Y&R Recaps: The week of August 20, 2007 on The Young and the Restless
Adrian told Colleen that he had lost the job in Paris because of Brad. Jana informed Adrian that Brad had an assumed identity. Phyllis' bail was revoked. Jana headed into surgery. Jill ended her relationship with Ji Min. Noah testified on Phyllis' behalf.
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Monday, August 20, 2007

Speaking to Colleen at the coffeehouse, Kevin worried that Jana may not make it through the surgery because it took so long to come up with the money to pay for it. He feared that Jana may never again be the person he once knew and loved. Colleen received a call from Adrian. Kevin could tell that Colleen wasn't exactly elated to hear from her boyfriend. Colleen admitted that she was still miffed at Adrian for treating her like a child after she helped Kevin. Later, Amber stopped by the coffeehouse and expressed her concern to Kevin that he, she and Daniel could soon face prison time.

Colleen went to Adrian's, but their reunion was awkward. Colleen's iciness began to melt, however, when Adrian presented Colleen with an antique Czech necklace. Adrian and Colleen kissed, and Adrian presented her with another souvenir, a book of poems from France. When in France, Adrian mentioned that he'd visited Paris' Reinard Museum. Colleen had remembered that the Reinard had offered Adrian a curator's position, an offer which was later withdrawn. Adrian explained that the museum had to either choose him or become the beneficiary of an ancient painting. Colleen quickly realized that her father, who'd donated a painting around that time, had been behind the scheme to ruin Adrian's Paris job. Later, Colleen told Adrian that she has been spending time with Kevin because he is distraught about Jana's grave condition. Later, Adrian and Brad butted heads at the GCAC. Adrian told Brad that he'd managed a side trip to Kunta Hora. Brad taunted Adrian for chasing after a story that doesn't exist, but Adrian assured Brad that he'd keep digging into Kunta Hora-and Brad's past.

Kevin went to check on Jana, who worried that it may be too late for the surgery to help her. Jana shared her wish to be back with Kevin forever after she recovers from the surgery. Adrian stopped by the hospital to check on Jana. Jana apologized to Adrian for everything she had done to hurt others, explaining that her illness caused her to do terrible things. Kevin was not receptive to Adrian's intrusion and warned him that Jana is sometimes incoherent, but Adrian persisted, wanting to question Jana about Kunta Hora. Jana suffered a memory lapse and became upset at one point, but after having a few medical tests performed, she was ready to answer Adrian's questions. Adrian mentioned that he had recently visited Kunta Hora and that he had learned about Jana's family. He told Jana that he was writing a book about Kunta Hora. When Adrian asked how Brad had managed to escape detection, Jana soberly explained that Brad has been living under a false identity for years.

At the Newman's tack house, Michael, Nick and Daniel offered support to Phyllis as they all tried to guess whether or not the probation officer bought Phyllis' cover story about her attempt to flee the country. Just as they were all convinced that Phyllis had a fighting chance to dodge the bullet, Michael was served with papers from the court ordering Phyllis to appear at a hearing to determine whether or not to revoke her bail after a security photo taken at the airport bearing a date-and time-stamp showed Phyllis at the ticket counter. Michael noted sarcastically that do-gooder Paul had been instrumental in obtaining the photo. As a nervous Phyllis prepared for her hearing, she clutched baby Summer in her arms. Noah and Sharon stopped by, after Noah insisted on visiting Phyllis. Noah offered his support to his step-mom. Phyllis was touched, but she urged Noah to go with Daniel to play basketball at the club while she attended her hearing. Sharon denied having told the authorities about Phyllis' attempt to flee. At the basketball court, Noah's mood improved. Amber joined Daniel and Noah on the court.

At the GCAC, Heather thanked Paul for providing the photo of Phyllis. Brad was all ears at the far end of the bar, as Heather explained to Paul that the only reasonable action to take against Phyllis, if she had indeed attempted to flee, would be for the judge to revoke her bail. Paul offered his assistance to Heather whenever she needed it.

At the basketball court, Noah worried that Daniel would be angry at him because Sharon is responsible for Phyllis possibly facing jail time. However, Daniel explained that no matter what happens between their moms, they'd always be brothers. While Noah played ball with Daniel, Sharon visited with Brad inside the club. Sharon rightly guessed that Brad had ratted on Phyllis. As Sharon and Brad shared lunch, they discussed Phyllis and how her blackmail had affected so many people. Sharon lamented the fact the Noah had even turned against her and supported Phyllis. As Sharon and Brad laughed and talked, Colleen, clutching the necklace Adrian had given her, sat nearby watching her dad and Sharon. Brad confided to Sharon that Colleen's involvement with Kevin had given him grey hairs, and what's more, he added, is the fact the Adrian is back from Kunta Hora, where he delved into Brad's family's past and their connection to Nazi-stolen artifacts. Brad expressed his concern because he realizes that Adrian is obsessive and doesn't let go until he gets what he wants. After Sharon left, a seething Colleen approached Brad and told him that she knew that he had prevented Adrian from getting the Paris job.

At the courthouse, Michael berated Paul for digging up evidence against Phyllis. He warned Paul to stay out of the Phyllis' case. A worried Phyllis arrived at the courthouse wearing a dark suit that matched her mood. Nick accompanied her. After Nick went into the courtroom, Phyllis also lashed out at Paul and reminded him that she knew that he had held a woman captive for weeks. She threatened Paul, telling him that if he hurts her again, she'll make certain that he occupies the cell next to hers. Before the hearing began, Nick asked Michael if Phyllis had a chance to remain out on bail. Michael responded by saying that on this day, he wished he had become an Indian chief or anything else besides a lawyer. As the hearing began, Heather proudly displayed the airport's security photo of a disguised Phyllis attempting to purchase a ticket. Michael disputed the accuracy of the date stamp on the photo, and he and Heather began to argue. The judge called for order and requested to hear from the defendant. Phyllis eloquently explained to the judge that she had changed her mind about leaving because of her children. Phyllis said that although she desperately wanted to cradle her baby in her arms and run away, she realized that she couldn't take her baby away from the baby's daddy, and she also couldn't bear to abandon her son again as she had when he was younger. Phyllis tearfully pleaded with the judge to consider that fact that she had acted responsibly by coming back and showing up to hear her verdict instead of fleeing with her baby.

As a nerve-wracked Phyllis waited for the judge's decision, she pleaded with Nick to promise to care for Summer. Nick offered his support and held Phyllis in his arms. Michael called them back into the courtroom to hear the judge's ruling. Phyllis breathed a sigh of relief when the judge announced his decision to allow Phyllis to remain free until her sentencing hearing. Heather was visibly upset by the judge's ruling, but the judge also told Phyllis that she must wear a monitoring device and that may not leave the county. After the hearing, Paul consoled Heather, but Heather said that the sentencing hearing is what truly matters. When Heather asked Michael if, as an officer of the court, he had knowledge of Phyllis' plans to flee, he reminded her of the attorney-client privilege. Heather left the courtroom in a huff. Phyllis, however, was all-smiles as she, and Nick left the courthouse. Back at home, Phyllis snuggled with Summer. Daniel, Noah and Amber stopped by. Phyllis showed Noah her "ankle bracelet" and teased that all the kids are wearing them now. Daniel later told Amber that Phyllis' freedom is only temporary and that the chances of both she and him avoiding jail time is one in a million.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Colleen cuts Brad out of her life. Meanwhile, Adrian questions the validity of Jana's information about Brad until she tells him Brad's real last name – Kaplan. Adrian tells Colleen what Jana said and Colleen confirms it is the truth. Adrian wants to write about their story in his book but won't without Colleen's consent. After some thought, Colleen tells him to print the story. Logan tells Brad she is leaving Genoa City, as she got a job with Doctors without Borders. Kevin informs Gloria that Jana's tumor is growing and that she gave him Power of Attorney. Kevin asks Gloria for advice. After talking with Gloria Kevin asks Jana what she wants him to do if something goes wrong in surgery. Jana promises she will come back, alive. Jack takes Sharon on a scavenger hunt all over town to lift her spirits. The end of the hunt leads back to the Abbott Mansion and to three plane tickets to France for Jack, Sharon and Noah. Nick and Phyllis discover Summer has a fever. Phyllis stays up all night rocking Summer, afraid it is the last time she'll be able to for a long time. Nick finally starts to warm towards Phyllis as he watches her with Summer.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Phyllis thanks Nick for comforting her. He tells her they'll do it again real soon. Phyllis tells him she wants to help Daniel with his problems and Nick tells her they'll do it together. Colleen calls Kevin to check in to see if he's heard from Jana's doctor yet. Kevin says he hasn't heard anything yet, then when he realizes she's at Adrianne's, he says they'll talk later. Colleen tells Adrianne that she's worried about Kevin and the Jana situation. She tells him she'd feel terrible for Kevin if things didn't work out. Kevin finds out that Jana's surgery is scheduled in two weeks and he argues with the doctor on why they are waiting so long. He tells them he wants the surgery done today. Jill and Ji Min talk about their new company over breakfast in bed. He says he has no doubt they'll be successful and Jill says she doesn't want to be ‘just successful'; that she wants to watch her mom choke on every poisonous word she's ever said about her. Katherine tells Michael that she wants him to amend her trust to disinherit Jill.

Nick tells Phyllis that he had taken the day off work to be with her, and since she's going into work that he'll go in also. He says he wants to be around her in case she needs him. Daniel is working on a last minute project for Jack when his laptop starts acting up. He calls Kevin for help but Kevin hangs up telling him he's on the other line. David tries to get personal with Nikki at breakfast but she rushes off for a meeting. Ji Min reminds Jill that he had a bad relationship with his father and that he wishes things were better between her and Katherine. Jill tells him it won't get better because Katherine will never change. Michael questions Katherine about disinheriting Jill and says that she seems happy with Ji Min. He tells her that she can make other provisions in the will if she's worried about Ji Min getting his hands on her money. She says if she threatens to cut Jill out of her will that maybe Jill will change her mind about Ji Min. Katherine thinks that Ji Min won't want to marry her if he finds out about the will.

Adrianne asks Colleen if he should warn Brad that he is writing about his secret identity. Colleen tells him not to because then Brad would stop the book from being published. She tells Adrianne that she's done with her father interfering in her life. Michael warns Katherine that she could lose Jill over this (the changing of the will) and asks her if it's worth it. She says ‘maybe not', but then sees Jill and Ji Min walk into the club and tells him to go ahead and amend the trust. Michael then gets an urgent call from Kevin wanting him to meet him at the coffee house. Michael hangs up and tells Katherine that he'll have the documents for her in a couple of days but she tells him she wants them today. Daniel interrupts a meeting with Jack and Nikki and tells them that his computer has crashed and he's trying to recover the data for their meeting. Nikki makes a comment about Jack hiring Phyllis and now hiring Daniel, who she says is either lying or is inept. Jack tells Nikki that it's not the end of the world. She tells him that Jack has shown bad judgment in hiring this criminal act. Just then Phyllis walks in and tells Nikki if she has a problem with her to talk to her and not bring her son into it. Nikki tells her she won't have to worry about Phyllis for much longer and storms out of the room. Nick apologizes to Phyllis for what Nikki said. Daniel then announces that he's recovered the data, and Jack tells him to make sure he doesn't show it to Nikki.

Jack tells Daniel not to worry about the computer glitch. Phyllis thanks him for being supportive. Phyllis tells Daniel that she came to see him and wants to have lunch with him. He says he has to finish the report for Jack, but Jack tells him to go ahead and have lunch with his mom. He also says that he enjoys seeing the steam come out of Nikki's ears. Nick lashes into Nikki for attacking Phyllis and Daniel. Jill tells Katherine that her and Ji Min's company will go toe to toe with Chancellor Industries. Ji Min tells her that their first product is going to be along the lines of Jabot's Perfume on the Glow. She tells him that she will slap them with a copyright infringement lawsuit against them. Kevin tells Michael that Jana needs to have the surgery immediately but that they're making her wait two weeks. He wants Michael to figure out some way to make them have the surgery quicker. Michael says he'll try but he can't promise anything. Michael tells Kevin he'll threaten a malpractice lawsuit against the state if something happens to Jana in the two weeks before the surgery; he thinks they won't want that risk and will push up the surgery. Jana phones Adrianne and asks her to come visit her at the hospital. Phyllis and Daniel are at the coffee house and decide to go see a movie. Daniel is upset that he messed up Jack's project. Phyllis tells Daniel that everyone screws up and that nobody's perfect. Nick asks Nikki if she and Victor are getting a divorce. She says they haven't discussed it but she can't live with him. He asks her what's going on with David and she tells him that she'll get back to him on that.

Katherine talks with Ji Min and tells him that Jill is using him to anger her. She says that in six months she'll dump him. Katherine tells Ji Min that he knows that Jill is simply seeking revenge on her. He says they're going to get married and Katherine tells him that they have absolutely nothing in common. She then asks him if he's asked himself why Jill is with him. Later, Jill and Ji Min talk about what Katherine said and Jill says that Katherine drives her crazy. Jill then makes Ji Min swear to her that he knew nothing about Jack not being allowed to own Jabot. He swears and she says that's what she wanted to hear. Nick again asks Nikki what is going on with her and David. She tells him it's none of his business but then says it's strictly business. She then admits that he is pursuing her and Nick wonders if she's only interested in him because of how Victor is acting. She tells him that Victor wants to control her and takes her for granted but that David respects her and treats her as an equal. Phyllis gives Daniel lots of life advice and explains that she has been a horrible mother and that she could be away for a long time. Daniel then worries about himself being locked up and Phyllis tells him he's going to be OK. Phyllis tells Daniel to not let anybody tell him that he can't do something; that he can be or do anything he wants.

Phyllis, Nick, Daniel and Summer spend time together at Nick and Phyllis'. Nikki tells David that she really appreciates how supportive he's been. She says she wants to thank him and wants to go to dinner. Jana tells Adrianne how Kevin and Colleen have forgiven her. She tells him she feels better knowing that if something happens to her that he'll have Colleen to take care of him. Colleen tells Kevin to trust her brother to handle everything. Kevin is upset and says he's not a miracle worker and that he didn't get Phyllis off. Kevin tells Colleen that it's become very clear to him that he could lose Jana. Jill questions Jack about Ji Min and how much he knew about Jack and the Jabot situation. Jack tells her that either that either Ji Min doesn't know the first thing about business or he's willing to take advantage of every opportunity including Jill. Jack tells her that she knows him better than he does and asks which one he is. Michael gives the amended will to Katherine and tries to talk her out of it. She tells him she just wants to sign it. She pauses, then signs the new will.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Nick decides not to attend the meeting at Newman Enterprises, but Phyllis convinces him otherwise. She says that she would prefer to go along with him. Nick tries to make Phyllis feel comfortable on what could be her last night of freedom. Phyllis tells Nick that if she goes to jail, she wants Nick to divorce her.

At Newman, Jack and Phyllis talk about how big and beautiful Summer is getting. When Phyllis and Jack are alone, Phyllis shares her worries about going to prison. Jack tells Phyllis to be strong. Phyllis is reminded of how things used to be for them. Phyllis admits that she thought they were soul mates. Jack says that due to no fault of their own, they each have moved on with other people. Phyllis tells Jack that as a friend, she worries about Jack and Sharon's relationship. Jack doesn't seem pleased about Phyllis' advice to stay aware where Sharon is concerned. When Nick comes in to get Phyllis, Jack is lost in thought.

Sharon talks to Neil about her frustrations with Jack's relationship with Phyllis. Although she cannot understand it, she realizes that she should be accepting of it. She knows that some of the people she talks to are not exactly Jack's favorite people. Sharon admits that she wishes that she could share her feelings with Drucilla. Neil understands that Drucilla and Sharon were very close. He tells Sharon that she can tell him anything. Sharon blurts out that she still may have feelings for Nick.

Nikki asks David if he will attend the meeting at Newman Enterprises with her. He says that he wouldn't miss it; it provides him the opportunity to show off his second man in charge skills, as well as protect her. Nikki warns him that it might not be all fun and games.

Cane and Katherine anticipate the outcome of the meeting. In the elevator, Katherine admits to Cane that she disinherited Jill. Cane suggests that Katherine try to make amends with Jill.

At the meeting, everyone is surprised to hear that Victor has decided to give Nikki a loan in exchange for putting up some of her marital assets. Cane is pleased that they can start up the Clear Springs project again. Cane tells Katherine that he was surprised the way the meeting went. Katherine thinks that Victor may be up to something.

When Ji Min presents Jill with artwork for their new business, Jill thinks about Jack's advice. During lunch with Cane, Jill admits that she may not trust Ji Min. Cane tells Jill that trust is the most important thing in a relationship. He tells her the truth about Amber. Jill is shocked to hear that Amber drugged Cane and pretended that they married. Jill decides to go to Ji Min and ask him for the truth. When Jill asks Ji Min if he lied to her about Jack owning Jabot, he tells her that he did lie to her about knowing that Jack unlawfully owned Jabot. Jill tells him goodbye forever.

David presents Nikki with an alternative to taking Victoria's loan. He doesn't like the idea that Victor continues to have her finances in his control. Nikki feels confident that her loan from Victor is legit.

Neil draws up the paperwork for oil drilling at Clear Springs. Victor wants to make sure that Newman Enterprises does not appear to be involved in any way.

Jack overhears Sharon talking on the phone about her husband. When he asks her what she is being secretive about, Sharon plays coy, not sharing what she has in store for him. After the meeting, Jack and Sharon head home. There is a package waiting for him. Sharon bought Jack a video camera. Jack is ecstatic.

Friday, August 24, 2007

At their house, Nick tells Phyllis he won't divorce her if she's sent to prison. He then gives her a passionate kiss. Lauren and Michael stop by to wish her well and prep her for the hearing. Nick tells Lauren Phyllis doesn't want him in court. He wishes he could remember how much he loved her. Daniel calls to say he will be going to court.

At Newman Enterprises Sharon tells Jack she won't go to Phyllis' sentencing. Phyllis calls and asks Jack to go for moral support. He agrees but won't testify on her behalf. Neil finds Sharon and tells her he's looking forward to testifying against Phyllis. He's surprised Sharon's attitude seems to have softened.

Noah calls Sharon from home. He's watching the court case coverage on television, but Sharon tells him to turn it off as it will only upset him. She goes home to explain the case to him and what Phyllis did (in vague terms). Noah wonders if Sharon thinks Phyllis is a bad person. She tries to side-step it, but he presses.

In the courtroom, various people show up to testify for and against Phyllis. Brad taunts Phyllis before going in. Later, the hearing is under way and Brad testifies against Phyllis for hurting him professionally but most of all personally. Nikki testifies as well, talking about how her seat on the board was denied because of what Phyllis did. Victoria arrives to watch. Neil gets up to testify and talks about the blackmail tainting his position on the board. There will always be questions as to his deserving of it and he also mentions Dru's death. The judge dismisses that claim saying that it is unproven. Daniel testifies for Phyllis, talking about what a great and unique mom she is for him. Nick shows up with Phyllis and testifies as well for Phyllis. Lily arrives and talks about how the blackmail led indirectly to her mother's death.

At the recess Lily says to her dad and Devon that wants to stay to watch the sentencing. Victoria asks Nick why he's defending Phyllis when she went out of her way to humiliate his sister. Nick says she should thank her for exposing Brad for the loser he is. She doesn't think it gives her license to wreak havoc on people's lives.

Back in court Phyllis takes the stand tearfully apologizes to everyone she wronged and admits she should go to jail but begs the judge not to do that to her daughter. Before the judge adjourns Sharon arrives with Noah explaining that Noah wants to testify. He talks about all the nice things Phyllis does for him and the judge thanks him. Sharon then decides to testify... for Phyllis. Sharon states that Phyllis made a horrible judgment call but she should have the chance to make things right; it won't do the world any good for Phyllis to go to jail. The judge adjourns.

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