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 Recaps for Y&R Recaps: The week of September 25, 2006 on The Young and the Restless
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Monday, September 25, 2006

At the office, Neil and Carmen discussed Neil's purchase of the jazz club. Carmen also told Neil that she still fears Dru, and Neil told Carmen about that the counselor's recommendation that he and Dru stay away from one another for two weeks. Meanwhile, during lunch at the Genoa City Athletic Club, Dru told Devon about the two-week separation from Neil. When Dru questioned Devon about Neil's real-estate contract, Devon told Dru about Neil's plan to open the jazz club. Attempting to force a face-to-face meeting with Neil, Dru sent part of a file to Neil via Devon, but purposely kept a few file papers. Dru then called to tell Neil's secretary that Neil should meet Dru at the GCAC to get the papers. When Devon arrived at Neil's office with the partial file, however, he overheard part of the conversation between Neil and Carmen that led Devon to believe that they were discussing their love affair when Neil was actually telling Carmen that Dru had keenly picked up on the vibe of his and Carmen's attraction to one another. Carmen left Neil's office abruptly when she spied Devon, but Devon questioned Neil about the depth of his relationship with Carmen. Neil explained to Devon that he only kissed Carmen. Devon, who stated that he was not feeling well, expressed his displeasure about Neil's treatment of Dru, and then he hurriedly left Neil's office. At the elevator, Devon bumped into Carmen. Devon angrily told Carmen to leave Neil alone. When Carmen later returned to Neil's office after her encounter with Devon, she told Neil that she no longer wanted to know anything about his family because everyone considered her to be a home wrecker. Later, when Neil met Dru at the GCAC to get the file papers, she asked him about the jazz club. Neil angrily told her that he was working on a project during their separation while she was working on crazy schemes to meet him. When Devon returned to the GCAC to tell Dru about his conversation with Neil, Dru realized that Devon was burning up with fever.

Over lunch, Abby let the news slip to a surprised Ashley about Abby's "new" grandmother. Later, Ashley arrived unannounced at Brad and Victoria's with Abby, where Ashley meets a very gracious Rebecca. However, Ashley grilled Brad about his forcing Abby to keep her grandmother a secret and threatened to petition for sole custody because of Brad's deception. Brad apologized to Ashley and explained that he had meant to tell her about his mother and the truth about himself but didn't because of the danger to his mother. Ashley was terribly upset that Brad let Abby believe that it was okay to keep a secret from a parent. Later, Brad invited his mom to move in with him and Victoria. Although Victoria looked shocked, she agreed to the idea. Victoria later told Brad that she wonders lately about Brad's judgment, especially since he told his mother about his and Victoria's plans to have a baby, and he invited his mom to live with them without consulting her first. When Brad told his mother that he messed up by telling her about his and Victoria's plans to have a baby and asking her to move in without consulting Victoria, Rebecca said she while she would no longer be the invisible grandmother, she thought it best not to move in with the couple. Rebecca urged Brad to rebuild Victoria's trust. Brad apologized to Victoria, and then he told Victoria that his mother would not move in after all. Victoria told Brad that she understood why he lied, but explained that it would take time for her to come to terms with the fact that the "man she married" is not the man she married. Brad pledged his love to Victoria, told her that he wished to spend his life with her and promised that their child would not grow up with lies. Later, however, a still-confused Victoria called Dr. Thompson and requested birth-control pills.

Colleen and J.T. discussed the possibility of marriage, and to show their devotion to one another, J.T. suggested they get matching tattoos. However, Colleen became defensive about getting a tattoo because she is self-conscious about her body. Colleen worried that she's overweight. J. T. attempted to cheer Colleen by giving her flowers and told her that she is beautiful, but Colleen worried that she could have a weight problem in the future if she gained more weight. Colleen later told J.T. that they should each get tattoos on their ring fingers, but then Colleen remembered that she could never get another tattoo because her grandmother had been imprisoned in a concentration camp.

Nikki told Victor that because she distrusts Brad, she's worried about Victoria. Later, Victoria, Abby and Ashley visited Nikki and Victor at the ranch. Abby excitedly recalled her version of celebrating the Jewish New Year with her new grandmother. Alone together, Victoria confided in Nikki that she may not ever be able to trust Brad because of the lies and deception. Nikki told Victoria that she must be able to trust her spouse. Nikki and Victoria secretly overheard Victor comforting Ashley about Brad's mistakes. However, when Victoria attempted to defend Brad, Ashley explained that she could no longer trust him with her child and that Victoria would better understand Ashley's fear when Victoria has a child of her own. After receiving several phone calls about problems with the new spas, Nikki finally agreed to go out of town after Victor insisted that he would be all right.