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Monday, December 4, 2006

Michael and Paul questioned Neil about trash bags and duct tape found stored in Newman Enterprises' break room. Neil, a bit confused about the issue, asked why it was so important since the police couldn't prove an exact match with the tape or the garbage bags from the dumpster where Carmen's body was found. Michael explained that the same brand of industrial trash bags was found in the dumpster near Carmen's body. Also, the tape is similar to the extra roll of duct tape, which Neil didn't use at Indigo and stored in Newman Enterprises' break room. Since the tape and the trash bags were at Newman, and if the batch numbers match, then it means that everyone who worked at Newman with Carmen had access to those materials. Therefore, Michael added, he is attempting to build reasonable doubt. Later, Bardwell came when summoned to Michael's office. Michael told Bardwell about the pre-trial subpoena he was seeking to gather the tape and bags from Newman's break room for evidence.

Later, when Michael and Bardwell appeared before the judge in his chambers, Michael explained that the items at Newman Enterprises, which are an apparently identical roll of duct tape and the same brand of industrial trash bags, match the description of bags and tape detailed in the police report on Carmen Mesta's murder. Also, Michael added, identical plastic trash bags and tape were confiscated by the police from the Winters' apartment, as well as from the home of Devon, who is charged with Mesta's murder. Bardwell argued that the items were not evidence because trash bags and duct tape can be found anywhere, but the judge ruled in favor of granting the subpoena citing that the items specified were to be turned over to an independent lab of Michael's choosing. The judge stated that it is better to test now and be wrong than to test after the trial and have Michael's theory proved right. If there's a conviction, the judge added, the defendant's subsequent motion for a new trial would have to be granted based on newly discovered evidence.

Paul guarded the evidence as he awaited the judge's ruling, and then he waited for the lab technicians to collect it for analysis. Dru asked if the evidence could help Devon. Paul explained that it possibly could. Brad came in and questioned Paul about why he was in the break room. When Paul explained, Brad worried that his fingerprints were on the tape. He told Paul he'd used the tape to repair a chair in the office. Paul said he had no choice but to turn over the evidence. Brad later told Victoria about the possibility of the tape with his fingerprints that could be used as evidence in Carmen's murder case. Victoria told Brad not to worry. However, Brad explained that the last thing he needs is to have Michael digging into his past, and Brad also worried because he is seen outside of Carmen's suite on the security video. After the evidence was sent to the lab, Paul arranged to submit fiber and fingerprint evidence collected earlier for the lab to use as a comparison to the tape and trash bags taken from Newman Enterprises. Also, Bardwell informed Michael that he would also order identical tests on the evidence using the same lab.

When Dru told Neil she wanted to send a text message Devon to tell him about the new evidence, which could help with his defense, Neil stopped her since they couldn't be sure it would help. Dru agreed and told Neil that Devon was trying to reach out to Yolanda for support, but he could get in touch with her because Yolanda's phone had been disconnected and his email to her wasn't answered. Neil later learned that Yolanda was abusing crack again. Neil and Dru worried for poor Devon, whose problems seem to mount up by the day. However, Devon wasn't surprised to hear that his mom was again abusing drugs. He told Neil and Dru that he's lived with his mother's drug abuse his entire life. Neil and Dru were also concerned that Devon has quit attending classes. Neil and Dru touchingly told Devon that after years of consideration, they wished to legally adopt him.

At the Baldwin's apartment, Gloria read aloud to Lauren an article in a fashion magazine about the probable success of Gloria and her Perfume on the Glo line. Gloria beamed when she quoted part of the interview stating that there could be more good things to come from Mrs. John Abbott. Across town at Jabot, Ashley also read the article aloud and lamented to Jill that Gloria is not Mrs. Abbott because her marriage to John wasn't legal. Ashley also pointed out that Gloria always shows up wherever Will Bardwell is and flirts with him. Jill admitted that she had taken notice of that fact, but she also urged Ashley to let her anger at Gloria go because John did love Gloria. Later, Gloria recalled the many times that she and Ashley had butted heads over John and business issues. When Ashley later retreated to her office, she received a phone call from the producer of a reality show called Extreme Catwalk. The producer explained that she wished to have Ashley appear on the show as a celebrity judge because she was interested in someone bearing the Abbott name. Ashley turned the offer down flat. Later, however, the producer of the show also called Gloria, who, quite flattered, was quick to accept the offer.

While Korbel and Victoria finalized plans for the museum fund-raiser, Victoria noticed that Korbel was reading up on the subject of Nazi looting. He told Victoria that he was readying himself to interview Rebecca on the subject. Korbel quizzed Victoria about which pieces of art Rebecca had owned, places where she had once lived, and even the names she has had in the past. Victoria, however, attempted to evade answering these probing questions by explaining that the professor would have to ask Rebecca the questions himself. Victoria explained that Rebecca is very protective of her work because so much of what was stolen by the Nazis was never recovered.

An almost identical probable question-and-answer session took place between Rebecca and Brad in his office about Rebecca's life and work. Rebecca and Brad attempted to create a story that would sound plausible to Professor Korbel during the interview. Brad told his mom that he wished they knew why the Grugeon Reliquary was important enough to kill for and whether Volkmann was working alone or with someone else. Brad admitted that he was worried about the interview because he had no idea what Korbel could ask. Rebecca and Brad disagreed over which maiden name she should use and which town in Italy she should say she is from. Victoria later told Rebecca that Korbel was quite familiar with Firenze, a town Rebecca had chosen to pretend to be her home town. When Brad and Victoria realized that convincing Korbel to believe lies would not be easy, especially since Colleen had already exposed many private details of the family's past, the choice was made to cancel the interview. Victoria informed Korbel that Rebecca had become very upset when Victoria had spoken to her about the past. Victoria explained that discussing what happened touches off a flood of very unpleasant memories for Rebecca. Korbel seemed quite disappointed.

Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Kevin and Jana are packing up his things and preparing to move to their new apartment. Michael and Lauren talk about ways to keep Fen awake during the day so he can sleep at night. Gloria says she'll stay up with Fen tonight because she's too excited to sleep. She's excited about being asked to guest judge on a reality TV fashion show. Amber arrives and Lauren introduces her to everybody. When Amber talks about not being able to find a job, Lauren offers her one at the boutique. Jack and Ashley argue about Jabot. Jack exclaims that he owns it and then they realize that Abby witnessed the whole thing. Sharon sees Noah touching Phyllis' belly for his baby sister and he's really excited. The moment gets to Sharon as much as she tries to keep it from happening. Nikki and Victor look at some reports and they see that Jack severing ties with Jabot causes great financial losses for everyone involved. While visiting with Victor, Abby tells him about Jack saying that he owns Jabot. Victor and Nikki talk about what Abby said and they realize that Ashley is in on it too. They talk to Ashley about it and she continues to cover for Jack. Later on, Nikki brings Victor some tea because he is so upset that Ashley lied right to his face.

Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Devon was amazed that Dru and Neil wanted to adopt him, especially considering all the trouble he was in. When the Winters went by Michael's, the attorney was touched by their decision to legally adopt Devon. He said since Devon was eighteen, it was a formality and he could draw up the paperwork immediately. Later, Michael conferred with William Bardwell about the new roll of tape found in the Newman Enterprises break room. Bardwell finally agreed to fully analyze the tape, but he warned Michael that if it didn't pan out, Michael shouldn't come to him seeking a plea bargain for Devon.

Paul understood from Michael that he had to do everything possible to divert suspicion from Devon to other suspects. Paul went to Brad to warn him that Michael intended to vigorously pursue other leads. Brad told Paul it was in all of their interests for Paul to head Michael off; otherwise, Brad might be forced to take action to protect his family. Paul said his hands were tied; there was nothing he could do to protect Brad.

Later, Paul and Michael met again. As they were going over the list of suspects, Michael was struck by the way Paul seemed to almost protect Brad. Paul reminded Michael that he'd been an employee of Newman long before he began working on the Devon Hamilton case, and Brad was a Newman shareholder. Michael said that Devon deserved the best possible investigator on his case, and Paul agreed. Paul told Michael that was the reason he'd decided to resign from the case.

When Abby was in the break room with Brad, Victoria, and Ashley, they were disappointed to hear that although Abby could celebrate Hanukkah with her father, she would be away with Ashley when Victoria had plans to trim her Christmas tree. When Victoria and Abby left to go by the club, Brad asked Ashley to reconsider her plans. Ashley admitted that she was angry at him for all the years of lying to her about his mother, but she was especially angry that he'd asked Abby to lie to her. Brad apologized again, and Ashley said she'd consider changing her plans so Abby could spend Christmas Eve with Victoria and Brad. Brad said that Ashley could join them, too.

Victoria ran into her parents at the club. While Abby went to find Gina and Nikki went to speak to Katherine, Victoria talked to her father. Victor told her that he had some ideas about replacing Jabot products with Newman products at NVP. When Jack overheard him, he decided that Victor might be more involved at Newman than he was leading Jack to believe.

Nikki wanted Victor to confront Jack immediately with the information they'd gotten from Abby about Jack saying he owned Jabot. Victor was more interested in biding his time until exactly the right moment to go after Jack. Victor was still disappointed that Ashley had lied to him. Later, Nikki overheard Jack talking on the phone. She warned Victor that Jack might not be entirely convinced that Victor wasn't up to something. When Nikki ran into Ashley in the break room, she made a few comments about Jack no longer being part of Jabot and what effect that had on Ashley. Ashley played it cool and evaded Nikki's questions.

Victor decided to throw Jack off his track by getting him involved in Japanese flower arranging. Victor told Jack it would help him achieve a harmonious balance and stop him from worrying about things that didn't matter, like who owned Jabot. After a session with Victor, Jack sought out Ashley and told her that he'd been wrong. Victor was as weird as ever. Ashley looked up and saw Victor standing outside the door. When he merely smiled and waved at her before walking away, Ashley got a thoughtful look on her face, obviously understanding Victor better than Jack did. Meanwhile, Victor returned to his office and dumped his flower arrangement in the trash can.

After talking to Jack about her frustrations over NVP's break with Jabot, Jill stormed into her house to find Katherine distracted again by her dreams. Katherine admitted that she'd talked to Nikki earlier, and Nikki thought all this was guilt over giving Jill up, or worry about Jill's future. Both women finally admitted something they'd wondered about. They only had Charlotte's word for it that Jill was the child Katherine had given up. Although they'd long since made peace with being mother and daughter, and didn't want things to go back to the way they'd been, they decided to get a DNA test to settle the matter once and for all. Perhaps in this way, they could unlock the secrets of the dreams that were haunting Katherine.

Dru and Neil stayed in the room with Devon when his implants were put in place. For a while, he could only make out a word or two the doctor was saying behind his back. But when Dru nearly broke down in tears and told Neil she needed to leave the room before Devon figured out how upset she was, Devon heard her. The Winters were thrilled when Devon began to indicate that he could hear them

Thursday, December 7, 2006

Jack and Ashley are furious when they find out Gloria agreed to appear on a television show representing the Abbott name. Ashley calls Gloria and insists she meet her at the coffeehouse. When Gloria shows up, Jack and Ashley are there waiting for her. They tell her that they do not want her to appear on the show. Gloria says that's too bad, she has already said yes. Jack and Ashley then make a plan to take the name away from Gloria for good. They happily toast to the idea.

Michael tells Lauren that Paul quit the investigation. Lauren is just as surprised as Michael. Gloria happily tells them that she is going to appear as a guest judge to represent the Abbott family. Lauren congratulates her. Amber shows up, and they head to the Boutique. Lauren introduces Amber to Katherine, Esther and Jill. Amber recognizes the Chancellor name. Esther is impressed to hear that Amber was once a Forrester. Lauren leaves Amber alone to close up the store.

Dru happily tells Sharon about Devon's success with hearing again, as well as their plans to officially adopt Devon. Sharon is thrilled for them. Michael calls and says that the Winters' can come down and meet the judge regarding the adoption. The judge asks Devon how his biological parents would feel about this. Devon admits that his real mother is back on drugs, but loves him and would want this for him. Devon says that he already feels like Dru and Neil are his parents. When the judge grants them their wish, the Winters' go to Gina's to celebrate. They invite Sharon, Michael and Lauren, but Michael has to take the baby home first. He runs into Barnwell, who gives him some paperwork. He wants to take the case to court.

Lauren calls Michael frantically, wondering why he is not home with the baby. When Michael returns home, Lauren tells Fen she will never not know where he is again. When Michael tells her about the Winterses' offer to celebrate Devon's adoption, Lauren wants to stay home. Gloria insists on holding Fenmore for awhile so Lauren can get some rest. The doorbell rings and Gloria is served papers. It's a restraining order from Jack and Ashley, making it impossible for her to participate in the television show as an Abbott.

Catherine tells Jill not to worry, no matter what; they will always be mother and daughter. When Esther wonders what they are discussing, they tell her not to worry about it. Esther is thrilled to see a famous psychic eating dinner by them. When she introduces herself, the physic tells Catherine that she should get some new shoes. Later, Catherine's heel breaks. The physic also tells Jill to watch out for an obsessive female after her man.

Paul tells J.T. that he quit the murder case. He admits that he quit because of his association with Brad. Paul feels that Devon is an unlikely murderer. Paul and J.T. decide to continue the investigation to find out who really murdered Carmen. Paul sits down with Bardwell's partner and has a drink with her. She asks him why he is not working Devon's case anymore. He says that he might tell her if he can have her phone number.

Professor Corbel looks at his watch and tells Colleen that he has to go. Later, when Colleen is out with J.T., Colleen gets mad when she sees Corbel flirting with a bartender. She wonders why he interrupted working with her on "important business". J.T. tells Colleen to forget about it, but she is obviously perturbed about it. Colleen watches which Amber offers Corbel a drink. Amber tells him about her new job at the Boutique. She asks if she can sit in on his art history class sometime.

Friday, December 8, 2006

Michael looked over the cease and desist order from Jack and Ashley that would stop Gloria from using the Abbott name. He said he'd begin fighting it immediately. Gloria was glad that she at least had the Catwalk show to look forward to, then she received a package from the show. They didn't want her to be a judge while she was in litigation with Jabot. Gloria left to go to Jabot and confront the Abbotts.

Michael wanted to take Lauren out for their anniversary. He said Kevin and Jana could take care of Fen. Lauren agreed. After Michael left, Lauren got ready to go out with Fen. But when she reached the door, she was unable to walk through it. She decided maybe they'd go out another day. As Fen began to cry, Lauren paced through the apartment, overwhelmed by her fear and frustration.

At Crimson Lights, Detective Sullivan was interested in why Jana was so curious about Carmen's murder. Jana said it was the most exciting thing that had happened in Genoa City in a long time. Sullivan then wondered if Jana had noticed Carmen's car parked outside the coffee shop on the day of Carmen's murder. Jana said she had no idea what kind of car Carmen drove, but Kevin overheard and said he knew. Neither of them had noticed either Carmen or her car inside the restaurant, however.

Later, Paul came in and joined the police detective for a cup of coffee. After a little flirtatious banter, Sullivan told him about the tip that Carmen's car had been at Crimson Lights. Paul called Michael and asked him to come to the coffee shop. But when Michael heard Paul's news, it only made him more suspicious of Paul's motives for withdrawing from the case. Sullivan, too, thought it odd that Paul was no longer working on Devon's case. Meanwhile, Kevin found it odd that Jana was keeping a scrapbook on Carmen's murder. He pointed out that was what serial killers did, and Jana laughingly agreed.

Katherine and Jill were still awaiting the results of their DNA test when Jill got a call from the Catwalk people. They invited her to be a judge for their show, and Katherine urged her to do it. Later, Jill was alone when Gloria came storming in to her office. Gloria had intercepted mail to Jill and found out she was judging the show. She told Jill that she'd been asked first and desperately wanted to do it, losing the opportunity thanks to Jack and Ashley. Jill was surprised to hear about the court order against Gloria.

Jill confronted Ashley about what she and Jack were doing to Gloria. She wondered if Ashley also thought she didn't deserve to use the Abbott name. Ashley said that Jill had been married to her father, and Jill would also be a credit to Jabot if she were a judge on Catwalk. Gloria wasn't a good representative. When Katherine returned later, Jill said she'd lost her taste for doing the show. Before she could explain everything to Katherine, a call came from the lab. The results were in from the DNA test. Even though Katherine had repeatedly assured Jill that no matter what, she still considered Jill her daughter, Jill was nervous about the impending news.

Gloria tried without success to reach Jack on her phone. Then she spotted Ashley getting on the elevator at Jabot. Ashley let the elevator doors close between them because she wasn't interested in talking to Gloria. Gloria then followed Ashley to the Abbott house and forced a confrontation. Ashley wouldn't back down from her wish that Gloria stop using the Abbott name. Gloria said that was fine; Ashley and Jack would now see what a great job Gloria could do dragging that name through the mud.

Michael made arrangements with Gina to surprise Lauren with a romantic anniversary dinner at the club that would include flowers. But when he got home to find Lauren on the couch and Fen asleep, he didn't realize that Lauren was nearing an emotional breakdown. He thought her desire to stay in because she was tired seemed reasonable, so he canceled the plans with Gina. Gina wondered if something was wrong in the Baldwin household.

Phyllis still hadn't gone into labor, so she drank an herbal tea made with a recipe she found online. Unfortunately, she had an allergic reaction to it and Nick had to take her to the hospital. The doctor ran tests and determined that everything was fine with the baby. But he was going to monitor Phyllis carefully, and if the baby showed any sign of being in distress or losing weight in the womb, they would induce labor. Phyllis felt bad because she'd only been thinking of her desire to no longer be pregnant instead of whether that meant everything was okay with their daughter. Nick assured her that she was not a terrible person.

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