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Monday, November 5, 2007

Jack went to the hospital to speak with Victor about the ongoing investigation concerning the disaster at Clear Springs. Victor voiced his concern that someone wanting to get back at him hurt many innocent people in the process. Victor vowed to destroy the person responsible. Just after Victor vowed to punish the perpetrator, a radio at the nurses' station broadcast a special report with an update about the collapse. The reporter stated that structural engineers had discovered that the explosion at the garage and casino was caused by natural-gas drilling several miles outside of the development. The reporter also stated that Victor Newman is the owner of the drilling company.

Victor later read aloud to Jack the official accident report stating that cold weather had forced water into the gas deposits, and a broken monitor failed to alert workers, which allowed gas to accumulate until it exploded. An angry Jack taunted Victor, telling him that although he was being hailed a hero, he was actually responsible for ruining his wife's project and almost killing his grandson, daughter and Sharon, among others. An incensed Victor ordered Jack out of the hospital.

At J.T.'s apartment, Nikki and J.T. packed some of Victoria's belongings, so they could make her feel more comfortable at the hospital. Nikki took note of Victor's, photo pierced with a dart, on J.T.'s dart board, and she joked with J.T. about it. Nikki also noticed the gift bag containing the baby clothes she'd given to Victoria and sadly remembered Victoria's remark about having given away baby clothes after her miscarriage. When Nikki arrived back at the hospital, David told her that Victor's drilling company had accidentally caused the collapse. Nikki angrily confronted Victor and told him that if he is indeed to blame, then she would never, ever forgive him. Later, Nikki told David that if she'd left Victor, then the accident would never have happened because Victor had bought the mineral rights at Clear Springs just to get back at her. Kay stopped by to check on Victoria. Kay and Nikki shared fond memories of Victoria's youth and her past horsemanship accomplishments.

Nick, at Jack's with Noah, checked on Sharon, who assured Nick that she was fine. However, both were concerned that Noah didn't seem to be coping well emotionally. Neil phoned and broke the news that Victor's drilling project caused the accident. At the office, Nick angrily confronted Neil about Victor's covertly-run drilling project. Neil dealt with Nick's hurt and anger while he also fielded probing questions from the press. When Nick asked why Neil hadn't alerted him about Victor's drilling project, Neil just shook his head and apologized.

Cane and Kay were relieved to learn from an official that the parking garage was structurally sound; therefore, Chancellor Construction was cleared of blame for the collapse. When Kay and Cane later learned that a drilling project had caused the collapse, Kay vowed to sue the drilling company for every asset it holds. A moment later, a reporter phoned and told Kay that the drilling company is owned by Victor. Kay told Cane that she now understood why Victor was unconcerned with cost overruns and delays because he was set to make a fortune on gas reserves. Kay and Cane were irate when they realized that Victor's evil plan to get back at Nikki had inadvertently killed a man and injured many victims.

Still hobbling due to her leg injury, Sharon was shocked when she learned that Victor's actions were responsible for the accident, and Jack vowed to make Victor pay. Jack and Sharon both tried to help Noah, but he remained depressed and distracted himself with video games, shutting out friends and family. Jack told Sharon that they shouldn't push Noah too fast. Jack read online blog opinions directing blame at Victor. Sharon defended Victor, telling Jack that Victor is paying dearly for what has happened.

Victor was troubled by the findings of the investigation, but Neil assured Victor that the catastrophe was an accident. Neil also told Kay that he'd double-checked everything himself and that Victor's drilling company had followed every safety precaution. When Neil stated that the accident was an act of God, Kay commented sarcastically that Victor certainly loves playing God.

At the hospital, J.T. stayed at Victoria's bedside and talked about their plans for the future. Nick stood silently by the door and watched as J.T. carried on the one-sided conversation with his comatose fiancée. Cane came to the hospital and told J.T. that Victor is responsible for the collapse. J.T. confronted Victor, but he wouldn't assume full blame. Victor also hovered over the unresponsive Victoria. He told his daughter that he would give anything to hear her voice and see her opened eyes. Victor told Nick that he'd do anything to change what had happened, and Nick understood that his father hadn't purposely caused the accident. Later, Nikki covered Victoria with her favorite quilt and lovingly stroked her daughter's shoulders. Nick jokingly teased that he and J.T. would pick out the baby's furniture if she didn't hurry and wake up.

Later, at home, Kay vowed to punish Victor. Cane said it was about time for the cavalry to charge at Victor, and Kay declared that Victor would soon need an army of lawyers in order to face the battle from Chancellor Industries. Back at Newman Industries, Neil told Victor that the news reports implicating Victor were having a negative impact on the companies that Newman does business with. Victor admitted that some actions he'd taken were meant to hurt his wife, and he asked to be left alone. Victor sat silently and hung his head in anguish and shame.