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 Recaps for Y&R Recaps: The week of September 29, 2008 on The Young and the Restless
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Monday, September 29, 2008

At a New York bar, Jack and Ashley chitchatted as they sipped mimosas. Traci joined her siblings at Jack's request. Traci and Ashley rolled their eyes at one another when Jack announced that he could gain controlling interest of Jabot if Ashley and Traci gave Jack their proxies. Jack pressed the issue and said, "It's up to the three of us to protect the company. We can pool our family resources and restore Jabot to what it was meant to be." Jack reminded his sisters that their father built Jabot as a family business. Ashley was confused because Jack was not legally allowed to own stock. Jack noted that his scheme involved a silent partner. Ashley and Traci refused to support Jack unless he revealed his partner's identity. Since Jack refused, the sisters would not budge. A hungover Billy joined the meeting and ordered coffee. Traci and Ashley shot curious glances at Jack.

At Jabot, Cane was discussing ad graphics for a new line of cosmetics with clients when Jill walked in. After the meeting ended, Cane told his mom that her sudden appearance had surprised him. Cane and Jill butted heads after Jill argued that the garish colors Cane chose for the new line seemed outdated. Kay stopped by, and Jill shared her concern that Cane had begun a new line without her input. Kay reminded Jill that Cane was CEO. Jill later apologized to Cane and asked if they were allies again. Cane accepted his mother's apology, but he refused to align himself with Jill if her plan included "sticking it to Grandma."

At the Newman ranch, Nick, Victoria, and Nikki discovered that Victor was gone, but Zapato happily greeted them. Victoria found a stack of unopened mail. Nick was hurt when he noticed the unopened letter of apology he had sent to Victor. Nick phoned Michael and told him that Victor had disappeared. Michael said he knew where Victor was, but he could not share Victor's location due to attorney-client privilege. Nick and Victoria worried about Victor's mental state, but Nikki maintained that Victor needed time to himself, so he could heal.

Victoria discovered Daniel's sketch of Sabrina and the ultrasound image of Sabrina and Victor's baby. Nikki explained that her anger at Victor had turned into feelings of deep sadness. Nikki, Victoria, and Nick expressed concern over Victor's deteriorating mental state. Victor, seated aboard a private jet, fastened his seat belt when the pilot announced, "Mr. Newman, I suggest you buckle up. We're about to land."

At Crimson Lights, Jeffrey was not pleased after Gloria told him that River would not be extradited to Michigan. Jeff grinned broadly after Gloria commented that Kay agreed to sign over five percent of her controlling interest. After Gloria left to get her nails done, Jeffrey ran into Kay. After Jeffrey thanked Kay for agreeing to sell a portion of her Jabot stock to Gloria, Kay acted surprised and claimed that she had told Gloria, "No!" Jeffrey was angry because Gloria lied. Later, at the coffeehouse, Kay approached Jeffrey and Gloria. Kay addressed Jeffrey as "William" and asked him about Carmen Mesta's murder case. Gloria's eyes widened. Jeffrey corrected Kay and told her he was not William. Kay acted as if she were playing a joke. After Kay walked away, Gloria told Jeffrey that Kay's "senior moments" could be played to their advantage.

At the Baldwins' condo, Lauren comforted Eden after she admitted that she had never attended school. Eden explained that she had been taught at home, and she was afraid to mingle with her peers. Lauren assured Eden that she could make friends easily, especially if she offered them a discount at Fenmore's. Eden worried that other kids might treat her badly over media coverage about her father's arrest, but Lauren assured Eden that the other kids would think she was cool to have a rebel father who had been on the run. Later, Lauren was shocked when she found Eden at the coffeehouse. Eden explained that she had overheard a teacher gossiping about River's arrest, so she split. Eden insisted she had no need for school, but Lauren hauled her back to class.

River awaited his fate in the Genoa City jail, and he wasn't the least bit appreciative when Michael proudly announced that he had called in numerous favors to have his father's case transferred to Genoa City Federal Court. River worried that the media circus might traumatize Eden. River refused to face a trial if he could not give an honest account of what happened. Michael responded, "Oh, screw honest! Screw honesty! It doesn't matter if you marched against the Vietnam War in the '60s, or if you wore love beads or if you stuck flowers down gun barrels. None of it matters!"

Through Michael's vehement protests, River refused his son's offer to represent him. Dejected, Michael went home and grumbled about his dad's stubbornness to Lauren. Michael proclaimed that he had thrown River a lifeline that any sane person would have grabbed onto. Lauren told Michael that his big heart would not allow him to distance himself emotionally from his father. River phoned Michael and told him that he had changed his mind and welcomed Michael as his attorney. Michael was relieved. River explained that fate had played a role in their reunion at the ashram. River added, "So the way I see it, life brought you to me, so I should flow with it."