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Monday, August 14, 2006

Drucilla was in her apartment, obviously depressed after her fight with Neil. She drank some wine and tried to read a magazine but it didn't hold her attention. Devon came home and saw that she was depressed and he knew that it had to do with her and Neil not getting along. He wished that things would have gotten better after her trip to Europe. Dru told him that things took time and that everything would work out in the end. Devon mentioned that he thought Neil and Dru were supposed to be having dinner tonight and she said that Neil would be there but he realized that she had no idea where he was. Devon asked her if she wanted him to hang out with her and watch a movie, but she told him everything was okay and he went to bed. She called Neil, got his voice mail, and left a message saying that she was sorry, that she didn't know what had gotten into her, and that she loved him. Later, she called Sharon to commiserate but got her voice mail as well she told Sharon she realized she was away but she really needed a friend right now, and that she hoped that they could get together, have drinks, and talk about their failing marriages when Sharon returned.

In John's hospital room, Jack and Ashley watched worriedly as the doctors and nurses tried to revive John. Gloria, Kevin, and Katherine were in the waiting room and Gloria kept saying "John's gonna be fine." Later, Dr. Campbell came into the waiting room and told all of them (who had been joined by Jack and Ashley) that John had suffered a massive stroke, and the uncontrolled bleeding in his brain caused swelling that depressed his breathing and he went into cardiac arrest. Although they saved his live, he was unconscious and on a ventilator.

Jack, Ashley, and Gloria went to see John in his room. He was unresponsive as they tried to give him pep talks they told him that everything was going to be fine that he would be home soon, and that they would all be there for him when he woke up, but they were all obviously scared. Jill arrived in the waiting room and Katherine filled her in on how bad John's situation was, and Jill was very upset. From a payphone, Kevin called Michael to tell him that Mr. Abbott was gravely ill and that Gloria needed both of them there now.

Jack called Traci (who was in Europe on a book tour) and she was going to take the next flight home. Ashley tried calling Colleen and Brad, but only got voicemail, and didn't want to leave messages because she didn't want them to find out about John that way. She started crying when she talked about how much Colleen and Abby loved their grandfather. Jack hugged her and told her not to give up. Gloria became a little angry at what she perceived as Ashley's negative attitude about John's prognosis and was adamant that John would be fine. Kevin said that Gloria was right they all needed to keep a positive attitude. Katherine went to visit the unconscious John and spent a long time reminiscing about their friendship and the wild days of their youth and that back then they thought they would be forever young. She urged John to continue fighting for his life as she broke down and started to cry.

Jill ran into Gloria as they were both headed towards John's room. Gloria told Jill that she thought it said a lot about John that Jill still felt this way about John even though they had been divorced for many years. When Jill looked through the window into John's room and said she hated to see him like that, Gloria assured her that John was a fighter and would make it. Jill said that was what she was praying for, and asked Gloria if she could visit John for a few moments before Gloria went in. Gloria agreed. Jill went into the room and Katherine left to give them some time alone. Jill talked to the unconscious John telling him that Billy was on his way home. She reminisced about what a handful Billy had been growing up and how much he had changed. She told John that everything she was she owed to him that he had taken her in when she had nothing and then gave her the world how she had been proud to be his wife but was even more proud to be his friend and that she considered him the best friend she ever had.

Kevin brought Gloria a cup of coffee and told her that he called Michael and left a message. Gloria said that a few hours ago her biggest worry was the catering and the guest list for John's homecoming and told Kevin how quickly life changes. Kevin left and Katherine told Gloria how impressed she was with the way Gloria was handling things. She said that many people thought she married John for his money but they were wrong, she would have married him even if he didn't have a dime. Katherine believed her. Gloria told her she was glad she was there as she didn't have any women friends but Katherine said that she had one now. Gloria thanked her for being there.

Kevin was sitting alone and Ashley went to see how he was doing. She told him he could have gone with them to visit John at the prison earlier, but Kevin said he didn't want to see him like that. When Ashley commented on how fond Kevin was of her father, he said that Mr. Abbott had been very good to him even after he learned about some of Kevin's early misbehaviors. He said that in the time he had been John's stepson he got more love and kindness from him than he ever had from his own father. Ashley told him that John thought of Kevin as family. Kevin told Ashley how lucky she and Jack had been to have John as a father, and Ashley agreed.

Later, back in the waiting room, with all of John's visitors gathered, Dr. Campbell came in to give them an update that John was responding to some mild pain stimulus which was a mild good sign, but that his condition was extremely grave as he was still bleeding in his brain. He mentioned that he had a DNR form that John had previously signed. Gloria asked what that was, and the doctor explained that it meant that John did not want to be resuscitated if he went into respiratory or cardiac arrest. Gloria started screaming that John never would have signed something like that and asked Jack and Ashley if they knew anything about it. They said no, but Jack said that John wouldn't want to be resuscitated unless he could have a good quality of life. Jill said that he wouldn't want to live being hooked up to a machine, but Gloria became hysterical and ran out of the room.

In Cleveland, Victoria finished making the replica of the Grudgeon Reliquary Nick and Brad thought it looked very convincing although Victoria said there was a little flaw she had been unable to replicate. They were waiting for further instructions from the kidnapper and hoped the replica would be good enough to save Sharon.

Paul (in Genoa City with J.T.) called someone (using an alias) to get specific information faxed to him on where the shipping container where they thought Sharon was being held was located (as Sharon had written the number of the container in the dust on the floor.) Later, they called Brad and told him that the numbers turned out to be that of a shipping container that was being stored in a shipping yard in Cleveland. They told Brad that they were going to send an enhanced image of Sharon's clue and then head to Cleveland.

Brad got the tracking device to put in the reliquary. As he looked at it, he realized that the kidnappers weren't after the reliquary at all, but what was inside of it! Nick and Victoria realized that they might not be able to get away with using the replica now. They decided there was nothing they could really do now but try to hand over the replica in return for Sharon. The kidnapper called Brad and (calling him George) told him that he wanted Nick to make the exchange at a small church in Parma and that he was sure that "George" knew what church he was talking about. After hanging up, Brad told Nick and Victoria that because of the choice of the Parma church he now knew for sure that Sharon's kidnapping was connected to his family's murder.

Victoria finished up the replica and Nick told her it was time to make the exchange. He thanked her for her work, as it might be the only thing to save Sharon, and he left. Brad told her he needed to leave to meet Paul and J.T. as they had arrived in Cleveland. Victoria told him to be careful and he left.

Nick went to the church in Parma and asked if anyone was there. Suddenly someone pointed a gun to his head as the kidnapper said he was right on time, and they had been wondering if he would make it.

Brad, J.T., and Paul were outside the locked shipping container that they assumed Sharon was in. Back in the motel room, Victoria looked at the photo of Sharon and realized that something was terribly wrong. She called Brad (just as the three men were about to break the lock) and frantically told him that Sharon couldn't have written the number of the container in the dust the "7" in the number was written with a line through it and Sharon never wrote her "7"s like that that someone else must have written it. Brad yelled to J.T. and Paul (who have just about broken the lock) to stop they were walking into a trap!!

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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Drucilla called Neil and got his voicemail again she left a message for him to call her. Dru then reminisces about her and Neil in an Asian ceremony, then the night of the revelation of Lily's paternity, then the time she accused Neil of flirting with Carmen. Devon came in and told Dru that maybe Neil just needed time to chill. Dru agreed Devon said that he would probably cool down in a little while. As they began playing Scrabble, she told him how incredibly proud she was of him that he had turned his life around, and that he would be fine no matter what happened between her and Neil. She told him she realized that she should always be honest with the people you love and Devon said that Neil would come around, but until then, she had him and Lily.

Neil and Lily were at the Athletic Club basketball court. Neil was staying at the Athletic Club. Neil told her he and Dru had a fight, and it was not solely about Malcolm and Lily's paternity. Lily asked him if he was going to forgive Dru, but he said he didn't know. She wanted to spend the night with him at the Club but Neil said that it was late and Dru would worry. Later, inside the Club, Lily told Neil she wanted to spend some time with him tonight doing two of her favorite things having a chocolate milkshake and playing cards with him. Dru and Devon continued playing Scrabble as Lily and Neil played cards at the Club. Devon went off to bed and Dru picked up the phone to make a call.

Moments after Victoria's phone call telling Brad, Paul, and J.T. that the shipping container they were walking into was a trap, they found an explosive device tied in to a timing device under the shipping containers. With just a few seconds to spare, Brad and Paul cut the proper wires and disarmed the explosive. They went inside the container, but there was no sign of Sharon.

Nick was still in the church talking to the kidnapper, with the kidnapper's accomplice holding a gun to Nick's head. Nick asked the kidnapper where Sharon was, but the kidnapper wanted the reliquary first. Nick told him the reliquary was in a safe place and that they could kill him if they wanted to, but they would never get the reliquary. The kidnapper pulled up a curtain and Sharon was there, bound and gagged. Nick told them that if they freed Sharon, he would tell her where the reliquary was and then they could keep him hostage and that he was Victor Newman's son and therefore a much better bargaining chip. The kidnapper wanted to know how he could be sure this wasn't a trap with the police waiting outside. Quid pro quo, Nick wanted to know how he could be sure they wouldn't kill Sharon after getting the reliquary. The kidnapper told Nick that he would kill him and Sharon if he didn't get the reliquary.

Paul and J.T. arrived at the church and were spotted by the kidnapper, who told them to drop their weapons. They comply, but Paul said the police were on the way. The kidnapper said that Mr. Newman said that they weren't. The kidnapper started counting down to shoot Paul and J.T. ... 3 ... 2.... Suddenly Brad stepped out, held a gun to the kidnapper's head, and said "1." He told the kidnapper to drop his weapon. The kidnapper kept referring to him as George and asked how his mother and his pretty little daughters were. Again, Brad told the kidnapper to drop his weapon, and this time he complied. Brad told Paul to untie Sharon, but when Paul went up to her he saw that she was shaking her head not to, and then Paul saw that she was attached to an explosive device. The kidnapper told J.T. to get the reliquary and not to call the police, or Mrs. Newman would die.

Later, J.T. came back with the replica reliquary. He exchanged it with the kidnapper for the detonation trigger for the explosives attached to Sharon. The kidnapper is about to leave with the reliquary. Nick pushes the gun away from the accomplice, and it goes off, but no one is hurt. Brad shot the accomplice and told the accomplice to freeze as Nick untied Sharon and Nick and Sharon left. Victoria arrived and Brad started asking the kidnapper who he was and why he had killed his family. Brad learned that the man was the son of the Nazi who his mother testified against and that Rebecca had caused his father's execution. Brad told him that his father was executed for killing Jews. Brad also wondered why he wanted that particular reliquary and he called Brad stupid. The kidnapper told Brad that his big dilemma was whether to execute Brad's father or sister first. Brad told him to shut up, and wanted to engage in hand to hand combat with the kidnapper. They began fighting but the kidnapper pulled out a knife and cut Brad's abdomen as Victoria, J.T., and Paul looked on. As the fight progressed, Brad strangled the kidnapper in a leglock. The kidnapper, as well as his accomplice, were both dead. Victoria wanted to call an ambulance to tend to Brad's wound, but Brad told her not to that he wanted them all out of there now. J.T. wanted to call the police but Brad said no, that he would take care of everything, as it was his responsibility and he didn't want the police asking Sharon a lot of questions. Paul and J.T. left. Victoria wanted to stay, but Brad told her to leave as well. They hugged, and Victoria slowly left the church.

In the waiting room at Genoa City Memorial, Ashley and Jack are extremely concerned about John's grave condition, but Gloria is still trying to think positively. Billy Abbott arrived and Jill took him to see John. In John's hospital room, Billy tries talking to John but he is still completely unresponsive. He begged John to pull through as John had pulled him through when he was in the hospital.

Outside, Michael arrived and Gloria was still acting overly optimistically, which bothered Jack and Ashley she told Michael that John was still responsive and was going to make it. Ashley asked Jack if he had given up on John, and Jack said he hadn't, but they had to be realistic. Ashley and Jack knew they needed a miracle for John to pull through.

Billy and Jill rejoined the others in the waiting room. Jill told Ash that John was still unresponsive. Gloria introduced herself to Billy and hugged him, though Billy was not particularly receptive. She introduced him to Michael (who already knew him) and Kevin, who told him what an awesome father he had.

Jack went in to talk with John and told them there was a waiting room full of people who loved him, that Billy was there, and begged him not to give up. He talked to John about the night when Dina left and how John made him promise to always look out for Ashley and Traci, and how that was the most important promise he ever made. He told John he remembered his words about his love for Jack being unwavering and undying. He told John it was his turn now that he wanted John to know that his love for him was also unwavering and undying. He kissed John's hand.

Out in the waiting room, Katherine was comforting a tearful Ashley, who said she couldn't imagine life without John. Katherine said it was in God's hands now. Nikki (who learned about John's stroke earlier from Gina) arrived to stand vigil. Dr. Campbell came in to tell them that they were running more tests on John to see if their treatment was having any effect. When Ashley asked what his opinion was, he said it was too early to tell. Gloria told the doctor to update them and then followed him into the hall because she wanted to discuss John's Do Not Resuscitate order with him. He said they would talk about it later.

Gloria went to the chapel to pray for John, and was joined by Katherine. Kevin came in to tell them that the doctor was in the waiting room with more news. After they left, Nikki went to the chapel to pray for John, her family particularly Sharon and Victor.

In the waiting room, Dr. Campbell informed them that John has been unresponsive to stimuli and was unable to breathe on his own and that his condition was irreversible. Gloria became hysterical and said they would get a second opinion and rerun the tests. The rest of John's family and friends were in shock.

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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Drucilla was furious when Neil finally showed up, wondering why he hadn't answered any of her messages the night before. Neil said he'd stayed at the club and admitted that he should have called. Drucilla thought it was very convenient that Carmen was also staying at the club. Neil said it was up to her whether she trusted him or not. He was telling her the truth when he said he hadn't been with Carmen.

Lily arrived and told Dru that she'd spent the night at the club with Neil because she hadn't wanted to come home and be hassled about Daniel. Dru apologized to Neil for doubting him. Later, Lily told Devon she felt like they were babysitting their parents. She seemed to handle marriage more maturely than they did. Devon said in her case, it was easy. She just needed to dump Daniel and move on. Lily said feelings couldn't be turned off that quickly.

Dru went to the club and planned a romantic dinner there with Neil. She called him and asked him to pick up food on his way home, and Neil agreed, not realizing that Dru would be at the club waiting to surprise him. Since Neil and Carmen had been wrapped up in work, he agreed to her request to continue over a working dinner. He could then take dinner home to the rest of his family. Drucilla spotted Neil and Carmen arriving at the club together.

Paul and J.T. both agreed to keep Brad's past a secret. Colleen was thrilled to arrive home and find her father and J.T. safe. While they were talking about what had happened, Ashley called Colleen. She explained that Colleen's grandfather had suffered a stroke. Ashley wanted Colleen to come to the hospital and bring Abby, and Colleen agreed.

J.T. took the Carlton sisters to the hospital, where Colleen was glad to see that Billy was home, except she also realized that his presence meant John was not doing well. Ashley took Abby in to see her grandfather, and Abby assumed that John was sleeping. She told him about her trip to Hawaii. Then Colleen came in, and Abby went to meet her Uncle Billy. Colleen told John she was sorry she hadn't been able to get there sooner. She was grateful for all the things he'd taught her and was only sorry she hadn't been a very good granddaughter. Ashley hugged Colleen and assured her that she'd been a wonderful granddaughter.

When Ashley was alone with John, she thanked him for everything he'd done for her and given to her. She would never forget being called "my beauty" by him. Her entire life, she'd never doubted her father's love for her. John didn't respond to Ashley, just as he hadn't to either of his granddaughters.

After J.T. took Abby home, Jill, Katherine, Gloria, and the Abbott children and grandchildren were in the waiting room when John's doctor came to talk to them again. John was completely unresponsive to pain stimulation. He was only alive because of the ventilator, because he couldn't breathe on his own. No matter what the rest of them said, Gloria refused to give up. The doctor told her that she was ultimately the one who would make the decision about taking John off of life support, and Gloria asked for another test to check his responsiveness.

Later, a second doctor confirmed that John was in a persistent, vegetative state. She didn't think he could live without life support. Although everyone else seemed in agreement that John's wish would be to be allowed to die, Gloria refused to give in. Jack tried to reason with her, then Ashley interrupted. She told her brother that she agreed with Gloria. That was still her father in the hospital room, and Jack shouldn't ask her to let him go yet.

Nick and Sharon arrived at the ranch, and Nikki came over to their house. She was so grateful that Sharon was home safe and sound. Sharon was uncomfortable and edgy. Both she and Nick talked to Noah, who was staying at his great-Aunt Casey's, on the phone, which seemed to make Sharon feel a little better. Nick left Sharon with Nikki so he could pick up food at Gina's.

Phyllis was at Gina's with Michael, who was surprised to hear that Nick and Phyllis were together. But he had some bad news for Phyllis. He told her about John's stroke and that there was no chance of recovery. Phyllis was upset, because John had always been good to her. He'd even told her not to let the doctors make her stop believing in miracles when they told her she could never get pregnant. When Phyllis saw Nick come in, she went to talk to him. Nick told her that he needed to spend time with Sharon, who was more upset than he'd realized. Phyllis understood and said they could postpone a real reunion until later.

Brad called Sharon to check on her, and Sharon gave Nikki a pointed look so that Nikki would give her privacy. Brad wanted to know how she was doing, and Sharon said she was okay. She was grateful to him for saving her life. Victoria overheard Brad and Sharon talking, and when they hung up, she told him that Sharon didn't need his help. She realized that Brad's feelings for Sharon went beyond friendship, but Victoria wasn't going to be made a fool of. Brad assured her that wouldn't happen. He did care about Sharon, but Victoria was his wife.

Later, Rebecca talked to Victoria about Brad. She knew that Victoria had been dealing with a lot of new information about her husband. But Rebecca hoped that she would be patient with Brad, because he did love her. Brad and Rebecca agreed that their story would have to remain private, because they didn't know who else might have been connected to the people who'd threatened them and had killed Brad's father, sister, and aunt. Rebecca planned to return to Italy and try to find any of her surviving family.

When Nick got back to the ranch with the food, Sharon was impatient with him and Nikki fussing over her. She just wanted to be left alone. Nikki understood and left, saying she'd be at the office if they needed her. Sharon told Nick that he didn't have to stay. She knew he had other responsibilities with Phyllis now. She was sure they'd already talked. Before Nick could answer, Brad arrived. He persuaded Nick to keep quiet about his past, although Nick was annoyed that a Newman shareholder had so many secrets that threatened them all. Nick walked outside and called Phyllis, telling her that he needed to spend more time with Sharon. She wasn't doing as well as she seemed to be. Phyllis wasn't entirely happy but told Nick that she understood.

Inside the house, Sharon told Brad that seeing him come through the door was the first time she'd felt okay. She knew Nick was doing his best to take care of her, but the person she really needed was Brad. Brad seemed to be at a loss for words as he listened to the things Sharon was saying.

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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Jack tells his father that he won't let him live like this anymore. Ashley is also by his side, and tells Jack that she's not ready to let John go yet. Jack says that it's what his father wants; they need to honor his wishes.

Gloria tells Kevin that Jack wants to kill his father. She says that if he's still alive, there's still hope. She worries that Jack may try to stop the machines. She goes to the hospital room and screams at Jack for touching the machine. She doesn't trust him. Jack takes Gloria outside and tries to reason with her, but Gloria won't budge. She says that she will even take John home and care for him if that's what it takes to bring him back. Jack says that he may have to take Gloria to court if she doesn't follow through with what John wants. Gloria goes into the hospital room and lies down next to John. She tells him that she knows he can hear her. She won't let him go.

Michael worries that things will begin getting ugly between John and Gloria. Gloria comes out of the hospital room and tells Michael not to worry. It's time to let John go.

Billy, Colleen and J.T. discuss John. Billy wishes that he said more to his father. He wishes that he never went New Orleans. J.T. says that it's not too late to talk to his father. Colleen tells Billy that it's Gloria's fault that John went to prison. She also warns Billy that Kevin now owns Crimson Lights.

Neil and Carmen go to Gina's for a business lunch. Drucilla is waiting for Neil, but when she sees Neil and Carmen together, Dru in infuriated. She accuses them of having an affair, and storms off.

Carmen feels bad about Drucilla's behavior. She tells Neil that she doesn't want to get in the way. Neil tells her that his marriage has been in trouble a long time before Carmen entered the picture. Carmen asks Neil if he thinks that his marriage has a chance. Neil tells her that he doesn't know. Carmen wonders if Neil thinks anything is between them.

Nick thinks about Phyllis and Sharon tells him to leave if he doesn't want to be there. Nick tells her that Sharon is the mother of his child; he will still do anything to help her. Drucilla shows up and wants to talk to Sharon alone, so Nick decides to leave. Nick goes to see Phyllis. He finds out that she went to talk to Jack about his father.

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Friday, August 18, 2006

After a night together, Phyllis and Nick planned their day. She had an appointment for an ultrasound. Nick needed to get to work. But he also wanted to go by and check on Sharon. When he got to the ranch, he found Drucilla still there. Sharon had asked her to pack a bag and spend a few days with her. Although she couldn't tell Dru the truth about her kidnapping, Sharon did admit that she needed a friend's support. Drucilla felt the same way and agreed that spending a few days away from Neil might do her entire family good.

When Drucilla got to work, she went to apologize to Neil. He apologized, too, for ruining her surprise. Dru told him that she was going to be staying with Sharon for a few days. She'd explain things to Lily and Devon so they wouldn't ask Neil a lot of hard questions. Neil thanked her for that. Dru then tried to apologize to Carmen for accusing her of sleeping with Neil. Carmen didn't feel like being gracious to Dru. She said she was tired of being attacked when her only sin was working too hard.

Lily went to Newman, and when she didn't find Dru in her office, she looked for her father. Neil was thrilled when he saw what Lily had brought to show him. She'd passed physics with an "A" and now had her high school diploma. Neil said nothing could have made his day better, and he agreed to have a family dinner later that night to celebrate Lily's accomplishment.

Phyllis went to the hospital to support Jack. He told her that Gloria had agreed to disconnect the ventilator from John. Phyllis went inside John's room with Jack. She thanked John for being a good father-in-law and told him she was a better person for having known him. Jack worried that Gloria might be right; if there was even a one-in-a-billion chance that John could get well, maybe he should give him that chance. Phyllis assured Jack that he was doing the right thing by honoring John's wishes.

After seeing Sharon, Nick went to work. He noticed the tension between Dru and Neil and asked what was going on. Neil told him he was better off not knowing. When Nick saw Victoria, he told her that he was going to continue to look after Sharon. Victoria wondered how he could do that. After all the months of his feeling guilty about Phyllis, didn't it strike him that Sharon had been lying to him because of her feelings for Brad? Nick said Sharon wasn't to blame for all of that. Brad, too, had played a part in it. And Nick had been warning Victoria all along that Brad wasn't to be trusted.

Nikki found out that Victor's plane had landed in Kansas, so she called Hope, thinking he might be with her. Hope assured her that Victor had been there, and he'd been doing okay. Then he had gone to a monastery on a spiritual quest. Hope wasn't sure where the retreat was. Nikki said at least it was a relief to know that Victor had been well. Hope was sure that Victor would be home soon and told Nikki that he loved her very much.

Brad was at the hospital with Colleen when Victoria arrived and spoke to him privately. Victoria said she knew it was a bad time, but there were things they needed to discuss. She felt like an idiot for having believed that he loved her or wanted their marriage. She wondered if he'd just been after the prestige of being married to a Newman and getting a seat on the board. She warned him that it was an entire package. Without her, he lost everything else. Brad told her that he loved her and still wanted to be in their marriage. Victoria warned him that she had a lot of thinking to do.

Later, Victoria went back to the office. She walked in to see Nikki staring at Victor's portrait. Nikki gave her a questioning look, and Victoria shook her head. The two women embraced. Meanwhile, Sharon went to answer a knock on the door at her house. When she opened the door, Brad was standing there.

Traci arrived at the hospital. One by one, John's friends and family members gathered in his room to say goodbye. Jack and Ashley assured Traci that even after their father was gone, John would still be there in their hearts. Michael, Lauren, and Kevin all said goodbye to John. Lauren thanked him for all he'd done for her and Michael.

Katherine said goodbye to her oldest and dearest friend and promised she'd see him again at the lake. Jill told John how much she loved him and said goodbye. Then she held Billy after he told his father he wished they'd had more time together. He was sorry for being away so long. Brad remembered that John had been the one who believed in him and gave him a fresh start all those years ago. Without John, there was no way of knowing how his life would have turned out. J.T. looked on with pain as Colleen sobbed out a goodbye to her grandfather.

Finally, only Gloria, John, and Ashley were left in the room. Ashley sat by her father's bed and told him that she would always love him. He'd be in her heart forever. Then she kissed his forehead. As Gloria held John's hand, the doctor disconnected the ventilator. John took a final breath and died peacefully. Ashley left the hospital room. Michael came in and waited until Gloria kissed John goodbye, then he led her out of the room. Finally, only Jack stood alone with his father. At the same time, Nick and Phyllis were looking at the ultrasound monitor as their baby moved in the womb.

Today's episode included the song "To Where You Are" by Josh Groban.

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