. It had felt like his heart had been ripped out, and he'd wanted revenge without considering the consequences.

Lily said Billy had slept with Summer to throw it in Phyllis' face and that spoke volumes. She said it explained his visit to her in prison. He had wanted to tell her about Cane and Victoria kissing. Billy claimed that Lily had had a right to know.

Lily told Billy that it hadn't been the only reason he'd told her. Victoria had stabbed him in the back the way Phyllis had done, but when Billy had gone to the prison to tell her, he hadn't considered how it would make her feel. She'd had no way of dealing with that situation and Cane. She said Billy had done the same thing with the exposé about Adam. He hadn't considered how it would affect the victims. She said it was his pattern -- he got hurt, and he wanted to hurt those who'd hurt him without considering the fallout.

Billy told Lily that he'd never looked at it that way. Lily said it was all connected. Billy admitted it was easy to blame others for any damage they'd done, but to acknowledge his own actions was a heavier load to bear. He admitted he'd wanted to punish Phyllis. He realized he could have caused permanent damage in Phyllis and Summer's relationship, but he was happy they had moved past it. He had never believed Summer would accept his apology, but he was incredibly relived she had; however, it didn't change how much he hated what he'd done. It had been a low point in his life.

Billy told Lily he felt ashamed and disgusted. He was scared Lily wouldn't trust him and would rethink things between them. Lily said she'd already rethought their situation. She admitted he'd shocked her with what he'd done, but she saw that he'd truly regretted his actions. She knew what it was like to be tormented, but Billy had been honest and brave, the two qualities she'd been looking for in a partner, professionally and personally. Billy asked where that left them.

Lily assured Billy she wouldn't stand in judgment of him, and he wouldn't need to be on guard around her. She was clear that the recklessness and carelessness had to stop. Billy said he would work on that like it was his second job. Lily asked what Billy would change about her. Billy said Lily was perfect, but she needed to be more spontaneous, to pretend she couldn't see right through him, and to get rid of the annoying habit of bringing out the best in him. He said it had been a long time since anyone had done that for him. He didn't want to disappoint her, and he admitted that he'd always disappointed everyone. He said they deserved to take time for themselves to celebrate all their accomplishments. Lily asked how long before takeoff. Billy said they had a half hour. Lily smiled and suggested they start the celebration.

At Devon's, Amanda told Devon that whenever she closed her eyes, she replayed her conversation with Naya. Naya had called her a mistake. Amanda wondered what kind of parent looked into her child's eyes and said that. Naya had stated that Rose had only been able to keep one baby because Naya's family had given Rose a one-time lump sum of money. Amanda felt that Naya could have fought to keep them or to see them, but she had allowed it to happen and had never looked back. Amanda said it hadn't occurred to her that Naya had had no idea that Hilary had died, but even though she hadn't given them a second thought, Naya had appeared as if her heart had broken for a child she'd never gotten to know. When Amanda had seen Naya's reaction, it had broken her heart, as well.

Amanda told Devon she'd found speaking to Naya cathartic, especially when she'd gotten to tell Naya what she'd robbed them of and what she'd missed out on by erasing her and Hilary from her life. Amanda said she'd thought that when she met her mother, she would brag about how phenomenal she was and how she'd grown in spite of Naya. Instead, she'd talked about Hilary and what a star she'd become. Naya had said she was sorry, but when Imani had stormed in, Naya's walls had gone back up. Naya had gone back to the life she'd been protecting. Amanda said she would go back to her own life. She said that although it had been painful, she admired Naya's honesty.

Devon told Amanda that he understood that Amanda meeting her birth mother had had as much impact on her as it had on Naya. Amanda stated that Naya had had no regrets, and she'd gone on with her life and achieved her happily ever after. Devon asked about Naya's honesty with Imani. Amanda said Naya was probably doing damage control as they spoke.

Devon wanted to know what was next for Amanda and Naya. Amanda felt there wasn't any chance for a relationship with Naya. Devon likened Amanda's reaction to meeting her mother to be the same as when he'd discovered that Tucker McCall was his father. Devon hadn't wanted anything to do with him, and he'd shunned Katherine for a while after he'd discovered that Katherine had hidden Tucker from him. It had taken some time, but things had changed dramatically in his relationship with Tucker and Katherine. He didn't want Amanda to rule anything out. He said she needed to protect herself from unrealistic expectations.

Devon asked Amanda what seven-year-old Amanda would have wanted from Naya. In tears, Amanda blurted out that she only wanted her mother to love her unconditionally. Hilary had had that love with Rose, and Imani had it with Naya. Amanda had never had it, but it didn't matter anymore. She had the answers she'd wanted. With a sigh, she told Devon she needed a distraction. Devon claimed he had just the thing. After enjoying Devon's omelet, Amanda said she was very impressed with his culinary skills.

Devon asked Amanda about ChanceComm. She informed him that Billy and Lily had flown to Seattle to purchase a new company, but they'd become stuck in a snowstorm. Devon was happy that Lily was putting herself out there again, but not so happy that it was with Billy. He hoped that Billy had evolved. Amanda admitted that Billy was a handful. Devon informed Amanda that Billy and Lily had been involved previously. Amanda assured Devon that the change in Billy was real, and he was serious about his relationship with Lily. She said that Lily was far stronger than Devon gave her credit for.

Jordon was at Crimson Lights when Faith arrived. When she saw Sharon behind Faith, she cheerfully greeted Mrs. Rosales and asked about the honeymoon. Once Sharon walked away, Jordan asked Faith why she was with her mother. She'd thought Faith would be alone. Faith said she had thought Sharon would be home, unpacking and chilling, but she wanted to be at the coffeehouse.

Jordan told Faith that Sharon was doing the parent thing, pretending she wasn't watching them but keeping them under surveillance. She asked Faith why. Faith said her parents were freaking out because of her drinking. Jordan claimed it had only been a couple of times; she wondered what they were planning to do and asked if they thought they had to send Faith to rehab. Faith said things had to change. Jordan asked if there would be no more parties or drinking. Faith assured her that they just had to be more careful.

Devon escorted Amanda to the Grand Phoenix. She thanked him for breakfast and for being a good listener. At that moment, a man approached them and asked if her name was Amanda Sinclair. She said it was. He handed her an envelope and told her to consider herself served. Amanda and Devon looked stunned.

Abby confides in Victoria Abby confides in Victoria
Thursday, January 14, 2021
by Nel

Dr. Cavett arrived at Adam's penthouse. Adam said that he and Chelsea were open for progress, but Dr. Cavett said she wanted to be alone with Chelsea because Chelsea felt pressured to perform. She wanted to give Chelsea a chance to do things on her own.

At the Grand Phoenix, Amanda told Devon that the document was a restraining order to stay away from Naya, and it had been filed by Imani. Angry, Amanda said it was another version of the same message: go away and leave them alone. Devon suggested they sit down, have a drink, and talk. Amanda received a text message from Billy asking her to meet him at the office. Amanda stormed out.

At the Chancellor mansion, Chance arrived with a bag of treats for Abby in an attempt to cheer her up. Abby said she wasn't going to let one negative pregnancy test pull her down. She said she had an appointment with the doctor. Chance said he also had an appointment. He was certain they would both be cleared.

Nikki arrived in Victoria's office and suggested that Victoria take some "me" time because Nikki could see how stressed Victoria was. Victoria said the kids had a fundraising skating party at school later that day, but she couldn't take them because she had back-to-back meetings. She said Billy would have to take them. Nikki said that Billy might have plans, but Victoria asked if Nikki was referring to Billy having plans with Lily. Victoria said it wouldn't be a problem because Billy would drop everything to be with the kids. That was who he was.

Nikki asked Victoria how she felt about Billy dating Lily. Victoria claimed she didn't think about it because she'd moved on, and so had Billy. Nikki said that Billy had a successful business and a new woman. Victoria suggested that if Nikki wanted to trash-talk Billy, she should talk to Victor. Nikki stated that Victoria worked endless hours, and she had no social life, unless she was hiding something. She said Victoria went home in time to put the kids to bed and woke up the next day to do it all over again. Victoria said she didn't need anyone telling her what to do. Nikki left.

Elena and Nate arrived at the Grand Phoenix. Devon approached them, and he asked Nate if they could talk. Devon assured Nate he wasn't looking for a fight. Nate agreed. Devon said that Moses' mother, Sofia, had reached out to him. Moses was thinking about spending time in Genoa City and finishing school at Walnut Grove. Devon said he was happy to help, but Sofia had specifically asked if Nate would be willing to mentor a future doctor. Moses was contemplating going into pre-med programs and enrolling in programs where he would finish undergraduate and medical school in seven years. Nate was impressed that Moses had done his research.

Devon told Nate that Moses was only 16 years old, and Devon suggested that he and Nate put their differences aside and be there for Moses. Nate said he needed to think about it. He had to decide where his career was going. It wasn't the right time to mentor Moses. Devon asked Nate to contact him if he changed his mind. Devon left. Elena asked what Nate had objected to, the message or the messenger.

At ChanceComm, Amanda congratulated Lily and Billy on the successful acquisition of "Ask MD Now." Before leaving to draw up the contracts, Billy bade a warm goodbye to Lily. Amanda noticed and asked if Lily cared to share, but Lily smiled and said no. She asked Amanda about her birth mother. Amanda said they had talked, and then they'd hit a brick wall. She told Lily about the restraining order taken out by Imani. Amanda felt Imani saw her as a threat to Imani's position as a favorite daughter and wanted to keep her away. Lily didn't understand.

Amanda told Lily that in Naya's family, one was either an ally or the enemy. There was no doubt where she stood, in Imani's opinion. Amanda said the meeting with Naya had been strange at first, then emotional and cathartic, and Naya had been unrepentant. Imani had barged in and dragged Naya out, followed by the restraining order. Amanda told Lily she was really pissed off that this brat, born on "third base," had demanded that Amanda step aside so she could continue her fairy tale life. Lily stated that those people had no idea what Amanda had been through. Lily suggested that Amanda let go of her anger because it was easy to make a wrong decision when angry.

Lily told Amanda that it was an emotionally complicated situation, and Amanda needed to figure out the right approach. Amanda thanked Lily for talking her down. She said she was accustomed to being in control. She was grateful for Lily and Devon's support, and she informed Lily that she'd had breakfast with Devon. Lily asked "as in…" but Amanda interrupted and said Devon was Lily's brother, and Lily should ask him. Amanda left.

Sharon was working behind the counter at the coffeehouse when Adam arrived. He said he hadn't realized Sharon had returned from her honeymoon. Sharon asked how Chelsea was doing. Adam said she was at home and receiving physical therapy. The doctor had wanted to be alone with Chelsea. He asked Sharon if it would be okay for him to hang out for a bit. Sharon agreed.

Adam told Sharon that Victor had hired Dr. Cavett as Chelsea's therapist. Sharon said she was happy that Adam had accepted Victor's help, and since Chelsea was out of the hospital, it meant she was improving. Adam explained that Chelsea's mind was fine, but she was unable to speak or move most of her body. Sharon told him to be patient because recovery from a stroke took a long time. Adam claimed he would stand by Chelsea for as long as it took.

Adam commented on how wonderful Sharon looked and thought of what Chelsea had lost in comparison. He said that Chelsea's eyes were filled with fear and worry. He said he felt guilty because he should have done something to prevent what had happened to Chelsea. He said he'd been lying to Connor because he hadn't been able to tell Connor the truth.

Adam apologized to Sharon and said he hadn't meant to complain, but Sharon said it was good to vent. At that moment, Rey arrived and greeted Adam. He asked about Chelsea. Adam stated that Chelsea should be back to normal soon. Rey was certain that Chelsea would make a full recovery.

Adam thanked Rey and was about to leave when Chance arrived. He told Adam that he and Abby had been meaning to call Adam about Chelsea. Adam caustically asked if Chance really was going to call him. Chance asked if he'd offended Adam in some way. Adam told everyone to stop being polite and to stop pretending they didn't hate him just because Chelsea was struggling. Adam left.

Chance asked Rey if it had been something he'd said, but Rey assured him they couldn't say anything to Adam without him biting off their heads. Sharon said that things weren't going well for Chelsea. She said that Adam had burned a lot of bridges, but it was difficult seeing Adam in so much pain. She left. Chance told Rey that Sharon had a big heart. Rey agreed and said it was one of the reasons he loved her.

Chance welcomed Rey back from his honeymoon. He said that Rey had been missed at that station. Rey said he'd stopped by the station, and it had been busy. It was great to have Chance on board, but he noticed that something was bothering Chance. Chance informed Rey that it was taking longer than expected to have kids, and he and Abby were a little anxious. Rey wished Chance and Abby all the luck in the world.

Victoria arrived at Society and bumped into Billy. Billy said he was picking up a little something to celebrate the new acquisition. Victoria commented that things appeared to be getting serious between him and Lily. Billy asked if there was something wrong with that. Victoria claimed she was happy for him, but Billy wanted to know why he felt that wasn't the case. Victoria thought Lily was awesome, and she hoped Billy didn't hurt her. He asked if she was referring to him screwing up and thanked her for the advice.

Victoria told Billy that the kids had a fundraising skating party at school later, but she would be tied up in a meeting. She asked if Billy could take them. Billy said he had plans with Lily, but Victoria reminded him that he'd missed a night with the kids when he'd been out of town. Billy didn't look happy but said he would do it.

As Billy left, Abby rounded the corner while on a phone call with her doctor. She didn't look happy. Victoria overheard part of the conversation, and she asked if something was wrong. She asked if she could help. Abby replied that she and Chance had been trying to get pregnant, but so far, nothing. She said she'd been off birth control for a couple of months. She told Victoria that she and Chance were going to see a doctor to make sure nothing was wrong.

Victoria reminded Abby that she'd been told she couldn't have children, and after three years of bad news, there had been her miracle baby, Katie. She told Abby that it was far too soon to give up hope. Abby was certain the doctor would tell her to be patient. Victoria left for her meeting.

Elsewhere, Nate told Elena that he was conflicted about Moses -- but not because Devon had brought it up. He said that Moses was a good kid, and Nate believed in paying it forward. Nate said it was wrong for him to turn it down, but he wondered what kind of role model he would be. He said he accepted his new reality, but he was still bitter about his future.

Elena said Nate was wrong, and she understood why Nate would be hesitant about stepping up for Moses. However, he was disregarding how fulfilling it could be. She didn't believe he would show Moses an ounce of his frustration because that was the kind of person Nate was. Nate claimed that Elena had made him out to be a much better person than he was. Elena said she understood he was disappointed that he couldn't be a surgeon anymore, but he hadn't allowed that to stop him. He had reinvented himself. Nate said he'd had no choice.

Elena recalled when Nate had told her how important it was for him to follow in his mother's footsteps and how his stepfather, Malcolm, had been his role model. She said Nate had an opportunity to be that for someone in his family. Elena encouraged him to help his cousin, and she guaranteed he wouldn't regret it.

At ChanceComm, Billy told Lily that seeing her happy was all he needed. They had to figure out how to take "Ask MD Now" to the next level. She suggested they brainstorm later and figure out potential improvements. Billy said he had to bail because Victoria was tied up in a meeting, and he had to take the kids to a school fundraising skating party. Lily said she would be angry if he didn't go. Later and alone in the office, Lily ordered takeout for one.

Amanda stormed into Devon's apartment and read a text message she'd received from Naya: "I'm sorry that Imani took things to such extremes." Devon asked if that was all. Amanda shouted that Naya hadn't followed with "Let's talk things out," only "I'm sorry." Devon asked if Amanda could fight the restraining order, but Amanda said that her birth mother clearly wasn't interested in having a relationship with Amanda, and she was obviously pleased that Imani had figured out how to keep Amanda from disrupting Naya and Imani's lives. Naya was accustomed to allowing other family members to make the tough decisions for her.

Devon told Amanda that it was Naya's loss. Naya should be proud to have a child as strong and accomplished as Amanda. Amanda said it was probably the reason she was okay with letting Imani do what she'd done. Amanda crowed that she was a success, so Naya didn't need to feel guilty about the choices she'd made, and Naya didn't need to have compassion for Amanda because Amanda had turned out okay. Amanda said she didn't need anything from Naya, so she so no reason to not cut her off completely. Devon said that Naya had contacted her about the restraining order, which meant she hadn't stopped talking to her.

Amanda asked Devon why he kept defending Naya. Devon couldn't understand why someone could be so concerned about their reputation that they would pass on the chance to get to know their child. Amanda said that of all the families that she and Hilary could have been born into, they had really pulled the short straw. Amanda said she needed to forget about Naya.

At the coffeehouse, Victoria had been getting coffee when Billy arrived and asked her where the kids were. She told him they were on the patio. She thanked Billy for changing his plans; however, her meeting had wrapped up early, and she was free. Billy asked if she would be taking the kids skating, but Victoria said the kids were excited about them going as a family. Billy didn't look happy.

Victoria asked if Billy was upset, but she felt that they hadn't had a chance to spend time together since Christmas. She assured him she hadn't made it up; her schedule really had changed. Billy said he was there, and it was fine. He suggested they go and enjoy themselves.

Adam stood silently in the doorway to his penthouse and heard Dr. Cavett tell Chelsea she didn't want Chelsea to feel disappointed because things hadn't gone well. She said it took time, and they would get there.

Inside, Adam told Chelsea he knew she was a fighter and would make a full recovery. Dr. Cavett was ready to leave, and Adam took her aside. He said he'd seen her comforting Chelsea. He asked what Chelsea's chances were. The doctor told him that staying upbeat would help, and the doctor left.

Adam received a text message from Sharon that read: "Let me know if you need anything." Adam looked touched and frustrated at the same time.

Chance arrived at home and found Abby crying. He asked what was wrong. Abby told him she'd seen her doctor. The doctor wanted to do a procedure. Abby said she had scar tissue from her miscarriage, and the doctor wanted to perform surgery to see if that was the reason Abby wasn't becoming pregnant. Chance said they needed to take things one step at a time. There was no reason to jump to the worst-case scenario. He believed with all his heart that they would have the family they wanted. He said that Abby shouldn't have any doubt, either.

Summer meets with Wyatt Spencer to fish for dirt on Sally Summer meets with Wyatt Spencer to fish for dirt on Sally
Friday, January 15, 2021

At Crimson Lights, Sally greeted Jack and made small talk about the winter weather. He imagined that she missed her hometown, and she bet Summer and Kyle were having a blast in L.A. Sally wondered if Jack had heard from them, and he replied that he hadn't expected to. She mentioned the couple's meeting with Spencer Publications, and he asked if there was a reason she was uncomfortable with Summer and Kyle meeting the Spencers.

Jack sensed that Summer and Kyle's trip to L.A. had piqued Sally's interest more than she'd wanted to let on. Sally chalked it up to her having ties with a lot of people there. Jack swore that her personal life was none of his business, but JCV was still part of Jabot because it was part of Fenmore's, so having a good working dynamic was important to him. He wondered if he still needed to worry about Sally and Summer putting their differences aside. Sally admitted that there was something he ought to know.

Sally confided that she'd left L.A. to get rid of some painful memories, and some people there might have less than glowing things to say about her. She explained that she hadn't told Jack about it before because she'd been trying to avoid the way he was looking at her then, but she considered it best if he knew the truth. Sally reiterated that she and Summer had had a great conversation, but she'd been able to tell that Summer didn't completely trust her. She was afraid that Summer would return from L.A. with an even lower opinion of her. Sally contended that she'd worked hard to get a fresh start, and she'd hate to see that tarnished if Summer heard stories about her. Jack wondered how bad the stories were.

Sally recognized that she sometimes rubbed people the wrong way, but she swore that her new job really mattered to her. She wanted her colleagues to respect her. She worried that Summer might hear something that might seem to add credibility to the claim that Sally was out to steal Summer's job. Jack assured Sally that Summer was intelligent and empathetic, and he was confident that Summer wouldn't base her thinking on a rumor -- especially one that Theo had started. Lauren approached and asked if Sally had a minute to talk about something.

Lauren announced that she had a special project for Sally, since Fenmore's had acquired Jabot's clothing line as part of the JCV deal. Lauren hoped Sally could brainstorm some design marketing strategies for the new season, and Sally proclaimed that she was bursting with ideas. Lauren reminded Sally that the task would be on top of her duties as an assistant, and Sally promised that she wouldn't let Lauren down. Sally excitedly said she'd see Lauren in the morning, and she headed out. Jack thought the project had made Sally's night, and Lauren shared that she had a few motives. Lauren looked forward to seeing what would happen when Sally's ability and talent were fully focused, but she also hoped to get Sally's mind off JCV and Summer.

Summer and Kyle arrived at a Los Angeles restaurant, and they mugged for the camera as they took pictures of one another. She planned to post them online to make everyone in Genoa City jealous. He commented that he could get used to the weather, and she guessed that the sun had given her energy, since she wasn't tired, even though they hadn't gotten much sleep. Summer expected her upcoming meeting to be a great opportunity to make a killer advertising deal as well as find out more about Sally. Summer figured that if anyone knew about the secrets in her rival's past, it would be Sally's ex-boyfriend.

Wyatt Spencer arrived and welcomed Summer to L.A., and Kyle stepped out to leave them to their business meeting. Summer commented that she could get used to the weather there, since she'd never have to wear closed-toe shoes again. Wyatt said she could wear flip-flops wherever she went, but she anticipated going back to wearing boots when she returned to Genoa City. Wyatt recalled seeing photos of her and Kyle ice-skating, since he'd started following her on social media when he'd found out she'd been named head of JCV.

Summer thought JCV and Spencer Publications would be a great match, since she wanted to reinvent the JCV brand and create excitement for the label. Wyatt expressed interest in a media launch to announce the new direction of the company, and Summer chirped that Lauren would be excited, too. She added that it was a great time at Fenmore's all around, and she casually mentioned that Sally Spectra had said to tell him hello. Wyatt was clearly taken aback, and he asked how Summer knew Sally.

Summer claimed that she'd thought Wyatt had known that Sally had moved to Genoa City and was working as Lauren's executive assistant. Wyatt noted that it was a big step down for Sally, and he voiced surprise that she'd accepted the job. Summer chalked it up to Sally getting a foot in the door, adding that Sally seemed very hardworking and humble. Wyatt chuckled and mused that humble wasn't the first word that popped into his mind when he thought of Sally. Summer said she didn't know Sally that well, but she'd like to know more, since they were on the same team.

Summer indicated that Sally had made quite a mark in Genoa City already, and Wyatt was glad to hear Sally was doing well. He agreed to talk to his father about the promotional idea for JCV, and he promised to get back to Summer soon. He asked how long she'd be in town, and she replied that she'd be there as long as she needed to be. Wyatt recommended a surfing spot and a taco stand to check out while she was there, and he headed out. Kyle rejoined Summer, who declared that she'd been right about Sally having a juicy secret that was just waiting to be exposed.

Summer informed Kyle that Wyatt had had a huge reaction when she'd dropped Sally's name, and she believed there was bad blood between them. Summer added that Wyatt hadn't gone into details because they'd just met, but she considered it a good start to their fact-finding mission. She squealed that she was getting work done, too, and she was excited about the potential partnership with Spencer Publications. Kyle reminded her that she'd promised fewer layers of clothes to lure him there, and she resolved to have fun and find out what Sally was hiding before they left L.A.

Later, Summer answered a call from Wyatt, who wanted to set up a meeting with her and his dad. Summer expressed enthusiasm about the opportunity, and she apologized if she'd put him on the spot earlier by mentioning Sally. She hoped it hadn't opened any old wounds, and he told her not to worry about it. After Summer hung up, she informed Kyle that they were one step closer to finding out why Sally had fled L.A. for Genoa City.

At Society, Abby snapped at a vendor over the phone. Mariah overheard and asked if everything was okay, and Abby bemoaned that she didn't know how to respond. Mariah chirped that the maid-of-honor rules still applied, and she prompted Abby to talk to her. Abby shared that she'd been feeling nauseous the prior evening, with a slight fever and sensitivity to smells, but two home pregnancy tests had turned up negative. Abby continued that she'd made an appointment with her doctor to see why she was having trouble conceiving, and the doctor wanted to do a procedure the next day to look at some scarring Abby had from her miscarriage a few years earlier.

Abby contemplated what she'd do if she got bad news, but she bristled when she saw that Mariah was doing something on her phone. Mariah apologized for sending a text message while Abby had been talking, but she hoped it paid off. Mariah swore that she'd heard everything Abby had said, and she believed going to the doctor for answers was a great idea. Abby confided that she was freaking out instead of being glad she'd trusted her instincts about looking into whether there was a problem. Mariah pointed out that there could be many reasons why Abby hadn't gotten pregnant yet.

Abby lamented that the irrational part of her brain kept thinking about the "what ifs." Abby relayed her doctor's words that uterine scarring was pretty common, and sometimes it didn't cause any issues. Mariah encouraged her not to overthink it, since everything might be fine, and there would be nothing to worry about until at least the next day. Mariah revealed that she'd been sending a text message earlier because she thought Abby could use a distraction. Tessa sauntered in.

Abby was afraid she'd drag everyone down, but Tessa vowed to get Abby to a happy place. Mariah noticed an upbeat song on the sound system and proposed that they dance out the jitters. Mariah and Tessa started grooving to the music, and Abby laughed and called them insane. Tessa urged Abby not to fight the insanity, and Mariah argued that they'd ditch the anxiety and get a workout. After some coaxing, Abby jumped to her feet and joined them. Lola walked in from the kitchen and wondered what was going on. Abby explained that her friends were helping her forget about her nerves, and Lola offered to contribute to the cause with something chocolate.

Mariah suggested that Tessa incorporate dancing into her next tour, but Tessa insisted that her awkward moves were reserved only for cheering up friends. Mariah invited everyone back to her and Tessa's place to binge-watch movies, but Lola declined because she had to clean up. Tessa pushed Abby to join them for a romcom marathon, but Abby opted to go home to be there when Chance finished work. Abby assured her friends that their mission had been accomplished, since she felt 100 times better. Tessa proposed that they make it a regular thing, and Mariah wished Abby luck the next day. Abby thanked all of them.

After Abby left, Mariah remarked that no one deserved to have a child more than Abby and Chance, who would be able to provide a sense of security and love. Tessa mused that neither she nor Mariah had had that growing up. Mariah recognized that it was part of who they were, but she refused to let it define them. Lola inquired whether they'd thought about having kids, and Mariah replied that they'd never talked about it. Tessa imagined it would be a long discussion, and Mariah didn't think either of them was ready for it at that point. Tessa agreed, but she was open to considering it someday.

Mariah asked if Lola had ever thought about it, and Lola recalled her pregnancy scare with Kyle and thinking she'd definitely want kids when the time was right. She figured that she didn't even have time to date then, since Society was like her baby, and she was okay with that. Lola stood up to get back to the kitchen and appeared to get woozy, but she quickly recovered and cleared some plates. Tessa asked if Mariah was still up for movie night, and she clarified that she was never happier than when they were together. Mariah cooed that it made two of them.

Abby returned home and found bouquets of flowers adorning the living room. She read a card from Chance, who informed her that he was going to be later than he'd thought and assured her that everything was going to be fine the next day. She sank onto the couch and daydreamed about welcoming a baby home right before the holidays.

Abby left a voicemail for Chance to tell him she loved the flowers. She said she'd been feeling a little shaky, but thanks to him and her amazing friends, she was feeling much better. She had faith that the next day would be a wonderful one.

At the cottage, Faith received a text message from Jordan, inviting her over. Faith wrote back that she couldn't go because her parents knew she'd been with Jordan both times Faith had been caught drinking. Jordan responded that Faith had been lucky to have only been caught twice, and Faith warned that her folks were suspicious of Jordan. Jordan sent an angel emoji and promised to win them over.

Later, Faith called Jordan and recommended that they give Nick and Sharon some time to calm down before convincing them that Jordan was her guardian angel. Faith insisted that she still wanted to hang out, and she promised to figure out a way for them to see one another.

In the Grand Phoenix lobby, Phyllis sourly acknowledged Victoria's presence and surmised that Victoria expected her to be happy for the business. Victoria grumbled that being there hadn't been her first choice, and Phyllis questioned why she wouldn't want to be at the most beautiful establishment in Genoa City. Victoria conceded that the headhunter she was meeting preferred the place, and Phyllis assumed that Victoria was upset because she'd tried to stick it to Phyllis and lost at her own game. Phyllis implied that she might have more moves to make in the future.

Phyllis recalled that Victoria had wanted to teach her a lesson but had become petty and vindictive. Victoria boasted about the pile of cash she'd made by selling the hotel back to Phyllis, and she argued that it wasn't her fault that Phyllis had needed to beg Nick for money because she hadn't been able to bail herself out. Phyllis maintained that it was a loan, and Victoria suggested that they both move on. Phyllis accused Victoria of moving on by sweeping people and things under the rug, and Victoria shot back that she couldn't seem to make Phyllis disappear. Phyllis questioned whether Victoria's meeting with the headhunter had to do with replacing the CFO of Newman's L.A. subsidiary.

Victoria asserted that her headhunter worked out of Philadelphia. Phyllis countered that gaslighting didn't work on her and that being dumb didn't suit Victoria. Victoria realized that Phyllis obviously had something to tell her, and Phyllis revealed that she was aware Victoria had forced the CFO of her L.A. subsidiary to resign because he'd been embezzling funds. Phyllis taunted that Victoria had made him quietly pay back every penny so her daddy didn't find out, since they all knew Victor ran Newman with an iron fist. Phyllis assumed that the Newman throne Victoria was sitting on was in jeopardy, and she dared Victoria to deny it. Victoria demanded to know what Phyllis planned to do with the information.

Phyllis contemplated the endless possibilities of what she could do with what she knew, and Victoria guessed that it was a prelude to blackmail. Phyllis admitted that she'd thought about it, but she'd decided to pass. Victoria surmised that Phyllis was going to tell Victor, but Phyllis shared that she'd decided to go against her basic instincts and be the phoenix that had risen from the ashes. Phyllis explained that she'd wanted Victoria to know that Phyllis had the power to destroy her but had chosen not to.

Phyllis added that she still had the information and could always use it if Victoria gave her reason to. Victoria snarled that implying that she owed Phyllis something at a future date was no better than using it against her then, and Phyllis invited her to choose the latter alternative. Phyllis urged Victoria to hurry along, since she needed a new CFO. "You're welcome, by the way," Phyllis called as Victoria stalked off. A nearby Nick demanded to know what the exchange had been about.

Phyllis claimed that she and Victoria had been engaged in a friendly game of one-upmanship. Nick observed that Victoria hadn't appeared to enjoy the game, and Phyllis had sounded like she'd been lording something over her. Phyllis alluded to having information that she could have used to blackmail Victoria, but she'd decided to take the high road. Nick referred to the tension, and Phyllis confessed that she'd needed to rub it in Victoria's face that she knew about something Victoria had covered up at Newman. Phyllis referred to Victor as Victoria's Achilles' heel, and she giggled at the prospect of him finding out about it.

Nick questioned how Phyllis had gotten the information, and she vaguely responded that she'd obtained it from a friend. Nick realized it was why she'd been talking to Kevin the other night. Phyllis divulged that Kevin had been the one to talk her out of it by reminding her they'd both changed, so she had too much to lose. She conceded that it would have been poetic justice to extort Victoria, but she hadn't been able to stoop that low. Nick shrugged and remarked that it was too bad, since he thought he would have enjoyed watching Victoria getting a taste of her own medicine.

Nick explained that he didn't want Phyllis doing something illegal or risking everything she'd achieved, but he wouldn't have minded Victoria catching heat from their dad. He considered it scary how his sister reminded him of Victor and Adam, and he thought she needed to get her wings clipped a bit. Phyllis noted that it didn't sound like him at all, and he stated that his outlook had changed after seeing how Victoria treated people with no regrets or consequences. He admired Phyllis for not listening to the devil on her shoulder and for doing the right thing. He murmured that he was proud of her, and she amorously asked how proud he was. He suggested that he take her upstairs and show her.

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