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Monday, February 18, 2013

Stuck in her car during a snowstorm, Katherine became frustrated when she discovered that her cell phone couldn't locate a signal. The announcer on the radio warned that plummeting temperatures posed a danger to those venturing out in the elements. Katherine turned off the radio and noticed a young woman approach her car. Katherine gasped and said, "Oh, thank God! You're a life saver." The young woman, Adriana, climbed into Katherine's car and offered to drive her home. Katherine said she lived on Foothill Road in Genoa City. Adriana smiled and explained that she needed to return to Genoa City to set herself on the right track.

Trapped in Lily's broken-down car during the storm, Tyler watched snowflakes dance across the windshield and noted that staying in the car made more sense than trudging through the snow. Lily expressed concern about the twins, but Tyler assured her that the children were snuggled in a warm bed and that Cane was probably home with them. Lily was anxious to phone her nanny, but Tyler assured her that she'd chosen the best-qualified person to care for the twins. Tyler praised Lily for being a concerned parent.

In her suite at the Genoa City Athletic Club, Chelsea sat on the floor and sobbed after her home-pregnancy test yielded positive results, indicating that she was indeed pregnant. She rose to her feet and hid the test stick when she heard a room-service waiter's knock. When Chelsea opened the door, Cane waltzed in with snacks and said Chelsea needed sustenance while preparing for her presentation. Chelsea asked about Lily and if Cane resented his wife's extended work hours. Cane explained that he understood and loved Lily. Cane admitted that he'd be hurt if Lily faced a struggle alone because they'd vowed to face problems as a couple.

Cane went to search for Lily and happened upon her snow-covered, broken-down car. Cane called out to Lily repeatedly. Cane brushed away a covering of snow stuck to the windows and peered into the front seat. The car appeared empty. Cane brushed snow off the back window and was shocked when he saw Lily and Tyler in the backseat. Lily was asleep with her head resting on Tyler's shoulder.

As Lily and Cane entered the suite they'd rented at the Genoa City Athletic Club for Valentine's Day, Lily casually noted that she'd worried about the twins for no reason. Lily thanked Cane for rescuing her. Lily noted that she and Tyler could have been stuck in the snow for an indeterminate length of time. Cane, miffed, asked Lily how much time had passed before Tyler had offered to share his coat with her. Lily, angered, explained that she might have frozen to death without Tyler's assistance.

Cane said he'd often wondered if Lily had cheated on him while they were separated and contemplating divorce. Lily looked horrified. Cane said, "Did you fool around on me with Daniel?" Lily replied, "It's not cheating if you and I weren't together!" Cane sighed heavily and said, "I'll take that as a yes. Lily sat alone on the bed, facing the fireplace. Cane lifted the bottle of champagne from the ice bucket, glanced at Lily, and then unceremoniously returned the unopened bottle to the bucket.

At Adam's estate, Adam and Sharon began kissing and fondling each other. Adam jerked open Sharon's blouse and popped off the buttons. As the couple reclined together on the sofa, Adam continued tugging at Sharon's clothing. Sharon loosened Adam's belt and pulled away his shirttail. Adam asked Sharon if she wanted to go upstairs. Sharon suddenly sat upright and said, "We can't." Adam echoed her sober statement, and Sharon attempted to close the front of her blouse. She noted that she'd need something else to wear. Adam sipped whiskey and sighed. Sharon went upstairs to find some clothes.

Adam was surprised when Chelsea showed up. Chelsea explained that she'd braved the storm because she needed to share something very important with him before she lost her nerve. Sharon suddenly descended the stairs, wearing a maroon blouse. Before peering into the candlelit room, Sharon said, "Who was at the door?" Chelsea was stunned to see Sharon and cried, "Is that my shirt?"

Sharon quickly explained to Chelsea that she'd found the top in bag from the dry cleaner. Adam prompted Chelsea to tell him what she'd wanted to say. Chelsea stammered and said she had something to give to Adam. She pulled off her wedding band, handed it to Adam, and abruptly left.

Later, Adam told Sharon that she didn't have to leave. Sharon noted that they'd almost destroyed the progress they made to become just friends. Adam said, "We didn't. We stopped ourselves." Sharon cried, "This time." Adam cautioned Sharon to be careful driving home.

After Chelsea left the home she'd once shared with Adam, she returned to her suite alone. Without removing her wet coat, Chelsea plopped down on the edge of her bed. Stunned by her encounter with Adam and Sharon, Chelsea seemed lost in thought. She sat motionless and stared blankly into space. The wind continued to howl outside.

At the Baldwins' condo, Fen, Kevin, and Michael lit candles and illuminated the living room with flashlights after the power failed. Kevin was antsy and worried that Chloe would be angry because he was late for the date they'd arranged at the Genoa City Athletic Club. Michael said he hoped there was electricity wherever Lauren was. Fen noted that the wind had blown down a couple of cell towers. Kevin grumbled that nothing ever worked right when he needed it.

Fen suggested that he and his dad search for Lauren. Michael explained that the weather conditions were too dangerous. Fen replied, "So you're going to give up on her like you did me?" Michael insisted that his goal was to protect his son. After the power was restored, Michael went to the kitchen to phone Lauren. Kevin begged Fen to give his dad another chance.

After Kevin left, Michael explained to Fen that Kevin had panicked during the power outage because his father had often punished him by locking him in a dark closet for hours or even days at a time. Fen replied, "That's sick." Michael said that he regretted leaving Kevin behind, so he felt the need to make amends to his brother by offering support. Fen praised his dad for joking with Kevin and attempting to distract his brother by saying all the right things. Fen added that his father had done the complete opposite for him.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Carmine embraced Lauren and kissed her passionately on the lips. Lauren pulled away and exclaimed, "I can't believe I did that!" Carmine replied, "Let's get a room." Lauren admitted that she'd been flattered by Carmine's kiss, but she told him they'd have to leave it at that because she was a married mother. Lauren thanked Carmine for his support. Carmine begged Lauren to let him pour drinks for her often.

When Lauren returned home, Fen was elated and greeted his mother with a warm embrace. Lauren asked Fen if he'd eaten, and he said he had after the power was restored. Lauren said she was sorry her son had suffered through the storm in the dark. Michael waved his hand and said, "Actually, we both did." Fen left the room. Michael asked Lauren where she'd been. She tersely replied, "Out." Michael asked what he could do to make things right. Lauren said, "I don't think you can."

At the Underground, Alex Chavez told Noah that he'd been fired from the police force after losing the $500,000 that Adriana stole. Noah admitted that he shouldn't have let Adriana have the money. Abby showed up and ordered a martini with extra alcohol. Alex, sitting nearby, swigged beer from a bottle and told Abby that perhaps they could drown their sorrows together after she mentioned having had a tough day. Noah warned Abby that her drink was potent, but she insisted she could handle the concoction just fine.

Alex initially introduced himself using his real name, Alejandro. Abby determined that her drink was quite strong and feared she'd not be able to pronounce "Alejandro" later. He told Abby that friends called him Alex, and he admitted that because his sister had stolen his gun, handcuffed him to a banister, and run away with $500,000 in drug money, he'd been fired from the New York City Police Department. Abby proclaimed Alex the winner of the "drown your sorrows" competition because she'd merely been dumped by her boyfriend.

Abby told Alex that she'd tired of living off of her mother in New York. Alex said that he'd always wanted to be a police officer, so he could catch the bad guys. Alex returned to the bar and ordered drink refills. Noah mentioned that Abby was his aunt. Alex noted that Abby was friendly and likable. Before Abby left, Noah reminded her to be careful. Abby extended her hand to Alex and said, "Thank you for sharing your rotten day with me, Alejandro." She made him promise to someday "share the dirt about why he'd chosen to become a cop."

After Abby left, Adriana walked in, carrying the bag of money. Alex grabbed his sister's arm and made sure she stayed put. Adriana explained that all of the missing money and her brother's service weapon were in the bag. Adriana promised to make amends with her brother. Alex angrily replied, "You take your apology and go to hell." After Alex stormed out, Adriana faced Noah and said, "Are you going to tell me to go to hell, too?"

At Billy and Victoria's house, baby Johnny slept upstairs while Victoria studied paint chips and informed Billy that they'd agreed to update their home. The couple playfully argued about which paint color looked best, and both painted streaks of paint onto each other's faces. Billy picked up the paint can and began chasing Victoria, who squealed and laughed as she ran through the house. Victoria promised to give Billy anything he wanted if he agreed not to pour paint on her. The couple reclined on the sofa and kissed. Victoria covertly grabbed a paintbrush from a nearby can of paint and spread magenta paint onto the side of Billy's face before running away.

At Avery's condo, Dylan kissed Avery, and she reciprocated. Due to the power outage, Nick showed up to check on Avery. Just as Nick walked inside, the lights came on. Nick explained that though Avery had asked for time to think, he felt the need to share his feelings. Dylan replied, "Looks like we had the same idea." Avery noted that Dylan had been about to leave after supplying her with emergency essentials. Nick sarcastically proclaimed that Dylan was an officer and a gentleman. Nick told Avery that he'd be at home when she was ready to talk, and he left.

Avery told Dylan that what they'd had was over. Avery, sobbing, explained that for a couple of years, she'd dealt with constant, painful reminders of the life she and Dylan had shared. She recalled how much she'd grieved for her loss. Finally, Avery explained, she had returned to Beaver Island and conducted a private ceremony, so she could move on. Dylan added, "With Nick?" Avery nodded and replied, "Yes." Dylan noted that their memories were real. Avery repeatedly apologized to Dylan. Avery made Dylan promise to make a good life for himself, and she kissed him on the cheek before he left.

At the tack house, Nick sipped beer and mindlessly flipped through the channels on television. He frowned after checking the screen of his cell phone. When Nick heard a knock at his door, he turned off the television and answered the door. Nick's face lit up when he saw Avery standing before him. Avery smiled, walked toward Nick's open arms, and wrapped her arms around his neck. Nick closed the door behind Avery.

Dylan returned to his motel room and packed his belonging into his duffel bag. He gazed at his treasured photo of Avery before slipping it inside the front cover of his journal. He grabbed his coat and headed out of the room. In his car, Dylan headed out of Genoa City. A thick layer of ice and snow covered the hood of his car, and he squinted to see the road through the blowing snow. The radio announcer warned drivers to be aware of icy conditions and freezing temperatures.

Heading toward Genoa City, Sharon wiped tears from her eyes as she navigated the icy road. Her windshield wipers cleared away wisps of snow that collected between swipes. Suddenly, headlights from an oncoming car blinded Sharon. Dylan, driving in the opposite direction, heard screeching tires, and he attempted to steer clear of Sharon's vehicle. Sharon, unable to see, swerved to avoid the oncoming car.