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Monday, February 17, 2014

At Crimson Lights, Nick questioned Sharon after she ran away from the benefit without her coat. Sharon explained that she'd seen Cassie and had actually touched her. Nick said that he missed Cassie and often expected to see her in familiar places. Sharon, shaken, explained that she'd clearly seen and had actually touched Cassie. Sharon noted that she was back on her medication and had been regularly undergoing therapy, so she shouldn't be seeing visions of Cassie at all.

Sharon pleaded with Nick to help her. Nick caressed Sharon's hand and said that there had to be a logical explanation for what she had been experiencing. He suggested that her medication needed a dosage adjustment. Sharon noted that after she'd resumed taking her medication, she'd stopped seeing Cassie for quite a while. Sharon added that though her medication levels were perfect, visions of Cassie had suddenly reappeared. Sharon trembled when she described the day she'd reached out and felt Cassie. Sharon said she hoped the realistic visions of Cassie might be a temporary side effect. Nick told Sharon to arrange an appointment with her therapist, and he promised to help Sharon through the crisis.

At Chancellor Park, a young woman who strongly resembled Cassie met with Victor after he phoned her. Victor told the young woman that her services were no longer needed. The woman explained that she'd made progress because Sharon believed that seeing Cassie's ghost was related to the secret. The woman added, "Sharon totally thinks I'm Cassie." In a flashback, Victor recalled bumping into the Cassie look-alike at Crimson Lights when she had entered the establishment with hopes of landing a job as a waitress. Victor also recalled arranging for the young woman to alter her appearance slightly before paying a visit to Sharon at her home on the ranch property.

Standing in a dark area of the park, the Cassie look-alike thanked Victor for his generous payment. She said "Easiest money I ever made." Victor reminded the young woman that she should keep quiet. The woman replied, "Who am I going to tell? This is not something to brag about. My job is to wear a pink sweater and scare the crap out of someone's mom."

Victor told the young woman not to do irreparable harm to Sharon. He noted that the goal was to prevent Sharon from becoming close to Nick again. Victor instructed the young woman to uncover Sharon's secret as soon as possible. The Cassie imposter explained that Sharon didn't spend much time alone because Nick was often present. Victor told the young woman that he would make it worth her while to discover Sharon's secret.

Victor asked the woman why she'd moved to Genoa City. Before the Cassie look-alike could answer, she and Victor heard Nick and Sharon approaching. The young woman hurried away in one direction, and Victor went in another. As Nick and Sharon entered the park, Sharon said she was worried that she might "edit herself" if Nick accompanied her to a therapy session with Dr. Mead. Nick said he understood because he might feel the same way about having Sharon present if he were undergoing therapy with Dr. Mead.

Sharon said that Nick was the most emotionally stable person she knew and had no reason to consult a psychiatrist. Nick sighed and said he remained guilt-ridden about what he'd done to Summer, Jack, and Phyllis. Nick added, "There's nothing I can do about it." Nick had given his coat to Sharon, so he took her arm and said they needed to escape the freezing night air. After Sharon and Nick walked away, the Cassie look-alike stepped out from behind a bush and watched them.

After the Cassie look-alike left, Victor poured out his heart to Katherine as he stood near the plaque bearing her name. Victor said he knew Katherine would chastise him for paying the young girl to get information out of Sharon. He added, "You, Katherine, know better than anyone what it means to protect one's family. I'd do anything to do that." Victor acknowledged that he had everything he needed and had made a lot of money. Tears welled in Victor's eyes. He told Katherine that what he cherished the most was Nikki, his children, and his grandchildren. Before Victor turned to leave, he added, "I'll do everything in my power to protect them. That's an absolute."

At Sharon's house, Nick served Sharon a glass of warm milk. Sharon thanked Nick for being a nonjudgmental friend. Nick promised to remain by her side. Sharon sipped the warm milk and said she felt relaxed. The Cassie look-alike watched covertly through the glass in the door. She stepped back when she saw Nick walk toward the door. Nick got a throw and covered Sharon after she fell asleep on the sofa.

At the Delia Project Benefit, held upstairs at the Genoa City Athletic Club, shocked guests raised their arms when Womack brandished a handgun. Colin urged Womack to take dozens of large diamonds scattered on the floor near Womack's feet and leave the venue. Womack assured the guests that no one would be injured if they followed his instructions. After Womack locked the exit doors, he instructed Abby to collect cell phones, so no one could alert the authorities. He reprimanded Lily for spilling the diamonds that had been hidden inside the doll.

Lily did as she was told and collected the diamonds scattered about on the floor. When Abby approached Jack, he told her that everything would be all right. Womack yelled for Abby to place the bowl full of collected cell phones on the bar counter. Womack told Lily and Chelsea to add their own jewelry to the bowl with the loose diamonds. One of Womack's accomplices, also brandishing a handgun, warned that police had arrived.

Horrified guests darted away from Womack as he moved through the crowd and demanded to know who'd phoned the police. Devon stepped forward and admitted that he'd summoned police by tripping the silent alarm. Womack raised the handgun as if he were about to shoot Devon. Lily stood in front of her brother and screamed, "No! Stop!" Cane attempted to protect Lily, but the accomplice intercepted Cane.

Womack told Lily that her actions had placed everyone in danger. Cane called Womack a coward. Womack threatened Cane. Colin said, "There's no need for the situation to escalate. Cane's not going to do anything stupid because he loves his wife and kids too much." Womack told guests to sit. Lily gave the bowl of diamonds and other jewelry to Womack. Victoria and Billy sat together at a table beneath a chandelier.

At the police station, Detective Harding bantered with Paul and noted that crime reports seemed to decrease whenever Detective Chavez was out of town. Paul said that Harding must be bored. Harding admitted that he needed something to keep his attention. After Harding walked away, Fen entered Paul's office and said that he'd run into Womack at the Genoa City Athletic Club. Paul rose from his seat, approached Fen, and asked what Womack had said. Fen explained that Womack had ordered him "to pretend [Womack] wasn't there." Harding returned and announced that police had been summoned the Genoa City Athletic Club.

Paul and Detective Harding joined other police officers at the Genoa City Athletic Club. An officer told Paul that the silent alarm had been tripped in the ballroom upstairs. Paul leaned that the entry doors were locked and that security cameras had been disabled. Fen arrived just as Paul noted that the criminal act had been planned. Fen warned that Womack was a lunatic.

In the ballroom, Womack chose to use Lauren as a human shield. Kevin stood up to protect Lauren. Womack asked about Fen. Kevin became agitated when Womack referred to Fen as a skinny drug addict. From across the room, Jill warned Kevin not to provoke Womack. Kevin said, "We have to stand up to this after everything terrible that's happened this past year. This ends tonight!" Womack prepared to fire his handgun and replied, "Yeah. It does."

Fen bolted for the stairway when he heard the gunshot from downstairs. Police held Fen back. In the ballroom, guests looked on in horror when a huge crystal chandelier fell on top of Billy and Chelsea. Kelly called out to Billy. Jack called out to Chelsea. Victoria hovered over an unconscious Billy. Chelsea raised her head and called out to Billy. Jill and Victoria helped Billy sit up. Jack attended to a bloody scratch on Chelsea's arm. Chelsea cried that Billy had saved her life. Womack warned the guests to remain silent, and he threatened to aim his weapon lower the next time he fired.

Chelsea whispered to Jack that Connor had almost lost his mother. Kevin told Tyler and Abby that police would try to negotiate with Womack before attempting to enter the ballroom. Kevin added, "This could get very ugly." Leslie noted that though Womack had committed many crimes, he'd never killed anyone. Neil shushed Leslie and asked if Womack had been making empty threats with his gun. Tyler said, "People do crazy things when they've got nothing to lose." Tyler wrapped his arm tightly around Abby.

Lily blamed herself to grabbing the doll away from Womack. Cane asked how Womack could've have known about the diamonds. Colin said, "They're conflict diamonds that had been smuggled into Russia, then placed inside the doll in time for it to be sent to the U.S." Colin added that Womack probably wanted the doll to sell on the black market. Jill scoffed and said, "A doll black market? That's crazy." Colin noted that Jill planned to do the same with Katherine's music box. Lily argued that Womack had known about the diamonds because he'd referred to them as his retirement plan. Colin claimed that Womack had just gotten lucky.

Billy charged at Womack and tried to take the gun, but Womack punched Billy in the stomach. Billy had difficulty breathing, and Victoria comforted him. Womack threatened to shoot the next person who moved. Jack inched toward Womack, but Jill held Jack back. Jack sat down, and Kelly told him that she'd just discovered that he and Billy were brothers. Kelly explained that she and Billy had met at a grief-support group. Jack thanked Kelly for helping Billy put his life back together. Kelly lowered her head and began nervously biting her nails.

Victoria pleaded with Womack to let Billy seek medical treatment. Kelly volunteered to help Billy and Victoria. Kelly grabbed an ice bucket and attended to Billy, who was confused. Billy apologized to Victoria. He said, "I didn't mean for it to happen." Victoria told Billy that it wasn't his fault.

Billy, addressing Kelly, said, "You told her, didn't you? You swore you wouldn't tell her." Victoria asked Kelly what Billy was talking about, but Kelly noted that Billy was confused. Billy began sobbing, looked into Victoria's eyes, and said, "It only happened one time, and it meant nothing to me. I love you so much." Kelly began crying. Victoria said, "You slept with my husband."

Downstairs, Detective Harding spread out blueprints of the ballroom on the bar. Paul studied the drawings and said they needed to determine a way to enter the room without alerting Womack. Harding noted that the hostages were in grave danger. Paul phoned the ballroom. Womack answered. Paul asked what he could do to ensure everyone's safe exit from the ballroom.

Womack demanded that officers back away. He also demanded a plane to fly him to an island that had no extradition treaty with the United States. Paul told Womack to release his hostages first, but Womack said that no one would be released until a fully fueled plan was ready and waiting on the tarmac.

Back downstairs, Harding discovered an air duct that led into the ballroom, but he noted that it was too small for a sniper. Harding said that a camera could be navigated through the duct. Later, Harding became angry when he discovered that Fen had climbed into the ventilation duct, which had been partially closed off during the renovation. Harding and Paul chastised Fen for putting the hostages' lives at risk. Fen wasn't happy when Harding ordered an officer to escort Fen to a conference room. Fen reminded the officers that he knew Womack and could help. Harding ordered the reporters to back away, too.

In the ballroom, Jack stood up and negotiated with Womack. Jack offered to ready his jet if Womack would allow paramedics in to help Billy. Womack said that Billy was free to leave if he could walk out on his own. Victoria shook her head. It was evident that Billy couldn't walk out unaided. Jack asked if Chelsea could leave. Jack explained that he'd promised to get Chelsea out and liked to keep his promises.

After Chelsea was released, an officer whisked her away after she exited the ballroom. Womack instructed Jack to get his phone and call his pilot. Womack threatened to begin shooting hostages if the plane wasn't ready in twenty minutes. Downstairs, a paramedic bandaged Chelsea's arm. Chelsea told Paul that there were two gunmen. The one in control, Chelsea cried, seemed to be desperate. Paul said he'd heard a gunshot. Chelsea said that no one had been shot. Chelsea added that Billy had been injured. Paul replied, "How badly was Billy hurt?" Chelsea cried that Billy was in a lot of pain.