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Monday, December 14, 2009

On a dark night in a smelly county dump, Phyllis and Nick began searching for the shooter's discarded black gym bag emblazoned with three white star-shaped designs near the handles. Phyllis became emotionally overwhelmed when Lauren, Michael, Kevin, Katherine, and Murphy arrived to assist. Others joining the search party included Noah, Abby, Eden, and Jack. Each wore gloves and aimed flashlights to illuminate piles of discarded waste. Family and friends alike searched for evidence Phyllis hoped would clear Daniel. A rat scurried across Eden's feet, and Katherine asked Lauren if she'd figured out who'd sent the rat in a gift box the night Amber and Daniel held their wedding reception. Lauren responded that she didn't know.

Heather showed up at the landfill and stood outside the fence. Michael told Heather that he wanted her present in case they happened to locate the gym bag. Heather was not at all optimistic about the search, but Phyllis ordered Heather to shut up and help the group sift through the trash. Jack approached Katherine and thanked her for allowing him to participate in the Chancellor IPO. Katherine refused to discuss the matter, citing that it was neither the time nor the place to do so.

Daisy showed up without gloves, but offered to help. Abby and Noah were surprised to see Daisy. Eden abruptly decided to search an area in a remote section of the landfill to avoid Daisy. Lauren introduced Daisy to Phyllis. Michael described the object of their frantic search to Daisy, who seemed preoccupied. Suddenly, Eden yelled out excitedly that she'd found the gym bag. Daisy stood frozen and watched apprehensively as Heather inspected the bag.

Heather shined her flashlight into the gym bag, which contained a map of the alley behind Jimmy's bar, a photocopy of the painting, and a ski mask. Kevin interjected that Daniel had always maintained that the shooter had worn a ski mask. Phyllis asked if the bag held a cell phone. Heather said that it did not, but she agreed with Michael's observation that the bag's contents could indicate another suspect. Heather took the bag and its contents for testing and assured Michael that she'd soon be in touch. After Daniel's friends left the landfill, Phyllis stayed behind, but she didn't tell Nick about her plan to find the cell phone the shooter had in the alley.

Phyllis moved aside heaps of trash near the area where Eden had discovered the gym bag. Phyllis found the phone and turned it on. The phone displayed three saved messages. Phyllis later met with Deacon at the Genoa City Athletic Club. Phyllis played a message from the discarded cell phone she found at the landfill. As Deacon listened, he heard his voice, recorded the evening of June 10, 2009. Deacon had said, "It's all set. The alley behind Jimmy's in one hour. Be prepared to take care of business."

Deacon maintained that the message on the cell phone proved nothing and wouldn't put him in prison. Phyllis told Deacon that she wouldn't turn the phone over to FBI if Deacon left town with Amber. Phyllis added that she was confident that Daniel would be exonerated without the phone, but she maintained that Amber would always mean trouble for Daniel. Deacon said that he would be happy to accommodate Phyllis' demands. Nick arrived and noticed Phyllis and Deacon seated together. Phyllis left Deacon's table and greeted Nick. Nick questioned Phyllis, but she claimed she was only telling Deacon that he was an idiot.

At Crimson Lights, Daisy warned Ryder to be more careful in the future, because Lauren thought she'd sighted him leaving her store. Abby phoned Daisy to let her know she was busy searching for evidence at the landfill. After Daisy told Ryder about the search for the gym bag, he ordered her to go to the landfill immediately. The celebratory crowd stopped at the coffeehouse after Eden discovered the gym bag at the landfill. Michael told Ryder about finding the gym bag. Ryder claimed that the bag would prove that he had no connection to the shooter. Daisy stared nervously at the floor to avoid eye contact with Daniel's triumphant friends.

Eden later taunted Daisy about having an ulterior motive for showing up at the landfill. Abby defended her friend, and Noah reminded Eden that Daisy worked with Amber. Daisy claimed that she answered only to herself. Eden left her friends on the patio and stood sulking by the coffee bar. Lauren approached Eden, who begged Lauren not to trust Daisy. Eden declared that she had become increasingly suspicious of the newcomer. Lauren dismissed Eden's qualms. Angered, Eden walked away. Later, Daisy and Abby joined Eden and Noah for coffee. Daisy learned that Eden's mother was French. When Daisy inquired, Eden explained that her mother was dead.

Ryder emerged from the back room, and Lauren told him that she'd seen someone who looked just like him leaving her boutique moments before the lights went out and a rat scurried across the floor. Ryder hatefully noted that he didn't care enough about Lauren to terrorize her. Lauren retreated to a corner and phoned the pest control company that serviced her boutique. Lauren learned that the rat let loose in her store was the type sold in pet stores. Lauren closely observed as Ryder served coffee; she remarked to her caller that someone had put the rat in her store on purpose.

Phyllis arrived late at the coffeehouse to meet Nick. Phyllis claimed she was late because she went home to change clothes. When Nick stepped away briefly, Amber phoned Phyllis and cried that Daniel was about to return to jail. Amber pleaded with Phyllis to help Daniel because Deacon had phoned and threatened Daniel after admitting responsibility for the incident involving the weight-room equipment that sent Daniel to the hospital. When Nick returned, Phyllis claimed she had an urgent matter to attend to and agreed to meet Nick later at the Genoa City Athletic Club.

While Katherine waited for coffee, she told Nick and Jack that since she'd made her initial offering of stock, Tucker McCall had approached her. Jack said that he'd heard that Tucker had purchased a loft near the Chancellor building. Katherine explained that Tucker would participate only if allowed to purchase the entire 25-percent offering. Jack said that Katherine sounded as if she'd already made up her mind. Nick said that Katherine would be a fool to pass up such an opportunity.

Katherine noted that she found it difficult to disappoint dear friends she had invited to participate. Jack and Nick said they understood that Katherine should do what was best for Chancellor. Katherine wondered what had happened to Phyllis. Nick wondered, also, because Phyllis was supposed to have followed him back to town. After Katherine left, Jack asked Nick why he was gracious to Katherine after she delivered the harsh news about the IPO. Nick said he didn't blame Katherine for not turning down an exclusive offer from Tucker McCall.

In Daniel's room at Genoa City Memorial hospital, Deacon phoned Amber. Amber answered the call on her speakerphone. Deacon all but admitted responsibility for the incident at the county jail that injured Daniel. Daniel told Amber that he wasn't afraid of Deacon. Amber sobbed and worried that Deacon could arrange to have Daniel killed while he was in jail. Daniel promised Amber that they would have a future together. Daniel hummed a Christmas carol and pretended to give Amber a present. Amber pretended to open her gift. Daniel told Amber that her imaginary gift was a high-tech cell phone. Amber kissed Daniel after he praised himself for having the good sense to marry her.

Phyllis phoned and told Daniel that search party had discovered the gym bag, along with evidence and the ski mask. Amber was jubilant. Daniel and Amber were surprised when Michael and Heather, along with Kevin and Jana, stopped by. Michael announced that Heather had agreed to a bail hearing for Daniel. Heather sadly noted that a late-night hearing couldn't be arranged, but she agreed to give Amber and Daniel more time to visit.

Before Kevin left, he begged Daniel to watch out for himself. Daniel took a wrapped gift from Kevin and handed it to Amber. Daniel smiled when Amber opened the gift to find a brand-new cell phone that displayed one of their wedding photos as wallpaper. Amber's joy gave way to despair moments later when Heather and a police officer escorted Daniel back to jail. Michael wondered what had happened to Phyllis after she failed to visit before Daniel was taken into custody. Amber cried and worried about Daniel's safety, but Jana assured her friend that Daniel would be okay. When Daniel entered his jail cell, he unenthusiastically greeted his cellmate, Billy.

In the bedroom of his spacious loft, Tucker McCall served Jill a requested drink concoction in bed after the pair enjoyed an evening of lovemaking. Jill asked her new suitor why he was pampering her, and added that she was aware of his goal to obtain a stake in Chancellor Industries. Jill also wondered aloud why Tucker had slept with her the night before he was to meet with Katherine. Barraged with questions, Tucker responded that he knew all along who Jill was. Tucker insisted that he'd slept with Jill and enjoyed her company because he found her attractive. Tucker agreed that they would henceforth keep their business and personal lives separate.

As Tucker repeatedly kissed Jill's neck, she announced that she intended to dissuade Katherine from accepting his offer to invest in Chancellor Industries. Tucker was taken aback, but Jill explained that she'd delved into his past and learned how he used to acquire corporations only to bleed them dry before moving on to his next conquest. Tucker insisted that he'd turned over a new leaf, and he entreated Jill not to worry. Tucker added, "If you can get Katherine to turn down this deal, I will give you a million bucks." Tucker helped Jill slip into her coat and insisted he would win the bet. Jill kissed Tucker goodbye and headed into a waiting elevator.

Katherine arrived on another elevator car to visit Tucker McCall moments after Jill departed. Tucker graciously welcomed Katherine into his loft. Katherine wasted no time announcing that she and Tucker had struck a deal. Katherine visually inspected Tucker's new headquarters and saw that his bedroom door was ajar. Noticing that the bed was unmade, Tucker quipped that he hadn't yet hired a maid and wasn't in the habit of making his own bed.

After a brief visit, Tucker escorted Katherine to the door, and she left. Jack arrived and extended a friendly handshake to welcome Tucker to Genoa City. Tucker flattered Jack and said he'd followed Jack and Ashley's illustrious careers. Tucker added that he had also admired John, and regretted never having had the opportunity to tell John that he admired the way he conducted business. Tucker agreed to share a drink with Jack another day. After Jack left, he stood outside Tucker's door, seemingly spellbound by the unsolicited compliments paid to him by the influential businessman.

After Jill left Tucker's loft, she returned to the Chancellor estate. Murphy told a stunned Jill that Katherine had gone to Tucker McCall's loft to complete their business deal. After Katherine returned and reported that she'd forged an oral agreement, Murphy declared that a handshake was as certain as a deal sealed with a signed contract. Jill emerged from another room and congratulated her mother. Jill remarked that Chancellor Industries was irresistible, even to Tucker McCall. Katherine invited Jill out to dinner the next evening to celebrate, but Jill turned down the offer, citing a conflicting engagement.