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Monday, August 9, 2010

At Phyllis' penthouse, Nick arrived while Phyllis was busy packing for her trip. Summer was excited to see her daddy. Nick told Summer that he had to work instead of accompanying her and Phyllis to the beach. Phyllis sent Summer to her room and instructed her to pack her favorite toy, Mr. Ears. After Summer left the room, Nick apologized for having said things he shouldn't have. Phyllis agreed with Nick that their relationship hadn't been all bad, though they'd sometimes had explosive arguments. Nick said that he never imagined their relationship would have ended as it had. Fighting back tears, Phyllis responded, "I never imagined it at all."

Later, Phyllis sent Summer downstairs, so her sitter could help her get into the car. As Phyllis prepared to lock up and leave, she spotted the keepsake box adorned with three monkeys that Nick had given to her. She knelt down, picked up the box and held it in her hand. Phyllis was lost in thought as she manipulated the box's separated lid. Phyllis shook her head as if to bring herself back to reality and decisively tossed the trinket into a wastebasket before she turned off the lights and left.

In their room at a quaint bed and breakfast, Phyllis encouraged Summer to take a nap because they had a big day planned. After Summer drifted off, Phyllis sat at a desk and perused an online version of Restless Style. Phyllis gagged jokingly as she read the opening paragraph about leaving heartbreak behind. Phyllis thoughtfully considered advice offered for taking the first step in reclaiming one's life after heartbreak. Phyllis read that she should record her thoughts and emotions in words. Phyllis began typing and said aloud, "Okay, put my thoughts down in words." Phyllis wrote that she hated Sharon, Nick, and Victor. Phyllis erased the words of her false start and typed, "A Woman Scorned," as the title of her thoughts.

In her suite at the Genoa City Athletic Club, Sharon flashed back to the evening of Gloworm's opening, when Adam stepped outside, took her in his arms, and kissed her on the lips. Nick stopped by, and when Sharon opened the door, he held up the society page of the newspaper that featured a photo of Sharon and Adam standing together at the nightclub. The caption above the picture read, "Is all Forgiven?" Nick said, "Not exactly what we want the judge to see on the day of Adam's preliminary hearing." Sharon insisted she didn't know the picture had been taken.

Nick warned Sharon to be careful. Sharon said she was tired of being careful and couldn't seem to avoid Adam. Sharon cried that Victor had made her go to Brazil to help catch Adam, and then she nearly killed Adam when he went to the cabin. Sharon insisted she just couldn't testify against Adam after all she'd been through with him. Nick replied, "If you don't, he wins."

Nick named his family members, including Faith, who had been hurt by Adam. Sharon mentioned that Adam had let her get away with shooting him. Nick maintained that Adam's actions were cruel and intentional. Sharon cried that she couldn't crucify Adam on the stand. Nick replied, "Wow, he is still working you, and now you feel guilty and don't want to testify against him." Sharon again said she felt bad about shooting Adam. Nick declared that Adam had deserved it.

Nick reminded Sharon that Faith would someday learn that Adam had almost prevented her from knowing her real parents. Nick added, "Wouldn't you like to tell her you did everything you could to put him away?" Sharon lessened her resolve and said she wanted to be a good role model to her daughter. Nick suggested that Sharon's feelings for Adam were stopping her from taking a stand against him. Sharon disagreed. Nick added that as long as Sharon was involved with Adam, she didn't have to think about wanting to be with Nick. Sharon said there was no point wanting what she couldn't have.

Nick mentioned his impending divorce. Sharon glared at him. Nick added that if Sharon testified against Adam and severed all ties to him, she and Nick would both be free. Sharon said she couldn't imagine herself with Nick again. Nick said he certainly could. Faith cried out, and Nick said he'd see after their daughter. Before Nick, holding Faith, stepped into the bathroom, he begged Sharon to consider what he'd said.

At the club's dining room, Skye and Adam met with Adam's attorney, Vance Abrams. Adam told Vance that he'd been through a preliminary hearing before. Skye noted that Vance was a pro, and Adam replied, "That's what it's going to take to discredit all of the witnesses the D.A. has lined up against me." Skye warned that the Abbotts and the Newmans would have their guns blazing, but Vance insisted he'd make them look like bitter, vindictive liars. Vance held up a copy of the newspaper's society page featuring Adam and Sharon's photo and said it was the perfect way for Adam to damage his wife's credibility. Adam maintained that he wasn't using Sharon.

Vance shuffled a thick file of papers and asked Adam if he knew of a witness who could hurt him. Adam flashed back to the day he told Sharon that Ashley had lost her baby after he scared her. Adam explained how he'd covered it up by blackmailing Dr. Taylor into stealing Sharon's baby to replace the baby Ashley thought she had due to her hysterical pregnancy. Adam privately recalled Sharon's anger when he admitted that he stole the ashes he presented to her as the remains of her supposedly dead baby. Before Vance left, Adam suddenly admitted that he'd confessed everything to Sharon the night of the ball. Skye was livid and asked Adam why he had confessed to Sharon. Adam insisted that he had his reasons.

Vance asked Adam why he'd waited so long to tell them about confessing to Sharon. Skye screeched, "Because he thought that nauseating wimp would forgive him for stealing her brat and take him back." Adam told Skye that she would never understand the feelings he and Sharon had for each other. Skye responded, "Please don't tell me you are still holding out hope that she's going to come back to you." Adam turned his face away, seemingly lost in thought.

Vance said he planned to impeach Sharon's credibility. As Vance read from a report, he explained that Sharon had been charged with shoplifting, spent time in a sanitarium, and had tried to cover up evidence in a murder investigation. Vance noted that Sharon had lied, stolen, and was emotionally unstable. Skye agreed that Sharon wasn't a reliable witness.

Vance declared that Sharon might even lose custody of her child after he was through with her in court. Adam balked and said he refused to have Sharon attacked on the stand. Vance warned that Sharon would come at him with everything she had, but Adam said he didn't care because he'd hurt Sharon enough. Vance explained that he couldn't help if Adam wouldn't let him. Adam said that Vance could take Nick, Victor, and Jack down to their knees and destroy them, but he couldn't touch Sharon. Skye shook her head disgustedly.

After Vance left, Skye pinched Adam's injured arm and reminded him that Sharon had done that to him. Adam explained that he didn't have to justify his position. Skye accused Adam of protecting Sharon because he thought she'd run back to him. Adam told Skye that she was jealous. Skye laughed haughtily and told Adam that she wasn't about to watch her investment go down the drain. Adam replied, "You bet big; you lose big."

While Nick was in bathroom in Sharon's suite at the club tending to Faith, Adam knocked on the door. Sharon stepped out to talk to Adam after warning him that Nick was in her room. Sharon told Adam that she had to tell the truth on the stand. Sharon was surprised when Adam said he was okay with her decision to tell the truth. Adam gave his word to Sharon that no one would go after her for saying whatever she had to say on the stand. Inside the suite,

Nick, cradling Faith, stepped out of the bathroom. Nick called out to Sharon and wondered aloud where she was. Downstairs, Skye met with Vance at the club bar. Vance laughed when Skye directed him to go after the bitch with everything he had.

In the lounge area of the club, a reporter interviewed District Attorney Owen Pomerantz and asked if he was nervous about questioning Vance Abrams. Owen scoffed and spouted off about his judicial duty. The reporter asked Owen if he planned to run for governor and noted that exposure from the high-profile trial would give him statewide recognition. Owen insisted that he just wanted Adam Newman to pay for his crimes.

Owen excused himself from the reporter's clutches just as Heather, Ronan, and Sid entered. They approached Owen, and Heather told him that Chance had pleaded not guilty at his arraignment. Heather implored Owen to drop the charges against Chance because it was in everyone's best interest. Sid added that it was especially important because they were so close to discovering which cops were corrupt. Owen refused, saying it would make him look bad. After Owen left, Ronan announced that he had a plan that might work.

At Crimson Lights, Paul told Christine that Patty had phoned him from South America, but he didn't know her exact location because he wasn't able to trace the call. Paul added that he'd phoned the authorities to let them know. Christine was touched that Paul had remembered her favorites when a server set before her a preordered chocolate-filled croissant and a cup of café au lait. Paul and Christine talked about remembering their anniversary, and Christine said that their trips down memory lane were sometimes a little too real. Christine agreed that their kiss was nice, but that Paul had Nina in his life. Christine added that she would soon have to return to Washington, D.C.

Heather, Sid, and Ronan arrived at the coffeehouse and approached Paul and Christine. Ronan reported that Chance's union representative had entered a "not guilty" plea on Chance's behalf. Christine noted that Chance was fully aware that he would have been freed had he allowed his attorney to arrange a deal. Ronan added that incarceration was exactly what the stubborn Chance had wanted.

Paul noted that it was odd timing for the by-the-book ex-military man to go rogue. Heather explained that Chance would do whatever necessary in order to identify those responsible for dealing drugs to inmates at the prison. Ronan explained that Chance was brazenly exposing himself to retaliation. Heather said she was worried about Chance's safety, but Paul explained that there wasn't much they could do to protect him.

Paul was surprised to learn that Nina had been at the hearing but hadn't contacted him afterward. Sid's phone rang, and he left the table. Ronan worried that someone might shank Chance. Heather pleaded with Christine to tell Chance that she was heading a federal sting aimed at rooting out the dirty cops. Christine maintained that telling Chance would make him more of a target than he was already.

Heather said she had another plan to get Chance out of jail, and she asked Ronan to go along to help. Paul, concerned about Nina, phoned her. Nina answered, and when she heard Paul's voice, she recalled seeing Paul and Christine kissing outside Gloworm. Paul asked Nina about the arraignment. Nina insisted she was fine and abruptly ended the call.

Christine and Paul stopped by the Chancellor mansion to see Nina. Paul said they were there to offer support. Nina was clearly miffed and told Paul and Christine that she saw them kissing outside Gloworm. Paul apologized and said that if Nina had let them know she was there, they would have explained. Christine insisted that she and Paul began talking about the anniversary of their wedding when they got carried away and shared a kiss. Christine added that she and Paul ended their evening at that point as a farewell to the past.

Nina's anger seemed to lessen somewhat when Paul said that he cared about Christine, but nothing more had happened. Paul insisted that his feelings for Nina hadn't changed. Christine declared that she was happy for Nina and Paul. Nina shrugged and said she wanted to concentrate on getting Chance out of jail.

At the jail, an officer led Chance into a day room at the facility and quipped to fellow prisoners that they should play nice with their new roommate. Two other inmates were seated at a table playing cards. Chance approached the scowling men and asked their names. One man said he was Batman and that the other was Robin. Chance replied that he didn't recognize them without their capes, but Batman replied that they recognized Chance with or without his badge.

Chance joined his fellow inmates at the table and said that without his badge, he was a regular guy who couldn't easily get what he really needed. Chance leaned closer to the two inmates and said, "I'm hurting here. Can you guys hook me up with something?"

The talkative inmate told Chance that they didn't trust him after he initiated a search for drugs. Chance insisted that the search had been a ruse intended to make fellow officers think he was clean. Chance noticed an Army-themed tattoo on the other inmate's arm and announced that he'd completed three tours of duty in Iraq. Chance told the men that he started using drugs in Iraq to wipe his memory clean after watching several of his buddies die.

Chance pleaded with the former soldier and fellow inmate to hook him up, so he could tolerate the stress of imprisonment. The man with the tattoo said he would see what he could do. As the other two inmates watched and listened, Heather, Sid, and Ronan came to talk to Chance. Chance shuffled the deck of cards and said, "I've got nothing to say to you." Heather told Chance that the warden had agreed to segregate him from the rest of the prisoners. Chance turned down the offer and insisted he wanted to stay put. He told Heather not to do him any more favors. The two other prisoners followed Chance with their eyes as he indignantly walked away from his visitors.

Ronan called Chance over to finish their conversation and warned him that he was hampering the investigation by refusing isolation. Heather added that other prisoners wanted nothing more than to see Chance dead. Heather pleaded for Chance to post bail, but he said he couldn't. Before Sid, Ronan, and Heather left, she asked what she should say to Nina. Chance replied, "Tell her I'm good." After they stepped out, Ronan said that Chance was going to get himself killed, and it served him right. Before Heather and Ronan walked away, Heather berated Ronan for saying such a thing.

Sid received a phone call and told the caller that Chance had refused isolation. Sid paused, looked through the security glass, and witnessed one of the prisoners in the day room discretely deliver a small bag of white powder to Chance. The prisoner told Chance they were scoring one for the bad guys. Sid continued his conversation on the phone and added, "Chancellor's on the inside whether we like it or not."

Nina stopped by the jail and begged Chance to let her post bail. Nina told Chance that she understood why he was doing what he was doing, though she didn't like it. Chance promised that everything would be okay. Just outside the day room, the tattooed prisoner who delivered the packet of drugs to Chance told Sid that Chance had hit him up minutes after he was jailed. The prisoner shook his head in agreement when Sid replied, "So when he's accidentally killed with all of those drugs on him, he'll just look like another dirty cop."

Christine and Paul met Heather and Ronan at Crimson Lights. Heather insisted that they'd done everything except hitting Chance over the head and dragging him out of jail. Paul explained that Nina was stopping by the jail to bust some heads. Heather replied, "Nothing like a pissed-off mama lion to get things done!" Christine warned that they couldn't count on Nina to protect Chance. Grim-faced, Christine warned that they had to find a way to get Chance out of jail before he got hurt.