Y&R Recaps: The week of January 18, 2016 on The Young and the Restless
Sage snooped into Dr. Anderson's background. Dylan devised a plan to use Natalie as bait to get Adam back during Chelsea's fashion show. Adam learned that his kidnapper was a woman. Billy started to remember details about the night he'd been hit by a car.
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The Young and the Restless (Monday, January 18, 2016) Chelsea Frantically Searches for Adam Chelsea Frantically Searches for Adam
Monday, January 18, 2016

At Adam and Chelsea's penthouse, Dylan questioned Chelsea about Adam's sudden disappearance. Dylan asked if Chelsea and Adam had argued. Chelsea explained that she and Adam had grown closer after Billy had nearly lost his life. Dylan recalled that Chelsea and Billy had once planned to marry. Chelsea insisted that Adam's disappearance had nothing to do with her feelings for Billy.

Chelsea explained to Dylan that Victor and Victor's involvement with the Santori family were the only problems she and Adam had faced lately. Dylan asked if the Santoris might be involved with Adam's disappearance. Chelsea said she couldn't be certain, but she was concerned because Adam had warned her to stay away from Luca Santori. Chelsea said she had a feeling that Luca wanted to cut himself loose from his infamous father. Chelsea cried that she feared Luca might be willing to do whatever was necessary to achieve his independence.

In Victor's office at Newman Enterprises, Paul told Victor that Chelsea had filed a missing-person report on Adam. Victor busily shuffled a stack of message forms while insisting that there was nothing to worry about. Paul replied, "Well, if that's true, why do you have people looking for Adam?" Victor claimed that he'd hired an investigator look into Adam's whereabouts just to give Chelsea peace of mind. Paul asked if Victor felt apprehensive, given the Santori's dangerous reputation. Victor replied, "Why would a minor business deal with the Santoris make me feel apprehensive?"

Paul told Victor that the Santori family considered Victor to be their business partner. Paul asked about Luca Santori. Victor brushed off Luca's role in the Santoris' business interactions with Newman Enterprises. Noah entered just as Victor asked Paul about Billy. Paul said, "Great news that Billy Abbott survived, isn't it?" Victor agreed.

After Paul left, Noah became nervous. Noah asked Victor if Billy might have said something to the police. Victor told Noah to calm down. Noah seemed tense. Victor told Noah that Paul was investigating another matter. Victor insisted that Paul's investigation would lead nowhere. Noah said, "Are you sure about that?"

At the police station, Paul and Dylan met to discuss Adam's disappearance. Paul said that Victor hadn't been cooperative and didn't seem concerned about Adam's disappearance. Paul added that Victor might have involved Adam "in dirty work" and didn't want Chelsea to know about it. Dylan replied, "Chelsea's convinced that Victor knows more than he's saying and that the Santori family is involved." Paul suggested that because Chelsea deeply mistrusted Victor, she'd based her fears on past experiences. Paul said, "What if Adam hasn't called Chelsea because he can't?"

At the Top of the Tower, Marisa questioned Luca about Adam's disappearance. Luca maintained his innocence. Luca insisted that his goals were to take over his father's company and end the secret arms deals and the reliance on drug money. Luca became disappointed when Marisa seemed to doubt him. Luca admitted that Victor believed the Santoris had taken Adam. Marisa said she feared for Luca's life. Luca said that if his father had kidnapped Adam, he would've contacted Victor. Luca added that Victor resented the Santoris' interest in Newman Enterprises.

Marisa suggested that she and Luca devise a plan to manipulate Victor. Marisa noted that Victor's main concerns were money and power. Marisa said they'd have to convince Victor that an attack on Luca would threaten Newman Enterprises' bottom line. Marisa reached across the table to caress Luca's hand and said she trusted him. Luca took Marisa's hand and nodded approval. Noah entered the dining room and winced when he saw Marisa and Luca holding hands. Noah told Luca that Victor had summoned him.

After Luca left, Noah told Marisa he was worried because Paul had been talking to Victor. Noah said that while he was grateful for Billy's recovery, he was also worried that Billy might tell the police about the accident. Marisa insisted that keeping quiet had been the right decision, so Noah should find peace with it. Noah replied, "How do you find peace when you walked away from a crime and hide out like a coward?" Noah thanked Marisa for her support and recalled how he'd fallen in love with her the moment they'd met.

Luca entered Victor's office. Luca insisted he knew nothing about and hadn't been involved with Adam's disappearance. Victor replied, "Your father does. The ransom note from the Santoris suggests otherwise." Victor explained that Luca's father wanted to exchange Adam for Marisa because she posed a problem for the elder Mr. Santori. Luca said he doubted his father would've sent a ransom note let alone set out to make someone disappear like Victor had done to Marco. Victor replied, "I have no doubt that your father kidnapped my son. If the price for Adam's release is your wife, so be it." Luca said, "There's no way in hell I'm letting you trade Marisa for Adam." Victor said it was too late.

Two men wearing dark suits entered the dining area at the Top of the Tower and told Marisa that Mr. Newman wanted to meet with her. Marisa said, "Victor? What about?" One of the men insisted that it was an urgent matter. Noah said he'd accompany Marisa, but one of the men blocked Noah's path and explained that Mr. Newman had asked to meet alone with Marisa. The other man escorted Marisa to the elevator. Noah remained seated at the table.

Luca returned and asked Noah what had happened to Marisa. Noah said she'd gone to meet with Victor. Luca became impatient and said, "I was just with Victor. Marissa wasn't there. I can't believe you let them take her. Victor is planning to trade Marisa's life for Adam's." Noah, unable to make sense of what Luca had said, asked for clarification. Luca said he wasn't certain that his family was involved. Luca admitted that he'd been working with Victor for months to get Marisa out of Noah's life.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon, pushing Sully in his stroller, greeted Mariah. Sharon asked Mariah about her plans for the evening. Mariah said she and Kevin would just be hanging around at home. Sharon spied the large quantity of food Mariah had ordered and said, "I'm doing the math. Who's your third guest?" Sage's arrival thwarted Sharon's intention to glean the truth from Mariah.

Sage immediately peered into the stroller and cooed at Sully. As Nick entered, Sharon plucked the baby from his stroller and handed him over to Sage. Neither Sharon nor Sage seemed to hear Nick declare that he and Sage couldn't stay for long. While Sage busied herself entertaining Sully, Nick privately questioned Mariah about Dr. Anderson. Mariah noted that Dr. Anderson seemed "creepy" because she constantly kept tabs on Sharon. Mariah expressed her concern about Dr. Anderson's habit of also constantly intruding into Nick and Sage's affairs. Nick glanced over and momentarily watched Sage engaging with Sharon and Sully before telling Mariah that he wasn't sure what to think about Dr. Anderson. Mariah said, "I think that she has her own agenda, and I would watch her with both eyes open."

After Mariah left, Sharon joined Nick on the patio. Sharon noted how happy she, Nick, and Sage had become thanks to Dr. Anderson. Nick praised Sharon for working hard and having made good choices to help improve her emotional well-being. Sharon mentioned that she'd decreased her medication according to Dr. Anderson's recommendations. Nick expressed his misgivings and recalled that whenever Sharon stopped or changed the dosage of her medications, her behavior had become erratic. Sharon insisted that she'd never felt better.

Nick noted that the increased level of medication was still in Sharon's system. Nick asked Sharon what might happen if her symptoms resurfaced. Sharon admitted that Dylan had expressed the same concerns. Sharon said she wasn't worried because Dr. Anderson would be watching for problems. Sharon became defensive when Nick expressed concern about her ability to care for Sully. Nick insisted that Sharon had put too much faith in Dr. Anderson. Sharon said, "Dr. Anderson thinks it's a victory, and she's very encouraging. My life is better thanks to her, so how can you question that?"

Sharon attributed Sage and Nick's recovery from their loss to Dr. Anderson's care and support. Nick said Dr. Anderson had expressed concern that encouraging Sage to bond with Sully might lead to a setback. Sharon rebutted Nick's statement. Dr. Anderson, Sharon explained, had warned that her own recovery might be impeded by Sage's relationship with Sully. Sharon added, "Helping Sage is good for everyone." Nick said he feared Dr. Anderson was telling Sharon one thing and him something else. Nick added that Dr. Anderson had upset Sage. Sharon cautioned Nick not to seek trouble where it didn't exist. Chelsea arrived to talk to Nick.

Sharon returned to the coffeehouse's dining room, where Sage snuggled with Sully. Sage looked into Sully's eyes and said, "You recognized me, huh? You know me." Sage kissed Sully's cheek and held his face closer to hers. Sharon approached Sage. Sharon said Sage and Sully seemed smitten with each other. Sage said, "I read that a baby can recognize its mother's voice right away from hearing it in the womb and could recognize its mother's face twelve hours after birth." Sharon admitted that her memory of Sully's birth was hazy. Sharon recalled how amazing it had been when she'd first gazed into the eyes of the little soul she'd carried inside her.

On the coffeehouse's patio, Chelsea told Nick that she'd lost contact with Adam after Victor had supposedly sent him away on a business trip. Nick suggested that Adam might be busy working. Chelsea replied, "No. Adam would've called me. Something's wrong." Chelsea noted that she'd contacted the police and had talked to Victor. Chelsea said that though Victor had said nothing was wrong, she felt he was hiding information.

Chelsea recalled that she'd had a bad feeling since the day Adam had agreed to work with Victor. Chelsea cried that Victor had thrown Adam into the middle of a Victor-Santori turf war. Nick said, "I don't know what you think I can do." Chelsea said she had nowhere else to turn and pleaded with Nick to help find his brother.

After Nick left, Sage entered the patio and asked Chelsea what was wrong. Chelsea explained that she'd been unable to contact Adam after Victor had sent him on a business trip. Sage said there had to be a reasonable explanation. Chelsea replied, "I had a really bad feeling when he was leaving, and I begged him not to go. What if he's not coming back?" Sage, noting Chelsea's distress, seemed concerned.

In a suite at the Genoa City Athletic Club, Kevin hunched over Natalie's shoulder as she typed away on her laptop. After failing to fix the bugs in her program, Natalie sighed and cried, "I can't do this." Kevin said, "Victor Newman has put up serious money to have exclusive rights to this Internet-security idea, which at this point is neither exclusive nor secure because you sold the idea to another backer and kept the money." Natalie replied, "Of course there were glitches. There were deadlines, and I was rushed." Kevin said he feared Natalie had conned him because she'd lied about her program's capability and had taken money from someone else.

Natalie assured Kevin that her dealings with him had been straightforward. Natalie pointed out that she could've hacked into Kevin's bank account and stolen the two million dollars instead of traveling all the way to see him in person. Natalie claimed that she'd made missteps because Kevin had planted in her mind visions of them changing the world before he'd let her down. Kevin explained that his original backer had almost died. Natalie sighed and seemed frustrated.

Natalie retrieved a bottle of wine from her duffel bag. Kevin worked to unseal the cork while warning Natalie that Victor Newman didn't respond well to cheaters and liars. Mariah returned with food and noticed the bottle of wine. Kevin said, "Natalie works better floating a little bit of a buzz." Natalie smiled at Kevin and replied, "You remember." Kevin left to meet with Paul.

Natalie took a drink of wine from the bottle and said, "So, you and Kevin?" Mariah took the bottle, sipped a drink, and replied, "So, you and Kevin?" Natalie and Mariah took turns drinking from the bottle of wine. Natalie said she'd met Kevin at a bar, where he'd been bragging about his computer skills. Natalie asked Mariah if she and Kevin were involved in a romantic relationship. Mariah said they were just friends. Mariah admitted that she and Kevin had once made love, though it hadn't been a good experience. Natalie said she was interested in Kevin, but she had little experience in real-world relationships.

Kevin met with Paul and Dylan at the police station. Paul said that though he didn't have much information, he was certain Adam was being held against his will. Before Paul left, he told Kevin that Dylan would fill him in about a plan to find Adam. Dylan told Kevin that Adam might have gotten caught up in a power struggle between the Santori family and Victor. Dylan noted that Victor could've lost control of the situation. Kevin suggested that Victor might have "sacrificed the prodigal son." Dylan said he intended to ensure Adam's safety because Chelsea and Connor needed him. Dylan said that because of time constraints, Kevin would have to access Victor's personal communications.

Kevin phoned Mariah and immediately asked to speak to Natalie. Kevin said he needed Natalie to help him. Mariah seemed miffed while Natalie was talking to Kevin. Natalie, using her laptop, hacked into Victor's personal email. Kevin instructed Natalie to tag all communications from the Santori family.

Kevin, noting the high level of security protecting Newman Enterprises' computer system, said, "I need you to black-hat this. Nobody can know about this, so make sure you cover your tracks." Kevin told Natalie to hold on while he answered another call. It was Victor ordering Kevin to meet with him immediately.

While Natalie studied Victor's personal messages, Mariah stood behind her and read them. Natalie said one message appeared to be a ransom note. Mariah looked puzzled as she read it. Natalie said, "Who's the girl? Who's valuable enough to trade for Adam Newman?" Mariah replied, "It's you. Natalie, the 'girl' is you." Natalie became fearful as she studied the words in the ominous message.

Kevin nervously entered Victor's office. Victor showed Kevin the emailed ransom note. Kevin read the message and said, "They want to exchange Adam for the girl?" Nick entered through the partially opened door and asked, "What girl?" Victor sat with his hands posed as if in prayer. Victor seemed distraught.

At Sharon's house, Dylan returned home. Sharon greeted Dylan. He apologized for being late and explained that he'd been helping Paul with a case. Sharon kissed Dylan passionately. Sharon noted that Paul seemed to rely on Dylan's help with police matters as much as he did the officers on the force.

Dylan said, "Paul pulled some strings. Because of my military background, I don't have to go to the police academy, so you're looking at Genoa City's newest detective." Sharon's mood shifted abruptly, and she emphatically replied, "No!"

The Young and the Restless (Tuesday, January 19, 2016) Who's That Girl? Who's That Girl?
Tuesday, January 19, 2016

At the Athletic Club, Abby flashed back to a conversation she'd had with Stitch, and he'd told her that she didn't know anything about love. Devon greeted Abby, and he observed that her paperwork looked intense. She discarded the logistics reports as boring stuff, and Devon suggested that she join Ashley in her new venture with Dr. Neville. Abby thought it would be fun to work with her mom, but she remained committed to Newman. Devon noted that it had looked like Abby had been battling a headache when he'd walked over, and she confided that she'd been thinking about a time when someone had told her that she didn't know anything about love. Devon asked how Abby had responded, and she replied that she'd married the guy.

Abby remembered that after the conversation with Stitch, she'd talked to Devon about what love was really like, and Devon had said something about someone being there to catch him after he'd been tossed around like a ragdoll. Abby noted that Devon had been having a scandalous affair with his father's wife at the time, and Devon countered that Abby had been sleeping with her niece's husband back then. Abby acknowledged that they'd all made mistakes, and she asked if Devon still felt the same way about love. Devon remarked that love was the same, but the situation was different, and he no longer had someone to catch him.

Abby assured Devon that Hilary would return to him, and Devon noted that Stitch seemed like the kind of guy who would be there to catch Abby. Abby commented that Stitch couldn't catch everyone, and she explained that there were other people who needed Stitch more than she did, like his son. She admitted that she didn't like having to take a back seat, but Devon thought she'd found something real with Stitch and that she'd do anything to keep it. Devon said he hadn't expected such an intense conversation when he'd stopped by to say hello, and Abby pointed out that they were both still a mess over a year after they'd last talked about love, so it was time they figured it out.

At Newman Enterprises, Victor fibbed to Nick that he and Kevin had been discussing a young lady who'd interviewed for an IT job. Nick mentioned that Chelsea was worried that Adam was mixed up in something dangerous, and Victor asked for a moment alone with Nick. Kevin stepped out, and Nick relayed that Chelsea was convinced that Victor knew more than he was saying. Nick inquired whether Victor knew what had happened to Adam.

Victor said Chelsea had overreacted after everything that had happened with Billy, but Nick argued that it wasn't like Adam to stay out of touch. Nick asked if Victor had spoken with Adam, and Victor cryptically replied that he'd talked to the people Adam was meeting with. Nick assumed that Victor meant the Santoris, and he pleaded with Victor to let him help. Victor recalled that Nick had stepped back from the company to devote time to healing his marriage, and he told Nick not to concern himself with Adam. Victor guaranteed that Adam would be back.

In the hallway, Noah chased after Luca, who was determined to talk to Victor. The men spotted Kevin, and Luca demanded to know where Victor was holding Marisa. Noah explained that Marisa had disappeared, and he requested that Kevin tap into the company surveillance system. Kevin claimed that Victor had put extra firewalls in place after the Paragon debacle, so he was no longer able to hack in, and he noted that the cameras still hadn't been reinstalled since the fire.

Kevin walked off, and Luca snarled that it was convenient that no cameras had been on when Victor and the Newman family hadn't wanted them to be. Luca maintained that he needed to speak to Victor, but Noah was sure that Victor hadn't been involved in Marisa's disappearance. Noah suggested that they go somewhere else and call Luca's father to find out when the exchange would take place, but Luca insisted that his father hadn't been responsible, either. Kevin watched as the men left together.

Victor asked Kevin to trace the ransom email to find out where the captors were holding Adam, and Kevin feigned ignorance and asked who "the girl" was. Victor replied that it was Marisa, since the Santoris wanted her out of Luca's life. Kevin incredulously inquired whether Victor intended to just hand her over, and Victor calmly stated that he wanted his son back. Kevin contemplated whether someone other than the Santoris had taken Adam, and he said the email would take some time to trace. Victor urged Kevin to hurry, since they couldn't stall for much longer, and Kevin rushed out. Victor responded to the email, asking for proof that the captors had Adam.

At Crimson Lights, Chelsea fretted to Sage that something had felt off about the timing of Adam's business trip, and it was unlike him not to reach out to her when he was traveling. Chelsea found it strange that he'd been out of touch, especially since he'd known she'd been uneasy, and she wished Adam hadn't gotten involved in the war between Victor and the Santoris. Sage assured her that Victor wouldn't put his son in harm's way, but Chelsea worried that Victor became vicious when his company was threatened, and Victor was never the person who suffered.

Nick arrived at the coffeehouse and informed Sage and Chelsea that he hadn't been able to get anything out of Victor. Chelsea pressed for any details that might help, and Nick divulged that Victor and Kevin had been talking about a girl, but they'd changed the subject when Nick had walked in. Nick continued that he'd asked about Adam and the Santoris, but Victor had told him and Chelsea to stay out of it. "Like hell I will," Chelsea huffed, and she stalked off.

Nick reflected back on when he'd resented Victor for freezing him out of Newman, but he declared that he was glad he was out of there, so he could focus on Sage. He suggested that they go on a date, but her expression soured when she spotted Dr. Anderson at the counter. Sage suggested that she and Nick leave to start their evening, but Dr. Anderson approached them and called it a coincidence that they were all there at the same time. Sage abrasively questioned whether it really had been, and Nick made small talk about the coffee.

Dr. Anderson mentioned that Nick and Sharon had once owned the coffeehouse, and she asked how things were going with Nick and Sage. Sage snapped that they'd been doing great and that they would continue to be great if Dr. Anderson stayed "the hell out" of their lives. Dr. Anderson stammered an apology and walked away, and Nick was stunned by Sage's outburst. Sage implored Nick to open his eyes and see the situation for what it was.

Nick told Sage to relax, but she insisted that she had every right to be upset. She asserted that she wasn't unstable or hypersensitive like Dr. Anderson had said, and she thought the doctor had no right to nose around in their business. Nick wondered if Sage believed that Dr. Anderson was conspiring against them, and Sage griped that they'd suddenly started seeing the doctor everywhere. Sage added that Dr. Anderson always seemed to find a way to badmouth her to Nick, and she found it odd that the doctor was interfering in their relationship. Sage vowed to find out what was going on, and she walked off.

Dr. Anderson returned to the coffeehouse and asked where Sage was, and Nick mentioned that Sage had left after they'd had a disagreement about the doctor. Dr. Anderson recognized that Sage hadn't welcomed her advice, and she chalked it up to Sage viewing her as the bad guy for addressing Sage's loss. Dr. Anderson added that she'd been through worse in her career, and Nick explained that Sage was having a hard time understanding how her personal life was any of the doctor's business. Dr. Anderson contended that she'd been looking out for Sharon at first, but she'd grown to care about Sage and Nick, too. Nick divulged that Sage thought Dr. Anderson only cared about Nick.

Dr. Anderson insisted that she'd only reached out because she'd been concerned, and she'd wanted to help Sharon, Sage, and Nick. Nick suggested that the doctor had gone above and beyond her duties by being quick to offer him a sympathetic ear, and he pushed her to admit that she'd returned to Crimson Lights in the hope she'd run into him alone. Dr. Anderson denied it, but he said he was starting to agree with Sage, and he demanded to know what the doctor's agenda was.

At the hospital, Sage approached a nurse and pretended to be a prospective patient. Sage inquired about Dr. Anderson's credentials.

At the cottage, Dylan was confused when Sharon ranted that a dangerous line of work was the last thing she wanted for him. Dylan recalled that she'd been supportive when he'd first told her about his interest in joining the police force, but she countered that she'd reconsidered after Detective Harding had been shot. She protested that Dylan would be putting their family and future at risk, and she wondered why he'd changed his mind. Dylan insisted that it was something he had to do, and he'd expected her to understand. Sharon flatly stated that she didn't like it.

Dylan explained that while working unofficially with Paul, he'd realized that he had to do something that he felt passionate about, and he hadn't been using all of his skills at the coffee shop. Sharon pointed out that working at Crimson Lights meant that he got home in one piece, but Dylan contended that earning Paul's respect meant a lot to him, and he wanted to prove that he was worthy of his father's trust. Sharon said she understood, but after everything they'd been through, she didn't want to have to wonder every day whether Dylan would make it home alive.

There was a knock at the door, and Chelsea burst in and said she needed Dylan, since Adam had gone missing and might have been kidnapped. An irritated Sharon asked if Adam's disappearance had been the case Dylan had been helping Paul with, and Chelsea rambled that Nick had tried to get Victor to reveal what he knew. Chelsea continued that Victor had insisted that Adam was fine, but Nick had overheard Victor and Kevin discussing something about a girl, and Victor had clammed up.

In the hotel suite, Mariah realized that Natalie was the girl mentioned in the ransom note Victor had received. Natalie pointed out that she'd been right to believe that people had been after her, and Mariah chided her for keeping the investors' money even though the program didn't work. Natalie suspected that the investors were trying to get to her through Victor, and she prepared to flee. Mariah barked that Natalie wasn't going anywhere.

Mariah lectured that Natalie couldn't bail when Mariah and Kevin had stuck their necks out to get the project off the ground, and Natalie complained that everyone was only in it for the money. Mariah insisted that Kevin believed in Natalie and her idea, and she pointed out that Kevin had promised Victor a functional program. Mariah added that Natalie would be putting Kevin in a terrible position if she abandoned him, and Victor would be furious. Mariah recounted that she'd once been one of Victor's minions, and she advised against making him angry. Natalie was confident that she could handle things, but Mariah warned that Natalie was way out of her league.

Natalie panicked because ruthless people were willing to kidnap a billionaire's son to get their hands on her, and she anticipated that the deal with Victor would end in disaster. Mariah noted that Victor could be someone's best friend or their worst enemy, and she reasoned that Natalie had something he wanted. Mariah suggested that Natalie give him a return on his investment by fixing the program, and Natalie got back to work.

Kevin arrived at the hotel room and promised that Natalie was safe, since Victor thought the Santoris were behind the ransom note and that they wanted Marisa. Mariah questioned what would happen when Victor realized Marisa wasn't the girl they were after, and Kevin said he'd found a way to buy some time. Mariah insisted that they stop the exchange from happening, and Natalie asked if Mariah intended to just hand Natalie over. Kevin insisted that they would keep Natalie stashed there while she worked the glitches out of the program, and he answered a call from Dylan, who asked to meet at the police station right away. Kevin instructed Mariah to keep Natalie safe and calm, and he rushed out.

Mariah asked if Natalie wanted more wine, but they were startled by a noise in the hallway. Natalie worried that it might be the people who were after her, and Mariah stepped out to check. Mariah looked around the hallway but saw nothing suspicious. Mariah returned to the room and discovered that Natalie had disappeared.

Luca and Noah entered the Athletic Club, and Noah started to go upstairs to see if Marisa was in her suite while Luca called his father. Noah ran into Mariah as she rushed down the stairs, and he asked what was wrong. She tried to brush him off, but he insisted that she talk to him. Mariah claimed that she'd just canceled an appointment at the spa because she had to be at the Underground, and she hurried out.

Later, Noah reported that Marisa hadn't been in her room, and Luca confirmed that the Santoris weren't holding Adam. Noah questioned whether Luca's father would admit it if he was Marisa's captor, but Luca said his father had no reason to risk his business with Victor by kidnapping Adam. Noah pledged to find a way to make Victor let Marisa go, even if meant going to the police.

In a shabby room in an undisclosed location, an unconscious Marisa was bound to a bed. She slowly awakened and called out to ask who was there, and she struggled unsuccessfully to free herself. She yelled for help, but no one responded.

Dylan informed Chelsea that he'd asked Kevin to do some digging to find out what Victor was involved in, and he prepared to leave, but Sharon refused to let him confront Victor. Dylan reasoned that Paul had entrusted him with the case, and he wasn't worried about Victor's reaction to the investigation. Chelsea was surprised that Sharon wasn't interested in seeing Adam return home safely, and she noted that Dylan might be the only person who could get to the bottom of it. Dylan left for the station, and Sharon blasted Chelsea for not giving "a damn" about anyone else.

Chelsea reiterated that she just wanted her missing husband home, and since Victor hadn't been straight with her, Dylan had been the only other option. Sharon chided Chelsea for trying to play into Sharon's sympathies, and she recalled when Chelsea had manipulated Dylan into being a father for Connor. Sharon spat that Chelsea was being the same selfish person as always, but Chelsea pointed out that Dylan had wanted to help her, and she suspected that something else was going on with Sharon and Dylan.

Chelsea apologized for stepping into the middle of something, and she remarked that she couldn't change people. Sharon found the comment ironic, since Chelsea had expected Adam to change, and Chelsea recognized that it was far easier to dish out advice than to take it. Chelsea swore that all she cared about was getting Adam home, and she assured Sharon that Victor would never let Dylan get hurt, since Victor would have to answer to Nikki. Sharon heard the baby cry over the monitor, and Chelsea noted that children had a way of knowing when things weren't right.

Sharon said things had been perfect since she and Sully had been home, and she didn't want that to change. Chelsea questioned whether Sharon thought things would be different with Dylan joining the force. Sharon retrieved Sully from upstairs, and Chelsea fawned over the baby. Sharon suspected that Chelsea wanted another child, and Chelsea said she and Adam had been talking about it. Chelsea added that Adam was a survivor, but she needed Dylan to find him.

At the police station, Dylan said he knew that Kevin had met with Victor, and he disclosed that Chelsea thought the girl who the men had been talking about was tied to what was going on with Adam. Kevin replied that Victor thought he knew who the girl was, but Victor was wrong. Kevin confided that the girl in question was Natalie, who had an idea in her head was worth billions, and Victor was about to make a huge mistake. Kevin added that Natalie was at a hotel where no one could get to her, but Mariah burst in and announced that Natalie was gone.

Victor received a photo of Adam bound to a chair, accompanied by a note that ordered Victor to stop stalling and hand over the girl. Over the phone, Victor told someone to get the girl ready to move. "You have the wrong girl," Natalie informed him. Victor demanded to know who she was.

The Young and the Restless (Wednesday, January 20, 2016) Victor makes a deal with Natalie Victor makes a deal with Natalie>
Wednesday, January 20, 2016
by Mike

At Crimson Lights, Dr. Anderson laughed off the idea that she had some sort of hidden agenda, but Nick noted that, in doing so, she was making it sound like Sage was unstable for suggesting such a thing in the first place. Dr. Anderson defensively argued that Nick and Sage should actually be thanking her for helping them get their relationship back on track. "[But] if you don't want my help, fine -- I won't offer it anymore. Honestly, I don't need the hassle," Dr. Anderson added before starting to walk away.

Nick stopped Dr. Anderson and started to question her sudden decision to adjust Sharon's dosage of medication, but the doctor insisted that was between her and her patient. Nick conceded that Sharon seemed happy, but he added that Sage wasn't Dr. Anderson's patient, despite the fact that the doctor always seemed to treat her -- and even him -- as such. Dr. Anderson countered that Nick had always seemed grateful for her advice in the past. "I'm not Sage," Nick pointed out. "No -- until this evening, you were rational," Dr. Anderson agreed.

Dr. Anderson wondered if Sage's fixation on Sharon's baby seemed normal and healthy to Nick. Nick argued that there was no fixation, but Dr. Anderson insisted that he was simply choosing to ignore the obvious. Dr. Anderson suggested that Sage had accused her of giving Nick improper attention because Sage had already suffered the loss of a child and was afraid that she might lose Nick next. Dr. Anderson wondered why Sage viewed her help as a threat -- and why Nick was trusting Sage's paranoia over his own instincts. "You keep saying that I'm not Sage's doctor, [so] go get her one -- now, before things get worse," Dr. Anderson advised before walking away.

At the hospital, Sage explained to a nurse that she and her husband had recently lost a child and had been recommended to Dr. Anderson for counseling. Sage added that the idea of talking to a stranger about personal problems was a bit daunting, so she and her husband wanted to know more about who Dr. Anderson was as a person before deciding whether to seek her help. The nurse said she thought she had once heard that Dr. Anderson was married, but she didn't know if that meant that Dr. Anderson was her married name. Nodding, Sage thanked the nurse for giving her a place to start her quest to get to know Dr. Anderson better.

Victoria sent Jack and Phyllis a text message to let them know that Billy had been awake for a short amount of time earlier. When Jack and Phyllis got to Billy's room, Victoria explained that Billy had said her name and had smiled at her. Victoria added that Billy's doctors were hopeful but would need to perform some tests once he woke up again to determine if he had suffered any permanent damage.

Despite Phyllis and Victoria's assurances that he had made the right call, Jack started second-guessing his decision to take Billy off life support, fearing that he could have caused the permanent damage the doctors were concerned about. "How [would] I explain that to him? What do I tell him when he wakes up?" Jack wondered. "How 'bout 'welcome back'?" Billy suggested as he opened his eyes.

Jack wondered how Billy was feeling, and Billy jokingly replied that he felt better than Jack looked. Billy acknowledged that he probably should have warned Jack at some point about the power-of-attorney documents he had asked Michael to file, and Jack agreed that a heads-up would have been nice. Jack started to apologize for making the decision to take Billy off life support, but Billy interrupted and said he had already told Jack to stop feeling sorry about that the previous day. Confused, Victoria told Billy that he hadn't been awake at that time. "Crazy dreams," Billy concluded.

Billy maintained that Jack had nothing to feel guilty about, and Phyllis told Jack to listen to his "lucid and coherent" brother. Victoria wanted to call the doctors in to check on Billy, but he wasn't ready for that yet, wanting to first hear more about what had happened while he had been unconscious. Phyllis gently explained that everyone had said their goodbyes to Billy earlier. "Ooh. Sounds like a good time. So, were you nice or honest?" Billy asked. "Little bit of both," Phyllis admitted with a shrug.

Billy revealed more details about the crazy dreams he'd had, including the part about Delia telling him to go back and fix things. Billy promised Victoria that he was going to do just that, and she assured him that she believed him. Billy acknowledged that he had screwed up, and Jack replied that he had, too. Billy wondered how much time Jack had spent beating himself up about refusing to loan Billy money to invest in Kevin's business venture. "A lot," Phyllis silently mouthed to Billy, who pointed out that there was still time for Jack to invest if he wanted to do something to soothe his conscience.

After receiving a text message from Victoria, Nick went to the hospital to see her and Billy. Nick grew concerned when he ran into Sage in the waiting area, but she assured him that she was fine and was just there to check on Billy. Nick revealed that Billy was awake but suggested that it would be best to give Victoria some more time alone with him. Nick tried to steer the conversation toward what had happened between Sage and Dr. Anderson earlier, but Sage was more interested in visiting Billy and being grateful about his recovery.

Nick and Sage entered Billy's room just as Jack was about to tell Billy that Victor had invested in Kevin's business venture. Jack and Phyllis exchanged worried looks as Nick and Billy began trading good-natured insults about their respective appearances. Observing that Nick and Sage seemed happy together, Billy said he felt like he had missed a lot while he had been unconscious. Billy added that the last thing he remembered was getting beaten up in the parking garage on New Year's Eve. Billy wondered if the police had caught the guys who had attacked him, since he could identify them if necessary. Nick assured him that Paul had handled the matter.

Deciding that Billy needed to get some rest, Jack, Phyllis, Nick, and Sage each said their goodbyes and left the room, leaving Victoria alone with Billy. Billy said he didn't deserve to have Victoria at his side after everything he had put her through. "This is my second chance to not screw up my life, but no matter what happens, I am done screwing up yours," Billy vowed, adding that Victoria needed to be free to move on with her life without him constantly holding her back.

"'Free' is being with you, Billy. 'Free' is drinking rum in Jamaica, and me burning cookies in our house, and watching you roll around on the floor with the kids. You're my second chance, just as much as I am yours," Victoria stressed. Victoria told Billy that she wanted him to move back in with her and the kids as soon as the doctors released him from the hospital, and he smiled as she leaned in and gently kissed his lips.

In the waiting area, Jack continued beating himself up about the deal Billy had lost out on because of him. Jack suggested that Nick might be able to convince Victor to hand the investment opportunity over to Billy due to the change in Billy's condition, especially if Jack agreed to pay back any money Victor had already invested in the project, but Nick advised Jack to just let the matter go, reasoning that it wasn't worth getting into another war with Victor. Phyllis agreed, adding that, without having to invest a dime, Billy had already gotten what he had really wanted all along -- another chance to repair his relationship with each of his loved ones.

At the nurses' station, the nurse who had spoken to Sage earlier casually told Dr. Anderson about their conversation. Elsewhere, after saying goodbye to Jack and Phyllis, Nick told Sage he still wanted to talk to her about Dr. Anderson. Sage reasoned that, since she and Nick were in disagreement about whether Dr. Anderson had issues, there was nothing more to say about the matter. Nick clarified that he was starting to see Sage's point about Dr. Anderson. "For all the good that Dr. Anderson has done Sharon, there's something not right about her -- at all," Nick added, unaware that Dr. Anderson was eavesdropping nearby.

At the police station, Kevin feared that Natalie had been kidnapped -- especially after Mariah revealed that Natalie had left her laptop behind -- but Mariah clarified that Natalie had simply sneaked out while Mariah's back had been turned. Dylan followed Kevin and Mariah to their room at the Athletic Club, but when Kevin admitted that it would probably take him hours to crack the password on Natalie's laptop, Dylan decided not to wait around for that to happen. Kevin tried to stop Dylan from going to see Victor, but Dylan argued that lives were at stake, and that was more important than worrying about jeopardizing Kevin's business deal with Victor.

At Newman Enterprises, Natalie explained to Victor that Adam's captors wanted her, not Marisa. After hearing the whole story, Victor wondered if Natalie's other investors had paid her the same amount of money -- two million dollars -- that he had agreed to pay himself. "Two? The price was one," Natalie clarified. Nodding, Victor realized that Kevin had kept the rest as a finder's fee.

"Well, we can kick his ass later, [after we] deal with the issue on the table," Natalie assured Victor. Victor suggested that he could simply hand Natalie over to Adam's captors, but she insisted that doing so would be a big mistake because her idea was the kind of thing Victor lived for -- something that would change the world. Natalie referred to Victor as a legend and added that she planned to be one, too.

"You know where I was raised? An orphanage in Zurich. But I got out, changed my name, [and] changed my life. Sound familiar? You went the business route; me, I learned to code -- hack. On the Web, they can't see your face. They don't hear your voice or know your real name. They either respect your talent or they don't. I have talent, so I have respect. And I have a program that could make us billions," Natalie explained.

Smiling, Victor admitted that Natalie was charming. Natalie suggested that she and Victor could string the other investors along for a while, giving her time to work out the bugs in her program. Victor pointed out that the other investors might make Adam suffer once they realized that they were being double-crossed. "No. I know this type. If Victor Newman calls their bluff, they'll slink off to their chalets and invest in drones or some new technology. If we do it my way, we can have your son and my program -- and a brand-new beginning," Natalie assured Victor.

Victor wondered what would happen if Natalie turned out to be wrong about the other investors, and she insistently replied that she wasn't wrong. Smiling again, Victor observed that Natalie seemed quite sure of herself, and he admitted that he could relate to that. After agreeing to help Natalie, Victor contacted the person who was holding Marisa captive. The man freed Marisa and soon arrived to take Natalie to a safe place.

At the Athletic Club, Luca expressed disbelief when Noah seemed willing to go straight to the police and tell them about what Victor had done to Marisa. "When you love somebody -- you actually love them -- you'll risk anything -- anything -- to keep them safe," Noah stressed, suggesting that Luca's failure to choose Marisa over his own family had been what had caused him to lose her years earlier.

Luca tried to stop Noah from going to the police, fearing that if Noah did that, Victor might harm Marisa in retaliation. Noah countered that Marisa's life would be in even more danger if Victor were allowed to go through with exchanging her for Adam. As Noah and Luca argued about the matter, Marisa entered the Athletic Club and approached them. Meanwhile, on his way to see Victor, Dylan spotted Marisa and joined her, Noah, and Luca.

Luca tried to get Dylan to leave, but Dylan flashed his badge and explained that he just wanted to help. Noah was quick to ask if Sharon was aware that Dylan had joined the police force, and Dylan confirmed that she was then quickly went back to questioning Marisa. Marisa explained that, after being tied to a bed for a while, she had been released unharmed and had been told that the whole thing had been a misunderstanding.

Luca wanted Dylan to arrest Victor, but Dylan pointed out that it would be difficult, if not impossible, to prove that Victor had been involved in Marisa's kidnapping. Reasoning that Adam's safety was more important than settling a score with Victor, Dylan urged Luca to let him focus on working with Victor to rescue Adam -- without involving the rest of the police department unless absolutely necessary.

After Dylan left, Luca complained that Dylan seemed pretty proud of his new badge but wasn't willing to use it to do anything useful. Noah pointed out that if Dylan's plan failed, the police could still get involved later. Meanwhile, Luca received a phone call from his father, and after he excused himself to answer it, Marisa assured a concerned Noah that she was fine.

Marisa explained that she had learned how to shove traumatic experiences to the back of her mind so she would never have to deal with them again, and she advised that Noah -- whom she had caught silently panicking when Dylan had flashed his badge earlier -- needed to learn how to do the same thing. "The way to keep a secret is to forget. You lie to everyone, including yourself, and that is the only way to survive," Marisa stressed. Explaining that Luca had said something odd earlier, Noah wondered if Luca knew his secret.

Upstairs, Mariah started fretting about how her and Kevin's chance at money and freedom was going down the drain, but Kevin remained optimistic, reasoning that everything could still work out if they managed to find Natalie and keep her safe for a while longer. "Keep her safe? Little Miss Geekster ran out on us! She doesn't give a damn about us, Kevin -- she sold the project twice! Victor is going to find out, he's gonna take her down, and then he's gonna come after us!" Mariah worriedly predicted.

Mariah searched Natalie's bag and scoffed when she found some lingerie inside. "Really? She flees Europe with a laptop and not much else...except these?" Mariah asked as she showed Kevin the lingerie. "Unless her password is 'unmentionables,' you're not helping right now," Kevin pointed out.

Mariah disagreed, arguing that the lingerie was a clue -- one that clearly revealed that Natalie had been planning to impress someone while in Genoa City. "For the password, you should try 'hotgeeksex,' or maybe 'codedirtytome,'" Mariah suggested, but Kevin ignored her advice, suggesting that she was deranged. "Try 'Kevin#nicebutt,'" Mariah continued.

Kevin maintained that Mariah was insane, but when she impatiently ordered him to try the password, he entered it -- and received a confirmation chime in response. "Did that...actually work? I hate her. I hate her. I hate her," Mariah muttered with a sigh of annoyance. Meanwhile, a recording of Natalie's voice began playing on the laptop -- "If you're listening to this, then Victor has me."

At Newman Enterprises, Victor began composing an email -- "Ready to trade. The girl for my son" -- but as he considered sending it, Dylan arrived to question him about the situation with Adam. When Dylan flashed his badge, Victor observed with amusement that it had been nice of "Daddy" to give Dylan a job. Dylan guessed that Victor had Natalie stashed away somewhere and was planning to use her to get Adam back. Victor feigned ignorance, prompting Dylan to stress that he wasn't interested in arresting Victor; he simply wanted to help Victor get Adam back. "Can we talk?" Dylan asked.

"All right, let's talk," Victor replied -- after sending the email.

The Young and the Restless (Thursday, January 21, 2016) Don't Poke the Bear Don't Poke the Bear
Thursday, January 21, 2016

In Natalie's hotel suite, Mariah teased Kevin about what dirty passwords Natalie might have used on her computer. Suddenly, the computer played an audio file of Natalie saying that if anyone was listening, it meant Victor had her. Kevin panicked, but Mariah pointed out that Natalie had recorded the message before anything had happened, so there could be many explanations for her disappearance. Mariah hesitated to take Natalie's word for anything, but Kevin insisted that Natalie wasn't working a con, and he believed that Victor would trade Natalie for Adam. Mariah tried to stop Kevin from going to confront Victor, since they stood to lose two million dollars.

Mariah pointed out that Victor was their investor, and she warned Kevin that they couldn't afford to "poke the bear" while Victor's son was missing. Kevin argued that the deal wouldn't fly without Natalie, but Mariah didn't buy Natalie's innocent routine. Mariah asserted that they had too much at stake, and they had to save it from falling apart. Kevin countered that Natalie was a "badass in cyberspace" but lost in the real world, and he owed her. Kevin felt that he was the reason Natalie was in trouble, and he vowed to help her with or without Mariah's support.

Abby arrived to see Stitch in his hotel room, and she cheerfully greeted Max, who was playing a video game. Max showed no reaction, and Stitch prompted the boy to say hello. Abby sat down next to Max and asked if he wanted to test out his skills on a particular new video game, but he replied that the title hadn't been released yet. She presented Max with a copy that she'd pulled strings to get, but he tossed it aside. Max remained glued to the video screen, and Abby awkwardly assured Stitch that it was okay.

Stitch pulled Abby aside and recognized that she had probably spent hours trying to get the game, and she joked that people would do anything to get her to stop whining. Stitch thanked her on his son's behalf. She said she'd missed Stitch, but she didn't expect him to move home while Max was still reeling from losing his mom. Stitch pointed out that Max was also getting used to being with a dad he barely knew, even though it didn't excuse Max's behavior.

Stitch explained that he hadn't been able to get Max to open up, and Abby said she hadn't expected the video game to solve all of their problems, but she'd fantasized about Max hugging her and calling her the coolest stepmom ever. Stitch declared that he knew how amazing she was, and he was confident that eventually Max would, too. Abby acknowledged that Max needed time, but she reminded Stitch that his wife did, too. She left, and Stitch returned to the couch and noted that Abby had really been trying, so Max should have been nicer to her. Max set down the game and said he was hungry. Stitch grabbed the new video game, and they headed out.

In the Athletic Club dining room, Noah asked if Marisa had said anything to Luca about Noah hitting Billy. Marisa played dumb about how Luca would have found out, and Noah contemplated what would happen if Luca knew. Noah pointed out that Marisa had fought him about stepping forward, and Marisa insisted it had been an accident. Noah expected Luca to sell him out if Luca learned the truth, but Marisa swore that wouldn't happen. Noah lectured that he couldn't fight what he couldn't see, and he pushed Marisa to tell him whether Luca knew that Noah had hit Billy.

Marisa reasoned that Luca would have already used the information to his advantage if he knew anything, but he hadn't taken action. Noah worried that Luca was using it as leverage over Victor. Abby interrupted, and Marisa sympathized that Abby had to be lonely living apart from Stitch when they'd just gotten married. Marisa imagined that one day, Max would see that he was lucky to have Abby, and Abby hoped it happened soon. Marisa invited Abby to join them for coffee, but Abby wanted to see Billy at the hospital. Marisa asked if the police had found out anything more about the accident, and Abby replied that they hadn't found the driver, but she knew Paul had stopped by to talk to Billy about it.

Abby became discouraged when Stitch didn't answer her call, and she gathered her things. Noah insisted on going to the hospital with her, and Luca approached and apologized for losing his temper with Noah earlier. Luca chalked it up to not being able to stand the thought of anything happening to Marisa, and Noah replied that he felt the same way. After Noah and Abby departed, Marisa informed Luca that Noah had been suspicious about Luca's earlier comment, but Luca huffed that it was a product of Noah's own paranoia. She thanked Luca for how he'd handled things, and they hugged. Luca said Noah had nothing to fear from him.

Marisa kissed Luca for not using the information about Noah, and Luca reminded her that he'd given her his word. She sensed that something was bothering him, and she guessed that he was having problems with his father. Luca reported that he'd dutifully returned his father's call to inform him that all was well with their investment, but his father wasn't happy that Victor suspected the Santoris of kidnapping Adam. Luca revealed that his father had ordered him to go home to Spain with Marisa.

Marisa refused to go back to Spain, and Luca assured her that they weren't going back and that he didn't want her near his father, since it was his father's interference that had driven her away before. Luca pledged to stay there and continue what he'd started to take his father down, but Marisa said he needed Adam to do it. Luca expected Victor to do everything in his power to get Adam back, and Luca and Adam could then proceed with their plot to overthrow their fathers.

Marisa questioned how Luca could do it with Marco dead, and Luca proposed that they follow through with Marisa's idea to find his father's other criminal connections by using her journal. He promised to be careful so that no one knew he'd obtained the information from her, but he thought it was the only way to get everything they deserved. She said she understood.

Paul entered Billy's hospital room, and Victoria grumbled that she'd been wondering how soon he'd turn up. She maintained that Billy wasn't up for an interrogation, and Paul reiterated that the window was closing on the hit-and-run investigation. Billy weakly agreed to talk to Paul, and Paul asked if Billy remembered something. Billy recalled being at Abby's wedding and leaving early after a frustrating talk with Jack. Billy remembered encountering Gil and his pal in the parking garage, and the thugs had decided to impress upon him how much he'd owed Gil. Billy continued that the punches had flown, and he'd been kicked in the ribs until he'd lost consciousness.

Paul asked if Billy remembered anything about the car, but Billy didn't know what he meant. Paul informed Billy that he'd been hit by a car after he'd been beaten up, but there was no evidence to indicate that Gil had run Billy over. Paul explained that he was trying to find the person who'd done it, but Victoria told Paul that it was enough. Paul left, and Billy asked Victoria where Adam had been on the night Billy had been hit. Billy said Adam had left Delia for dead, just like Billy had been left in the parking lot, and it was the same situation.

In the corridor, Paul told someone over the phone to get ready to jump on the case, since Billy might be an eyewitness. Noah overheard as he arrived with Abby, and he suggested that she go in to see Billy first. Noah approached Paul, who called it a miracle that Billy was improving, and he was glad it hadn't turned into a murder investigation. Noah inquired whether the police had any idea who might have hit Billy, and Paul pledged not to let up until the driver was put in a cage. Noah anxiously peered into Billy's room.

At Newman Enterprises, Dylan contended that he was in a unique position to get Adam back, but Victor refused to involve the police, and Dylan argued that Victor hadn't even heard his plan yet. Dylan asked if the captors had told Victor not to notify the cops, and Victor said Adam's life would be expendable if news of the kidnapping went international. Dylan insisted that he was the best chance of getting Adam back, but time was working against them. Victor inquired about Dylan's plan, and Dylan said he had a way to use police manpower and resources without becoming a hindrance.

Victor made a call, and Dylan guessed that everything was okay with Victor's "guest." Mariah and Kevin barged in to discuss their deal with Victor, and Kevin urged Victor to let Natalie go. Victor haughtily stated that it bothered him when people showed up unannounced, and he vowed to do whatever was necessary to save his son. Mariah tried to pull Kevin out of the office, but Kevin begged Dylan to do something, since Victor had Natalie. Dylan promised that no one would get hurt if they all listened to him.

After Dylan disclosed his plan, Victor, Kevin, and Mariah agreed it was a good approach. Victor asked if Paul was on board with it, and Dylan revealed that Paul didn't know about it yet. Victor warned that it was Dylan's "ass" on the line, and Dylan left. Kevin apologized to Victor for his strong reaction, and he stressed that they needed to keep Natalie safe. Victor clarified that he needed Natalie, but there was no longer any "we" involved.

Victor accused Kevin and Mariah of making a tidy profit by doubling the buying price, and he said his lawyers would be in touch to tell them where to return the funds. Mariah incredulously asked if Victor didn't want to buy in on the huge discovery, and Victor proclaimed that Kevin and Mariah were out of the project. Victor bellowed for them to get out of his office, and he warned them to never try to con him. In the hallway, Kevin and Mariah informed Noah that Victor had royally screwed them. Mariah wished they'd waited for Billy to wake up, and Noah reported that Billy was awake.

Noah stopped in to see Victor, and he babbled that everything would get out, since Billy was awake and talking. Noah relayed that he'd heard Paul had questioned Billy, so he'd talked to Paul about the investigation, and Paul had indicated that it was only a matter of time until Billy remembered the car that had hit him. Noah wailed that he would go to jail, but Victor told Noah to stop beating himself up and put the accident behind him. Victor reasoned that Billy had been beaten to within an inch of his life, and he doubted that Billy would remember what kind of car had hit him.

At the police station, Paul told Dylan that Billy was awake and lucid but didn't remember anything after the beating. Dylan hoped the memories returned to Billy, and he mentioned that he had a lead about who had taken Adam, since Victor had received a ransom note. Paul crowed that he'd known Victor had been holding back, and he prepared to get a warrant, but Dylan said Victor had already provided the details about a business deal that had gone south. Paul doubted that Victor had told Dylan willingly, and Dylan revealed that he'd worked out a plan with Victor to get Adam back.

Paul ranted that Dylan had just gotten a badge, and he blasted Dylan for making deals behind his back. Paul warned that Dylan could no longer work outside the law, and he questioned how he was supposed to trust Dylan as a cop. Dylan replied that he'd made sure his plan involved the police, and Paul calmed down. Dylan explained that everyone was in on it to be sure no one got hurt.

At the hospital, Abby teased Billy for making her think he'd left her to be the lone screw-up, and he replied that he'd never leave that burden on her alone. Billy mentioned that he'd just found out that he'd survived a hit-and-run, but Adam was conveniently nowhere to be found. Abby said Adam had been at the hospital when Billy had been unconscious, and Victoria added that Adam had been praying for Billy with the rest of them. Victoria guessed that Adam had just wanted to give the family space, and she encouraged Billy to let the police look for the driver while he enjoyed his second chance.

Billy regretted that he'd hurt his whole family by seeking revenge on Victor. Abby noted that Billy had tried to make things right, and Billy thought he should talk to Kevin and Mariah, since they'd all lost out. Victoria remarked that business had been the last thing on her mind when Billy had been in the hospital, and Abby gently scolded Billy for talking about business with Jack at her wedding. Billy flashed back to being in the garage. Victoria saw his expression and asked what he remembered.

Billy claimed that he'd just been thinking about how dumb he'd been to set the whole course of events into motion, and he apologized for messing up Abby's wedding. He offered to send Abby and Stitch anywhere in the world for their honeymoon, since something good had to result from everything -- other than the beautiful woman next to him. Victoria announced that they were getting back together and that Abby was the first person to know. Abby gushed that she was happy for them. Kevin and Mariah entered, but Victoria sternly told them that Billy had already had too many visitors. Billy insisted that they stay.

Kevin reluctantly revealed that he'd found another investor when everyone had thought Billy wouldn't make it. Billy said to tell him it wasn't Victor, and everyone remained silent. Billy said he understood, since the odds of him making it out alive had been slim, and he hadn't had the money. Kevin thanked Billy for being understanding, but Billy warned that they hadn't made the right decision, since Victor would eventually push them aside with a pittance. Mariah divulged that it had already happened, only without the pittance. "Victor strikes again," Billy grumbled.

Once alone in his room, Billy suddenly sat up in bed. He flashed back to being on the ground in the garage, looking up at a car.

At Crimson Lights, Stitch marveled about the graphics of the new game as he played it on a laptop computer. Stitch's avatar suddenly ended up dead, and Max giggled. Stitch asked if the boy thought he could do better, and Max offered to show Stitch how to play the game. Stitch complimented Max's moves, and Max chirped that it was easy. Stitch said Max had to give Abby credit for making it happen, and Max abruptly closed the laptop and spat that it was a stupid game and that Abby wasn't all that great.

Stitch defended that Abby was actually a great person, but he recognized that she wasn't Max's mom. Max whined that Stitch didn't care about his mom, and nothing was like it had been. Stitch conceded that he didn't know what it was like for Max to try to fit into a new life, but he could help by listening. Max griped that Stitch only cared about Abby, but Stitch pointed out that he'd chosen to live with Max. Stitch explained that he cared about both Max and Abby, and he opened the laptop and suggested that they give it another shot.

Abby arrived at the coffeehouse, and she swore she hadn't known Stitch and Max would be there. Max sullenly plodded up to the counter, and Abby forlornly asked herself why she kept doing things that made the boy detest her. Stitch reported that Max had loved the game, even though he'd tried not to show it. Stitch added that Abby had made it happen, and he couldn't thank her enough. She purred that he could try, and they kissed. She said she was happy to hear there was hope, but Max scowled when he saw them hugging.

The Young and the Restless (Friday, January 22, 2016) Adam Learns Something About His Kidnapper Adam Learns Something About His Kidnapper
Friday, January 22, 2016

At the Athletic Club, Phyllis apologized to Jack for being late, and he noted that she hadn't been at home when he'd woken up. She mentioned that she'd had a hair appointment, and she guessed that he was smiling because Billy was back from the brink of death. Jack announced that Billy was moving back in with Victoria and the kids, so Billy was in a good place. "Not anymore," Kevin proclaimed as he walked in with Mariah.

Jack was livid when he learned that Kevin had told Billy that Kevin had given the technology deal to Victor, but Mariah defended that Kevin had manned up before Victor had gone public with the announcement. Kevin revealed that Victor had also ousted him from the project, and Mariah blurted out that everything was about to blow up because Adam was being held for ransom in exchange for the creator of the technology. Jack mumbled that Adam could only blame the person who he shouldn't have gone back into business with in the first place.

Phyllis thanked Kevin and Mariah for filling them in, and Jack groused that whenever Adam thought Victor would finally be a father to him, Adam ended up caught in the middle. Phyllis inquired about the other investor, and Kevin said he had no idea who it was, but the police were involved. Jack had faith that Paul would make sure Adam was fine, and Kevin said he regretted not waiting for Billy or going to Jack for the money. Phyllis inquired about how Billy had reacted to the news, and Kevin reported that Billy had been understanding but obviously slammed. Jack and Phyllis headed to the hospital to visit Billy.

Billy cried out in his sleep, and Victoria woke him up from his nightmare. He declared that he'd remembered the car that had hit him, and she inquired whether he remembered enough to know who'd run him down. Billy recalled the sound of the car, and the tail lights approaching him when he'd been helpless on the pavement, but that was all. Victoria said she knew he wanted the person caught, but she didn't care if they never found out the truth, since she had Billy back again. She added that all that mattered to her was them, their kids, and their future, and he said he had a lot to make up for.

Victoria noted that Billy also had a lot to live for, and she looked forward to birthday parties and taking vacations together. Billy said there were many things he had to fix, and he anticipated that it would be hard when the project that he'd planned to use to prove he wasn't a screw-up had ended up in Victor's hands. Victoria insisted that Billy's love and strength defined who he was, not a lost business deal. Billy acknowledged that he was lucky to be there, but he groused that even with Billy on the brink of death, Victor hadn't stopped trying to screw the Abbotts.

Victoria told Billy to forget about the deal, and she remarked that Victor only backed the best ideas, so Billy had undoubtedly chosen an amazing opportunity. Billy asked if that was supposed to make him feel better, and Victoria replied that something else was. She leaned in and kissed him, and he said it was working. She asked him to focus on their future and how lucky they were, and he vaguely recalled that she'd told him a story about him being a frog when he'd been out of it. He said he'd missed his tadpoles, and he couldn't wait to hear Katie call him "Dada" again. Victoria wondered how Billy had known that it had been their daughter's first word.

Victoria informed Billy that she'd been at Crimson Lights with Nikki and the kids when Katie had said it, so he definitely hadn't heard it. Jack and Phyllis walked in, and Billy offered to share his pudding cup with all of them. Jack was glad that Billy hadn't lost his sense of humor, even after Kevin's visit, and Billy replied that he was over it. Billy added that he didn't need billions of dollars when he had the most beautiful woman in the world, and he was going home to a daughter whose first word had been "dada." Victoria stepped out to scrounge up more pudding, and Jack left to take a call. Phyllis told Billy to drop the act, since she knew he was still "mad as hell" at Victor.

Billy asked when Phyllis had started knowing him that well, and she vaguely referred to how their past dealings with Victor had gotten them ready for whatever the future held. Billy inquired whether she was working on something, and she noted that Jack wanted to believe that Billy was over Victor and the lost deal. Billy said he was focused on his loved ones, but he implied that he wasn't done with the cheating billionaire who'd cheated him. Phyllis remarked that life was full of surprises, and even dreams they'd thought were dead sometimes popped back to life, just like Billy had. Billy asked what she meant.

Victoria ran into Jack in the corridor with pudding cups in hand, and Jack wondered if Billy really was doing okay. Victoria thought the hit-and-run had been a wakeup call for Billy, but Jack skeptically questioned whether it had been a call to arms instead. Victoria declared that it was a second chance for Billy to get things right, and she had to believe that love had won. Jack was glad that Billy and Victoria had the chance to finally be happy together.

Phyllis asserted that there was such a thing as karma, and it was time for it to "kick butt." Billy compared it to taking the "kick me" sign off his back, and Phyllis pointed out that he'd always bounced back, so that time shouldn't be any different. Victoria and Jack reentered the room, and Phyllis suddenly departed for the office. Later, Billy requested that Victoria persuade the hospital staff to let him out of there.

At Adam and Chelsea's penthouse, Dylan informed Chelsea that he was setting up the dummy exchange to take place that night, and Chelsea was surprised that Victor had agreed to work with the police. Dylan assured her that Victor understood what at stake, and Dylan was scouting a public location to give the kidnappers a false sense of security. Chelsea suggested that she push up the preview for her new bridal line to that night, and Dylan liked the idea of a non-threatening fashion crowd at Top of the Tower. Chelsea looked over her half-finished dresses and fretted that they weren't ready, but they had to be perfect because Adam's life was on the line. She admitted that she was scared that she'd lose her husband all over again.

Dylan reasoned that Adam had returned to Chelsea after a car explosion, an accident at the courthouse, and a fire, so a kidnapper was nothing by comparison. Chelsea recalled that she'd sensed Adam had been in trouble from the second he'd walked out the door, and she still felt that way. Dylan said he intended to keep his promise to get Adam home, but Chelsea was sure that Sharon wanted Dylan home instead of risking his life. Dylan quipped that he'd dealt with scarier things than a fashion show, but Chelsea asked how many missions had been blown up by a wild card. He assumed she meant Victor, and he reiterated that Victor wouldn't be a problem.

At Newman Enterprises, a guard escorted Natalie into Victor's office, and Victor trusted that her accommodations had been to her liking. Natalie griped that she'd never gotten her laptop, she'd had no access to a phone to call Kevin, and the door had been locked from the outside. She wondered why there hadn't been handcuffs and a blindfold, since she was basically being held prisoner. Natalie realized that Victor intended to trade her to the kidnapper for Adam, and Paul entered and announced that the police were running the exchange, not Victor.

Victor refused to take a back seat where his son's safety was concerned, and Paul explained to Natalie that they were playing it as a direct trade -- her for Adam. Natalie didn't like it, but Paul assured her that she would be safe. Victor had his guard take Natalie out, and Natalie plopped down by a computer at a desk outside the office. Meanwhile, Paul stressed that he was letting Victor have a front-row seat because Adam was involved, but he firmly stated that the police were in charge. Victor said he trusted Paul to keep his son safe, but he warned that if Adam got hurt, no one would be safe.

Victor instructed one of his guards that the Newman security team was to help the police, but they were also to follow Victor's orders, not Paul's. He added that no one was to enter his office without authorization, and he walked the guard to the door. Natalie announced that Victor had just received a new message from the kidnappers, and they weren't happy.

Victor answered a call from Paul and Dylan, who said they'd already seen the latest note from the kidnapper, and Victor wasn't thrilled that the police had tapped into his computer system. Victor said the kidnapper was anxious to set a time and place, and Dylan revealed that it would be that night at Top of the Tower during Chelsea's fashion show. Victor disapproved of getting Chelsea involved, but Paul asserted that the fashion show worked with their plan, and they'd taken every precaution to ensure everyone's safety. Victor typed a reply to the kidnapper and said it was done, and he hung up. Natalie wondered whether Victor was going to double-cross the cops.

Chelsea arrived to see Victor and was pleased to see a cop manning his office door. Victor coolly stated that he was only working with the police because she'd gone to them, and she countered that she'd done so because Victor had been of no help. Victor mentioned that the exchange was happening in his building with his son, but Paul and Dylan were thinking like civil servants and not like fathers. Chelsea snapped that Victor was a father who'd managed to let his son be kidnapped, and she accused Victor of creating a new prison for Adam by keeping his love out of reach.

Victor angrily questioned whether Chelsea thought he'd sacrifice his son for a business deal, and he ordered her to get out. Chelsea whimpered that she was scared, and she needed to make sure Victor would put Adam first. Victor proclaimed that Adam was his blood, and he wouldn't sacrifice his son for "a damn thing." Natalie sauntered in and complained that there was a guard outside the ladies' room, like Victor expected her to flush herself to freedom. Victor introduced Natalie to Chelsea, and Chelsea snapped that Natalie was the person responsible for her husband's kidnapping. Natalie retorted that she was the one being used as bait, and she told Chelsea to get Adam back herself.

Chelsea and Natalie bickered, and Chelsea accused Natalie of being a con artist. Victor asserted that Natalie was a brilliant computer hacker who'd had nothing to do with Adam's kidnapping, but he needed her to get Adam back safely. Chelsea pleaded that she had a two-year-old son who missed his daddy, and she wondered if Natalie wanted to be the one to tell the boy that he'd never see Adam again. Victor reminded Natalie that she knew what it was like to grow up without a father, and he appealed to her to help them.

Victor gave his word that he would protect Natalie, and he promised that anyone involved with saving his son would be nicely rewarded. Natalie agreed to do it, and Chelsea thanked her. Chelsea said she needed to deal with logistics for the fashion show, and Natalie left to resume work on the computer. Chelsea huffed that she didn't trust Natalie, and Victor confided that he also hadn't believed a word Natalie had said.

Chelsea hated the idea of depending on a flaky computer nerd to get Adam back, but Victor vowed that Adam would get home safely, even if he had to sacrifice Natalie in the process. Chelsea wailed that she just wanted Adam home, and Victor instructed her to give the best fashion show of her life. Chelsea recognized that her husband's life depended on it.

At the police station, Kevin and Mariah asked Paul about the latest on the ransom exchange, and Paul demanded to know how they'd known about it. Dylan revealed that he'd had to fill Kevin in to avoid having an APB put out on Adam, and Kevin asked how he could help. Paul refused to share information with either Kevin or Mariah because they weren't cops, but Kevin argued that he'd been in the middle from the beginning, so he had to see it through. Paul countered that lives were at stake, and he didn't need Kevin to complicate things.

In Paul's office, Paul reported that he'd covered all exits and entrances of the restaurant, and there would be plainclothes cops in the crowd and officers in unmarked cars outside. Dylan predicted that the kidnapper wouldn't get far, and Paul warned that the stakes couldn't be higher with lives in the balance. Paul commended Dylan for devising a solid plan, and Dylan hoped Victor was desperate enough to back off and let them do their jobs. Paul said he knew Victor, who became judge, jury, and executioner when his family was threatened, and he imagined Victor would have no qualms about throwing Natalie under the bus.

Paul exited his office and was irritated that Kevin and Mariah were still there, and he maintained that he had the situation under control without their help. Paul forbade Kevin from going anywhere near Top of the Tower, and he headed out. Kevin lamented that he'd messed everything up, but Mariah said it had been all Natalie's fault. Kevin remained worried about Natalie being caught in the middle, and Mariah reluctantly agreed that there was reason to be concerned if Victor was the good guy in the situation. Kevin's computer chimed, and an image of Natalie appeared on the computer. Natalie said the good news was that she was alive, but the bad news was that she didn't know how long it was going to last.

Kevin informed Natalie that Paul had a plan, but Paul hadn't filled him in on it. Natalie relayed that both Victor and Paul had promised that she'd be safe, but Mariah warned her to look for a sharp object in her back. Natalie pointed out that Victor needed her, but Kevin said Victor didn't need anyone. Mariah lectured that Kevin had only tried to help Natalie, but Natalie had screwed him over, just like she'd done to the other investors. Kevin advised Natalie to be prepared for anything, since Victor was just as dangerous as the kidnapper.

At Top of the Tower, Dylan told Paul that officers were watching the exits and restrooms, and he noticed Paul staring at him. Dylan wondered what he'd missed, and Paul marveled that Dylan was thinking like a cop. Paul added that he couldn't be more proud as both a father and a boss, but he was apprehensive about Dylan's welfare. Dylan contended that working together as father and son only made them stronger, and they had one another's backs, so they'd both get out in one piece.

In an undisclosed location, Adam tried to loosen the ropes that bound his hands to a chair, and a man entered and asked how he was feeling. Adam quipped that he was kind of tied up, and he ordered the man to stop pretending he cared. Adam demanded to know why the man had grabbed him, and the man replied that he'd done what he'd been paid to do. Adam asked who was paying him.

The man revealed that he'd been paid in cash, and Adam eyed a cell phone on the table. Adam questioned whether the gig was just business or more personal to the guy, and he mentioned that he had a long list of enemies, so he didn't want to have to guess who'd been behind the kidnapping. The man barked that he didn't even know Adam but was sick of him already, and Adam offered to double the ransom. The man coldly replied that he didn't work that way, and he walked out. Adam tried to edge his chair over to the phone.

Adam inched his way over to the table, but the man suddenly whipped open the door and remarked that he'd been warned that Adam was slippery. Adam pressed for a clue about who'd been behind his abduction, but the man told him not to push his luck. Adam asked if the guy had a wife or kids, and he stated that he had a wife and a beautiful boy. He pleaded to make one call to tell his wife that he was okay to keep her from worrying, but the man left. Adam flashed back to drinking Champagne with Chelsea in France and toasting to her getting him through everything. Adam struggled to free himself.

Adam yelled out to ask about the plan, and he warned that Victor would keep the ransom and tell the kidnapper where to stick it. Later, Adam heard a voice outside the door, talking about something going down that night. "Yes, ma'am," the man said, and Adam looked stunned.

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