Y&R Recaps: The week of May 28, 2007 on The Young and the Restless
Jill made Ji Min the new CEO of Jabot. Kevin helped Gloria to fake a DNA test. Gloria and Will got married. Chaos erupted when a video aired of Amber in a catfight with Lily. Phyllis began to have nightmares about Nick.
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Monday, May 28, 2007

Gloria worried about giving a DNA sample. Gloria told Kevin that if DNA testing ties her to the glove found as evidence in the lab, then she'll spend the first 20 years of her marriage in prison. While Gloria was at the "Extreme Catwalk" set, the technician arrived at Jabot to collect DNA samples. Kevin phoned Gloria to tell her that she should be there to give her DNA sample, but Gloria asked Kevin to take one of the test kits. When William arrived on the TV set, Gloria introduced him to Vanessa, the producer of "Extreme Catwalk." William reminded Gloria that she had missed her appointment to have DNA collected. Evan wandered in, so, he claimed, he could watch Gloria's TV debut. Gloria told Evan that he need not stay and that she was marrying William. Jill arrived on the set and when she met Evan, she immediately realized that there was something between Evan and Gloria. Jill asked William about Evan. Jill relived the moment she and Ji Min realized that Gloria had tainted their drinks with the libido-enhancement drug. Evan later took Gloria aside and told her that he knows about William's fortune. Gloria explained that she didn't have control over William's money. When Gloria witnessed Evan performing a slight-of-hand trick with a butter knife, she promised Evan she'd compensate him well for teaching her how to perform the trick.

Kay held a press conference to announce that she had re-purchased Jabot from the House of Kim. When Nikki saw the announcement on television, she immediately tried to contact Victor. When she was unable to reach him, she became frustrated. Nikki later lunched with Kay and quizzed her about purchasing Jabot. Nikki told Kay that she already knew that she had bought Jabot from Jack. Nikki also told Kay that Victor had discovered long ago about Jack owning Jabot. Nikki alarmed Kay when she told her that she would expose Jack. Kay worried that she would look bad if the truth came out that she had sold Jabot to Jack.

After the press conference, Kay asked Jill if she planned to run Jabot or work for Ji Min. Jill was angry when Kay accused Jill of falling in love and losing judgment. Before Jill could explain why she wants Ji Min to stay, Kay called Ji Min into the office and told him that he is in command of Jabot. Before Ji Min could say anything, a lab technician arrived to collect DNA samples. While the technician swabbed Jill's mouth, Kevin covertly slipped a collection kit into his coat pocket. After the DNA was collected, Ji Min returned and Jill congratulated him for being appointed CEO. Ji Min maintained that had been duped by Jack. Jill asked Ji Min for input on how to handle Gloria. Later, Jill told Ji Min about Evan. Gloria showed Ji Min a bottle of libido-enhancement drug that she planned to use on Gloria and Evan. Meanwhile, at the club, Gloria practiced the slight-of-hand trick with the knife. When Kevin stopped by, Gloria showed him the magic trick Evan had taught her involving covertly exchanging one thing for another. Kevin's eyes widened when Gloria whispered to him that her magic trick might work on the DNA test tubes. After Kevin left, Jill stopped by and served spiked coffee to Evan and Jill.

Paul asked J.T. to take over his cases while he goes out of town to question Jana's high school boyfriend. Paul also questioned J.T. about whether or not J.T. had heeded his advice about backing off from his relationship with Victoria. J.T. responded by saying that he told Victoria that she was in a bad marriage, so if that meant that he could have her all to himself, then he guessed he'd backed off.

At Newman, however, Victoria fantasized about her earlier conversation with J.T. When Brad walked in, he quickly noticed that Victoria seemed pensive, and he assumed that Victoria was worried about the grand jury trial. Victoria said she was concerned about the trial because of the negative impact it could have on Newman Enterprises. Brad told Victoria that although he worried about perjuring himself, he had not yet figured out what he would say on the stand.

When Victoria later met with J.T., she told him that they should step back from one another. She explained that they had reached out for one another when their relationships with others had failed. J.T. told Victoria that he didn't care why they were together as long as they were together, and he took her into his arms and kissed her. Victoria broke away and said she had to go, but J.T. begged her not to forget what he'd said. Just after Victoria walked away, Brad confronted J.T. about hanging out at the club's courts to beg, but J.T. informed Brad that he did not have to beg for what he wanted. Later, when Nikki noticed that Victoria was lost in thought, she questioned Victoria. Victoria said that she missed Nick, wondered what Brad would say at the hearing and was wondering what J.T. thought. When Victoria mentioned J.T., Nikki was confused, but Victoria let the matter drop. Meanwhile, Nikki, David and Karen worked on Nikki's campaign. David noticed Nikki's frustration when she was unable to contact Victor, and he offered support. Victoria took notice of David's attention to her mother.

Sharon rode the elevator with Brad and the two discussed their upcoming testimonies before the grand jury. Brad told Sharon that if he were to tell the truth, the trial could be bad publicity for Newman, and that their affair would also become public knowledge. Sharon told Brad that she hadn't yet decided how she would handle her testimony. Later, while Sharon and Brad lunched, Brad told Sharon that he had testified that he didn't remember the specific details of what Phyllis had said or implied. Sharon said that she didn't want to lie, but Brad explained that he could face perjury charges if their testimonies don't match. Brad added that he was concerned that so many people will be affected by the outcome of the grand jury's decision. Sharon assured Brad that she'd listen to his advice, but she admitted that she hadn't yet decided if she'd back him up.

Phyllis, Jack and Ben worked feverishly on Jack's campaign, which they said could benefit from negative jabs at Nikki. Sharon stopped by and thought she was informing Jack about Kay having purchased Jabot from Ji Min. Jack acted surprised and said he would use all of his energy to concentrate on his campaign. Sharon was nervous about testifying, so Jack wished her good luck. After Sharon left, Phyllis told Jack that she was the one who needed luck because Sharon could crucify Phyllis with her testimony.

Jack later told Nikki that Jabot had been sold. Phyllis, who was just outside the room, listened as Nikki taunted Jack, telling him that he could never fill his father's shoes. After Nikki left in a huff, Phyllis came in. Jack promised Phyllis that he would look after Summer if worse came to worse regarding the grand jury. Phyllis explained that Lauren and Michael had already agreed to take Summer. Phyllis made Jack promise not to let Nikki get her hands on Summer. Later, when Jack and Phyllis were in the conference room, Sharon stopped by after having testified. When they asked her how it went, Sharon claimed that she had told the truth.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Amber frets over her "Extreme Catwalk" appearance. Gloria tells Kevin to get another woman's saliva sample so that William won't find out that she tainted the face cream. Jill and Ji Min pour Gloria another libido drug-enhanced coffee. Phyllis tells Michael she would rather leave the country than give up her baby if she has to go to jail. Michael advises Phyllis not to do anything rash yet. After Daniel reminds Phyllis of what happened to him when he tried to run away from the law, Phyllis agrees to stay. William tells Brad that he thinks that Sharon's testimony was wrong and that Brad should cooperate with the prosecution in order to let them overlook his perjury. Brad is served with a court summons, saying he's been indicted for perjury. Colleen and Lily discover that Amber sent the nude photo to Daniel's cell phone. Amber calls Daniel to tell her that Lily is snooping through his phone records. Once the "Extreme Catwalk" cameras start rolling, Nigel Barker introduces Jill and Gloria, and Gloria tells the audience that she just became engaged to William Bardwell. During a break Amber asks Gloria if she should use makeup to cover the mole on her breast, which Lily overhears, and realize that it was Amber in the photo that Daniel received. Kevin manages to get a saliva sample and gives it to Gloria just in time to hand over to the DNA agent. Lily confronts Amber, who is already outfitted with her wireless mic, demanding to know why she was sending Daniel nude photos of herself. Amber denies it.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Jack's campaign manager tells him that Brad has been charged with perjury. J.T. sees a news story about Brad being arrested. Phyllis tells Jack that since they're going after Brad, she will be indicted for extortion. Jill, Ji Min, Gloria and Katherine talk about how their appearance on Extreme Catwalk will be great publicity for Jabot. Amber tells Lily that she didn't send a picture of her ‘boobs' to Daniel. They continue to argue about it, not realizing a cameraman is catching it all on video.

Lily watches Cane with Katherine, wanting to tell him about the picture Amber sent to Daniel, but reluctantly walks away. Lily tells Colleen that she needs to get a picture of Amber to prove it was her. Adrian shows up and tells Colleen that Brad has been charged with perjury. Jack wants Phyllis to help work out a media strategy for his campaign to clear him in Phyllis' blackmail case. Victoria talks to J.T. on the phone and agrees to meet at his place. Brad comes in and wants to talk about his arrest. Victoria tells him that she's humiliated by what is going on. She asks Brad when he is going to start thinking of her first instead of his mistress. He says he didn't mean to hurt her. Victoria asks if she's supposed to walk into court with him with a smile on her face saying that she supports her cheating husband. She says she doesn't know if she can stand by someone who is willing to humiliate her to the world.

Brad and Phyllis end up on the elevator together. She tells Brad she thought that the D.A. was bluffing. She also thanks him for keeping his mouth shut, saying he could have buried her. He says he'd lie to bury her six feet under. Jack tells Sharon that she wishes she and Brad would have gotten their stories straight before appearing before the grand jury. They then argue about the fact that Sharon slept with a married man. Colleen and Victoria discuss Brad's arrest. Victoria tells Colleen that Brad has gotten himself out of trickier situations than this. She tells her that Brad needs their support right now. Colleen goes to look for her father and Adrian shows up to meet with Victoria. He tells her she should go ahead with the meeting to try to forget about Brad's troubles.

Amber shows off her designs for Extreme Catwalk. Gloria says she loves her design. Jill agrees and loves the design as well. Nigel Barker loves the design also, saying it's the best design they've seen so far. They then show clips showing that Amber is married to Jill's son, Cane. Then they show a clip of Amber and Lily arguing about the picture that she sent to Daniel. Amber, Lily, Jill, Daniel, Katherine, Gloria and Cane are all shocked. After the clip airs, Jill says that the show just isn't about the designs, but about character and potential for success; two qualities she may be lacking in. Amber denies she sent the photos, Gloria interrupts and says that maybe she was set up. Amber says she's a good wife and Jill says good wives wouldn't send naked pictures of themselves to someone who isn't their husband.

Sharon, Phyllis, Jack and his campaign manager discuss how to respond to questions about Phyllis and Brad. Phyllis asks Jack if he wants her to resign; Jack says ‘no' but Sharon says ‘yes'. The campaign manager says if Jack fires Phyllis he'll look like he's running away from the scandal, but if he keeps her he would be standing by his longtime friend. Brad tries to assure Colleen that he will be OK. Victoria and Adrian stop at the coffee shop and discuss the situation with Brad. Adrian tells Victoria that at least the other people in this scandal are alive; that when the student committed suicide there were lots of ugly rumors about him. In the ‘diary' portion of Extreme Catwalk, Amber says she feels terrible that Lily is upset, but that she can't apologize for something she didn't do. She then flashes back to when she gave Daniel V.I.P. access to Strangers By Night, when she explained to Daniel that he'd need to upload his picture onto the sight and said that no one would see it. She then calls Daniel and leaves a message telling him to call her as soon as he can. Lily confronts Cane about Amber and Cane says that his wife would never send nude pictures to another man.

Amber tells Daniel that whatever he does he can never tell Lily the truth about the picture. Daniel tells Amber that he will never tell Lily it was Amber's picture because she'd never understand. Daniel tells her if she left her phone at the coffee shop that anyone could have done it. She sees Lily walk into the room so she starts yelling at Daniel telling him that he needs to tell Lily who the girl is in the picture because her reputation is online. Lily doesn't believe them and her and Amber argue. Daniel denies that the picture is of Amber. Lily says she doesn't believe him and storms off. Phyllis assures Jack that he will win the election. Sharon says that Phyllis is the reason his campaign is in the dumps.

J.T. calls Victoria's office to find out why she hasn't shown up at his house. Amber tells Daniel to again tell Lily that the picture isn't her. Cane walks in and asks Amber to tell him the truth about the picture. Amber tells Cane that she is not the girl in the picture. She swears to Cane that she didn't send those pictures to Daniel. Cane says he believes her. She says that she hopes everyone else does. Katherine and Jill argue about Amber looking bad on TV. Gloria defends Amber saying she might be telling the truth. Brad asks Sharon if she's seen Victoria. They then discuss their situations with Victoria and Jack.

J.T. shows up at the coffee house and tells Victoria that her assistant told him she might be there. Adrian leaves and J.T. asks Victoria if she'd like to go to a movie or a concert. She says she doesn't want to go out, that she'd rather eat at the coffee shop. Jack's campaign manager tells Jack that a reporter has found out that Jack and Sharon are living in separate houses and they're speculating it's because their marriage is already falling apart. Sharon comes in and Jack tells her he wants her to move in with him today.

Brad watches as Victoria and J.T. have fun during dinner at the coffee shop. J.T. leaves them alone and Brad tells Victoria that he can't do this anymore. He tells her that he's made mistakes and will probably make some more. He says he wants their marriage to work, but he can't do it alone. He says that he loves her, and he's willing to let her go. He tells Victoria to say the word and he'll file for divorce.

Nigel Barker announces that Amber is going to the next round of Extreme Catwalk. Jill then says that she has to invoke the moral clause and kick Amber off the show. Jill says she's off the show until they find out what really happened and that they plan to conduct a thorough investigation. Lily tells Daniel that she knows the picture was of Amber. She then accuses him of cheating on her. She says she doesn't trust him anymore and that he needs to move out.

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Brad asks Victoria if she wants a divorce. Victoria says that she can't give him an answer yet. Brad tells her to take all the time she needs; he just wants her to be happy. Victoria goes to J.T.'s. At J.T.'s, he asks Victoria how things are with Brad. Victoria says that as long as she stays, the rule is to not mention Brad. J.T. turns on the music and Victoria remembers a song that Nick and Victoria used to dance to. She asks J.T. to dance with her. Victoria thinks about Nick and wonders what could have happened if Nick would have never gone on the trip. She wonders about the choices she has made in her life. She tells J.T. that she doesn't regret getting to know him. They begin to make love. Afterwards, J.T. tells Victoria that he doesn't want her to go. He wonders if she is going to see Brad. Victoria says that she has to take care of something. Victoria goes to Brad, she tells him that she cares about him, and that they used to be a lot alike. But it's not enough to get it back after everything that's happened. Victoria says that she is sorry, she wants a divorce.

Amber tells Cane that she feels like she is on trial. Cane wonders if they accused her for ratings. Amber wonders why Lily would attack her this way. Cane says that it must be some misunderstanding. Cane apologizes, but tells Amber that he needs to know that she is being honest with him. Amber can't believe Cane is questioning her honesty. Cane decides to take it back. At the coffeehouse, the video footage of Amber is being viewed on the Internet.

Michael tells Phyllis that Brad's indictment may help her case. He goes over a possible scenario with her, attacking Brad's story. He is interrupted by Katherine, who can't believe that two minutes after buying Jabot back she has to try to fix it again. She asks Michael to take care of it. Michael goes to Vanessa, the producer of Extreme Catwalk. He tells her that he will have to take her to court if she airs the footage.

Lily tells Colleen that she is humiliated about Extreme Catwalk airing her dirty laundry all over national television. As Lily is washing the clothes, she picks up a shirt that belonged to Daniel. She remembers the time they spent in California. Colleen says that she is just going to make things worse. They go to the coffeehouse to get away for awhile. When Lily comes back and sees all of Daniel's things gone, she starts crying. She thinks about Drucilla and wonders what she's going to do now. Colleen stops by and offers to stay with her.

Daniel tells Kevin that Lily kicked him out. He says that he really messed up this time. Kevin tells Daniel that he can stay with him for awhile. When Daniel goes home to get some of his things, Kevin is surprised to see that Daniel is still watching porn. Kevin asks if the topless picture was Amber. Daniel says that someone sent it to him as a joke. Amber shows up at Daniel and Lily's and is shocked to see that he is moving out.

Jack and Sharon discuss moving into the Abbott home. When they try to convince Noah that he will love it there, Noah refuses. Jack tries to convince Noah that it's the best thing for the family, but Noah is adamant about staying. Noah says that he is staying at the Ranch till his dad comes home. Noah goes through potential scenarios proving that his father may still be alive. Jack tells Sharon that maybe they should consider giving Noah the benefit of the doubt. Jack says that he should also be practical about the situation. They go the Newman Ranch and Noah leaves a note for Nick. At Jack's, Noah loves seeing the superheroes in his room. Jack comes into the living room with a new dog for Noah. He says that it feels like home. Sharon gets a text message from Brad, saying that Victoria wants a divorce.

Phyllis is sitting on the couch reading a magazine. She hears a knock at the door. It's Nick. She is in shock. She tells him that she thought he was dead. Nick tells her not worry. Nick says that he's missed them so much. He says that he's fine, except for this. He opens his jacket and he is burned all over his body. Phyllis wakes up. When she falls back asleep, Nick tells her that his death is her punishment for causing Drucilla's death.

Friday, June 1, 2007

William arrives at Michael's apartment and asks Gloria if she will marry him today. She happily agrees. William receives a call from the DNA lab saying that the DNA sample didn't match anyone's DNA. Gloria and her family breathe a silent breath of relief. Evan pressures Gloria for his reward for helping land William. William and Gloria are married in Michael's apartment by the Justice of the Peace. Afterward they all go to eat at the club. Evan motions Gloria over and Gloria sneaks him his check inside a pen. William watches Gloria do this and realizes that he's seen her do it before, in regards to the DNA test. Daniel tells Phyllis that Lily kicked him out because she thinks he was getting into porn. Phyllis says she saw the clip from the show on the Internet. Neil tells them that Lily's marriage to Daniel was a mistake and that he completely humiliated her. Lily tells Devon how much Daniel has hurt her. Lauren gives Lily her birthday gift at the boutique. Lily loves it, and Lauren says that Dru was looking to buy it for her the last time she came in, which makes Lily emotional. Later, Lily runs in to Amber at the boutique and they are snippy to each other. When Lily leaves, Lauren tells Amber that she must patch things up with Lily or she will have to let one of them go because she can't have them arguing in her store. Jack tells Phyllis that Daniel was caught in the break room with porn a few weeks ago, which makes Phyllis furious. Cane tells Daniel to stay away from Amber. Michael tells Lauren and Amber that he got the temporary restraining order to take down the clip of the fight from "Extreme Catwalk" off the Internet. Michael tells Amber that the producers agreed not to air the clip or talk to the press about what happens if she withdraws from the contest. She reluctantly agrees to drop out. Amber's ex boyfriend Plum walks into the boutique. Amber isn't happy to see him and tells him she's married now. At the Abbott mansion, Phyllis tells Jack about the horrible nightmare she had of Nick blaming her for his death. He invites her to stay with him tonight since Sharon is out of town.

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