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Monday, February 11, 2008

At their shared apartment, Amber and Daniel woke up with hangovers after a drunken night of partying. Still naked on the floor under an afghan, Amber and Daniel were dazed when they realized that they'd made love. After they exchanged awkward greetings and grabbed their scattered clothing, they agreed to keep mum about what had transpired. Right after Amber and Daniel made a pact never to mention their impromptu tryst, Kevin and Jana walked into the room. Amber worried that she'd be late for her shift, but Jana agreed to cover for her. After Amber went to shower, Daniel explained to Kevin that he and Amber had drunk too much and crossed the line, but that they remained friends.

At the coffeehouse, Amber held her throbbing head as she tried to come to terms with her night of passion with Daniel. Busybody Jana complicated the matter for Amber when she said that since Amber and Daniel been intimate, that Daniel was either Amber's lover or the last person in the world Amber wanted to run into. Amber disagreed, and told Jana that Daniel was her best friend and the one person who tried to help keep her life on track. After Jana suggested that love happened when it was least expected, Amber shook her head and argued that love complicated her life and was the last thing she needed. Amber vowed to move out of the apartment. When Daniel stopped by the coffeehouse, he and Amber talked the matter over and decided that their night of lovemaking had not interfered with their platonic friendship. At the counter, though, Jana played matchmaker and urged Kevin to help her encourage the romance between Amber and Daniel. Kevin hesitated to play along and cautioned Jana not to get involved, but Jana remained deep in thought about Amber and Daniel after Kevin left for work. Amber noticed when Heather breezed into the coffeehouse and found her missing cell phone after she borrowed Daniel's to call hers in order to make it ring. Heather apologized to Daniel for skipping out on his party, and he invited her to dinner. Amber stepped out onto the patio, made a call and arranged to view an apartment to rent. Daniel overheard, and asked Amber if she could afford to pay rent on a pricey place. Amber assured Daniel that sales of her music over the Internet were going well, so she could manage on her own. Back at Kevin's apartment, Daniel watched Amber as she stashed banded stacks of cash into a duffle bag. When Daniel approached, Amber stammered to explain that she was about leave to go and check out the apartment for rent. When Daniel offered to tag along, Amber declined. Daniel seemed to notice Amber's nervousness, and he watched Amber as she walked tentatively toward the door, with her bag of cash.

At the tack house, Jack and Nick jockeyed for space on the coffee table as they collaborated to create their company's Web site. After Phyllis and Sharon returned from shopping, the work space became even more cramped. After Summer cried out and Jack accidentally tipped over his coffee mug, the business partners decided to seek more accommodating office space. As plans to set up the company progressed, Phyllis presented Jack with a portfolio of Daniel's photography. Jack was impressed and agreed to hire Daniel in an entry-level position. As the business partners made calls to secure advertisers, Nick mentioned that his mother was now in charge at Jabot. Jack, a bit taken aback, admitted that knowing that Nikki was in control of his father's company was a bitter pill to swallow, but Jack agreed to solicit Jabot's business. When Phyllis asked Jack how life had changed at his house now that Gloria and Jeff lived there. Jack complained that he'd done everything he could think of but had not been able to legally expel his unwelcome houseguests. Sharon added that they'd recently arrived home and found Gloria and Jeff at each others' throats. Phyllis wondered if the marriage was on the rocks. After Jack's lawyer called and informed Jack that he might have found a way to evict Gloria and Jeff, Nick expressed his concern that Jack was dealing with too many problems and was unable to devote enough time to their upstart company. Jack promised that nothing prevented him from making their company lucrative and successful, and that perhaps, if he were lucky, Gloria and Jeff would soon manage to kill each other.

At the Abbott mansion, Gloria prepared to meet with Nikki, her new boss. Jeff mentioned that he wanted to attend a yacht show. Gloria told her new husband that they had no need for a yacht. After Jeff proposed lazy days on a yacht's deck sipping mojitos, Gloria speculated that one drink too many could cause Jeff to slip overboard and drown. Jeff reminded Gloria about the key to a safety-deposit box, where the tainted cream was stored, and the incriminating letter, which would be sent to the D.A. if anything were to happen to him. Jeff added, with a tone of self-satisfaction, that Gloria had better get used to a long life with him. In a devil-may-care manner, Gloria responded, "We'll see about that." After Gloria returned from the office, Kevin coached her on their plan to pin Gloria's "murder" on Jeff. Kevin placed one drop of poison into Gloria's tea. Her hand shook as she tipped the cup and sipped. Afterward, Gloria held her stomach and raced to the kitchen to get a glass of water.

Jeff emerged from another room and taunted Kevin. Jeff asked Kevin why he always hung around his mom. Kevin blasted his stepfather for blackmailing his mother, but Jeff reminded him that Kevin's past was shady. Kevin insisted that he had changed. Jeff told Kevin not to worry about his mother because Gloria was his best asset. Kevin seemed sickened when Jeff announced that he was falling in love with Gloria. Kevin was alone in the Abbott's sitting room when Gloria returned and complained of severe stomach pains. Gloria worried that Kevin had given her too much poison. Kevin assured his mom that she'd be okay, but he agreed to keep an eye on her for the next few days, just to be sure. When Jeff found Gloria doubled up on the sofa, he asked her what was wrong, but she offered no explanation. Gloria, who felt terribly unwell, went upstairs. Kevin admonished Jeff to stop blackmailing Gloria if he truly loved her, but Jeff refused. Kevin seemed baffled when Jeff handed over the keys to his new car, but without so much as a cursory refusal, Kevin left to try out his new ride.

At the Newman ranch, J.T. and Victoria discussed moving back to their loft, but Victoria was hesitant to move away until Nikki had time to recover from her divorce. J.T. felt that Nikki was able to lean on David for support. J.T. admitted that he was worried because as long as they lived at the ranch, he remained under Victor's shadow. J.T. expressed his desire to move out before Victor returned, and Victoria agreed. After Nikki and David came home, Victoria told her mom that she and J.T. were moving back to their loft. Nikki was disappointed, but Victoria suggested that her mom and David soon leave the Newman property, as well. Nikki explained that she wasn't ready to take that step, but David said he was.

At Jabot, Jill finalized plans as she handed over control of Jabot to Nikki. Jill mentioned that Victor had voiced objections after he learned that Nikki had been chosen to head Jabot. Nikki explained that Victor was unwilling to give up control of her life. Jill asked if Victor was still in love with Nikki. Nikki shook her head in disbelief and responded that Victor easily gave up emotional ties but not control. Nikki added that moments after Victoria's wedding, Victor left without telling anyone where he was going or what he was doing. Jill seemed pleased after Nikki's initial meeting with her staff, including Gloria, who managed to brown-nose at every opportunity when she offered to do anything for Nikki and the company. Kevin congratulated his mother for successfully sucking-up to Nikki. A miffed Gloria told Kevin that she would have been a better choice to run Jabot. Brad breezed in, and his presence surprised Kevin and Gloria, who both lingered after the meeting. Nosy Gloria and Kevin seemed stunned when they learned from eavesdropping that Brad had come to accept a position at Jabot that Nikki had offered to him earlier.

After Kevin and Gloria learned that Brad was on board as a major player in Nikki's hand-picked roster of executives, Kevin suggested that his mother bail out because her position in the company was beneath both David's and Brad's, and that she'd already been passed over as CEO. Gloria insisted that her career was important, but Kevin informed his mother that her main focus was getting rid of her husband. Gloria admitted that she hadn't yet consumed any of the poison, but Kevin warned her that she needed to build up a tolerance, so the police could be fooled into believing that Jeff had tried to kill her with a massive dose of poison.

Brad caught up with Neil at the coffeehouse and told him that he was leaving Newman to become chief officer of operations at Jabot. After Neil learned that Nikki had hired Brad away from Newman, he warned Brad that Victor would not be happy. When Nikki, Victoria, J.T., and baby Reed came into the coffeehouse, Neil congratulated Nikki for her appointment at Jabot and for having hired Brad away from Newman. Nikki noted that Neil was running Newman without Brad and Nick, and that Victor was missing in action. When Neil asked Victoria when she planned to return, J.T. quickly answered that Victoria needed to regain her strength and take care of the baby. Victoria managed to maintain a forced smile as she considered her new husband's somewhat overbearing response. When Jack and Nick stopped by for coffee, Jack sarcastically congratulated Nikki and smugly requested that she not bury his father's company. Brad stepped in when Nick suggested that Jabot advertise through Jack and Nick's company. Jack and Nick were certainly not pleased when they learned that Brad had left Newman for Jabot.

Victor arrived at Hope's farmhouse. After Hope and Victor shared an emotional embrace, Hope thanked Victor for having sent specialists to look after her. Hope acknowledged Victor's desire for her to seek treatment at a hospital, but she stated that her wish was to die peacefully in the comfort of her bed. Hope sensed that Victor was troubled and asked him what was wrong. Victor told Hope about his divorce and his rift with Nick. Victor asked about Victor, Jr., and Hope said that he was away in New York and knew nothing about her illness. Hope sobbed as she explained that she had summoned Victor, Jr. to come home after she learned that Victor was coming. Hope asked Victor to help her explain the situation to their son. Victor comforted Hope as she cried. Hope worried that Victor, Jr. would be alone after she was gone. Victor allayed Hope's fears and told her that he'd handle everything. As Hope rested, Victor remembered the day Victor, Jr. was born. When Hope awoke, she said that Victor, Jr. needed to learn the truth--that Victor was his father.

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Nikki tells Nick and Phyllis that Victor is not going to be happy when he finds out that Nick will be working with Jack. Nikki and Nick pretend not to care what Victor thinks, but Phyllis can see right through them. When Nikki leaves, Nick tells Phyllis that Nikki thinks that he should forgive his father.

Lily's assistant shows Lily what her new wardrobe will consist of. Chloe tells Devon that Lily is going chic. Devon thinks that Lily already is chic. Chloe suggests that Lily stop eating so much so that she can fit into the clothes that she picked for her. Cane visits Lily and is impressed with the way Lily looks in her dress. After Cane and Devon leave, Lily looks at her figure in the mirror. Devon returns and sees Lily looking at herself. He says that he thinks Chloe is sending her the wrong messages. Lily wonders if she's cut out for this. Devon tells her of course she is; it's in her blood.

J.T. tells Victoria that he doesn't think that she should rush back into work yet. Victoria promises not to push things, but says that when she's ready to go back, she will-it's who she is. J.T. says that she really is her father's daughter. Victoria says that they will never have to worry about money. J.T. says that he would rather support her than to rely on the Newman's money. When Nikki stops by, she tells Victoria that David and she are thinking about planning their wedding. Victoria says not to rush into things. Nikki says that she won't if Victoria doesn't rush back to work. Nikki says there is also the possibility of Victoria coming to work with her at Jabot. Nick comes to visit Victoria and asks her if she would like to work with him on his new project. Victoria says that she thinks she should stay at Newman to look after her father. Nick tells Victoria about what happened while Victoria was asleep. Nick explains the disagreement between Nikki and Victor about whether or not they should abort the baby to save Victoria's life.

Hope and Victor talk about telling Victor Jr. that Victor is his real father. Hope has regrets about pushing Victor out of her life. Hope says that Victor Jr. doesn't go by the name Victor, and everyone calls him Vic. When Vic comes home, he wonders what's wrong with his mother. Hope tells him that she needs to tell him something important. She tells him that she has cancer. Vic is upset that Hope has kept this secret from him. He asks Victor if he is a specialist, but then realizes that he knows him. Vic seems puzzled as to why Victor is there. When Hope has some pain, she explains that she has tried everything and now there is nothing left to be done. Vic says that he won't accept the idea of letting his mother die and runs off. Victor goes to him and talks to Vic about Hope. Vic wishes that he hadn't gone off to college; maybe there would have been some way to help his mother. Victor says that he will help Vic get on the phone with a specialist. Vic shakes his head. He looks around and says that he grew up in this house. His mother is the only person that he has. Hope calls out for Victor. Hope tells Victor Jr. that she had asked Victor to come because together they need to tell him something. She says that she wants him to know where he came from. She tells Vic that Victor is his father.

Jill is surprised to hear that Nikki has named David co-CEO of Jabot. David has a meeting with Walter and passes over some money to him. David explains that he will have a lot more money in the future. Walter says that David needs to go to his wealthy girlfriend and ask her for $250,000. Nikki tells David that she thinks it's best that they wait awhile to marry, so Victoria can get used to the fact that her parents are divorced. David is obviously disappointed, but agrees to do what Nikki wants.

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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Cane and Lily took a table at Indigo. Lily was dressed to the nines in a designer outfit. Cane asked her if anything was wrong. She said that Neil wouldn't be happy seeing her with Cane, but Cane thought that Neil would appreciate the gift Cane brought for him.

At the Indigo bar, Jack and Sharon discussed the exciting times ahead -- Sharon's foundation work was going well and their magazine venture was off to a good start. As they toasted, Jack mentioned there were hopeful signs the judge would rule in their favor regarding Gloria and Jeffrey's residence at the Abbott mansion. Karen and Neil joined them, but Jack immediately left to take a phone call. When Jack rejoined the group, Neil and Karen spotted Cane and Lily and walked over to their table. Jack's phone call was from the court -- the judge made his ruling about the Abbott mansion. Jack and Sharon headed out to break the news to Gloria and Jeff.

Cane invited Neil and Karen to join Lily and him. As they all took their seats, Neil commented on how beautiful Lily's outfit was. When Lily and Karen began excitedly discussing the designer of Lily's outfit, Neil seemed surprised with how much Lily knew about the fashion industry. Lily told him that Chloe, her new fashion coordinator, had been schooling her. Lily said that it was also Chloe's job to make sure that Lily could fit a "double-minus size triple-zero" by next week. When Neil reminded Lily that she was special without any tricks or gimmicks, Lily said she wasn't taking it all that seriously -- it was just fun to stay around the fashion world. Neil warned her to be careful and not to lose herself.

Cane gave Neil his gift -- a very rare recording of one of Neil's favorite jazz artists that Neil had been unsuccessfully looking for. Cane told Neil that his uncle in the Australian outback had an incredible jazz collection and that Cane asked him to part with it when he learned how much Neil wanted the recording. When Lily and Cane left to dance, Neil told Karen he thought that Cane might be trying to buy his friendship. Karen convinced Neil that the gift was a thoughtful gesture on Cane's part. While dancing, Lily told Cane that Neil was probably telling Karen that the gift was an attempt by Cane to buy Neil's acceptance. Cane asked Lily if she thought that, but Lily said she thought the gift was just Cane's attempt to connect with Neil.

Lily and Karen went off to the ladies' room, giving Cane and Neil some time alone. They swapped stories about being young and too broke to buy tickets for jazz concerts, instead using their ingenuity to sneak in. By the time Lily and Karen returned, Neil and Cane were acting like best buddies. As Neil and Karen left, Karen told Neil how proud she was of him, and Neil told her that Cane was growing on him.

Later, Cane dropped Lily off outside the Winters' apartment door and they passionately kissed. Lily regretted not having a place of her own. She told Cane she wanted to make love to him and that she would locate a private place for a Valentine's Day tryst.

At Crimson Lights, Amber showed up late for work because of an appointment with her realtor. She told Jana she was moving out at the end of the month because she wanted more privacy. Kevin asked Amber if she was moving because of the "mattress mambo" she and Daniel had danced the other night. Amber insisted that was no big deal, and reiterated that she just wanted her own place. Jana thought Amber would be sad and gloomy by herself, and when Jana said she was going to make it her mission to find a guy for Amber, Amber told her not to -- that she was fine. Later, watching Kevin and Jana flirting and teasing each other, Amber remembered the night she had sex with Daniel.

On the Crimson Lights patio, Kevin told Gloria that Jeffrey seemed to be falling in love with her. Telling Kevin that Jeffrey was incapable of love, she told her son not to be taken in by Jeffrey's gift of a sports car, and to return it. She reminded Kevin that she was the one with enough money to buy him sports cars and yachts. When he suggested she get out her credit card and go shopping, Gloria snarled that she didn't want to see Kevin take Jeffrey's side -- as a matter of fact, she would disown Kevin if he did. Quickly changing the subject, he told Gloria she needed to take more of the poison, plant the bottle in Jeffrey's room and act as if she were ill. Kevin would then rush her to the hospital, and after the poison was found in her system, Jeffrey would be arrested and out of their lives for good.

Alone at the Abbott mansion, Jeffrey toasted Gloria's portrait, thanking her for making a "kept man" out of him. When Gloria arrived, she told Jeffrey to stop using her money to buy Kevin's loyalty. Jeffrey told Gloria to make dinner for them, and she snidely told him that he should fix it himself. Jeffrey said he expected her to be nice to him and that if she wasn't, jail was just a phone call away. Gloria quickly asked him how he liked his steak cooked.

Later, Gloria, sporting an apron, took another drop of poison and fantasized about actually killing Jeffrey with a large dose. She had a smile on her face as Jeffrey shook her back to reality. Jack and Sharon showed up with a bottle of champagne -- and news about the judge's ruling. Jack told the Bardwells that there were going to be some changes in the living arrangements. Jack then told them the details of the judge's "King Solomon" ruling. The mansion would be shared 50-50: each couple would have their own living quarters and that time in the common areas would be shared, with very strict deadlines. If the Bardwells went over the deadlines, Jack could throw them out. There were to be no deviations from these rules, even if the Bardwells had guests over. Gloria thought the whole thing sounded suspicious and wanted to know why Jack got to make all the decisions about how space was to be allocated. Jack said it was because he had seniority living in the house. He informed the very unhappy-looking Bardwells that he and Sharon would be moving back in the next day.

At Hope's farmhouse in Kansas, Vic was still trying to understand why he was only now learning, at Hope's deathbed, that Victor was his biological father. Vic always assumed that Cliff Wilson was his dad. When Vic asked Hope how she could have lied for 27 years, she said that she had her reasons for raising Vic as Cliff's son. When Vic started to protest, Victor implored him to listen to his mother. Vic told Victor to stay out of it, but Hope told her son that she asked Victor to be there, because now that she was dying she wanted the boy to know he still had family. Vic told the very weak Hope that the only family he wanted was her, and that he wanted to take care of her without the interference of strangers. When Hope said that Victor wasn't a stranger, Vic said Victor didn't mean a thing to him. She asked Vic to try to get to know Victor. Victor suggested that he and Vic go to the kitchen to talk and allow Hope to rest.

In the kitchen, Victor told his son that Hope asked him to be there when she told Vic she was terminally ill with cancer. Vic said it meant nothing to him that Victor was his biological father, and there was nothing Victor could say to change that. Vic asked Victor to leave so he could concentrate on taking care of his mother. Victor asked him if they could try to get to know each other for Hope's sake, but Vic said that wasn't going to happen. Victor put on his coat, walked out the front door, and stood on the porch staring pensively.

Hope begged Vic to give Victor a chance. He said Victor meant no more to him than the mailman did. He forgave Hope for lying to him about his paternity, but also said that any man who left his son for that many years couldn't be taken seriously. Hope asked him not to judge or hate Victor.

Later, asleep with Vic by her bedside, Hope started babbling incoherently and yelling for Cliff. She woke up in extraordinarily pain and a frantic Vic yelled for the nurse. Hearing the commotion, Victor ran upstairs and found the nurse giving Hope an injection. Vic stood there sobbing, and Victor put his hand on his shoulder to try to comfort his son.

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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Daniel asks Amber if hooking up made things weird between them. Amber laughs it off and says that Daniel is still her best friend. Daniel thinks the solution for them should be to start dating. Amber seems interested until she realizes that Daniel means dating other people. Amber says that she's trying to focus on her career right now. She shows Daniel her latest designs. Daniel says that will he put in a good word for her when he interviews at the fashion magazine. Jana gives Amber a valentine from a secret admirer. Kevin takes Jana aside and tells her to stop playing matchmaker. When a realtor shows up to tell Amber that she can't rent the penthouse based on her credit check, Amber offers to pay the rent six months in advance. Kevin and Jana are surprised to hear that Amber has the kind of money.

Nick spends quality time with Summer on Valentine's Day. Phyllis wakes up feeling awful. Daniel stops by and tells Phyllis that it's too bad she's sick on Valentine's Day. Phyllis tells Daniel that she got him an unconventional present for Valentine's Day. They are offering Daniel to be the photo layout person at their magazine. Daniel suggests that they also think about offering Amber a position. Phyllis is surprised that Amber needs a job, especially considering that she's looking at renting her penthouse. Daniel is surprised to hear that Amber could afford Phyllis' penthouse. When Daniel talks to Amber about it, he is shocked to hear that Amber is paying six month's rent in advance. Daniel thinks that Amber may be up to her old scams again. He tells her that he hates the fact that they hooked up because it's changing everything between them.

Victoria packs her things to get ready for the move back to the loft. Nikki wishes that Victoria didn't have to leave so quickly. Victoria asks Nikki what happened while she was in a coma. Victoria wants to know if the battle that Nikki and Victor had about Victoria and the baby was what drove them apart. Nikki tries to explain the situation that they were in. Nikki tells Victoria that Victor and J.T. wanted to terminate the pregnancy to save Victoria's life. Nikki explains that she felt that Victoria would have wanted her to do anything possible to save the baby. Victoria tells her mother that she feels that Nikki did the right thing. Nikki tells her how relieved she is to hear that. When J.T. pulls up he wonders if anything is wrong. Victoria says that everything is okay. They take Reed and get ready to go back to the loft. At the loft, J.T. shows Victoria that bed he made for Reed. She can't believe he had so much time to do things while he was by her bedside all the time. J.T. opens up a bottle of champagne and toasts to their family being together in their home.

Neil tells Lily that he had a great time at the club the night before. Neil says that he appreciates Cane giving him the record and inviting them to sit with them at the club. When Lily gets a call from Cane, she asks him to meet her for breakfast. Karen comes by and Neil says that he's going to make this a special day for her. Neil takes Karen to Indigo and has Pat Benatar there to help Karen get over her stage fright. Pat asks Karen to sing a song for them.

When Cane and Lily meet for breakfast, Cane asks Lily if she will be his Valentine. Dressed in a tight red dress, Lily asks if it isn't written all over her. Cane gets Lily something special all the way from Paris. Lily gives Cane a fake passport to Paris. She says that the city of light is closer than he thinks. They go upstairs to a hotel room. Lily has set everything up with special things from Paris. Lily tells Cane in French that she wants him. They make love.

Nikki and David get ready to leave the Newman Ranch. Nikki feels strange knowing that this will be the last time she will be at the Newman Ranch. Nikki remembers some of the special moments she spent with Victor.

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Friday, February 15, 2008

At the Kansas farmhouse, Hope rested while an obviously exhausted Vic sat vigil by her bedside. Victor suggested he get some sleep, but Vic, not wanting to leave his mother's bedside, refused. Hope awakened and asked Vic to get her something to drink. Alone with Victor, Hope said that she didn't fear dying, especially now that she knew Victor would be there for Vic. She told Victor that Vic was vulnerable and sensitive very much like Victor.

Later, in the kitchen, Victor tried to tell his son that Hope was slipping away. Vic didn't seem to want to hear that he ignored his father and began preparing sandwiches for them. Victor told him he empathized with Vic's desire to control the situation, but there were times when one just had to let go and let nature take its course. Vic countered that he read quite a lot about "the dark side of Mr. Victor Newman" and that Victor didn't seem like the type of man to ever let go. Vic knew that Victor had just gone through a messy divorce and had been arrested for murder, and although Hope might think Victor was a "good soul," Vic knew better.

Back in the bedroom, Vic brought Hope up to date on his life in New York City, and suggested she come to for a visit. Hope realized her son hadn't accepted her imminent death. Vic begged her not go give up, and she said she wasn't giving up she was moving on. Vic said he didn't want Victor around during this difficult time. Hope told Vic it was a great comfort to her having Victor there. Both Hope and Victor urged Vic to get some rest. After the boy left, Hope begged Victor to be patient with their son Vic didn't like being told what to do or how to feel. They shared a laugh when Victor said he had been accused of that also. Victor told Hope he was trying to connect to Vic, and that Vic had become a fine young man because of the wonderful example Hope set for the boy. They discussed their relationship, and how it ended because neither could fit into the other's world. As Vic stood unseen by the door, Victor told Hope that his love for her was the purest he ever felt.

Pat Benatar and Spyder worked with Karen at Indigo, trying to help Karen get over her stage fright. Pat admitted to Karen that she too suffered from performance anxiety. Pat advised Karen not to look into the crowd when she sang to try to imagine that she was by herself. As Karen was working up the nerve to begin singing, Neil walked by to say he was leaving. Karen froze up. Pat then told Karen she had another secret trick to reduce her stage fright, and whispered it to her as Spyder protested that even he didn't know this trick.

In their room at the Athletic Club, Lily and Cane awakened after their romantic night. They continued the Parisian theme started the night before, imagining the smell of fresh bread from the corner bakery. Lily thought if she got her own apartment they could always share a little bit of Paris. When she asked Cane if anything had changed since they made love, he told her he felt closer to her than ever. His concern was how he could continue to act professionally around her he wasn't sure if he could keep his hands off of her at work.

Later, they were on their way downstairs and ran into Neil, who seemed to know what they had spent the night there. After a brief, awkward conversation, Neil headed into the dining room for a meeting. Lily, realizing that Neil was on to them, tried to stop Cane from discussing the situation with her dad. Cane insisted on talking with Neil, as he didn't want any setbacks in his improving relationship with Lily's father.

Cane told Neil that Lily was a grown-up, and Neil shouldn't make her feel like she was walking on eggshells. Neil replied that spending the night with Cane did not make Lily a grown-up. When Neil asked Cane if he was falling in love with his daughter, Cane said he thought he was. Neil told Cane that although Lily was strong-willed and independent, she was also young and vulnerable. He admonished Cane not to use the word "love" lightly with Lily.

Devon and Lily ran into each other at the Winters' apartment. She told Devon she had "spent the morning in Paris" with Cane. Devon responded disapprovingly, and went to shower. As soon as he stepped out of the room, Lily called Colleen and asked if they could meet at Crimson Lights she wanted to tell Colleen all about the night she spent with Cane. Lily did not realize that Devon overheard the conversation.

At Crimson Lights, Lily told Colleen that she and Cane bumped into Neil at the Athletic Club, and that it was clear that Neil figured out Lily spent the night with Cane. Colleen told Lily not to let Neil ruin her happiness. Lily was afraid that she was a disappointment to Neil. She told Colleen she was in love with Cane. When Cane showed up, Colleen left him alone with Lily, and ran into Devon. When Devon remarked that Lily and Cane really seemed into each other, Colleen agreed that they looked happy.

Back at Indigo, Karen sang her song fearlessly and flawlessly. Neil came in during her performance, and when she finished he congratulated her, as did Pat and Spyder. Karen told Neil he looked terrible. He told Karen he ran into Lily and Cane and learned they had spent the night together. Neil felt he handled the situation well, and realized that he wasn't in charge of Lily's life any longer. Pat and Spyder performed a special song for Neil and Karen.

Jack and Sharon showed up at the Abbott mansion and were greeted in the living room by Gloria, singing at the top of her lungs, wearing an apron, and trying to act unfazed about the Abbotts moving back in. Jack reminded Gloria that it wasn't her turn to be in the living room today she had the kitchen, the dining room, the laundry room, and the garden shed. As Gloria left to return to the dining room, Sharon noticed some of Gloria's things on the couch and asked her not to leave her mess around.

Back in the dining room, the Bardwells complained about the new living arrangements. When Gloria told Jeff that Sharon thought she was a slob, Jeff threw a dish on the floor and made a mess with childlike glee. Hearing Fisher barking outside, Gloria realized Noah was there and that she could get to Jack and Sharon through the child.

In the living room, Noah was thrilled to see Fisher, who had been staying at a kennel. Gloria eavesdropped as Noah asked Jack and Sharon if he could keep Fisher over at Phyllis and Nick's the boy was scared that Gloria might let Fisher out to run away. Avoiding an answer, Sharon told Noah there was a surprise upstairs for Noah and Fisher, and they all went upstairs (leaving Fisher behind) to see what it was. Gloria, using a steak, lured Fisher to the front door, tossed the steak outside, watched Fisher run after it, and told the dog to "stay away as long as you like."

Later, Jack, Sharon, and Noah were looking for Fisher when Kevin showed up at the front door. Jack informed him that if he wanted to see Gloria he needed to come into the house via the servants' entrance. Jack slammed the door as he, Sharon, and Noah continued their search for Fisher.

In the dining room, Kevin asked Gloria why he had to use the servants' entrance and Gloria explained that the judge had handed down a new set of rules regarding the living arrangements. Jeff left for a moment and Kevin reviewed the poisoning plan with Gloria: she needs to stay at the current dosage for a few more days in order to build up a tolerance for a much higher dose. Gloria said she would then have a dinner party, take the higher dose, and collapse in front of many witnesses.

Jack and Noah came in the dining room and asked Gloria if she had seen Fisher. Kevin told them he saw the dog outside, chewing on a piece of meat. Gloria told an angry Jack that she let Fisher out because he was acting like he needed to "do his business." After Jack and Noah left to get Fisher, Kevin chastised Gloria for getting Noah involved in her war with the Abbotts. Gloria said it was the only way she could get to Jack. When Kevin suggested that perhaps she had met her match in Jack, Gloria said that was impossible.

Kevin gave Gloria her dose of poison just before Jeff came back in the dining room. Out in the living room, Jack, Sharon, and Noah brought Fisher in he was just finishing off the steak, which turned out to be a t-bone that Jack was saving. Jack stormed into the dining room to confront Gloria. Jack told her that it was one thing to take his steak but to mess with the mind of an 11-year old was beyond the pale. When Gloria snidely said she thought Noah was 10, Jack told her that this incident was strike one two more strikes and he would have the Bardwells out on the street. When Jeff said that sounded like a threat, Jack assured him it was. They had better watch it, or he'd have them out of there so fast they wouldn't know what hit them.

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