Y&R Recaps: The week of August 5, 2013 on The Young and the Restless
Neil realized that he'd been with Rose on the night she'd died. Billy tried to blackmail Victor with the recording of Adam attempting to bribe Melanie to drop the rape charges. Dylan and Chelsea got married, and she went into labor.
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Monday, August 5, 2013

At the tack house, Avery hurriedly collected clothing and toiletry items, so she could accompany Phyllis on the medical-transport flight to Georgia. Avery admitted to Nick that she'd given up her fight to keep her sister in Genoa City because Phyllis' family felt they'd made the best choice to ensure recovery. Avery explained that the added stress was responsible for the angry words she and Nick had exchanged. Nick said he hoped that their relationship was on the right track. Avery seemed relieved because she'd thought that Nick was angry at her. Avery apologized for claiming that Nick had sided with Summer so she'd feel beholden to him.

Nick told Avery he understood that dealing with Phyllis' grave condition was distressing. Avery noted that she intended to determine why Phyllis had been running up a flight of stairs in a long evening gown. Nick replied, "You're trying to find a reason or someone to blame. I get it." Avery cried, "No, there is a reason, and I'm going to figure out what it is." Nick told Avery that she might be looking for something that just wasn't there.

At Sharon's house, Noah followed his mother inside, and she dismissed his claims that she'd stopped taking her medication. Noah explained, "You've been frazzled, edgy, and you wouldn't even discuss it with me at the hospital." Sharon admitted that Phyllis wasn't her favorite person. Sharon added that people she loved had been affected by Phyllis' condition. Noah replied, "There's more to it than that, and I wish I knew why you were lying."

Appearing confident, Sharon admitted that she'd weathered a rough patch after being let go from Newman Enterprises. She added, "I've had time to myself to get my thoughts together, get new focus, and I have new direction in my life." Noah replied, "That's good. What's the new direction?"

Sharon embraced Noah and said she'd let him know after it all came together. She told Noah that he no longer needed to look after her. After Noah left, Cassie appeared and warned her mother that if Noah sensed that something wasn't right, others would, as well. Sharon replied, "Maybe that's okay. Family is about love and support. If Noah is worried about me, it might help me attain my goals."

Speaking with conviction, Sharon told Cassie that Nick would become attentive because "it was in his soul to fix things for the people he cared about." Smiling, Sharon seemed giddy when she realized that nobody else, not even Avery, would be present when Nick stopped by. Cassie warned that Nick would phone the doctor if he sensed that something wasn't right. Sharon was confident she could convince Nick that she was fine. Sharon added that Nick would soon realize that the bond they shared was stronger than any other.

Noah stopped by the tack house and asked Nick if he'd noticed anything different about Sharon. Noah added, "Does she strike you as off -- maybe as in 'off her meds'?" Nick insisted that Sharon would never stop taking her medication as long as Faith was living at the house. Nick mentioned that he was about to drive Avery to the airport. Noah pleaded with his father to stop by Sharon's after he returned and look into her eyes. Noah added, "She's going down that hole. That can't happen again, Dad." Avery overheard Nick promise to check on Sharon after he returned from the airport.

After Avery joined Noah and Nick, Noah thanked his dad for his support. After Noah left, Avery asked about Sharon. Nick explained that Noah was concerned about his mother. Nick noted that Noah was under stress and had sensed something that wasn't an issue. Avery was relieved, and she noted that Nick had enough to worry about already. Nick told Avery that he wished he could accompany her. Avery replied, "I need to do this by myself. My sister needs me, and this is important to me." Nick brushed Avery's hair away from her face and insisted she call if she needed him. Nick embraced Avery, kissed her, and said he'd wait longingly for her return.

Nick went to check on Sharon at her house. Nick admitted that Noah had expressed concern about his mother and worried that she wasn't taking her medication. Sharon maintained that she'd never stop taking her medication because she'd never jeopardize her health. Sharon inquired about Phyllis. Nick said that Avery, Daniel, and Jack would be taking Phyllis to a treatment facility in Georgia and that Avery would stay until Phyllis was settled.

Sharon noted that it might be difficult for Nick to be without Avery. Nick said that Phyllis needed her sister and that Avery might be away for a while. Cassie appeared and smiled. Before Nick left, Sharon invited him to enjoy a pancake breakfast with her and Faith the next morning. Nick laughed about Faith's huge appetite for pancakes. Sharon noted that it was nice to hear Nick laugh again. Nick accepted the invitation.

From her suite at the Genoa City Athletic Club, Hilary read the latest story headline posted by the anonymous blogger. The headline claimed that Cane's assistant followed him around "making puppy dog eyes." Hilary phoned Cane and asked him to meet with her. After the call ended, Lily read the blogger's story on her electronic tablet. Lily cried that the writer was spewing venom that he or she would never voice openly in public. Lily said she couldn't understand why the blogger, who seemed to hold a grudge against her dad, would attack Cane's employee.

Lily encouraged Cane to visit with Hilary and help ease her mind. As Cane was leaving, Neil and Devon arrived. Lily mentioned the latest blogger post. Neil skimmed the article, apologized, and assured Lily that he would do everything possible to end the attacks. Neil advised Lily and Devon that he needed to tell them the whole truth. Lily and Devon seemed puzzled.

Neil explained to Devon and Lily that he had become depressed after losing Drucilla and had begun to drink heavily. Neil recalled that one drunken bender had taken place in an Evanston bar, where he'd met a woman named Rose. Lily and Devon were shocked to discover that it was the same woman Gus had mentioned. Neil added that he'd just put all the pieces together. Neil said he and Rose had spent time drinking in the same bar and had later left together. Neil admitted that he couldn't remember what else had happened because he'd blacked out.

Devon asked Neil what connections he might have had to the woman Gus had written letters to from prison. Neil mentioned that the blogger had labeled him a coward. Neil said that he'd perhaps done something to anger the stranger, and he intended to figure out what had happened. Neil said he hoped his family and everyone connected to them would no longer be hurt by the blogger's attacks. Neil explained that Leslie had suggested he undergo hypnosis.

Devon and Lily expressed doubt that hypnosis would be beneficial. Lily noted that Neil had blocked the memory for a reason. Neil explained that he needed to know what had happened in the past, so he could be accountable and make amends. Lily warned that the person might not stop torturing Neil even if he attempted to make amends. Devon agreed with Lily.

Cane went to visit Hilary in her room at the Genoa City Athletic Club. Cane apologized to Hilary and said that someone had a vendetta against Lily's family. Hilary said, "Lily knows it's not true, doesn't she? I mean, you both know that I would never try to seduce you, right?" Hilary seemed shocked when Cane noted that the "loser" blogger had broken into Neil's home and had then begun posting personal attacks against his family. Cane noted his frustration because his family was unable to defend themselves.

Hilary asked how the family dealt with the issue. Cane explained that he and Lily had been through trials before and always emerged even stronger than before. Hilary asked if the "loser" was bitter for some reason. Cane said he didn't care. He challenged the cowardly criminal to face Neil openly and not hide in the shadows. Hilary thanked Cane for handling the matter promptly.

Hilary told Cane that Chancellor Industries was the gold standard for business. She added that Cane was the gold standard for bosses. Cane replied, "We both make a very good team." As Cane was leaving, he again urged Hilary to contact him if she needed to talk. Cane noted that he didn't want to lose his invaluable assistant. After Cane walked away, Hilary closed the door, leaned against it, and let out a sigh.

Devon stopped by Lily's house to check on her. He was surprised to discover that Cane was still with Hilary. Devon asked Lily if she was concerned about Cane and Hilary spending so much time together. Lily said she would never become a jealous wife who was threatened by her husband's female colleagues. Devon admitted that there always seemed to be a small kernel of truth in the blog posts. Lily assured her brother that there was no truth to the story about trouble in her marriage. Devon told Lily that there was some truth in the story about her and Tyler. Lily replied, "There isn't! I know who Cane loves."

After Adam was arrested, he professed his innocence. Adam told Paul that his accuser was a lawyer who'd had her feelings hurt. After Paul requested that Adam have his cheek swabbed to provide a DNA sample, Adam admitted that he'd had consensual sexual relations with Melanie. Adam swore that he hadn't raped his accuser. Adam challenged Paul to summon Melanie to the police station, so she could accuse him to his face.

Leslie arrived at the police station to meet with Adam and explained that Avery was with Phyllis. Adam quickly professed his innocence. Leslie asked Adam if he'd spoken to anyone about the accusation. Adam admitted that he'd told the chief of police that his accuser had set him up. Afterward, Adam noted, he'd been told that his DNA would be collected. Leslie replied, "Which means that they have DNA to compare it to." Adam interjected, "Hence the setup consensual sex with an agenda. That Melanie is a piece of work."

Paul entered the interrogation room, accompanied by a lab technician. Paul said, "Are you ready for that cheek swab?" Leslie cautioned Adam to remain silent. When the lab assistant stepped toward Adam, Paul said, "It's just a swab inside your cheek." Adam sarcastically replied, "Yeah, I got that from the phrase "cheek swab." After Paul and the lab technician left, Leslie explained that she would set up an arraignment, so she could get Adam released on bail. Adam reiterated his innocence. Leslie replied, "All that matters is what I can prove or disprove."

Leslie accompanied Adam to his penthouse. Adam told Leslie that he intended to destroy Melanie's argument before they entered the courtroom. Adam insisted that Melanie's claims and accusations were a complete fabrication. Adam maintained that he and Melanie had engaged in mutually agreed-upon sexual intercourse. Adam added that after Melanie was booted from the company, she'd sought revenge.

Leslie asked Adam to tell her everything he knew about Melanie. Adam noted that Melanie had spied on him for Victor. Adam added that he, in turn, had enlisted Melanie to spy on Victor. Adam cried, "She's got no loyalty. There's no code with her!" Adam maintained that Melanie had cried rape after claiming sexual harassment, so Paul should have known to "shut the whole thing down." Leslie agreed that Melanie seemed vindictive.

Leslie said she'd dig into Melanie's background. Adam noted that because Melanie had preserved his DNA, he believed she might have made false claims in the past about being raped. Adam asked Leslie if she believed he was innocent. Leslie replied, "I don't think you committed rape, but I do think you angered the wrong person." Leslie noted that it was an insult to real victims who'd been violated whenever someone falsely claimed that she had been raped. Leslie promised Adam that Melanie would very much regret her lie.

At home, Neil forced himself to remember his interactions with Rose at the Evanston bar. In a flashback, Rose asked Neil why he was sad. Neil had replied, "Because I just lost someone I love a lot." Rose claimed that she had, too, and she asked Neil to buy her another drink. Neil couldn't remember what had happened next. He said aloud to himself, "What else, Rose?" After Leslie arrived, she encouraged Neil to relax and let his memories flow. Leslie embraced Neil. The couple began to sway and dance to the music Neil had playing on his stereo.

At On the Boulevard, Billy wasn't pleased when Melanie announced that she'd pressed rape charges against Adam. Melanie said, "It's a piece of a larger puzzle, Billy. I'm not going to get into the details with you." Billy lowered his voice and cried, "You shouldn't screw around with legal briefs if something like that happened." Melanie insisted that she should have gone to the police sooner to ensure that Adam would be "hurt."

Melanie reminded Billy that they both wanted to ruin Adam. Billy said, "He didn't do it, did he? You're making this up." Billy warned Melanie that during a trial, a real attorney would tear her fake story to shreds." Melanie reminded Billy that she was a real attorney and that Adam had victimized her.

Billy recalled that Adam had blackmailed, manipulated, and fired her after she slept with him, which constituted sexual harassment. Billy added, "Do you really want to be that woman who cries rape even when it didn't happen?" Melanie noted that it was her fight, from which Billy wanted a free ride. Melanie added, "I'm not going to let this slide. Adam will go down for this."

Billy explained that he'd been falsely accused of rape and had suffered through the nightmare that nearly ruined his life. Billy added that there were better ways to topple Adam. Billy warned Melanie that Adam would bury her. Melanie said, "I will be convincing on the stand because in my heart, I know what Adam deserves." Billy said, "Now you're freaking me out." He advised Melanie to stop being a moron and retract her statement.

Billy again suggested that Melanie handle Adam another way, but Melanie insisted that Adam would rot in a cell. Melanie told Billy that he'd celebrate his wonderful luck after Victoria was reinstated at Newman Enterprises. Carla Vente, a freelance journalist, approached and suddenly thrust a voice recorder in Melanie's face. Carla said, "Can you confirm that you've accused Adam Newman of rape?" Billy turned his head away from Melanie and drew a deep breath. Carla offered to help Melanie tell her story. Melanie looked at Billy, but he shook his head in dismay.

Adam quietly entered the restaurant. Adam appeared distraught when he overheard Carla encourage Melanie to share her story about the rape allegations she'd made against Adam. Melanie refused to share he story. Carla left her business card and promised to let Melanie share her story whenever she was ready. Adam ducked out of sight until Carla left. When Billy and Melanie stood, Adam approached them. Billy walked away.

Adam asked Melanie what it would take to make her recant her story. He suggested figures of one to five million dollars to encourage Melanie to walk away. Adam added, "One way or another, this charade is over." Melanie told Adam that she didn't want his money. She added, "I want you to pay with pain and misery. Mostly, I want to see your face when the jury foreperson says, 'guilty.'"

After Melanie walked away, Billy approached Adam. Adam asked Billy if he thought Victoria would approve of the trumped-up rape charges. Billy laughed and said he had evidence that Adam had tried to tamper with a witness. Billy pressed the play button on his phone's recorder. Adam listened to his earlier conversation, when he'd offered Melanie money to recant and walk away. Billy, referring to his phone's voice recorder, noted that he loved technology.

At Crimson Lights, Chelsea cried out in pain from a contraction she claimed wasn't actual labor. Dylan phoned the doctor after Chelsea doubled over in pain from another contraction. After Chelsea and Dylan reached the hospital, Dr. Sternin explained that Chelsea's contractions were the beginning stages of labor. Chelsea and Dylan were concerned, so Dr. Sternin said she'd administer drugs to stop the contractions. Chelsea bent forward and cried out in pain. Dylan asked the doctor about the baby's stage of development. Chelsea said, "Please stop the labor. This baby can't be born now."

After the doctor stepped out, Dylan held Chelsea's hand and comforted her. Chelsea, still experiencing contractions, cried that their baby needed more time. Dr. Sternin and a nurse returned, and the doctor explained that intravenous medication would be administered until the contractions ended. Chelsea pleaded with Dylan to step out and summon Chloe. After Dylan stepped out, Chelsea asked Dr. Sternin if her baby needed more time.

Dr. Sterin replied, "Given the date of conception, delivery now is not as risky as it could be. Birth weight might be less than ideal, but lung development is already there." Chelsea cried that if she delivered the baby, Dylan would know that he was not the baby's father.

After the doctor left, Dylan returned. Chelsea, sobbing, was still experiencing painful labor pains. Dylan lovingly pressed his hand on Chelsea's swollen abdomen. He assured Chelsea that she, he, and the baby would be all right. Chelsea began sobbing uncontrollably. She cried that she didn't deserve Dylan. He seemed puzzled when Chelsea said she needed to tell him everything.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Summer and Noah ran into one another outside the Newman ranch, and Summer surmised that Victor had summoned them there to tell them to ease up on Nick. Noah asked if things were still that bad, and she said that it would take more than a good cry to get over being betrayed by the person she'd trusted the most. Noah pointed out that their grandparents had been through it all, so chances were that the get-together wasn't about Summer. Nick answered the door.

Nikki's hand shook as she tried to pour lemonade, and Victor helped her. Victor left a message for Adam, chiding Adam for not returning his calls and demanding he call back. Nikki and Victor hugged Summer and Noah hello, and Nikki explained that they hardly ever got together casually anymore. Victor complimented Summer's new ad campaign, but Summer suspected that the invitation hadn't been about lemonade and her photos, and she asked why they were there.

Victor said that they hadn't been spending enough time together as a family, and he expressed his sympathies about Phyllis. Summer noted her grandparents' stress on family, and Victor swore that there was no agenda, but he wanted Summer to realize that she was in their hearts. Summer said that she loved them, but she felt like Victor was staking a claim because he didn't want an Abbott in the clan, even though she was an Abbott. Nikki assured Summer that they weren't there to wage a battle, but rather, they wanted to make sure that Summer knew that they loved her and that Summer could turn to them for anything.

Victor declared that Summer was a Newman despite her blood ties to Jack. Nick asked if Summer had heard from Jack, and she disclosed that Jack was at the clinic, helping Phyllis to get settled in. Victor didn't understand why Phyllis was so far away, and Summer explained that Phyllis was at a facility that specialized in coma cases. Victor criticized Jack for the decision, but Summer revealed that she had convinced Jack to take Phyllis there. Summer added that Jack loved Phyllis, and she refused to let Victor badmouth Jack. Summer started to leave, but Nick asked her not to go.

Outside, Summer complained to Nick that Victor looked at her like she was half-mutant. Nick pointed out that Victor loved Abby, but Summer thought that Victor considered Abby an exception, since Ashley was Abby's mother. Nick insisted that the Newmans were Summer's family, and Summer said that Victor had been right about it being horrible that Phyllis was so far away. Nick said that Summer was doing the right thing for Phyllis, and Summer revealed that she'd only given herself one day to cry. Nick thought that Phyllis would cut Summer some slack, but Summer decided to throw herself into work.

Nikki blasted Victor for dropping the Abbott name, but Victor argued that Summer had mentioned it first, and he had wanted to be clear that he didn't care about her DNA. Noah said that it mattered to Summer, but he was sure that Summer knew that the Newmans were there for her. Nikki pointed out that Summer was in a fragile state, and she thought Victor should have been gentler. Victor refused to let Jack strong-arm Summer into turning Summer against Nick and the Newman family.

Nick returned inside and chastised Victor for ambushing Summer, but Victor defended that he adored Summer unconditionally. Victor proclaimed that Jack didn't deserve Summer, so he found nothing wrong with discouraging her from accepting Jack as her father. Nick contended that Summer was 18 and needed to make her own choices, and he added that Summer and Jack were the victims of Nick's lies. Victor said that there had been nothing wrong with Nick wanting to protect his family, but Nick worried that the more they held on, the more they would drive Summer away.

Once alone with Nikki, Victor said that the public loved nothing more than salacious gossip. Nikki concluded that he meant the charges against Adam, but Victor claimed that he had been thinking about Summer. Nikki noticed that Victor had been perusing his phone for updates about Adam, but Victor was more concerned that Jack would use time with Summer to usurp Nick's position as Summer's father, and Victor and Nikki stood to lose a granddaughter.

At Crimson Lights, Summer looked at her sister bracelet. Kyle approached and wished that he could do something to help. He offered to hear Summer out, but she mentioned her promise to Phyllis that she wouldn't cry. As she struggled against tears, she said that she needed to go, and she hurried out. Meanwhile, at the tack house, Nick sipped a beer and looked at a photo of Summer.

At On the Boulevard, Billy chuckled and taunted that the cops, the D.A., and the press would love his recording of Adam offering to give Melanie millions of dollars to make the rape charge go away. Billy added that the bribe made Adam look guilty, and he wondered if the announcement of a guilty verdict in the courtroom would be as dramatic as it was in the movies. Adam said that it wasn't Billy's style to stick up for a liar making false rape accusations, and he asked if Billy had taken a stake in Melanie's claim to settle some gambling debts. Adam told Billy to take his best shot, and Victoria overheard.

Victoria assumed that Adam and Billy's conversation was about the rape charges, and she contended that while Adam was an awful person, she didn't believe that he was a disgusting predator. Adam stated that she could loathe him all she wanted, but he wasn't a rapist. Adam added that he was being tarred and feathered by a woman scorned and her friends, and he stared pointedly at Billy. Adam repeated that Billy should take his best shot, and he left. Victoria asked how Billy was involved in the charges against Adam.

Billy suggested that he take the stand for the prosecution to list Adam's past crimes. Victoria asked if Billy thought that Adam was capable of rape, but Billy declared that he didn't want to waste his breath on Adam. Victoria wanted to order takeout, and Billy teased her for using it as an excuse to see Billy. Victoria insisted that she wanted to try the restaurant's new salmon salad, and Billy offered her a drink while she waited. He proposed that they share a little conversation or least some eye contact.

Billy set out candles, and he playfully stated that he was using a Jedi mind trick to remind Victoria how adorable she thought he was. He hoped that he could stop by the next morning to hang out with Johnny, and she agreed. Billy asked if she'd be home, and she reminded him that she had no office or job. He inquired about the children's book, and she said that the project had started off great, but he thought it was obvious that she missed working with Victor.

Billy reluctantly suggested that Victoria return to Newman Enterprises, but she refused to go back as long as Adam was there. Billy wished that Victoria was able to forgive Billy, but if he couldn't make her happy, he thought that something else should. A server presented Victoria with her takeout order, and she wished Billy a good night. Billy placed a call and said that he needed to see someone. Meanwhile, Victoria returned home and gazed fondly at a family photo.

Billy met Melanie at Crimson Lights, and she snapped that she wasn't in the mood for another lecture. Billy recognized that she wanted Adam to be humiliated, and he suggested that they take away what Adam loved most. She glibly recommended that they shave Adam's head, but Billy contended that they could hit Adam where it hurt without the rape charges. Billy declared that he'd worked out a way to get what they both wanted.

A reporter chased Adam to his office at Newman Enterprises, and she threatened to run the story with or without his take. Adam griped that a lie could tarnish a man's reputation, even though the accusation was a classic case of a woman seeking revenge for being fired. He declared that there was no evidence because there was no truth, and he expected the police to drop the charges. He pledged his innocence, but the reporter pointed out that the public's sympathy usually went to the woman in a "he said, she said" situation. Adam was confident that the public would realize that it was a "he said, she lied" situation, and he excused himself to run the company.

Later, Adam watched a newscast featuring his proclamation of innocence. The reporter said that Adam had been released on bond, but no trial date had been set. Adam ignored a call from Victor and turned off the television.

At the police station, Paul relayed that Fen had stolen products from a hospital medical cart, but Fen claimed that he'd found them in a baggie outside. Paul revealed that the police had security footage and eyewitnesses, and Fen's lying didn't make the situation any better. Paul said that Christine couldn't make the charges go away easily because Fen was no longer a juvenile, and Fen was facing the maximum jail time. Michael contended that the D.A.'s office made deals all the time to make it easier on the system, and Paul asked what Michael had in mind.

Michael suggested community service and rehab instead of jail time, and Fen protested, but Michael warned him to remain silent. Lauren asked Paul to give her and Michael a moment with Fen, and Paul stepped out. Lauren told Fen that she was scared, too, and she felt guilty for opening the door to Carmine giving Fen drugs. Fen blurted that Carmine hadn't, and he admitted that he'd lied. Meanwhile, Carmine sat in a seedy hotel room, and he smirked when he saw an article on his phone about Fen being arrested again.

Fen said that he had wanted to stop Carmine, but his plan had backfired. Fen thought that he was no better than Carmine, but Lauren said that Fen felt shame, so Fen was nothing like Carmine. Michael vowed that he and Lauren were there to help Fen be the man they knew he could be, and Fen asked if they thought that he needed to go to rehab. Michael believed that Fen needed counseling and support to keep him out of a jail cell. Fen worried that Christine would say no, but Michael was confident that he could convince Christine that it was the best thing for everyone.

Lauren asked Paul if she and Michael could take Fen home, but Paul said that Fen's arraignment wasn't until the next day. Fen remarked that it wasn't his first night in lockup, and Paul promised to look after Fen. Lauren told Fen to stay strong, and they hugged. Fen apologized for letting Michael down, and father and son embraced and said that they loved one another. Paul led Fen away.

At the hospital, Chelsea contemplated telling Dylan the truth, but Dylan said that all that mattered was her and the baby. He soothingly stated that they just needed to keep their child safe a little longer, because the tot was a little too eager to meet his or her mom and dad. Dylan counseled Chelsea to take deep breaths and to let the medicine kick in, and the baby would be fine. She cried that she was an awful person and that she was sorry.

Chloe burst in and reprimanded Dylan for leaving a vague message about Chelsea going into labor. Chelsea said that she needed help, and Dylan explained that they had to convince the little one to be patient. Chelsea realized that her contractions had stopped, and Chloe assumed that the problem was solved. Chelsea asked Dylan to find the doctor, and he stepped out. Chelsea rambled to Chloe that the baby had wanted to arrive early, but if she gave birth too soon, Dylan might realize that the baby was Adam's and that Chelsea was a liar and a terrible person.

Chloe jokingly threatened to knock Chelsea out if Chelsea didn't stop talking, and Chloe assured Chelsea that Dylan would only know that the baby was perfect when he held it in his hands. Chloe swore that Dylan would love Chelsea even more once the baby was born, and the key was that Chelsea couldn't tell Dylan the truth, because otherwise, Chelsea would lose Dylan and could lose the baby to Adam. Chloe maintained that the only way for Chelsea to get what she wanted was to stop talking about the truth, because it would ruin everything.

Chloe stated that the baby was Dylan's kid, and Chelsea was Dylan's fiancée, so everything would work out if Chelsea stopped freaking out. Chelsea worried that Victoria would tell Dylan everything if Dylan started working at Victoria's home. Chloe confirmed that she'd stayed away from Billy, but Chelsea was adamant that she didn't want Dylan to take the job. Chloe thought it would be weird for Chelsea to forbid Dylan from working for Victoria, and Dylan entered and questioned why Chelsea didn't want him to do it.

Chloe claimed that a hormonal Chelsea was worried about Dylan being attracted to another woman, and Chelsea went along with the story. Dylan called Chelsea the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen, and he pledged his love and said that Chelsea was giving him everything he'd ever wanted. Dr. Sternin entered, and Chloe and Dylan stepped out. Dr. Sternin reported that the medication was working, because the contractions and dilations had stopped. The doctor said that Chelsea could go home in the morning, but Chelsea had to stay on bed rest, because the baby was in position and could be born at any time.

Chloe returned to Chelsea's room, and the doctor left. Chelsea vowed to do anything her baby needed, and Chloe instructed Chelsea not to blurt out that Dylan wasn't the father. Chelsea warned Chloe not to say that out loud, and Chloe rationalized that making a family with Dylan had been the best decision for Chelsea, Dylan, and the baby. Chelsea asked where Dylan was, and Chloe replied that he'd needed to check up on something.

Dylan stopped Dr. Sternin and asked about what would happen if the baby arrived right away. He inquired whether the baby's birth weight would cause any problems, but the doctor vaguely stated that it was ultimately Chelsea's decision when to deliver. Dylan asked for more details about the risks, but Dr. Sternin apologetically said that she had to check on her other patients.

Later, Chelsea awakened and saw Adam standing in her room. He snarled that she'd almost pulled off the con by lying to him repeatedly about the baby not being his, but she'd only proven that she was a liar. He called her the kind of woman who cared about nothing but herself. She asked for her baby, but Adam stated that his baby was safe and sound, but Chelsea wasn't fit to be a mother.

Adam said that he intended to live his life with his baby, and their daughter would never know who Chelsea was. He taunted that Chelsea would be all alone, just like she deserved. Chelsea found herself tied to the bed, and she screamed for help. Dylan appeared and bellowed that she'd lied to him. Chelsea woke up from her nightmare with a start. Dylan asked if Chelsea was in pain, and she stammered that she had dozed off and had been disoriented for a moment.

Dylan said that he'd talked to the doctor, and if the baby arrived early, they'd do whatever they could to keep it healthy and safe. He added that something was bugging him, and a panicked look crossed Chelsea's face. Dylan remarked that there was no ring on her finger, and he proclaimed that he wanted to get married before the baby was born. Chelsea smiled and hugged him.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Billy dropped in to see Johnny. He and Victoria exchanged light-hearted banter before Billy got serious and invited Victoria to dinner. Victoria asked if Billy meant a date. Billy told her that he did. Victoria was noncommittal, but she remained to watch as Billy and Johnny played together. She laughingly told them to behave and not to break anything. Billy asked if Victoria would go out with him if neither he nor Johnny broke anything.

Victoria chuckled at Billy's persistence. Billy said that it was why she loved him and Victoria agreed. Billy again asked Victoria to go to dinner, but she told Billy to ask his son. Billy began a conversation with Johnny, who gurgled out "Dada." Both Billy and Victoria were astonished by their son's first word. Billy was thrilled to know that his son recognized him. Victoria told Billy that Johnny was Billy's son and always would be.

Tyler was at Crimson Lights, buying muffins for Abby, when Lily walked in. She said that she had a meeting with Abby and asked if Tyler was also there to meet Abby. Tyler said that Abby would be late for the meeting. Lily was momentarily jolted by the realization that Abby and Tyler had spent the night together but recovered quickly and gave her approval to the relationship. Hilary joined them, and Lily introduced Tyler. Hilary congratulated them on the fashion layout and showed them a magazine with the layout.

Hilary seated herself at a nearby table. Lily asked about Tyler's new job. He replied that he had turned down a promotion to the New York office. Lily blurted out, "Because of Abby?" but immediately said that she was sorry. Tyler said the reason was because the company had not offered him what he was worth.

Lily teased that Tyler still had a lot of self-confidence. Tyler said he had to go and left with his order. Hilary watched Lily's reaction as Tyler departed.

Wearing only Tyler's shirt, Abby tried to make coffee but failed. She did make enough noise to wake Noah, who had started making coffee before he realized that Abby had spent the night with Tyler. Abby assured Noah that she and Tyler were having a relationship, like grown-ups did. Abby kidded Noah that he should try it sometime with a person not wanted by the cops.

Noah had gone back to his room by the time Tyler got home with the pastries. Abby and Tyler exchanged a few kisses, but when Tyler reminded Abby about her meeting with Lily, Abby grabbed her things and flew to the door. Tyler mentioned that Abby was wearing his shirt. They both laughed before Abby went to Tyler's room to dress.

Sharon arrived at Nick's with all the ingredients to make chocolate chip pancakes. Sharon noted that Nick seemed distracted, but he said that he was looking forward to making pancakes and hugged Faith. Sharon told Faith that it would be a family affair. The scene was reminiscent of old times as Sharon arranged flowers and Faith helped Nick with the pancakes.

While searching for a nutmeg grater, Nick found a picture of Summer and paused. Sharon noticed and urged Nick to let her be there for him. Nick was about to say something to Sharon when Avery called and the mood was broken. Sharon heard Nick tell Avery that he was happy for her good news about Phyllis. Sharon was consumed with curiosity.

Nick told Sharon that doctors at the facility had told Avery that a patient with a condition similar to Phyllis's had recovered after only a few months at the clinic. Sharon was relieved that there was no immediate threat from Phyllis. Nikki stopped by for a visit and immediately demanded to know what Sharon was doing there. Faith said that they were having a family breakfast.

Nick asked Nikki to join them, and she accepted. Nick took Faith upstairs to wash her hands, and Nikki had it out with Sharon. Nikki told Sharon that Sharon was the same gold-digging tramp that she had always been. Nikki advised Sharon to stay away from Nick. Nick overheard Nikki and asked her to be civil or leave. Sharon said that she would leave instead.

Once Sharon was gone, Nick asked Nikki why she was so rude to Sharon. Nikki said that Nick still had not learned that Sharon never did anything that did not eventually help Sharon. After the pancakes were finished, Nikki said that breakfast with just the three of them had been nice. Nick defended Sharon. He told Nikki that after the truth had been revealed about Summer, Sharon, who had also been affected by Nick's decision, had been the only one who had understood about Cassie.

Nikki said that Nick did not have to lean on Sharon, because he had her. Faith showed them a drawing of her family, which included Faith, Summer, Nick, and Sharon.

Neil met Leslie for breakfast. He was upset because he could not remember how his encounter with Rose had ended. He was also frightened about what had happened during the period that was still blacked out. Leslie told him that there was a hypnotherapist that he could see immediately. Neil was very resistant, but Leslie kept chipping away at his defenses and finally convinced Neil that if he did out find out what had happened that night, he would never know whether or not it had something to do with the blogger who was attacking his family.

Courtney tried to cheer up Summer, to no avail. Summer refused to talk about what was happening in her life and tried to change the subject. The doorbell rang. Summer answered her door and found Noah, who was there because Courtney had texted him. Courtney said that Summer needed to talk to someone, and that someone was her brother. Summer said that Noah was not her brother. As Noah breezed into the penthouse, he said that talk like that was what made Summer a brat.

Courtney left the siblings alone. Summer said that it was all their dad's fault. Noah agreed but said that she did not have to be a stupid jerk and go through it alone. Noah recalled Summer's birth and how Nick had taken him to the hospital to view her and had told Noah that Summer was a precious gift. Noah said that Nick was dying inside because of how much he had hurt Summer. Noah advised Summer to quit pretending that she hated Nick and to show him how much she loved him instead.

Tyler ran into Devon at Crimson Lights. Devon manned up and admitted that Tyler's ad campaign was a huge success. Devon said that he had been wrong to fire Tyler and offered Tyler his job back at Jabot. Tyler appreciated Devon's apology and job offer but said that he had moved on. After Tyler left, Hilary, who had been sitting nearby, approached Devon.

Hilary introduced herself and asked if Devon read the GC Buzz. When Devon said that he did not, Hilary assured him that everything that it had said about her was a lie. Devon replied that he had no doubt of that because Cane and Lily had a solid marriage, and he could not imagine two people who were better together.

Abby's late arrival garnered a frosty reception from Lily. Abby asked if it was because of Tyler. Lily said that she was happy for Abby and Tyler, but she'd had had to leave a sick husband at home and was rushed. Abby apologized for being late.

Devon joined the ladies and showed them the magazine. Devon said that Chelsea's new line was trending. Devon said that he had made a mistake letting Tyler go, and Devon wanted help getting Tyler back. Lily thought that Devon wanted her help, but Devon quickly corrected that impression when he said he was there to ask for Abby's help.

Neil was still wishy-washy when he went to the hypnotherapist, but eventually he decided that it was his best chance to remember what had happened that night in Evanston. Neil retold his story but remembered additional details. Neil remembered rescuing Rose's handbag from a purse-snatcher. Rose had called Neil a hero and had kissed him. Neil had kissed her back. Neil had then said that he had to leave and had given Rose his card and told her to call him if she got to Genoa City.

Neil had kissed Rose again. She had offered her hand and asked why the night had to end. Neil had agreed that the evening was still young. As they left the bar, Neil had asked Rose where she wanted to go. As Nick looked at the drawing that Faith had made, Summer watched through the window. She was about to enter when Faith ran up to Nick and climbed into his lap. Summer watched them hug. When Nick looked up, Summer had walked away from the window.

Cassie was waiting when Sharon got home. She asked about the breakfast, but Sharon said that Nikki had ruined it. Cassie said that she wished that her grandmother could see Sharon the way that Cassie saw her. Cassie was sure that if Nikki did, she would know that Sharon was just trying to make things right. Cassie encouraged Sharon not to give up.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

A sick Cane answered his door to Hilary, and she dropped off some work reports. She announced that she had a present to make him feel better, and she handed him a container of chicken soup. He said that Lily had planned to pick up some soup after her meeting, but Hilary pointed out that Lily wouldn't be home for hours. Hilary helped him to open the soup, and it spilled all over him. He took off his shirt, and there was a knock at the door. Hilary greeted Jill, who spied a shirtless Cane and demanded to know what was going on.

Hilary explained that she'd dropped off some soup, and it had spilled. Jill stated that it was unlike Hilary to be so careless, and Cane asked why Jill was there. Jill said that she'd wanted to check on him, since he'd called in sick, and she snarled that having boiling soup poured on him wouldn't help. Cane insisted that Hilary had simply been thoughtful, and he added that he would survive. Jill huffed that he'd get over the cold, but she questioned whether Cane's marriage and career could survive the blog posts regarding Hilary.

Cane said that it was old news, and Hilary remarked that she'd cringed at every post. Jill scoffed at the idea that Hilary hated having her name linked with a handsome, young CEO, and Jill reminded Hilary that Cane was Hilary's married boss. Cane divulged that Hilary had offered to quit, but Lily had insisted that Hilary stay on. Jill called Lily a generous person who had a habit of putting others' needs before her own, and Hilary left to get back to work. Jill asked how Cane and Lily really were, and Cane maintained that their marriage was solid. Jill wondered if his assertion was true or if he just wanted to believe it was.

Jill and Cane discussed business plans, and he told her that she was doing a good job. She said that she intended to tell Katherine about Cane's wonderful performance when Katherine returned from vacation. Cane coughed, and Jill offered to take over his duties for him. He chuckled, and she conceded that he'd proven that he was qualified for the CEO position. Jill advised him to make sure that he and Lily were okay and not to rely on Hilary for too much. Cane reminded Jill that she'd told him to find a competent assistant, and Jill mumbled that she hadn't realized how competent Hilary would be.

At Crimson Lights, Jill stumbled upon Hilary having lunch by herself. Jill reiterated that Hilary was not to insinuate herself into Cane's life and that Hilary was nothing more than Cane's assistant. Jill stalked off. "We'll see about that," Hilary murmured to herself. Meanwhile, Cane went through the mail, and he found a postcard from Katherine, who had written that she and Murphy were having a splendid time in Machu Picchu.

At his penthouse, Adam glowered at a newspaper headline about his arrest, and he ordered Leslie to make the charges go away. In the hallway, a reporter confronted Victor, who said that he had no comment, and he told the reporter to vacate the premises. Victor entered the penthouse, and he confronted Adam about ignoring Victor's calls. Adam replied that he'd kept Victor apprised of the false charges, and Victor countered that Adam had said they would be dismissed.

Victor expressed concern that a rape accusation was a far more serious charge than sexual harassment, and he noted that Leslie had her work cut out for her. Leslie wanted to go over all the conversations that both Victor and Adam had had with Melanie, but Victor grumbled that the situation had nothing to do with him. Victor asked whether Adam was guilty, and Adam replied that he was as guilty as Victor was. Adam explained to Leslie that Victor had hired Melanie to spy on Adam, but Adam had found out and had turned the tables on Victor, and Victor had fired Melanie.

Leslie thought that she could use Melanie's willingness to spy to help Adam's case. Leslie requested that Victor corroborate the story, but Victor demanded that his name stay out of it. Leslie offered to investigate Melanie to find more ways to hurt Melanie's credibility, and she asked Adam to find a valid character witness who would speak on his behalf. Leslie left, and Adam called it a smear campaign by a bitter woman. Adam mentioned that Billy had been fanning the flames, and Victor asked what Billy had to do with it.

Adam revealed that Billy had taunted him with a recording of Adam trying to buy Melanie off, and Victor admonished Adam for allowing it to happen. Adam warned that Billy was determined to win Victoria back and that Billy hoped to burn Adam in the process by getting Victor to welcome Victoria back to the company. Adam declared that he and Victor were father and son as well as partners, and he asked for Victor's support. Victor didn't want the Newman name or the company dragged through the mud, and Adam argued that he'd proved his loyalty and that he hadn't done anything to ruin the reputation of the family or the company.

Adam mentioned the many scandals that Victor had been involved in, but Victor believed that a rape accusation was a different story. Adam referred to the time that Tricia Dennison had set Victor up, and he noted that Victor had faced jail time. Victor called Tricia a nutcase, but Adam contended that it hadn't stopped people from taking her statements seriously. Victor said that he'd had his share of frivolous lawsuits against him, but they had all been dismissed, and he expected Adam to achieve the same result.

Victor mentioned that business partners had already called him with concerns about tainting their own reputations by associating with Adam. Adam professed his innocence, and he thought it was in both Adam and Victor's best interests to stick together. Victor guessed that Melanie was trying to hurt Adam because Adam had played with her emotions and had hurt her pride. Victor confirmed that he wanted to protect the Newman reputation, and he advised Adam to have his lawyer deal with it, or Adam wouldn't have a company to return to.

Chelsea impatiently asked Dylan why she was still in the hospital, and he jokingly wondered what he was getting himself into. He urged her to stay calm until they got the doctor's approval to leave, and she hoped that he hadn't changed his mind about marrying her. He assured her that he wanted to make her his wife before they signed the birth certificate. Dr. Sternin entered to examine Chelsea, and Dylan stepped outside. Dylan placed a call and asked how his request was moving along, because he needed it settled before the baby arrived.

Dr. Sternin reported to Dylan and Chloe that Chelsea and the baby were doing fine, but she needed to evaluate some tests before Chelsea could go home. Dylan and Chloe entered Chelsea's room, and the women hugged. Dylan said that he had to take care of some things, and he kissed Chelsea goodbye. Chelsea informed Chloe that the medication had stopped the labor in time, but the baby was ready to be born, no matter what the calendar said. Chelsea said that delivering too early was one of her concerns, but she was terrified that she wouldn't be a good mother.

Chloe gushed that Chelsea would be a great mother, but Chelsea fretted that she had given up Johnny and had lost Adam's baby. Chelsea continued that she didn't know anything about motherhood, especially since Anita had raised her to be a con and a cheat, and Jeffrey wasn't any better. Chelsea panicked that her child wouldn't stand a chance with her DNA, but Chloe called it crazy talk. Chloe admitted that she'd been petrified when she'd had Delia, and Chelsea had worried that she wouldn't have any maternal instincts. Chloe flatly stated that Chelsea's problems would be solved if Chelsea told Dylan the truth and let Adam have the baby.

Chelsea asked if Chloe was trying to use reverse psychology, because Chelsea would never give her baby to Adam. Chloe pointed out that Chelsea's reaction proved that Chelsea wanted the baby, and she assured Chelsea that she wasn't alone, because Dylan couldn't wait to be a dad. Chelsea said that it was one of the things she loved most about him, and Chloe replied that Chelsea and Dylan would love one another and the baby. Chloe added that no one got parenthood perfectly, but she was sure that Chelsea and Dylan would get it as right as they possibly could.

Dylan carefully surveyed the loft, and he answered a knock at the door to Adam, who asked to see Chelsea. Dylan tersely stated that she wasn't there, and Adam asked where he could find her, because it was important. Dylan revealed that Chelsea had experienced contractions and was in the hospital, and Adam voiced concern that it was too early. Dylan confirmed that the doctor had stopped the labor, but it had been a little scary. Adam imagined that it had been, and he pondered Chelsea's due date.

Dylan asked what Adam wanted with Chelsea, and Adam mentioned his legal situation. Dylan remarked that he'd seen the news, and Adam swore that he hadn't raped anyone. Adam continued that Chelsea knew that he wasn't capable of such an act, and he needed her to make a statement. Dylan believed that Adam wasn't guilty, but he told Adam not to involve Chelsea, because Dylan refused to upset her.

Later, Chelsea prepared to leave the hospital, and Dylan noticed that she looked a lot happier. Dylan asked if the doctor had left any instructions, and Chelsea simply stated that she had to take it easier, but Chloe insisted upon bed rest. Dylan mentioned that he'd talked to Dr. Sternin, and he wanted to be sure that he and Chelsea were on the same page with the doctor's orders. He promised to take care of Chelsea, and they kissed. Chloe proclaimed that Chelsea was in rugged, capable hands, and she told them to call her if they needed her.

Dylan carried Chelsea up to the loft, and he said that he was preparing to be newlyweds. She thought that the idea was premature, but he remarked that it would happen sooner than she thought. He opened the door, and she found the loft beautifully decorated with white balloons and flowers.

At On the Boulevard, Victor placed a call to assure a business partner that the charges against Adam would have no impact on Newman Enterprises. Victor suggested that they meet to sign some contracts the following week, but he learned that the associate was pulling out of the deal. Victor hung up, and a reporter approached and inquired whether Victor believed in Adam's innocence or if he intended to ask Adam to step down. Meanwhile, Adam watched from the bar.

A hypnotized Neil recalled that he and Rose had gone to her motel room, and he had offered to pour their first drink. He had drunkenly crowed that he deserved a vodka reward, but she had pulled a bottle of scotch out of a paper bag, and he had declared that he liked scotch, too. She had stammered that they needed cups, and she had stumbled to the bathroom. Neil had chugged out of the bottle, and his cell phone had rung. He had seen an incoming call from Lily, but he had ignored it. The hypnotherapist instructed him to open his eyes, and Neil barked that he was done with hypnosis.

The hypnotherapist advised Neil to continue with the process, and he regretted not answering Lily's call. The hypnotherapist asked what that would have changed, and Neil thought that he would have left the motel room if he'd spoken with Lily. The hypnotherapist suggested that he'd chosen to forget something, and she offered him two choices. She said that he could leave and try to put it out of his mind without getting answers, or he could keep going with the hypnosis.

Neil proceeded with the hypnosis again, and he envisioned himself in the Evanston motel room. The hypnotherapist asked what had happened after Lily had called, and he remembered listening to jazz on the radio and talking about music with Rose. Rose had turned seductively toward him and had said that she liked the late-night kind of music, and he'd called it his favorite. Rose had pulled out his business card and had asked, "What now?" Neil said that he couldn't remember what had happened next. The hypnotherapist questioned whether he couldn't or wouldn't.

The hypnotherapist assured Neil that he and his loved ones were safe, but he had to find out what had happened in Evanston. Neil recounted that he'd fetched the liquor bottle to pour himself and Rose another drink, but he'd turned around and seen Rose passed out on the bed. He had called to her, but she hadn't responded, and he'd declared that there was more alcohol for him. He had placed the "do not disturb" sign on the doorknob so Rose could sleep, and he had left. The hypnotherapist inquired whether Neil remembered anything else.

Neil said that the last thing he'd seen was a sleeping Rose, and he recalled getting to the hallway, but then everything was totally blank. The hypnotherapist ended the session, and Neil remarked that he felt relaxed and relieved, like everything was resolved. He said that after he'd left Rose in the room, he'd never seen Rose again.

Leslie arrived at the hypnotherapist's office, and the therapist stepped out to take a call. Leslie asked if the session had been productive, but Neil had mixed feelings about it. He revealed that he'd remembered everything about his encounter with Rose in stunning detail, and he recounted specifics about Rose's motel room, including a cheap calendar that had been opened to April. Leslie asked if he knew the exact date. He mentioned that Dru had died on April 7 that year, and he had been in Evanston a week after that. A shocked Leslie blurted that Rose had died on April 15.

Neil asked why Leslie hadn't told him about the date before, and she pointed out that she hadn't known that he'd been in Evanston at the time of Rose's death. He remembered that he had met Rose on Saturday, April 14, because they had joked about how unlucky it would have been to have met on the day before -- Friday the thirteenth. Neil realized that he'd thought that he'd left Rose to sleep off a bender, but he might have left her to die.

Friday, August 9, 2013

At Crimson Lights, Summer requested a candy heart on a cupcake for Faith, and she ran into Kyle. He asked if Summer was okay, since she'd run out the last time they'd spoken, and she admitted that life was too much to handle sometimes. She said that she'd woken up feeling better, mostly because Kyle had convinced her to talk to Jack. Summer continued that it was a relief knowing that they were doing what was right for Phyllis, and Kyle inquired whether Summer was doing what was right for herself.

Summer said that she'd be doing better if Jabot hadn't canceled her photo session, because just hanging around gave her too much time to think. Kyle recalled that he'd cut himself off after his mom had died, and the isolation had screwed with his head. He wished that he'd been strong enough to deal with the pain, and she remarked that she was taking everyone's advice to move on. She recounted her promise to Phyllis to only take one day to cry, and she asserted that day was over. Summer went to pick up her order, and a concerned Kyle told her to take care of herself.

Sharon and Nick raced into the tack house with Faith after a visit to the stables. Sharon thanked Nick for inviting her back, despite Nikki's disapproval. Nick displayed Faith's drawing of their family, and he said that Sharon would always be a part of their lives. Later, Faith won a board game, and Nick called her a winning machine. Sharon suggested that they have a weekly family game night, but Nick said that they'd have to see how things went after everything that had happened.

Summer stopped by to see Faith, and Sharon said that she was glad that Phyllis was getting treatment. Summer reported that Nick had convinced Avery that it was for the best, and Nick swore that he'd do anything for Summer. Faith ran downstairs and hugged Summer, and Sharon encouraged the girls to do something outside, but Faith wanted to play dress-up. Summer chased Faith upstairs, and Nick worried that Summer needed a father, but Summer wasn't ready to turn to Jack. Sharon reasoned that Jack and Summer were going through the same thing and could relate to one another, and she advised Nick to back off.

Summer and Faith emerged in costume, and Summer announced that Faith was a fairy princess, and Summer was Faith's fairy godmother. Sharon declared that she and Nick could be king and queen of the ball, and Summer said that it was time for Faith to meet her prince. Faith asked for lipstick, and Summer took a lipstick out of her purse and revealed that the tube had been among Phyllis' belongings that had been recovered in the stairwell, except the lipstick wasn't Phyllis'. Nick wondered if someone else had been in the stairwell that night.

Nick thought that a lot of people had been using the stairs that night because of the slow elevators, and Sharon pointed out that someone could have lost the lipstick days or even months before the fundraiser. Summer mentioned that the shade was one of Jabot's best sellers, so many women could have dropped it, and Sharon looked relieved.

Jack and Avery returned to their hotel in Georgia, and he thought it had been good to hear the facility's story about the woman who'd awakened from a coma. He remarked that he was hopeful, but he understood that nothing was guaranteed. Avery commented that he knew that better than anyone, and she asked what their next step was, since Phyllis was settled in. Avery said that both she and Jack had busy lives and people counting on them, and Jack acknowledged that it wasn't realistic for them to stay.

Jack pledged to divide his time between Genoa City and Georgia, and he planned to make his engagement official as soon as Phyllis recovered. He inquired about Avery's wedding plans, and she said that there was nothing definite, but she wished that Phyllis could be there. Avery recounted that a few weeks before the accident, she and Phyllis had turned a corner, and she thought that Phyllis had been happy for Avery and Nick. Avery asked if Jack thought that she was making a mistake, but he replied that it only mattered what she thought. Jack added that he'd spent a lot of years with Nick, and he understood why Avery hadn't given up on Nick.

Over a room service dinner, Jack and Avery shared stories about Phyllis. Jack vowed to create many more good memories, and he believed with everything in him that it would happen. He recalled that in Istanbul, Phyllis had insisted that they go to the Grand Bazaar, and a rug merchant had begged for mercy by the time Phyllis had been through negotiating with him. Jack said that Phyllis didn't know how to give up, and Avery was sure that Phyllis wouldn't give up then, either. An emotional Jack nodded.

Jack apologized for not holding it together, but Avery understood that their emotions were all over the place. Kyle arrived unexpectedly and relayed that Summer needed Jack. Avery went to check in with Daniel and Heather, and Kyle informed Jack that Summer was closing herself off and not allowing herself to cry. Jack knew that denial would make things worse, and Kyle said that Summer wouldn't talk to him, but she needed to open up to someone. Jack decided to go home, and he hoped that he and Summer could help one another.

Avery agreed that Summer needed Jack, and she offered to stay in Georgia longer. Avery took a picture of Jack to put on Phyllis' nightstand, so he would be the first thing Phyllis saw when she woke up. Jack thanked her for everything, and they hugged.

At Victoria's house, Nikki and Victoria discussed the funds that they'd raised for multiple sclerosis research, but Nikki couldn't help but think of Phyllis. Nikki said that everyone in their family had something going on, including Adam. Victoria refused to cry any tears over him, and Nikki asked if Victoria thought he was guilty. Victoria didn't know what to believe, but she was sure that something ugly had happened between Adam and Melanie. Victoria worried that there had been a lot of press, and she thought that Victor needed to boot Adam to save the company.

Victoria groused that Adam had invaded Victor's psyche, and Adam needed to go. Nikki sympathized that Victoria had no control over the business situation, but she pointed out that it was a different story regarding Victoria's marriage. Victoria disclosed that Billy had been going regularly to Gamblers Anonymous meetings, and she revealed that Billy had asked Dylan to recreate the bookcase that had been lost in the fire. Victoria added that Johnny had called Billy "Dada" that morning, and she had been touched by the look in Billy's eyes. Nikki asked if Victoria was considering reconciling with Billy.

Victoria conceded that she loved and missed Billy, but she was afraid, and she hated feeling that way. Nikki assured her that anyone would be scared, and Victoria wondered how many chances she had to give Billy. Nikki referred to her own marriage to Victor, and she noted that they'd had to try a lot before it finally worked. Nikki added that it had been the same with Jack and Phyllis, and Victoria realized that Jack and Phyllis might not get another chance. Nikki refused to think that way, and she stated that there were no guarantees with the people they loved, but they had to take a leap of faith.

Victoria said that Billy was doing and saying the right things to make their marriage work and to prove that they belonged together, but Nikki knew that Victoria needed more. Victoria asked if Nikki thought that Victoria was making a mistake, and Nikki advised her to keep her mind open. Victoria promised that she would, and she looked forward to what Billy planned next.

Dylan got Chelsea situated on the couch, and he asked if she liked his decorations. She thought it was sweet of him to show that he was excited about the wedding, but she was surprised that he'd gone all out. He said that he'd had to, and there was a knock at the door. Dylan let in Chloe, Jeffrey, Anita, and Stitch, who all wondered why Dylan had summoned them. Dylan announced that he and Chelsea were getting married that day.

Chelsea incredulously asked if Dylan was serious, and he quipped that if he wasn't, then he'd wasted a lot of time and $32.50 on the balloons. The guests chuckled, and Anita said that Chelsea couldn't get married when Anita looked like something the cat had dragged in, but Stitch stated that Anita looked stunning. Dylan asked if Chelsea wanted to get married that day, and he recognized that it wasn't how she'd pictured it. She declared that it was better, and she exclaimed, "Today is the day!"

Billy entered with cake and champagne from On the Boulevard, and he shook Dylan's hand. Billy wished Dylan and Chelsea the best, and Dylan thanked him for helping out. Billy understood Dylan's desire to get married before the baby was born, and Dylan wanted everything to be perfect for their child. Billy warned that it never would be, because parenthood wasn't easy, but he said that it had been magic when his kid had called him "Dada" for the first time. Billy departed, and Chelsea and Dylan beamed at one another.

Jeffrey assumed that "Stench" and Dylan had been in Afghanistan together, and Stitch clarified what his nickname was. Jeffrey assumed that Stitch would be Dylan's best man, and Anita flirted shamelessly with Stitch. Dylan said that the ceremony would start soon, and Chloe asked Anita to help her get Chelsea ready. Jeffrey pointedly told Dylan that it was very rewarding that Dylan was marrying Chelsea.

Chloe asked if Chelsea had the wedding dress from her line, and Chelsea fretted that there was no way she would fit into it, but Chloe thought that they could make it work. Chloe asked about the baby, and Chelsea said that she'd felt a twinge, but she really wanted the wedding to happen. Chelsea gushed that she had never thought that life would be good again after Adam, and she gazed lovingly at Dylan. Dylan thanked the justice of the peace for showing up on short notice, and Chloe hummed the wedding march. Chelsea appeared in a long, white gown, and Jeffrey offered to give her away, but Chelsea said that she could handle it herself. She walked slowly toward Dylan, smiling.

Dylan explained that he'd been in a bad place when he'd met Chelsea, and she'd looked as sad as he had. Dylan said that they'd commiserated for what was supposed to have been one night, and he touched her belly. He continued that he was very glad that things had worked out differently, because their kid was already in charge and would be until he and Chelsea grew old and gray together. Chelsea declared that she could handle that, and the justice took her response as an "I do."

Dylan said that when he had been overseas, he had stopped believing that there was anything good left in the world, but Chelsea had shown him the path, and he was honored to walk it with her. Chelsea marveled that someone like her had gotten the good guy, and Jeffrey whispered to Anita that they knew how it had happened. Chelsea wanted to give Dylan all he'd given her, and she vowed to always have his back. She proclaimed that Dylan would never have to go it alone, because he had a partner for life. The justice proceeded to the exchanging of rings, and Chloe panicked that they didn't have any, but Dylan pulled out his parents' rings. The justice pronounced Dylan and Chelsea husband and wife, and the couple happily kissed as the guests applauded.

Chelsea and Dylan shared some cake, and Chloe suggested that Stitch propose a toast. Stitch proclaimed that Dylan would have gotten his vote for "least likely to get married in a shotgun wedding." Stitch thanked Chelsea for taking Dylan off his hands, and she replied that it was her pleasure. Chloe said that some things were meant to be, and she toasted to Dylan and Chelsea. Chelsea felt the baby kick, and Dylan declared that the baby approved.

At On the Boulevard, the reporter continued to pester Victor about whether he planned to remove Adam as CEO, and Victor replied that the press was quick to condemn Adam, but Adam hadn't been convicted. The reporter asked Adam if he was prepared to step down to save the reputation of his father's company. Adam announced that there was no reason for him to step down or for Victor to remove him, because he and Victor were equal partners who wanted the same thing -- for her to give them their personal space. Victor complimented Adam's statement.

Victor threatened to have the reporter arrested for loitering, and Billy offered to field her question. Billy declared that Adam would do anything for Newman Enterprises, including ruining his own marriage. Billy taunted Adam for choosing his career over his marriage, and Victor attested that Adam's loyalty spoke to his character. Victor added that he stood firmly behind Adam with regard to the inflammatory rape charges, and the reporter said that she'd be back until she got to the bottom of the story. Billy announced that Chelsea was about to marry Dylan.

Victor imagined that the news was hurtful to Adam, but Adam grumbled that the wedding meant practically nothing to him. Adam left, and Victor admonished Billy for throwing Adam's failed marriage in his face when Billy's own marriage was on the rocks. Billy surmised that Victor was there to discuss the recording, and Victor contended that the tape didn't prove anything. Billy argued that it proved that Adam had tried to intimidate and bribe a witness, and he wondered if the press or the D.A. would think that the recording made Adam look guilty. Victor said that Billy was a fool if he thought blackmailing Victor would ingratiate Billy with Victoria, but Billy was willing to take the chance. Billy said that he could make Adam's problems go away, and Victor questioned what Billy was up to.

At Crimson Lights, Anita wished that Jeffrey had been more subtle at the wedding. Jeffrey reasoned that Dylan made Chelsea happy, and Jeffrey was happy with the money Chelsea was giving Jeffrey. Anita hoped to keep Adam in the dark, but Adam overheard and said that he'd heard all about it from Billy. Jeffrey and Anita were surprised, but they were relieved when Adam revealed that Billy had informed him that Chelsea and Dylan were getting married. Adam wanted to wish the happy couple well, and he asked where he could find them.

Chelsea clutched her belly, and Dylan asked if she was okay. She couldn't believe that she'd woken up single and was going to bed a married woman. He asked if the surprise had been too much, but she said it had been perfect. He told her to wait until she saw what he'd planned for that night, but she suddenly gasped and instructed him to put the plans on hold, because she was in labor. Dylan prepared to take Chelsea to the hospital, but she cried that they didn't have time.

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