Y&R Recaps: The week of July 22, 2013 on The Young and the Restless
Phyllis fell down a flight of stairs during a confrontation with Sharon and needed brain surgery. Jack proposed, but Phyllis was unable to say anything other than Nick's name. Carmine lured Lauren to a remote cabin. Michael escaped police custody to rescue Lauren.
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Monday, July 22, 2013

At Cassie's gravesite, Phyllis stood nearby while Sharon shared her feelings. Sharon said, "I just wanted your dad to love me the way he did before you died. If this doesn't work, Nick is going to hate me for taking Summer away and making him believe she's really Jack's." Phyllis was shocked when she heard Sharon admit that Nick was Summer's biological father. Sharon claimed that had Summer been Jack's daughter, then Nick wouldn't have married Phyllis. Sharon was shocked when she discovered that Phyllis had overheard her confessions.

Phyllis admitted that she'd followed Sharon because she'd noticed the crazy look Sharon often displayed whenever she became fixated on Nick. Phyllis said, "How did you convince everyone that Summer was Jack's daughter? You broke into the lab and changed the DNA results, didn't you?" Sharon denied tampering with the test results and noted that she would've been unable to breach the lab's security. Phyllis said, "I am going to Nick and Jack and Summer and everybody else whose life you ruined by doing this!" Sharon attempted to stop Phyllis, but she rushed toward the cemetery exit and yelled, "Try to stop me!"

At Phyllis' condo, Kyle stopped by and admitted to Summer that he was struggling with his emotions after learning that they were brother and sister. Kyle said he hoped Summer could just forget their romantic feelings and revert to being friends. Summer admitted that, like her mom, she had absolutely no control over her impulses. Summer said she was thankful Kyle was strong and had resisted her advances because it would've been awkward had they carried their relationship to the next step. Summer and Kyle considered keeping their distance from each other, but Kyle noted that such a plan was unrealistic. Before he left, Kyle said he wished things could be different.

Victor welcomed guests and benefactors to the fundraising gala held in Nikki's honor. Victor introduced his beloved wife. Nikki smiled broadly and thanked her loving husband for aiding her endeavor to raise money to fund the research that could lead to a cure for multiple sclerosis. While Nikki thanked her guests, Jack opened a jewelry box and admired the engagement ring tucked inside. Adam asked about the ring, and Jack proudly acknowledged that Phyllis would be wearing the ring before the evening ended. Jack stepped out to phone Phyllis.

Nikki informed her guests that she was struggling with multiple sclerosis. Nikki explained that she'd experienced numbness while attempting to play her piano. Nikki acknowledged that her family and friends had offered support and that she was learning to depend on them. Showing emotion, Nikki thanked Victor, Nick, Victoria, and all of her grandchildren for their support. Victoria clutched her father's arm, but she checked the entryway to see if Billy had slipped in.

As Nikki closed her speech, she proudly noted that she intended to live her life well and hoped to help make it possible for other patients to do the same. Victor told Nikki and Noah that one benefactor had made a generous donation that would provide a research scholarship. Nikki asked Noah if he'd heard from Summer. Noah said he still considered Summer to be his sister, but he seemed concerned because Summer had been ignoring his calls. Victor added, "Summer will always be a Newman." Nikki interjected, "Absolutely!"

Adam asked Jack about Summer. Jack admitted that it had been difficult for him to watch from the sidelines while his daughter grew up. Nick approached. Adam said, "Congratulations!" Nick replied, "For what?" Adam replied, "For managing to do something so epic that you made even me look good." Nick assured Adam that nothing he'd ever done could make his psychopath brother look good. Adam recalled how he'd been condemned for passing Faith off as Ashley's baby when all the while Nick had passed Summer off as his child. Nick replied, "Those were completely difference situations."

Adam recalled that "a posse of angry villagers with pitchforks and torches" had tried to chase him out of town. Adam asked why Nick hadn't faced the same condemnation and outrage. Avery joined Nick, and Adam pointed out that Nick, who'd once been considered a saint, had fallen from grace. Avery replied, "People make mistakes." Adam insisted that Nick had committed a willful act. Adam added that in both his case and Nick's, the apple hadn't fallen far from the rotted, twisted tree. Jack stepped forward and agreed with Adam. Nick apologized to Jack, but Jack noted that Nick would've taken his secret to the grave had Summer and Kyle not become involved with each other.

Noah stepped up to defend his father. Adam addressed Noah and said, "Hey, have you checked your DNA against Nicholas'?" Avery pleaded with Adam to drop the matter, but Adam asked Avery if she was bothered by what her fiancé had done. Noah recalled past circumstances involving Nick and staunchly defended his father. Victor approached.

Jack quickly pulled Adam away from the fray. Adam admitted to Jack that family gatherings brought out the worst in him. After Adam stepped away, Nikki embraced Jack and said she had no intention of taking sides. Nikki asked about Phyllis, and Jack expressed his concern about her extreme tardiness.

After Phyllis arrived at the gala venue, she discovered that the elevators were in use by other guests on the top floors. Phyllis lifted the hem of her long gown and ascended the staircase. Sharon quickly caught up with Phyllis. Phyllis paused and berated Sharon for what she'd done to hurt Summer and jeopardize Jack's sobriety. Phyllis asked about Nick. Sharon claimed that she and Nick would finally have the chance to mourn Cassie.

Phyllis noted that Sharon was trying to rewrite history. Sharon replied, "I wasn't there for Nick when he needed me. Nick and I are going to be a family again, and there's not a damn thing you can do about it!" Phyllis noted that Nick was with Avery. Sharon blocked the door, but Phyllis yelled, "Get out of my way, you demented bitch!" Sharon planted her feet and defiantly crossed her arms. Phyllis stepped away and placed a phone call.

Jack stepped away from the party to take Phyllis' call. Phyllis told Jack that she was outside the ballroom. Gala attendees cheered Victor's announcement, and Jack struggled to hear Phyllis. Jack covered one ear and strained to understand what Phyllis was telling him. Phyllis said, "Wait until you hear what I have to say!" Sharon wrestled the phone from Phyllis' hand. Jack remained on the other end of the line shouting, "Hello?" Phyllis reached for her phone, but she lost her footing and tumbled down a flight of stairs.

At On the Boulevard, Billy fired Carmine because the bartender had been involved in too many confrontations. Carmine noted that Michael was to blame for the most recent skirmish after aiming a gun and threatening to blow Carmine's head off. Before Carmine headed out the door, he boasted to Billy that he had bigger plans. Billy checked his phone and listened to a message from Nikki. She pleaded with Billy to attend the benefit because she was certain Victoria would appreciate his presence.

Melanie met with Billy and apologized for being late. Melanie mentioned that she'd been delayed by an appointment with her doctor. Billy checked his phone before placing it in his breast pocket. Billy told Melanie that he was supposed to have attended a fundraiser with other family members. Melanie recalled that Billy had previously expressed an interest in what she'd told him had transpired between her and Adam. Billy replied, "You get your well-deserved comeuppance, and I get my wife back."

Billy explained that Melanie would have to sue Adam for sexual harassment. Melanie reminded Billy that she was an attorney and had collected sufficient evidence to support a lawsuit. She added that she was hesitant to sue because future employers would be reluctant to hire her. Billy explained that Adam had edged Victoria out of her rightful place at Newman Enterprises. Billy said that if Melanie could prove in open court what Adam was capable of, it would ruin his credibility. Billy said his aim was to prove to Victoria that she was the most important thing in his life. Billy pleaded with Melanie to help him, and she agreed.

At the police station's interrogation room, Lauren asked Michael if Carmine could be charged with propositioning her. Michael noted that coercion was a difficult charge to prove. Lauren asked about filing a legal action against Carmine for posting the video on the Internet. Michael explained that the Video Voyeurism Protection Act required that the one of the parties not know about being recorded. Lauren replied, "God, Michael, I thought you believed me!" Michael warned that filing charges would open Lauren to a media feeding frenzy.

Michael reminded Lauren to consider Fenmore because he might not cope well if the video was replayed and scrutinized. Lauren assured Michael that counseling would help their son. Michael, defeated, noted that counseling helped only if the patient admitted there was a problem. Michael said he feared that Fen seemed to regard drugs as a solution to his problem.

Michael held his head in his hand and cried, "I need to get out of here. My son needs me. You need me." Michael apologized to Lauren for abandoning her. Michael warned Lauren that Carmine was dangerous. Michael added, "I'm afraid of what he's going to do."

At Crimson Lights, Fenmore told Raven that he'd purchased the drugs he'd overdosed on from a stranger in an alley. Fenmore added that he'd claimed that the "dirtbag who was doing his mom" had sold him the drugs. Raven replied, "Guess he wasn't too happy about that." Fenmore said he believed that Carmine had posted the disgusting video in retaliation.

Fenmore said he'd been taunted by friends and just wanted to escape from the world. Raven smiled and said, "I can help you with that." Raven promised that they could both take a trip together without leaving town. Raven led Fenmore by the hand toward the coffeehouse's exit, but they ran into Carmine. Fenmore said, "I've got nothing to say to you." Fenmore and Raven left.

After Michael was escorted to a cell, Lauren received a text message from Fenmore indicating that he needed her help. Lauren quickly replied and asked where her son was. Lauren showed up at a cabin and called out to Fen. She walked from one corner of the room and became increasingly concerned when Fen failed to respond.

Lauren sat down on the bed and began to type a text message to her son. Suddenly Carmine appeared. Lauren was initially startled, but she became livid and glared at Carmine. She approached Carmine and slapped him.

Later, Raven and Fen returned to the coffeehouse. Both laughed giddily and stumbled as they made their way from the front door to the bar. Fen was amazed by the drug-induced illusions he encountered. Both extended their arms and marveled at the multiple images of their hands that materialized before their eyes. Raven said, "You're so wasted!" Fenmore replied, "I have magic."

Both Fenmore and Raven stumbled out onto the patio. Fen began searching for something. Raven asked Fen what he was looking for. Fen noted that he'd left his phone behind earlier, but it wasn't on the table where he'd left it.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

At home, Cane and Lily toasted to making up and not letting anyone or anything get in the way of their happiness. She asked what making up entailed, and he set down their glasses and offered to demonstrate. He kissed her, and they began to disrobe. She purred that forgiveness was a good thing, and he replied that not fighting was a good start. She said that the only question was whether to rip the rest of his clothes off or to torture him by taking them off slowly. Charlie called out for his mommy.

Lily asked Charlie if his tummy was feeling better, and she urged him to go back to sleep. Cane went to put the tot back into bed, and Lily flashed back to preparing for the twins' arrival. Lily had said that she and Cane had everything they needed, and Cane had implored her to enjoy their down time until the babies got there. She had stated that she'd put the baby gifts away to get the place ready for their kids, and Cane had replied that those were the two most beautiful words she'd ever said. Cane returned, and he and Lily started to make love, but the twins cried out again.

Lily and Cane tucked the twins between them in bed, and Lily assured the kids that Cane had gotten rid of the monsters in their dreams. Charlie and Matty called one another names, and Lily instructed them to say that they were sorry. Cane threatened them with a time-out, and Lily said that sometimes people said hurtful things to their loved ones, but she encouraged the kids to consider what life would be like without one another. Lily told them not to forget that that they all loved one another, and Cane and Lily kissed.

Lily and Cane returned to bed alone, and she reflected upon how far they'd evolved as parents. She remembered how exhausting it had been getting the infant twins to sleep, but Cane had never been too tired to help her. She asked if he was tired after scaring off the monsters that evening, and he wished that he hadn't scheduled his business trip for the next day. Lily amorously said that she'd give him something to think about on the plane, but she would rather show him than tell him.

In the stairway, Phyllis told Jack over the phone that she had to tell him something, but he couldn't hear her over the applause at the gala. Sharon grabbed for Phyllis' phone, and the women struggled. Phyllis tumbled down the stairs and lay motionless on the floor. Sharon stared in horror, and she approached Phyllis while Jack yelled Phyllis' name. Jack tried to hear Phyllis' end of the line, but Sharon ended the call and felt for Phyllis' pulse. Jack left a message for Phyllis, asking her to get to the gala safely and quickly.

At the fundraiser, Victor announced that they'd raised a lot of money thanks to Nikki's efforts, and Nikki thanked all of the donors for their generosity. Victoria marveled that her parents had pulled off the impossible. Noah stated that even he had written a check, and Victor proclaimed that the Newmans stuck together when a family member had a problem. Nikki expressed her appreciation for Nick being there, but she said that he was free to go, because she understood that being in the same room with Jack was difficult.

Nick and Avery went to the elevator, and Avery referred to their confrontation with Adam. Nick recognized that Nick's decision bothered her, and she admitted that she'd had doubts, but Phyllis had helped her realize that Nick had always been the same compassionate, loving man who had only been motivated by love. Avery declared that any doubt that she'd had about him or their future together was gone, and she told him not to ever try to get rid of her. They kissed, and she complained about the slow elevator. Nick led Avery to the stairway.

Sharon thanked God that Phyllis was alive, and she started to dial her phone for help, but the contents of her purse accidentally dumped out on the stairs. Sharon was startled when Nick and Avery entered and began to make out at the top of the stairs. Sharon quickly gathered her belongings and quietly crept over to the exit door. Sharon sneaked out, but Avery heard the door close and remarked that they weren't alone. Avery and Nick looked down and spied Phyllis on the floor. They rushed to Phyllis' side.

Jack and Noah discussed the party, and Jack mentioned that Kyle had told him about Noah and Kyle's conversation, but Kyle didn't want to hear Jack trash Nick. Jack said that he was still wrapping his head around not raising his own daughter, and while he and Nick had a few things to straighten out, he was more worried about Summer. Jack insisted that he would never want to change how important Noah and Faith were to Summer.

Nikki approached Kurt, and he said that other people were as impressed as he was. He commended Nikki for putting her disease on display to raise funds, but he warned her not to overdo it. Avery ran in and asked for a doctor to help Phyllis, and Kurt and Jack chased after her. Nick tried to revive Phyllis, and he said that he'd called 9-1-1. Kurt briefly examined Phyllis and said that they didn't have a moment to lose.

At the police station, Paul offered Michael some coffee, but Michael warned him not to let a hardened felon get too comfortable. Paul said that he hated keeping Michael locked up, but Michael understood that it was Paul's job to arrest people. Paul advised Michael to think twice about handling his own case, and he encouraged Michael to hire an outside attorney. Michael couldn't believe that he might end up in prison, while Carmine was free to attack Michael's family.

Paul suggested that Michael sue Carmine in civil court, but Michael griped that Carmine had nothing to take, and it wasn't worth drawing attention to the video. Michael wanted to be out to help with damage control, and Paul reported that Christine was trying to be fair, but as a new D.A., she couldn't just give Michael a free pass. Jill entered and fretted that she hadn't been able to reach Lauren. Paul learned that Michael's arraignment had been scheduled, and he reiterated that Michael should contact another lawyer. Michael explained to Jill that the other attorney would be representing him.

Jill chided Michael for not thinking about the consequences of his actions. Paul stepped out, and Jill offered to call a lawyer for Michael. Michael asked Jill to be there for Lauren, and Jill repeated that she hadn't been able to get in touch with Lauren. Paul returned and said that he'd send an officer to take Michael back to his cell, because there had been an incident at Victor's fundraiser, and someone was in the hospital, but Paul didn't know who it was.

Jill assumed that Fen had been traumatized by the video, and Michael lamented that Fen had been shunning Michael and Lauren. Michael added that Fen wasn't speaking to Lauren, and Michael had no way to get in touch with his son. Michael was unsure how extensive Fen's drug use had become, and he was frustrated because he couldn't help from jail. Jill said that she had been there with both of her boys, and she offered to reach out to Fen as a neutral party.

Jill tried to call Fen, but there was no answer. She said that she'd try Fen again later, and Michael said that it meant a lot to him. Michael knew that Jill and Lauren hadn't always been close, but he thought that Lauren could use a sister. Jill pledged to go back to the Baldwins' penthouse and wait until Lauren returned home.

At the cabin, Lauren expressed concern about Fen, and Carmine assured her that Fen was fine but forgetful. She realized that Carmine had used Fen's phone to lure her there, and she demanded that Carmine give her the phone. Carmine refused to let her leave until he told her why she was there. She argued that there was nothing left to talk about, except why he was stalking her and harassing her family. Carmine pointed out that her husband wasn't at home waiting for her, and he beseeched her to hear him out.

Lauren snarled that Michael was in jail because of Carmine, but Carmine contended that Michael had been the one who had pointed a gun at Carmine. Lauren accused Carmine of escalating things, but he claimed that he was a lover, not a fighter. Carmine said that he couldn't forget what he and Lauren had shared, and he declared his love, but she snapped that he didn't know the meaning of the word. Carmine offered to drop the charges, but Lauren refused to sleep with him. He requested one more hour just to talk to her, and she angrily agreed to stay to secure Michael's freedom.

Carmine wished that Lauren wouldn't act cold, and she spat that he had tricked her by pretending to be her son. Carmine called her a warm, passionate woman who had turned to Carmine to give her what her husband hadn't been able to, but she contended that their affair had made it clear to her that she only wanted Michael and her family. Lauren said that she was sorry if it upset Carmine, but she'd considered it just to be a fling with no deep feelings. She reminded him that she'd said repeatedly that she loved Michael, and Carmine needed to forget about her.

Carmine conceded that his words wouldn't convince Lauren, and he reached out his hand to help her to her feet. She assumed that he understood her position, but he forced a kiss on her. She pushed him away and bellowed that she was leaving, but he grabbed her purse and hissed that she wasn't going anywhere. Lauren incredulously stated that Carmine couldn't keep her like a prisoner, and Carmine huffed that Michael was a prisoner, but Lauren was a guest.

Carmine blocked Lauren from leaving, and he pointed out that they were in the middle of nowhere, so no one would hear her yell. He asked her to let him explain what was going on, but Fen's phone rang, and Lauren grabbed it. Carmine wrenched it away from her and promised to make sure that she wouldn't try that again. Carmine tied Lauren to a chair. He said that he'd only wanted some alone time with her, and he knew that it was his last chance, so he couldn't let her leave.

Jack waited at the hospital, and Noah reported that Summer wasn't taking his calls, but he'd left her another message. Kurt announced that he'd ordered an MRI and CT scan on Phyllis, and he needed to assess her condition before he could say anything else. A worried Avery assured Jack that Phyllis would be fine, and Jack tried to convince himself of the same thing. Nick volunteered to get Avery and Jack anything they needed.

Jack recalled that Phyllis had called him right before she'd fallen, but he hadn't been able to hear her. He regretted that he'd told her to hurry, and he surmised that she had probably been racing up the stairs in heels. Nick said that Phyllis could tell them what had happened when she woke up. Kurt reported that Phyllis was stable, and her other injuries weren't serious, but he had to study the brain scan to figure out why she hadn't awakened.

Paul arrived, and he quizzed Avery and Nick about how they'd found Phyllis. Nick wondered why the police were involved, and Paul explained that it had been a high-profile event. Paul queried why Phyllis had been in the stairway, and Nick disclosed that Jack had said that Phyllis had been in a hurry to get to the fundraiser. Nick added that the elevators had been slow, so Phyllis had likely taken the stairs. Avery mentioned that she'd heard a noise in the stairway right before they'd spotted Phyllis, but it could have been anything. Paul thanked them and hoped that Phyllis recovered soon.

Jack sat at Phyllis' bedside, and he remembered that she had sounded frantic on the phone. He wished that he had told her not to rush, because he would have waited for her. Nick and Avery stepped in, followed by Kurt, who had reviewed the scans. He disclosed that Phyllis had suffered a concussion and a subdural hematoma, and he had to operate to remove a blood clot on her brain.

Nick said that someone needed to let Summer know about Phyllis' accident, and he thought that Summer might respond to Jack's call, but Jack believed that Nick should be the one to tell her. Kurt prepared Phyllis for surgery, and Nick left an urgent message for Summer. Avery told Phyllis to hang in there, and Jack vowed not to go anywhere until the doctors forced him to leave. He swore that his face would be the first one Phyllis would see when she woke up.

Sharon returned home and told herself that she'd only wanted to stop Phyllis, and the fall had been a terrible accident. Cassie appeared and asked if Sharon was sure. Sharon reasoned that she couldn't have let Phyllis tell Nick the truth, because he was just starting to realize how much he needed Sharon. Sharon swore that she had just been trying to grab the phone, and it wasn't her fault that Phyllis had fallen. Cassie took Sharon's hand and said that she believed Sharon.

There was a knock at the door, and Sharon opened it to Noah. Noah mentioned that Nick needed Sharon to pick up Faith from a sleepover the next morning, because Phyllis was in the hospital after she'd fallen down the stairs. Sharon asked if Phyllis was okay, and Noah revealed that it wasn't looking good, because the doctors suspected a brain injury. "Oh, my God, no!" Sharon exclaimed.

Noah was surprised by Sharon's emotional reaction, and Sharon explained that Phyllis had been through a lot with the paternity test. Sharon agreed to pick up Faith, and she told Noah to have Nick let her know if she could do anything else. Noah departed, and Sharon prayed that Phyllis would be okay. Cassie reappeared and questioned whether Sharon was forgetting something. Sharon realized that the moment Phyllis woke up, Phyllis would tell Nick the truth about Summer. Sharon resolved not to worry about it yet, but she was glad that no one knew that she had witnessed Phyllis' fall.

At the gala, Nikki suggested that they ask the guests to leave early, and Victoria forlornly noted that no one else was likely to show up at that point. Nikki hoped that Phyllis was okay, because despite her issues with Phyllis, Phyllis was Summer's mom. Nikki asked Victor if he'd done something to keep Billy from being there, and Victor vowed to take care of Victoria. Nikki said that Victor couldn't keep people from choosing who they loved, but Victor said that he'd try to control what he could. He advised Nikki not to stress.

Paul informed Victor, Nikki, and Victoria that the doctors were running tests on an unconscious Phyllis. Paul went to look at the staircase, and Victor encouraged his family to concentrate on the positive part of evening -- they'd raised a million dollars for MS research. Victoria credited Nikki, and Nikki said that positive energy had kept her strong, so she intended to send positive thoughts to the people who needed it the most.

Paul examined the stairway, and he spotted something on the stairs. He took a photo with his camera, and he picked up a tube of lipstick with his handkerchief.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Dylan and Chelsea were happy after their first Lamaze class at the hospital. Dylan told Chelsea that after being in the class, he felt closer to Chelsea and the baby. A frantic Chloe interrupted them to announce that she had an emergency. Dylan was in a playful mood and joked that if Chloe had a medical emergency, she was in the right place.

Chloe replied that it was a fashion emergency, so Dylan quipped that he would be happy to help. He got a glare from Chloe. Dylan was in a good mood as he headed back to Crimson Lights and left Chelsea and Chloe to talk.

Adam returned to the fundraiser. Victoria asked if he regretted leaving early. Adam replied that he had written a sizable check. Victoria told Adam that he would not get any recognition because everyone had left early. Adam asked if they had been driven away by Victoria's charming personality. Victoria told Adam about Phyllis and warned him not to go to the hospital and cause trouble by saying mean things about Phyllis and mean things to Nick.

Adam asked Victoria who had appointed her the traffic cop and advised her to get a job. She shot back that maybe she would take Adam's job. Adam replied that he was going to the hospital because a friend needed him. When Victoria asked who that was, Adam said that his friend was Jack.

Nick, Jack, and Avery waited at the hospital for word on Phyllis. Nick notified Phyllis' son, Daniel, who was on his way home. Summer had not returned any calls. Jack said that someone needed to be with Summer, and that someone was Nick. Nick agreed to find Summer and left Avery to wait with Jack. Jack comforted Avery. He told her that Dr. Costner was a brilliant surgeon who had never had a patient as determined to live as Phyllis.

Avery shared memories from her childhood with Phyllis when they had been close. Jack shared the details of Summer's birth and Phyllis' strength despite her fears. Jack described the promise that he had given Phyllis that he would save the life of her baby, no matter what. Jack continued to take the optimistic view that Phyllis would make it through the surgery and recover, because she was strong and brave and had made it through situations that were even worse.

An emotional Avery told Jack that the Phyllis that he described was the same one that she had loved as a child. She added that Phyllis had always loved hard and that she loved Jack more than anything. Avery then said that she could not sit still and needed to get coffee or something. She told Jack that she would have her cell phone with her.

Nick found Summer blasting loud music at the penthouse. When Summer turned down the volume, Nick thanked her and said the music was so loud that he could not think. Summer said that had been the idea. Nick said that he understood that Summer was in a rough place, and he hated to add to it. Summer replied that she would not attend the fundraiser.

Nick quickly told Summer what had happened to Phyllis. Summer broke down. She asked what she could do. Nick said that Summer could pray, just like he was doing. They hugged.

Adam found Jack at the hospital and told Jack that Adam was there for him and would help however he could. Jack assured Adam that Phyllis would soon be back to her old self. Adam supported Jack's belief in Phyllis, but said that he could understand if Jack had worries. Jack told Adam that he was afraid that admitting his would make it more possible for something terrible to happen.

In another part of the hospital, Chloe told Chelsea that she did not have a fashion emergency but a blackmail emergency. She was angry with Victoria for going after Chelsea instead of confronting Chloe directly. Chelsea asked if Chloe had been seeing Billy. Chloe said that she had not and that she was not interested in Billy because Billy's life was a train wreck.

Chelsea said that was a good thing, because if Adam found out about the baby, he would be after Chelsea with a vengeance. Chloe assured Chelsea that although Chloe had grown close to Billy during Delia's illness, she had no designs on Billy. Chelsea was less relieved when Chloe told Chelsea that she had kissed Billy. Despite Chloe's claims that Billy was still obsessed with Victoria and Chloe had just been trying to support Billy and stop him from beating himself up, Chelsea was not happy with her friend.

Chelsea begged Chloe to settle her differences with Victoria before Victoria ruined Chelsea's idyllic life with Dylan. When Victoria appeared in the hallway, Chelsea told Chloe that there was no time like the present. Chloe wasted no time in confronting Victoria about the blackmail, but Victoria was unmoved as she told Chloe to stay away from Billy and to stay out of family matters that were not Chloe's concern.

Chloe argued that Victoria had not worried about Chloe and Billy before. Victoria said that things had changed since Chloe had dumped Kevin, and Billy was distracted by something. Chloe assured Victoria that Chloe was not distracting Billy. Chelsea asked why Victoria was trying to ruin her life. Victoria said that Chelsea's life did not need to be ruined if Chloe was telling the truth and continued to stay away from Billy.

Adam comforted Jack and told him that everything would be okay soon. Adam said that he envied Jack and his happy family. Adam admitted that he had thought that running Newman at Victor's side would be enough, but Adam still wanted more. Summer and Nick arrived. Adam said goodbye and left without taking a verbal jab at Nick. Victoria got to the waiting area as Adam took his leave. She hugged Summer and Jack. Summer walked away and stood alone.

Nick told Victoria to give Summer some time. Victoria went to Summer and said that she would always be Summer's aunt. Victoria said that she loved Johnny, even thought she did not share his genes, and she loved Summer just as much. Jack told Summer that her mother would pull through. Summer was embarrassed when she referred to Nick as "Dad." She admitted that she was confused because she had thought that Nick was her dad, only to learn that Jack was her dad.

Jack and Nick assured Summer that they would both be there for her. Summer said that Phyllis had to make it because Summer knew that her mother was her mother. Summer worried that the brain injury would cause her mother to change also. Both dads comforted her.

After Victoria left, Chloe told Chelsea that she was certain that Victoria would not tell Adam about the baby. Chelsea said that in addition to Victoria and Anita, Jeffrey also knew the truth. Chelsea declared that her whole life depended on unpredictable people. Chloe was convinced that once the baby was born, no one would want to hurt it by disclosing the truth. Chloe advised Chelsea to stop talking in her everything-is-lost voice because everything was, and would be, okay.

Adam overheard the last bit and inquired about the baby. Chelsea told him that everything was fine. Chloe told Adam that Chelsea was glowing and that they had been talking about what a great Lamaze coach Dylan was. Chelsea asked why both Victoria and Adam were in the hospital and learned about Phyllis. Before Adam could say more, Chloe told him that Chelsea's Lamaze coach was waiting and spirited Chelsea away.

Avery went to Crimson Lights to order coffee but was distracted and could not make up her mind. When Dylan asked, she told him what was wrong. Avery said that she had thought a lot about the old days when things had been good between the sisters. Dylan said that he remembered a time when the two sisters had taken down a local jerk. Jokingly, he told Avery not to let anyone know that he had been afraid of Phyllis.

Avery said that she had been telling Jack about the old days. She noted that Dylan was the only one left who had known the sisters back in the day. Avery said that she felt helpless because the only thing she could do was get coffee. Dylan said that Phyllis needed support from all her friends and family. Avery said that the last conversation that she had had with Phyllis had made Avery feel like she and Phyllis were getting close again. Phyllis had said that she wanted Nick to be happy and had urged Avery to stand behind Nick.

Dylan told Avery that the first step was for Phyllis to make it through the surgery. He pushed Avery to hang in because Phyllis would feel Avery there and would know that Avery loved her. Avery realized that she had not paid for her coffee order, but Dylan told her that it was on the house. Chelsea got to Crimson Lights in time to see Dylan hug Avery.

After Avery left, Dylan explained that Avery was having a hard time. Chelsea revealed that she had heard about the vigil for Phyllis from Adam, whom she had seen at the hospital. Dylan asked if Adam had upset Chelsea, but Chelsea said that Adam had only been concerned for the baby. Chelsea and Dylan exchanged banter about the birthing class. When Chelsea laughingly told Dylan that he was nuts, Dylan replied that Chelsea was beautiful, and her smile got him every time.

Melanie and Billy discussed strategy at On the Boulevard. Melanie showed Billy the papers that she had prepared for filing with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). Billy was eager for Adam to take a fall. Melanie was sure that the EEOC would investigate her complaint right away because it was against Adam Newman. Billy was sure that credit card receipts would verify Melanie's claims against Adam.

Melanie was curious about how that would help Billy with Victoria. Billy explained that Adam would get bad publicity, which would cause Victor to distance himself from Adam. In turn Victor would call Victoria back as his right hand. Billy would get to take the credit for Adam's fall and would be a hero in Victoria's eyes.

Melanie wanted to bet on how soon the EEOC would call, but Billy said that betting had cost him everything. He related some of his gambling adventures to Melanie. He told Melanie how he had hit bottom. Billy said that he had been sitting in the snow, waiting to die, when Victoria had appeared. Billy said that Victoria had given him so many chances since then that he really wanted to prove his love for her. Billy hoped that Victoria still loved him.

Billy rose from the table to greet Victoria, who had just entered the restaurant. Billy apologized for not attending the gala, but Victoria quickly told him that she was not there about them, but because Jack needed him. Victoria updated Billy on Phyllis. Billy was astounded. Victoria said that Jack was upbeat, but that if anything did happen to Phyllis, Jack would need his family and friends. She told Billy that he needed to be there for Jack, just like Victoria was standing by Nick. When Victoria said that she was returning to the hospital, Billy left with her.

Adam stopped at the bar as Melanie gathered her papers. Adam asked if he should duck. Melanie shrugged. Adam told her that some people might think that he deserved a punch in the mouth or a drink in the face for the way that he had treated her. Melanie said that she was not most people and walked away.

Avery returned to the hospital waiting room with coffee. As she hugged Summer, Dr. Costner returned to tell those gathered that they had removed the clot and alleviated the pressure in Phyllis' brain. The doctor added that the brain was very complicated, and they would know more once Phyllis woke up and they could administer more tests.

Jack took the statement, "once Phyllis woke up," as a good sign, meaning that she was going to wake up. Jack told Summer that all they had to do was wait for Phyllis to wake up so that Summer could hear from her mom that everything was perfect.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

At the hospital, Jack wished an unconscious Phyllis a good morning and told her that it was time to wake up. Summer entered and asked if he was driving the nurses crazy yet. He replied that the doctors had said that it was perfectly normal for Phyllis not to be awake yet, and he inquired whether Summer had gotten any sleep. Summer said that she'd dozed off while she'd been waiting for news. Jack offered to get them some coffee, but Summer insisted that he didn't have to leave.

Summer thought that she should beg for forgiveness for not being there when Phyllis had fallen, but Jack assured Summer that it wasn't her fault. Summer regretted not going to the gala just because she had been feeling sorry for herself, and she wondered if Phyllis wouldn't have fallen if Summer had attended. Jack said that they couldn't consider the "what ifs," and Summer recalled that Phyllis had made her laugh as Phyllis had prepared for the fundraiser. Jack comforted Summer as Billy arrived.

Billy handed a change of clothes to Jack, and Jack reported that Phyllis was holding her own. Jack suggested that Summer have some time alone with Phyllis, and Billy told Summer that a dozen Abbotts were ready to get Summer anything that she needed. Jack and Billy stepped out, and Billy said that Traci would stop by later and that Ashley had sent her love. Billy added that Kyle was taking care of Jabot, and Billy pledged to be there for Jack. Jack said that John would have been proud that they were sticking together, but only Phyllis could fix things.

Jack looked at the engagement ring, and Billy asked how Jack was holding up. Jack admitted that he had been tempted to take pills the day before, but he was resolved to be strong for Summer and Phyllis. Billy realized that Jack hadn't gotten the chance to propose, and Jack swore that he would do it the moment Phyllis opened her eyes. Jack said that he and Phyllis should have been a family already, and Billy said that both he and Jack were due for happiness. Billy promised that he and Victoria would dance at Jack and Phyllis' wedding.

Summer recounted the fights she and Phyllis had had, and she fondly remembered that Phyllis had said that Summer had given her more grief than Daniel even before Summer had hit her teens. Summer said that both she and Phyllis had survived the feuds because Phyllis had always forgiven her. Summer felt like she was the lucky one, and she told Phyllis not to use Summer's words against her the next time they fought, because Summer knew they would. Summer begged Phyllis to fight to get better.

Jack walked in on Summer confessing that she'd scratched Phyllis' car, and Summer explained that it was a good time to apologize for the times she'd disappointed her mother. Jack insisted that Phyllis was proud of Summer, and he was sure that Phyllis would say the same thing as soon as she woke up. Summer worried that the longer Phyllis stayed unconscious, the worse the chances were, but Jack pointed out that Phyllis was one for big entrances, and Phyllis didn't care about the odds. He told Phyllis that she could open her eyes, and he promised to stay there until she did.

Summer offered to get Nick and Avery from the chapel before the doctor returned, and she asked if she could get Jack anything, but he said that he was fine. Summer left, and Jack told Phyllis that they had quite a girl. He kissed Phyllis' hand and vowed to stay by her side until the hospital threw him out, and he felt her squeeze his hand. He called her name and asked if she could hear him. Phyllis slowly opened her eyes.

At Crimson Lights, Abby told Lily that Jack had sounded optimistic about Phyllis' condition, and Lily remarked that Phyllis would be ordering them around at meetings in no time. Lily presented some new marketing ideas, and Abby commented that Lily had already emailed a few hundred of them. Lily felt bad for missing their last meeting to work through things with Cane, but she swore that her marriage was fine. Abby received a text message, and she asked if Lily was sure.

Lily read a post on the GC Buzz that Cane had been spotted boarding a plane to New York with a beautiful woman who wasn't his wife, and the post insinuated that Cane was planning to mix business and pleasure as payback for Lily's indiscretions. Lily declared that the information was inaccurate, and Abby asked where Cane was. Lily replied that he was on a business trip in New York, but she argued that there just could have been a woman boarding the plane in front of him. Lily huffed that the blogger was just trying to get a rise out of her, and Abby noted that it was working.

Abby observed that Lily was distracted, and she urged Lily to call Cane. Lily proclaimed that she trusted her husband, but Abby pointed out that there was no harm in calling him. A woman answered Cane's phone, and Lily said that she was trying to reach Cane. Hilary recognized Lily's voice, and she explained that she was in New York with Cane, who was in a meeting. Lily requested that Hilary inform Cane that Lily had called, and she hung up and explained to Abby that Cane's assistant had accompanied him to New York. Abby questioned why Cane hadn't mentioned taking Hilary with him.

Lily rationalized that it was a business trip, and Cane had probably thought that Lily would assume that Hilary would go. Lily thought that Abby was making a big deal out of nothing, but Abby found it ironic that Cane would go on an overnight trip with his female assistant after he'd been so upset about Tyler and Lily spending time together. Lily said that she and Cane had demanding jobs and had to spend time with coworkers, but they trusted one another. Lily swore that nothing would make her doubt Cane. Meanwhile, Hilary looked at a photo of Cane and Lily on her computer screen.

At On the Boulevard, Neil remarked to Leslie that someone always seemed to end up injured when Victor hosted an event. Leslie mentioned that Phyllis' surgery had gone well, but Neil worried about Jack being in a critical stage of recovery. Neil got a text message, and he reported that there was breaking news on the GC Buzz. Leslie hoped that Carmine hadn't posted another sex tape, but Neil replied that it had nothing to do with Carmine.

Neil said that the personal attacks on his loved ones made him want to hurt someone, but Leslie suggested that he refrain from taking action to avoid legal troubles. Neil contended that the coward who was posting lies should worry about the legalities. Leslie asked if Cane really had gone to New York, and Neil clarified that Cane was there on business. Leslie noted that the blogger had shifted from talking about past events to discussing present ones, and she thought that it was a good thing.

Leslie explained that the blogger had been hiding, but the latest post indicated that the blogger was out in the open, watching Neil's family to gather information. Neil realized that a security camera could have caught the blogger, but thousands of people had been at the airport. Leslie said that the person who wanted to hurt Neil needed to keep watching to get more ammunition. Neil concluded that if the blogger continued to post about specific events, then he and Leslie could compare surveillance footage from multiple locations to try to find the same person.

Neil said that it drove him crazy that someone might be targeting his family, and Leslie wished that her theory about Rose had been correct. Billy thanked Neil and Leslie for stopping by, and he informed them that there had been no change in Phyllis' condition, but Jack was hanging tough. Billy remarked that he'd wanted to spend more time with Jack, but he needed to be at the bar, since Carmine no longer worked there. Neil kissed Leslie goodbye, and he flashed back to being at a bar with a newspaper article about Dru's presumed death. A woman had sat down next to him, and she had introduced herself as Rose.

At the police station, Paul and Michael returned from Michael's arraignment, and Paul informed Kevin that bail had been denied. Michael grumbled that there was enough evidence to upgrade the charges to attempted murder, and Paul explained that the judge had been trying to make a point that the former D.A. wouldn't get any special treatment. Paul again encouraged Michael to hire an attorney, but Michael was more concerned with why Lauren hadn't been at the arraignment. Kevin said that he'd left her a message about it.

Jill reported that she'd stayed at the penthouse all night, but neither Lauren nor Fen had returned home. She added that Fen had left a message on the answering machine, saying that he had stayed overnight with a friend, but Michael sensed that something wasn't right. Michael reasoned that Lauren wouldn't take off when Fen needed her, and Jill suggested that they check Lauren's office. Kevin pulled Paul aside and mentioned that there was another way he could track Lauren down, and Paul pointedly replied that he had no knowledge of what Kevin was about to do.

Michael slammed down the phone and fretted that Fen wasn't responding to calls or text messages. Jill tried to calm Michael down, and Kevin reported that he'd traced Lauren's phone to a landfill. Michael was certain that Lauren was in trouble, but Paul pointed out that all they knew was that Lauren's phone was missing. Michael argued that Lauren would have found a way to get in touch, and Paul prepared to send someone out to the landfill. Michael insisted that the police find Carmine.

Kevin said that Fen had sent him a text message about hanging out with friends. Michael pressed Kevin to find out where Fen was, and Jill volunteered to go to Fen's hangouts to try to find him. Paul revealed that no one had seen Lauren at the office, but the police were still looking. Paul added that Carmine hadn't been at his apartment since the day before. Michael was convinced that Carmine had Lauren, and Kevin assured Michael that Lauren could take care of herself. Michael said that all they knew for sure was that Lauren and Carmine were both gone.

Fen arrived at the police station, and he called Michael's attempt to shoot Carmine a "major fail." Michael asked if Fen had seen Lauren or Carmine, and Fen snickered and replied that he'd seen way too much of them. Michael looked into Fen's eyes and admonished Fen for getting high, but Fen retorted that he'd had to cope with having Michael and Lauren for parents. Michael tabled the discussion about drugs, but he stressed the importance of finding Lauren. Fen revealed that he'd lost his phone the day before, and Michael surmised that Carmine had used Fen's phone to lure Lauren somewhere.

Paul assigned Kevin to track Fen's phone, but Fen said that they couldn't. Kevin realized that Fen had disabled the GPS so no one could check up on him. Fen regretted that he hadn't been around when Lauren had been kidnapped, and Michael said that while he was angry with Fen, the predicament wasn't Fen's fault. Michael blamed himself for pulling a gun, but Jill assured Michael that it wasn't his fault, either. Kevin urged everyone to focus on finding Lauren, but Michael didn't know how to do so while he was locked up.

At the cabin, Carmine tried to feed Lauren breakfast, but she refused to eat. He agreed that the waffles from a local diner weren't as good as the ones at the Geneva Pines. Carmine called it a waste of food, and he wished that he'd requested Lauren's favorite -- chocolate strawberries. He recalled how he'd slowly traced chocolate over her lips and had kissed it away, and he wanted to do it again, but she told him not to think about it. Carmine admitted that it was difficult to think about what they'd had, because they had been so good together, and they could be again.

Lauren maintained that she and Carmine couldn't be together, but he said that it was just her guilt talking. He presumed that she hadn't forgotten how he'd kissed her neck, and he proceeded to demonstrate, but she recoiled in disgust. He said that being with her meant everything to him, and he knew that it meant something to her, too. Lauren claimed that Carmine was right.

Lauren said that she had known since Carmine's first card trick that they'd had something special, but there was no future in it. He argued that Michael treated her like dirt and didn't appreciate her, but she pointed out that she had a son to consider. Carmine countered that Lauren was miserable, and he asserted that Michael couldn't give her what she wanted and needed, but anyone who'd seen the video knew how good Carmine and Lauren were together. Carmine pleaded with Lauren to let him love her.

Carmine informed Lauren that he'd sent messages using Fen's phone, and Lauren worried that Fen could be in trouble but that no one would help because of Carmine's responses. Carmine mentioned that Fen had looked happy the night before, probably because Michael hadn't been around. Carmine reiterated that Michael had let both Lauren and Fen down, and they deserved better. She asked if Carmine meant himself, and he recalled that he had been happy playing the field until he'd met Lauren. Meanwhile, she eyed a knife on the table.

Carmine said that Lauren had changed his life from the moment she'd ordered white wine, and she repeated that he'd had her with his first card trick. He said that they hadn't been able to go back after they'd made love, and watching the video had made him realize that they were destined to be together. Carmine knew that she was the only one for him, and Lauren claimed that she couldn't deny it anymore. Lauren explained that she'd tried to make it work with Michael, but she couldn't fight her feelings any longer. Carmine was skeptical, and he advised her that lying to him would be a big mistake.

Lauren argued that she hadn't been able to let Michael shoot Carmine, but Carmine recalled that Lauren hadn't wanted Michael to get in trouble. She explained that she hadn't wanted to see her son's father throw his life away, and Carmine asked if that had been the only reason. Lauren asserted that she'd stopped Michael for Carmine's sake, because she hadn't been able to bear the thought of losing Carmine or seeing him hurt, and she wanted Carmine in her life.

Carmine wanted to believe Lauren, and she swore that she was telling the truth. He said that he had waited a long time for her to say it, but he didn't know if he could trust her. Lauren asked Carmine to untie her hands and let her prove it to him.

Friday, July 26, 2013

At the police station, Kevin assured Michael that the cops would find Lauren, but Michael worried that they wouldn't get to her before Carmine hurt her. Paul reported that Jill was staying with Fen at the Baldwins' penthouse, and Michael griped that both he and Lauren should be home with their son. Michael implored Paul to let him out, but Paul said that there was nothing he could do, since the judge had denied bail. Sheryl entered with Phyllis' personal effects from the scene of the accident. Sheryl volunteered to drop off Phyllis' belongings at the hospital, and Paul said that he needed to talk to Phyllis once she was awake.

Michael groused that he should be out helping Phyllis and Lauren, and Paul insisted that the police were doing all they could, but Michael snapped that it wasn't enough. Michael mentioned that Paul had once shot Michael to protect Christine, and he encouraged Paul to find a legitimate reason for shooting Carmine. Paul swore that if Carmine had Lauren, the police would find both of them. Michael warned that if Carmine knew that Carmine couldn't have Lauren, then Carmine would make sure that Michael couldn't, either.

Paul said that there had been no sign of Carmine at Carmine's apartment, and Kevin suggested that they try Carmine's workplace. Paul hesitantly revealed that Carmine had been fired after his altercation with Michael. Michael realized that there was nothing to keep Carmine in town and that Lauren could be anywhere. Paul said that he'd given Carmine's description to the surrounding counties, but Michael worried that Lauren could already be across state lines. Paul warned that Lauren could end up getting hurt if they didn't play by the book, but Michael countered that she could be hurt already.

Michael wanted to try to get inside Carmine's head to anticipate his next move, and Kevin thought that Carmine needed a place to lay low. Paul mentioned the bed and breakfast where Carmine and Lauren had stayed, but Kevin said that it wasn't private enough. Michael pointed out that Carmine might seek help from his family in New Jersey, and Paul left to order surveillance on Carmine's relatives. Kevin informed Michael that Carmine might have taken Lauren to Angelina's father's private cabin, but he hadn't wanted to tell Paul, because they didn't have time to wait for a warrant. Kevin told Michael to give him five minutes to get Michael out of there.

Moments later, Kevin counted down to zero under his breath, and alarms sounded. He pretended not to know what was going on, and Paul yelled that they were on lockdown, because something had happened in the holding cells. Cops ran downstairs to check it out, and Kevin released Michael from the interrogation room. Kevin pointed Michael toward an unlocked door.

Kevin complained about the noise, and Sheryl said that the alarms shouldn't have gone off, because there had been no security breach. Paul glared at Kevin and said that he had an idea how it had happened, and he accused Kevin of hacking into the system to create a diversion. Paul questioned where Michael was, and Kevin feigned ignorance.

At the cabin, Lauren compared being tied up to being trapped in a marriage that was going nowhere, and she commended Carmine for listening when her husband hadn't. She begged Carmine to cut her loose, so she could show him with her body and heart how much she still wanted him. Carmine questioned why he should trust her, and she called herself a fool for writing Carmine off. Lauren asserted that she and Michael argued all the time, but Carmine really loved her, and she wanted to be with Carmine. Carmine grappled with whether or not to trust her, and she eyed the knife on the table.

Lauren said that Michael didn't look at her the way Carmine did, and Michael couldn't ignite her body with one touch like Carmine could. Carmine complained that she'd tossed him aside as if he had been nothing, and she claimed that she'd been scared, because she'd started to have feelings for Carmine. Lauren touched the knife, and she said that she hadn't been sure whether Carmine had felt the same way. Carmine called her efforts a nice try, and Lauren quickly let go of the knife.

Carmine refused to let Lauren shift the blame to him, because he'd demonstrated how he'd felt in every possible way. She questioned how tying her up showed his feelings, and she bemoaned that he was standing far away. He sat next to her and said that his actions proved how much he couldn't live without her and that he was still fighting for them. She said that she regretted that she hadn't fought, too, and she pleaded with him to let her show him how she felt. He told her to go ahead, and she kissed him.

Carmine said that he'd missed Lauren, and he'd made the video because he hadn't been able to stand the thought of never holding her or making love to her again. She replied that he didn't need the video anymore, because they'd make new memories. She begged him to let her touch him, and he untied her. She pulled him into a passionate kiss, and she stepped back and claimed that she needed to catch her breath. She suddenly reached for the knife, and he asked if she thought he was stupid.

Carmine tossed the knife aside, but Lauren grabbed a fork and stabbed him in the arm. She stumbled on her way out, and he ominously asked if she wanted to get rough. Carmine tied Lauren to the bed, and he said that things hadn't had to be like that, but she'd ruined his plans. She begged him to let her go, but he snarled to shut up, and he gagged her and ordered her to stay still. Carmine taunted that no one could hear Lauren scream, so they could be as loud as they wanted to be. A seething Michael burst in.

Jack welcomed Phyllis back, and he declared that he was happy that she'd decided to wake up. He informed her that she was in the hospital because she'd slipped and fallen down the stairs while on her way to meet him at the fundraiser. He asked if she remembered anything, and she flashed back to her argument with Sharon on the stairs. Phyllis' pulse began to race.

Jack told Phyllis not to panic, because she'd gotten through surgery like a champ. She tried to talk, but she couldn't seem to form words. Jack ran out to get a doctor, and he informed Nick, Avery, and Summer that Phyllis had woken up. Everyone returned to Phyllis' room, and Phyllis continued to be haunted by the memory of her altercation with Sharon. Summer asked what was wrong, and Jack thought that Phyllis was upset about something. Phyllis struggled to speak.

Kurt rushed in and asked everyone to leave. He examined Phyllis, who tried to say Sharon's name. Kurt told Phyllis' loved ones that he'd given her a mild sedative to calm her down. He explained that head trauma patients often had no memory of the accident, and he advised that it was important to keep Phyllis calm to allow her to recover from surgery. He added that he needed to run more tests to determine whether Phyllis would have any lasting effects from the injury.

Jack said that he'd monopolized the visitation time, and he told Avery to go in. Avery entered Phyllis' room, and Summer said that she wanted to call her brother. Nick assumed that she meant Noah, but she clarified that Daniel would want an update. Nick thanked Jack for letting Avery in, and Jack pointedly stated that when he loved someone, he put their feelings and happiness ahead of his own. Jack and Nick argued, and Nick warned Jack never to question how much Nick loved Summer.

Avery told a sleeping Phyllis that she wanted Phyllis to know that Avery was there, and Avery was glad that Phyllis was, too. Avery said that Phyllis had disappeared once, and she couldn't handle it happening again. Avery said that she'd been thinking a lot about how close she and Phyllis had been as kids, and their mom had said that Avery had been Phyllis' shadow. Avery recognized that it hadn't been cool to have a little sister tag along, but Phyllis had let her. Avery added that a piece of her heart had been ripped out when Phyllis had left home, and she hoped that Phyllis would be part of her life.

Avery heard raised voices outside, and Summer ordered Nick and Jack to stop fighting. Avery lectured that other patients and their families didn't need the men adding to their stress level, and Nick suggested that he and Avery get some rest. Nick and Avery left, and Jack apologized to Summer for letting his anger get the best of him. Summer decided to go home to change clothes, and she offered to fetch Jack something to eat. Jack returned to Phyllis' room, and Summer watched them through the window. Kyle appeared behind her and commented that everyone should have that kind of love.

Kyle surmised that Summer didn't want to see him, but he wanted to check on Jack. Sheryl arrived and inquired where Phyllis' room was, and Summer explained that she was Phyllis' daughter. Kyle asked why the police were looking into Phyllis' accident, and Sheryl revealed that she was only there to return Phyllis' personal items. Summer offered to take them, and Sheryl departed. Summer mentioned that Phyllis had woken up, but she was concerned that the pressure was getting to Jack. Summer urged Kyle to get Jack to take a break, and she left.

Jack told a sedated Phyllis that he'd lost it with Nick, but he regretted doing it in front of Summer. Jack didn't know how he was going to have a meaningful relationship with Summer if he couldn't control his temper, and Kyle entered and remarked that Summer cared about Jack. Kyle added that Summer wanted Kyle to convince Jack to take a break, but Jack replied that he didn't need one. Kyle pointed out that neither he nor Phyllis would want Jack to overdo it, and Jack said that he'd gladly endure Phyllis' wrath, but until she could lecture him, he needed to be there.

Later, Phyllis' eyes fluttered open, and Jack observed that she seemed calmer. He told her that the doctor had given her something to help her sleep, but he was glad to see her beautiful eyes looking at him. He said that he had expected the prior evening to be the greatest night of his life, but after the nightmare had happened, he'd wondered if he'd missed his chance. He said that he needed to say something, and he promised that he'd say it again when she wasn't drugged up.

Jack proclaimed that he adored Phyllis and that she amazed and perplexed him, and when he was lucky, she needed him. He continued that she was the first and last thing he thought of every day, and she served as his nagging conscience, his hope, and his inspiration. He couldn't imagine his life without her, and she was the greatest love of his life. Jack kissed Phyllis' hand and said that he wanted her to be his future, and he asked her to marry him. She silently stared at him.

Jack decided to take Phyllis' silence as a yes until she was coherent enough to answer, and he kissed her. She tried to talk, and he said that he should have known that she'd have something to say. She couldn't quite articulate Sharon's name, but she managed to say Nick's.

Summer returned home and opened the bag of Phyllis' personal items, and she looked at a photo of the two of them on Phyllis' cell phone. She pulled out a tube of lipstick, and she flashed back to helping Phyllis get ready for the fundraiser. She remembered that Phyllis had worn a shade called "everlasting apricot," but she noted that the tube in her hand was "creamy nude." She opened Phyllis' purse and found the apricot lipstick inside, and she looked at the nude shade quizzically.

Sharon called the hospital to get an update on Phyllis, but they wouldn't tell her anything because she wasn't family. Cassie appeared, and Sharon wailed that she didn't know what to do. Cassie suggested that Sharon call Noah, but Sharon thought that he was already suspicious of her behavior. Cassie pointed out that everyone would soon know what Sharon had done, and Sharon hoped that Phyllis wouldn't remember their conversation. Sharon panicked that Nick would hate Sharon if Phyllis told him the truth. Cassie doubted that Nick could ever hate Sharon, but Sharon fretted that he could never love her again, and they'd never be a family.

Sharon said that the point of changing the DNA test had been to draw her and Nick closer, and she defended that she'd had to show him that she had always understood him better than anyone. Sharon believed that they could be happy again, and she wanted to give Faith a real family. Cassie asked about Summer, and Sharon reasoned that Summer would accept Jack as her father and that Nick and Summer would still be close. Sharon realized that she could lose Nick and that he might never let her see Faith again. Cassie insisted that Nick needed to hear the truth from Sharon, because Sharon could make him understand.

Avery and Nick returned to the tack house, and he was upset that he'd let Jack push his buttons. Sharon entered, and she reported that Faith was at a water park with a friend, but Sharon wanted to find out how Phyllis was doing. Avery disclosed that Phyllis had woken up; Avery went upstairs to go to bed. Sharon asked if Nick had seen Phyllis, and he thanked Sharon for being a good friend. She covered her surprise that Phyllis hadn't told him anything, and she stammered that she hadn't been a good friend.

Sharon said that she hadn't helped out as much as she could have, and she wished that she'd done more. She sympathetically stated that she understood what Nick was going through, and he replied that she was the only person who did. She commented that they had felt empty when Cassie had died, and she reasoned that Nick had needed to take care of his child to feel whole again. He replied that it had been exactly how he'd felt.

Nick admitted that he'd made a selfish choice to claim Summer as his daughter, but Sharon said that it had been understandable, given what he'd been going through at the time. Sharon babbled that sometimes people made decisions that they weren't proud of, and if they could take things back, they'd make different decisions. Nick stated that he wouldn't have changed his choice if it had meant not raising Summer. Avery called to Nick from upstairs, and he told Sharon not to beat herself up, because she'd been a great friend, and he was glad to have someone in his corner who understood.

Nick thanked Sharon for stopping by, and she pledged to be there if he needed anything. Sharon left, and Avery descended the stairs. Nick noticed that Avery hadn't changed clothes, and she replied that she needed him with her so she could fall asleep. They kissed and went upstairs, while Sharon lingered outside.

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