Y&R Recaps: The week of July 21, 2014 on The Young and the Restless
Nikki read from her journal in court to defend herself against Ian’s emotional distress claims. Billy and Jack forced Stitch to confess to Victoria that he’d killed his father. Jack said that he loved Kelly.
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Monday, July 21, 2014

At the pool atop the Genoa City Athletic Club, while they towel-dried themselves, Austin and Summer talked about having dinner at the Abbott mansion. Summer assured Austin that her family would be cordial. Austin remained apprehensive and noted that Abby had made no effort to hide her hatred of him. Summer made an offhand remark about her family having no choice but to accept her marriage to Austin after they had a baby. Austin was taken aback by Summer's talk of having a baby. Summer said, "Have you never thought about having a baby?" Austin explained that the only thought he'd had about his future was his plan to attend film school.

Austin and Summer discovered that their ideas of an idyllic honeymoon were radically different. Summer said she envisioned a destination with a nice hotel. Austin said he'd rather enjoy a backpacking adventure in Costa Rica. Austin added that it didn't matter because he'd probably be in prison soon. Summer promised to support Austin, and she assured him that Leslie would do her utmost to defend him in court. The couple embraced, though Summer had initiated the hug.

At the Abbott mansion, Abby helped Traci set the table for dinner. Abby debated about seating Austin and Summer at opposite ends of the table. Traci nixed the idea, but she instructed Abby to place Austin closer to Billy and farther from Jack. Abby noted that Billy would rather sit close to Victoria. Traci said, "I bet Billy would, too. Billy is who is he and does what he does, and right now, he's having to live with the results." After the dining room was readied for guests, Traci gleefully said that she predicted a happy and healing family dinner. Abby seemed unconvinced.

In the living room at Chelsea's penthouse, Chelsea and Billy, who was shirtless, were lying on the sofa, kissing. Chelsea's dress was unzipped. Chelsea was startled by the sudden appearance of a man who'd entered through the front door. The man, who worked for the mysterious person monitoring the goings-on in Chelsea's home, claimed that he was a maintenance man. The man claimed that he'd been told that no one was home. The maintenance man mentioned that other residents had complained about a buzzing sound, so he offered to check it out. Chelsea agreed to let the maintenance worker check out the problem, and she directed the man to the nursery upstairs.

After the maintenance man left the room, Billy complained about the stranger having entered without first knocking on the door. Chelsea admitted that before she'd seen the man's face, her first thought had been that Adam had returned home. Upstairs in Connor's nursery, the mystery man watched the so-called maintenance man enter the room and peer up at a concealed camera mounted in the ceiling. From an unknown location, the mystery man watched the video feed on his laptop screen. The voyeur appeared to vent his anger and frustration by squeezing a small rubber ball in his hand. The maintenance worker went about fiddling with a dresser drawer.

Later, Billy told Chelsea that he was late to a family dinner. The couple kissed, and Billy suggested returning later to share a dessert. Chelsea nixed the idea. Billy offered to stick around until the maintenance worker left. Chelsea said she didn't fear the man. Chelsea recalled what she'd said about imagining that Adam might return home. She insisted that she wasn't delusional. Chelsea added, "That was just me forgetting about the past few months. Trust me, I know Adam is never coming home." Billy left.

Chelsea returned to Connor's nursery and asked the maintenance worker if he'd located the source of the buzzing sound. The man explained that the wiring was in order. The man said that he might have to follow up later if the source of the problem was detected in another unit. Chelsea advised the man to knock before entering her place in the future instead of letting himself in with a key. The man looked around the room and noted that the furnishings had been moved. Chelsea replied, "Yeah. Sometimes change is good." The maintenance man left.

Later, the mystery man watched and listened to Chelsea via the hidden audio and video equipment. The voyeur placed his hand on the screen of his laptop and appeared to be reaching out in a loving manner to Chelsea's image. While Chelsea was arranging Connor's clean clothes into a dresser drawer, she discovered a monogramed, lace-edge handkerchief. She fondled the linen handkerchief and seemed lost in thought.

The maintenance worker, standing in the room with the mystery man, noted Chelsea's reaction to the handkerchief. The maintenance worker said, "You know your wife. That handkerchief is doing the trick. It should remind her of your original wedding anniversary, just like you said. It will kill the mood for her and Billy Abbott."

At Crimson Lights, Avery wasn't pleased when she arrived and found Dylan working. Stitch had been conversing with Dylan prior to Avery's arrival. Dylan assured Avery that his doctor friend supported his decision to return to light duty. Barton Shelby, Dylan's surgeon, stopped by and noted that Dylan was doing well. Avery agreed to back down on Dylan. Barton asked to speak with Stitch privately.

Leslie stopped by and delivered news about Austin's upcoming trial. Leslie explained that Christine wouldn't be able to serve as a prosecutor during Austin's trial, to be held in Genoa City, due to conflict of interest. Dylan didn't take the news well and feared that it might be easy for Austin "to get a pass." Leslie explained that intent, state of mind, and remorse would all matter to a jury. Avery added that the law was designed to make allowances that Dylan might not be able to accept.

Leslie told Dylan that she wouldn't drop Austin as a client just because Dylan disapproved. Angry, Leslie abruptly left. Dylan told Avery that he was really mad at himself. Avery insisted that Dylan wasn't to blame for what had happened. She reminded Dylan that he'd only wanted to save her. Dylan noted that none of his aspirations had turned out as he'd planned. Dylan told Avery that she'd been the only constant in his life.

Barton and Stitch retreated to the patio. Stitch feared the worst when Barton mentioned that he'd heard some things about Stitch. Instead, Barton said that he'd heard positive comments about Stitch, and he asked if Stitch might be willing to assume the position of chief resident at the hospital. Stitch seemed relieved and surprised. Leslie joined her husband and Stitch and congratulated Stitch for being nominated to become chief resident. Leslie briefly mentioned her fray with Dylan. Leslie noted that whenever lies were exposed, the person most deeply hurt and angered was usually the one that was the last to be told the truth.

In Jack's office, Kelly admitted that her brother, Stitch, was a murderer. Jack initially believed that Kelly was referring to combat fatalities or the death of patients under Stitch's care. Kelly replied, "It wasn't an accident or self-defense. My brother killed a man." Kelly was already shivering when Jack asked to hear the rest of the story. Kelly rubbed her face and said, "Telling you who he killed is the worst part of all."

Jack was still in shock when Kelly cried that it had been difficult for her to watch Stitch live a normal life while knowing that he had taken the life of someone else. Jack thanked Kelly for telling him the truth. Jack added, "Billy was right! Stitch was keeping a secret." Jack wanted to share the information with Billy, but Kelly swore Jack to secrecy. Jack voiced his concern about Stitch spending time with Victoria and little Johnny, but Kelly assured Jack that her brother wasn't a threat. Kelly added, "He's different now. He paid for what he did and served his time."

Jack insisted to Kelly that Victoria had a right to know that Stitch was a murderer. Kelly cried that she'd already suffered the losses of her son, her marriage, and her brother, and she begged Jack not to put her into a position to lose her brother again. Jack replied, "I know you're trying to protect your brother, but Billy is my brother." Jack reminded Kelly that even Jenna, Stitch's ex-wife, had moved with her son to another country to get away from her murderous ex-husband. Jack reiterated that Victoria should know the truth.

Jack explained that he and Kelly were late for his family dinner. Jack promised to wait a while before rendering a decision about how he'd handle the matter. Kelly had tears in her eyes as she pleaded with Jack not to disclose Stitch's secret. Jack noted that the revelation about Stitch had changed everything. Kelly seemed brokenhearted when Jack claimed that the revelation about Stitch had changed the way Jack felt about her.

While Traci and Abby awaited the arrival of dinner guests, Abby perused the social media site FacePlace on her electronic tablet. Abby noted that Tyler had changed his relationship status, noting that he was single. Traci took away the tablet and encouraged Abby to concentrate on enjoying an evening with the people who loved and supported her. Abby commended Traci for remaining strong and supportive even though Traci had recently been divorced from Steve. Traci, recalling a quote she'd heard from Cher, said, "Men are a luxury, not a necessity." Traci and Abby shared a good laugh and a warm embrace. Traci gave Abby hope. Traci said that her niece would find the right partner someday.

When Jack and Kelly arrived, Abby attempted to close the front door in Kelly's face. Jack escorted his nervous girlfriend inside. Traci, however, warmly welcomed Kelly. Privately, Kelly petitioned Jack about keeping her brother's secret. Jack whispered that he wasn't sure he could because he was concerned about his family.

When Austin and Summer arrived, Kelly quietly reminded Jack to be supportive for Summer's sake. Summer thanked her family for welcoming Austin. Summer insisted that Austin would soon understand why she loved her family so much. After Summer took Austin on a tour of the grounds, Abby asked if Austin would remain a family member if he went to prison. Looking directly at Jack, Kelly said, "Well, if Austin owns up to what he did, regrets it, and goes on to make a good life as a good person, then I don't think it's fair to judge him anymore."

In the dining room, Abby questioned Kelly. Kelly reacted defensively when Abby noted that Kelly had lied about Stitch being her brother. Kelly seemed to hold her breath when Abby said, "Why did you lie? Why the big secret?"

Back in the sitting room, Jack was alone when Billy arrived. Billy took note of Jack's restlessness. Jack said, "I got some news. Nothing I ever expected." Billy replied, "We'll deal with it together. Tell me what you heard." Jack hesitated and didn't immediately respond.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

At the Athletic Club, Victor noted that Nikki had barely touched her meal, and she claimed that she was distracted because he was about to leave town. He suspected that she was worried about Ian's lawsuit, and she admitted that it bothered her that her personal journal could become public record. Victor suggested that he use other tactics to make the lawsuit go away, but Nikki believed that the journal was the only thing that could prove she hadn't intentionally misled Ian. Nikki couldn't help but wonder how different things would have been if she'd stayed in Dylan's life, but Victor reiterated that she'd made the only choice she could have at the time, and they couldn't look back.

Nikki said that she cherished the years she'd had with Victor and their family, but she wished that she could go back and make the correct assumptions about her pregnancy, so Ian wouldn't be a part of their lives. Victor suggested that she have Michael get the journal back, and Victor would take care of things himself, but she urged him to let the law handle it. Nikki assured Victor that he'd convinced her that she had no reason to worry, and she wished him a safe trip. He said that he'd be gone overnight, but he'd be back for the hearing, and he departed.

Nikki flashed back to confronting Ian about what he'd done to her and to telling Dylan that he was her son. As she recalled telling Paul that he was Dylan's father, she anxiously eyed the bottles of vodka behind the bar.

Stitch arrived at Victoria's house to welcome her home, and she reported that Reed had been over the moon to go to summer camp. Victoria recalled that she'd become misty-eyed after Reed's bus had pulled away, since it felt like she'd just been swaddling him in a blanket, and Stitch pointed out that it wouldn't be long before she had another baby at home. She fretted that she had a lot to do to prepare, and Stitch declared that he was happy to help. She suddenly turned away, and he asked what was wrong. She informed him that she'd made an appointment to take a paternity test, and the next day, they'd know whose baby she was carrying.

Stitch pledged to be there for Victoria if she wanted him to be, regardless of the paternity test results. She said that she'd signed the divorce papers, and she was sure that she and Billy wouldn't get back together, even if Billy was the father. Victoria wanted to stop looking backward and to start moving forward, and she considered removing memories of Billy from the house, but Stitch contended that Johnny needed reminders of his father around. Stitch regretted that he was missing out on most of his son's life, and he swore that he wouldn't miss out on one minute of another child's.

Stitch worried that Max would forget about the things they'd done together, and Victoria swore that if her baby was Stitch's, she wouldn't prevent him from being part of his child's life. Stitch said that there was no guarantee she'd feel that way in the future, but she vowed not to change her mind, since he was a good man, and she had no doubt he'd be a good father. She remembered that he'd sent her a text message about some exciting news, and he relayed that Dr. Shelby wanted to make him chief resident. Victoria wanted to celebrate, but Nikki suddenly stumbled through the door and nearly fell. Stitch and Victoria rushed over to help her.

Nikki blamed her condition on the stress of the lawsuit, and Stitch advised her to stay calm and to call Dr. Costner if she had other symptoms. After Stitch left, Nikki apologized for intruding, and Victoria worriedly asked if something had happened with Dylan or Paul. Nikki insisted that they were fine, but life was just overwhelming, and she'd experienced a few MS flareups. Nikki surmised that Victoria and Stitch had been getting closer, and she asked if Victoria intended to go ahead with the divorce. Victoria lamented that she couldn't trust Billy, but she believed that she could absolutely trust Stitch. Nikki thought it was jarring for Billy to see Victoria moving on, and Victoria grumbled that Billy was doing the same thing by sleeping with Chelsea.

Nikki thought that Victoria was upset, but Victoria contended that Billy's sex life was no longer her business. Nikki pointed out that Victoria might be about to have his baby, and Victoria revealed that she'd scheduled a paternity test for the next day, but she could reschedule if Nikki wanted her to be in court. Nikki encouraged her to have the test, and she asked what outcome Victoria was hoping for. Victoria said that Stitch really wanted the baby to be his, and he'd make a really good father, but she also felt that she could help Billy heal from Delia's death if she could give him a baby. Nikki wondered whether things were truly over for Billy and Victoria.

Victoria ranted about Billy's lies and cheating, and she pointed out that they both had feelings for other people. Nikki thought it sounded like Victoria was protesting too much, and she suspected that Victoria still cared about Billy. Victoria conceded that she would always love him, but they couldn't be together. Nikki contemplated what would happen if the test proved the baby was Billy's, but Victoria maintained that it wouldn't change anything.

At the Abbott mansion, Abby confronted Kelly about not telling anyone that Stitch was Kelly's brother. Abby theorized that Kelly had been afraid that Stitch would spill secrets about their past, and Kelly explained that she and Stitch hadn't always been close. Abby wondered what could paint Kelly in a worse light than being a home wrecker, and Traci walked in and reprimanded Abby. Kelly said she'd heard it all before, and Abby defended that she'd just been trying to get to know Jack's girlfriend better.

Billy guessed that Jack was upset because Summer was pregnant, and Jack couldn't imagine Summer with a baby after Austin was sent to prison. Billy stated that children needed both parents, and Jack was certain that Billy would play a role in his child's life if he was the father of Victoria's baby. Billy was concerned about the baby if Stitch turned out to be the father, since Stitch hadn't fought for his child to stay in the country. Jack suggested that perhaps Stitch hadn't been able to fight, and Billy wondered whether Jack knew why Stitch had lost custody of Max, but Kelly entered and chided Billy for continuing to pry into Stitch's life. Billy asserted that he'd just been trying to figure out what had Jack wound up.

Jack said that he cared too much about his family to remain silent, and a panicked Kelly questioned whether it was the time or place to discuss it. Summer inquired whether she had time to show Austin around before dinner, but Kelly reported that Traci had said dinner was ready, and everyone should go into the dining room. As the guests headed to dinner, Billy stopped Kelly and asked what was going on with Jack, and she claimed that Jack was disturbed by Summer's wedding to Austin. Billy commented that Summer had been struggling since Phyllis' accident, since it was hard to lose a parent unexpectedly, and Kelly looked stricken.

The Abbotts silently ate dinner, and Abby remarked that their family had never been that quiet. The guests made small talk about the food, and Abby asked what family dinners had been like for Kelly and Stitch in their youth. Jack turned the topic to getting to know more about his son-in-law, and Traci asked how Austin had gotten into television production. Austin revealed that his mom had bought him a camera for his tenth birthday to get him away from video games, and he'd turned it into something that could pay the rent. Abby assumed that Austin's career plans were on hold, unless his producers wanted to do a reality show about inmates.

Abby noted that she could have avoided a world of hurt if she'd listened to her family's warnings, and Austin swore that he loved Summer and that he wasn't out to hurt her. He added that he intended to work to provide for his family once he was released from prison, and Kelly commended him for being accountable for his actions. Abby cautioned that it would be tough to get hired with a record, and Summer suggested that Jack offer Austin a job at Jabot. Jack balked, but Austin said that he was more creative than corporate.

Billy said he hadn't envisioned a corporate job, either, but it had been good for him to have responsibility and structure with a baby on the way. Austin innocently asked if it was Billy's first child, and there was an awkward silence. Billy explained that he'd had two kids, but his daughter had died the previous October at age seven. A horrified Austin said that he'd had no idea, and Traci assured him that it was all right, but Billy contended that nothing had been all right since Delia had died, since everything had fallen apart after that night.

Austin thanked Traci for inviting him and Summer, and Traci welcomed him to the family. Summer expressed her appreciation to Kelly for sticking up for Austin, and she suggested that she and Austin walk home to his place. Jack was surprised that they weren't staying at the penthouse, but Summer explained that she didn't like being there when Phyllis wasn't. Jack expressed concern about Summer staying downtown, and Abby cattily remarked that she'd heard something about a shooting in the building. Summer swore that she would be fine, and Jack hugged her goodbye.

After the newlyweds left, Billy hoped that he hadn't killed the mood, but Jack grumbled that Billy had had help from Abby. Traci acknowledged that they'd all been through a rough year, but the dinner had been to remind them that they would always stick together. Abby said that it was nice to have family around, and she imagined that Kelly enjoyed having her brother in town. Kelly agreed that it was nice to have Stitch back in her life, and Abby pointed out that Stitch was also in Victoria's life, which was why Billy had moved on with a new woman.

Jack pulled Billy aside and said that Billy had every right to be happy, but Billy observed that Jack didn't seem happy. Billy mentioned that Kelly had said that Jack was stressed about Summer's marriage, and he noticed that Jack tensed up when he said Kelly's name. Jack said that they were still learning a lot about one another, and Billy advised him to be honest along the way, since breaking trust could ruin everything. Billy added that trust was hard to earn back, and Jack shook his hand and thanked him.

After Billy left, Kelly thanked Jack for not saying anything about Stitch, and Jack replied that he'd intended to, but he understood how much Kelly had been hurt. Jack added that Billy had said something to him about trust, and he didn't want her to regret opening up to him. She kissed him and said that she'd see him the next day, and she left. Traci and Abby entered, and Jack groused that Abby had badgered everyone out of there. Abby defended that Victoria was her sister, so she had a right to be interested in who Billy was with, but she couldn't imagine anyone would be better for Billy than Victoria.

Jack said that Billy was just trying to move on with his life, and Traci empathized that it wasn't always easy to do, since the prospect of getting back into the dating pool was daunting. Abby offered to be Traci's "wingwoman," and they laughed. Traci said that Jack deserved to be happy, and he replied that he felt happy and blessed. Abby asked if his relationship with Kelly was serious, and Jack declared that Kelly could be a part of his life for a long time.

Kelly called Stitch and said that she needed to see him. He surmised that Jack had asked more questions, and she informed him that she'd told Jack everything. Later, Kelly met Stitch, and he berated her for screwing up his life again. Kelly reminded him that she'd warned him that she wouldn't lie to Jack, and she insisted that she wasn't trying to tear Stitch's life apart. She added that Jack had had a chance to tell Billy, but he hadn't, and she suggested that they go on living their lives.

At Crimson Lights, Summer blasted Abby and Jack for making Austin feel uncomfortable, but Austin swore that it hadn't bothered him. Summer said that she didn't care what her family thought about them, and she was going to see her mom the next day. She wanted Austin to go with her, but he reminded her that he couldn't leave the state. He suggested that she ask her dad to join her, since she would need her family when Austin was gone. Summer didn't want to talk about him going to prison, and she whined that she would miss him. He promised to make the most of the time they had left together, starting with that moment. They kissed.

At the penthouse, Chelsea descended the stairs, looking forlornly at Adam's handkerchief. She flashed back to preparing to marry Adam, and she was surprised to find Kevin at her door, since she'd thought he was in St. Louis. Kevin explained that he'd gone straight there from the airport, and he announced that he knew who Stitch had been before he'd passed himself off as Ben Rayburn. He presented Chelsea with a Chesterfield High yearbook, and he displayed proof that Ben Russell was Stitch's real name. Chelsea wondered why Stitch would simply change his last name, and Kevin showed her something else he'd found. She cried out in shock.

Chelsea was stunned by Kevin's information, and she marveled that they'd already proven Stitch to be a liar, but she hadn't imagined anything that bad. Kevin asked what Billy had said about what they'd learned, and Chelsea reluctantly revealed that she hadn't told Billy anything. Kevin accused Chelsea of not saying anything out of fear that Billy and Victoria would reunite, leaving Chelsea alone. Chelsea insisted that she and Billy were just friends, but Kevin argued that if that were the case, Chelsea would have given Billy the ammunition to win back his wife. Kevin asked what had changed, and she glanced at the handkerchief and said that everything had changed, since she'd vowed to love Adam two years before.

Kevin realized that it was Chelsea's wedding anniversary, and she cried that finding her way back to Adam had been too good to be true. She admitted that she didn't want to be alone, and she explained that Billy had helped her to forget her loneliness. She grabbed the handkerchief and said that finding it had seemed like a sign that Adam was still watching over her, and Kevin remarked that a person didn't stop caring when a relationship ended. He added that he always wanted to protect Chloe, like Billy wanted to protect Victoria, and that was why Chelsea had to share the information with Billy. Kevin argued that Stitch was spending time with Johnny, and Billy needed to know that Stitch was dangerous.

Billy arrived at the penthouse, and he asked what Kevin was doing there. Kevin said that he had ignored Billy's advice to stop looking into Stitch's past, but Chelsea shuffled Kevin to the door. Kevin whispered that she couldn't keep it quiet, and Chelsea countered that she knew what she had to do. After Kevin departed, Billy asked if Kevin had found out something about Stitch.

Chelsea recalled that Billy hadn't wanted to know, and Billy reported that at dinner, Kelly and Jack had acted strangely whenever Abby had mentioned Kelly's family. Billy revealed that he'd stopped by to say goodnight, and Chelsea pointed out that he could have called, but he replied that he couldn't do some things over the phone. He kissed her.

Victor greeted Phyllis' doctor at the clinic in Georgia, and he mentioned that he'd reached out to Dr. Cutler about the experimental trial of a drug that reversed comas. Victor reported that there was space in the trial for Phyllis, and Dr. Cutler had agreed to include her, but Dr. Cutler needed her medical records in order to proceed. Phyllis' doctor exclaimed that Phyllis' family would be thrilled, but Victor warned that her family couldn't know anything about it.

Phyllis' doctor said that he needed the permission of the family to release Phyllis' records, but Victor implied that there was nothing unethical about simply consulting with another doctor. Victor offered to make a sizable endowment to the facility to buy new technology, and he handed the doctor a card with Dr. Cutler's contact information in Switzerland. The doctor departed, and Victor sat at Phyllis' bedside and mused, "Before you know it, we'll bring you back home."

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

On the Crimson Lights patio, Stitch called Victoria to see if she wanted him to accompany her to her paternity test, scheduled for later that day. She assured him that the test was non-invasive and that both she and the baby would be fine. When Stitch joked that he could tell her bad jokes while they drew her blood, she said that if she wanted bad jokes, she would have asked Billy to join her at the hospital. Realizing that she had hurt Stitch's feelings, Victoria apologized -- but insisted that she wanted to be alone when she had the test. She promised to call him as soon as she had the test results.

Victoria heard the doorbell, hurriedly said goodbye to Stitch, and opened the door to Billy. He welcomed her home and asked how her trip had been. Coldly, she said that she didn't want to get into that. Billy reminded her that the paternity test was later that day -- they would finally know who had fathered Victoria's baby.

Ignoring his remarks about the test, Victoria told Billy that Johnny was on a play date, so if that was the reason Billy had stopped by, he was out of luck. Billy said that it was a good thing that Johnny was gone -- so that Victoria could concentrate on herself and "little B.J." Rolling her eyes, Victoria said she assumed that the initials stood for "Billy, Junior." Billy felt that "Billy Junior" had a nice ring to it -- but Victoria darkened his mood when she said, "So does 'Ben Junior.'"

Billy began joking about naming the baby. An exasperated Victoria told him that she had a lot to do before the test. Billy told her that he wanted to go with her to take the test so that he could look after her. Victoria snidely remarked that the only person Billy could look after was himself -- then lied, telling Billy that Stitch was going with her. An angry Billy asked her why she was bothering taking the paternity test if she had already made up her mind that Stitch was the father.

They began bickering -- Billy felt that Victoria was going to cut Billy out of her life and Victoria wondered why that should bother Billy -- after all, he had Chelsea. Victoria thought that Chelsea was probably praying that the baby was Stitch's so Chelsea could have Billy all to herself. Billy warned Victoria that if the baby turned out to be his, he was going to be front and center in the child's life. Victoria said that if, in fact, the baby was Billy's, Victoria would never keep him away from the child. She reminded Billy that the divorce was going through and that Stitch was going to be a significant part of her life.

Billy looked around at the pictures in the living room and noticed pictures of Victoria, Johnny, Reed, and Delia -- but none of him. He finally spotted a photograph of him and Victoria and said that he was surprised that she hadn't gotten rid of it. She told Billy that he should leave. He agreed and stormed out.

At the Crimson Lights counter, Dylan served coffee to a seemingly distracted Kevin. Dylan asked Kevin if there was anything he needed to talk about. Kevin noticed Stitch approaching the counter and told Dylan that it wasn't really a good time. Stitch asked if the employee dress code at the coffeehouse had changed -- he wondered why Dylan was wearing a suit. Dylan explained that he had to dress that way for court later that day -- Ian Ward had subpoenaed him to testify against Nikki. Kevin remarked that it was a shame that Dylan had gotten dragged into the war between Nikki and Ian. Stitch was taken aback when Kevin asked if he had ever testified in court.

Kevin "wondered" if he had said something wrong to Stitch. Stitch covered and said that he was just surprised by the question -- it wasn't every day that he was asked if he had ever testified in court. Kevin rambled on, saying that he found the subject of trials fascinating, particularly since he had been tried several times. Baiting Stitch, Kevin boasted that he had committed crimes so serious that he had served time -- but it was a good thing Kevin had reformed.

Dylan wondered if there was a point to Kevin's monologue and told Stitch that Kevin had something on his mind. Still baiting Stitch, Kevin said that no one should mess with the law because it was impossible to escape the consequences of one's bad actions. Kevin then quickly adjourned to a table on the opposite side of the coffeehouse. He and Stitch shot daggers at each other across the room.

Victoria called Stitch at Crimson Lights. She told him that she had changed her mind and wanted him to accompany her to the hospital for the paternity test. Stitch was thrilled. They decided to meet at the club for lunch before going to the hospital. Stitch hung up, and Dylan, noticing the grin on Stitch's face, wondered if Stitch had received some good news. Dr. Shelby walked by and said that indeed there was good news -- Stitch was a shoo-in for the chief resident spot at Genoa City Memorial. From his table across the room, Kevin stared at the happy scene.

At the counter, Dylan, Stitch, and Dr. Shelby were celebrating Stitch's probable promotion when Leslie called Shelby. She wondered if he could meet her for lunch -- she really needed her husband's support. Shelby decided to continue the conversation with his wife on the patio, leaving his hospital coat with his I.D. badge draped over a chair near Kevin. Making sure no one was looking, Kevin took Dr. Shelby's badge.

Paul, in his office at the police station, was on the phone with an overly inquisitive tabloid reporter. He told the reporter that he was confident that the judge would see Ian's lawsuit against Nikki for exactly what it was -- a blatant attempt to extort money from her. Paul had no comment when the reporter asked how he felt about Dylan McAvoy testifying. As Christine listened in at the door, an increasingly upset Paul told the reporter that learning Dylan was his son had no bearing on his feelings about Ricky. Paul ended the interview by slamming down the phone.

Christine walked in at the tail end of the call and asked why Paul even bothered talking to the tabloid reporters. He said that he had been under the mistaken impression that revealing the truth about Ian would somehow help Nikki's cause, adding, "There's nothing wrong with helping a friend, right?" Christine said that when it put Paul's recovery at risk, there was a lot wrong with it -- and that he needed to put himself, not Nikki, first.

Paul begged Christine not to start up about Nikki again. Detective Harding knocked at the door, walked in, and told Paul that someone needed to tell Kevin that it might be nice for him to keep banker's hours -- but that he worked for the Genoa City Police Department. After Paul and Harding joked about Harding's gruff demeanor, Christine asked Harding to look into Kevin's whereabouts because Paul had enough to deal with.

After Harding left, Paul reminded Christine that he was not an invalid and that if he wanted to involve himself in a situation, he would -- and that included making sure that Nikki did not have to face Ian Ward alone. He told Christine that he planned to serve as a character witness for Nikki -- that he was the only one who could definitively testify that Nikki had not deliberately deceived Paul about Dylan's paternity. To an astonished Paul, Christine said, "Nikki is a proven liar."

Paul wondered if it was necessary for Christine to continually attack Nikki. Christine said that she was just stating facts -- that Nikki had hidden the truth from Paul when they'd been in the New World Commune. Paul told Christine that he could speak about Nikki's character and explain why she had kept her pregnancy a secret. When Christine said that would do more harm than good, Paul told her that he was tired of her resenting Nikki simply because he and Nikki shared a child.

Christine said that Ian's lawyer would use Paul to play up Nikki's questionable decisions -- and there had been quite a few of those. She adamantly told Paul that if he took the stand, he would bury Nikki's chances completely. Christine reminded Paul that he wasn't Nikki's husband and was not responsible for her well-being. Paul changed his mind and said that he wouldn't take the stand for Nikki -- but he was still going to the courthouse to support her. Christine said that if Paul went, she would join him.

Paul and Christine left Paul's office and nearly ran into Kevin, who had finally shown up for work. Paul teased Kevin -- he wondered if the police department's early hours were upsetting Kevin's schedule. Kevin promised that it wouldn't happen again.

After the Williamses left, Kevin checked to make sure no one was watching him. He accessed Genoa City Memorial's computer database and entered Dr. Shelby's badge number, hoping he could gain access to the system. Unfortunately for Kevin, the monitor displayed the phrase, "No Remote Access Allowed." Harding approached Kevin, and Kevin hastily hid Shelby's badge. The detective lectured Kevin about arriving to work late, but Kevin reminded Harding that Kevin was just an "IT guy;" he wasn't saving people's lives.

After Harding walked away, Michael stopped by Kevin's desk -- he wondered where Kevin had been the past several days and, more importantly, what he had been doing. Michael asked if his brother had been trying to sneak into Chloe's psychiatric hospital. Kevin insisted that he hadn't.

Michael pressed Kevin to find out what was bothering him. Kevin confessed that he didn't really like working at the police station, and the only reason he had stayed with the job was to prove that he was worthy of Chloe and Delia, although there wasn't much point in that anymore. Michael started lecturing Kevin, telling him that life wasn't all about fun because there would always be obligations and responsibilities. Kevin said, "To hell with all that," and left.

Later, Leslie stopped by Crimson Lights to meet Dr. Shelby, who was on a phone call. Dylan, still angry with Leslie, whose great litigating skills were responsible for Ian not being prosecuted, acted very distant from her. Leslie told Dylan that she realized that Ian should have been jailed for his criminal actions -- and she wanted to make amends by helping Dylan. She told him that even though he was testifying for the prosecution, there were still many ways he would be able to help Nikki. His anger toward Leslie abating, he asked her for any pointers she could give him. He thought he was Nikki's best chance of defeating Ian.

Finishing his call, Dr. Shelby joined Leslie for lunch at the coffeehouse. Leslie told her husband that she hadn't realized that her role in Ian's freedom would weigh on her conscience so much. Dr. Shelby said that she shouldn't apologize for doing her job. He told her that he needed to get back to the hospital. When he picked up his coat from the back of the chair, he realized that his I.D. badge was gone.

At Genoa City Memorial, Kevin wandered around wearing a white lab coat and Dr. Shelby's I.D. badge. He walked to a vacant computer station and again tried to get into the hospital's database using Dr. Shelby's I.D. number. He was successful. He did a search on the name "Ben Rayburn." He stared at the screen and said, "Holy..."

Victoria and Stitch met for lunch at the Athletic Club. Victoria told him that she wished Nikki had let her go to the courthouse to support Nikki at her trial. She understood, though, that Nikki was trying to protect Victoria from everything Ian Ward was going to say about Nikki. Stitch thought that Nikki didn't want Victoria to get stressed out before the paternity test.

Stitch wondered why Victoria had changed her mind and allowed him to accompany her when she took the paternity test. She told him that she wanted someone she could always count on to be with her. They joked about Victoria's strange food cravings and about the baby's name. Victoria said that she was partial to "Benjamin." Stitch became serious and told Victoria that he wanted to name the baby "Egbert." Victoria thought Stitch was serious and asked if "Egbert" had been his father's name. Stitch's mood suddenly changed, and he became sullen. Victoria wondered if she had said something wrong. He said that as long as the baby was healthy, everything was good.

At the Athletic Club bar, Michael and Nikki were reviewing the agenda for the upcoming trial. Trying to sound upbeat, he reminded her that she had many character witnesses. A resigned Nikki told Michael that her character witnesses wouldn't be enough -- she needed the journal so the jury could hear, in her own words, why she had thought Ian had been the baby's father.

Michael removed the journal from his briefcase and told Nikki that he had read through it entirely. Seeing that Nikki was somewhat embarrassed, Michael assured her that he would never judge her -- but Nikki knew that others would. Michael reminded Nikki that Ian and his attorney would have access to the entire journal -- and not just to the sections that tended to support Nikki's case. Michael once again asked her if she wanted all the details of her private life revealed to the world.

Nikki said that she would love to keep the journal from being read at the trial -- that it would be humiliating for her. Becoming teary-eyed, she told Michael that Ian had managed to violate her once more -- and this time it was going to hurt other people, especially Dylan. When Michael told her that she could prevent that, Nikki asked him if the journal was her only shot at defeating Ian. Michael told her that it was. With resolve, Nikki told him to use the journal. She would have to prepare herself to be drawn through the mud.

Michael told Nikki that she was a remarkable woman and that when the trial was over, she would be just fine. His kind words didn't stop Nikki from staring at a vodka bottle on the other side of the bar. Michael asked her if she needed a ride to the courthouse -- she thanked him but told him that she needed a few minutes to "decompress." He wondered if Victor and her kids were going to be in court. She told him that Victor would be, but she didn't want Nicholas or Victoria there, since Ian would be saying such disparaging things about her. Nikki wished that Dylan didn't have to be there.

After Michael left, Nikki began staring at the vodka bottle again. The bartender asked her what she wanted to drink, adding that he made a mean vodka martini. Nikki stared at the vodka bottle long and hard -- then thanked the bartender and left.

Nikki and Dylan met at the courtroom. She said that she wished there were something she could do to stop Ian from making Dylan testify. Dylan said that he would make it very clear to the judge and jury whose side he was on. Nikki warned him that he would hear a lot of unpleasant things -- and not necessarily from Ian. Dylan didn't understand.

Nikki confessed that when she and Paul had been at the commune, she had kept a journal, and Michael was going to use it to defend her. Nervously, she told her son that there were passages in the journal that she had written stating that her life would have been easier if she had never gotten pregnant.

Nikki begged Dylan to understand that she had been lost and confused when she'd written the journal. If she'd known then what a joy Dylan would eventually be in her life, she would never have written "those dreadful words." Paul stopped by the courtroom -- Nikki and Dylan were both happy to see him. Christine entered, unseen by Nikki, Paul, and Dylan. Christine bit her tongue as Paul said that both Nikki and Dylan would always have his support.

Michael walked in and stood next to Christine. Paul continued, saying that it would all be over soon, and he, Nikki, and Dylan could really start getting to know each other. Michael whispered to Christine, "Hanging in there?" She replied, "I'm trying." Michael confidently approached Nikki, Paul, and Dylan, asking them if they were ready.

At her penthouse, Chelsea stared at the page of the Chesterfield High School yearbook that had pictures of the real Ben Rayburn -- the young man who had died in a car accident many years previously -- and Ben Russell -- the man who was known to most who knew him as Stitch. Kevin had placed a note on the page, which read, "Ben Rayburn? I don't think so."

Anita barged in without ringing the bell, startling Chelsea. Chelsea dropped the yearbook on the couch as she berated her mother for walking in unannounced. Anita noticed the yearbook and said that she'd thought Chelsea had stopped investigating Stitch. She warned Chelsea that if she uncovered any deep, dark secrets about Stitch, they could only lead to Billy and Victoria reconciling. Chelsea's eyes widened when Anita added, "What could be so terrible about Stitch? It's not like he's some kind of a killer."

Chelsea assured Anita that every detail she had just told her mother about Stitch's past was true. Anita said that Stitch didn't seem like the "murdering type." Chelsea insisted that she had to tell Billy the truth -- that it had been different when she'd thought all Stitch was guilty of had been an affair, "but this is a matter of life and death." Anita said that was exactly the reason Chelsea couldn't say anything to Billy -- Anita feared that Chelsea might become Stitch's next victim.

Chelsea assured Anita that "the murder" had occurred long before and that Stitch had turned his life around -- Chelsea was not in danger of being killed by Stitch. After all the "jobs" Anita and Chelsea had pulled together, Anita was surprised to learn how little Chelsea seemed to know about human nature. She grabbed the yearbook from Chelsea. Chelsea said that Anita couldn't stop her from telling Billy. Anita dropped the yearbook on the couch before telling Chelsea not to cry to her from "beyond the grave" after Stitch murdered Chelsea.

Anita asked Chelsea if she was so sure that Stitch had become such a fine, upstanding citizen, why Chelsea was going to tell Billy about his past. Chelsea said that it was the right thing to do. Anita disagreed -- telling Chelsea that the right thing to do was for Chelsea to be with the man who put a sparkle in her eyes -- and that was Billy. Chelsea insisted that Billy was in love with Victoria. Anita said that Billy should be with Chelsea -- that Chelsea deserved a happy ending after all she had been through.

Anita prepared to take Connor out in his baby carriage for a walk to the park. Chelsea wondered why her mother was taking so many trips to the park with Connor. Slightly embarrassed, Anita told her daughter that all she had to do was push the carriage through the park, and all the eligible men in Genoa City wanted to meet her -- they though she was a "young hot mama." Chelsea laughed, not believing that Anita was using Connor as a "man magnet."

There was a knock at the door. It was an angry Billy, who, not seeing Anita, told Chelsea that she would not believe the stunt Victoria had pulled. Billy spied Anita and apologized for interrupting, but Anita quickly left with Connor, reminding Chelsea that she would be gone for hours.

Billy told Chelsea that Victoria had removed every picture of him from the house -- except for one, which he was sure she was using for target practice. He whined that Victoria would not let him participate in her paternity test, even though Stitch could. He stopped, looked at Chelsea, and wondered out loud what he was doing.

Billy told Chelsea how great she had been to him and that he shouldn't constantly be whining about Victoria. Chelsea told him that if he wanted to talk about Victoria, that was fine with her. She reminded Billy that she wasn't going to allow herself to be hurt by him. He was happy to hear that, saying, "Honestly, I can't give you what you need right now." Billy told Chelsea that if the baby turned out to be his, there was a great chance that he would reconcile with Victoria. Chelsea said that the way he loved Victoria was touching -- it was like the way she had loved Adam.

Chelsea told Billy she would be okay whether Billy or Stitch turned out to be Victoria's baby's father. Billy wished that everyone could be like Chelsea. Chelsea's phone rang -- she said she had left it upstairs and went to answer it, leaving Billy alone in the living room. He saw the yearbook on the couch, picked it up, and began looking through it.

Billy turned to the page with Kevin's note -- the page with the pictures of the two Bens. When Chelsea returned from her phone call, Billy confronted her, saying, "What the hell is this?"

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Over the phone, Summer informed Austin that her flight to Georgia had gotten in early, and she asked about his interview. He replied that it was a good thing that it was a short-term job in case he was sent to prison, and she applauded him for finding a silver lining. He noted that there weren't very many cameraman gigs around, and she assured him that anyone would want to work with her awesome husband. After they hung up, she entered Phyllis' room and greeted her comatose mom.

Summer said that Dr. Burnett had told her that Phyllis' condition hadn't changed, but Summer's own life had changed a lot. Summer confided that she'd struggled for months, and it had seemed like all the people she cared about had been making horrible decisions. Summer gushed that she'd met an incredible guy, and it felt like her entire world had changed. Summer recalled that she'd once asked Phyllis how she'd know when she was in love, and Phyllis had said that it felt like being hit by lightning. Summer thought that was what it had been like for her and Austin.

Summer marveled that she was truly in love for the first time, and she revealed that she and Austin had gotten married. Summer suspected that Phyllis would have sided with Jack, but Jack was no longer fighting Summer about Austin. Summer stated that it had taken some time, but she finally felt that Jack was her real dad, and Phyllis' fingers moved. Summer admitted that things hadn't been easy for her and Jack, and she'd given him a hard time about a lot of things, but she was starting to understand him better.

Summer added that she wanted everybody in her life to get along, and it was important that everyone else accept Austin because he wasn't going anywhere. She wished Austin could have joined her on the trip, and she would have given anything for Phyllis to meet him, but he'd had an interview. Summer was sure that Phyllis would instantly know why Summer and Austin were perfect for one another, and she pulled out a wedding photo from her purse. Summer envisioned having a third ceremony once Phyllis could attend.

Summer revealed that Austin had been the first man she'd been with, and she recalled that he'd walked out in a towel when they'd been staying in a cheap motel on their way to Canada. Summer decided to save the story to have something to talk about the next time, and she said that she was happy she'd talked to Phyllis that day. Summer wished that she knew what Phyllis was thinking, and she hoped and prayed that Phyllis would wake up. Dr. Burnett hovered outside the room.

At the courthouse, Nikki told her family and friends that she was as ready as she'd ever be to have her life under attack, and Michael assured her that Ian had no credibility. Nick entered and declared that Nikki had a lot of people who cared, and he recognized that she'd said that there was no reason for him to attend, but there was nowhere he'd rather be. She thanked everyone for being there to support her, and she regretted that she'd turned their lives upside down. Avery entered and hugged Dylan, and David Sherman informed Michael that the judge wanted to see them in his chambers. Christine suspected that the prosecution wanted to file a pre-trial motion, and Nikki wondered where Ian was.

Victor approached Ian outside the courtroom, and Ian remarked that it was lovely that Victor was there for his wife, despite Nikki's dubious past. Victor snarled that Ian never stopped conniving, and he contemplated what Ian would win by playing his games. Ian proclaimed that he'd been wronged, and he wanted the payback he deserved. Victor swore that Ian would get everything he deserved, and Ian entered the courtroom as Nikki's loved ones glared at him.

Ian said that he was glad to see that Dylan was doing well, since he'd been worried, and he appreciated Dylan being there. Dylan grumbled that Ian hadn't given him a choice, and Ian contended that Dylan had been just as much a victim as Ian had been. Nikki overheard and hissed to Victor that Ian just kept on lying, and Victor told her not to get upset. Nick bellowed that no one wanted to hear what Ian had to say, and Ian requested a moment with his son. Dylan barked that he wasn't Ian's son, and Ian claimed that he didn't want to cause Dylan any undue stress while Dylan was recovering from his ordeal.

Avery reminded Dylan why he was there, while Victor assured Nikki that she'd been through far worse and had always managed. Michael returned and reported that opposing counsel had tried to ban the journal, but the judge hadn't agreed. Nikki almost wished that the judge had, since she dreaded the thought of everyone hearing about its contents, but she was sure that using it was the only way she could win. Victor asserted that nothing she'd written would change how people felt about her, and she recalled that Dylan had said the same thing.

Ian took the stand, and David quizzed him about the emotional distress Nikki's actions had caused. Ian explained that after he'd learned that he was supposedly a father, he'd left Indiana and everything he'd had to be with his son, but he'd encountered nothing but hostility from everyone in Genoa City. Ian accused the Newmans of trying to get him to leave town and sabotaging his business, but he'd stayed because his son had meant everything to him, and he'd grown to love Dylan. Ian continued that he'd believed that Nikki had given him a legacy, and for months, she'd allowed him to experience a joy he'd never known before, until she'd ripped it away.

Michael referred to the paternity suit filed against Ian in 2003, and Ian replied that the plaintiff had been after money. Michael revealed that Ian had presented evidence that he was sterile, and he submitted a transcript from the hearing, which indicated that Ian had testified under oath that he was incapable of procreating. Michael asked if Ian had perjured himself, but Ian swore that he'd been telling the truth as he'd known it to be. Michael pointed out that Ian had used a doctor's assessment that Ian was sterile to refute a previous paternity claim, and he questioned how Ian could have possibly believed that Dylan was his son.

Ian said that he'd thought it had been a miracle, and he was a man of faith who had heard about people who'd thought they were infertile sometimes being able to have children. Michael voiced skepticism that when a woman had sought financial support, Ian had produced evidence that there had been no way he had fathered her child, yet Nikki had made the same claim, and Ian had considered it a miracle worthy of traveling hundreds of miles to start a new life for. Ian recounted that Dylan had found him, and he had been thrilled, since Nikki had been special to him. Ian said that Dylan had insisted that Ian was his father, and Ian had believed it, since he couldn't imagine that a woman would lie to her son.

Victor asked Nikki if she was all right, and he received a text message to inform him that Dr. Burnett had called from Georgia. Nikki encouraged him to take care of whatever it was, and he stepped out of the courtroom. Dylan took the stand, and David questioned him about Nikki's revelation that Dylan was adopted and that she was his mother. Dylan stated that Nikki had told him that Ian was his biological father, and he admitted that he didn't like Ian very much. The judge instructed David to treat Dylan as a hostile witness, and Dylan called himself a fool for wanting to meet who he'd thought was his biological father. Dylan confirmed that Nikki hadn't wanted him to seek out Ian because she knew what Ian was capable of, but David contended that Nikki had been afraid her lies would be exposed.

Michael asked Dylan why Nikki found Ian reprehensible, and Dylan said that Ian had forced himself on Nikki. Michael inquired whether Dylan believed that Nikki had willfully deceived him about his paternity, and Dylan said no. Michael asked if Nikki's assertion had caused Dylan any distress, and Dylan ranted that Ian was the only one who was making them all suffer. Michael cut Dylan off by saying that he had no further questions, and the prosecution rested. The judge announced that he would hear from the defense after a recess.

Over the phone, Dr. Burnett informed Victor that Summer was at the clinic, and Victor ordered him not to tell her about the possible treatment, since he didn't want her to get her hopes up when they didn't even know if Phyllis was a candidate yet. Victor instructed the doctor to call him as soon as he heard from Dr. Cutler, and he returned to the courtroom. Nikki anxiously prepared to read the journal aloud to everyone, and Victor led Nick out of the room. Victor said that if Nick loved his mother, Nick had to leave because she didn't want to do something embarrassing in front of him. Nick protested that he wanted to support his mom, and Victor said that Nikki loved Nick for it, but he implored Nick to understand. Victor went back inside alone.

Michael called Nikki to the stand, and she testified that she'd had no doubt that Ian was Dylan's father until the blood type issue had arisen. Michael submitted the journal into evidence, and Nikki explained that she'd kept the journal when she'd been in Ian's cult. David corrected that it had been a communal organization, but Nikki retorted that it had been "hell on earth," and she had written about every sick indignity that had happened to her at Ian's hands. Nikki read aloud from her journal that she'd thought she'd found a place where she could be happy and feel safe, since Ian had sworn she would be, but she had been stupid to believe "that bastard."

Nikki continued to read that she'd been excited when Ian had sent for her, and it had been an honor to be chosen, but it hadn't been long before she'd realized what Ian had really wanted. She had been forced to see Ian again, and every time, he'd called her to his bed. She had known that if she had refused or lied, she'd be punished, but she hadn't wanted to have sex with him. Ian had told her that it was their fate, a path they'd been meant to walk together, and she sobbed as she read that she'd told him that it had to stop, but he hadn't listened.

Nikki tearfully recounted that Ian had grabbed her by the arm, leaving a bruise, and he'd slapped her hard across the face until her lip had started bleeding. A distraught Nikki continued that she'd been crying, and she'd tried to scream, but he had said no one would rescue her or believe anything bad about him because she was the servant, while he was the master. Ian had reminded her that she'd had nowhere else to go, and he'd lectured her about carrying on his work. Nikki became increasingly emotional as she read that she'd fought him, but he'd pinned her down, and she hadn't been able to get away, so the nightmare had continued.

Michael said that according to the journal, Ian had forced himself on Nikki, but David argued that his client wasn't on trial and that Ian hadn't ever been accused of the crime before. Michael asked Nikki if the sex had been consensual, and she reiterated that she'd repeatedly told Ian no. Michael inquired about what it had meant to be "chosen," and Nikki explained that she'd thought it had meant having Ian's child, since Ian had refused to use birth control. Michael questioned what Nikki would have done if she'd known the baby wasn't Ian's. Nikki wailed that she wouldn't have given her child away to strangers, and it was one of the biggest regrets of her life.

At the penthouse, Billy asked Chelsea about the yearbook, and he assumed that Stitch's photo appearing next to Ben Russell's name had been a misprint. Chelsea confirmed that it hadn't been, and she revealed that the real Ben Rayburn had died and that Stitch had stolen his identity. A stunned Billy asked when Chelsea had found out, and she stammered that she and Kevin hadn't been sure at first. Billy couldn't believe that she hadn't told him, and she defended that he hadn't wanted to know. Billy questioned why Stitch had gone that far to hide his past, and Chelsea divulged that Stitch had done time for murder.

Billy angrily confronted Chelsea about withholding the fact that Stitch was a murderer, and she ordered him to calm down if he wanted her to tell him everything, but he wanted to go to the source. He opened the front door to leave and found Kevin there, and he blasted Kevin for not telling him about what he'd learned. Billy stormed off, and Kevin asked Chelsea where Billy was going. "To protect his wife," Chelsea replied. Chelsea fretted that Billy thought she'd betrayed him, and Kevin pointed out that she had.

Chelsea conceded that she should have followed Kevin's advice to tell Billy right away, and Kevin reported that he had more information, since he had gotten a hospital identification badge and had accessed the personnel records. Chelsea groaned that she knew too much already and that Billy might never speak to her again, and Kevin reminded her that he'd warned her not to get attached. Chelsea asserted that she was still in love with Adam, and she picked up the handkerchief and explained that it had belonged to Adam's mother. Kevin recalled that Chelsea had considered it to be a sign that Adam was still in her life, but she grumbled that after that day, she took it as a sign that getting involved with Billy had been a huge mistake.

Chelsea imagined that Kevin thought she was nuts, and Kevin said that he was just worried about her. He recounted that they'd talked about moving on from Chloe and Adam, and she glumly stated that her thing with Billy was dead in the water. Kevin teased her for choosing a wildly inappropriate guy as a placeholder, but he gently pushed her to accept that Adam was gone.

At the Athletic Club, Stitch promised to get Victoria to the hospital in time for her appointment, and she thanked him for volunteering to go with her, especially since she was worried about what Nikki was going through. Stitch swore to do his best to distract Victoria, and she replied that he was good at it. He stepped aside to take a work call, and Jack entered and remarked that Victoria was glowing. She said that she was getting excited to meet the new baby, and Jack noted that Billy was, too. Victoria informed Jack that she was having the test to determine the baby's father that day, and Jack questioned what would happen if it was Billy's child.

Victoria recognized that Billy wanted the baby to be his and for them to get back together, but things were definitely over between them. She expressed concern that Billy was in denial about the divorce, and she encouraged Jack to support him. Jack pointed out that Billy and Victoria had always found their way back together before, but she argued that they hadn't known how to make the tough decisions, and it was time to accept that they needed to move on. As Kelly eavesdropped, Jack questioned whether Victoria really knew the person she was moving on with.

Victoria understood that Jack wanted her to give Billy another chance, but she urged him to help Billy accept that nothing would change, no matter who the baby's father was. She added that she was committed to a future with Stitch, and Jack argued that she barely knew Stitch and that there were things she didn't understand. She countered that she wasn't interested in conspiracy theories, and Jack said that there were things Victoria didn't know about Stitch, but Kelly interrupted. Stitch returned, and Jack told Victoria to take care of herself and the baby.

In Kelly's office, Jack wondered if Kelly had been trying to get him away from Victoria, and Kelly accused him of planning to tell Victoria the things Kelly had told him in confidence. Jack noted that Victoria was part of his family, and he couldn't pretend to be happy that she was starting a new life, since he knew things that Victoria didn't. Billy entered and confronted Kelly about not bothering to tell him that her brother had committed murder when Stitch had been getting close to Billy's wife and son.

Billy said that he'd been looking for Stitch to find out the whole story, but no one knew where Stitch was. Kelly pleaded for Jack's help to explain, and Billy blasted Jack for covering for Kelly instead of telling his own brother to protect his family. Billy demanded to know everything about who Stitch had killed, and Jack suggested that Billy ask Stitch himself, since Stitch was in the dining room with Victoria. Billy rushed out, and Jack reasoned that Billy had found out that much already, so it was time for the truth to surface.

Stitch thought Jack had seemed intense, and Victoria explained that Jack had been being protective of Billy. She thought they should get going to the hospital, but Billy stopped Stitch and refused to let him go anywhere. Victoria protested that they didn't have time, but Billy announced that Stitch wasn't who he claimed to be, and he ordered Stitch to tell Victoria that Stitch had stolen a dead kid's identity and the reason why.

Jack and Kelly raced in, and Jack warned that Billy had enough information to force Stitch to talk. Stitch tried to lead Victoria away, but she asked Stitch if there was any truth in what Billy was saying. Stitch nervously hesitated, and Victoria implored him to tell her what was going on.

Friday, July 25, 2014

At the courthouse, Michael repeated Nikki's statement that she would have handled things differently if she'd known that Paul was the father of her child, and she confirmed that she'd given her baby away because she'd believed Ian was the father. Michael noted that the journal contained Nikki's own words about why she had decided to put her child up for adoption, and he instructed Nikki to read a certain passage. Nikki nervously glanced around the courtroom, and she read aloud that she'd had to face that she had Ian's baby growing inside of her, but the thought of it had made her sick.

Nikki hadn't been able to stop thinking that her child had been created by a monster, and she'd wanted to die when she'd felt the life moving inside her. Nikki faltered, and Michael prompted her to go on. She read that the baby had been a horrible reminder of its father and what Ian had done to her, and if she'd kept it, she'd been afraid that she'd grow to hate it as much as she hated "that vile man." Nikki continued that if the baby had grown up to be anything like Ian, she would have faced evil every day for the rest of her life, so she'd never wanted to see it again after it was born.

David asked Nikki questions about her life outside New World, and he established that she had been a stripper and an escort and that she'd been married numerous times. David pointed out that Ian had believed that he had been the only one Nikki had been sleeping with, but she had been sleeping with someone else. David suggested that Nikki had convinced herself that the baby was Ian's, and he voiced skepticism that it had never crossed her mind that the baby could be Paul's. Nikki reiterated that she would have told Paul about it, and David instructed her to read a marked passage in the journal.

Nikki read that Paul had joined the commune, and it had been nice to see a familiar, handsome face. She said that her feelings for Paul had been growing, and they'd kissed, but someone had caught them. Nikki continued that she hadn't known how much longer they could stay apart, and she had wanted to be with Paul more than anything. David accused her of having an affair with Paul at the same time she'd been sleeping with Ian, and he asserted that the last thing two young, carefree adults had wanted had been to be saddled with a baby. David suggested that Nikki had insisted that the child belonged to a monster to justify giving it away, since she'd hated her baby, and Nikki yelled that it wasn't true.

David asked if Nikki denied that she hadn't wanted children, and she pointed out that she'd had two children with her husband. David argued that Victor was extremely wealthy, and the Newmans had had cooks and housekeepers to raise the kids, but Nikki asserted that her children had been the center of her world when they'd been young and that they still were. David countered that Dylan hadn't been, and she explained that Dylan had just entered her life. David stated that she'd given Dylan away, but Nikki insisted that Dylan had been just as precious to her, and she'd thought about him every day.

David accused Nikki of cheating Dylan out of the chance to be her son, and she broke down in tears and admitted that she'd cheated both Dylan and Paul. David noted that she'd caused them emotional distress, just like the kind she'd inflicted on Ian by letting him believe he was the father of her son. Dylan bellowed that it was enough, and he barked that Ian had been the one to let him think Ian was his father. Dylan added that Ian was getting sick pleasure from playing head games, and he yelled that the judge should go after Ian.

Paul dragged Dylan out of the courtroom. David said that he was finished interrogating Nikki, and the judge announced that he'd hear closing arguments after a recess. Ian suggested to Avery that Dylan seek help for anger management, and Avery told him to shove his phony concern, since he was only interested in tormenting decent people. Victor helped Nikki to her chair, and he told Michael to make things right. Paul stopped Dylan from going back in, and he warned that Dylan would be cited for contempt and that as chief of police, Paul would have to arrest him.

Michael stated that David had tried to convince the court that Nikki was a heartless woman who had lied to justify giving her baby up, and she could have ended her pregnancy or abandoned the infant, but she had made sure her child had been safe and cared for. Michael added that Nikki had thought about her baby every day, and she could have kept her secret buried, but she'd searched for her child, knowing what it could cost her. Michael contended that Nikki had understandably believed that Ian was the father, and while Ian claimed that an honest mistake had caused distress, the irony was that Ian had caused a lifetime of distress to Nikki. The judge said that he would review the transcripts and render a decision, and Ian smiled creepily at Nikki.

Paul told Dylan that sometimes life wasn't fair, and they had to deal with it. Dylan recalled that his dad had said the same thing, and Paul replied that Dylan's father sounded like he'd been a good guy. Ian exited the courtroom and reported that the decision was in the judge's hands, and he hoped that Dylan and Paul had a chance to get to know one another after Nikki had kept them apart. Dylan assured Paul that Dylan had had a good life and that he hadn't been deprived. "I was," Paul murmured, adding, "I missed having you in my life. I will always regret that." Nikki looked distraught as she overheard.

Dylan hoped he hadn't messed things up for Nikki, and he recognized that she'd written the journal years before, when she had been young and scared. Nikki thanked him, and after Dylan left, she mused to Victor that she'd never wanted Dylan to hear those words. Victor assured her that Dylan understood, but she worried that Paul blamed her for taking away his son.

In the park, Paul remarked to Christine that the universe was trying to tell him something, since he hadn't stepped up when April had told him about Heather, and he'd screwed up with Ricky. Paul wondered if he didn't deserve to be a father, and Christine suggested that they both needed to get away from everything. She mentioned that she'd rented a cabin on the lake, and it could be the honeymoon they'd never had. He said that it sounded nice, but it wasn't a good time. Christine argued that Nikki had proven to be capable of taking care of herself, but she had to wonder why Nikki had never told Paul about the pregnancy.

At the Underground, Nick left a message for Nikki to apologize for not staying for the rest of her trial. He said that he loved her, and as he hung up, Mariah asked if he had a cool relationship with his mom. Nick hoped that Nikki hadn't been beaten up in court over Ian's ridiculous lawsuit, and Mariah contended that Nick was wrong about Ian, but Nick disagreed. Mariah said that Ian had helped a lot of people, and he had taken care of her when no one else had. Nick reasoned that Mariah had met Ian when she'd been young, but she no longer needed to hang around guys like that. She asked if she should hang around with guys like Nick, and he replied that she could do worse.

Hilary and Neil walked in after they'd seen a movie, and he teased that it had been the only action-adventure film she'd ever viewed. Hilary ordered some water, and Neil assured her that she could order a cocktail, especially since she'd compromised over the movie. He promised that they'd see a chick flick the next time, and he imagined it would be about a tormented love triangle with two men fighting over a beautiful woman. She looked uncomfortable when she spotted Devon.

Devon asked if Neil and Hilary were playing hooky again, and Neil replied that the game had been rained out, but he amorously added that they'd made blue sky and sunshine all afternoon. Hilary turned the topic to a magic trick, and she placed a dollar bill on the lid of her water bottle and then topped the bill with a stack of quarters. She dared Neil to pull out the dollar without spilling the coins, and he tried and failed. Neil suggested that Devon give it a try, and he searched under the table for the fallen quarters. Devon and Hilary's hands touched as they both reached for the bottle.

Devon suggested that they place a bet, but not for money. Neil offered the replacement White Sox tickets from the rainout, and he suggested that as a bonus, Devon and Hilary could go together. Devon protested that he was more of a Brewers fan, and Neil called him a chicken. Mariah and Nick approached to see what was going on, and they placed a wager of their own -- if Devon successfully performed the trick, Nick had to mop the floor that night, but if Devon couldn't, Mariah had to close the bar every night for a week. Devon tapped the bill, which flew out from under the quarters, and Mariah crowed that Nick had to mop. Neil handed over the tickets to Devon.

Neil stepped aside to take a call, and Hilary told Devon that he couldn't run off every time they saw one another. She urged Devon to act normal, and he questioned whether it was normal to pretend they didn't have feelings for one another. Neil returned with the news that there was a labor dispute, so he had to go to Hong Kong to settle it, and he had to leave immediately. He asked Devon to give Hilary a ride home, and he made a display of kissing Hilary and telling her that he loved her. After Neil left, Hilary prepared to call a cab, but Devon suggested that she take her own advice and try to act normal. They left together.

In the car, Hilary noticed that Devon wasn't heading home, and he said that he was taking a scenic route. He asked if she'd ever been in a car like that, and he suggested that they take it out of the city to see what it could do. She rolled her eyes at him showing off his car, but he said that he didn't understand her at all, since she'd gone from making out with him to having sex with Neil in the car. Devon contended that she couldn't pretend nothing was going on, but she maintained that she loved Neil, and she asked why Devon couldn't accept it.

Devon said that he didn't believe Hilary, although he understood that she didn't want to hurt Neil, but he thought that lying hurt his father. She ordered Devon to take her home, and he asked how long she'd go on wasting her life with a man she didn't love. Hilary admitted that she had feelings for Devon, but it didn't matter, since she'd made her choice. Devon tried to start the car, but it stalled.

At the Athletic Club, Victoria asked if Billy's claim that Stitch wasn't really Ben Rayburn was true, and Billy ordered Stitch to tell her why he'd stolen his dead friend's identity. Stitch protested that Victoria was under enough stress and that Billy was making it worse, and he suggested that he and Victoria leave to see the doctor. Billy growled that Stitch wasn't taking Billy's wife anywhere, and he was confident that after Stitch told her the truth, she wouldn't want to go anywhere with Stitch. Kelly begged Jack to make it stop, and Victoria realized that Jack knew what was going on. Jack threatened to tell Victoria if Stitch didn't.

Kelly encouraged Stitch to tell Victoria the truth, and Stitch swore that he'd tried many times to say something before, but something had always gotten in the way, like fate hadn't wanted him to tell her. Victoria asked why he'd been pretending to be someone he wasn't, and he revealed that he'd gone to jail for killing someone. Victoria was stunned, and Jack urged Stitch to tell her the rest. Over Kelly's objections, Jack demanded that Stitch divulge who the victim had been, and Stitch confessed that he'd killed his father.

Stitch explained that he'd been a teenager, and his father had been a mean, abusive drunk. Stitch recalled that they'd gotten into heated disagreements about many things, and his dad had been in the shed on the night he'd died, drinking as usual. Stitch said that their argument that evening had turned ugly, and they'd fought until his dad had passed out. Stitch added that a kerosene stove had fallen over in the scuffle, and the place had gone up in flames.

Stitch recounted that he'd barely been able to get himself out, and he'd told the cops it had been an accident, but Billy guessed that the police hadn't believed Stitch. Stitch lamented that no one had, and the police had concluded that Stitch had knocked his father out and had set the fire. Stitch hadn't wanted to put his family through a trial, so he'd confessed. Victoria asked whether Stitch had killed his dad or not, and Stitch admitted that he'd wanted his father dead. He stepped toward Victoria, but she snapped at everyone to stay away, and she hurried out.

Stitch testily asked if Billy was happy, and Billy replied that he was happy that Victoria knew the truth. Stitch admonished Billy for only caring about making Stitch look bad and not considering what the news could have done to the health of Victoria and her baby, especially since Stitch could be the father. Billy said that the kid would be better off without Stitch, and he chided Kelly for never saying a word about what her brother had been hiding, but Kelly defended that Stitch wasn't dangerous. Billy questioned why Kelly had told Jenna the truth, and Jack pulled Billy away to try to keep him out of trouble, but Billy retorted that Jack had kept him in the dark. Billy demanded to know why Jack hadn't told him.

Billy recalled that Jack had mentioned at their family dinner that he'd learned something troubling, and he assumed that it had been about Stitch. Jack explained that Kelly had confided in him about a horrible family tragedy, and he hadn't been able to betray her trust. Billy spat that Jack had betrayed his own blood, and Jack called it an impossible situation. Billy accused Jack of letting a murderer get close to his family, despite everything that had happened with Delia. Jack swore that he hadn't wanted anyone to be hurt, and Billy told him to tell it to Victoria.

Stitch and Kelly had drinks at the bar, and she said that the alcohol wouldn't help. He bashed her for telling Jack what had happened, and she scolded that maybe Stitch could build a life on lies, but she couldn't. Stitch griped that he couldn't build one at all, thanks to her, but she refused to let him blame her for that. He said that he'd had a good life there, and he'd been about to become chief resident and start a family with Victoria, but he'd be known as the guy who had killed his old man. Kelly flatly stated that he had, and he argued that he'd paid for it in juvenile detention and when Jenna had taken Max away, but he was paying yet again. He chugged his drink and vowed to find a way to fix things.

After Stitch left, Jack joined Kelly and reasoned that if he hadn't forced Stitch to tell, Billy would have. Kelly huffed that it would have been better if Jack had kept his promise, and Billy became livid that Kelly blamed Jack. Billy reiterated that Kelly had known for months that a murderer had been hanging out with Billy's wife and kid, and she'd protected Jenna and Max but not Billy's family. Billy asked if it was payback because he'd picked Victoria over her, and Jack warned that Billy was out of line. Billy told them both to "go to hell," and he stormed out.

Kelly griped that she'd made a mistake, getting involved with either of the Abbott men, and she cried that she'd thought she could trust Jack, but apparently, she couldn't. Jack regretted not telling Billy, but he'd stayed silent and hurt his brother for one reason -- he loved Kelly.

An obviously upset Victoria entered the Underground, and Nick asked if she'd heard something about the trial. She didn't respond, and he worried about the baby, but she said the baby was fine. She ranted that she just wanted her life back, and Nick assumed that she was talking about Billy, but she reported that Billy had made her face the truth about Stitch. She blasted Billy for continuing to dig, and she'd been hoping that Stitch was the father of her child and that they'd start a family together. Nick thought the news couldn't be that bad, but she informed him that Stitch had murdered someone.

Victoria expected Nick to ask how she could she be that stupid, but Nick said that Stitch had fooled them all. Victoria noted that Stitch hadn't fooled Billy, and she wondered what she should do. She wanted to do what was best for the baby, but she didn't know what that was, and she couldn't imagine her child growing up with a murderer for a father. Nick understood if she didn't want to tell Stitch if the baby was his, but he questioned whether she would lie to Billy, too.

Victoria contemplated how many times Billy had lied, and Nick stated that she didn't owe Billy or Stitch anything. She thought that she owed her baby the truth, and she referred to Summer. Nick said that he'd been selfish, but Victoria was only trying to protect her child. She wasn't sure that lying was the way, since lies usually caused pain, and Nick offered his support, no matter what she decided. She said that she wanted to be alone for a little while, and they hugged goodbye.

Mariah called Ian and asked if he'd gotten his hands on some Newman cash, since he deserved it. He said that she was the only person who felt that way, although perhaps the judge would, too. She thought it sounded promising, and he implied that the lawsuit wasn't the only thing he had going for him.

Billy entered the bar and ordered a double scotch, and Mariah asked if he'd had a rough day. He declared that he was celebrating, and Nick informed him that Victoria was a wreck. Billy said that he hated what Victoria was going through, but he didn't feel bad about exposing Stitch. Nick pointed out that it didn't mean Victoria would take Billy back.

Stitch rang Victoria's doorbell and called out that he knew she was there. He said that there was much more he needed to tell her, and he begged her to open the door. He proclaimed that he loved her, and he knew that she loved him, too. Victoria stood on the other side of the door in tears.

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