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Monday, July 14, 2014

In his office at Jabot, Jack contemplated a drastic measure to halt Summer's plan to formally marry Austin at the chapel. Kelly pleaded with Jack to change his mind about having Summer arrested. Kelly urged Jack to support his daughter on what the young woman viewed as a special day in her life. Kelly added that if Jack alienated Summer, then she wouldn't have her father to lean on if the ill-fated union later faltered. Jack seemed torn about how to proceed.

Detective Harding entered Jack's office and informed him that the district attorney had decided to press charges of fraud against Summer. Detective Harding added that the district attorney was dismayed with Austin's plan to dodge the law by arranging to marry Summer. Kelly noted her objections by sighing heavily. Jack seemed shocked to discover that a warrant for Summer's arrest had already been issued. Detective Harding said he regarded Jack as a hero for having agreed to take a stand against Summer. Kelly caught Jack's attention and said, "It's not too late to change your mind."

In the parlor at the chapel, Sharon helped Summer prepare for the wedding. Inside a bag of cosmetics, Summer discovered a tube of Sharon's favorite shade of lipstick called "creamy nude." Summer recalled that a tube of the same shade of lipstick had been discovered near Phyllis the day she had tumbled down a flight of stairs.

Sharon's suppressed memories seemed to resurface when she experienced a troubling flashback. Sharon recalled fleeting memories of a tube of lipstick rolling down a flight of stairs. Summer noted that Sharon seemed unwell. Sharon insisted that she was fine and told Summer to continue getting ready. When Summer turned her back, Sharon seemed distressed.

In the chapel, Austin thanked Noah and Courtney for showing up for the wedding. Austin was surprised when Nick and Faith arrived. Faith clutched a bouquet of flowers. Nick glared at Austin. Nick made it clear that he was there only to support Summer. Noah approached his dad after Austin walked away. Noah asked if Victor and Nikki knew about the ceremony. Nick explained that it would be best if Nikki and Victor learned about the wedding later.

Nick stepped out into the chapel's narthex and found Sharon and Summer waiting for the ceremony to commence. Sharon entered the chapel so Nick could have private time with Summer. Nick, with tears in his eyes, said, "You're my girl." Summer, also teary-eyed, replied, "Your supergirl." Nick said that though he'd long dreamed of walking with Summer down the aisle, he realized that it wouldn't be the same as having Jack perform the fatherly role. Summer warmly embraced Nick and said she'd be happy for him to have the honor.

Nick and Summer heard their musical cue to enter the chapel. Austin smiled at Summer when she and Nick walked through the doorway. Faith gave Summer the bouquet of flowers, and Summer asked Faith to be a flower girl. As Summer and Nick walked toward Austin and the officiant, Austin paused and said, "Mr. Abbott?" Summer turned and saw Jack and Kelly enter the chapel. Summer angrily demanded to know if Jack had arranged for the police to arrest her. Jack said, "No. I asked them not to arrest you. I didn't want to be that kind of father."

Summer happily agreed when Jack said he wanted to help walk her down the aisle. Nick took his place on Summer's right side. Jack stood on the left, and all three smiled as Noah recorded the moment by snapping a photo. The officiant began the ceremony and praised the already-married couple for repeating their vows in a church-sanctioned ceremony. The couple was instructed to recite the vows they'd written.

Austin said that Summer was his ray of sunlight, and he professed his love for her no matter what the future held for them. Summer praised Austin for loving her the way she was. Summer said the being with Austin made her feel like she was home, no matter where they were.

As the ceremony progressed, Summer professed her love to Austin and said she couldn't wait to spend the rest of her life with him. Summer and Austin exchanged rings. The officiant pronounced them husband and wife. The couple kissed. Nick and Jack seemed uneasy. While the newlyweds posed for photos, Jack and Nick agreed that they'd done the right thing by supporting Summer. Jack stepped away.

Sharon approached Nick and asked him if he was all right. Nick said he was, though he noted his apprehension. Nick asked Sharon why her hands had been trembling. Sharon noted that she'd recalled some fleeting memories. Sharon said she would discuss her vague recollections during her next session with Dr. Mead. Nick urged Sharon to follow through with her plan to seek counseling and talk about the flashbacks.

Kelly comforted Jack and noted that it couldn't have been easy for him to support Summer's decision. Jack said that he couldn't have made it through the ceremony had Kelly not been by his side. Jack added, "You were right about me needing to be here for my daughter." Summer and Austin thanked their guests and family members for attending the wedding. The bride hugged members of her family.

Detective Harding and a uniformed police officer entered the chapel. Summer was horrified. Jack was surprised. Detective Harding announced that Austin was about to be arrested for violating the terms of his release by committing a crime. Austin, shocked, stood frozen in place. Summer seemed overcome with sorrow.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Devon, sharing a meal with Lily and Cane, said that he might move far away from Genoa City. Lily didn't support her brother's plans, but Cane did. Abby joined the group and announced that Summer planned to formally marry Austin, even though the couple had already eloped. Lily said, "A lot of people are making bad choices in mates these days." Devon added, "The heart wants what it wants, even if it's the wrong person for you."

Lily, Cane, and Abby laughed as they recalled the day Devon had thrown money off the roof of the Genoa City Athletic Club. Cane secretly noted that Hilary, standing behind a divider, was watching Devon. Hilary stopped by and said that the hotel had notified her to collect her laundered clothes. Abby was surprised to learn that Lily had pushed Hilary into the pool. Lily feigned a desire to be helpful and went to get Hilary's clothes.

Both Devon and Hilary agreed that Lily was up to something sinister. Devon offered to check on Lily. Cane requested that Lily be given a chance to make things right. Hilary noted that if Lily cared about Neil's feelings, she wouldn't have attacked her father's wife. Hilary added that she could have pressed assault charges against Lily. Cane was called away. Lily returned and announced that the hotel's laundry staff had misplaced Hilary's clothing. Devon rose from his seat and went to find the clothes. Hilary left with Devon.

Lily and Abby continued to chat about their shared disdain for Hilary. Abby harshly labeled Hilary as a troublemaker. Lily changed the subject by suggesting that Abby and Devon plan a date night together. Abby nixed the idea and noted that she and Tyler had recently ended their engagement. Abby said that when she decided to date again, she would consider a relationship with Devon because he was a great guy. Lily smiled.

Near the swimming pool atop the Genoa City Athletic Club, Neil met with his real estate agent. Using his electronic tablet, Neil showed his agent a property with beach frontage on a lake. The agent noted that the home on the property would need major repairs. Neil explained that the both the home and property appeared to perfectly match the dream home his new bride had described. Before the agent left, he agreed to contact the seller's agent. Neil seemed lost in thought as he planned his future with Hilary in their new home.

Cane joined Neil. Excitedly, Neil described the dream property he hoped to purchase for Hilary as a wedding gift. Neil explained that the property was exactly what Hilary wanted. Cane said, "Are you sure this is what you want?" Neil noted that he was indeed ready to move out of his condo because he deserved an upgrade.

Cane nodded and said, "As long as you're doing this for the right reasons." Neil replied, "This house is a fresh start for Hilary and me, and I'm a little offended that you would suggest otherwise." Cane explained that Neil and Hilary needed time to adjust to married life. Neil said, "I'm getting the feeling that there's more to this. What are you really trying to tell me?"

In the stuffy laundry room, Devon searched one rack of hanging clothes, and Hilary searched another. Hilary claimed that Lily had likely torn off the identification tags and hung the clothing in a hidden place. Devon moved close to Hilary and said, "Let's keep looking." Devon's hand touched Hilary's, and the couple locked eyes. Hilary pulled her hand away and reminded Devon that they should keep their distance from each other. Devon explained that he would soon be leaving town for good. Hilary asked Devon not to leave town.

In the vacant conference room at Newman-Chancellor, Nikki stood near a well-stocked liquor cart. Nikki sobbed softly as she struggled with her desire to drown her sorrows with a drink. She placed her hand near the neck of a decanter of whiskey. Distraught, Nikki managed to withdraw her hand as she took a deep breath. Seemingly troubled by her near breach of sobriety, Nikki grabbed her handbag and ran out of the room.

At Katherine Chancellor Park, Nikki stood near the plaque honoring Katherine and talked aloud to her deceased friend. Tears rolled down Nikki's cheeks as she recalled that a year had passed since she'd last enjoyed Katherine's company. Nikki pressed her hand against the bronze plaque and cried, "I really need you, Katherine. I need you so much." Nikki recalled that Katherine had often said, "Feelings aren't facts, Nikki."

Pouring out her heart, Nikki explained that nothing had been the same since she'd embarked on the search for her son. Nikki shook her head and berated herself for having assumed that Dylan was Ian's child. Nikki added that because she'd been na´ve and gullible, she'd never even considered that Paul was her baby's father. Nikki cried that her irresponsible decisions had adversely affected Paul, Dylan, and Victor. Nikki admitted that she'd almost taken a drink, and she prayed to God for help. Nikki gingerly rubbed her fingers along the raised letters that spelled out Katherine's name. Nikki let out a cathartic sigh and offered assurance that she would be all right.