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Monday, January 14, 2013

At the Abbotts' house, Billy and Victoria each simultaneously fielded business phone calls. After the matters were handled and the calls ended, Billy suggested that he and Victoria take a break to preserve their sanity. Victoria donned a red dress, and Billy changed into a suit. Victoria told Billy that she hoped they'd stick to their promise not to discuss business during their evening out at Nick's club opening at the Underground.

Devon phoned Roxanne from his office at Jabot and explained that work would delay him from picking her up. Devon suggested that Roxanne hitch a ride to the Underground with Lily.

Tucker arrived and asked Devon what he liked best about the corporate world. Devon explained that he'd learned quite a bit about marketing. Tucker aggravated Devon when he pointed out that Jabot didn't seem to be the best fit for his son.

Tucker offered Devon an executive position at McCall, Unlimited's music division handling media and public relations. Devon scoffed and reminded Tucker that he was working with his real family. Tucker replied, "If things ever change for you, you know where to find me." Devon realized that his punitive words had stung his father. Devon sighed after Tucker walked away.

Devon joined Katherine at the Genoa City Athletic Club to discuss his encounter with Tucker. Devon explained to Katherine that he'd made it clear to Tucker that his affection couldn't be bought with a flashy job offer. Katherine said she understood why Devon would question Tucker's motives.

Devon said he feared his dad was trying to use him. Devon asked Katherine why she'd given Tucker numerous chances to prove his loyalty. Katherine replied, "I just would like to know that he is capable of change."

Katherine explained that both she and Devon would have to give Tucker a chance to prove his sincerity. Devon said he feared Tucker might hurt him and Katherine again. Katherine replied, "Like it or not, Tucker is family, and you always back up your family, no matter what."

After Devon left, Katherine approached Tucker at the bar and explained that Devon felt as if his dad was trying to buy his son's affection. Tucker explained that he could only try to be a father and couldn't control how Devon felt. Katherine reminded Tucker about the deal they'd made.

Tucker recalled Katherine's ultimatum and replied, "I have to mend fences with Devon before you'll let me do the same with you." Katherine berated Tucker for drowning his sorrows at the bar. Katherine reminded Tucker that he'd betrayed his family too often, so it was very difficult for them to trust him. Katherine added, "You haven't hurt us half as much as you've hurt yourself."

At Nick's club, the Underground, Avery arrived wearing a sexy dress. Nick was wowed by his newfound love. During a casual conversation, Nick told Avery that he'd been too busy lately to pay much attention to her. Avery insisted that she'd fared quite well because Phyllis, away in Savannah with Daniel, hadn't been around much.

The lights in the club sparked and flickered. Nick worried that his opening night might be a disaster, but Avery assured him that everything would be all right. Avery reminded Nick that he'd successfully stepped away from Newman Enterprises and out of his father's shadow to create a new venture of his own. Avery kissed Nick and told him she was proud of him.

At the tack house, Noah was shocked when Adriana, dressed in a sexy, black ensemble, showed up. Adriana drew back her leather jacket to reveal a sheer, lacy top and announced that she was set for Noah to escort her to Nick's club opening. Noah tersely reminded Adriana that he'd arranged for her to stay at the Genoa City Athletic Club, so she could remain out of sight and away from Detective Chavez. Noah added that he wouldn't be able to protect her from Chavez while he was working at Nick's club.

Adriana looped her arms around Noah's neck and said, "You're rich. You don't have to work." Noah insisted that he liked working. Nick phoned and summoned Noah to the Underground. Noah sent Adriana back to her suite at the Genoa City Athletic Club and insisted that she not to show up at the Underground.

After Noah joined his dad at the Underground, he assured Nick that the opening would run smoothly. Avery joined Nick and Noah and announced that it was time to open the doors.

Victoria arrived and congratulated Nick. She apologized for their father's absence and happily noted that Adam was on a jet to Paris. Nick replied, "I'll believe it when I see it." Nick maintained that Adam would never walk away from Newman Enterprises.

Billy joined Victoria and Nick and explained that he had a plan to return Newman Enterprises to the family. Victoria reminded Billy that they'd agreed not to discuss business. Billy goaded Nick about walking away from Newman Enterprises. Victoria told Nick that she was thrilled to have Billy running Newman Enterprises.

Nick, unconvinced that Billy was the right choice, reminded Victoria that Billy would be responsible for whatever happened to the company. Billy tried to explain that he and Victoria had a plan, but Nick refused to listen. Nick offered free drinks to his sister, but he suggested that Billy could buy his own. Victoria sighed and escorted Billy to a table.

Lily and Roxanne mingled near the bar. Lily said she couldn't believe that Cane had to attend to business out of town. Roxanne said she hoped Devon would be able to make it after being detained at work.

Tyler arrived and made a beeline to Lily and Roxanne. After introductions were made, Tyler noted that Devon had good taste in women. After Lily explained that Cane was handling business in Kenosha, Tyler said, "It's his loss and my gain." Tyler took Lily and Roxanne's drink orders and headed to the bar. After Tyler walked away, Roxanne scoffed at Tyler's boldness. Lily said, "I know."

While Tyler ordered drinks from Noah, Noah became distracted when Adriana entered the bar and brushed past Nick and Avery. The lights flickered again. Nick worried that his opening night, already not as successful as he'd hoped, might be cut short by an electrical malfunction.

After the room went dark, Nick apologized to patrons and invited them to return at a later date. Devon arrived and agreed to escort Lily and Roxanne home. Tyler intercepted Lily on her way to retrieve her coat. Tyler tried to convince Lily to stay, but Lily made it clear that her husband was the only company she wanted or needed.

Tyler approached Nick and Avery and suggested that Nick needed better marketing. Nick asked Tyler to introduce himself. Tyler replied, "I'm Tyler Michaelson, the guy who's going to fix your problems." Tyler promised that he could make Nick's club the premier hot spot. Avery told Nick that she still had confidence in him.

After everyone left the Underground, Adriana emerged from a back room. Noah reminded Adriana that she could have caused him a lot of trouble. Adriana began kissing Noah. Noah led Adriana upstairs after she lifted his shirttail and began to undress him.

At the Abbott cabin, Jack, hunched over and wincing in pain, demanded that Phyllis contact the doctor and request another of dose of Suboxone, a medication used to wean addicts off of opiate narcotics. Phyllis warned Jack that he'd be trading one addiction for another.

After a heated argument, Phyllis yelled that she'd wanted to leave about a hundred times. Her words seemed to shock Jack, and he calmly replied, "What kept you here?" Phyllis said that she'd stayed because she wanted to help Jack conquer his addiction.

Phyllis asked Jack what had prompted him to seek help. Jack said only that he'd hit rock bottom on New Year's Eve. Jack, sobbing, cried, "I couldn't do this without you, Red." Jack admitted that he'd abused his pain pills because he feared his business associates and competitors might suspect he wasn't in total control.

Jack mentioned Victor, but Phyllis assured Jack that Victor would never know about Jack's addiction and struggle to recover. Phyllis added, "That's why we're up here. We're away from prying eyes."

Phyllis advised Jack to question himself about why he was at Newman Enterprises, because he truly belonged at Jabot. Phyllis noted that Jack always shut her down whenever she mentioned Stephanie's name. Phyllis asked if Stephanie might be connected to New Year's Eve.

Phyllis backed off when she noticed that Jack seemed crushed by his physical and emotional turmoil. She tenderly reminded Jack that he was a good man. Jack replied, "No I'm not. I'm not a good man at all. I've done something terrible that I can't forgive myself for."

Nick phoned. Phyllis told Jack that something had to be wrong for Nick to contact her. Phyllis took the call and learned that Summer was quite ill with the flu. Jack insisted that Phyllis return to Genoa City to check on Summer.

As Phyllis prepared to leave Jack alone, he assured Phyllis that he'd be fine until she returned. Phyllis hugged Jack before she exited through the front door. Someone standing outside a window on the back side of the cabin covertly spied on Jack and Phyllis.