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January 6 to 10, 2014
Someone kidnapped Jill and made it appear as though she'd left town. Jill recognized her captor. The Winters family celebrated that Lily was cancer-free. Devon purchased the Athletic Club, and he hired Cane and Lily to run it for him. Devon stopped Lily from throwing Hilary out. Kevin was concerned when he found that Chloe had included Connor's mementos in Delia's baby book. Chloe ended things with Kevin when he confronted her about her obsessive behavior. Dylan met with Willa, Ian Ward's ex-wife, who believed that Ian had changed his name and moved to Indiana. After a spat with Summer, Courtney broke up with Noah to protect her affiliation with Alex. Kelly abruptly left during an awkward evening with Victoria, Billy, and Stitch. Victoria and Stitch bonded. Billy and Kelly agreed to put their night of grief sex behind them and work on the Delia Project together. Billy learned that Adam had funded Delia's foundation. A witness revealed what he knew about the night of Delia's death, but Kevin's license plate search was fruitless. Adam proposed to Chelsea. Victor offered not to turn Adam in to the police in exchange for being part of Connor's life. Jack signed documents to become Connor's legal guardian if anything happened to Adam. At Connor's christening, the guests were stunned when an uninvited Victor arrived, and Adam allowed Victor to hold Connor.
January 13 to 17, 2014
Tyler and Abby placed an offer on a house, but he was later stunned when he learned that his girlfriend had supposedly called to retract their bid. Dylan invited Avery to travel with him to Indiana to search for Ian Ward. Leslie confided to Neil that she felt rushed by their wedding plans, and he agreed to wait. Billy thanked Adam for establishing Delia's foundation. Adam and Chelsea planned to move to Paris, while an obsessed Chloe vowed not to let anyone take Delia away from her. Billy found the same rare lily that Adam had purchased for Chelsea at Delia's roadside shrine. After Kelly declined Victoria's offer of friendship, the women were thrown together to plan a fundraiser for the Delia Project. Kevin refused to give up on his search for the license plate of the hit-and-run driver. Michael was disconcerted by the lack of evidence in Carmine's murder case. Womack made a mysterious call. Christine was upset by Paul's preoccupation with work and Nikki's problems. Noah caught Courtney buying drugs from Raven. Jack, Hilary, and Kyle suspected that Bonaventure Industries was illegally selling an energy supplement. Summer popped multiple energy pills before a photo shoot, and she collapsed on the stairs. Fen was arrested after breaking house arrest to search for Summer. Sharon found an unconscious Summer and got her to the hospital, where Stitch determined that Summer had experienced a cardiac episode. Sharon grappled with whether to tell Nick the truth about Summer's paternity.
January 20 to 24, 2014
Summer woke up in the hospital, and Jack was upset when she referred to Nick as "Dad." Stitch identified the drugs in Summer's system as VivaSurge, a drug distributed by Bonaventure Industries. Victor reported Jabot to labor relations, while Jack, Kyle, and Hilary gathered information to prove that Victor's company had been responsible for the drugs. Noah accused Courtney of supplying Summer with pills. The tattooed woman locked Abby inside a vacant apartment. Tyler and Abby fought when he didn't believe her conclusion that Mariah had been behind the stunt. David Tutera agreed to help plan Leslie and Neil's wedding, and Leslie warmed up to the idea of getting married. Devon offered to finance a fundraiser for the Delia Project. Michael plotted to tell Womack that Carmine had turned state's evidence against Womack. Womack refused to make a deal with Michael and threatened Fen in prison. Fen agreed to confess to murder in exchange for an out-of-state prison transfer. Lauren received a mysterious bottle of perfume. Dylan and Avery traveled to Indiana in search of Ian Ward, but when it seemingly turned out to be a dead end, Dylan agreed to give up looking for his father. Dylan and Avery made love. Ian arrived in Genoa City and confronted Nikki about his son. Adam and Chelsea remarried and prepared to move to Paris, but he secretly planned to turn himself in for Delia's hit-and-run. Billy realized that Adam had been responsible for Delia's death.
January 27 to 31
Sharon resumed having visions of Cassie. Lily was furious when she realized that Devon was attracted to Hilary. Kyle suspected that Hilary had a crush on Jack. Abby and Tyler made up, and she called Mariah to request that they meet. Ian introduced himself to Dylan, but Dylan made it clear that he wanted nothing to do with his biological father. Ian decided to extend his stay in Genoa City. Ian approached Summer and gave her a business card for "The Path." Fen prepared for his sentencing. Michael tracked down Carmine, who was alive. Chelsea watched Adam's video confession to Delia's murder, while the police searched for Adam. Word spread that Adam had been the hit-and-run driver. After Chloe realized that Chelsea hadn't known about Adam's guilt, she promised to help Chelsea provide a stable home for Connor. Jack blamed himself for not realizing that Adam had been the culprit. Jack informed a livid Nikki about Victor choosing to blackmail Adam rather than going to the police with the knowledge that Adam had killed Delia. Billy took Adam at gunpoint to Delia's memorial, where Billy forced Adam to admit he had killed Delia and to recount how he'd covered up his role in her death. Billy and Adam got into a horrific car accident. One man got out and staggered away, while the other was still inside the vehicle when it burst into flames.
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February 3 to 7, 2014
Michael presented video evidence that Carmine was still alive, and the murder charges against Fen were dismissed. Leslie admitted to Neil that she had no desire to have a wedding, but she loved him and wanted to be with him. Abby challenged Mariah to meet her and Tyler for coffee, but Mariah didn't show up. Tyler arranged to meet Mariah at her hotel. Noah discovered that Courtney was an undercover cop, but he couldn't forgive her deception. Sharon was stunned when she was able to touch Cassie. Colin revealed himself as Jill's captor, and he forced her to marry him. Jill consulted Leslie about getting an annulment, but she agreed to stay married to Colin if he provided information about the music box. Devon offered to replace Adam's contribution to the Delia Project with his own funds. Nick and Dylan declared a truce in order to protect Nikki from Ian. Nikki's health deteriorated. Summer decided to quit modeling, and she contemplated turning to Ian as a life coach. Jack identified a watch that had been found near the explosion as Adam's. A battered Billy showed up on Victoria's doorstep, but he remained tight-lipped about the events before the crash. The SUV sank into the river, and divers were unable to recover a body. Kelly admitted to Stitch that she'd slept with Billy. Jack and Victor fought over which one of them would protect Chelsea and Connor. Everyone except Chelsea believed that Adam was dead. A man's ringed hand twitched in the snow.
February 10 to 14, 2014
Summer asked Ian to help her find her path. Stitch confided to Dylan that his wife had filed for divorce, but he remained tight-lipped about the reason why. Dylan and Avery spent a romantic Valentine's Day together. Chelsea believed that Adam was alive, but Billy was adamant that Adam was dead. Victoria and Nick shunned Victor after they learned that Victor had blackmailed Adam instead of outing Adam as the hit-and-run driver. Cane surprised Lily with a suite at the Athletic Club for their anniversary. At the Delia Project fundraiser, Kelly mistakenly assumed that Jack was the blind date that Lily had set her up with. Hilary kissed Jack and immediately apologized. Hilary became jealous when she found Devon and Esmerelda making out in the steam room. Abby was livid when Tyler revealed that he'd left the fundraiser to see Mariah. Chloe lashed out at Chelsea at the party, but the women made amends. Womack and Colin conspired to steal a valuable snow queen doll that was up for auction. Lily discovered that the doll was missing, and Womack was caught with the doll as he tried to leave. In the ensuing chaos, diamonds spilled out of the doll, and Womack threatened the benefit guests with a gun. Chloe tricked Anita into leaving her alone with Connor, and she made plans to leave the country with the baby. After seeing Cassie again, Sharon confessed to Nick that she'd been lying to him. Victor met with Cassie's look-alike.
February 17 to 21, 2014
Victor paid Cassie's look-alike to step up her efforts to discover Sharon's secret. Nick supported Sharon after she confided that she'd seen and touched Cassie. Sharon discovered a collage of Cassie's photos plastered all over her wall. Nick and Dylan agreed to work together to protect Nikki from Ian. Ian charmed Summer and Faith, and he lured Summer to his hotel suite to compile a personality profile. Womack held the guests at the Delia Project fundraiser hostage. Kevin used a secret burner phone to communicate with the police. Neil and Devon staged an argument while Tyler knocked out Womack's accomplice. A chandelier fell on Billy and Chelsea, and he was seriously injured. A delirious Billy revealed his one-night stand with Kelly to everyone within earshot. Jack offered Womack a plane in exchange for Chelsea's release. As Womack prepared to go to the airport, he released all of the hostages except Lily. Womack shot Cane, and Colin retaliated by killing Womack. Cane acknowledged that Colin had saved his life. Jill kissed Colin in exchange for information about the music box. Colin revealed that a card containing Rachel Berenson's name had been inside the box. Victoria slapped Kelly and confided her troubles to Stitch. Victoria agreed not to leave Billy, but she recoiled when he tried to kiss her. Chloe stole Chelsea's passport and fled the country with Connor. Victor and Chelsea tracked down Chloe in Paris.
February 24 to 28
Victor and Chelsea tracked down Chloe in Paris and took Connor home, and Chloe was arrested for kidnapping. Chloe preferred to face prison rather than a world without Delia, but Kevin begged Chloe not to leave him. Jack warned Chelsea that Victor was plotting to make her look like an unfit mother. Chelsea received a mysterious call from an unknown party. Jill found an old photo with Rachel's name on it. Courtney and Noah decided to give their relationship another chance. Sharon believed that the strange occurrences in her home were the result of paranormal activity, and she tried to contact Cassie with a Ouija board. Devon considered giving up the Athletic Club after the hostage incident, but Neil urged him to stick with it. Neil was devastated when Leslie broke up with him because of their opposing views on marriage. Cane and Lily postponed their anniversary celebration to comfort Neil. Nick punched Ian. Ian attempted to blackmail Nikki into giving him money in exchange for him leaving her family alone. Nikki discovered Ian with Summer and exposed his true identity. Ian pleaded with Dylan not to kill him, or Dylan would "never know." Paul arrested Ian. Billy and Victoria's marriage remained strained, and Victoria and Stitch shared a kiss. Billy reluctantly met with Kelly.
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MARCH 2014
March 3 to 7, 2014
Billy and Kelly covertly met and agreed that they could no longer be friends. Victoria admitted to Billy that she had kissed another man. Victoria and Billy made love, but their relationship remained strained. Billy learned that Victoria had kissed Stitch. Victoria threw Billy out when she found out about his meeting with Kelly. Stitch reached out to Kelly, but she said that he couldn't be forgiven for what he'd done. Kelly informed Jack that she'd quit her job to avoid being near Billy, and she confided that it was her son's birthday. A depressed Neil opened up to Hilary. Michael thought that Chloe's best alternative was to serve a sentence in a mental hospital. Jill discovered that the photo of Rachel had been taken in London. Leslie tried to get the charges against Ian dismissed due to lack of evidence, but Nikki revealed that she'd secretly recorded Ian's blackmail attempt. Paul and Dylan compared notes about Ian's cryptic references to a secret, but they couldn't figure out what Ian had meant. Victor learned that the FDA was investigating Bonaventure Industries, and he suspected that Jack had set him up. Victor offered to reinstate Cane as Chancellor CEO, and Cane grappled with the decision. Noah quit his job after he learned about Victor's knowledge of Adam's guilt. Chelsea remained certain that Adam was alive, and Victor agreed to her request to search for Adam. Nick and Sharon shared a passionate kiss.
March 10 to 14, 2014
Nick and Sharon made love. Sharon caught the Cassie look-alike in her living room, and "Cassie" later tried to convince Sharon to reveal her secret at Cassie's gravesite. Sharon insisted to Nick that Cassie was still alive. "Cassie" reported to Victor that Phyllis knew Sharon's secret. Jack tried to pay Kelly off to leave town, but she refused. Billy told Kelly that they could no longer have any contact with one another. Victoria asked Avery to draw up divorce papers, but Avery advised Victoria to take time before making any decisions. Jack asked Hilary to become Jabot's liaison to Forrester Creations and to go to Los Angeles with Neil. Lily caught Cane researching Bonaventure Industries, but she remained clueless about his interest in returning to his old job. Nikki was pleased when Nick and Dylan were civil to one another, and she was surprised when Victor accepted her need to be close to all her children. Chloe pleaded guilty to kidnapping, and the judge ordered her to have outpatient therapy. Kevin and Chloe got remarried so that he could become her legal guardian. Chloe felt awkward when friends and family threw a reception, and she insisted that it hadn't been a real wedding, but Kevin professed his feelings for her. The homeless man who had witnessed Billy and Adam's SUV crash told Chelsea and Victor that both men had escaped from the vehicle before the explosion. Chelsea believed that Adam was still alive, but Victor thought that the eyewitness was delusional.
March 17 to 21, 2014
Chelsea obtained a restraining order to keep Chloe away from Connor. Jill and Colin learned that Rachel Berenson had been a translator for Katherine's father during World War II. Colin feigned an illness to trick Jill into admitting that she cared for him. Tyler hesitated to share details of his past engagement to Mariah with Abby. The woman with the wrist tattoo slipped an engagement ring on her finger. Victoria took Johnny to Washington, DC, to spend some time away from Billy. Kelly accepted Lily's job offer to work at the Athletic Club. Kelly rejected Jack's attempts to make up for trying to bribe her to leave town. Lily lashed out at Neil for supporting Hilary. Nikki overheard Paul and Dylan discussing Ian's cryptic statements, and she suspected that Ian was still up to something. Willa Ward offered to provide information in exchange for money, but Dylan declined. Victor thought that the same person who had set him up for selling illegal drugs had also manipulated Cane into acquiring Bonaventure Industries. Nick admitted Sharon to the hospital after she suffered a breakdown. Victor ordered Cassie's look-alike to leave town. Sharon consented to electroconvulsive therapy in order to make her visions of Cassie go away. Cassie's look-alike sneaked into Sharon's hospital room and apologized, but a drugged Sharon passed out before she could alert anyone.
March 24 to 28, 2014
Leslie was upset to learn that Neil was going out of town with a woman, but he didn't clarify that it was a business trip with Hilary. Hilary became a contestant on The Price is Right. Neil and Hilary bonded when they were forced to share a motel room after their flight was grounded. Dylan filmed a sexy video of Avery on his phone and inadvertently sent it to one of his employees. Chloe and Chelsea clashed when they tried to work together. Kevin gave Chloe a wedding ring, but she maintained that she wasn't ready for a serious relationship. Sharon experienced memory loss after she underwent electroconvulsive therapy. Victor and Nikki celebrated their anniversary, and she was thrilled when he accepted Dylan as part of her family. Victor invited Tyler to join him for a sparring match, and he warned Tyler not to hurt Abby. Cane presented Victor with a trail that would lead to the person who had manipulated Cane into acquiring Bonaventure Industries. Victor hired an investigator to trace Chelsea's mysterious calls and to find out what Billy knew about Adam's death. Jack gave Kelly a white rose in an effort to declare a truce. Victoria presented Billy with separation papers, and he signed them. Victoria spotted Billy and Kelly talking in the park. Stitch found out that his divorce was final and that his ex-wife was taking his son out of the country. Stitch and Victoria commiserated over drinks, and Abby spotted them leaving the Underground together.
March 31 to April 4, 2014
Chloe accused Chelsea of shutting her out of Chelsea's life. Cane admitted to Lily that he wanted to work for Victor. Ian told Leslie his secret, and she hid her discomfort from Avery and Dylan. Summer confronted Ian about taking advantage of her. Courtney told Summer that she was an undercover cop. A television producer contacted Avery about appearing on a cooking show. Devon thanked Hilary for taking Neil's mind off his problems. Neil and Hilary decided to use real people as models in the fashion show, including Lily and Hilary. Lauren thought that she might be pregnant, and Michael had mixed emotions about the possibility of raising another child. Abby accepted Tyler's spontaneous marriage proposal. Tyler was relieved when Victor gave Abby and Tyler his blessing. After her electroconvulsive therapy, Sharon had no memory of Summer's DNA test or Phyllis' fall. Nick and Sharon declared their love and agreed to take things slowly. Billy asked Jack for a job at Jabot in an effort to prove himself to Victoria. Victoria and Stitch had sex in her car, and she assured him that she had no regrets. Nikki saw Victoria and Stitch kissing, and Stitch confessed to Dylan about the tryst. Abby told Billy that she'd seen Victoria leave the Underground with Stitch. Billy demanded to know if Victoria had slept with Stitch. Victor's investigator presented dental records that proved that Adam had died, but an unseen person paid off someone who had planted the evidence.
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APRIL 2014
April 7 to 11, 2014
Nikki and Jill decided to work together to reunite Billy and Victoria. Jill admitted that she loved Colin, and the couple had sex. Colin made a mysterious call to report that he'd won Jill's trust and would soon have her money. Dylan convinced Avery to audition for a cooking show, but he was concerned by a creepy message board comment that referred to seeing more of her. Victor presented Paul with proof of Adam's death. Chelsea wanted to see Adam's remains, but Victor and Jack convinced her to say goodbye at a memorial instead. Jack and Kelly encountered numerous problems on their dinner date, but they agreed to go out again. Victoria accepted Stitch's dinner invitation, and Billy spied them sitting on the couch together. Sharon and Nick almost made love in a bubble bath, but he pulled away. Lauren told Michael that she was pregnant, but she hesitated to have tests performed until she bonded with her unborn child. Lauren almost fainted, and Michael took her to the hospital. Cane conceded that Hilary deserved a second chance, but Lily was certain that Hilary had not changed. Leslie told Neil that she had started dating again and had impulsively gotten married. Neil kissed Hilary. Chloe sought Michael's legal advice to ensure Chelsea didn't shut her out of their design business, and she later threatened to sue Chelsea. At the Jabot fashion show, Chloe and Chelsea got into a bitter argument that led to a catfight.
April 14 to 18, 2014
Chloe overheard Rick Forrester make Chelsea a job offer, which Chelsea had no intention of telling Chloe about. Chloe cut up a dress at the fashion show to retaliate for Chelsea shutting her out of the business. Chelsea fixed the dress and was a smashing success, and she and Chloe made amends. Kevin admitted that it had been a mistake to marry Chloe. Lauren was distraught when she learned that her home pregnancy test had been a false positive. After a cameraman calmed her nerves, Avery was a hit during her cooking show audition. After a mistrial, Ian returned to Genoa City, and someone trashed his hotel room. Ian tried to lure Nikki into meeting him, but Victor showed up and warned Ian to stay away from his family. Stitch tended to Cassie's look-alike's injuries. Summer worried that Jack was moving on with Kelly. Nick and Sharon made love and decided to reveal to everyone that they had reunited. Tyler secretly met with Mariah. The Newmans and the Abbotts struggled to put aside their differences when they gathered to celebrate Tyler and Abby's engagement. Nick discovered Cassie's imposter outside the ranch. Victoria made it clear to Billy that she was moving on with her life by dating Stitch. Jeffrey tried to get Chelsea to give him another chance, but she realized that he would never change. Billy showed up at Chelsea's door.
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