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Monday, October 16, 2006

In the parking lot, Victoria stared into her car's shattered window and realized that, along with an MP3 player and a pair of new sunglasses, her portfolio, containing photos of the Grugeon art collection that Victoria was attempting to acquire, is also missing. Later, in the coffee house, Brad learned from Colleen that the portfolio had been stolen, and Brad is relieved that no one was hurt.

At the office, Victoria and Brad discussed the fact that the timing of the break-in is suspect since the portfolio contained information about the Grugeon collection but nothing about the reliquary. Brad expressed fear that the thief, searching for the same collection, may pose a danger. Brad warned Victoria to stay out of the situation because he's worried about what could happen. Victoria responded that she and Brad were on the same side. Brad left for a meeting, leaving Victoria somewhat miffed, but he later returned to Victoria's office and apologized for seeming harsh and told her that he's concerned for her safety. Victoria accepted the apology, and worried that she was incapable of helping Brad. However, Brad advised Victoria to drop the search hoping that they'll be safe. Victoria called her art broker and told him to end the search for the reliquary. Brad told Victoria that Paul and J.T. are searching for the reliquary, and Victoria noted that their search can't be as easily traced. Later, Brad called J.T. and the two planned a meeting with Paul to learn his and J.T.'s results thus far regarding the search for the reliquary.

At the coffee house, Colleen and J.T. discussed Victoria's interest in finding the Grugeon reliquary and the car break-in. Since Colleen and J.T. believe there's a connection, Colleen told J.T. that she is eager to locate the reliquary. J. T. cautioned her not to try to locate the reliquary because dangerous people are looking for it, as are he and Paul. When J.T. later dropped Colleen off at her art-history class, he noticed that she had someone else's computer. Colleen told J.T. that Professor Korbel had loaned her his computer since hers was damaged. Professor Korbel came in later and ruffled J.T. a bit by calling him "T.J." Korbel asked J.T. whether he'd suddenly developed an interest in art history or just trying to distract his assistant. As J.T. left, he referred to the professor as Professor "Cowbell." Korbel immediately put Colleen to work on a presentation about Vatican art. Colleen later seemed distracted, but insisted to her professor that she wasn't daydreaming. She admitted that she was researching the Grugeon collection, looking for a particular reliquary for Victoria. She asked Korbel, who was surprised to find Colleen interested in a specific piece of art, for help since he has an inside connection into the art world.

At Newman Enterprises, Neil scolded Carmen for interfering with Dru's career and her family. He accused Carmen of being relentless. Carmen disagreed, and told Neil that it's Dru who's relentless. Carmen said that she's terrified of Dru and overjoyed that Dru won't back. Later, Carmen called Will Bardwell and requested that he speed up the trial. Later, Neil met with Victoria in her office regarding Dru's job. Victoria told Neil that an unpaid leave is the best she can do for Dru, but that it was a business decision. Later at home, Dru tried to convince Devon and Lily that she had only cleaned out her desk when she arrived home in the middle of the day lugging a box of items from her office. Dru typed a message into the computer attempting to explain to Devon and Lily that she had taken a leave of absence in order to be home with Devon and to take an intensive course in sign language. Devon, however, was not pleased that Dru gave up her job for him. Once Devon was out of the room, Dru admitted to Lily that Carmen was responsible for getting Dru fired. A shocked Lily said that it was not a good idea to hide the truth from Devon. However, Lily later ignored Dru's wish to keep quiet about what happened when she told Devon about Carmen's part in Dru's firing. Devon became quite upset. Lily, using the keyboard, explained that Victoria considers Dru to be taking a leave of absence. However, Devon became angry when he learned that Dru had been lying to him again. Lily stressed the fact that their mom felt embarrassed and advised Devon not to yell at her. Devon, feeling pity for his mom, theorized that it's Carmen who has the problems. Devon told Lily that he's angry with Carmen.

When Dru came later after running an errand, she became distressed when she realized that Devon was not there and that Lily had told Devon that Carmen was responsible for Dru's firing. At the office, Devon confronted Carmen and told her that he'd come to talk to her about Drucilla. Devon agreed that Dru can be intense and that she feels very strongly about some things, feelings which also serve to make her a great parent. Devon told Carmen that the Winters made him part of a real family, and that they saved him and gave me a promising future. He explained that he did not want Dru to lose her job, her freedom or her family. Carmen attempted to interrupt, but Devon continued, telling Carmen that Dru's a good person and that she wouldn't hurt anyone. Carmen wrote that there was no point discussing this because her mind was made up. She wrote that she was afraid of Dru. Devon insisted again that Dru wouldn't hurt anyone, so there was no danger. However, Carmen wrote that Dru had started the problems. Devon asked Carmen how the hell she could look him in the eye and say such a thing because he'd been a witness to the fact that she'd pursued a married man, and he asked her what kind of nut job she was. After his meeting, Neil called home and learned that Devon may be planning to confront Carmen. When Neil walked past the office window and saw Devon and Carmen arguing, he walked into the office and asked what was going on, but Carmen became frustrated and stormed out. Later, Neil called Dru to tell her he'd bring Devon home. Devon, instead, offered to take a cab, but Neil insisted on driving. Devon became angry. Feeling that his family was smothering him, he stated emphatically that he was not a child. Devon took off, but Neil was delayed by a coworker, so Neil was not able to catch the elevator before Devon entered and the doors closed.

Before heading off to Jabot, Ashley studied a file containing Jack's figures representing projected income from an N.V.P. tie-in with Jabot. Although risky, Jack insisted that the potential for profit is great. Since Mr. Kim was to make an appearance at Jabot, Jack reminded Ashley that she must maintain a poker face because Mr. Kim doesn't know that she's in on the deception. Later, at Jabot, Mr. Kim arrived and met with employees. While Ashley chatted with Mr. Kim, Jack talked to Jill about ramping up the tie-ins. However, Jill was reluctant and asked Jack why he was pushing the deal. Jack told her it was a colossal opportunity for expansion and that not acting on it would be a terrible mistake. However, Jill insisted that Jabot was not yet strong enough to risk global expansion and nixed the plan. Later, Jack called Mr. Kim and told him that he had a little problem that he needed him to fix. Later, Mr. Kim left a message for Jill expressing his wish to meet with her about Jack's proposal. Jill phoned Jack and angrily told him off for undermining her. Jack, however, angered Jill even more when told her that the employees at Jabot were lucky to finally have leadership (meaning Mr. Kim, a.k.a. Jack).

At Jabot, Mr. Kim met with Jack, Ashley and Jill. Kim told Ashley that Jill had declined to go forward with Jack's deal. Ashley told Mr. Kim the NVP tie-in with Jabot, although ambitious, has merit. Mr. Kim stated that the potential profits warranted the increased expenditures. Jill worried that the profits were not a sure thing. Mr. Kim then advised Jill to consult with him before she makes final decisions. Ashley defended Jill because she's been steering the company through a crises, but Mr. Kim insisted that all decisions come through his office first as written reports. Jill said that she preferred face-to-face meetings. Ashley explained that Jill had been part of the family business for years. Jack said his principal interest in Jabot was to prevent his father's vision from being swept aside. An offended Jill stated that she, as C.E.O., had always protected John's vision, but Mr. Kim cut the meeting short. Before he left, Kim told Jack that he approved the expansion of Jabot with the N.V.P. tie-in deal. After Jack walked out, Jill wondered aloud about what was going on, since she felt that she was on the outside looking in. Ashley answered that she wished she could offer an explanation but instead only offered her apologies to Jill. Later at home, Ashley confronted Jack about humiliating Jill and taking away her authority. Jack deflected blame and explained that he would do whatever it takes to put Jabot back on top and would not let Jill get in his way. When Ashley attempted to press the issue, Jack reminded Ashley that if Katherine found out that he is behind the House of Kim, then she'll take back Jabot.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Michael sits at Lauren's bedside in the hospital. She asks about the baby, and Michael tells her that his lungs are underdeveloped and he has jaundice. She gets paranoid and Michael realizes her fever is up. He gets the doctor and he says it's from a medicine she was given for a staff infection, but their baby doesn't have it and she can't see him until she's in the clear because she could still pass it on. Lauren's fever continues to rise, and she thinks that Sheila is after the baby. He calms her down and goes to see the baby and talks to him. The doctor comes and tells Michael if the baby continues to progress, he most likely won't have any long term damage. Gloria and Michael talk and Gloria apologizes for being selfish. Michael takes a picture of the baby and shows it to Lauren.

Gloria and Phyllis talk about the baby and Phyllis thinks he's getting stronger. Nick comes in and brings Phyllis a change of clothes. They go to the cafeteria and Nick tells Phyllis that Noah was a preemie and that he's fine now; he reassures her that Baby Baldwin will be okay. She says she can't wait for Michael's son to meet his new best friend. They go back and see Michael who tells them the baby will be fine. Nick congratulates Michael on his new son. They go home, and Phyllis worries about their baby, but Nick tells her that he doesn't know what the future holds, but Phyllis and their child are his future. They sleep together, and later, Nick tells Phyllis he wants to start their future now and asks her to elope.

Neil comes home and tells Dru that Devon got into it with Carmen. They don't know where he is and Dru freaks out. Lily tells them that the reason he left was because they were suffocating him; she says he's probably fine and to back off. Lily goes to meet Daniel at the coffeehouse. Dru complains about losing her job, and Neil tells her she can turn it into something positive. They think Devon might have run away and they call Yolanda to make sure he didn't go there. Lily gets a hold of Devon and he meets them at the coffeehouse. He tells them that his other senses are heightened. Dru and Neil put on music and dance together. Lily calls and tells Dru that she found Devon and she and Neil kiss. Devon and Lily come home, and they have dinner as a family. Neil and Dru tell Devon that he should start driving again soon, and he says he wants to move out.

Jack and Sharon entertain Mr. Kim at the Abbott mansion. They talk about running Jabot and Mr. Kim jokingly talks about stealing Sharon away. She says as long as Jack keeps paying her, she's staying put. Mr. Kim gets sick and they take him to the emergency room. While they're waiting, they run into Nick and Phyllis in the cafeteria. Phyllis tells them about Michael and Lauren's baby and they talk about Noah being a preemie. Jack tells Phyllis about the Jabot/NVP partnership and she gets angry that he's making unilateral decisions. Michael comes out and sees Jack and Sharon and yells at Jack to leave; he's caused Michael's family enough problems. Mr. Kim has food poisoning and they are keeping him overnight for observation, so Jack and Sharon return to the Abbott mansion and they kiss.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Jack went to the hospital to pick up Mr. Kim but ran into Victor. Victor was beginning to ask questions about Jack's use of the 250 million dollars Victor had loaned him. Jack said he was interested in buying near the retreat in India where Victor had gone. Jack offered to take Victor back to Newman after his doctor's appointment. While Victor was gone, Jack talked to Victor's doctor to try to determine the likelihood of Victor returning to his old personality. The doctor said it could happen.

Victor went to see Michael and offer him, and later, Gloria, his support. When Jack came to pick up Victor, Gloria warned Kevin that Jack was worming his way into Mr. Kim's good graces. If they weren't careful, the two of them would lose their jobs.

Jack left to take Victor back to Newman Enterprises. Victor wanted to see Jack's business plans, and Jack agreed to meet with him later. As Jack got on one elevator, Mr. Kim got off the other and introduced himself to Victor.

Jana wanted to make a date with Kevin, but he felt like he needed to be at the hospital with Michael and Lauren. Jana assured him that everything would be okay. Later, Billy came in and told Jana that he could show her how the other half lived. He began by offering to take her on a tour of the Chancellor house.

Drucilla tried to get Lily to agree that Devon wasn't ready to move out, but Lily was on Devon's side. She said she knew he had some problems, but it wouldn't help to be smothered by his parents. Meanwhile, Devon talked to Neil about moving out. Although Neil was concerned, it became apparent to him that Devon's mind was made up.

Drucilla and Neil were together when they found out that her court date had been set. When Neil tried to get in touch with Michael, they learned that Lauren had gone into labor prematurely. The two of them went to the hospital to offer Michael their support. Dru said she'd understand if Michael needed to hand the case over to someone else, but Michael said no. He said they'd get together and brainstorm the best way to handle Dru's legal situation. Michael had to leave them when a nurse came to tell Michael that Lauren's fever had broken.

Michael explained to Lauren that the baby's health was progressing well, but Lauren had been very ill. She was apparently getting better now, however, so the doctors agreed that she could see her son.

At Crimson Lights, Devon bumped into a guy that he couldn't hear and made him spill coffee everywhere. Jana, Billy, and Lily jumped to Devon's aid, and Billy explained to the stranger that Devon was deaf. Devon seemed to lose confidence about being able to live on his own. Lily suggested that he move in with her and Daniel as a temporary solution. They went to the Winters' apartment to pick up his stuff, hoping they wouldn't run into their parents.

Neil took Dru to his future jazz club so she could check the place out. She became as enthusiastic about it as Neil was. Neil sensed that Dru needed somewhere to direct her energy, so he suggested that she be his interior designer. When Dru wondered if someone else would be better for the job, Neil said he needed someone he could trust, and that was Dru. She was moved by his words of faith in her.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Lauren is able to get up and see her baby. Michael and Lauren happily look in and try to decide his name. Lauren tells Michael that she couldn't have gotten through this without him. They joke around about the baby's name, but suddenly are shocked when the baby's machine starts beeping. The doctor takes them away but later tells them that the baby stopped breathing for a moment. They said that they monitor this all the time, and the baby will be okay. They decide to name the baby Fenmore Michael Baldwin.

Nikki is surprised that Jack is in such good graces with Mr. Kim. Jack says that he thinks Mr. Kim will do right for Jabot. Nikki tells Victor that she is proud of the way Jack is handling the situation. Jack and Nikki talk about Michael's baby, and they remember when they lost their baby.

Kevin is upset when he finds out Jana is going on a tour at Katherine's house with Billy. Jana has a wonderful time at Kay's; and is amazed with Jill and Katherine. Jana sees a Dragon art piece and Jill and Kay are impressed with her art history knowledge. Jana thanks Billy for letting her see the other side. When Jana leaves, Billy tries to kiss her, but she avoids him. She later tells Kevin that she's not interested in Billy.

Victor has coffee with Mr. Kim and tries to get information about his business. Victor learns from Katherine that Jack secretly tried to obtain Jabot my means of another company.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Phyllis had to go to Santa Fe on business, and Nick suggested that he go with her. When Phyllis wondered if he had business there, Nick said no. This was their chance to elope. Phyllis quickly agreed. Although both of them later talked separately to Sharon and Jack in pleasant conversations, neither of them could bring themselves to tell their exes their plans.

Instead, Phyllis and Nick went to the hospital to see how the Baldwin baby was doing. Michael had spent the night at the hospital after Lauren was released. Lauren admitted that she hadn't slept all that well, but it had helped to know that Michael was looking over their baby, who they were calling "Fen" for Fenmore. Nick and Phyllis marveled that they were with their partners and having children, something they couldn't have predicted a couple of years before.

Later, after Nick and Phyllis left, Paul arrived while Lauren was in with the baby. He had some disturbing news for Michael. When Lauren joined them, Paul shared the news with her, too. Sheila had been a patient of a plastic surgeon in South America. Afterward, the surgeon had been killed and all his records destroyed. So Sheila could now be anywhere, disguised as anyone, and they had no way to track her.

When Jack found out that Devon was moving in with Daniel and Lily, who needed a bigger place, he had a solution. They could move into an apartment that the Abbotts used as an investment property close to GCU. It was large enough for the three of them, the rent was cheap, and it was close to campus. Phyllis, as well as Neil and Dru, were grateful for Jack's solution.

Neil had a business meeting with Carmen that he kept strictly business. Hurt by his attitude, Carmen tried to reason with him. But Neil said it was Carmen, not Dru, who had the problem. From here on out, he wanted nothing but a professional relationship with Carmen. Meanwhile, Dru was talking to Sharon about the situation with Devon and about Carmen. Sharon told her not to take Devon's move personally. He was just asserting his independence. Both women agreed that Carmen preyed on men. Sharon wasn't entirely sure what had happened between Carmen and Jack, but she did think Carmen had shifted her focus from him to Neil awfully fast. When she wondered if she herself was getting involved too deeply with Jack, Dru told her to just enjoy it, even if it was a rebound relationship.

Later, Dru tried to call Neil at work. Carmen picked up the phone in the conference room and was curt to Dru before hanging up on her. Carmen then called the DA and asked if there wasn't a way to speed up Dru's court case, because she felt threatened. Meanwhile, Dru tried to reassure Lily, Devon, and Daniel that she'd be fine. When Neil found out about the phone call, he warned his entire family to steer clear of Carmen in case anything they did only made matters worse. Later, Neil saw Carmen at work again. In front of other employees, he told her that she needed to leave his wife alone. And if she had further problems with Dru, she should come to him instead of running to the police to make groundless accusations against his wife.

Jack had a meeting with the "public" CEO of House of Kim. Jack warned him to be very careful around Victor, who Jack thought was fishing for information. He said the two men should have a friendly relationship, however, because it was a way for Jack to get information about Victor. Later, Jack saw Carmen crying. He let her talk about her fears about Dru, then as he left, he mistakenly picked up Carmen's cell phone instead of his own from the table.

Sharon had come into Newman with Noah, and Jack ran into them. As he helped Noah with a model car, his phone rang. It was only after he answered it and got a message for Carmen that Dru's court date had been moved up that Jack realized he had the wrong phone. Meanwhile, Carmen intercepted a text message from House of Kim to Jack. The message raised Carmen's suspicions about the extent of Jack's involvement with the outside cosmetics company that had purchased Jabot.

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