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Monday, October 28, 2013

At the Newman ranch, Avery returned to deliver Nikki's will, in which Nikki had added her son, Dylan McAvoy, as a beneficiary. Avery noted that she resented Nikki for confidentially disclosing that Dylan was Nikki's biological son, a secret Nikki had not shared with Dylan. Victor later entered the room and asked Nikki why she'd amended her will. Nikki lied and claimed that she was just updating her will. After Victor left, Avery said that she'd prefer disbarment over being forced to withhold the truth from Dylan.

Avery angrily noted to Nikki that Dylan's future had been ripped away after he learned that his wife had lied to him about being her baby's father. Avery added that Dylan also faced discovering that his entire past was also a lie. Nikki explained that Dylan's adoptive mother had never even disclosed the truth about Dylan to her husband. Avery replied, "If Chelsea hadn't confessed, then Connor would be growing up with the same lie that Dylan did." Nikki said that knowing the truth might help Dylan. Avery recalled the emotional trauma Summer had suffered and asked Nikki if she wanted to further destroy Dylan's life the same way.

Avery irately accused Nikki of involving her because Nikki hoped that Avery would tell Dylan the truth. Tears ran down Nikki's face when Avery said that Dylan believed he'd lost everything and was alone in the world. Avery added, "Dylan has a family. He has you!" Nikki admitted that she'd hired Avery to find out about Dylan's past, his dreams, and other intimate life details. Avery replied, "Nikki, I fixed your will. The lifetime you lost with your son -- I can't get that back for you."

At the police station, Paul told Christine that a shard of plastic from a light cover, recovered from the scene of the hit-and-run accident that had taken Delia's life, was being analyzed in the lab. Christine said she hoped the evidence might lead police to Delia's killer. Victor stopped by and asked Paul why he'd wasted time inspecting Nikki's car while investigating Delia's accident. Paul explained that Nikki's car had passed a surveillance camera around the time of the accident and that all leads had been routinely investigated. Paul added that Nikki's vehicle had since been eliminated.

Christine scowled at Victor when he suggested to Paul that the investigation was moving too slowly. Victor haughtily offered money to speed things along. Paul explained that Devon's reward offer of a million dollars had already complicated matters because the police department was forced to investigate numerous false leads. Paul advised Victor to allow authorities do their job without interference. Victor replied, "You do what you have to, and so will I." Before Victor left, Paul warned him not to take matters into his own hands. After Victor left, Paul and Christine learned that a partial serial number on the shard broken off the vehicle's light cover might lead investigators to Delia's killer.

At the Abbott mansion, Ashley returned to offer comfort to a bereaved Billy. Ashley, Jack, Traci, Summer, Kyle, and Abby gathered together to rally around their despondent loved one. Billy embraced Ashley. Traci said, "This family always stands stronger together." Ashley welcomed Summer to the Abbott family and praised Nick and Phyllis for raising an amazing daughter. Ashley expressed her sorrow over Phyllis' dreadful accident.

Billy remained disheartened and didn't respond when the others laughed while recalling their family's cherished traditions. The Abbott family assembled in the dining room to enjoy a late breakfast. Jack told Summer that her grandfather, John, would have been proud of her. Summer said that she was glad John Abbott never knew about some of the stupid things she'd done. Jack replied, "More than anybody else, he had a way of knowing what was in our hearts."

Jack told Billy that John would have the right words to comfort him. Ashley said, "He is here, Jack, and he's going to be with us tomorrow at the cemetery." Billy rose from the table and said he needed to head home. Traci told Billy that his family wanted to help him face his loss. Billy abruptly left. Traci began sobbing.

Tyler stopped by the Abbott mansion, and Abby explained that he probably wouldn't want to get mired in her family's grief. Tyler replied, "You know that I am wherever you need me to be." Abby invited Tyler to stay, and she escorted him to the dining room. Tyler greeted Jack, Traci, and Summer. Traci said that the family had enjoyed sharing breakfast together. She noted that Billy was despondent and needed to lean on his family. Jack explained that Ashley had gone to console Billy.

Summer asked her family join her to pay tribute to Delia. Jack, Traci, Kyle, Abby, and Tyler joined Summer outside. Jack lit a candle, and the other family members placed a teddy bear, a bouquet of flowers, and a framed photo of Delia on the ground to create a makeshift memorial. Jack said, "Delia Abbott, our family will hold you in our hearts forever." Jack placed one arm around Traci and the other around Summer as the family members grieved their loss. Tyler and Kyle consoled Abby.

At Chancellor Park, Ashley took a seat beside Billy on a bench. Ashley told Billy that she planned to stay put as long as he needed her. Billy told Ashley to leave. Billy cried that his family was merely pretending that everything would be all right. Billy said he didn't want to pretend.

Ashley told Billy that she understood how overwhelming grief could be. Ashley added, "I've lived in that place of fear, pain, and excruciating loss." Billy said he couldn't return to his family's house and talk about burying his daughter. Billy added, "I can't go tomorrow." Ashley replied, "You've got to say goodbye to your little girl." Billy cried that he'd failed his little girl because he hadn't been with her when she was scared and desperately needed him. Ashley wrapped her arms around Billy and said, "She's not scared now." Billy placed his hand atop Ashley's.

At Crimson Lights, Victoria stopped by to ask for Dylan's help with Billy. Victoria explained Billy was shutting down because he'd lost the little girl who'd been a bubble of joy in his life. Victoria noted that perhaps Dylan could identify with Billy's loss and become a supportive friend. Victoria added that sometimes family members remained too close to the crisis to be of help. Dylan agreed to help Billy. Dylan asked Victoria who was lending support to her.

Victoria said that Johnny had loved interacting with Delia. Victoria said it killed her to know that Johnny wouldn't be able to remember Delia. Dylan said he was glad Victoria had asked for his help with Billy. Victoria noted that Johnny enjoyed the coffeehouse's oatmeal cookies, so she ordered some. Dylan learned that Victoria like chocolate chip cookies, so he offered to box up both kinds of cookies for Victoria. Before Victoria left, Dylan urged her to find someone to lean on during her own grieving process.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Leslie told Tyler that he was fortunate because he and Abby had no concerns about outsiders butting into their relationship. Neil joined Leslie after Tyler left. Leslie expressed resentment about the attacks Hilary had waged against Neil and his family. Neil suggested that Hilary had given up. Leslie replied, "She's taking time to regroup and figure out her next move." Leslie noted that both she and Neil had endured the emotional pain of losing loved ones, so Hilary should end her crusade to further punish them.

After Hilary and Mason made love in her hotel room, Mason suggested they return to London, where they'd met long before. Mason recalled that Hilary had been full of passion and fire. He added that Hilary's revengeful obsession might easily burn her and everyone around her. Hilary replied, "When someone in your family is killed, you fight. If you don't, you might as well be dead, too."

Mason rebuked Hilary for putting her formerly carefree, happy life on hold in order to punish Neil Winters. Hilary said that avenging her mother's death was the spark that drove her life. Mason ended his relationship with Hilary. She pretended not to care. Mason warned that he'd be long gone by the time Hilary realized she needed him.

Leslie stopped by Hilary's room. Hilary angrily noted that Leslie was out of her league if her aim was to intimidate. Leslie replied, "I'm here on a peaceful mission. I bet you'd give anything to hear from your mother just one more time." Leslie gave Hilary a stack of letters and explained that Rose had written the letters to Gus. Leslie added that the letters had been her father's most precious belongings.

Leslie explained that she'd been dealing with her own pain and had been unable to recognize that Hilary had suffered pain, too. Hilary seemed unmoved by Leslie's sincerity. Leslie encouraged Hilary to read her mother's words. Leslie said, "Maybe you'll see that the way she died is not what you think." Leslie expressed her heartfelt condolences for Hilary's loss.

Mason ran into Devon in the dining room at the Genoa City Athletic Club. Devon angrily said, "Go to hell and take your partner, Hilary, with you!" Mason claimed that he'd made a mistake by getting caught up with Hilary. Mason asked if Devon had ever become involved with the wrong woman. Devon said that he'd never agreed to help a woman deliberately ruin a family just because she'd smiled at him. Victor approached and asked if there was a problem. Devon replied, "Not at all, Mr. Newman. In fact, Mason was just about to walk away." Mason left.

Victor took a seat at Devon's table and praised him for using his great wealth to lead and take charge by offering a generous reward for information that would lead to the arrest of Delia's killer. Victor added, "With great wealth comes enormous responsibility. Katherine was very deliberate in her will. If you read between the lines, you'll surmise her message." Victor claimed that Katherine would want Devon to choose someone to guide him. Victor told Devon to contact him if he needed assistance.

Neil stopped by just before Victor left. Devon explained that Victor had stopped by to share insights about what Katherine had envisioned in her will. Neil warned that Victor always had an ulterior motive and that those not part of Victor's family were lowest on his priority list. Neil added that Katherine had trusted him. Neil told his son to be wary of people he couldn't trust. Nearby at the bar, Mason read that Devon had offered a million dollars in reward money to anyone who could provide information about Delia's hit-and-run accident. Mason scowled at Devon before closing his laptop and leaving the bar.

After Devon left, Neil met with Leslie. Leslie told Neil that she'd given Hilary the letters that Rose had written to Gus. Leslie added, "If we can't get through to Hilary, maybe her mother can." Neil said that it would be difficult for Hilary to learn that her parents weren't saints. Leslie reminded Neil that it wasn't his fault that Rose drank herself to death. Neil said he believed that Hilary was too far gone to let the matter go.

Alone in her room, Hilary held the stack of her mother's letters. Hilary seemed angry and hurt. Hilary sighed heavily. She finally opened a letter. Hilary slowly unfolded the pages and began reading the words her mother had written to Gus. Hilary cried softly when she read a passage Rose had written about her children.