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Monday, December 8, 2008

In their suite at the Genoa City Athletic Club, Phyllis and Nick awoke after a night of lovemaking. While Nick showered, Phyllis discovered that Sharon had phoned Nick three times. In disgust of Sharon's blatant persistence, Phyllis deleted Sharon's messages. Moments later, Victor phoned and summoned Nick to visit him at the jail. Downstairs in the club's dining room, Jack ate breakfast alone as he recalled Sharon's demand the night before that he pack his bags and leave. Nick approached Jack and accused him and Adam of forging Victor's diary. Jack taunted Nick and mentioned that Victor had returned for Ashley's sake instead of that of his children. Phyllis intercepted a blow Nick was about to strike at Jack's smug face. Phyllis reminded Nick that he was to meet with Victor. Jack said, "What a role reversal; your father needs you."

After Nick left the club, Phyllis returned to Jack's table. Jack railed at Phyllis and claimed she carried through with her threat to disclose to Sharon his credit-card statements that detailed motel charges and payments to an escort service. Jack added that Sharon had kicked him out. Phyllis explained that she wasn't thrilled with Jack's predicament because Sharon would surely threaten her marriage to Nick. Phyllis didn't admit to the disclosure and said she wasn't the only person who wanted to get back at Jack. Phyllis pressured Jack to confess that he was directly involved with the diary. Jack denied Phyllis' allegation. Phyllis told Jack that she used to feel sorry for him.

At the Abbott mansion, Ashley arrived and searched for Jack. Sharon announced that she had kicked him out. Ashley asked Sharon if she had ousted Jack because of his involvement with Victor's forged diary. Sharon explained that Jack had claimed to be a sex addict. Ashley said she didn't believe the charge. Sharon claimed she had concrete proof. Ashley was shocked and insisted that Jack wouldn't seek the company of prostitutes.

Brad phoned Sharon at home and offered to bring breakfast. After Brad arrived, Sharon told him that she and Jack were over. Brad commiserated with Sharon and added that Jack was a jerk. Sharon said she stayed because she thought Jack would change, but he had made her life a mess. Brad praised Sharon for staying with Jack even though he cheated and lied to her. Phyllis phoned, and Brad covertly reported that he offered Sharon a shoulder on which to cry. Phyllis offered to arrange a business trip to New York for Sharon, and she signed Brad on as a travel partner.

Ashley tracked Jack down at the club and demanded to know what was going on. Jack lied that his sordid addiction made him feel shameful, but he couldn't bring himself to seek help. Ashley refused to believe her brother, and she told him he had gone too far. Ashley asked Jack why he had forged the diary that threatened to ruin Victor's life. Jack insisted that he had only introduced Adam to the diary's publisher. Ashley, through gritted teeth, warned Jack that Victor would come after him, and she vowed not stand in Victor's way. Ashley slapped the table and rattled the china as she rose and stomped away.

In the jail's visitation cell, Victor told Nick about the fellow prisoner who admitted he had forged the diary under Jack's direction. Victor explained that Michael knew about the confession, but the DA's office wouldn't become involved until Jack's accomplices could be investigated. Nick named Adam, and Victor added that Heather Stevens might also be involved. Victor claimed that Jack, Adam, and Heather wanted to destroy him, and he intended to return the favor. Nick pleaded with his father to use the prisoner's confession to get himself released, but Victor insisted he would clear his name while he remained imprisoned. Nick told his father he should return as head of Newman Enterprises, but Victor assured Nick that Newman Enterprises was his son's birthright and legacy. Nick, deeply touched by his father's restored confidence in his abilities, told his father that he would do anything Victor needed.

Sharon ran into Nick at the coffeehouse and asked why he had not returned her messages. When Nick asked what was going on, Sharon threw her hands in the air and expounded on Jack's misdeeds. Nick was shocked after Sharon told him that Jack had cavorted with hookers in sleazy motels. Sharon added that someone arranged to have evidence of Jack's alleged sex addiction delivered during dinner and in front of Michael, who had come to the club to question Jack about the forged diary. Sharon said she had thrown Jack out, and Nick offered to help his ex-wife whenever she needed him.

At the coffeehouse, Nick reported to Phyllis that he and his father renewed their relationship. Phyllis was elated. Nick explained that Victor had proof of Jack's involvement with the forged diary. Phyllis noticed that Nick seemed saddened. Nick explained that Jack had broken Sharon's heart after he admitted numerous indiscretions. Nick said he wanted to help Sharon, but Phyllis suggested that she could arrange a business trip to New York for Sharon, so she could get her mind off her problems. Nick agreed.

At Crimson Lights, Billy offered to buy a refill for Lily. Lily flatly refused, but Billy sat down and explained the shocking turn of events that transpired during the Jabot stockholders' meeting. Billy insisted he had not betrayed his mother because his father had created Jabot, so the company belonged to the Abbotts. Billy explained that he didn't expect Lily to "get it." Cane arrived and added sarcastically, "We all got exactly what you did, brother." Billy tried to explain that he became involved with Jack because of Gloria and Jeffrey Bardwell, but Cane cut Billy off. Billy suggested he could further explain his actions to Lily another time, but Lily told him not to bother.

After Billy walked away, Cane told Lily that Billy did not care about their mother or her feelings. Lily added that Billy was not like Cane, because Billy would never have the close connection Jill and Cane had. Cane asked about Ana, and Lily explained that Ana might have to stay in foster care for a few weeks. Lily said Ana's predicament had greatly affected her family. Cane offered a comforting hug, and Lily kissed Cane's cheek.

Billy encountered Chloe at the coffeehouse bar. Chloe berated Billy for tanking his relationship with Lily. Billy pointed out that Chloe's husband was out on the patio with his ex-fiancée. Chloe was miffed because she would have to pry Cane and Lily apart. After Billy left, Chloe saw Cane hugging Lily. After Cane left, Chloe approached Lily and asked what it would take to stop Lily from hugging and kissing Cane. Chloe admitted that Cane didn't love her, but that their baby girl deserved a devoted father. Lily reminded Chloe that she had urged Cane to marry Chloe and support the baby. Chloe suggested that Lily could avoid running into Cane and added that the baby would discern that Cane had chosen Lily over her. Before Chloe left, she told Lily to go to hell.

Cane stopped by Jabot to clear out his desk, and Billy attempted to mend fences, but Cane balked and said, "I don't want to know you, let alone be related to you." Billy offered Cane a position with the Starblaze line. Billy recalled that he was an Abbott and didn't appreciate being shipped to Hong Kong even after he groveled for a position at his family's company. Cane recalled that Billy's serious gambling debts led to his assignment overseas. Billy claimed that their mom gave Cane a job he didn't deserve at the company about which he had known nothing. Billy said he had only taken back what was rightfully his. Before Cane departed, he told Billy that he had warned Lily about his brother. Billy assured Cane that he could clearly explain to Lily why he had taken the reins at Jabot. Cane told Billy he had already proven to Lily that he was a jerk. After Cane left, Billy discovered a screensaver image of Chloe's ultrasound photo. Billy recalled that Chloe had insisted he wasn't the father of her baby, but he seemed surprised by the advanced gestational age of Chloe's fetus.

At home, Chloe prepared to paint the baby's nursery. Chloe opened the front door for ventilation, and turned on a portable stereo to liven her workspace. After donning a protective mask, Chloe climbed atop a ladder and began applying a coat of perky pink paint. Lily arrived and knocked on the open door, but Chloe couldn't hear Lily call out her name above the music. Lily walked into the nursery and turned off the stereo. Lily explained that she had considered Chloe's complaint and promised to avoid Cane. Chloe didn't express appreciation even though Lily explained that she and Cane had slowly built a relationship as friends before they ever became romantically involved. Tempers flared after Lily reminded Chloe that she and Cane would always be friends. Chloe accused Lily of treating her, as the mother of Cane's child, like crap because she wanted Cane for herself. Chloe challenged Lily to find her own man.

Lily became outraged and reminded Chloe that she had seduced Lily's fiancé when he was drunk. Chloe and Lily's battle of words over which of them Cane truly loved escalated. Lily proclaimed that as much as Cane loved Chloe's baby, he would never love her. From atop the ladder, Chloe ordered Lily out of her house. Cane returned home and overheard Lily and Chloe arguing. Cane heard Lily claim that the house would always belong to her and Cane. Chloe accused Lily of hating her baby because she provided proof that Cane had not been completely devoted to Lily. Chloe threatened to throw Lily out physically, but Chloe slipped as she descended the ladder and fell to the floor. Lily gasped in horror and cupped her hands over her mouth. Cane raced to Chloe's aid. Chloe clutched her swollen abdomen and cried out in pain.