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Monday, September 10, 2007

Nick had stopped by Sharon's with Summer. Noah begged repeatedly to go visit with and call Phyllis, but Nick wasn't able to put a call through to his wife. Noah was worried about Phyllis, so Nick decided to visit her at the prison when he was unable to reach her by phone. Sharon volunteered to sit with Summer. At Noah's urging, Sharon snapped photos of Nick and the kids, using Nick's cell-phone camera, so Nick could later show the photos to Phyllis.

Phyllis tried to appeal to a jail guard to let her call home to check on Summer, but she was told she couldn't since her phone privileges had been revoked after she used the phone when told not to. However, Michael and Nick, posing as an attorney, were allowed into Phyllis' cell. Nick assured Phyllis that Summer was fine. Phyllis and Nick managed to sneak a few kisses in while Michael kept a close watch on the guards. Later, when Michael left Phyllis' cell to speak with the warden about Phyllis' harsh disciplinary actions, the warden was about to change his mind and reinstate Phyllis' privileges until he received a call from a guard. The angry warden led Michael back to Phyllis' cell and addressed Nick as Mr. Newman. An alert guard had recognized Nick from a photo in Phyllis' file. The warden ordered Michael and Nick to leave, and warned Nick not to return to the prison. Phyllis became upset and begged the warden to allow her to see her family. As Nick and Michael were led away, Phyllis slumped against the bars and cried that she couldn't make it without the support of her family.

At home, while Sharon entertained Noah and Summer, Jack fielded calls from the press about Ji Min's sudden death. Jack praised Ji Min for having brought Jabot back to its former glory. Nikki was also hounded by reporters. David Chow worried about having spoken to the reporter before it was learned that Ji Min had died, but he expressed relief that the main problem had been averted. Nikki, however, reminded David that the story about Jack could be publicized, but David said it couldn't without corroboration and, it was pointed out, that Jack wouldn't admit to fraud. At the club, Paul gave Katherine reports of background checks on prospective candidates for CEO of Jabot, a position Katherine hoped Jill would assume. Maggie told Katherine that tests had not yet determined exactly how Ji Min had died, although it looked as though he had had fallen.

At the Chancellor mansion, a grieving Jill phoned a reporter and informed him about Jack having used Ji Min as a pawn in his scheme to gain control of Jabot, which Jack purchased and then sold to Katherine illegally. However, the reporter disappointed Jill when he informed her that he couldn't televise the story without proof. Jill said that Ji Min possessed a covertly taped conversation between himself and Jack Abbott that would serve as proof since Jack readily admitted that he owned Jabot, but sadly, Jill admitted, she didn't know who has the tape now. Katherine came home and requested that the reporter leave. Jill confronted her mother, but Katherine denied knowing about Jack's involvement. Instead, Jill asked the reporter to speak to Victor Newman. After the reporter left, Jill vowed to take Jack down, but Katherine reminded her daughter that she'd be taking her mother down with Jack.

Jack approached Nikki and urged her to stick to the same story he'd tell whenever approached by the press. However, Katherine later called Jack and told him about the tape Jill mentioned. Jill went to Victor and demanded that he give her the tape the he had pressured Ji Min into recording when he coerced Jack into admitting that he owned Jabot. Later, when the reporter confronted Jack, he accused the reporter of using malicious rumors in place of fact. Katherine went to Nikki's office and told her that Jill was on the rampage concerning Jack's fraudulent business dealings and that she was determined to publicize them. Both Nikki and Katherine wondered if indeed Victor was in possession of the audio tape of Jack and Ji Min. Nikki explained that Victor wouldn't use the tape unless he had something to gain, and Katherine reminded Nikki that he had been flaunting her relationship with David Chow in front of Victor's face. Nikki and Katherine then confronted Victor about the tape. An angry Victor insisted that he didn't know anything about the tape, and he asked Katherine why Jill had allowed herself to be taken in by Ji Min in the first place.

Jill confronted Jack about the tape, telling Jack that Ji Min wouldn't have lied about the tape after coming clean to her about everything else. Jill became livid when Jack told her that her crusade to prove her allegations could hurt Ji Min's family. Jill accused Jack of destroying Ji Min's career and reputation. Jill warned Jack that sooner or later the truth would come out. Later, when Jill came home, Katherine told Jill that her crusade against Jack could be hurting her son, if arrests are made. She begged Jill to let the matter rest. A bit later, Jill was crushed when the reporter stopped by and told her that without proof, Jill's story about Jack and Ji Min was dead. Jill sarcastically told her mother to celebrate since Ji Min's story would never be told. Jill pulled away when Katherine reached out to hold her hand.

As the evening settled, everyone seemed to believe that the threat had blown over. Nikki remarked to David that she was surprised that Victor had been so reasonable when she had spoken with him. At the Abbotts, Jack loosened his tie, poured himself a drink and settled down on the sofa next to Sharon. Sharon told Jack that she had enjoyed taking care of Summer. As Jack relaxed, with his feet propped up on the coffee table, he assured Sharon that the buzz about Ji Min would soon die down. Noah brought Summer into the living room and asked Jack to take pictures of the baby. While Jack took photos of Sharon and Summer, Noah turned on the TV. Jack looked stunned when a reporter's voice announced that a recording of Jack Abbott and Ji Min Kim had been dropped off at the TV station. Back at the Chancellor mansion, Jill, Katherine and Cane watched and listened as the voices of Jack and Ji Min spelled out the ugly truth when Jack admitted that he owned House of Kim, Jabot and that he even owned Ji Min. Nikki stifled a gasp with her hand as she and David listened to the audio tape on a TV in her office. Victor, alone in his office, looked quite pleased with himself as he, too, listened to the tape as it was broadcast over the airwaves.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Jack suspects Ji Min sold the tape to Victor. Victoria realizes that Nikki knew about Jack's ownership of Jabot for months and is hurt by her mother's ongoing deceit. Kay questions whether Jill engineered the release of the tape, while Cane tries to play peacemaker. Nick stops by to pick up Summer and Sharon asks him to take Noah for the night. Nick tells Sharon if she needs anything to call him and Jack takes notice. Jack and Nick exchange some harsh words until Sharon reminds them of Noah's presence. Noah asks if Jack did something bad. Nick covers for Jack, saying politicians always get a bad rap. Jack makes Nikki realize that Victor was behind the release of the tape. When Nikki later confronts Victor he dances around admitting he released the tape to the press. Hurt, Nikki reminds him that it is their anniversary, but Victor coldly says he didn't forget. Victoria confronts Victor, as well, about releasing the tape and this time Victor loses his cool. Kay suggests to Michael, Nikki and Victoria they hold a press conference to release a statement that they believe the tape was fabricated. Michael tells Kay she has to tell the truth – just not the whole truth. Sharon tells Jack that he should still tell the truth and asks him to do it for Noah. Nick meets with Sharon and tells her that until this scandal blows over he doesn't want Noah living with Jack. Sharon, however, refuses. Jack tells Nikki and Kay they all need to be on the same page with the press. He calls a press conference and tells everyone that the recording is a fake.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Amber vents to Daniel about everyone always thinking the worst of her. Kevin comes out of the shower upset about a phone call from Jana. She's wanting him to stay away from her as she feels she'll ruin his life. Amber tells Kevin that there isn't much hot water for a shower, so Daniel takes his shirt off and runs into the bathroom before Kevin. Just then the doorbell rings. Kevin leaves the room and Amber answers the door just as Daniel comes back out of the bathroom, and Lily is at the door with a surprised look on her face. Adrian is waiting for Colleen to finish up at work when Heather walks in. When he sees her he rushes Colleen out. After arguing with Jack, Sharon jumps on the elevator and Brad is there. He asks what's wrong and she tells him she needs some fresh air. Jack then calls her cell phone but she doesn't answer. Brad asks her why these elevators never break down when you want them to.

Lily says she could come back later but Amber and Daniel tell her it's not what it looks like and to stay. Amber leaves the room so Lily and Daniel can talk. Lily wants Daniel to sign their divorce papers. She tells him once she turns the papers in they're done. Lily tells Daniel that he's not the only one hurt by all of this. They sign the divorce papers. Lily thanks him and leaves. He stops her and tells her that just because he signed the papers doesn't mean that he doesn't love her. Lily then quickly leaves. Kevin and Amber come out and try to encourage him. Kevin tells Daniel that at least Lily is talking to him and that Jana won't even speak to him. Amber says they're depressing and they should party. Daniel and Amber discuss giving up relationships and make a pact to not have any. Kevin just laughs at them. Adrian helps Colleen unpack her things. He tells her to finish unpacking later and wants to give her a tour of their bed. J.T. sees Cane at the coffee shop and offers his condolences over his families loss. He tells Cane about Victoria's pregnancy cravings. Cane explains that someone is stealing from the Clear Springs construction site. Brad and Sharon go to the club and ask Gina for a private table. Sharon tells Brad about the recording that was made public where Jack admits owning Jabot. Adrian and Colleen are in bed when someone knocks on the door. Lily shouts that she knows Colleen is home and that she needs to talk to her. Brad tells Sharon that it's painful for him to hear Sharon choosing her words so carefully when talking about Jack's problems.

Amber tells Daniel why she was in Ji Min's room the night he died. She tells him that Ji Min had their missing money. She explains to him that that $100 bill she got from Ji Min matched the serial numbers of the missing money. She then talks about how horrible it was to find Ji Min's body but that nobody feels sorry for her, that they automatically assume she's guilty of something. Daniel tells her that she should have told him and Kevin about the money, then she wouldn't have been on her own and wouldn't have found Ji Min's money. Daniel tells Amber that they should rent Ji Min's room so they can search it more to see if the money is still there. Amber tells him that Maggie didn't seem to take her seriously when she told the police that she thought Ji Min had the money. Amber gets on the phone to rent the room. Lily tells Colleen about finding Daniel and Amber together. She tells Colleen that she knows Daniel is bad for her, but that when she saw them together she just wanted to hit Amber. Colleen tells her that it's OK for her to be mad, that she's allowed to be mad, that she can't just stop her feelings right away. Colleen tells her that things will get better and she'll eventually find someone else. She tells Lily about what a mess she was after she and J.T. broke up and she didn't think she'd find someone else. J.T. offers to help Cane figure out who is stealing copper from the construction site. Jack rushes passed Gina to talk to Sharon. He sits down at the table with Sharon and Brad and thanks them for waiting for him.

Lily, Colleen and Adrian play Trivial Pursuit. Adrian knows the answers and Lily asks him if he thinks it's unhealthy to know so many useless bits of information. There's a knock at the door. Colleen answers it and it's Kevin. Kevin wants to know if they're having a housewarming party. Colleen decides she wants to have one and Adrian agrees. J.T. explains to Cain how he'll go undercover as a new hire on the construction site. Sharon gets a phone call about Noah and leaves the table. When they're alone, Jack tells Brad that he doesn't want him to have breakfast, lunch, dinner or anything else alone with his wife again. He tells Brad that he tarnished Sharon's reputation by his court testimony and that he won't let him do that again. Brad then remarks to Jack how he's having Sharon lie about the Jabot situation. Daniel and Amber arrive at Ji Min's room. In the hall outside, Carson shows up and tells Amber that he's been looking all over for her.

Amber and Daniel go downstairs so Carson doesn't realize they're going to stay in Ji Min's room. He follows them down to the bar, but Amber explains that she's taking Daniel out because he just ended his marriage. As Kevin looks at Adrian's computer, Colleen suggests to Lily that they have a divorce party. Carson doesn't leave the bar, so Amber tells Daniel that he'll have to go on up to the room by himself and that she'll hang out there with Carson for just a little bit. Daniel acts like he has gotten a phone call and leaves the bar. Just then Cane walks in. Amber tells Carson that he stalks her while she's with Daniel, but now that she's alone he ignores her. He then scoots over next to her and says he'll make Cane jealous. He touches Amber's face and Cane stares with interest.

At the coffee shop, Heather walks in and sees Adrian. He acts like he doesn't remember her and she tells him her name. She tells him that she is Heather Stevens and that she was Macy Whitcombs roommate. He tells her that he's sorry. She says it was awful but that she's sure it was worse for him since he found her body. He asks her what brings her to Genoa City and she explains that she's working for the DA's office. Heather tells Adrian that Macy always talked about him and about how much she liked his course. Heather tells Adrian it was nice to meet her and leaves. Colleen and Lily go to the club looking for Neil to ask him if they can use Indigo for her divorce party. She then sees Cane and talks about hitting on him. Colleen encourages Lily to go over and flirt with Cane. She talks to Cane and tells him that she just got divorced. He asks her if she's here with anyone. She says ‘no' and then nervously invites him to her divorce party. Cane says it sounds like fun and says he'll be there. Colleen and Lily are giggling about Cane when he waves back at them on his way out. Carson tells Amber that Cane was only flirting with her to make Amber jealous. She says she needs to gets some air and excuses herself. Carson wants her to stay, so she tells him to order her another drink and she'll be back. In the lobby, Amber calls Daniel, whose in Ji Min's room looking for clues. He says he can't find anything and Amber tells him that she wants to look herself. She tells Daniel to come down to the bar and stay with Carson to make sure he doesn't go up to the room. Amber goes to the room and Daniel heads back down to the bar. During dinner with Sharon and Brad, Jack gets a phone call and has to leave. Sharon tells him she'll see him back at home. Brad asks Sharon what Noah is going to do when he finds out that Jack and Sharon are both lying to him. Sharon tells him that he promised not to dump on her. He says that he's not dumping on her, he's just asking her how she wants to raise her son. Jack tells Ben on the phone that he's not going to hire a lawyer because it'll make everyone think that he needs one. He tells Ben to tell the ethics committee is that Jack has nothing to hide, there's been no indictment and that if there is a formal hearing that he is fully willing and eager to clear his name. Amber rests on Ji Min's bed and notices the air vent on the wall. She unscrews it and opens it up to find the money that Ji Min stole from her.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Noah asks Jack why somebody made a fake tape to hurt him. Jack lies to Noah, and tells him that being a Senator is tough, and some people will go out of their way to jeopardize their careers. Sharon tells Jack that she is disappointed that Jack felt the need to lie to Noah. She says that when she married him she thought this side of Jack was behind him. Jack's father John appears and agrees with Sharon. John tells Jack that he thought that Jack had matured, but is saddened to see that Jack is continuing his deceitful ways. Jack asks John what he was supposed to do under the circumstances. John says that he could have told the truth.

Sharon and Noah have smoothies at the coffeehouse. When a reporter comes up to them and asks Sharon how she feels about Jack's fraud, Sharon says that she supports her husband. Noah gets angry. He says that Jack never lied and to leave his mother alone.

Sharon goes to Jack and tells him that she is disappointed that she has to lie to Noah. Jack tries to convince her by saying that if he would have told the truth, all the good things that he is doing as Senator wouldn't be happening. Sharon says that she thinks Jack is thinking more about himself than about other people.

Nikki is disappointed when she reads the message boards on the computer. They are all about Jack's fraud. David wonders if Nikki really thinks that Victor released the tape. Nikki says that she's known Victor for many years, and can tell when Victor isn't telling the truth. David gives Nikki a package. It's a case with the key to his hotel room.

Nikki goes to the Athletic Club and sees Victor. She asks him why he's working out so hard, isn't he too busy destroying people's lives? As they begin to argue, Victoria interrupts and says that the baby can tell when people are fighting. Nikki asks Victoria how she is. Victoria asks Nikki how things are with Victor. Nikki says that Victor is nothing like J.T. Besides, she has someone that respects her. She tells Victoria about David's gift to her.

Nikki decides to go to David's room. As they toast to champagne, David tells her about the first time they met. They soon end up making love. Nikki is surprised that they ended up together, considering they were initially on opposite sides. David is happy that things have worked out this way. Later, Nikki thinks about her life with Victor. She remembers the first time they made love, when she found out she was pregnant. Then she remembers how it felt when Victor undermined her desire to run NVP. She scrolls through her phone to call Victor. When he answers, she hangs up.

Victoria tries to talk to Victor about his marriage. Victor says that he is too busy to talk. Victoria is upset that Victor is more interested in Jack's demise than his own marriage. She says that Victor is going to lose his wife. Victor says that Nikki is going to lose him.

Carson can tell that Amber isn't coming back. He gets sick of Daniel trying to stall him and leaves.

Amber has issues trying to decide whether or not to keep the money. Her bad side tries to convince her that she could use the money to achieve fame, to make a demo tape, to buy hot clothes for herself. Her thoughts are interrupted by a knock on the door. Amber considers telling Daniel, but his phone rings. Michael wants them to meet to discuss their situation. As they leave, Jeffrey checks into the room next door.

Michael tells Amber, Kevin and Daniel that if they do not come up with the money they are going to jail. Gloria suggests giving Amber the money. Everyone is shocked and thankful, until Amber finds out that Gloria is only offering a loan. Amber knows that Gloria is only offering her the money to help Kevin stay out of jail.

Kevin and Daniel try to talk Amber into taking the loan from Gloria. Amber says that she never had anyone on her side and that she needs to take care of herself.

When Amber returns to the hotel room, Carson is in the room waiting for her. Amber tries to get Carson out of there. When Carson finally leaves, he sees Jeffrey outside. He makes a joke about getting kicked out.

Gloria comes to the hotel room. She tells Amber that she has decided to give Amber the money, no strings attached. When Gloria leaves, Amber is thrilled. Now she can keep the money and stay out of jail!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Nikki cancels her meeting with Nick, Victoria and Victor to spend the day, in bed, with David. Meanwhile, Nick and Victoria decide it is time for an intervention with their parents. Nicholas tries to convince Victor, while Victoria works on Nikki. Victor agrees to have a family meeting; Nikki on the other hand decides to stay with David. Victoria arrives at the GCAC and informs Nick that Nikki won't be joining them. Victor arrives and realizes the same thing. Nick and Victoria beg Victor to stay and to tell his side of things and Victor agrees, coldly. Victoria and Nick do their best to reason with Victor but in the end, it does no good. While planning Lily's party, Colleen notices Cane checking out Lily. Lily, Colleen and Adrian run into Heather at the coffeehouse and Adrian introduces them. Amber's evil alter ego convinces her to keep the money for herself. She comes up with a plan to fool the authorities into believing the money was burned. Amber buys a bag of shredded currency and goes to work setting it on fire and mixing the ashes with the real hundred dollar bills, her alter ego talking over her shoulder the entire time. Amber places the currency with the burnt hundreds in the air-vent of Ji Min's room with a lit cigarette, and waits for the fire alarm to go off. Jill gets caught in the steam room as the fire alarm is going off. Amber hears her cry for help and manages to save her.