Y&R Recaps: The week of March 26, 2007 on The Young and the Restless
Nikki announced that she would run against Jack for the Senate seat. A DNA test proved that Cane was Jill's son. Daniel became obsessed with porn sites. Will told Katherine that he had to open a criminal investigation regarding Cane's kidnapping.
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Monday, March 26, 2007

Brad walked in to his wife's suite at the club just as J.T. was offering a shoulder of support to Victoria. When Brad saw his wife in J.T.'s arms, he quickly turned and left, taking the bouquet of flowers he had planned to give to Victoria with him. J.T. and Victoria continued to talk, innocently, about the difficult relationships they have endured with their respective partners. Victoria told J.T. that she was unhappy because Brad betrayed her when he voted for Neil. Before J.T. left, Victoria thanked him for listening. J.T., as he was leaving the club, passed by Brad at the bar, and the two glared at one another.

Brad nursed his bruised ego with a drink at the club bar. While he fumed at Victoria, he sent an "urgent help requested" text message to Sharon. When Sharon received the message, she excused herself from Jack and promptly called Brad. Brad told Sharon that he'd found Victoria and J.T. together. However, Sharon reasoned that J.T. and Victoria shared a close friendship and nothing more. Sharon told Brad that he couldn't blame Victoria for being angry that he had voted for Neil. She urged Brad to fix the situation before it became a complete disaster.

Brad returned to Victoria's suite at the club and apologized for walking out on her earlier. Brad said that he understood that J.T. was a good friend to her just as Sharon is to him. Brad vowed never to hurt Victoria again because he just wants to make her and the baby happy. When Brad offered to send some things over for Victoria, she declined the offer. She told Brad that she planned to return home with him because she wanted a fresh start too.

Daniel spilled the beans to Devon about Colleen's secret affair with Adrian when he, Lily and Devon were toasting Neil's good news and the fact that Devon is off the hook on the murder charge. Colleen, however, insisted that she was not seeing Adrian any longer because he could get into serious trouble after, Colleen believes, J.T. reported the professor's affair with Colleen to the dean. As Colleen spun a tale of her breakup with Adrian, she remembered her conversation with Adrian when he explained that they would have to become secret lovers in order to continue their relationship. While Devon and Daniel made a snack in the kitchen, Lily quizzed Colleen about the true nature of her relationship with Adrian. Colleen again insisted that the relationship was over.

Later, Colleen shared a story about accidentally stumbling upon a porn site on the Web. As Daniel logged onto his laptop to retrieve his email, Lily saw that Daniel had several emails inviting him to visit porn sites. Daniel claimed that the emails were spam or suggested that perhaps his friends had signed him onto the mailing lists as a joke. Devon and Lily also shared stories of times they'd stumbled upon shocking pornographic sites while conducting research on the Internet. After listening to his friends protest the proliferation of Internet porn sites, Daniel jokingly announced that he planned to password-protect Internet access on his laptop. Later, however, after Lily had gone to bed, Daniel logged onto a Web site called "Strangers by Night." He used his credit card to pay for access.

Victor sent Michael to Clear Springs to check out his future investment in Jack's planned development there. Before Michael left, he and Lauren enjoyed a dinner out at the club. Michael asked Lauren to keep an eye on Gloria, but while her son dined out, Gloria urged Kevin to hack into Ji Min's company email account, which Gloria had promised Michael she wouldn't do. Gloria was upset after Ji Min called to tell her that she was needed immediately in Holland, a trip that would conflict with her TV appearance. While Kevin scanned through Ji Min's emails, Gloria noticed a message from Jack directing Ji Min to keep Gloria from participating in "Extreme Catwalk." Gloria read aloud that Jack worried that Gloria would embarrass him and damage his senate campaign. Kevin wondered why Jack would send Ji Min an email, and Gloria wondered why Jack would make demands on her boss. Kevin theorized that Jack and Ji Min had a secret working relationship. Gloria wanted to tell Michael about Jack's email to Ji Min, but Kevin refused because they couldn't prove anything and shouldn't have hacked into the email account in the first place. However, when Michael and Lauren returned home, Michael grilled Kevin about Gloria's desire to hack into Ji Min's email account. Kevin assured his brother that he and Gloria did nothing wrong while he and Lauren were away.

Jack and Sharon shared an evening at home alone until John appeared to Jack. John questioned Jack about his reasons for marrying Sharon. Jack lashed out at John, telling him that he had no business counseling anyone's marriage plan after having married Gloria. John pointedly asked Jack if he loves Sharon as much as he loves Phyllis. John noted that Jack hesitated before answering "yes" to his dead father's question. John still offered fatherly advice, telling Jack that love is an important aspect of a fulfilling marriage. After thinking that John's ghost had disappeared, Sharon and Jack shared a tender moment when Jack professed his love to Sharon. John made his feelings known again, however, when he added, "I sure hope so," to Jack's profession.

As Jack and Sharon toasted their upcoming marriage, Colleen returned home. The couple shared the news of their engagement with Colleen, who offered her congratulations. After Jack and Sharon went upstairs, Colleen typed a text message to Adrian, telling him that she wished he were there with her. As Colleen stood daydreaming about her secret lover, J.T. watched through the front door. As J.T. scanned the property around the Abbott mansion he asked out loud, "Where the hell are you, Korbel?"

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The "Extreme Catwalk" production crew arrives at Jabot to film b-roll for the show. Ji Min admits to Jack that he didn't know that Gloria didn't go to Holland and that he could have a lawsuit on his hands if he pulls the plug now. Jack doesn't want Gloria to tarnish the Abbott name right before his campaign begins and demands Gloria be kicked off the show. Gloria and Kevin admonish Jack for taking away her "Extreme Catwalk" appearance. Jack tells Gloria that he talked to the producers and that he would file a lawsuit if that tape ever aired. David, Jack, Victor, Nick, and Phyllis all take calls relating to Jack's campaign. Katherine suggests that Nikki run for State Senate against Jack, and that she would give the maximum contribution to her campaign if she did. Nikki agrees. Victor tells Jack and David that Jack's opponent pulled out of the Senate race, so it looks like Jack's the only candidate. Brad is stunned when Victoria says that she's chosen to partner with Neil on the Granville Global expansion. Then, Brad admits Victoria that he's been buying up properties in Clear Springs so that they can either refuse to sell to Jack, or sell and make a huge profit. Kay confides in Nikki that she has hired Paul to find out information on Cane. Cane visits with Jill at Jabot. Without knowing the cameras are rolling, Jill tells Ji Min the exciting news about finding her real son Cane, who was switched at birth with another baby. Jill sees the camera and panics. Emily Stewart shows up in Genoa City in search of her sister Ali. Emily relays her suspicion to Amber that she believes Alison is doing porn. Amber says that she doesn't know where Ali is, and later calls Ali, saying to call Emily because she doesn't want her coming back to town again, since she doesn't want to tell Cane about her life in L.A.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Colleen tells Lily that she thinks it's weird that Daniel didn't tell Lily the password to his laptop computer. Adrian calls Colleen and tells her they won't be working that night because of the wedding party; but maybe they'll see each other there. Cane runs into J.T. at the coffee house and tells him he should come to Cane and Amber's wedding party, that there will be plenty of girls there. Gloria tells Lauren about her run-in with Jack in front of the Extreme Catwalk cameras while they're preparing things for Cane and Amber's wedding party. She also tells Lauren that William will be her date at the party. Jill tells Katherine that she accidentally let it slip to Ji Min that Cane is her son. Victoria is excited that Brad has decided to buy all the buildings in Clear Springs to keep Jack from tearing them down. Nikki tells Victoria that she has filed her paperwork to run against Jack Abbott for the senate. Jack is bragging to Victor and Phyllis that he is running unopposed. He then gets a call from David telling him that Jack's poll numbers are through the roof.

Daniel shows up and logs onto his computer so Colleen can check her email. She can't figure out how the email she got from Lily is marked as read even though she hasn't seen it before. Amber tells Jill that even though Jill and Cane are mad at Katherine, she hoped Katherine would join them at the party so they can celebrate as a family. Katherine tells Paul that Cane and Jill hate her for what she did. Paul tells her that she just needs to give them time. She tells Paul that he must find out where the other Phillip came from because she needs to let them know what happened to him. Victoria and Nikki tell Brad that Nikki is running for the senate. Brad laughs thinking they are joking; Nikki tells Brad to underestimate her at his own peril. He tells her that Jack will not hesitate to cut her off at the knees.

Victor tells Phyllis and Nick that Jack winning the senate seat will work in their favor. They can then have Jack push through the Clear Springs project. Victoria is upset with Brad for laughing at Nikki. He tells her that Nikki needs to develop a thicker hide if she's going to run for office. Brad tells Victoria that he is not going to take sides in a battle between Victor and Nikki. Cane tells Jill that he's happy he's got Amber, and if Jill turns out to be his mom then he will be complete. Cane isn't sorry that Katherine isn't coming to the party. Amber shows up at Chancellor Enterprises to ask Katherine to come to the party. She tells Katherine to forget about the past, start over and come to the party. Katherine apologizes but says she cannot come. Brad apologizes to Nikki about laughing at the idea of her running against Jack. Jack hears them talking and busts in letting Nikki know that he overheard. Jack asks if Nikki will be running on the 'hair and makeup' party or the 'cocktail' party. They then trade jabs. Jack asks Nikki how she'll fund her campaign since Victor is supporting him.

Amber tells Cane and Jill that she tried to convince Katherine to come to the party. She then asks them if they had ever done anything that they wish they could take back. Jill tells Amber that it is better that Katherine stays away, that she won't let him ruin one more moment of Cane's life. Phyllis tells Brad that when the board votes on the Clear Springs resolution that he'll be on her side again. Colleen, Lily and Daniel are surprised to see Adrian and J.T. at the wedding party.

J.T. sees Adrian and Colleen holding hands. Amber explains to Daniel that the first DNA test on Cane and Jill may have been wrong and that they are awaiting the results of a second test. She tells him that she does love Cane. Brad and Victoria tell Nick that Nikki is running against Jack. Nick laughs and thinks they're joking. He then asks if Victor knows about it. Nick says that Victor is going to lose it when he finds out. Nikki tries to talk to Victor as he's getting into the elevator with Jack but the door closes. Then Jack tells Victor that Nikki is going to be running against him. Victor says he will deal with it. Jill gets a delivery at the wedding party as she and Cane are talking. She tells Cane that it is the new DNA test results. Jill tells Cane that maybe they should just decide that they are mother and daughter and not look at the results. Katherine shows up and says they need to find out once and for all.

Nick tells Phyllis that Nikki is running for office against Jack. Phyllis questions Nick on who he will vote for and he tells her that he would never put business before family. He then tells Phyllis that by family, he means her. Amber is excited to see Katherine at the party and Katherine explains to Amber that Cane and Jill are off looking at the DNA results right now. Jill and Cane then come up to Katherine and Amber and at first pretend the DNA results were negative, but then happily announce that Cane is Jill's son. Bardwell overhears and gives Katherine a grim look. Amber rushes off to text Daniel to let him know that Cane is a Chancellor. Colleen gets a phone call and says that Gina needs her to come in to work. Before she leaves, Colleen tells Daniel and Lily that she thinks J.T. is the one who read her email. Jack tells Phyllis that he is the one that told Victor about Nikki running for the senate, and that Victor didn't know until he told him.

Victor reminds Nikki of who she was before he married her. He then tells Nikki that she needs to reconsider her senate run. She asks "or what?" Victor replies, "You don't want to know." Victor tells Nikki that she has forgotten the whole plan on why they were encouraging Jack to run for office.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

At Gina's, J.T. tells Colleen that he would like to order. He becomes extremely picky, saying he wants his veggies on the side, no cheese in his soup, etc. When Korbel shows up for dinner, Colleen goes to seat him. J.T. calls after her.

Lily walks in on Daniel looking at Internet porn again. He quickly shuts it off, but Lily is suspicious because of his nervousness. He explains that he lost a paper that he had been working on. When Lily asks Daniel for his password, he asks her why. She explains that her computer is in the shop. Lily is happy to hear that Daniel's password is his and her names combined, with the anniversary of their wedding.

Daniel goes to get a hard drive so he can transfer his files. When Lily returns home from work, she is shocked to see that Daniel has changed the room around, and now Daniel's computer is facing toward the wall. Daniel explains that there is less glare on the computer in this direction. Lily tells Daniel that she purchased some file retriever software for Daniel to retrieve his paper for school. Daniel says that she should take it back because he found the paper. When it's time for bed, Lily has a hard time dragging Daniel away from the computer.

As Colleen and Korbel work on slides at school, Colleen notices J.T. walk by. Adrian follows him, and asks what he is doing there. J.T. says that he is taking a course in the building. Colleen and Korbel wonder when they will ever have a moment alone.

Nikki talks to Victoria about her conversation with Victor when she told him about her plans to run for senate. Victoria talks her up, saying that she has full confidence in Nikki. Victoria and Nikki call on Adrian Korbel, in hopes that he will back them in preserving the history of their building project. Korbel gladly backs their plan. Victoria suggests that they will need many more people to back their project if they want it to succeed. When David Chow congratulates Nikki for her decision to run against Jack, Nikki feels satisfaction in the thought of wiping David's smug smile off of his face. Victoria and Nikki get to work, calling only the best of campaign manager's on Nikki's elite list. They also discuss getting a publicist, a stylist, and a speech writer to jumpstart Nikki's campaign.

David and Jack talk to Victor about Nikki's chances of winning against Jack. Although Victor says that he will back Jack's campaign over Nikki's, he gets upset when Jack talks about using Nikki's list for the gala to go against her for a fundraiser. Victor tries to tell David and Jack not to underestimate Nikki. David assumes that Nikki hasn't even found a campaign manager yet. He believes they have a great chance of winning against Nikki.

Jack thinks about the kindness that Victor showed him when he was dealing with his epilepsy. Meanwhile, Victor is in his office thinking about how Jack used him when he was dealing with his epilepsy. Nikki goes to Victor's office. Victor is upset to hear that she still intends on running for Senate. Victor warns Nikki that this has been his plan to destroy Jack all along, and Nikki may get caught in the crossfire.

Friday, March 30, 2007

Sharon came downstairs wearing nothing but one of Jack's shirts and caught Colleen and Adrian in a passionate kiss. She went upstairs to get dressed, and Colleen told Adrian to let her handle it. When Sharon came back, Colleen got her to agree not to tell Jack the truth about what she'd seen. If anyone knew she and Adrian were involved, he could lose his job. Later, at work, Sharon told Jack that she'd been embarrassed to come downstairs barely dressed and find Colleen there. True to her word, however, she didn't tell the truth about Colleen and Adrian.

Lily ran into J.T. at school and wondered if he was following Colleen around. J.T. said he was taking a forensics class. Lily told J.T. that Colleen and Adrian weren't seeing each other, and it was starting to be creepy the way that J.T. was stalking Colleen. Later, however, when Colleen and Lily talked, Lily could tell that Colleen wasn't telling her everything. Lily correctly guessed that Colleen and Adrian were still seeing each other. She promised not to tell anyone the truth.

Cane arrived at Jabot with some bad news for Jill. The Extreme Catwalk camera operators had gotten footage of Jill telling Ji Min that Cane was her son. Now it was all over the news and the Internet. This might make it harder for him to remain in the country, since his visa was expiring. Katherine arrived and after bickering with Jill about who was at fault for publicizing the truth about Cane, Katherine said that she'd called her attorney, who'd outlined Cane's case for staying in the country. Jill and Katherine then argued about where Cane should work: Jabot or Chancellor. Jill was sure that Katherine was trying to take her son away from her again. When Amber called in the middle of Cane's insistence that he could take care of himself and find his own job, she invited him over to Daniel's to eat lunch to get him out of the middle of Jill's and Katherine's fight. Cane told Amber that he wasn't sure if Jill wanted to get to know him or just wanted to get back at her mother.

Amber went to Daniel's and talked him into getting a higher level of membership in the porn site where her pictures were on file. As they were setting up his account, Lily arrived home. Amber and Daniel went to Crimson Lights to pick up food for all of them. While there, they began talking to Kevin. He was frustrated because the new employee he was training wasn't very competent. He wished he could find someone who was management material. Amber and Daniel invited him to join them all for lunch so he could get out of the coffee shop for a while.

When Colleen complained to Lily, Daniel, Amber, and Cane about the way J.T. was acting, Amber suggested that she find someone else to date so J.T. would back off. Colleen said she'd tried that, but Rocky hadn't even registered with J.T. Kevin got a wicked grin on his face and suggested that he pretend to date her. They all laughed about how much that would bother J.T., and Colleen finally agreed, although she made Kevin promise there would be no kissing.

Later, at Crimson Lights, Colleen, Adrian, and J.T. converged again. J.T. and Adrian had started taking pictures of each other every time they saw each other. J.T. said he was doing surveillance for his class, and Adrian told Colleen he was thinking of getting a restraining order against J.T. When Adrian walked away, Kevin went over to Colleen and asked her out to a concert on Friday night. Colleen agreed, and J.T. just rolled his eyes, not taking it seriously.

Jack wanted Phyllis and Lauren to work together on an NVP/Fenmore's development. At first Phyllis resisted, because she wanted to have nothing to do with Lauren. But at Jack's insistence, the two women managed to have a productive business meeting together. Lauren tried to make overtures of friendship toward Phyllis, but Phyllis still wouldn't forgive Lauren and Michael for not telling her the truth about Sheila. Lauren again apologized and said they'd been wrong. Phyllis said their lies hadn't just put her and Summer in danger. They'd cost her something very dear: her friendships with Michael and Lauren. They'd been the only people she trusted with the truth when she got pregnant with Nick's child. They'd been like family to her, and their betrayal was something she couldn't forget.

Katherine was sitting alone in the athletic club restaurant when William Bardwell came in. He said as a friend, he'd hoped they wouldn't have to have this conversation. But now that the truth about Cane was getting so much publicity, he was advising Katherine to hire a good attorney. There was sure to be an investigation into Cane's kidnapping.

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