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Monday, March 23, 2009

Adam stumbled into the sitting room at the Newman ranch. Victor watched Adam bump into chairs and jostle lamps on tables. After Victor spoke, Adam congratulated his father on the approaching birth of his and Ashley's child. Adam said, "Hopefully, this one will make up for the huge disappoint I've been to you." Victor quizzed Adam about his vision loss. Adam explained that he could make out shapes, but he admitted he couldn't identify Sabrina's likeness in the framed sketch hanging on a wall. Adam became angry and argued that Victor was toying with him.

Victor approached Adam and said, "This is your second chance. I brought you into my family and gave you every opportunity to succeed. You abused my trust." Adam perceived Victor as a blurry image. Adam, bruised and bandaged after a beating from his fellow prison inmates, heeded his father's harsh reprimand. Victor berated Adam for conspiring with Jack Abbott to frame Victor for murder. Victor admonished Adam to "pick himself up and be a man." Adam shot back that Victor just wanted to watch his son fail. As Victor pulled on his jacket to leave, he said, "If you choose to wallow in self-pity, leave me out of out."

After Victor later returned to the ranch, he quietly watched Adam using his finger to trace the shape of Sabrina's face on the drawing. Victor dropped his head in sorrow. Adam turned and addressed Victor. Adam stumbled, and Victor caught him. Adam cried, "I am sorry to be such an inconvenience."

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Paul greeted Nikki with a kiss. Paul was saddened to hear that Nikki had doubts about Katherine's identity after another failed DNA test. Nikki admitted that "Marge" left town abruptly with Katherine's emerald ring. Paul asked Nikki to consider what her instincts told her about Katherine. Nikki admitted that she had returned to the club to wait for Katherine to return. After Paul left, Victor stopped by.

Victor asked Nikki why she wasn't wearing Katherine's emerald ring. Nikki explained that she had returned the ring to the woman who claimed to be Katherine, who left town with the ring. Victor accused Nikki of "taking up with anyone who showered her with attention." Victor harshly recalled, "The last time you did that, with David Chow, it cost me the life of my wife and child." Nikki responded, "You are so judgmental and vindictive."

Nikki told Victor that he wasn't a sterling judge of character after he took Adam in and almost lost Nick and Victoria. Victor told Nikki that Adam was losing his eyesight. Before Victor left, he added, "You just remember that your association with that con artist, David Chow, has cost you and us dearly."

After Paul returned, he told Nikki that he visited Joe's Diner and Murphy's mobile home. Paul said he saw Katherine with Murphy, and the two were cozy. Nikki threw up her hands and cried, "So, she's Marge, and Katherine is gone." Just as Paul and Nikki were about to leave, a club concierge approached and gave Nikki an envelope from Marge Catrooke. The man apologized for delaying delivery of the note. Nikki opened the note and found the emerald ring inside. The note read, "Nikki, dear, this belongs with you."

Katherine showed up at Murphy's doorstep. Katherine peered into Murphy's window and remembered Murphy kissing her and telling her that he loved coming home to see her. Katherine greeted a surprised Murphy with a warm embrace. Katherine told Murphy she couldn't remember anything about the diner or spending time with him, but she did remember that Murphy had kissed her. Murphy was shocked to hear that Katherine had left Genoa City after the second DNA test indicated that she wasn't Katherine Chancellor. Murphy comforted Katherine.

Murphy wondered if something went wrong with the DNA test. Katherine explained that a trusted friend had ensured the validity of the second test. Murphy volunteered to help convince Katherine's family that she was Katherine, but she refused his offer. Murphy took Katherine's hand in his. Katherine thanked Murphy for saving her life after the car accident.

Katherine admitted that Amber had filled her in about some of what had happened. Katherine smiled shyly when she recalled that she remembered kissing Murphy. Murphy, hoping to stir more memories, moved close to Katherine and kissed her. As the couple reconnected, Paul quietly watched and listened near the partially opened door.

Murphy promised not to leave Katherine again. Katherine told Murphy that she had seen too much disappointment in the faces of the people she loved. Katherine prepared frozen dinners. Murphy told Katherine that he hoped she would soon regain her memories. Katherine snuggled with Murphy and told him that it felt wonderful to be with him.

At Crimson Lights, Jana, Daniel, and Gloria awaited word from Amber. Amber phoned, and Daniel placed the call on speakerphone. Michael joined in to listen. Amber explained that she was in Minnesota, where Kevin's crime spree had taken place. Jana, desperate, asked Amber if she had found Kevin. Amber insisted she was on Kevin's trail. Michael barely contained his anger, and Daniel warned Amber that the police were searching for Kevin, so she, too, could be in danger.

Daniel pleaded with Amber to come home. Gunshots rang out. Amber ducked. Daniel overheard the gunfire and panicked after he lost contact with Amber. Daniel frantically dialed Amber's cell phone.

Michael searched the Internet to find the location of the robbery. Jana nearly crumbled when she realized the gunshots Daniel heard were those of the police shooting at Kevin. Michael stepped out to see if police in Genoa City had placed them under surveillance.

Jana sobbed and caressed her throbbing forehead. Jana told Gloria and Daniel that her head felt as if it were about to explode. Gloria blamed stress, but she insisted they consult a doctor. Jana refused to leave until Kevin came home. Michael returned and proclaimed that the coast was clear, so he and Daniel could search for Kevin.

Michael told Daniel that they could sneak out the back, use the bushes as cover, and leave in Lauren's car to evade the police. Jana insisted she tag along. Gloria persuaded Jana to stay at the coffeehouse. Daniel promised to find Kevin.

As Jana and Gloria waited for news from Michael and Daniel, Jeffrey showed up. Jeffrey told Gloria that she couldn't get rid of him, and he offered her a piece of diamond jewelry. Gloria refused the gift and told Jeffrey that she didn't want anything from him. Jana maintained a keen eye on Internet newscasts and reported that there was no news about Kevin.

Jeffrey persisted and offered to serve Gloria champagne and oysters while they negotiated his alimony at her place. Gloria became livid and ordered Jeffrey to leave. A dumbfounded Jeffrey asked, "Something wrong?" Gloria joined Jana as she searched for clues to Kevin's whereabouts on the Internet.

Michael phoned Gloria for an update on Jana's search. Jana looked horrified when she saw a Web page with a depiction of a blood-splattered chipmunk's head. Gloria and Michael listened as Jana read the message transcribed from a police scanner. "A chipmunk's head was found at the scene, splattered with blood." Jana took the phone from Gloria and added, "It's the 2700 block of MacKenzie Drive and Broadway in Fillmore."

Gloria gasped and screamed, "Oh, my God!" Gloria grabbed the phone and begged Michael to find his brother and bring him home. Jana rubbed her forehead and said pitifully, "I need more aspirin."

Jeffrey approached Gloria and asked about the chipmunk robber. Gloria muttered, "He's gone. He's gone someplace very dark." Jeffrey told Gloria that he cared about her and would stand by her. Gloria responded, "I can't trust you."

Jana interrupted and reported that police had not arrested anyone at the crime scene. Jana sighed in relief and said, "He could be okay." Gloria agreed and prompted Jana to continue monitoring news reports. Gloria returned to Jeffrey and explained that Kevin was a fragile little boy broken into pieces. Jeffrey insisted he could help Gloria put Kevin back together. Gloria rebuffed Jeffrey proposal. Gloria boldly declared, "Only Michael can help bring Kevin back."

As Gloria and Jeffrey hashed out their differences, Jana tuned in to news updates on her laptop. Jana saw mug shots of Kevin and Amber. The caption beneath the photos stated that Kevin and Amber were armed robbers. Jana clutched her forehead and moaned in pain. Gloria chided herself for not realizing that Kevin was still vulnerable and fragile after years of abuse from his father. Jeffrey embraced Gloria and insisted that they would get help for Kevin. Jana collapsed in pain. Gloria rushed to Jana's side.

Amber stood frozen with dread, yards away from the crime scene. Startled people ran past Amber. Amber stopped a young woman and asked if the chipmunk bandit had stuck again. The woman said that the bandit robbed an armored vehicle and starting shooting when the police approached. Amber turned and saw Kevin, wrapped up to his nose with a scarf.

Amber grabbed Kevin and demanded to know what he was doing. Kevin calmly told Amber that she shouldn't be there. Sirens wailed from every direction. Amber panicked when she saw blood dripping near Kevin's shoe. Kevin slumped over. Amber said, "Oh, Kevin. You've been shot."

Amber quickly tied a scarf around Kevin's knee to halt the bleeding. "I think it went clear through," Amber cried, describing the bullet wound. Kevin begged to go home, and he said that he had a home nearby. Amber helped Kevin to his feet. Kevin wrapped his arm around Amber's shoulder, and she told Kevin they could summon help from Kevin's place.

Before Kevin and Amber could get away, a man approached and declared that he had seen everything. Amber hooked her arm around Kevin's neck and poised her lips near his. Addressing the distressed witness, Amber asked, "What are you, some kind of pervert or something?" Amber kissed Kevin and added, "Me and my man are consenting adults. We can do whatever we want."

Amber pulled Kevin down the street and announced that her man wanted to go home. The witness asked, "What are you doing?" Ignoring the man, Amber helped Kevin hobble down the street. The witness ran in the opposite direction.

Michael and Daniel arrived at the crime scene, which was cordoned off with police tape and chalk-outlined splatters of Kevin's blood. Yellow flags with black numerals marked Kevin's bloody trail. Michael and Daniel observed police collecting evidence. Michael asked a police officer about the scene and the blood.

The police officer admitted that the robber was at large. Daniel phoned Amber, which drew everyone's attention to the sidewalk, where Amber had dropped her phone. A police officer picked up Amber's sparkly, rhinestone-encrusted phone and announced, "Looks like our chipmunk has a lady friend," Daniel said to Michael, "Well, I guess Amber found Kevin."

Daniel worried that Kevin had taken Amber hostage. Daniel nervously insisted they find Amber and Kevin soon. Michael explained that he and Daniel needed to sponge information from the police before they could find Kevin and Amber. Michael and Daniel listened as a police officer identified Amber Moore as Kevin's accomplice. Daniel interrupted and suggested that Amber was Kevin's hostage.

The police officer explained that a witness saw Amber kiss Kevin, so she definitely was not his hostage. Daniel grew more fearful for Amber's fate after he overheard the police officer announce that he had issued all-points bulletins for Kevin and Amber.

Kevin led Amber to the apartment that had been Clint's hideaway and declared that it was his home. Amber cleaned Kevin's leg wound, and he screamed out in pain. Amber told Kevin that he didn't mean to commit the robberies, and they could explain the extenuating circumstances to authorities. Kevin pulled the wad of stolen cash from his coat pocket. Amber told Kevin that he could return the stolen money. Kevin refused, and claimed that the money was for Clint.

Kevin counted the money into separate stacks on the coffee table and boasted that it would make Dad happy. Amber reminded Kevin that his dad was dead. Kevin insisted that his dad would return. Amber told Kevin that Clint might have drugged him. Amber slammed her fist on the table and dispersed the stacked bills. Amber's actions enraged Kevin. Amber barraged Kevin with questions about Clint, and Kevin pointed his gun at her. Kevin, speaking robotically, observed, "It's too late."

Amber calmly prodded Kevin to put the gun away. Amber asked, "Is Dad listening?" Kevin responded, "All the time. I am going to have to do what he says." Amber told Kevin she would "get Dad off his back." Kevin became livid. Kevin yelled, "I love my dad. You can't hurt him. That's why you came here. You want to make Dad mad."

Kevin forced Amber into the closet and locked the door. Amber pulled the string on the light fixture and illuminated Clint's lifeless, ashen body. Amber screamed and beat on the locked door.