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Monday, January 16, 2012

Just after Sharon and Victor were pronounced husband and wife, Nikki arrived. After Victor and Sharon sealed their union with a kiss, Nikki cried, "You married Sharon? Why would you do that?" Victor said he'd done exactly what he'd wanted. Nikki explained that she was there because she knew the truth. Sirens suddenly blared, and Victor was whisked back to his cell. Sharon and Nikki were told that the prison was in lockdown, so they would be unable to leave. Sharon seemed disgusted after the guards bolted the door closed, leaving the two women in the visitation area.

Nikki claimed that Sharon had married Victor so he could be her savoir. Sharon retorted, "You're an alcoholic married to a bartender! Remind me how strong, brave, and independent you are!" Warden Baker returned and demanded that Nikki and Sharon leave immediately. Nikki pleaded with the warden to let her speak with Victor, but the warden said it was not possible.

Later, Michael visited with Victor. Distressed, Victor told Michael that Deacon had showed him an incriminating photo of Nikki that confirmed his suspicion. Victor instructed Michael to tell Nikki to keep her mouth shut about whatever she remembered regarding Diane's death. Speaking aloud to himself, Victor said, "Please Nikki, don't do anything I can't fix."

Nikki sought solace at Gloworm's bar. The bartender placed a drink before Nikki, but she hesitated before taking a sip. She fished her phone out of her purse and phoned Katherine. Nikki cried, "I'm in trouble. I need you." Nikki took her drink to a table and joined Katherine when she arrived. Katherine said she wouldn't watch Nikki drink. Nikki said her glass was filled with club soda. Katherine confirmed that the drink was indeed club soda. Nikki said she wanted a drink, but she clarified that she hadn't consumed alcohol since Christmas Eve. Nikki, fighting back tears, explained that Victor had married Sharon.

Katherine consoled Nikki. Struggling to speak, Nikki admitted that she had killed Diane. Nikki told Katherine about the events she'd seen on the film and cried that she had known deep down that she'd murdered Diane. Katherine told Nikki that she had fought for her life. Katherine added that had Diane left Nikki alone, she'd be alive. Katherine maintained that Diane had created her own hell. Katherine encouraged Nikki to discuss the facts with Victor. Katherine said she'd accompany Nikki to the prison, but Nikki said it was too late because Victor had already married Sharon.

Sharon rushed home and found an empty house. Frantic, she headed to the ranch house and told the maid, Bonnie, that Faith and her nanny weren't home. The maid said, "They are here, Mrs. Newman." Sharon embraced her daughter and said, "Mommy was worried because I didn't see a note from the nanny." Bonnie explained that Victor had sent orders to move Sharon and Faith into the main house. Six staff members stood at attention and welcomed Sharon, addressing her formally as Mrs. Newman.

In a casual manner, Sharon reminded the cook, Vera, that Faith loved her oatmeal bars. Vera told Sharon that she could request favorite dishes. Sharon felt uncomfortable and told the servants that they could go home. Uneasy in her new role, Sharon told Bonnie that Faith needed time to adjust. Bonnie nodded and turned to leave. Later, alone in the house, Sharon and Faith snuggled in bed together. Sharon explained that they'd live at the ranch for a while. Sharon added, "Mommy wants to do the right thing for you, and I hope I did." Sharon seemed unsure of herself.

At Crimson Lights, Phyllis goaded Adam about Sharon and Victor's marriage. Adam maintained that he was at peace with recent events, but he claimed that Nick seemed to have "gone off the rails after the dark knight stepped in and prevented Nick from being the hero in Sharon's fairy tale." Phyllis flashed a sly grin when Adam added that perhaps Nick could use some of the 500 million dollars he'd won from Victor in arbitration to build a shrine to the love of his life, which Adam noted was not Phyllis.

After Phyllis left, Nick stopped by. Adam asked Nick if he thought Sharon or Victor might come to their senses before taking their vows. Nick asked if Adam thought Sharon might suddenly decide that she wanted Adam. Adam noted that Sharon clearly wasn't marrying Victor for love. Adam said he wondered what Nick had left after he abandoned Newman Enterprises and turned his back on Sharon. Nick noted how interesting it was that Adam was so concerned about him. Nick added that he never gave Adam or Victor a thought.

Later, on the patio, Nick noticed a patron watching an online news announcement, and he asked the man to increase the volume. Adam, too, listened as a reporter stated that Victor Newman had married Sharon Newman. The reporter added that the new Mrs. Newman had also been married to both of her new stepsons. Adam began questioning Nick about his feelings, but his query sounded self-reflective. Adam asked if Nick had ever imagined spending the rest of his life with Sharon, no matter how much each one had hurt the other. Nick explained that he and Sharon had kids together and shared a history that had begun long before Sharon ever knew Adam.

Nick scowled when Adam bragged that Sharon had fallen in love with him and had never worried about what others thought about their relationship. Nick accused Adam of messing with Sharon's head and exploiting her weaknesses, all the while telling her that she was strong and that he was the only person who understood her. Nick said that because of Adam, Sharon had pushed away everyone who truly knew what was best for her. Nick challenged Adam to name one good thing that had happened to Sharon after he became obsessed with her. Adam glared at Nick.

Nick said that Adam had pushed Sharon into their father's arms. Adam accused Nick of using Faith to exert control, so Sharon had been forced to use Victor as a weapon to fight back. Through clenched teeth, Nick explained that he'd kept Adam at bay because Adam had stolen Faith and tried to make everyone believe that the little girl was dead. Nick added that Sharon had married Victor because Adam continually played the hero and refused to let Sharon go.

At the police station, Paul and Ronan told Spencer that Victor had not killed Diane Jenkins. Spencer noted that Ronan, no longer with the police force, should be at his post in the District of Columbia. Ronan explained that he had film of Diane's death. Phyllis arrived, but Spencer told her to leave. Paul explained that Phyllis had helped Ronan with the investigation.

Ronan started the film. It showed Diane and Nikki wrestling on the footbridge. Diane held a syringe in her left hand. A later portion of the film showed Diane atop Nikki, choking her. Nikki struggled for her life, and ultimately defended herself by crushing Diane's skull with a rock. After Diane's body rolled away, a bloodstain was visible on Nikki's white blouse. Phyllis, stunned, said, "That's some film."

Paul declared that Nikki had acted in self-defense. Ronan added that Nikki's actions did not constitute murder, and Victor's confession had been a complete lie. Michael arrived at the police station and learned that Nikki had killed Diane in self-defense. Michael added, "Victor is definitively innocent. I'd like my client released tonight." Spencer questioned the film's chain of custody and said it needed to be forensically analyzed. Spencer noted that Victor had confessed and said he wanted to question Deacon and Nikki.

Paul told Nick that Nikki needed to make a formal statement as soon as possible. Nick phoned his mother and left a message. Nick declared that his and Phyllis' assumption that Victor had confessed to protect Nikki had been correct. Phyllis added that Victor loved Nikki more than his own freedom. Paul said, "Nikki loves him even more." Nick later charged at Deacon when a police officer escorted him toward an interrogation room.

Michael went to the prison and told Victor about the film. He explained that Nikki had killed Diane in self-defense. Michael added that Deacon had shown Victor one incriminating frame from the film. Victor seemed relieved when Michael cried that Nikki had fought for her life. Michael explained that Spencer Walsh insisted that certain protocols be carried out, but Michael maintained that Nikki wouldn't be charged. Victor sighed heavily and said, "Thank God."

Back at the police station, Ronan told Phyllis and Nick that Spencer had issued an all-points bulletin for Nikki, so she could be taken to the police station for questioning. Phyllis worried about Nikki's fragile state of mind and said they should search for her themselves. Just as the group headed out, Nikki arrived with Katherine. Nikki cried, "I am here to turn myself in."

Michael, sitting in the Abbotts' living room, told Billy and Victoria that Billy, practically speaking, had no parental rights because he was not married to his unborn baby's mother. Michael added that Billy would have to petition the court. Michael noted that the first step, already completed, was establishing Billy's paternity. Victoria urged Michael to rush the process because she and Billy feared for the baby's welfare. Victoria instructed Michael not to mention anything about the baby to Victor.

At Jimmy's Bar, Chelsea showed up and ordered a burger and a soda. Cane told Chelsea she should opt for a vitamin-packed glass of orange juice, instead. Chelsea complained that residents of Genoa City seemed overly concerned about developing fetuses. Later, as Cane and Lily put on their coats and gloves, Lily scowled at Chelsea and told Cane that the woman was in town to torture two people who'd been through enough already. Cane walked over to Chelsea and said, "You picked the wrong mark for your con."

After Cane and Lily left Jimmy's Bar, they went ice-skating on a frozen pond. Lily held Cane's hands and instructed him to push off and glide smoothly. Cane was unsteady and faltered, and the couple laughed heartily. While they took a break and warmed up with hot chocolate, Lily told Cane that they'd have to teach the babies to skate when they were older. Cane was pleased when Lily said that she and Cane still had a connection apart from sharing children together. Cane said he had never stopped loving Lily, and she said she'd never stopped loving him.

Adam showed up while Chelsea sipped her orange juice and nibbled bits of vegetables Cane had served alongside the hamburger she'd requested. Adam ordered scotch and instructed the bartender to leave the bottle. Adam peeled several bills off a thick wad of cash and handed it to the bartender. Having observed the transaction, Chelsea said, "Guys like you were always my favorite customers -- lots of money, but not a lot of talking."

Before Adam slammed back a shot, he asked Chelsea if she'd ever pushed for something she wanted even though it was something she shouldn't want. Chelsea replied, "Story of my life. Nobody desires spinach; they crave six layers of chocolate cake." Adam told Chelsea that it had been a rhetorical question before he took his bottle and walked away from the bar.

Billy and Victoria arrived. Chelsea hatched a plan and loudly ordered a beer to accompany her hamburger. Billy and Victoria were horrified. Billy snatched the beer away. Chelsea protested. Victoria admonished Chelsea and said she should consider the baby's health. Chelsea told Billy and Victoria that they couldn't stand watch over her. Billy replied, "You're going to move in with us!" Adam watched the spectacle from his vantage point across the room.

Adam consumed shot after shot of scotch. In a flashback, Adam remembered spending time with Sharon in New Orleans. He dreamily recalled Sharon telling him that she didn't want their magical romance to end. Adam suddenly rose and walked out the door. Later, Adam crept into the ranch house bedroom, where Sharon and Faith slept. He watched Sharon and Faith for a time before lovingly arranging a blanket under their chins. Adam gazed at the mother and child a while longer before turning to leave.

Chelsea was escorted to the Abbotts' humble home. She complained about Billy and Victoria's décor. Billy said he'd paid Chelsea's hotel bill and wouldn't open his wallet again. Victoria's dog, Keely, approached Chelsea and growled at her. Victoria said, "See, I told you that he was a genius." Billy agreed. Billy told Chelsea that she'd be living in an upstairs apartment. Chelsea claimed that her right to free will had been taken away. After Billy and Victoria left the room, Chelsea addressed Keely and said, "You think you don't like me now, just wait until I'm done with these people."