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Monday, December 17, 2012

At Victor and Nikki's penthouse, Victor visited with a young man named Matt Merrick. Phyllis had recently met with Matt and had offered him perks if he conducted business with Newman Enterprises. Victor, however, strongly suggested that the company would underperform with Jack and Phyllis in charge and that their positions at the company were "tenuous at best."

At Newman Enterprises, Jack discovered a pile of phone messages from his doctor. Mason, Jack's assistant, explained that Dr. Carter had noted that it was extremely important for Jack to schedule a follow-up exam soon. When Mason offered to set up an appointment, Jack maintained that his doctor was being overly cautious.

Jack insisted to Mason that his pain was under control. After Mason stepped out to answer the phone, Jack withdrew a pill bottle from his pocket, shook a couple of pills into his hand, and quickly swallowed them.

At the tack house, Nick served hot pancakes to Noah. As the father and son enjoyed their breakfast, Noah said that his father seemed more relaxed since his split with Newman Enterprises. Noah added that Avery had been a positive influence, as well. Nick told Noah that being with Avery felt right.

Nick asked about Sharon. Noah explained that his mom feared being sent away if Victor pressed charges. Noah cried, "We can't let it get to that." Noah asked his dad to help him convince Victor not to press charges. Nick agreed to do what he could, but he made Noah promise not to keep secrets about his mother. Noah said he feared that Victor would pursue prosecution because Sharon had torched his house and was directly responsible for him losing control of his company.

Nick maintained that a judge would have to consider the circumstances because Sharon had been suffering from an undiagnosed and untreated behavioral disorder at the time. When Nick suggested that Sharon might be sent to the Fairview Sanatorium for treatment, Noah insisted that his mother wasn't crazy.

Noah told Nick that Sharon could not survive if a judge forced her to stay at the psychiatric facility. Noah explained that though medication was vital, his mom needed to spend extended time with him and Faith in order to feel calm. Noah pleaded with Nick to convince Victor to ease up on Sharon.

Nick later met with his dad at the penthouse and asked him to drop the investigation regarding Sharon's connection to the fire. Nick insisted that there was no proof she'd been involved. Nick added that Sharon couldn't be held accountable for her actions because she was bipolar. Victor scoffed and said, "Bipolar? That's the defense of a first-year law student."

Nick explained that a licensed therapist had diagnosed Sharon and prescribed medication. Victor refused to back down. Nick reminded his dad that he'd defended Nikki. Both Nikki and Sharon, Nick added, had problems neither could fight without the support of their families. Nick offered to fight for the company if his dad would agree to back off. Victor claimed that it was too late. Victor heartlessly added, "You and Sharon made choices. Now you have to live with the consequences."

At Sharon's house, an investigator questioned Sharon about the fire. Sharon told the man that she knew nothing about the fire and was surprised to learn that Nikki and Victor had implicated her. Sharon insisted that she had been in Chicago the night of the fire. The investigator asked Sharon for proof, such as receipts. Sharon noted that she'd paid cash for everything and couldn't name anyone who might have spotted her there.

After the investigator left, Sharon picked up her phone and considered calling Adam, but she didn't. Sharon, clutching Faith's drawing to her chest, attempted to calm herself. Visibly shaken, Sharon again fixed her gaze on her phone, called Noah, and said she needed to see and hold Faith. After Noah arrived with Faith, Sharon tightly embraced her smiling daughter and promised to make cookies with her.

Nick later arrived to pick up Faith, but he met with Noah briefly on Sharon's porch. Nick said that his meeting with Victor hadn't gone well, but he assured Noah that it would work out. After Noah left, Nick went inside and found Faith and Sharon having a tea party.

After Faith went upstairs to draw, Sharon asked about the meeting with Victor. Nick said he had been unable to elicit empathy from Victor. Sharon sobbed and replied, "I've done some really terrible things to him. I'm sure he'd like to see me rot in jail, and it looks like he's going to get his chance." Nick embraced Sharon and comforted her.

Nick advised Sharon to work with her doctor and strengthen her mind before facing Victor. Nick explained that Victor would assume that he'd have an easy fight against Sharon and would let his guard down. Sharon told Nick that though she didn't remember the night of the fire, Adam had told her that no evidence existed that might implicate her.

Nick seemed uneasy, however, when Sharon added that Adam had assured her that he'd covered his tracks. Faith returned, curled up next to Sharon, and begged to stay longer. Nick agreed to let Faith spend the night. After Nick left, Sharon asked Faith if she'd like to take a trip to a surprise destination. Faith leaned trustingly against her mother and smiled.

At Adam and Chelsea's estate, Adam offered to stay at the club, so Chelsea could live at the house. Chelsea noted that Adam didn't seem interested in patching the rift in their marriage. Adam replied, "Can things be fixed?" Adam explained that he couldn't rehash their differences because he needed to be at work.

Chelsea asked Adam if his feelings for her had changed. Adam acknowledged that he no longer loved Chelsea with his whole heart, and he admitted that he, not Sharon, had initiated the kiss. Chelsea cried. Adam told Chelsea that even though he'd stepped out of line and had hurt her, he couldn't understand why she'd told Victor and Nikki that Sharon had set the fire.

Adam noted that the ramifications of Chelsea's actions would affect the children they might have. Chelsea noted that the thought had never even crossed her mind. She added, "Guess it's a good thing I'm not a mother." Adam thoughtfully told Chelsea that she would have been a very good mother. Adam suggested that they each needed time to reflect. Chelsea said, "A break, not a breakup?" Adam agreed.

Later, Chloe stopped by to visit with Chelsea. After Chelsea discussed her marital problems and noted that Adam needed some time apart from her, Chloe explained that Adam was hedging his bets. Chelsea seemed confused. Chloe added, "Adam wants to keep his wife handy, just in case this whole Sharon thing blows up in his face."

Chelsea explained that deep down, Adam wanted his father to love and accept him. Chelsea added that Adam was drawn to Sharon because she needed him. Chloe claimed that Sharon would cling to any man because she feared being alone. Chloe warned Chelsea not to trust Adam. Chelsea insisted that she loved Adam and would not let Sharon have him.

Neil entered On the Boulevard to have breakfast. Before Neil was seated, Jack phoned and said he needed to discuss an important matter with Neil and would meet him at the restaurant in an hour.

Neil spotted Leslie. He quickly untied his tie and loosened his collar. As Neil approached Leslie, a young man bent down to kiss her before taking a seat at her table. Neil was taken aback and turned to leave before Leslie called out to him.

Leslie introduced Neil to her brother, Tyler. Neil was intrigued when the siblings bantered about which was smartest. Leslie reminded Tyler that she'd bailed him out after he was arrested for spraying graffiti on a wall. After Tyler learned that Leslie worked for Neil, he teased his sister about sleeping with the big boss.

Tyler's comment embarrassed Leslie. She told her brother that she and Neil weren't sleeping together. Neil changed the subject and asked Tyler if he was an artist. Tyler explained that he'd earned a degree in graphic design. Leslie proudly boasted that Tyler's design work for an Internet-based company had put the company on the map and attracted thousands of users.

Neil inquired about Tyler's methods for success. Tyler added that he'd developed a "sticky concept," which he explained was an unforgettable word or image presented in various mediums. Neil seemed fascinated by Tyler's capabilities and talent. Neil said, "Why don't you work up a pitch, and we will talk." Tyler was pleased.

As Jack was leaving the office to meet with Neil, Adam stopped Jack near the elevator and noted that he'd missed numerous meetings. Jack reminded Adam that he was still recovering and had put Adam in charge to handle business during his absences. Adam reminded Jack that Victor was always an imminent threat, which was why, Adam insisted, Jack should be honest with him.

As Jack entered the restaurant, he saw Neil and Leslie talking. Leslie thanked Neil for giving her brother a tryout at Jabot. After Leslie walked away, Neil quickly smoothed his shirt and tucked it into his trousers. Jack noted that Neil and Leslie seemed to be enjoying a close working relationship. The comment seemed to make Neil feel uncomfortable.

After the men took a seat, Jack mentioned that Neil's appearance seemed quite casual. Jack didn't pause before announcing to Neil that he was selling Jabot. Neil was shocked. Jack explained that he would be folding Jabot in Newman Enterprises.

At Newman Enterprises, Victor smugly marched out of the elevator. Jack's assistant told Victor that he couldn't enter Jack's office. Victor pompously replied, "You see the name on the building?" Victor haughtily informed Mason that his name was Victor Newman.

Mason politely offered assistance, but Victor arrogantly mumbled, "I don't give a damn, sir. You become aware." Mason, understandably confused by Victor's incoherent rambling, explained that he didn't follow what Victor had said. Victor condescendingly explained that he'd built the company from the ground up.

Adam overheard the exchange between Victor and Mason and emerged from his office. Adam replied, "Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Victor Newman picking fights with the assistant." Victor told Adam that he was just making the young man "aware of the history of the place he was working for." Adam grinned and noted that he, not Victor, was the Newman in charge.

Victor followed Adam into his office and said he needed Adam's assistance to make a play on Jack. Adam reminded Victor that Adam had already turned his father down. Victor said, "You wouldn't want Sharon in a padded cell, would you? You might also spend some time in prison for a crime you helped cover up." Victor warned that he could use his connections to find the person Adam had paid to be an arsonist.